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Operators Threaten to Close V
Chicago Plants if Enough Work
men' Do 2vot Return
Chicago, Sept. 29.?The crisis in th'
GteeO! strike in the Chicago district i
expected -to come today, when an ef
fort will be made to operate the mills
at full capacity. Both'sddes were lin
ing up for the'strugle today.
Mayor Hodges of Gary issued a
proclamation that even,' worker de
siring to reiburn would get police pro
tection. A.t the same time it was an
nounced that a citizens' police force
of 600 had been organized. It was
gTveh out that the big mills were pre
pared to opei'ate on a more extensive
scale than at any other time si:
the strike.
The American Steel and Wire Com
pany at Waukegan "announced unless
the men returned in force the plar.
would be shut down for a perio.'
of six months and' no attempt would
be made to reopen it, no matter wha;
the outcome in. the strike situaticr
might he in' the meantime. Othc?
companies issned similar notices m.
nu;s the time limit.
Luxemburg. Sept. 29.?The plebis
cite hel'd yesterday resulted in a ma
jority in favor of the retention of
Grand Duchess Charlotte as ruler and
for a customs union with France.
Women, old and young, notwith
standing the heavy early morning
rain, werit to the polk and voted with
the men-. It is believed that the wo
men's vote proved the decidiinfg factor
in favor of the present ruler.' Grand
Duchess Charlotte. The clericals, who
are supporting the Grand Duchess,
paved the Way for woman suffrage
in Luxemburg.
: Chief local interest was displayed
ih the question of an economic alliance
?whether this should be between the
Grand Duchy and Belgium or France
owing to the dependence of the iron
industry on outside raw materials.
. An alliance with France was urged
on the ground that France is the only 1
i^ower able to give the coal needed
for iron industry.
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Distributors f<)r 'Aievandna.
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Girls for School
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Bro. have been doinig for the
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!" :i
jR?ver Bug Divides Huiigrits-'t and Most
; * Diseased Territory in ^V'orld
[New York, Sept. ~9.?The River
' I>ucr, which served, until recently, as
! a ;boumdary of the ^Bolshevik fighting
! is. now a boundary of another kind.
'.Its eastern shore bounds on etna
! side the hungriest and the most dis
eased and the most stricken, territory
in the world tod'ay. Five million peo
ple arc at the point of starvation east
of the River Bug, according to fig
ures given out by the American Jew
ish Relief Committee, and compiled
by the American Red Cross and
American Jewish Relief agents. -A
^reat number of them are Jews. The
war has left 6,000,000 destitute and
j ricken Jews in Eastern Europe, a
number as great as the entire popula
tion of New York city, utterly hcjlp
?Ci!, in many cases sick, in every
.'2se~hungry and dependent.
'Clarcnce Crockett. 20 Years Old,
Runs Aniuck?14- Vear-Old Ross
Gardner His Victim
C??.pe Charles, Va., Sept. 29.?Ross
r-;:r:!n?.r. 14 years old, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Gardner, a farmer of
Crshv.He, Va., was shot and killed
Saturday by Clarence Crockett. 20
years old, of Tangier, Va.;' Thomas
Harrison, .12 years old- who was a
companion of tJhe Gardner boy es
caped a similar death by hiding be
neath a bridge.
The two boys were rMng in a car
riage and about-one mile from Cash
viMe Crockett came out in the road
and opened fire on them, firing five
shots. | The first bullet penetrated
Gardner's heart, and as he was fall
ing from the buggy Crockett fired
again, two more bulksts entering the
boy's back.
Previous to the killing, Crockett
shot up the general store at Cashvills
driving the proprietor from the place
and demolished all show cases and
Hb has been taken in custody an:!
placed in jai!.
Missouri Farmer, 75 Years Old, Says
Daughter Threatened Him and
He trangled Her.
Kansas City, Mo., ept. 29.?For
twenty-three years Robert Hicks car
ried the secret that, he had strangled
to death his daughter, Luellen, nine
teen years old. Not once did his con
science bother him.
It was on a lonesome part of the
Virginia Lodge No.107 6
Has Opened Its Charter
Initation Fee $6
For Limited Time Only
Third Largest Social, Fraternal and Beneficiary Or
der in the World.
Dues 75 cents a month. For the great vocational
educational institute at Mooseheart and homes for
aged widows, orphans, etc., 25 cents quarterly.
No assessments. Non-sectarian, non-partisan.
