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Mexican General Warns Leaders U.
S. Will Act Unless Conditions
Washington, Sept. 6.? Warning
Mexicans that intervention by the
United Staite is imminent, General
Salvador 'Alvarado, one of the leaders
in the Carranza movement throughout
its course, has addressed an open let
ted to Carranza himself and Generals
Obregon and Gonzales in which he ar
raigns conditions in Mexico in scathing
Alvarado, who attracted attention
of all the Pan_Americas for his ad
mr-ntefaation in Yucatan, estimates
that the present daily death list in the
scattered fighting between Federal
tr&cp:; and rebels is one hundred a day.
In Mexico City alone, he says, 8000
children die each year for want of
proper food, clothing and shelter.
A1 vara da,, after trying to make the
radical theories of the new Mexican
Constitution work in actual practice,
declares the system must be chanced.
He declares Mexico has passed from
cne extreme of an irresponsible, ob
structionist Congress to the ether?a
despotic, corrupting and ultra-personal
presidential regime, without responsi
bility or legal restraint.
He excoriates the administration of
justice, charging that justice is sold
to the highest bidder.
SERENADERS start trourle
Throw Explosive When Bride and
Groom Are Missing.
Cumberland, Md., Sept. (i.?When 1 -
young men. who called at the home of
Martin F. Paes, near Connellsville, t>? j
serenade a bride and bridegroom, war*
told the couple were not on the premL
r-fs, they threw explosives into the
, front rcorr. of the Paes house.
, Tfcsy refused to pay the repai. bill
of $">8.25 r.r.d as a result twelve of
tho party have been held for court.
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Virginia Thoroughbred Will be Pre
sented on Arrival
Winchester, Va., Sept. 6.?Admir
ers of Gen. Pershing will present
him with a Virginia bred riding
horse when he is officially welcomed
back to the United States it was
learned here yesterday.
The horse comes from the stock
farm of John Kennedy, near Saaun
ton, Va., and was purchased on the
recommendation of Col? Dan Porter,
of Philadelphia. It is one of a string
of standard breds Mr. Kennedy took
to Philadelphia to offer on the mar- j
ket there, and is said to be a prize 1
animal. The animal has been taken
to New York and will be presented ;
to General Pershing so that the i
commander of the American expedi-,
tionary forces can ride him in the;
parade on Fifth avenue. i
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Huge Coal Docks At Port Covington
Burn, Causing Loss ot
The Western Maryland co.~:i pier at
Port Covir.gicr., South Baltimore-, Wc.s
destroyed by a fire last night that ?s
| sa:d to have had its origin on a coal
!? ghter, which was in the slip on the
r.oa'th side of the pier and near the
v.-ter end of the big structure The
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OFf-CE 07
PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to the C 'r.^titution of Virginia, agreed to at
tension of General Assembly I'.-l'6, unci i-uhli.ihal in i-ur.suam-.' >:i
section 19G of the Constitution and act apiMovca February o,
A RESOLUTION" proposing amendment to sec!ion of articlo 2 of the
Constitution of Virsiui-'i, :?nd p:a . :u.:t >'or publi -:.:us said ?? m^ndment aud
certifying the sarnu to the next -ouoi =?i a.-tcinbiy.
Resolved bv the senate. the house of delegates concurring fa majority
of the member* elected to each Ii? ? ?? agreeing), Tint the I'olloivins amend
ment to the Con ft i t ii ? ion of wir..:i. i, 1. < , -nd tin: same is hereby, proposed, :ind
reform! to the Reaeral a<;?em!s|y t ? 1? ? -??:? at tin- ivxt g?j?er:?I ??lisci.'on of
members of the house i' delega:Vr ii.- concurrence. in conformity with
the l>: isions of section otic bundled a.'.vi ninety-six, of iirticie fifteen of the
a::i'i Constitution, namely:
.str:???..? lr ji.i the constitution oi Virginia i<)ii thirty-two, which i-s
in the following y/ords:
Sec. Kvery person qua li'ied t vot? sha!I t>e eligible to any office
of tii?; Slate. or any . ? ?. i: r; t > , ??it : :i ?. r ????, ?>( ill.- St ;e,
trhercin i.e reside*, except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, and
tsxcfpt that thi:- provision as to r?.-. ide*i?.* li not r:t?,"? it ? any ollice elective
by cne people whore tin- law provide.-. <?:; i wif. Men a ml women eighteen
years of age shall bo eligible :?? the ot i< ? ? notary public, and qualified to
execute (in- bonds required then' i ? thai capacity.
