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'* ' ' # ' ' ^
Board of Alderfnenj
Ac a regular meeting of the Board
of Aldermen held Tuesday, July 22,
1919, there were present:
F. F. Marbury, es., President and
Messrs.- Anderson, Robins'on^ Hair
sen and BatcheTler.
The following resolution was adopt
ed, that when council adjourns it lie
to meet the 1st regular meeting in
October, passed- r
The loll owing papers received fron
commor. council and their act .'on con
curred in:
Eesoiut.or. appropriating $3,500 for
sewer on Lee Street between Wolfe
and Wilkes streets, laid over July 8,
1919 was taken from the table and
passed, as was also a resolution ap
propriating $5,500 for sewer on
Prince Street between. Payne and
West Streets, also resolution appro
priating $300 to construct sewer on
Queen street between Royal and Pitt
streets parsed by the following votes
ayes, Anderson Robinson, Batchel'er.
Harrison and Mr. President,5. Noes 0.
Complaint from Relief regarding
tlie heating ptent referred to Finance
ana Public Property.
Resolution increasing the salary of
the Superintendent of schools passed
ayes 5; Noes 0.
Bill of H. L. Peyton, for $500 re
ferred to Coirrcmittee on General Laws
and Finance.
Communication from the Mayor en
closing at ietter from the War Depart
ment cn surplus foods referred to
poor and finance committee.
Proposal to purchase old schoo:
buiIdling at the south end of Wash
ington street referred to school and
public property committee.
The following petitions referred to
committee on streets and finance:
tOne from sundry citizens for sewer
on Wilkes street between Royal a*id
Pitt also on Pitt street between
Wilkes and Gibbon streets as was also
petition from sundry citizens for sew
er ot1 Payne street between Queen and
Oronoeo streets and another from sun
dry citizens for sewer and guttering
on -South St. Asaph street between
Franklin and Gibbon streets. ? ;
Resolution appropriating $300 to
purchase a car load of vitrified brick
passed Ayes 5. Noes 0.
The following papers referred to
Committee on Finance:
Bil'l of H. Noel Garner for $30; ai'so
a petition from W. L. Craven for in
crease..: n salary. Petition from G. A.
Harlcw fee. the removed of trough at
the northeast corner, of Cameron and
Royal streets referred to Committee
or. Health and streets.
Resolution appropriating $1,000 for1
small general repairs of Streets also
resolution appropriating $1,400 for
sewer cn Wythe street between Al
fred and Patrick streets passed, aves
5; Noes 0.,
Resolution appropriating $2,000 for
the purchase of Hose passed Ayes 5,
Noes 0.
An agreement between Bei'le E.
Miukl and her husband Horace A.
Mucld and the City Council was ac-.
cepted. Endorsing the appointment
Of Miss C. M. Brock as clery of
Health Department.
The following papers inferred to
?Committee on streets resolution ap
propriating $900 fot- granite curb, al
so the removal of trash. Amendment
to the license law referred to commit
tee on Finance.
Communication from Dr. L. E.
Foulks, Health Officer regarding the
application of Miss Sallie M. Jeffries
for nurse.
The following petitions granted:
?One from H. O. Daniels to add room
to rear of 827 Oronoeo street, also
one to Luttrell Wrecker to erect par
age at 210 South Fayette street. One
to Dr. R. F. Cox to erect garage at
Fayette and Cameron street.
Resolution directing the Corpora
tion Attorney to collect $2350.50 due
from W. V. Ry. Co., passed.
Resolution allowing: the usual dis
count cn tax bills payable on or be
fore September 1, 1919 passed.
The following appropriations was
also passed $50 for window curtains
r t the Columbia Steam Fire Engine
Co., ?500 for repairs to the Reliance
S. F. Eng. Co.. $150 for the Play
ground!? and Parent Teachers Asso
ciation. paAed. Ayes 5 Noes 0.
The Board was then invited to joint
session for the elee;tion of clerk of
Gas to fiSl the unexpired term of Mr.
J. B. Waller.
The Board then adjourned.
