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strike epidemic
'Mnirq Industries Involved Th^n Ever
,in Lsib'/r Unt^n Higfc&ry? -
Ne!w York, Aug. 16.?ijore indus
tries -are -affected by strikes now
going on or threatened in $iis city
and throughout the country than
ever -before in the history of labor
unions, according to figures compiled
by 1'abor leaders and made public
Besides the actors and railroad
shopmen t.hose now on. strike in New'
York include painters, plasterers,
machinists, carpcnters, shopmen of
the Brooklyn Union Gas Company,
cigarmakers, ibrass workers, shirt
makers, furriers, brass bad makers,
umlbreHa makers and art lamp work
Although it has attracted little
public attention, the% cigarmakers'
strike is the largest numerically.
According to union estimates, 120.
000 cigarmakers are on strike."
L'ast night cnr of the most import
j ant strike.'/ threatened yesterday
was that cf the motormen employ
ed on the sui-Wf.y and elevated lir.es
of the Iaiterborough Rapid Transit
Company, The men declare they
will walk out Sunday morning unless
a wage increase of 50 per cent is
granted insteM. of the 10 per cent
announced Wednesday.
Other striker threatened are by j
workers in the entire building trades, j
workers in the entire clothing indus- -
try, postal clerks and letter carriers,'
' teamsters, - rag- pickers, and mattress
workers. ?
A nation wide building strike, tak
ing 1^00,000 men out of work, was
threatened, in a statement issued by
27 international heads of labor un
ions. The1 trouble is the outgrowth
of charges that building contractors
employ nonunion labor.
Clearfield, Pa., Aug. 16.?Fenwick
LvIcCIcud, of Clearfield is in receipt
of a check for $15 from the Govern
ment, an accompanying letter ex
plaining that the amount was due
his fath&r for services rendered 53
years ago while a chaplain in the
Army. The father has bene dead 47
Af$1.00 Discount on Every Clothing
Purchase of $10.00
Big Value Event
Men's 69c union suits TFV 7! 35c Striped Silk Col
2 for ;... $1.80 uoiiar lars'4 for $I*??
Men's 25c,black hose, * $1.25 Silk Tie and Ar
6 pairs ! $1.00 JTl^ \T r0W Collar
50c Wash Ties, 3 -L/Cl/y Men's 50c Lisle Hose
for $1.00 ? ^ - 3 paii*s for $1.00
$1.25 Blue Work . * Men's $1.25 Fall
Shirts $1.00 a TT1 into 9 O W?*?kt union suits $1.00
Men's 25c Initial or j?3 xlL a J JrC k3 Boy's $1.00 Shirt and
plain handkerchiefs 6 Arrow Collar, both
for $1.00 415 KING STREET for $1.00
Men's Kool Kloth and Pain: Beach Suits at 20 per cent Off and Additional
reduction of
$ 1 *00 for Dollar Day
"The Man's Store of Alexandria"
Dollar Day
Tuesday, August 19
In this day of excessive prices and alleged profiteering, the DOLLAR BAR
GAIN is almost entirely unheard of. But for Alexandria's first big DOLLAR
DAY?Tuesday?we have prepared a list of bargains calculated to appeal to
every man and young man in the city. Look over t ais list and then pay us a
visit on this big day. Come early and get first choice.
$1.50 Leather Belts, Silver Buckles .. ^ | 111J
$2.00 Shirts?Broken Sizes .. 11.00
Lisle Hose?AH Colors?3 pairs . = 11.00
Overalls?Broken Lots and Sizes St 00
Union Suits?Values to $1.50 00
Shirts and Drawers?75c Values, 3 for $1.00
19c Black Hose?S pairs ... $1.00
Caps?Values to $2.00?Special ^ | .00
None Sold to Dealers
Men's Negligee Work Shirts &i \
tD J. All Sizes, 2 for 01 s
\ .
The Kuppenhciroer House in Alexandria
Eddy Gerber
CORNER KING AND ALFRED STREETS Opposite Gibson's $rug Store
i' . ' - < I ?
/" ?
No. 2?106 South Alfred
No. 3?317 North Alfred
No. 4?Commerce and Payne ii
No. 5?*19 South lioyal Street
1 Are now open, where ice will be sold at
Plant Prices
Less than 100 lbs 40c per 100 lbs.
100 to 600 lbs 35c per 100 lbs.