And insert in Hon the-eof :lie lollov, ii:tr:
See. Hi'. Kvery p-.r -on run<1 t.> vote ' ?!! be eligible (?, any olflce of
the State. or of. any county, c.ty, t-.v. a <?.? .>?. ,.-r :i of the State,
whereoi he resides. e:.????!',!. as jl in tin. <'institution, ami
os'."|ii that triis provision as t > r>' ...: i :*ppl' > ? ?' : " ? !ic? elective
by the people wher I' t la v.* pro- . : ? v . ?-. : ?:: ? i ? r. lli/.l the
requirements of this sect-.oj a.. t> i-.-. ? ? an:! vi>: : :i<ations shall
not apply in the ar>j>o ? ;>l ot i < : . ? inni- ? ai
government requiring speci.'! *;i? ? i > r r<? . ?>:r,l trv>i; and eyperi
ehee. Men and women eighteen years 'if :<??<? shall In' ejjtrible to the ollice
of notary public and qualified to execute ti:bonds required -n' tiietn in that
A RESOLUTION propo^ins atnendmcnt to section 1"S of tl.e Constitution
of Virginia.
Resolved by the senate, the hou -e i f ?1 ? ? 1 ~rtl?. (a majority
of the members elected to each 1' a agreeing). That the foil it-?; amend*
meat to the Constitution of Virr'n:-< ?>??. an-.l ti.- ;air. - i Jn-M-by propo yd,
and referred to the '-ren;*rn! am : :' .. 1 In* ? I- . ? ii ti??? titM -??::-,ral flection
of members of the hou.-e ?.f r i-s i <<!:<? .? . i?; ( >n:'ormit> with
the provisions of section one handreit and iii;iet>-six, of article lifteen, of
the said Constitution, nn;.:ely:
Rtrikf out fro,n (!>?? i ? a. t ii <?' i. ?? . ' Virt'in;a .-??.?tion or.c hundred and
thirty-* icht, which is in fi.!:??-. :?
Section 12S. The fci ner.-l ? ? .ay. in its iliscr- 'ion provide for the
compulsory education ?f cii idron ? - a ? .!:;<? ? ? : and nv ive
years, except siseti as are weak i s !. !y r JiMiai. or n !? . and write, or
are attending' private schools, or :.ie -ed for eause by t!;district schocl
Arid insert in lieu thereof tiv '! ? ;rt:
Section 13S. The general as.-, eiy a r . in its discretion, provide for the
compulsory education of children : ? ii-i.u age.
A TtK?OI,T"TfO.** proposing amendment to seetion TIT of ai ticl-* 8 or the
Constitution of Virginia, and providing for pubiisbiiig said amendment and
certifying the same to the next general assembly.
Resolved by the renate and iho ;i .use of delecates fa majority of t'v:
members elected to each liom-e .-'.crt-einu there:.>i. That tin following ai.uad
ment to the i'institution of V:mm r..i i ??. ami tb.* ? vie t? ? ?!?>". prop ? e?l
and referred to ihe geotval as r:ldy to he eh > at th ? t!e.\t ger.er.il ol* tion
of senators and members of the hous< ..i delegates, for its eoneurrenc . i-1
conformity to the pro. isicns o see;, t: on^: iiutidrvd and ninety-six of article
fifteen of"said Constitution, namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred and
seventeen, which is in th- word- an l li-ur. - r'??liowin-:. to -vit:
Section 117. Ccperal law : for th. ..r-.-ar;., and government of cities
and towns shall be enneU : by the general assembly, and no special act shall
be passed in relation thereto, exe.-oi ti e manner pi ? ;!c-l in article ? ? >r
of this (.'onstitution, and t'.o-a only b> a re.-.-rded vote of two-thirds of the
members elected to each hou.-e: : ev ot a!-o in t'.:-- ease ot cities having
more than fifty thousand :.is. '.o-i eijiafter pr> . id. d. Hut each of
the cities and towns of the State having at the tiyte of t",.' adoption of this
amendment a municipal charter may retain the same, except so far as it
shall be repealed or ar.iemi d !>v the geio "al r. *.-emhly: pr-vided. tiiat every
cuefi charter is lierehy amended so ??? - to ron'or:.' t" ? 11 the provisions,
restrictions. limitfTtioiis ami p..\ver.s set forth in to - art., ie. or otherwise
provided in this Constitution.
