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Oldest Dally Newspaper in the
United States and Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
VOL. CXXXV?No. 219.
AY SEPTEMBER 13, 1919.
Ali Amendments To Treaty
Almost Certain to
Be Defeated
Democrats in the Senate Now Admit
Fight Over Document Will End in
After weeks and moniths 6f maneu
vering, jockeying-, bartering and bar
gaining, the fight in the Senate over
ihe treaty o fpeace with Germany has
?eached the stage where certain con
?rete observations may be made and
?ertain delfiinfte facts can be laid down.
In the first place, the 'treaty wil! be
Ubified. That can be stated unreserv
There is net now a thought of
?ejection on the part of the great
>ody of the Senate.
In the second place, all amendments
o t'he text of the treaty will be de
bated unlesis a bare majority can be
imstered to accept the measure giv
America the same voting power in
he league council which Great Kri
al r> now enjoys.
In> the third place, the treaty will
lot be ratified urrt.il the Senate has
ccepted at least foorr, and probably
ix reservations, these reservations
0 be laid down in the ratification
esolution itself.
Democriatic leaders know this to be
he situation as it stands today, and
1 private conversation they frankly
db*it th'at the result of the treaty
light must be a comlpnomise. Bu>t in
ibs cdmipromii-se the President, they
ay, has far mere to gain than he
bands to lose. He wins every point
xcept one. He loses to the extent
hat the reservations upon which the
^enate will insist will be carried in
tie ratification Resolution, instead of
1 a separate Tneasure of interpeta
The effort to prevent the Senate
?orn laying down its reservat ions a I
the treaty is ratified prat-ti
. been abandoned by the
supporters in; the Senate,
tion Senators will vote
.the opposlityon program from
lobtom, but it may as well bt
JJmitted, and, Mn "act, is admitted,
ilat the reservsaitioniwts have the votes
ith Which to control the Senate's ae
on when the time comes to control
And they have the votes largely roi
e reason that there is serious revolt
|i the part of the Democrats against
unconditional! ratification of the
[aatv, or even against mere interpre
tiions set forth in a separate re^oiu
bn of the Senate. As reckoned to
Ly. there are at least five, and prob
ply seven. Democrats who either are
ff the reservation entirely or arc
Jingsng on the very edge.
*o Sinn Fein Members of House of
Commons Arrested in Dublin
Dublin, Sept. 13.?The Sinn Fein
Iwiliament was suppressed yesterday.
An extensive police and military
i>veanent against the Sinn Fein began
forenoon. The scope and object
j the operations were not revealed,
raids by Government forces are
orted throughout the country,
ere were many arrests and sciz
?s of arms and literature.
wo Sinn Fein members of the
se of Commons were arrested,
ilfitary lorries carrying prisoner?
m the outskirts of Dublin are ar
ing in the city.
he search of the Sinn Fein head
ers here lasted two hours. It in
$ed even a personal search of visi
to the premises. The documents
zed related to the loan of the Irish
>ublic and to the correspondence
n which the report of the American
elates who visiited Ireland was
An exhaustive search was also
de of the private house of Count
nkct and that of the Sinn Fcjn
mber of Parliament. Michael
is is the twelfth raid that had
n made upon.-^he 3tnn Fein head
rters here, and no prosecution?
e followed
Ninety-Three Deeds Recorded in
Alexandria County in Eleven
Duuinp: the first eleven flays of
September tthere were 93 deeds re
corded in Alexandria County, some of
which foll'aw:
Frank Thompson and wife to Grace
E. Thompson, lot 2!) block 3 Lewis'
iTi'b of Arlington Heights. C. L. Hol
mes and others to Helen A. Houston,
lots 88, 89 and 90 and improvements,
in section 1 Greenwood; George F.
Petty and wife to Harry Rosoff, lots
1, 2, 3 and 4 block 5 center Ballston;
A'Shtcn. C. Jones and wife to Philip B.
Anderson, lo'ts 101 and 102 and im
provements in section 2 Wilson's ad
dition to Clarendon; B. M. Smith and !
others t'o Carrie A. Smallwood, lots
12, 13 and 14, block 1 Mattingly's
New Arlington Subdivision; B. M.
Smith and wife to Rose K. Hosner.