Ages 21-50.
Benefits $9.00 per week sickness or accident; $100
funeral; privileges of Moose Homes and MOOSE
HE ART; the home for dependent children, widows,
The Moose is an order that does .things while you
are yet alive: Subordinate lodges are not allowed to
continue weak and stale. If they cannot help them
selves the national organization department puts
them on their feet like a father watching over his
beloved sons.
"Its great to say 'Good Morning/
It's fine to say 'Hello,'
But better still to grasp the hand
Of a Loyal Moose you know.
A task may be forgotten,
A word misunderstood,
But the touch of the human hand . ?
Is a pledge of brotherhood."
Boost the Moose. Be a Moose hunter. Begin now.
Start today.
The Loyal Order of Moose is adapted to the needs
of all good citizens.
The Moose does all it promises to do without any
red tape. When you need help, you get it.
"We aid the afflicted, counsel the distressed, suc
cor the feeble, w.atch the sick and bury the dead."
Our slogan is 1,000 members for. Alexandria. Be
one of the first to enter this army ofyMooseheart
Patriots. Come and see me at my office, No. 216 King
street, and let us talk it over. It is a duty you owe t-o
yourself and family. If you should die tonight what
would become of your wife and who would educate
your children. |
1 / v Dist. Deputy Supervisor ^
Organization Headquarters 216 King St., Alex., Va.
Office hours 7.30 to 9 a. in. and 1 p. m. to 10 p. m.
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106 North Royal Streei
Hicks farm in Hickory County, Mis
souri. aftemootj o?-TDecember
lS?fi, that
shoot him. ' l&tf ^oltf^feV4ftti
tha young woman had spent an after?
noon buggy . .w$h the hotel
koQp^rj^of tyfhana, .mtd the. .mother
ch"uiltnsed''ihe; <fe?ghffeer.V
Hicks, sfeVe'ift^-4pve' and feeble, re
counted lii? '-stony. here-' 4s* he sat in
a itrai^L jwtlf .sheriff
of- tfick4i:y. Coui|:ty,:^hp ,is taking him.
fr^jrhi.^CHehaiif, to.Hickory
Cojnty.fprvtpa4. t,...
she "vould do as s=he
speaking calmly
"I was mad. T. seized,
with'my fingers and
She didn't catt out." She
?t fight. Her eyes rolled up and
Icoked at me jukt like the eyes of a
dog when you lick him. Then I took
a piece of heavy grass' twine from
my pocket, I had been using it to tie
gunny sacks, wrapped ft about her
throat, pulled it tight, and. she drop
ped on the ground dead. I left her
there.". />? '
(?:? 1 ? .
; ?'J'-'Bankers
'' . Investrrfents, First Mortgages on Real'Estate
' ' y" 1. ; 3 Per Cent Paid on Savings Deposits
' :'i? :*? ' 1 ' ?? ~
' ? If-: . OFFICE OF
'.fJ^CVFOJjifID-;AMEInT)MENTS to the Constitution of Virginia, agreed to at
; s?sr:iQn of, General Assembly 1918, and published in pursuance of
ceitioa. 296 of tJis Constitution and act approved Febi-uary 1D0S.
" _ A; "'ESOLUriON proposing amendment to section 22 of article 2 of ths
Dcpsfttut'on of Virginia.. and providine lor publishing said amendment un.J
':.ri7iS ? IS * cairs tp to% nsst general assembly.
, by ths srnats, the houss of delegates concurring (:i maiority
?t. /_!n.7?',r'b'?',3 cl^ctad to each house acrceine), That the follow ins: amend
t'y ths Coastitution c.f Virginia, be, and the same .in hereby, proposed, and
r r.rroil to.the general assembly to be chosen at the next irencr.il election "i
t:. in'r.-.i'Z tts iicuso c- delegates, for its concurrence, in conlormity with
Uis ~rc 'isitns of section one hundred and ninety-3ix, of article fifteen of the
?/ .* . {j~ *; Li tv.tic "2. 72,imoly .*
: Strike out from the Constitution of Virginia section thirty-two, which i.s
?:ti i'i.t-srsrds:
?o?. -32. wvory pejrsca. iualjfie-l to vote shall be eligible to any ofllcs
s: the ^tate, or of; any'county, .city, town or otiier subdivision of the st.it.-,
-rttr.v lie ronlits,: "rccpt no otherwise provided in this Constitution, and
jT-sort thit thia prevision a.i to residence shall not aj>ply to nn>; oitlcc electiv?