Notwithstanding, ho'.viv.*. nriyt!:ir:g in this article contained the general
assembly may. '?> general !av or by ->?. .? i act "d '? prescribed in
article four of this COm-titntic.!,). dep- rt in ? ny r- pi'?t :.r as otherv/ise
in this f cctioii exprf.s-'ly !>rov;d,-di t' r?? :?i '!>? form >?' t' n and
eminent prescribed '*y this article for and towns. ?? ? 1 may provide,
from time to time, for the various cities and towns of Commonwealth
such form or f .nr.p of municipal govern:. < at as th ? ge"eral a.-fembly may
deem be:-t: but no forfn or form? of government : i :. by the second
paragraph of this sect lor. sMall l)<?eon:e <iperative r - ? t. - a - to such cities or
towns as may Thereafter r>do;.i the .-?!???. i,-- nia.>o-i'j- vote of its qualified
electors at an AlTtion to be Jv!d a - ? <y i> ? nr."*scrih>d" therefor by law. AH
th" limitation.- on the powers of the rntincils of cities and towns imposed by
this article shall ar-ply in like manner t > tiie principal legislative authority
under any form of government which leay be authorir.-d hereunder. Tiie
term "council" as used in section o-e j ndred and twentv-jive and one
hundred and twenty-seven of this Con ? v vo., T ied to include
the body which, under any form of rsiniei >r.i povernm^iit. shall be vested
with the principal legislative authority . ^.T.-nv)., ? nilitv.
Tiie general assembly, for th" ?vi :?}'??? ? ,.?? jt, ?, ariieiv. n av 'iassify cities
according to their pooulation hut the r:m ;ii:in population" prescribed for
nny class shall exceed the minimum p"r,uIat!on fo'- the same class by at
lesst ten thousand. The general assemble, at the request, made in manner
which may be prescribed by law, of any city having a population of over.fifty
thousand inhabitants, may grant a speeial form of government for such city.
An.v laws o?- charters enacted pnr<'-^.-,? to >! <? provisions of this section
shall be subject to the'provisions 0f this Constitution relating expressly to
judges and ,<;lcrks of court.-, attorney - for the Commonwealth, commissioners
of revenue;'city treasurer and city sergeants.
jAnd insert in..lieu thereof the following:
Sec. 117. (a) Ceneral laws for the organization and government of
cities and towns shall be enacted by the srenerai assembly, and no special
net shall be passed in relation I'le^eto. exceot in the msnn^r provided in
article four of this Constitution, and then o.-.iv bv a re.-ordrd vote of two
thirds of the members elected to each house, n'.n e'aeh of the cihes and towns
of the State .having at the time of the adoption of this Constitution &
municipal charter mti^ retain t^e .:"5ttic, except ro far a.s it shall bt? rept^aird
or amended by the general asrembly : provided, that every such charter a
hereby aiseaded to cor.-. to a.; tr.e orov-Jogs. rertricticns, limitations an J
ooxters &cw lortii in t??i.s 8.* _lc?,e? or otherv/ii? provldBd in -u 1 ~ Co?
