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?? ;t JAP* EXPLA&s pftiiCY
^embers of Petatfcc( D^le'gajtida Dc
$? elates Shantung 'is to be [
,"? Returned
.Pa-ris, July 17.?4'We 'are prepared
to restore fche full territorial rights
over Kiau Ohau to China within
Six months/'
,. A member of the Japanese peace
^delegation made this statement yes
terday. For diplomatic reasons he
requested tlJat his name be with
held from publication, but empha
sized thiit his statement means just
what it says. He continued:
"We are exceedingly anxious to
se.ttle the whole question, and we
aisk nothing better than the return
jof thfs territory in accordance witty
the treaty of 1915.
"It is necessary, however, that
China enter into negotiations with
us, which she has hitherto declined
to do."
The Japanese delegate flatly de
nied the assertion of Philippe Mil
let, prominent writer on interna
tional affairs, to the effect that
Baron Makino, chairman of the
Japanese pctace commission, handed
the ''big four" a formtal, written
secret undertaking to restore Shan
tung to China.
Wheeling, W. Vbi., July. 17.?For
saken' .by has o-nly son gnd separated
by poverty from h'is wife, Elis'ha
Luicas. oncd wealthy farmer, corn
nlitted suicide by hianging Tuesday.
In 'his lievdtiy he gave his children
a. college' education, but at 'tihe age
o foifg.hty-t\vo wa<:< compelUVl to go
to the pofirhouse. His son is said
"to be principal df a higft school in
a-|prominent city in Ohio. Friend's
ard relatives of hrs wife took her
from the institution and placed her
*wit'h a tfanSily. In a note he said
that separation from her was more
. fahfn he could beai\
v. The note, scratched by the ag'/l
irtan on tlhe .back of an old envelope,
found in his pocket, readsc
j^'Jane'?They stele you. Can't
steal my love from you. Goodby. I
took c'arc of you for a' long time. I
Av'culd like, to see you so bad. Love
*io you. Goodby. E. L.
Heimad? a noose of ishoe lacc's, his
handkerchief, find the sheet from'
the bed; and to make sure cf death,
h(' f'tuffed his T.cstrs'ils with paper.
He hung from the door, 'and wihen
the door was opened his lifeless
body fell to the floor.
RICHMOND?"His Bridal Night."
"His Bridal Night," a rollicking,
breezy farce, in wlhich Select Pic
tures presents charming' Alice
Brakly as the ?star, wil'l be see'n to
day at 'the Richmond Theatre.
Tt is the story of Vi and Tiny,
twins?in form <and feature only.
Tiny, to teach her flirtvatio'us sister
a lesson, runs off with her husband
on their bridal night, much to the
chagrin of Vi. Vi had thought that
her husband was a bully and that
?she really d'd not love him until
she found that she no longer bad
hinv This picture has mor? action:
t!*ion a ?Siip on 'a rough sea.
Bessie Love is tlhe screen ideal of
Riulih Belmore Endicott, aifthor of
the popular novel, "Carolyn of the
Comers," -which is the attraction at
the Richmond Theatre tonight, and
the little star' Was doubly earned
?that distinction by her sweetly nat
ural work in the ci'nent version1 of
the story, issued as a Pathe Extra
Selected Star Photoplay.
'?'Carolyn of the Cornel's" is a
happy drama, one wheih will send
any audience -away in a delightful
frame of mind. !t is a pure, clean
of American life, and as such is
certain to meet with unqualified
success wherever it is presented.
AUTO bfV?S iN'iu LnKfc
: i 0: : )>;, ? r-? / , yqii,
HrccCilynite Thought to Have Inad
vertently Increased Spe'ed
?Ossining, N. Y., July 17.?Three
persons were drowned yesterday
wiheri an automobile driven by Mrs.
Irene Ganong, Brooklyn, crashed
thro-u^Si a guard rail and into Echo
Lake, two miles from this place.