'ots 1, 2 5 and 0 block 1 Smith's Ad
dition to Arlington; C. Vernon Ford
and wife to Walter Spauls, lot 124
Clarenford; J. B. Ross-iter and others
to James H. Clements., lots 3 and 4.
block 6 Center Ballston; Albert Hale
ind wife to J. Howard Walton. 1 acre
and 0.(539 acres and improvements;
Elizabeth F. Smith and husband to
Harry B. Major and others, one lot in
Vi'itch; George H. Glcason and wife
to L. N. Inskeep, house and lot ir
May wood; Merton E. Church and wife
to Marion Smith, lots 3 and 4 block
10 Falls Church Park; Bon Air Realty
Go., to H. T. Palmer, lot 2 block 10
Bon Air; Henry N. Parish to Mary L.
Parish, 2.3681 acres in Jefferston dis
trict; WiiiJliain R. Roberts an:l wife
to Henry C. Newton, lots 113 and 114
Moncures subdivision of BaLlston. Va.:
C. E. Tippett and wife to W. Ball,
lots 56. 66 and (>7 Dominion Heights;
Benoit Baer, jr., tx> John Spates, hds
17 and 18 block 4 Chcrrydale, sub
division; Sam D. Hummer and wife
to Charleis S. Jones, lots (>4 and 53
and improvements in Aurora Heights;
Frances R. Hill and husband to John
J. OSlaige. lots 9 and 10 and improve
ment's in block 11 Addison Heights;
Robert II. Coward, receiver, to Charles
Chorum, lot block 2 High View
Park; Edward B. Fox and wife to
Oliver L. Offubt. 10o lots in Foxhall;
Walter O'Hara to B. F. Person, lots
1 and 19 block I East Barcrc-Tt; Liz
zie C. Rucker.to James E. Brown. lots
78 and 99, Fairview Subdivision;
Joseph H. Conner and others to K>s.
H. Conrers, lots 124 and 125, 3rd ad
dition to* May wood; N. A. Rees and
wife to N. H. Sparshott, N. 22 feet
of lot 5 Ruckers addition' to Claren
don; Ammon E. Smith and others to
JosopTt F. Robinson, lots <>(>, 67 and 68
and improvements' in Strieker's ad
dition to Clarendon; Ifonald M. Gor
don anil wife to John W. and Luther
C. Wise, 5 acres in Arlington District
Frank L. Ball to George J. W. Cuni
mings. 1.1612 acres; David N. Rust
and wife to Ernestine M. Sheffield,
lots 48 and 49 and improvements in
section 2 Del Ray.; Hugh A. Thrift'
and others to Augusta Frirkson. lot
14 block 2 Aurora Heights; II. T.
Palmer ankl' others to F. A. Thomp
son. lots 24 and 25 Penrose.
Orders Companies to Benin Inven
tories of Supplies as Of Dec
ember 31.
Washington. Sept. 13.? Preparing
for the return of the railroads to
private control. Director General
Hines yesterday ordered all roads to
begin an inventory of supplies on
hankl as of December 31. 191!). the
date indicated by President Wilson
in his address to Conjrress as the
termination of Government super
A few weeks before the Govern
ment turns the roads back the former
managers wijl be put in charge. so
that some time before the Railroad
Admin/istratron goes out of existence
they can reorganize their staffs.
Lawyer Declares it Means Nation
alization of All Industry
WjasfoinSgi'ton, Sept. 13.?The Plumb
plan for tripartite control of the rail
reads under* '"Government ownership
must be "buried beyond all hope" if
it is not to be made a "rallying1 point"
for nationalization of all industry.
Edgar J. Rich, transportation counsel
for the Associated Industries of Mas
sachusetts, declared yesterday before
the House Intertsfcate Commerce Com
mittee, considering1 legislation for
final dfsTrosifcion of the railroads.
Meeting Will Be Held Thurs
day Night At Cham
1 ber of Commerce
Alexandria Has Been Without A Mili- I
tary Company Since Company ft,
'First Virginia Regiment Left.
Alexandria may soon have a mili
tary company. Steps looking to the re
organization of Company (!. First \ ir- i
ginia Regiment, will be taken at a I
meeting which will be held at S
:>Vlock Thursd'ay night in the* rorms
jf the Chamber of Commerce.
All former members of this com
mand are invited to attend the mcet
rig at which time plans for reorganiz
ing will l?e discussed. The oil Alox
uidria Light Infantry which is of
ficially Company (J. First Virginia
Regiment went to war an 1 served
throughout the conflict.
