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hip pocket. Examinatian. of the
?: body showed the boy was riot arm
Pcliceman Mistakes Lad for High- ; ej. Lisa's' bullc-t struck him over
wayman , jpft ey0 anj jle clicd almost in
Bror.klyn, X. Y., Sept. 19.?ftiis-J'jtantancously.
taken for a man who had fire;! five j The ;? hooting occurred at 10:30
revolver sir. is, Peter Jerlibola, 15 j o'clock Wednesday night. bat was
years oil, V>I -Flushing avenue, was | rot made public?by the police until
shut and killed on the 'ire cseape of j 1:45 o'clock this morning.
i>family's flat by Patrolmen j An unidentified man came into
Frank G. Lisa, 29 years old. Lisa j the ^.ratrc* where Jerlibola was left
said Jerlibola made a motion a.s j in charge at 10 o'clock last night
though to draw a weapon from hir. ?' and said he wanted to take our. a
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.?'ivo-iw a Fare cf Ycrr Savings
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- ? ? - i i! i A
mLpmm haterials
i touring: car. The boy refused to let
it go. Without heeding, the man
started the engine of one machine.
Jcrliboia clcscd the large door and
stood outside it. The man bccamo
enraged, ran into the office and
firc-d five shots toward the hoy
through a window.
Jerli'oola was not hit and ran into
hio home, apparently in the belief
that the man might follow him.
William Daly told Patrolman Lisa
he had seen some one run into th?
building at 341 Flushing avenue.
Lisa entered the dark hallway, drew
his revolver, and enteral a door
open on the third floor. He saw
the' bey, who wove long trousers
and locked like a man, crouching
on the fire escape, and ordered him
to throw up his hands.
Instead of obeying, .Tc-rlibola made
a movement as though to draw a
weapon, according to the ofiiccr, j
who then fired.
Leaders o!" Move Xail i'y.ssibility of
Organization .Averting Strike
Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 10.?-"The
American Federation of Labor must
bow to our edicts. We are the su
preme body." This was the answer
of John Fitxpatrick, chairman of
the conference of loaders of the steel
workers, when asked yesterday if
there was any possibility of the
strike being averted through inter
vention of the American Federation
?of Labor.
"The men are going to strike,"
he added. "I can see nothing that
will stop them."
The question of postponing the
strike until after the national labor
conference at Washington was not
discussed at yesterday's meeting.
The delegates directed their at
tention to preparation for the walk
out in the United ?States Corpora
tion mills Monday. j
A strike platform, containing
twelve planks, or demands, was one
a completely washed out of the sys
tem by the celebrated Shivar Min
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of the. iprincipsl topics of discussion
at 'the: 'meeting'.
Just before adjournment the con
ference adopted a rcsoiuttor. givringv
to i!.^ r;?av.- ccmm;fcle'e full
pewor to c-cnduct the strike.
Thy orJ> sravf-mc-nt jtjv. n out was
the nn?,\y;i-. cf 1 r;;irr."..n John Fife
jsatrick, 'of the committee; to' the
>tntement cf Ju;i,*e Gary, of the
United States Steel Corporation,
that their mills would remain as an :
"open shop."
Till- statemert re-lews .Mr. (Jary's'
contentions and assorts lie is rrej> L
tintc away from the issue alto
gether, that the "open-shop" is not
boiru- considered, but the issue is a
conference with the leading:; steel
risen of the country.
Michael F. Tijyhe, president of the
A m;.lea nr.; ted -Association of Itoii,
Steel and X'n Workers, has, sent (
a .'notice to ihe members to abide ?
by the orders of the national com
mittee of the American Federation.
In this order he says 93 per cent
of the membership favored a strike
if a conference svas refused by
Judaj Gary.
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Q O hi M o hi' M F. a l ft I -i
-vr-.f-: 07
... ? - ...
PROPOSED AMENDMENTS tp the Cons Itutior. of Virginia, agreed to at
fce:..-io:i of . 11*: c*-? i-ubli. hc?l :n pursuance of
sec.; n li'G t.' ?...? u. ?; -l ... pruWfi February ?, 19U8.
A RESOLUTION prop* in;; amend men
CjJi.-fii'jiioii oi i . i. ... ?'
ccrtiiy.ng li.c same ty the i,? -?1 ;..
of ; rticl; 2 of the
? a.ii -? iiJui'j-t. nail
? :i? ??r? -.r fa majority
Thai :'i I!vJV, i;is: amend
' i? I.? *: M'opOS" ?d. .mi'A
?.* i;v . 1 i : i' i-Iection of
? ?i . .. oui'urmity with
;?? fit'teen uf the
?: {! .!??? Lwu. which li |
*?'??? :v-<i i.\ i:.,. :wc ;?> .
