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Business Boom in Alexandria Is Reflected by
the Unprecedented Demand for New Cars.
Many Dealers Swamped by Orders.
War-Time Demands Are Over And Manufacturers Again
Turn Attention to Making of Pleasure Cars?De
liveries May Be Had Regularly in Short Time, is The
Showing a marked increase in the
number of daily sales .in practicably
every automobile agency in the city.
Alexandria as an automobile market!
is booming.
Practically every garage and ag- j
fr.cy in the city has reported rapid !
increases in the number of cat" sold!
from month to month and although, i
because of the recent grexc A\ar, d.-j
liveries arc slow and uncertain, the j
general trend on the part of the pur- ?
chasers and prospective purchaser.; I
is to wait for delivery rather than :
purchase another make of car.
Practically every dealer in tho;
? city reports a large volume of un
( filled orders and the purchasers in
many instances have been content It
wait even until next spring for de-j
livery of the car of their choice.
At'd never has Alexandria j
such an influx of motor vehicles a:
has been apparent since the '.-lose of
the war. During the two years thai
America was fighting for the liberty
of the world, very few automobile;:
were purchased, the buying publi>:
having invested heavily in Liberty
Bonds and War Savings Stamp -
with a view to doing their bit in end- i
ing the struggle.
Since the war has been brought t">>
a successful conclusion however.;
people have started buying, and tho !
several dealers of the city are prac- j
tically swamped with orders, thai ?
cannot be filled for some weeks to
Fletcher Motor Company
i Rapidly nearing completion is the
big addition which the Fletcher Mc
j tor Company is making to its ga
I rage at the corner of Alfred street
and Prince and when this building is
completed and converted into garage
space the company will have one of
the most attractive display rooms to
be found in the city.
The new addition will more than
doublc the space now. at the com
mand of -Air. Fletcher and will do
away with the cramped quarters
which the company is using at the
present time. The new addition ex
tends from the present building to
rhe corner of Prince street and when
completed will give the Fletcher Co.,
practically one entire city square.
Mr. Claude W. Flttcher is the pro
prietor and he is very well known
among the automobile men of this
city and the vicinity. Mr. Fletcher
has been in the automobile business
for several years, prior to the/fcr
mation of the Fletcher Motor ComT
pany, having done business under
the firm name of Fletcher and De
niable. Th<. company handles Dodge
Brothers and Buick cars and docs r.
remarkable business in tires and ac
Belle Haven Garagp
The newest and one of the largest
enrerns in the city is the Belle Ha
vcn Garage, located at the corner of
Prince and Fairfax streets. The
, mammoth building at this comer has
been entirely remodeled and trans
formed during the past few weeks
into one of the most attractive busi
ness places in the city.
! The company is handling tin
Cleveland Six, a new car rcecntly
put on the market by the Cleveland
; Motor Company, but which bids fair
j to enjoy, unusual popularity in Alex
! Mr. A. T. Peake, one of the well
; known automobile men of this city
and Washington, is in charge of tin
new garage and Mr. Peake has a
, large circle of friends in Alexandria,
who wish him every success.
Aero Auto Company
Starting business in the old build
ing formerly occupied by the Alcx
rndria Aircrfat Coiporation. at St.
Asaph and Pendleton streets, M*s
' .vers. Louis T. Benton and S. A. Die
r.elt, several months ago inV'oduced
1o the public the Aero Auto Com:
pany. Since that time, their business
has grown rapidly and the company
has moved to the large buildhv at
the corncr of King and Henry
fillets, where they are ready at any
time, of the day or night to -lernan
strate cars or render service to c-us
The Aero Auto Company bar. un
its wing, three of the best known
eir.-; on the market?Overland,
Willys-Knight and Chevrolet. Thvy
have enjoyed considerable "v.-ine^r
curing the past few months am!
s';aie that prospects for 1020 are
bitter than ever before.
'?in successful modern automobile*
\v? see the survival cf the fittes.:."