I' by ??opls whsrs the law provides otherwise. Men and women eighteen
?zzzZ of ?.g;"3hall be eligible to the oflice of notnry public, and iiualilied to
tr.:. mia the bond.'; required of them in that capacity.
An:!' 'naart. in lira thereof the following:
Ssc. 22. Every person qualified to vote shall be eligible to any oflice of
?** o~ -~Xf county, city, town or otiier subdivision of tin- Stuto.
I whirtin he resides, ~xcept as otherwise provided in tlvb Constitution, and
j fTw'ji that this-prcvisijD.Ti v.- to residence shall not apply to any oflice electlvf
' by. ths people where the law.provides .otherwise: and excent, furtlier, that the
'Z2X'.-"-~ c.* thiso tioa aa'to'^residence and voti.PB'f:qua lii'.eatior.s .-hail
rr- ;.r :!y in ths 'appointment; of "person* to fill positions - under a municipal
gctrs ?:? ent -recttiirinj: spsCidl technical or professional training and experi
r.nc.. Man jxnd women eighteen years of age shall be eligible to the, ..nice
:f? ~:?Zc.T~; r'iblis knl cyia'lfted'tO execute the bonds required of them ir. tlutt
A rv5iSO"JTIOi'7 prcpOninc amendment tc section 138 of the Constitution
_'n:X ' ? ' ?
v.l"0l7C.l by .tTio senate, the liQpso of .delegates concurring, .? (a majority
br lh' in.-.mber.r elected to each house agreeing). That'the/following arnend
.V.*.-1 '?5, til3 Coastitutio.il of Virginia be. and the same is hereby proposed,
cud rsfsrred to'the general rrseinbly to be chosen at the next general election
cf cf ths house of .ieleo*ate::, for its concurrence, in conformity with
iht- prcviCions of section one'hundred andr nJnety-^lx, >of article lifteen, of
ih-> rjt-irV Iss3t:'.t'.ti02; i&mt'y:
gtrjka out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred ami
t'r-Ircy-eight, which is in the following words:
!>^"iit:n 233. The ganeral assembly may. in it.i discretion provide for the j
crspuisrry ? education of children between die ages r f; eight and twelve '
year:, t^isept cuch as are weak in body or mind, or enn read and write, or ;
ari attsnJing private schools, or are e::cuscd for enure ty the district school
Ana insert in lieu thereof the following:
Goction 138, The general assembly may, in "it^ discretion,'provide for the j
"craritfrcry education of children of school age.
A RESOLUTION "proposing amendment to section 117 of article S of th?>
Constitution of Virginia, and providing l'or publishing said amendment and
csriif?in^ ths same to tho next general assembly.
Resolved by ths senate and the house of delegates (a majority of tlu.
members elected to each house agreeing thereto), That the following- amend
ment to the Constitution of Virginia be. an'd the same i* hereby. propo.yi
and referred to the general assembly to be_chosen at the next general election
of.senators and member.") of the'huuse, oT delegates, for- its concurrence, in
conformity- to the provisions of section one hundred and ninety-six of articio
Sfteen of'said Constitution, namely: ' .
Striks out from the Constitution of Virginia section one hundred and
seventeen, which is in the words'and figures'following, to-wit: j
Section 117. General laws for the organization and government of cities
and towns-shall be enacted "by the general assembly, and no special act sl:;i'l
bo passed in relation thereto, except in the manner provided in article lour j
of this Constitution, and then only by a recorded vote of two-thirds of the .
members elected to cach house: and except also in the case ot cities having |
more than fifty thousand inhabitants, as hereinafter-.provided. Hut each of t
the cities and tewns of the State haying at the time of t.'ie adoption of this i
amendment a municipal charter may retain, the same, except so far as it :
shall be repealed or amended by the general, assembly: provided, that every j
nuch charter is hereby amended so as to contorm to nil thv provisions, j
restrictions, limitations: and powers set forth in this article, or otherwise ;
provided in this Constitution.