OC !: ?: !.;? in'ii-T.- i !? ?j
Oici.'. -j il,f ilioj
r-M". ' : ? 1 I > :ii ? ? . : - i ; . i
i .i i! ?? !. U- . .. it. . . ??
t.'-e :>? . ? i ? < .1 .. u
s , ?
? ? ' .. !.'?? t/onsiiaiUiui of
?n i" ? ?
.-I ? 1. ji U'.iird t?i 'ot-: .? !: ?' ? ??! to any otllee
of !!??_? State. or ? any county, city. N?v.-:i r ^hbdivi>:oii ?>;' the SUtfi.
wherein ;.<? r. ;??? ?. cxccpt a ollicni . provided in this Cusiatitution, and
exci tl:i? provitsioa ?.s to i:c?>dfr?cc- 1i n??t :?ppiy;io any olllee cleetivo
by r ? ii, ? v. !.??? :? ? i?;-i>v:d< <?' < - J f*isl>teen
year: ol :i be to th? oflioc ? I not :;:>u quzliflad to
gxc.-"it' tiiu bonds rwi i r ?-i <?: tht-i.i that, capai ity.
!.).? <-| ! i'l !.'??.) \ :.i ?
: |;?. : , I i. ? ?!' ' I??. any olilce of
the St: OP of ? sini city town < r *?'. 1 sulxlivi.-ioii the State,
w 11 ? ?v < . ? i. ? . d ? 'I this i onstilutiOB, and
oxl'i ?! that this pro vision aa to residt i ?? shail not anpiy an> < flice electivo
by J??: v. provider- v. : ;tr.? further, that the
r,-|i ; ; <? i:>is . ?>? r. -i - f < | ?i.; lilifi't ions ehaii
nr,i apply iu tiic :ippo!t!.tirit s?t ?.'i :???'??i-r.s lo ! I! po: : 'I' ' municipal
govcriunent rc(;uiritia spot : I tci:!i!il<'Sl nr pr<> ?? nal tri ining atid eacperl
e;i? "it n ? i n ?voiiieii < .j.ifeii ? (' 'i^-- ' i - ? t<* the cilice
of notary public and Qualified to ex< euto i ot:ds re?tuired ot 13 '.hat
caprteiiy. ,
\ ItKPO!" ION propc-.-in r a:i:T.dtsi*?nt to soction I"8 of tl:e Csr.stitutlcn
oC V:ro>nia.
r... -.lvrd l,j :ho K-n t! .? hot!-c of (:? !?' ?' ?'fa majority
of t' r member:* elected to cricli house :? :>??? in"). That tlio fo!!owinff ani&nd
aieai i.. ?!,?? Constitution of Virginia b-. and tin tfftnn: hereby proposed,
aioi : : t . tlx general assembly to be choscr. r?t th- ?ic::t general election
o?' njeniltors tti? hoi se of '!? !<? rate . f r i ? ??eiinformity with
the ? ir- \ . ? ? ? ?? r? <? ! i<i ;i>:d ?" ?' :,'te tlfteen, of
tile . 1 <1 i:: ii i ? ...i . . :
hi ; ? t ;: 'i ii . f Vj- '.i section one hundred and
t!:ir ? 'u 111, *..',;<?!? is i:> . .. . . ? :
ttectton 138. The j?cj ml : . may. in its discretion provide for the
con; i ?:>* edueatioa .?,* e!,;:.!r. : , n . of and t wejve
yeai . except su< ii arc ivoak . ?: !> dy ?i . ?r can read and write, or
a"" . '!.?!,? iinpriv.:le r< !:<>? : ?>: ;.n- . ;et: ? ? >r ?' by the district school
t ru.
.'?.??d in:=-rt i:i ti. a th- r - f t!if? f.dl v
Scctit n lHS as may, in it* discretion, provide for the
conruii. odaeai'oi; o. H,:! . c., oi ? ii? -d
A KKPOI.t'TfOX nr ... :iff :> r.T>nfl:*"?!i t tn
Constitution of Virgrinia. and providing r pu
Ceri. tux the sat;.-- t<> t'.: .- r.
tinn 'IT of article H or tlio
. ? amendment and
by t'.ie fn*
t- d I ? iu- :i
r. ?' d
,1, !??