Many of its members serve ! over
seas with marked distinction. A t .ta 1
>fl-'-i'i members cf this company and
?even officers left Alexandria Sep
tember 2f!. 1017 for Anniston, Ala.,
where they received their training be
fore being sent overseas.
Its members, however, were ass. m
Mcd at the armory July 2.r). 1017.
where they wore kept waiting until
the foregoing date. During their wait
they received many recruits.
Sinve this company started on the
first lap of its journey for France,
'n 1017 Alexandria has been without
a military company. It is believed
that many of those who wore former
members of the company again win
ioin. Those fostering the organization
>f the new company arc* anxious that
ill who are in the city again join.
Deeds of Transfer for Eight Piece of I
Property Recorded.
Deeds of transfer for eight pi.ee
of property today were placed on
..?ord in the office of the clerk of fhe
court. Transfer of real estate contin
ues active and real estate dealers
report the demand for homes at pres
ent far exceeds the supply.
The deeds recorded fellow: Dr. S. I!
Moore to Howard W. Smith t! r"?
itory brick dwelling on the south sid<
>f Prince between Columbus and Al
fred streets.
Harry R. Davies to Floyd S. Sr.inn
houses and lots 1820 and 1^22 P<'d;e
Mrs. Margaretta Nails to Paul Hid- j
fish houses 32S. 330 artd 332 ("-m
merce street.
Mutual Realty Corporation to Clias.
Brown house ami lot on the north *ido
of Woilfe between Columbus and Ai
fred streets.
Citizens' National Rank to Urban
S. Lambert, lot 7. block 12. section 2.
Miss Myrtilla M. Graves to Max
Sperling lot on the north side of ?
Franklin between Fairfax an<l Lee j
Mrs. Emma J. Rudd to Mrs. Lena j
Rawlett and husband, lot on the cast
side of Washington between Wolfe
and Wilkes streets.
Sok-nran R. Douglass and others to
Mrs. Mary B. Entwis.le house and lot
onthe west side of T/ee between W iIkos
and Gibbon streets.J
Campboll the Tiro Man. vulcai.iz
in^r. retreading: first tube repairs ox
cl'jiivelv. Now open for business.
-11 n. *
[ Owing to the increase in price o,
| new production? ami to eliminate th.
j use of pennies which ?s a great in
i convenience, beginning1 Monday. Sep
i tember 15, 1010, prices at the Rich
mom) will be as follows: Matinee 10
and 20c; nsghts. 15 am? --"c. Irironiar:
1"> and 20c. These prices include war
tax and remain the same except or.
special super productions.
Alexandria Amuscmen: Co.
Richmond and Ingomar Theatres
Public Schools Will Resume
Studies Monday Morn
ing: at 9 O'clock
All in Readiness Kor Reopening?
.More Than 2,00(1 White and (?00
Colored Pupils Will Attend.
After being dosed for the sum
m,.r months the- public schools of
this city will be rcopehed for stu
dies Mondav morning at J? o'clock.
The work of issuing permits was
concluded yesterday afternoon. More
than 2.000 white children will at- ;
tend the schools on th<- opening day ;
and more than <?0i> children will at
tend the colored schools.
All is 'n readiness for reopening.
During the summer months the
sHiools have been jriven necessary
repairs and other improvements
til so made.
Many new teachers will be in
.?harge Monday. A number of teach
ers who served at the last scholas
tic session have resigned to accept
other positions.
The opening day of the schools
will be given over to organizing.
Practically all of the children who
secured permits this week have pro
cured their books and are ready lo
start to school Monday.
Knowille Court fields Her ! nder
10,000 Bond in Harth's Death
Noxville, Sept. 1:5.?Maude Moore.
? havered with shooting Leroy Ilarth
to death last Monday night, was
held f v ? re November term of crim
inal court under bond of $10,000,
vesterday afternoon, after a prelim
inary hearing which had lasted
through the Ir.tter part of two days.
Martin Hunter, arrested Wednesday
is an accessory, was put under bond
if $.-,.001).
Miss Moore readily furnished bond,
ivhile Hunter was still in custody.