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(Is) Tfca greaeral assembly may, by general law or by special net, tpassod
5a the mauntr provided in dxticie four of this Constitution) provide lor the
Br^anization a.nd government of cities and towns without regard to, and
una?TeeiU;d by any of the provisions of this articlc, except those of sectiona
one hundred and twenty-four, one hundred and twenty-live, (except so far as
the provisions of section one hundred and twenty-five recognize the officii of
mayor and tiie power of veto) one hundred and twenty-si* one hundred and
tTwenty-seven and one hundred and twenty-eight of this article and except
those mentioned in sub-section (d) of this section. The term "Council" as used
In any of said sections shall include the body exercising* legislative authority
fwr the city or town, and nil ordinances enacted and resolutions adopted by
Siieh body shall have tiie saino force ami effect for all purposes, ft-" if enietcl
or adopted in accordance with the provisions of section one hundred and
twi-nly-flir.-t.- of this article. Hut such organization .-.rid government .??hall
apply ".nly to such cities r,r towns as may thereafter ndopt the same by a
m.-iji-rifv vol'-* of tiiosc utial.'.h-d voters of any such city or town voting in an
election to be ln-ld for the purpose, :is may be pruvi !< d by law. j
(e ? The general assvmidy. :it tin- rci'Jost ?>f any city or town ma'.e. in
manner provided by law, may grant to it any special form oi organization
and government authorized by sub-section (l>) <>f this :-eition, ant. subject
to Jill of the provisions of that sub-.si -ti*?n. ? i t that it shall not be neces
sary for siifh eity or town to therea/ter edo;>t the same.
(d) Any laws or charters enacted purs.::nt t? > t ?? provisions of thi3
section sli.-i.ll lie subject to the provisions i.f this Con-litutiae. relating ex
pressly to judges and clerlts of court*, attorneys for the Commonwealth,
commissioners of revenue, ci'.y treasurers. ei.y :v
(e) Any r.?rji: of organization ami t ? :* ?>! i.'t-d by any pro
vision of this section which may h.'ve been ajopi d !?> ??. tofore by .-uiy eitv
or town pursuant to any act of tiie ral uss<-.-.:,?\ riiactvd before such
provision bcctnie effective, and which is n..w in opera ti. n, is hereby declared
iegai and valid :il> initio, and shali have the ss.me force ar.d effect as if it
bad bci'ii authorized by this Constitution ai the time of its adoption.
A RKSOI.UTtOX proposing' amendment to section 133 pf article 9 of tbo
Constitution of Virginia.
Resolved bv the house of delegates, the senate concurring (the ma
jority of the members ? h-eled to each house a ?.???emir thereto), That the
following aniciidnit nt to >? '?!..<>n one hundred and t hiriy-three, article nine,
of the Constitution of Virginia, be ami is lie.???by, p;?<????<. d and referred to
the genera! ass. mbly at the tirst regnl r s-- i held afi-r the next general
??lection of members of tiie house of ?i?. *e..??:.- ? for its coneiiri i nee in con
formity with the provisions <if section one hundred and ninety-si::. of article
fifteen of said (."(institution, nalm-ly:
Strike out from tiie Constitution of Virginia section one hundred and
thirty-three of article nine, wiilrii is in the f<>!!owim.. /.ords:
Seel ion 1".'!. Kaeh magisterial district shali constitute a separate school
district, unless otherwise provided by lav/. In each school district there
shall be three trustees selected, in the manner and for tiie term of otlice
prescribed by law.
And insert iu lieu thereof the following:
Section i::3. Kaeh magisterial disiriet shall constitute a sennrate school
district, u.n'e s otherwise provided b> law. In each school district there
shall be not more than three trustees selected, in tiie manner and for tho
term of olliee prescribed by law.
Men and women may serve as school trust. es in said districts, and In
cities and in towns forming separate school districts.
A RESOLUTION proposing amendment to section 181 of the Constitution
?f Virginia.
Resolved by tiie house of delegates, the senate concurring (a majority
of the meinb.rs elected to e.ich house agreeing) That the following amend
ment to the ('-institution of Virginia be. and the same is hereby proposed,
and referred to 'he general assembly to be chosen nt the next general elec
tion of members of the house of (i'-h -ra:es. for its concurrence. In conformity
with the pro\ is .ns of seci ion one hundn d and ninety-six. of article fifteen,
of the said Constitution. namely:
Strike out from i*.e Constitution of Virginia section one hundred and
<Mghty-fi.ur. wiiicii is ii: the following v:orils:
Section 181. So debt shall be contracted by tho St a te except to meet
casual deli, its in the revenue, to redeem a previous liability of the State,
to suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or defend the- Slate in time of war.