Those drowned were Mrs. Ca
non's husband, Ernest, who was em
ployed 'by the Central Trust Com
pany, New York; his brother's wife,
Mrs. Wallace Canon, of Lake Ma
hopan, and her son, Kenneth. 4 yc-tars
| old.
j The four were on their way from
I Lake Mahopac to. Brooklyn, Mr. Ca
nong drove until they were within
?a mile of the lake when he surrend
ered the wheel to his wife, saying
he felt ill. At -abciu <!:30 o'clock in
the morning, as the car appraoched
a curse on the lake drive, Mr. Ca
nons attempted to help his wife
swing the car around the turn.
In reaching for the wheel it is
believed he shoved the throttle fur
ther open. At any rate, the car
sprang ah dad at suddenly acelera
ted speed, broke through the guard
rail and rolled down an embank
ment into the lake.
Mrs. Canong and her husbanil
both extricated themselves from the
automobile as it entered the water.
When she reached shore, however,
he had disappeared. He is believed
to have lost his life seeking to res
cue Mrs. Wallace Canong and her
boy, who had not managed to clear
themselves of the machine.
14 Vessels Sunk?Many Otherwise
Destroyed.?Loss $70,000,000
Valparaiso, Chile, July 17.?Eighty
seven persons are known to h?.ve
oeen drowned and the loss of life irr.y
lave.been much greater in a hurri
cane which swept this port Saturday
uvl Sunday.
Fourteen vessels .of various sizes
?vere sunk and about a hundred
.ighters. The property loss is esti
mated at $70,000,00.
Willougliby, Ohio, Jul.V; 17.?Depu
ty Marshal Ernest Gray' was killed i
and two other members of a posse \
wounded, one probably fatally, at i
noon yesterday in a prun battle -with i
two bandits near here.
The gunmen are under arrest.
They are believed to be the men .
who held up and robbed four men I
>n Cleveland early yesterday.
s completely washed out ot the sy?
em by the celebrated Shivar Minera'!
Water. Positively guaranteed bj
money-back offer. Tar-tes fine; costs a
trifle. Delivered anywhere by out
Alexandria Agents, P. S. Harper, Inc.
Phono ta?y>.
WbVry (taufftd by Neighbors' Gossip
Said to Be Cause.
.York, Pa., July IT.?When (.has.
H. fauset'. a chauffeur, re'turned
heme for dinner yeisteiday he .fctrn.'
'his Wife's drad body harming from
a girder in the coClar and with a '
printed prayer pinned to her bosom.
The woman 'Wad beta act inn:
^jrtongely fcr several v.-eekte. On
July 4 she tin del to choke her hus
band and then tried 'to Strang1.? her
E-slf with a sti'an. Gossip, which at
tritiJted powers of sorcery to the
woman, is said to have worried her
and impelled her to e'uicide.
Fans, July 17.?Members of the !
German reparation commission at
Versailles proposed to the allies
today that German engineers and
workmen rebuild the dstroyed cities
in Northern Fiiance as a part of
their reparations, u~:ng German
: laic rial's.
Under the German plan, the
French would submit plans and
rpecifia.tions for t.he city they de
sired ti> be erected, and the Ger
mans would take the job in the
same wav as a contractor.
"The Store of Greater Service"
Bluebird Hair Nets, in cap
and staight styles; aft colors 4
for 25c.
Good Quality Snap Fasteners j
in black and white; all sizes; 0
dozen, 25c.
Vi-flb. boxes Dressmakers'
Pins, in al size?, Joe.
pins, in all sizes, IHc.
all colors, 3 fcr 10c.
Baby Dimple Safety l'ins. in
al! sizes, nickel and gold plated
dozen, 10c.
Clark's Luster Cotton, ir. ail
colors. :i for 10c.
Fancy Frilled Elastic, in ail j
colors, 59c.
3-4 Rubber Shacting, Pic.ce,
Colorite, for coloring straw
hats, life.
Sanitary Napkins, 3 in Lore 10c
Sanitary Apron?, well made,
Clearance of
Jewelry at 15c
A Clearance Sale of Jewelry
including Bar Pins, Brooches.
Earrings, Scarf Pins. Lingerie
Clasps, etc.
To the Citizens of Alexandria
The following gentlemen have been appointed a
committee to solicit funds for the Children's Home
of Virginia at Richmond, and have been requested to
raise $1,200.00 as Alexandria's proportion of the
$150,000 drive.