' Notwithstanding,'however, anything in this article cr.ntaincd the general
assemblv mav. by general law or by special act (passed as prescribed in
articls four of thi3 Constitution), depart in any respect (except as otherwise
in-this section expressly provided) from the form -of organization and gov
ernment prescribed by this article for cities and towns, and may provide,
from time to time, for the various cities and towns of the Commonwealth J
such form or forms of municipal government as the general assembly may j
deem best; but no form or forms of government authorized by the second j
paragraph of this section shall become operative except as to such cities or j
towns as may thereafter adopt the same by a majority vote of it* qualified j
electors at. an election to be held as may be prescribed therefor by law. All j
the limitations on the powers of-the councils of cities, and towns imposed by :
this article shall apply in like "manner to the principal. legislative authority
under any. form of government which may be authorized hereunder. The |
term, "council" as used in sections one hundred and twenty-live and one j
hundred and twenty-seven of this Constitution shall be construed to include '
the body which, under any form of municipal^ government, shall be vested J
with the principal legislative authority of such; municipality.
The general assembly, for the purpose of this article, may classify oitic-i '
according to their population, but the maximum population prescribed for j
any class shall exceed the ?minimum population for the same class by at i
least ten thousand. The general assemoly, at the request, made in manner j
which may be prescribed by law, of any city having a population of over fifty
thousand inhabitants,- may grant a special Sorm of government for .sorii city. |
Any laws or charters enacted pursuant to the provisions of this section I
shall be subject to the provisions of- this Constitution relating expressly to
judges and clerks of courts attorneys for the Commonwealth, commissioners
of revenue, city treasurer and city sergeants. ;
And insert in lieu thereof the following:
Sec. 117. (a) General; laws; for: the organization and: government of
cities, and towns shall "be enacted by the cenera.1 assembly, and no special
act Shall be passed in relation thereto, except in the manner provided !n
article four of this Constitution, and then only by a recorded vote of ?-.<-o
thirds of the members electcd tp each house. Rut each of the cities and towns
of the State having at the "-'time of the adoption of this Constitution- a
municipal charter may retain the same, except so far as it shall be r?ri.e.-led
or -amended by the general assembly : provided,'that every sucii charter is
hereby amended to conform to all the provisions, restrictions, limitation"!-and
pcws-3 set forth la this ?irticls, cr otberTrlss prcTiied In this -"''or
Alexandria County Lighting Co,
Alexandria, V a.
Phono 193
The Gain - A - Day
wilt answer your needs
(b) Tile genera I .. . . mbly may. i>. r.,. ; .. 0. i> , ? . ? ,.| .id. (lV?.'IKe<?
in the manner j > i- ? v :? i ? -ii <ii article f'.eir "i t!.. 1 : :i : oviu- 10Y rii."
orgniiisatkn ami govet min-nt <l e-ti. > ?:j.,j ,>?????. v o .r. i .i u?. .mj
unaffected by any of tin i nivl.-i >>. 'i.:s c!?'. . ? . j. t-r.w:-. ? 1.1" ciJeP.fln:'
one hundred and t\\ enty-f..iir, < ? r > ? ii'tnd i <i - l;<i >. ? .... .. fur .1.
the provision;; of section one hri'idrcd .?. 1 ?: tv : 11. *. - j??-. . i :???
mayor ami till- power or v ? o1 <i ? 1:11:; in ; ami .'i?. <1-' ."> n.J
twenty-sewn unci oae lm: ..i'l'il .-? 1, t. e.. .nty-ciuht of ii ..? . c
those mentioned in rub- ????.?? i..m "11 of ih:<: ?oa. The it-.-:; ?a'.. ii.-< >)
in 'any of said section,.; .-ha!! iiritHii t, r n?- : ? ????? ? ? . i,1 'hot'ify
lor the city 01 town, ami all ordinances v!!W!i<1 and. requisitions- adoptasl' fj~
sueii body -hall ha v.- fin . aim l'o.-ci ami effect for a-' a. as i-:ia.cJted
or adopted in accordance with the j.s-.? \ isior. *>f fcrt.nii ?.n?> hundred a'iV.1
twenty-three oi' this article. I'til such organisation ami cot ?Tiitm-Mi .-hall
apply only to such cities or town.; as may 11,. re:; iter .i;i., ,t tne same by
majprity vote ol' those qualified voters of any Mich city <;? town vo'iiUR in .'an
election to be held for the purpose, as may be provided by law. ,? ?