Quanitic-s in excess of 600 pounds at plant only
? Mutual Ice Company
? ~
106 North Royal Street
?7^=3 c
Investments, First Mortgages on Real Estate
3 Per Cent Paid on Savings Deposits
PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to t!to Ct .is'iiiution of Virginia, agreed to at
session of General Assembly I and published in pursuance of
section IHG of the ConstilMbp. ar.tl act approved February \i, 190S.
A RESOLUTION proposing an-.endrr.i rit ti> see ion "2 of ur'.icls 2 of the
Con. liunion ol' Virginia. :iri<i |iin. ? -or Ida-hut.-. said amendment and
certifying the same to lite next general assembly.
Ilesolvd i>\ the senate. the l.-.n ? ?!??! .-gait concurring (a majority
cf tiiu members <-leei.-<! to ta?;li Ih-'im . ??????",ur). 'i'iir.! i! 1 ? ? fi 11? ? v.*itiu* amend
ment u> Hie ('mi; r itu?.?>?11 of Vii::it,i 1. In. .d ti'.e sa)i;c is iproposed, and
referred to 1!. generaI a-i;?e:::i>[y 1* I ? ? ?,- , ri .it the next "i-li? r-il election of
membirs of (l:e house t'l dclegat s. for concurrenci,-. in Conformity with
the i?:. >vin:..? nf ,-i-i:i''on o.te iiunu.c i timely-; :x, of article fliteen of tiie
said Constitution. namely:
sir;;.. ;'ri.n. the Constitution i f Virginia section thirty-two, which is
in the following words:
?See. ;iJ. livery person qualified t ? v ?te shall he cli'.ible to any office
of t S'!*c. in 0:' any < itnty. ci-. . :??? . *. 1 ?- r* s<,od:.i. ? rt of the Statf,
wherein }:e resides, escc/t as otli-rv ? ! in tiii. <'oust itution, anil
0\"et-j?t ths;t this iiiovi.-.-.rt as to - ? ? I: i;i : : pp!y to .liiy oilice elective
by mo people where t! ?*? in v.- provide .'!? r, .? -a ! women eighteen
years of age shall he el: .-!e t.? the <- notary public, ::nd qualified to
execute tii - bonds required oj 11 ? ? ? .1 . ?. p.ie:ty.
And insert it; lie i ti: icof the f.? 11 ? ?.. i..? :
Sec. Si, I've!'., pt 1 >n quaiil'.ed ? ? ? !i Si- .-?i .riM. t ? any olilce of
the Slate, or ot' any ? 1 ? ?ity. cit*.. t "':i ' r "liu-r siibd ? ?. isnM. of tile State,
where? .1 lie resid-s. ???:-:ejit as 0U1V" .. fir-'Viii-d in t!:i.- Constitution, and
I except that this provision, ato r.-.-:de: '18 !.<>: apply ? (fice elective
, by the people where law pro* ? nd except. 'urther. tluit the
requirements of this- section as r ! v-fim: liquations shall
not apply hi the appointment of 1 i-. !?- *?1? posit ? <?. >!?-?? a municipal
government requiring special t? . 'i! >-r >? ?.??!! i tt- initig and experi
ence. Men and women. *_i'ht??'?? yearf ? ae>- > ? > 11 h? to the otliee
of notary public and qualilied to e:cee.;t.- tin- ie ads requited of tliem in that
A TiKFOLUTlOX proposing amendment to section loS of the Constitution
of Virginia.
Resolved by the senate, tiie hou. e of ii--!''gat?vs ?? >tiii?ir. (a majority
of the members eln'terl to ear'.i hmi'-e ar r . - ?. TiiaL ie '? .'lowing amend
ment to the Constitution of \"ir:: 11,: 1 !.???. ai,d tie- is i:?rel?y proposed,
and referred to the general aei.:hiy !.> le- e!;o.--.-n a the ;:e>:t gfiieral election
of tnetubers of tiie hon.si of deie^.i. for i:???r*? tt-???. >n ? aiorm.t.y with
the provisions of seeli -n ove hnnured ur.d ninei." <<( article Jifteen, of
the said Constitutinn, namely:
Strike ot;: from ti-- ('0:1. ti'u'i a 1 Viririnia sect I. m one hundred and
thirty-eight, which is in the follov eg w.,r?ls:
Section 1"S. The -ep<ra' as.-e:.l>: > ;? y. in its dise:??:on nrovide for the
compulsory education <>! children t? :v 1 ti the api-? > ?? "t and twelve
years, except such as are weak in h ?!;? ,.r r.ilitc or ? and write, or
are attending private sehools, cr . rtt-tisi-d for ?.attsu by tin; district school
And insert in lieu Hereof the following:
Section !"'?!. Tie- gen.-ral as.-ef !?! - : y. in its discretion, provide for the
compulsory education of children 1. itool a^e.