? .xv. I!i
i .i:t
t: <? m
ft i r
i; r i s i; > 11
n : t
'.nr. :
Ii -is
xce;tl iii !?
unty by a po :n
: ana ?'?t
in!::.bit.'t*ji.'-. ?!.- r
iSt.i t<j lm v i r>ir '?!
?barter may retain
, i.? the mi
?. r.dcd ro to ?
pn'.vor." ret f..r:
. :i mi
r pro*.
ni^'lt lu til. 1' ?? . t i :? ?
am; ? >?!'. m il t" t! ? ;;??!:<? ! n
of rors and in-mbo-.- ?
i???!;? Ivity til ti ? .
afto. of ;??? i:j
Strike out i'r?.??? t! " '
sever n. v-;.i<-'i - ?:> '
V' ? i ion 1 ! 7. ' I'.-: . > . '
r?:ul t ?? ii- -ill
bo p - -i d in r?*.???;?.,? ?
of -i t? t;? t???n. aioi
m?" ini
rnori- * r : ty tiious ? n
the ' ii ? ? r;?d to'vns <?:'
ai: ci;.1: >.?:11 i u? ? ?: i< "? ?!
nil nil !??? repeat- -i r art.
such clmrt-r i.-- i:oreby
r- sll it: 'T: limit ?'
pr--????:? "? in tin I'o!;.- *:r-i: ? .
Js"r.twithstanding', however, anything in tl
as.v-mtil" bv c:- ":er-! !nv.- or by I"
article i'i cur of t!:; fonsttt-it! n). denr.rt " '
in this section expressly provided) from the :--rn
pr>i::i-"-i; proscribed by this article for cities and towi
from tirue t-- time, for this virious eltics and towns o
F'.icij f-.r; or forms of municipal government ?" *?' :"
deem best; but n - f'-m or t' rms
?i in - t?.rit> of t'te
following amend
? ? by, j i ? iSed
: r ;. i ,i '-r:i! ol'-.'tion
jf r-'iieo, in
::i if., d ami r.inety-sis of article
"no hundred and
fiim^nt of i i'.les
ji. ? ? U act sil.lH
in article four
; tv.'-i third.; of -.he
.: of cities having
>r--v.-!' !. i'i.'i each o*
?' ;-(joption thi3
. - t so f:ir as it
. provid -d. that cv ^ry
io :-t; t:i-* provi: inns,
artj- i--. or oihe-rwisa
rrlicu; r?? :it
act (passed
? f
ici the fr.--ne~Tl
?t- p-rescriiied in
? '.I :ir. otherwiso
: *.n ar.ri rov
. ! may provide,
r?.ni!i:on wen Ith
i " :-v;r.hly may
l>y the record
paracraph of t!,: - fcotion shall beconm operative except ns to such cltics or
towns mnv thereafter ad ot the same by i majority vote of its qualified
electors at an election to"be lield ns may t ? prescribed therefor by la-.v. All
the limitations on th-- powers of the < ?un ? oi ? ities and tr.vns imposed by
this article sl-ail appb* in 1:!:? ? manner to thj principal legislative authority
under n: v'{??<??? n of govci'riinent which may be authorised hereunder. The
term "< .Iima- u. <-c in seciions ct hundred and twenty five and one
hundred 1 twenty-sovert of this ?>?:>-. ?" t on shall be construed to Include
the bodv which under ?ny form of muulcfpnl ivcrnwont. shall be ves:dd
with the principal legislative authority of such municipality.
The rcncral a?se:nblv# for the purpose ci th?s article, may classify cities
according to their ifopuMtioa bu the max sum population prescribed i"or
any class shall* excei 1 the minimum popttlat n tor the same class by at
lei t ten tl nd " ? : ' ral cn bly. at :? j test. maae In manner
Vhi-h I -"h i::v.*. Of rii -?::??* having a population of over fifty
thousand inhabitants, may-grant a form of government f--r such city.