The committee feels that they have neither the
time nor inclination to make a canvass for this in
stitution owing to the numerous demands made upon
our people in the past, and also feel that this is a
most important work and should be most liberally
supported by our people, and are, therefore, bring
ing the mater to your attention for your considera
tion and help in this way.
Heip save the children of Virginia, our most val
! uable asset. *
Send contributions to any member of the com
mittee. Respectfully,
R. H. COX.
! Electric f ans
i | . " 7" '
Are as much a part of a well equipped home today,
as a stove. It will pay you to install a
|i Robbms and Myers Fan.||
I And be comfortable during this hot weather. All
sizes, all prices. ''For everything electrical see
To Our Patrons
Alexandria, Va., June 2, 1910.
In line with our progressive banking methods, and to meet tho de
mands of our patrons, we are installing on July 1st, an up-to-date Safe
Deposit Department, under the personal supervision of one of our
This has been made necessary from the fact that a large number
of our depositors owning Liberty Bonds and other securities desire a
safe place for their keeping.
It is our plan to enlarge the number of Safe Deposit Boxes, and
make a rental charge to meet the operating expenses of this Depart
ment. This charge will become effective July 1st. 1919, and a bill will
be sent out at that time to the holders of boxes, and if any desire
to make any change we will be glad to have them call before tho
bills are rendered for the ensuing year.
By order of the Board of Directors
The Citizens National Bank
?v The
X ire
Cords Guaranteed 10,000 Miles
Will Run 20,000 Miles
Jumbo Fabric
Guaranteed 7,500 Miles
We have an Exide to fit your car. Batteries re
charged and repaired.
All work guaranteed, we make the old tires arid
tubes look and wear like new.
? | Phone 796
flew V estees and Gilets
The summer frocks does not seem complete unless
it is made to wear with one of these dainty pieces of
Organdy and Net Gilets, in many styles; some of
the organdies have rows of tucks between lace ruf
fles; the net gilets have rows of val lace; some with
iacc insertion between. Priced from
Kami's?Street floor.
? T~ * r>
The attention of our customers is called to our
Riig, Carpet 8c Drapery Cleaning Department
Which has just been started in our modern laundry
plant. Your work will receive
Prompt and Careful Service
! May we call for that rug, carpet or drapery you want
| made new.
: Alexandria Laundry, Inc.
We have just received a large list of properties for
sale and these with ones we had cover all sections of
the city and vicinity.
Any information gladly furnished upon request.
Carver & Callahan
127 North Fairfax Street
Adjoining the Chamber of Commerce
Phone 432
iv . . ..t== ?
Telephone or Write us for Descriptive Book
'! t7/ v aa n^/a xr.
| I
rm^crs" a* *t-wu.tg
Only Theatre in City Cooled?Ventilated by Typhoon System.
Pictures Changed Daily THE GRAND 1 HEATER
Matinee Saturbay
Special Feature All Star Cast in
The Burning Silence
A gripping* drama dealing with strong heart interest
Also Fatty Arbuckie in "NEVER AGAIN"
A Sure Hit
Double Western Bill
Monroe Salisbury
' x * rxau-v-wovrm
Hugon the Mighty
Strength was his god, and fighting his creed until?
Also Pete Morrison in "THE GUN LAW"
Where Law is only the guns' you carry
Select ? .
Alice Brady
in a snappy, jazzy, breezy far
His Bridal Night
Also a Harold Lloyd Comedy
Admission 10c and 20c. Matinee 10c and 15c
Continuous Performance 2.30 to 10.45
Enid Bennett
in the photoplay of mystery
The Haunted Bedroom
Also a Fox Sunshine Comedy
"Merrily Jailbirds"
Admission 10c and 20c. Matinee 10c and loc
Continuous Performance 2.30 to 10.45
ingomar theater
Bessie Love
In a clean cut story of every day life
Carolyn of the
Admission 10c and 15c
Ethel Clayton
In a picturization of Geo. Ban* McCutcheon's
novel "Green Fancy"
The Mystery Girl
Also a Paramount-Mack Sennett Comedy
"Her First Mistake ?
Admission 10c and loc

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