A TlKSOLl'TlON" proposing amendment io section "I! T of article S or the
Constitution of Virginia, and providit'-.: for pubiishing said amendment and
certifying the same to the next general assembly.
Resolved by the senate and the house of delegate? fa majority of the
members elected to each house agreeing thereto). That tiie following amend*
mc'it to the Constitution ?>f Virginii be. and the same is hereby, proponed
and referred to tiie g>-n.-ral ass'-mhic : > !>-? at t'f next general election
of senators anil member: of lb,- 1 - e i f i!.- -;:;tl- ?. I : -t eo:ieiiri'?-ni e, in
conformity to tlo- provi-atns (?!' ? ??ft ion (?!?.-? hundred and ninety-six of article
fifteen of said Constitutie.n? namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia seetion one hundred and
scvent -en, which is in the words .:ud lii r< followii..;. to-v/it:
Section 11T. fJeneral laws i-o- ih' <>? gaif/.ttion and government of cities
and towns .??hall be enacted by the general assembly, and no special act snail
be passed in relation thereto, except in the manner provided in article four
of this Constitution, and then only by .- recorded vote ot" two-thirds of the
members elected to eaeh hon e; :n;d i ? ej>: :il ? in t'.?' f-ase ol cities having
more than fiftj thousand in'titbitanis. a.- hereinafter provided. T'-nt each of
the eilies and towns of the S'ate having at the time of the adoption of this
amendment a municipal charter may retain the san"\ e\eer>r ?-o far as it
shall be repealed <-r amende.I by the general n.-sembly: provided, that every
sueh charter is hereby amended so to rotifi rt1- to a!! the provisions,
restriction j. linii!.-:* i ?n-- and powers set forth in tiii' article, or otherwise
provided in this Constitution.
Notwithstanding, however, anything in this article contained the general
assembly may. by general law or b* !>??? i-?l act (passed as prescribed in
article four of thir Constitution 1. deprrr ir. any re. r"'-! ie\cepf a? otherwise
in this section er.pressly pruvidedl from :'??? form of orgalion and gov
ernment jireperibed by this article for eitios and towns, an'l may provide,
from time to time, for the various citir- and town- <?:' th ? Commonwealth
such form or forms of municipal government as the general assembly may
deem best: hut no form or forms of government authorized by the second
paragraph of this section shall become operative exi'-wt a- to such cities or
towns as may tbercatter arir.j,; tiie sai-.-- V *.? a majoritv vote of its qualified
electors at an election to be held as r.-cv be prescribed* tiierefor by law. All
the limitations "11 the powers of the coun-ils of cities and towns imposed by
this article shall apply in like manner to the nrincipal lesi lative authority
under any form of government which may be authorized hereunder. The
term "council" as used in sections r re- hundred and twenty-five and one
hundred and twenty-seven of this Con-'.i: ?;|--,i, shall be construed to include
the body which., mil- r any for:?- of i?. in.-1 'g-ivi !?:>: ? nt. siiall be vested
with the principal legislative authoritv >??? such mu:v> iptiiily.
The general assembly, for t!p- -;'os> <.f ;;r:i !e. may classify cities
according to their population but the ii>:.\-;nitm population" prescribed for
any class shall exceed the minimum population for the same class by at
least ten thousand. The general assemblv..at the request, made in manner
which may be prescribed by law. of nnv eitv hiving a population of over fifty
thousand inhabitants, may grant a special form of government for such city.
Any laws o>- Char'ers enacted pursrant to the provisions of this section
shall be subject to the provisions of this Constitution relating expressly to
judges and clerics of courts, attornew-- -v-r 'he Commonwealth, commissioners
of revenue, city treasurer and city sergeants.
?.\nd insert in lieu thereof tfie following!