(c) The general assembly. at ;!:? !'??.;!:? :? i 01 ar ??uy <?v li'tfn made In
manner provided by law. may giant to i: a:iy i.t 1 lorm of organization
and government authorized by sub .? etion iM '?;' t! 1;s n<-rlion, and subject
to all of the provision of tint ; 11!n. except that it shall not !>e-Ujec'fca
sary for such ?-ity or town to thereafter adopt the same. : '
(d) Any laws or charter-; enacted pursuant to the provisions of tliin
.section shall be subject t-> the pruvi ions o! '.'.is Constitution relating ex -
pressly t<> judges and -Jerks of courts. ::Ltors.ey.- for the Commonwealth,
' omniissieiiers ??r revenue. cit ? ir> isurer- and city sergeants.
(e) Any form of organization ami government authorised by any pro
vision of thi?s section- which have I ?. ? ? 11 ?? ? 1 heretofore by any city
or town pursuant t<? any an of :h< neral assembly enacted before' such
provision became effective, am! which i. now in op vstion. is hereby declared
local Rnd valid an initio, am.' shall, have the me force and off.vet. a^ .If i*;
lia.'^ been auLhoriZ'-<l by t!.i:- t.'onstiiution at t!ie time of its. adoption.
A RESOLTTTION' prnpnsinc ainondmeni to section l'.l of articio D c? tho
Constitution of Virginia. . , ?
Ue.-olv> il hv the liouse of d. letr.it' S. the senate concurrintr (the ma
jority of the memb'-r. tdeci.-d to .?aeh hoir-e af.r'-i-int: ilo-retoi. Tbat"! Ih>i
following amendment t-- scetio*: ??a?; i.uadr.-d am.: tin. ty-l!: ? . ?:rticlei nihe,
of the t?onstitution o. '.'ir^rinia. ai ! i- herel v, proposed miJ. referred- v
the peneral :iss?.inbl> .it the tir-t t-aaur session b.-iii :ii.-.-- iio- next Kenern'l
election of members of the !. -t <??' deb'a-.-.ies tor its concurrence ir* con
formity with the pri'vis-ons >? .-????; Ioji orn lino iri-d anil nin'ety-sl\.-,Of artltl.'c
fifteen of -aid Cor.stifition. nafw-ly:
Strike "lit from the ? om 'itution of V irginia .section one hundred ; c.ni
tbiriv-three of iftich? 'line. wh;eh is in tlie following words:' , ?
Section i.'aeh ma:;*: -erial district ????all CoiistHute a separate 5c!\'oo!
district, unless otherwise provided by law. In e.teh school district:,.there
shall be three tru.-li.es selected, in the manner and for the t-.t-?.i j' al?lcc
prescribed by law. ?'
And insert in i-eit th^.-Ko/-' t!o following: ? ?
Section 1Kach maj.-i^-t^rlaI di.-trict shall oonstit1^ a -bf.arate school
district, unless olherwisi.'-'j!i'ov'i{I>-<! by law. lr. ? acb .!????<..,i di.>trjj!t tli^r-o
shall he not more than t?.??/??*"trustees selecteu, in 1 1 ? manner'and tor
term of office prescribed by lyw. ' I ' '
Men and women may." serve as school fust.- i: .id districts, an6 Iff.
cltics and in towns forming sJuarate . ,n .:l di:trieis.
A RESOLUTION proposing amendment :V? section IS! of the Cr.-.ctll.u'.iJQ
of Virginia. ? ?
Resolved by the house of delegates, the sefi.at'- concurring: 'a ma'ority
of the members elc.if'd to-moo]) liOitse.' atrrcin? ) Thai :!!?? folli vt;i;, unend
ment to the 'Constitution dCV.virprinia b?, an-j tlie same is huriby proposcit
and referred to tlo- ^ho't.iI'?assembly t<> be cm?.seu at the next general ';hor
tion of members of the*house of de|e;raf'js, ior it.- com urrt in <?, in con'c rmtty
with the provisions of. sec:ion one hun-Jivd and ninety .-u , of articto
of the sab! Constitution', natnejy:
Strike cm from the Constitution of Virginia section one hund"?'''. "tS
eighty-four, which is in the <ollowin;; words:
Section ? 18'l. Xo debt shall be eontractod by. the Stale ? except to rasa*
casual deficits in. the revenue, to 'redeem a previous liability of ib',- r.ti&i.
to ruppress insurrecrimi, repel inva>!<Vn. or defend the State in ,iim-. . v.Z.
No scrip.: ?}ertilleate. or other evidence of State indebtedness, sna'.l'^^ iir-:t.'J<?.
except for!the transfer or redemption -of stick previously issued,- or' sit" ..lr.'!:
debts as 'a;'e ? xoressly nuthorir.ed in "tilis Constitutie'l.
