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Two Important Changes Made in Bill
1 Siricfe Leaving Committee
The Vclstead prohibition/ enforce
ment bill, with only two important
changes in the form in whiich it
was replorte!d out by the Judiciary
Cotavmittee, was brought to the point
to final passage in the Houise last
Qight, when a technicality forced over
the final ballot until today.
Immediately after convening a roll
call vote will' be taken on a motion
to recommit by Representative Igoe
:?rid then a record ballot on actual
passage wjjfl complete the House's
consideration of the measure.
The motion to recommit is certain
to be defeated arid final passage of
the bill is assured. The Igoe proposal
would strike out everything after the
enacting clause and insert in lieu
thereof three piaragraiphs drafted By
the "liberaJis."
The principal feature of(th<? sub-'
stitutc is thiat" it iV written' to cor
respond with the wording of the Con
stitution prohibition amendment and
does met define the term intoxicating
liquor. It contains no reference to
war-time prohibition.
Of tho two material changes made
in the bill, one was offered by the1
"drys" and the other came from the
'Hiberallis." Representative BarkTey
tightened the enforcement legislation
by putting through an amendment to
the search" and Seizure section. Un
der this ' amejnd/ment the _ right }of
search is extended- to private homes
wherein liquor is being sold. As; the
brBr was originaffly' dtfawn. search of
th?s character was prohibited. ?
The su'ccesstftfl "liberal" amend
ment was offered by Representative
Gard. It strikes out of the bill Sec
iion 21. which would have empowere?
judges to require of persons, convict
ed of violating the prohibition law
a bond that; they wouftd nfct repeat the
violation within one; year. In cases
where the. defendant could not give
bond, a jail sentence of sax months
would have been provided.
New Clauses Ask Reparation Similar
to German Exactions.
Paris, Jufly 22.?The fuftl peace con
ditions of the Allied and associated
Powers are now in the hands of the
Austrijins. The first setotiorus of thp
terms were presented to the Austrian
delegates at St. Germiain on June 2;
the final section's were delivered to
them at the same place today with
out ceremony by M. Dutasta, socre
taiy general of the Peace Conference
The tenmis comprise the whole
troafcy .whi'ch Austria is asked to sign
inLiinir.k" the reparation, financial,
military and certain other minor
clauses which -were not ready for pre
sentation when the official ceremony
took place.
? In an accompanying memorandum
10 days granted to tho Austrians
in which to make their final observa
tions, although they have already
submitted a large* miinhej of noirs
on the terms previously submitted
to them.
In addition bo the published sum
mary of the ^erms of June 2. the new
uirses provide fcr reparation ar
'.rgciments very similar to those in
treaty witih Germany, including
establishment of an Austrian sub
\tion of the reparations comtmnssion,
.payment of a reasonable sum in
, the issuing of bondls and the
n*y of live-stock and certain his
al and art documents,
x'he financial terms provide that
tne Austrian pre-war debt shall be ap
portioned among the various former
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paiis ?f Audtrrra. add thai the Aus
trian coinage and war bonds circu
lating in the,, separated territory shall!
be taken up-f ^y-^he n4w Governments
and redeemed as they see fit.
Paragraph 5, reflating to the mili
tary, says the Austrian Array shal"
not exceed 30,000 men, including of
ficers and depot troops.
Pump Meta Leave Posts With Other
Strikers i\ Y^rkshir'e
London, July 22.?Three mines in
the Yorkshire district are flooded
and twelve others are likely to be
filled with water in a day or two..
Premier Lloyd George announced
yesterday in the house of commons,
as a result of the pump men's strike
Some of the mines, he said, would be.
ruined. The government is sending,
men from the? fleet to aid in pump
ing out the mines.
(Mr. IJloyd George said the last 24
hours had witnessed grave and un
precedented developments in the
miner's strike. He said the York
shire miners had called out the
pumjp mei! and engineers and that
many mines in that district were
suffering loss from the rising wa- i
ter and were threatened with dc- i
struction. j
At 58 mines, he said, the neces- !
sary men were at work, but that in J
85 mines pum/pir^r had been stopped ;
entirely. Mine officials, he added,
continued the pumiplng at 35 mines
after the men left.
Philadelphian Worried by War-Time
Philadelphia, July 22.?Thomas |
Scully, a saloonkeeper, of 4970 Lan- .
caster avenue, was found dead on a
grave in Holy Cross Cemetery, at
Yeadon. He was 53 years old and
had been absent from home for J
nearly a week. Scully had been do- '?
spondent for several weeks past.
Business troubles are said by the ~
police to h'ave been the direct cause
of Scully's death. When wartime
prohibition became effective he j
woi-netl considerably.
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