Sec. 117. (a) General laws fc r the organization and government of
cities ar.d towns shall-be enacted bv the general assembly.:and no special
act shall be passed in relation thereto, exceot in the manner provided in
article four of this Constitution, ar.d then only by a recorded vote of two
thirds of the members elected to each house. Rut each of the cities and towna
O' 'b*1 State having at the time of the adoption of this Constitution a
municipal charter may retain the same, except so far as it shall be repealed
or amended bv the general assembly : provided, that every such charter la
nerebv amended to con.orrn to all the provisions, restrictions, limitations and
vO~.ir.3 sat fortu tni- cr ;'.horr.':c; prcv;d-;i rti*v.tisr.,
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(b) The general asgembly may, by general law* or by special act, (passecj
la the manner provided In article four of this Constitution) provide for the
Organization and government of cities and towns without regard to, and
unatfeciied by any of th? provisions of this article, except those of .sections
one hundred and twenty-four, one hundred and twenty-live, (except so far a*
the provisions of section one hundred and twenty-fiv? recognise the office oj
mayor and the power of veto) one hundred and twenty-six one huudred an?
Ivrenty-seven and one hundred and twenty-eight of this article and exeep
those mentioned In sub-section id) of this .?action. The term "Council" as u??>:<
In any of said sections shall Include, the body exercising legUi'-tiv*- author it:
fvr the city or town, and all ordinances enacted and reHoJutlotw adopted b;
B-cli body shall have the same force and effect for all purport.*. us If en.irte.
or ndnjited In accordance with the provisions of sect!or; oik hundred an
tweritj-three of this nrticlo. I'-ut such organization and k vOtn'ir .'fit shal
apply cnly to such cities or towns as may thereafter adopt th?' sakm* by
niajoriiy vote of those qualilled voters of any such city or town voting In a
ejection to be held for the purpose, as may he pn.vlded by law. *
(c >? The general assembly, at the rcijue*t of m;} eiiy .n- town made 1
manner provided by law. may grant to It any special form of oraanizrUio'
and government authorized by sub-se-lion < 1?> of this section, and subj.-cl
to all of th?? provisions of that sub-.sceU<>n. vscept that it ?>hall not be neccsl
sary for such city or town to thereafter sd pi the .i:ne. j
(d) Any laws or charters enacted pursuant to 'I.'- provisions of thilj
section shall be subject to tiie provisions of this Constitution relating exl
pressly to judges and clerks of court.'. attorney- fur 'he COmmonwealtlf
commissioners of revenue, city treasurer: ami eity S'-rr.-ants.
(e) Any form of organization and government atn!: >ri'/.ed by any prqj
vision of this section which iiiav have been adopter! h< r? :.>ff?re by any citn
or town pursuant to any act of llie general nssembf.t enacted before sucJ
provision bi"':tme effective, and which is now in operatien, i?, hereby declare#
legal and valid ah initio, and shall have the same force and otfect as if i
had been authorized by this Constitution at the time of its adoption.
A KKSOLl'TION* proposing amendment to section 133 of articlo 9 cf th :
Constitution of Virginia.
Resolved by the house of delegates, the senate concurring (the ma>
jority of the tuenibers elected to each house agreeing thereto). Tiiat th
following amendment to section one hundred and thir'v three, article nitK
of the Constitution of Virginia, he and is hereby, proposed and referred t'
tho general assembly at the first regular .-?*>:.?ion held after the next genera
election of members of the house of deb-sate.' for its concurrence fn con
formity with the provisions of section one hundred and nlnety-si::, of artiol
fifteen of said Constitution, namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred an
thirty-three of article nine, which is in the following words:
Section 133. Racli magisterial district shall constitute a separate scho<
district, unless otherwise provided by law. fn each school district ther
shall bo three trustees selected, in the manner and for the term of otlic
prescribed by law.
And insert in lieu thereof the following:
Section 133. Kach magisterial district shall constitute a separate schoc
disfrict. unless otherwise provided by law. In each school district ther
shall be not more than three trustees selected, in the manner and for th,
term of office prescribed by law.
Men and women may serve as school trusses in said districts, and li
cities and in towns forming separate school districts.
A RESQI.L'TIOX proposing: amendment to section 181 of the Constitution
of Virginia.
Resolved by the house of delegates, (lie senate concurring fa majority
of the members elected to each house agreeing) That ti.? ? following amend
ment to the Constitution of Virginia he, and ti-e sarin- is hereby proposed]
and referred to 111?general assembly to bo dio.-. n .-it the next ;?< mra! ? ? I??o
tion of members of tin- house of delegates, for its concurrence, in confornill
with the provisions of section one hundred and nine!y-slx, of article lifteenl
of the s??id Constitution, namely: ,
Strike out front the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred an^
eighty-four, which is in the following words:
Section 18!. So debt shall be contracted by the State except to mee
casual dcticits in the revenue, to redeem a previous liability of the Stat
to suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or defend the State in time of war
Xo scrip, certificate, or other evidence of Slate indebtedness, tdtall be issuecj
except for the transfer or redemption of stock previously issued, or for auc,
debts as are expressly authorized in this Constitution.