Miss Moore was on tne stand mote
ihan an hour yesterday. At the con- j
?lusion of her testimony, as she
urose from the witness chair, her
strength seemed to give away, her
face blanched and she fell headlong,
almost into the lap of her mother,
who was sitting near the desk of the
defending attorney. Hal II. f'lem
?nt?. It was pome minutes before
she regained consciousness and al
most two hours before she had suflic - ,
?cully regained strength to sit up- :
right. Proceedings were halted for j
1*) or 2'> minutes.
While on the stand Miss Moore re- J
latid again the details of the strug-;
<rle she claim? took placp between j
Hart!) and herself when, she alleges,
he attacked he.r and she shot him in
self defense.
1 Inn*er admitted having written a
note wnich was found ." his room
Thursday, which -v.s .iitrs.nuced in
an effort to show that lie had in
tended to leave the city.
The note read: "Tear those letteis j
up. To Oilie. old pal. T am gone, j
Please keep quiet.?Pal Martin.
R. A. Slagle. paying teller at the j
East Tennessee Savings Bank, tes
tified that the defendant, whom he
said he' knew as Xaudeene Moore,
drew out all of her savings at his
bank last Monday. He said she re
marked to him that she was going
West.'" However on cross examina
tion. Mr. Slagle said he could not be
positive (hat she said she was going
'.Vest, adding that she may have said
she was going away.
rtOxH. S2.2.">: 30x3 1-2, $2.o0; 32x
;5 |_2, $3.00; 31x4, $3.50. Alexandra
Auto Supply, 104 South Washington
DIED?At 0:-;n P. M.. Friday, Sep
i tember, 12th, WILLIAM BAYLEY
i ENTWISLE. at his residence, "lo
i South T.ee street. Fnneral at -1:30
j o'clock Monday. September loth.
Friends and relatives are invited
to attend. Interment private,
j Washington and Baltimore papers
plearo copy.
Members of Boston Would
Return to Posts of
Splendid Work of Slate Guardsmen ;
Becomes .More Apparent Hourly, a> !
Lawlessness Vanished.
Boston, Sept. 1 ?>.?The policemenV
union voted last night to accept Sam
uel Gompeiis' proposal that I hoy n- |
turn to duty and appointed a commit- j
tee to wait on Governor Coolidge and ?
Mayor Peters in the morning to ar- !
range for carrying out the suggestion.
With the .splendid work of the
State Guardsmen, which has beconu*
hourly mere efficient, it was apparent
jarly yesterday that the striking po-!
?iceman were playing a losing game.
Lawlessness had been completely
<tamped out and in addition, public
opinion was determinedly crystallized
aganst them.
Samuel Gompers. president of the
American Federation of Labor, jes
tcrday telegraphed an appeal fron:
\ew York to both strikers and city
officials of Boston to lay aside th*'ir
grievances until the National Laboi
Conference called l>y President Wilson
for October <? in Washington.
Gompers first telegraphed Mayor
Andrew J. Peters, asking that the
?:Ly withdraw for the time being the
?;?ict forbidding polfcemen of Boston
from joining the American Federa
tion of Labor.
At the same time Gonvpers appealed
through A. F. of L. officials- in Wash
r.gton to the policemen asking them
to go back to their pests regard
less r.f what th'? city officials do.
Old And Well-Known Mexandrian
I'asses Awav Last Xiglit
William I!. Entwisle. who had been |
a sufferer from rheumatism for j
several years, rl:<??! last night at his
home, ."i.'i South l.ee street. The
deceased was a carpenter l?y occupa
tion.. He is survived by a son and
three ssiters.
Washington fJroceryman Shot Down
in His Store I.ast Xight
Simon Miller. -'50 years old. proprl- :
tor of a small grocery store at 1001 j
I.umont street northwest. Washinir
'on. I >. was shot through the
neck by an undentified person al
i0;.'!0 (/clock last night while behind
he counter of his shop and died ia
'er at Garfield Hospital.
The police, up to air early h ut j
'his morning, were uanble to ascer- |
'ain a motive for the shooting.
Samuel Miller, brother of the dead
man. heard a single shot fired. He
was on the second floor of the two
story brick building. Rushing down
tairs. he found hi< brother lying
inconscious on the floor of the kif
?hen. which is in the rear of the
| store.
The police arrived shortly after
1 'he crime, following an excited call
j from neighbors, who had been at
j traded by screams of the victim's
I brother.