C. C. BATCHELLER .Clerk Pro tern
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nized hot weather method. Hot
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bearing the
i;ather than
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novel. In the long history of this company REO
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sult of that policy.
Insofar as the science has advanced and REO engineering has
kept pace, we believe you will find this a better REO. You will
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REO distributors and a large percentage of the select REO clein
The motor is a SIX. Call it a "light six" if the term pleases you.
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incompatible with longevity a;4 LOW UP KEEP. Too many
ears are light to the point of fli msiness. REO designed, the di
mensions of'this new SIX guarantee that surplus power you have
learned to expect in a REO.
Clean-cut in design, rugged in construction, it possesses at the
same time great flexibility and great "lugging" power. Outward
ly it is entirely different?but close examination will disclose a
pleasing rearrangement of those distinctly REO features with
out which you would not expect to find that performance, that
durability and economy that are REO attributes. Body design is
New bodies are not unusual. This new REO -SIX' will strike you
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Dickerson's Garage
113-117 SOUTH PITT ST.
: TV. , 5' :
; r 'is r ;r- ,
Look these over and make appointment to inspect
the property.
314 S. Fairfax 5,000.00
922-26 Duke St., each $2,000.00
127-129 S. Fairfax, each 2,000.00
603 N. Columbus 4,000.00
218-20 N. Pitt 1,700.00
214-16 N". Pitt 3,650.00
1014 Prince .\... 4,500.00
1017 Queen street .... 2,000.CO
232 N. Alfred 2,500.00
427 S. Washington .... 3,50.0.00
210 S. Pitt 3,500.00
1211 Prince St 3,750.00
230 N. Alfred 1,800.00
228 N. Alfred 1,800.00
224 N. Alfred 2,000.00
1923 Duke 2,000.00
1300 Princess 5,000.00
322 N. St. Asaph 2,250.00
525-27 S. Alfred 1,600.00
123-25 Duke 4,500.00
114 N. Patrick 3,500.00
326 N. St. Asaph 2,250.00
320 N. St. Asaph 2,250.00
328 N. St. Asaph 2,250.00
108 Commerce 2,000.00
500-08-10-12 Oronoco.. 4,600.00
For all
Washington & Pendleton 7,230.00
311 Queen 2,200,00
125 N. Washington 5,000.00
512 Duke 8,500,00
117 South Lee 3,900.00
10]8 Queen street .... 3,100.00
40S Wilkes 2,000.00
323 N. St. Asaph 1,200.00
721 Queen 5,250,00
212 King '. 3,000.00
623-29 S. Patrick each .. 800.00
514 Queen 1,000.00
427 S. Fairfax 4,750.00
425-31 S. Columbus 2,000.00
304 S. Lee 4,000*00
319 N. St. Asaph 1,200.00
202 S. Pitt 3,500.00
1005 Duke 3,250.00
1003 Duke 3,500.00
Payne, Wythe, Fayette, Pen
dleton, lot 1,500.00
513-15 Queen, for both 2,500.00
505 Queen 3,750.00
200 S. Pitt 4,000.00
501 Queen 4,000.00
613 S. Washington .... 4,500.00
505 Wolfe 3,500.00
503 Queen 3,750.00
205 S. Royal 5,250.00
209 S. Royal 5,250.00
204 S. Pitt 2,000.00
1113 Prince St; .... 3,500.00
333 S. Patrick 1,000.00
130 N. Fayette 3,000.00
810 Prince '.... 6,500.00
714 Wythe 4,750.00
319 S. Pitt 4,500.00
521 Duke 5,000.00
1303 Prince ..." 2,000.00
624 N. Washington .... 5,500.00
115 S. St. Asaph 5,000.00
113 S. St. Asaph 3,000.00
118 N. St. Asaph .... 3,000.00
120 N. St. Asaph .... 4,000.00
1014 Prince St 4,500.00
323-25-27 S. Patrick eaeh 1,600.00
702-04-06-08-10-12-18 N. Colum
bus, each 1,850.00
216 Wolfe St 2,800.00
117 S. Henry 5,550.00
Graham & Ogden
Alexandria, Va.
Phone 579
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