i r, . charters enacted pursuant to the provisions of this section
shall be subject to the provisions ri ti-.t? r-mstifttion relating expressly td
J'.i-ir--.- .ir.d clerks of court.- attorneys for the Commonwealth, comnii^ioscrc
of ri-veni;e. ? ,*v treasurer and city s.?1 ,?%
o '.nd insert ir. " en thereof the followmvr:
Sec. "17. (;i i fjer.erri Ta."ws for t':v orir'tr :ration ^n.. gn'vcrnment
?cil'cs end towns s'nnli 'be nnacted bv t ner ?! assembly, and no cpeciai
act shail be r -.s-'ed in r. Iction thereto, -.xcrpt in t.ia manner provided lc
nrticie f/:ur of thi^ f itsritution. ard then or.y -y a reccracd vote of t~o
thirds of -he members ebici-.d to r aeh house. But each of toe cities and towns
of the 2tat- havintr at the time of t' ?? ndoption Ci this Constitution^ a
municipal charter mav reta:n ti:e .-line, except so tar as it shall bo repealed
or amended bv the general assembly : provided, that every such charter is
h?r;by amended to conform to all the provision restrictions, limitations ac4
xoi'ui in laid izliiZz. or -ihw.
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Alexandria County Lighting Co.
Alexandria, Va.
Phone 193
Tiio (jc-naral r,c3tmbl7 may, by c*neral law or by special act, {passed
&a tho mannsr provided in article four of this Constitution) provide for the
^Wffanlsaiicn and povernment of cities and towns without regard to. r.?<!
uaaltecitsd by an7 of the provisions of this article, except those of cations
oae hundred and twenty-four, one hundred and twenty-five, (except so lar an
ths provisions cf sve'ion one hundred and twenty-live recogni >:e the 'iij.'.-e <;f
rnayor and ths pov/er c? veto) one hundr-;! si mi twenty-six ?>n?- hundred and
twenty-ncven an 1 oni hundred and twent;, ??iulit ?<( this article and vxcept
tbcco nt'ntleried in sub-section (U) of this section. The term "Council" .li'iise-i
In any cf said sections shall include ,t|ie .body ^??srislativr .?'?"hr?'' 'y
for th? city or town, and all ordinandi enacted and sesolution* ncloptetl by
body tihall have the same force arid e,Teet for all purposes. a. if enacted
c% Adopted in accordance with the provisions of section our hundred and
Snvrnty-throe of tliis article, Kui such organisation and /??innicnt ."-hall
apply only to such cities or towns as may thereafter adopt the same by a
majority vote of those qualified voters ??any such or town vot ?. n? in an
dsction to be held for the purpose, as it.ay he piovi'i.u Ly Is v..
V The general assembly, at the request of < :t .' "v town ni'ide in
manner provided by law, may prant to any sp"fi.i'. f.-rm of organization
and Government authorized l>y sub-sc 1 ion <? ) 'i th:s section, and subject
to a!i of the provisions of that sul> .-???. ' no, ? \--cp'. t. -it i' .- hail not be ncces
c&ry for such city or town to thereafter iiti.-pl the Mt:. > ?
fd) Any laws or charters enacted pursuant to th<- provisions of this
ccction shall be subject to the provisions ? 'his Co.-. ::t? 11Io?i relating? ex
pressly to judges and clerks of cour's. attorneys for the Common wealth,
commissioners of revenue. <? iy treasurer.'- md .?*.*: ' in;
(e) Any form of orjran i/.ation v-r>l ????". r:?:i.e:i. ,;<d by ?ny pro
vision of this section v. hicli may huve he. i. heretofore by any city
or town pursuant to any aet t?i" the general . in',!;, enacted before" such
provision became effective, ami which is now in "!>e;\-.lion, is hereby declared
legaj and valid ab initio, ami shall have the sain-- force ami effect as i* it
bad bc.-a authorize:! by this Constitution at tite time of its adoption.
A RESOLUTION' proposing1 amendment to section 133 of article 5 cf tha
Constitution of Virginia.
Resolved bv the house of deles-He?. the senate concurring (fho ma
jority of the members elected to cach house aifreuiRn thereto). That the
following: :imendment/to section one hundred .-iri?1 thirty-three, article run.-,
^f the Constitution of Virginia, be and is hereby, proposed and referred to
the general assembly at the first repular session held after the next general
election of members of the house of delegates for its concurrence in con
formity with the. provisions of section one hundred and ninety-six, of article
fifteen of said Constitution. naYnely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred afcid
thirty-three of article nine, which is in the following; words:
Section 133. Each magisterial district shall constitute a separate school
district, unless otherwise provided by law. In each school district there
cha.ll be three trustees selected, in the manner ana for the term of olHco
prescribed by law.