And insert in lieu thereof the following:
Section 181. Xo debt shall be contracted by the Strite except to con
struet. or reconstruct, public roads, to meet casual deficits in the revenue
to redeem a previous liability of the Stale, to : uppf-s inst:rree?ion, repe
invasion. or defend the State in time of \v ir. Xo scrip, certificate, or ot.he
evidence of State indebtedness, shall be issued e\*. cot for the transfer o
redemption ?[ stock pr-\ iously issued, or for such debts us ure express!
.Authorised in this Constitution.
A RESOLUTION proposing an amendment to section 136 of article 3 c
the Constitution of Virginia, and providing f?r publishing :a;d nmondmca
and certifying the same to the next scs ion of the general assembly.
Resolved bv the house of delegates, the ?=.?:i.? t? ? e.incirri: ? ia majoriti
of the members elected to eri.-h house agreeing). That ti e following amend
m-'nfc to the Constitution of Virginia be. and ti e same is her. by. propose*
ar.d referred to the general as.-emMy '?"? be chosen at the n?'-xt leioral elcr
ti-in of members of the hoi, -, "i deb u'..-fc.". t'.,r its concurrence. ;ll e<.t; rorrnit
with the provisions of section otic hundred and ninety-six, of jirtiel.; lifteei
of the raid Constitution, namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred an
thirty-six, which is in the following words: f
Section !:!<?. Each county, city, town, if the same be a separate school
district, and school district is a U.thorded to raise additional s :.i; by a ta]
such schools as in their judgment the public welfare may r"<u.ire; r.rovldeV
that such primary schools as may be established in any scj,< >>1 year, sh.-rf
be maintained at K-i.-t four month.- of that school year, before nr.y pr/r
of the fund "assessed auU collected may be devoted to the establishment c
schools of higher grade. The boards of supervisors of the several countiel
and the councils of the several citic.--, and tov. ns if the sanv- he rati
school districts, shall provide for tiic levy and collection of such local licbocj
And insert in lieu thereof the following
Section Each county, city. if ??*????= f - -?? i-i""Ji? oci
district and school district is authorized to raise additional .-.ims by a tri
on property, nor to exceed in 11J^r.'~^ 1 J: v,, 'u,'.'" ,1' :"i ' I''f?'r, lev]
=trict. and school district is a.utHore/e(J t,, raise amniionaj -, py t-.i
property, not to exceed in Che aggregate five mills on the doilar in an J
e year, to be apportioned and expended by th |i? ,j n'l:tliorlti#
?>aid counties, cities, towns and districts in establishing ai... h'.i-?amirl
Ann nisei. u. ? ? c j ? v town if the same be a separate schoj
Section Eacii ? a,,th0rizcd'to raise additior.nl r.Jtns by a H
istrict. and school di. tr ? .segregate in any >.ne vear : rate of Ie\1
on property, not to *'x'morn-d and expended by ti e 1 > ; i school atj
to be tixed by law. toJ? i"PRO"1 ?,wnj? and districts in biishing at
thorities of said c?''" , ' \n their judgment the public w> ?r:>re rnay r
maintaining siich schools i '.,,',?.;irv schools as may be established in arj
auire: provided that su ? ?jn?fj at least four months of thr, c|u.ol yeM
school year. shall oe m ^ aJ4l^JOd and collected may be d'-vot 'fi to tlj
before any part.of tne ,,<? hiWher grade. The boards of supcrvi.-or.i of t|
establishment ot scnoois o rouncils of the several cities, and towns if ta
several counties, a"u00l districts, shall provide for the levy and collectid
same he ^- Parate^ i-c.? 1
of such Jocal school taxes.
_*?*. that the forefroinpc is a true copy of amendments pr
I 1 hcrSy r ^-Ltior, mi ssreod to by the General Assembly of Vi
poserl to the Con- u ^ same is-published in pursuance of scction, 1.
! ia, session lJK. f the Genera! Assembly, approved February
of the Constitution anu a
- . ? .
* / ? ?

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