N'o scrip, certificate, or other evidence of State indebtedness, shall be issued,
except i'or the transfer or redemption of stock previously issued, or for auch
debts as arc ex press I v authorized in this ? "oust it in ion.
Ar<! insert in lieu ihereof tiie following:
Section 181. AO d< hi. shall be contracted by tiie State except to con
struct. or reconstruct, tiublic roads, to meet casual deficits in the revenue,
to redeem a previous liability of the State, to suppress insurrection, repel
invasi- n. or defend the State in time of war. N" > crip, certificate, or other
evidence of Si ate indebtedness, shall be is-on-d ? \cept for the transfer or
redemption of stock previously issued, or for such debts as are expressly
authorized in this Constitution.
A RESOLUTION proposing an amendment. to section 130 of rrtiele 3 of
the Constitution of Virginia, and provh1 s.g f".- publishing said amendment
and certifying the same to the next r i-m of t!:?* gen?-r*'l ass. mbly.
Resolved by the bouse of delegates, ti - senate coneurritig (a majority
of tin* members elected to ea-h I., use :isr,-,vnsi. That the following amend
ment lo the Constitution Virgin: ? be, and the same is hereby, proposed,
and referred to the general as---m'oiy lo b- chosen at the next general ..|ee
tion of members of the house ib-!e:rnt???. for its ?:oncurrepc?. in conformity
with the provisions of sec: ion one hundred and ninety-six, of article fifteen,
of the s::d <V?r.stituti' n. namely:
Strike out from tiie Constitution of Virginia section one hundred ar/&
thirty-six. which is in tie- following w<>rds:
Section '30. Kaeh connty, cite, town, if the same he a separate school
district, and school district is authorized to raise additional sums by a tax
i>n property, not to cxc-ed in the aggregate five mills or. the dollar in nnv
?ne ve.-.r. "to be apportioned ami .-s.-|. -i by the |.?-aj rc(,,.oi authorities
of said counti-s. citi? s. towns and disiri- ts in e* t:ihli. '.ing and maintaining
s-icil school.-* np in tio-ir judgment the. public welfare :r y require; pro'.ided.
that such primary schools as may be c.-tabllshed tn any school year, si,all
be maintained at least four months of that school ve.-.r. before any part
of the i ii nil assessed r-.rd c?dlc'-t<-. .r.'iV he devoted to the establishment of
schools of higher grade. The boards oi s-p rvlsors of tiie several counties,
and the councils of the several cities, an.! towns ii the same be separate
school districts, thall provide for tiie levy and collection of such local school
taxes. . , ,,
And insert in lieu thereof the following.
Section Kach county, city. town, if the same he a separate school
district arid sche.-J district is authorized to raise aduit..nal sums by a tax
oi* nrop-rf. no' to exceed in the aggregate m .any one year a rate or levy
to be tixed by law, to be apportioned and e-:permed by the local'schoo! au
thorities of said counties, ciiies town- and districts in <?. ta!>l; iupg and
rr-'nt-Jnin"- such schools as in the:r judgment the public welfare may ro
o'l'.Vri* nrovid.-d that such primary s -hools as may he e.o?,b!.,!1ed in anv
sc -oo'i "car Shall be maintained at 1-- ? - four months of that school year
before anv 'part of the fund a--se>sed and co licet erf may he devoted to the
e-? abli-'hment of schools of higher grade. TI:-- boards of supervisors of tho
sevr-rn 1 counties, and the councils o< the s-e\era.| cl.ics, and towns if th
f-.me be separate school districts, shali provide for the levy and collcctior.
of such local school taxes.
I hereby certify that the fore?oip;r is a tnjo copy of amendments pro
pcyad to the Constitution and aprrec to by the General Assembly of Vir
ginia, session lf-18, ar.d the nme is pttbusned in pursuance of section 190
of the Constitution ana act oi tue ucneral Assembly, approved February 2,
Cle'.'l: Houca of Dsle^ates of Yirjiirfs.

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