? I; was immediately ascertained
i that robbery was not the motive for
i the shooting when $">7 was found in
j Miller's pocket and a considerable
j sum in the cash drawer.
I A hole was torn through Miller's
j neck.
j l'p to an early hour this morning
i the s.hootintr was a complete mys
| tery.
Milan. Sept. 13.?Many persons an
believe ! to have perished and th"ir
'?odir-: buried in the ruins as the ro
?ult of an earthquake in Tuscany to
(iay. said a dispatch to the Seco-lo.
Tne shocks were fc't throughout
the Sienna district and many build
ings were demolished.
In addition to the dead many per
sons were injured.
A Gazette Classified Ad will bring
You Results.
Salvation Army. Sunday School at
2:^0 p. m., and Salvation meeting at
8 p. m.
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rev.
j I, uis Smet rector, masses at >, 9
! and 11 a. m.
First Baptist Church, Rev. Dr. E.
| B. Jackson pastor. Sunday School.
[ 9:30 a. m., preaching at 11 a. m.,
and S p..m.
Second Baptist Church, Rev. 0. 1'.
Llyod will preach at 11 a. in., and
at 8 p. in.. Sunday School. 0:-'>0 a.
m., B. V. I'. U.. 7 p. m.
Imnianuel Lutheran ( hurcn. Le\.
C. .1. (ioette. pastor, services at 11
a. in., with subject, -Man Cannot l>c
Saved by the Sunday School
and Bible Class at 0::?0 a. m.
Roberts Chapel. M. E. Church,
colored, Rev. W. A. C. Hughes. P.
1).. New Orleans, will preach at 1!
a. m.. and 8 p. m.. preaching by
Rev. E. Adclph Haynes, pastor.
St. Paul's 1'. E. Church. R'.-v. Dr
P. 1'. Phillips, rector, services; Sun
day School, 0:"ft a. m.. Men's Bible
Class, 9:ir, a. m.. services at 11 a m.
and evening service, 7 :"0 p. ni.
Urate P. E- Church. Rev. Edgar
Carpenter, rector, order of sevice
tomorrow; Iloly Communion,
m., Sunday School. 0:"0 a. m., morn
ing service 11 a. in.; evening service
8 p. m.
Trinity Methodist Church, Rev. A.
E. Speilman pastor, 0:1"? a. ni., Sun
day School and Bible Class; !1 a.
m., preaching by the pastor, subject.
"To Him That Cometh," 8 p. m.,
service will be evangelistic.
At the Second Presb>%rian Churc'n
Rev. Dr. John J.ee Afl\on, pastor
will have as his subject in tht. morn
ing, ''Man Limiting God.'' Evening
theme evangelistic; Sunday School
a. m.; and Christian F.ndesvo;
7:1") p. m.
Methodist Protectant Church. Rev
(5. J. Hill, pasto, Sunday School "r.<
Bible Class, 9:"rt a. m.. Preaching
11 a. m.. "Spiritual Fragrance." ?
p. in.. "Cod's Hedge." Christian En
deavnr. 7:1 p. m., subjcct, ?'How t
Live With Our C.reat Companion.'
Free Methodist Church Rev. L. P
Kelly pastor. Sunday School. 10 r
ni., preaching. 11 a. m.. followed b<
class meeting; young people's meet
ing at 7:1 r, p. m.. and preaching at
8 p. m. This will be the last, ser
vice of the conference year. All arc
Christ P. E. Church. Rev. Hr. \V
?f. (Morton, rcctor. Services as fV
lows: Sunday School and Emmani'.'
Bib|t. Class . !K;.']0 a. m., service
sermon 11 a. n:.; eveniij~ prayer :m?
| services, 8 p. m.; the rector wil
preach at both services. All prw:
| free. Visitors and strangers v.cl
I coined.
! Rev. Dr. E. V. Rcjrester. pa:-tor
| of the M. E. Church South, will
i preach at both services at thai
church tomorrow. Services at 1] a.
j :n.. and S p. m. The pastor wil1
teach the Henry K. Field Bible Ci'is
in the Younsr People's Building a;
0:4") o'cd'ock tomorrow morning. Thi>
church invites all men of the eit\
I who are not elsewhere affiliated lc
' come to the class tomorrow as state'
above the evening services Inv
\ been resumed.
| The annual meeting of the stock
holders and directors of the Harri
! it Shafer Co.. will be held at the of
| fice of Mr. Gardner I,. Boothc. A'.-x" '
| andria National Rank Ruildimr. AT
j andria, Virginia, on Thursday, S r
j tember 2~>. 1010, at 2:'W p. m.