And insert in lieu thereof tie- following,: _
Section !^!. <lei>t s-haJl 1>e contracte'd by ilie Stale ?xcrP'- ' "-r~r*
struct, or'reeoa'striict, pttnlic roads.-to meet casual deficits in j-li"' * -
to redeem a previous liability of the State, to suppress insurrectN t-, r j-ej
invasion, or defend th?- State in time of war. Xo serin, certifier.,!*.-.' < oth-i?
evidence of Stale indebredness, shall, be issued except for fh?. v'-Hi.dr
redemption of stock nteviously -jsstie'd, or for such debt'; a? i.'st'
authorized in thi.,- Constitution. ..
' '
A RESOLT'TIOX proposing an amendment to section !"?* of-r.-J.icit " of
the Constitution of Virginia, and providing for - publishing said '.i:tr;-r ftr.""?*.
and eertiiying'life'sante to the cent ;-t -sion of the trenoral> -'-ysetnW;*; ' /
Resolved by'the house of deb-irates, the senate eoiicur.r'i <1 g (8*.. ri?'cy'.iy
of the members elected t.> each hou>c agreeing), That the f<dT6wixg uoiaf.
ment to the Constitution of Virginia -lie. and tne .-.tin- Is- hftoby. ;j:~s?t.i >t'C
and referred to the general assembly t>? be eho;-en jU.the."nextS^hjetAt'jttit\*
tion qf members of the house of delegate!*, for its ??oncurrenee. .-ire cbi.t;><rio.f:r
with the [provisions of Section, one hundred and j 1 in-jty- siX;.of.'^rto^ic JVl-p'C',
of the said Constif.u-tioii. namely: ?'
Strike .-out from tlo- Constitution of .Virginia section CISC 'fc'.riSr-S. ~~'~
thirty-six. which is in the following words: u: f .?"<? *j.' ,
Section 13':. -Each'countv, city, town, if tho?'euiacr ba^ft
district.-atid 'schocd district 1- authorise'! to r/i!.--e ttdaitioria^ .-iiw[s-'i5 -
ort.property, not to ? '<? <-ed i:i tlo> aggl'egaf.: tiv<! mill.- .'on'"IH-'j"- 6.CI1I1'''?
one year, to be npportiotir-u and expende/1 by the ? local 'Reboot ir-jUio^Iti ;
of said counties, ciiics, towns and aiis'trlcts in establishing auu mclntaiaii
such schools as i.i tier judgment jfhe public welfare.may re'iuir^; prev tic..;
that such primary scb'?ols as may be estaolislied in any- .school yjnr, rh" .
be maintained at least four months of that sen001 year, before
of the fur.fi assessed and collected may be devoted to the estabiis'nn:-,r.t ?.!
schools of iilirher grade. The boards of supervisors of the several c<.
and the councils of the several cities, and towns if the 3ame be .'j-parato
school districts, sh. ll provide for the ievy and col!?ction of such Icc:.': cc-"-c.
And insert in lieu thereof ti:e lohowing:
Section i.'p;. ? Each county, city. town, if tnc same be a separate school
district and -ciiool district is authorized to raise additional sums by a tax
on property, not to exceed in the asrsregate 111 any one year a rate o? levy
to be flyed by law. to be apportioned and expended-oy the local school av
thorities of said covin ties. ciih.--. towns anu uistiicts in establishing ar-3
?maintaining such schools as in fiieir judgment the public welfare may re
ouire: provided that such primary schools as may be established ;n ar.y
school vear shall oe maintained at ieast four months oi that school year,
before '?>nv part of ill- fund assessed and collecled may be devoted lo thi
establishment oi schools of higher grade. The boards of supervisors oi tho
several' counties, and the councils of the several cities, and tovn3 if the
same be separate school district:, s.hail provide for tho I IT? zs.4 ccr-yrtJ^T,
o'i such local school taxes.
- I hereby certify that the foregoing is a. true copy of
posed to the Constitution and agreed to by the Ge/icia". Azzurbly c?
ginia, session 3 91S, and the same is published in_ pu"3u _i:e- oi. sc<e3c<e 116
of the Constitution and act oi' the Goner?.- Acseir.Wy.- '!:KTtd Z
1P0S ? _ ,
? "T, ITlLlJSl'JJi, - r
r 7*'~rg. K "]

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