And insert in" lieu thereof the following:
Section l.'{3. Each magisterial district shall constitute a separate school
district, unless otherwise provided by law. In ? och school district there
shall be not more than three trustees selected, in the maimer and for the
term of oflice prescribed by law.
Men and women may serve as school trustees !r. said districts, and la
cities and in towns forming separate school districts.
A RESOLUTION proposing amendment to section 131 of the Constitution
?f Virginia.
Resolved by the house of delegates. the senate concurring fa majority
of the members elected to each house agreeing) That, the following amend
ment to the Constitution of Virginia be, nml the same is hereby proposed,
and referred to the general assembly to be ?hosen at the next general elec
tion of members of the house of delegates, for its concurrence, in conformity
with the provisions of section one hundred and ninety-six, of article fifteen,
of the said Constitution, namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred and
eighty-four, which is in the following words:
Section 181. No debt shall bo contracted by the State except to meet
casual deficits in the revenue, to redeem a previous liability of the State,
to suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or defend the State in time of war.
No scrip, certificate, or other evidence of Stale Indebtedness, shall be issued,
except for the transfer or redemption of stock previously issued, or for such
debts as arc exprisslv authorized in this Constitution.
And insert in lieu thereof the folio wine:
Section 181. No debt shall be contracted by the State except to con
struct. or reconstruct, nut lie roads, to meet casual deficits in the revenue,
to redeem a previous liability of the State, to suppress insurrection, repel
invasion, or defend the State in time of war. No scrip, certificate, or other
evidence of Slate indebtedness, shall be issued except for the transfer or
redemption of stock previously is?ui:-J, or for such debt:; r.3 ere c.'precsly
authorized in 'his Constitution.
A RESOLUTION proporlng an amendment to section 130 of artie'e 0 cf
the Constitution of Virginia, and providing for puhli.-Inng .-aid amendment
and certifying the same to, the next session of the t:.-n?-r.-1 assembly.
Resolved bv the house of delega tes. the senate concurring (a majority
cf the member ? elected to each house agreeing!. That the following amend
ment to the Constitution of Virginia !>c, and the ram Is hereby, proposed,
and referred to the general assembly r.> be chosen at the next general el- c
tion of members of th ? house ??f deleg.-'es. t'->r its coneurreP' in conformity
with the provisions of section one hundred and ninety-six, of article fifteen,
of tlie said Constitution, namely:
Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section ono hundred asd
thirty-six, which is in the following words:
Section IK. Each county, citv, town, if fh? same be a separate school
district, and school district Is authorized to raise additional suir = by a ta :
on property, not to exceed In the aggregate five mills on ;i " dollar in any
?e.c ye.-.r. to be apportioned and expended by the^ local schc 1 authority ??
of said counties, cities, towns and districts in establishing and maintainin ;
such schools as 'in their judgment the public welfare may n ature; prov"d?i' .
that such primary schools as may be established in any school y'-r. shall
be maintained at least four months of that school year, before my part
of the fund assessed and collected may be devoted to the establishment r,:
schools of higher grade. The boards of supervisors of the several counties,
and the councils of the several cities, and towns if the same be separate
school districts, shall provide for the levy and collection c2 r.:c'.i lccr.1 ccicc)
taxes. . ...
And insert in lieu thereof the following;
Section 126. Each county, city. town, if the same b-> ? separate school
district, and school district is authorized to raise additionnl sums by a fan
on "propertv. not. to exceed in the aggregate in any one vear a rate of lavy
to be fixed bv law. to be apportioned and expended by tbe lot i! school a:
thorit'c of said counties, cities, towns and districts in e.-t.abli.-hing and
maintaining such schools as in their judgment the public welfare may re
c"Vre* provider! that such primary schools as may he established in cry
school year, shall.be maintained at least four months of that school year,
before any "part of the fund assessed and collected may be devoted to tr.o
establishment <?' schools of higher grade. The boards of supervisors of '. no
several counties, and the councils of the several citie:;, and towns if the
same he separate school districts, shall provide for the levy and ccllectic^
oi .such local school ta::es.
I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of ajnsTK'rr.cn'ifc pro
posed to the Constitution and agreed to by the General Assembly o? Vir
o-jnia. session 1518. and tr.e same is published in pursuar.ee of section 195
of the ponztitution act of the Genera; Assembly, approved I ebriiar7 Z,
1(jQ5 ^
CIsri Hcu^a of Do'ejatsc cf Vlrjtioe

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