Ry order of the President.
!214-l."t. E. A. Harris. Sectv
The annual meetinir of the stock
holders of the Braddock Right and
; Power Company, Incorporated, for
j the ejection of directors and the
I transaction of such business as may
' properly come before said meeting.
wiif be held at the office of the Com
I pany, Alexandria National Bank
I Building, Alexandria, Virginia, Tues
i day, September 16, 1019, at 1
c'clcck p. m.
21i-10c. S. R. Bowen, Secretary.
Select Hard Shell Crabs. Jacob
Brill, foot of King Street. 215-fip.
j Mrs. Ida Mills and niece, Miss
! Margaret Travers are the guests of
| relatives in Halethorpe, Maryland.
A smoker will be given Monday
i night by the Chamber of Commerce
j in tin- rooms of that organization.
In the Circuit Court for this city
j a final decree for divorce has been
| given to Walter D. Smith from
j Ethel P. Smith.
j Tomorrow will he the last day for
? straw hats. Already hundreds of
' straws of early vintage have found
their way into the trash pile.
Mr. J. Ellis Norris, manager of
R. G. Hun and Company, for Cuba,
with headquarters in Havana, is vis
iting his parents in this city.
Mrs. John W. Travers and Miss
Rosa lirill have returned to their
home in this city after spending a
few days with relatives in Ilale
thorpe, Maryland.
Thomas Carter, auctioneer, today
-oil! at public auction for Gardner
L Hoothe trustee, house 112 Rose
mont avenue, in Rosemont, which
was purchased by Charles S. Stoler.
The police thus far have been un
ib!i> to find any trace of the colored
man who last Thursday night ac
costed two white women on the
streets and who was scared off after
they made an outcry.
Attorney Louis X. Duffey has re
^unied the practice of law in the of
i-c. lie formerly occupied at 123
<>uth Royal street. Attorney Duf
fey served during the war and left
'iere as lieutenant and after arriv
"ng overseas was promoted to cap
Herman K- Kopp. this city, has
icn appointed by the War Depart
ment on tin* entertainment committee
omposed of two hundred ex-odicers
nd men of the A. E. F., to serve
'uring tin* welcoming home celebra
:on to Genera! Pershing in Wash
?r/ton Wednesday. Mr. Kopp served
ilmost two years with the A. E. E.,
:i France and was attached to the
First Division during the Chateau
I'herry offensive.
V. C.Bullitf (Quotes Secretary as Say
ing that if Americans Under
stood its Meaning They
Would Reject It.
Washington. Sept. ?William C.
.Jul]itr of Philadelphia, formerly at
?Vf-hcl to the American Peace Mis
ii?n. testified before the Senate Rore
<rn Relations Committee yesterday
hat .secretary Lartsin.tr tola him in
''aris last May that if "the Senate and
he American people knew what the
reaty meant, it would Ik* defeated."
?'.Mr. La listing told me the day I
?evened." the witness said, "that he
.'.'as oposed to that part of the Lea
gue covenant relating to a mandate
f->r Armenia. He said he considered
the Shantung award and the League
?>f Nations bad? that the League
vvouM be entirely useless that the na
tions had arranged thc wold to suit
hem-selves and that England and
'?'ranee got what they wanted.
?ftor savin? he believed the Sen
tie would defeat the treaty if it rai
zed its meaning. Mr. Lansiing ex
ressed the opinion that Senator
\r.ox really wound undr-rstand the
veaiv. that Mr. Lodge would, hut
hat Mr. Lodge's position would be
?ome purely political.'
' ardinals and Clarendons Will Play
Championship (lame
The Clarendon and Cardinal Rase
:>all teams will at 3 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon play the deciding zame for
the championship of northern Vir
ginia. The game will be playetl on the
baseball field at the foot of Franklin
-trpct. This will be the crucial game
and both teams are on nettles. Seats
to accommodate several hun
!red persons have been erected and
.he Cardinal manager also has put the
diamond in first . class condition.
"Shorty" Hughes of Washington fame
wilL handle the game.

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