'*13cth in the manufacture ana sak
cf r.utomcbiles the competition "frbYh
I :e first has been so great that only
fie fittest to serve could long ,-:ur
"Ccmpart-J to ether essential u:;i'
!': the automobile is still so your.g
that its destiny as a factor in tvar.:
rotation has not been fully real:::."1
even yet. But frem the very vt.v:
i ?; possibilities presented ? so bright
? i sport-unity to manufacturers at.-:
s:.l2im?Ti alike iha; all types from'
]'ne,9 ficckcd to try their hands :,r.. ?
t.i:or:es in developing its utility anui
sharing its profits.
"As in every new and rich fieri.
thsre has been much unprofitable
pioneering and experimenting. Lack
ing the constructive guidance of e;c
pcri-r.ce seme of the best intentions
and enthusiasm have tragically gone
"Automobiles have sprug up like
mushrooms and have likewise disap
peared. Names h'2ve been widely
heralded and soon forgotten.
"Only the clearest conception of flu
destiny cf the automobile, couple::
w'r.h high mended determination to de
veicpe its possibilities to the utmcs4:
could have perfected in so few year*
the manufacturing and selling organ
izations tih'at now serve 'a' discriminat
ing public to its lasting satisfaction.
"The- strongest cf these organiza
tion?, necessarily, are those which
have placed modern medium weight
cars at the- head of universal motor
transportation. These cans merit their
place because they have always been
a? well as the best facilities per
mitted, under policies which sock con
sistently to perfect the qualities tint
satisfy and endure, and because thsy
h'ave been hane?t!y sc'ld and have
nroved their utiliity by continuous,' ef
ficien't performance."
s J. M. Duncan's Gara&e
Wihtout question Alevrar.dria's
largest garage, is that own?d and
operated by J. M. Duncan at t!*.c* cur
lier of Cameron and Pitt streets.
And together with the distinction of
being the largest garago, Mr. Dun
can has for sale two of America's
foremost-cars, the Hudson Super-Six
and the Essex.
Both cars are touted as being
marvels of .mechanical construction
and many are being used in this city
?:t :ho present time. Mr. Duncan all
s.j specializes on acces<Wii ?; and
vv:-: and states that during the ?? a?f
fe\y months his business increase has
been great;-;- than any corresponding
months since he bef.ran business.
Central Auto Company
The Central Auto Company, luca
:te;l at 115 North Washington street
is the home of the OMsniebile car
and the Oftlsmobile Economy truck
in Alexandria. The- executives cf j
the tcmpSny are W. B. Hoymel and |
E:"gbt'rn and these iwo are!
'?mown Midland favorably throu;-h-1
mi! this secttbn of the state.
The cars and trucks sold by tb>s i
company aie claimed to give the b.-st
kind of satisfaction and this fact is
borne out by the iarge number now
11 use. The company has a largo
garage and is in the market for all
kinds of repair work and carry com
plete stocks of accessories and sev
eral well known brands of tires.
Remschel Auto Sales Co.
With plans now under consiJera
tion and with all preliminary work
practically completed the Renr-chell
Auto Sales Company will start work
in the spring cn the largest and
best equipped garage this aiue of
Washington and far exceeding scire
of the best known nutomobM> and
service stations in the Capitcl City
Some time ago Mr. Rsmschol pur
chased the entire square locale! at
the corner of King street an:l Peyton
an<l has already inspected the plans
and made a'rrangements for iVe be
ginning of work in the early spring
of (020.
Tlie business of this popular ga
rage which is now located o" North
T'a'i rax street has increased t.i such
an tNter.t that the present large
building is inadequate and more floor
space is required. Mr. A. II. Rem
sehel is the guiding spirit of this
I company and the company handle?
Fold cars and all kinds of accesso
ries. besides doing repair work on a
[ large scale.
Jester's Auio Supply
Several months a<--o W. C. Jester
appeared in this city and opened a
tire repair shop at the corner of King
and Patrick streets. Since that time
there is hardly a motor car owner in
thc city who is not familiar with
Jester's and +'io brand of work turned
cut by that shop.
Mr. Jester controls the local ajr
ency for General Tires and Exide
storage batteries and according to
the statements made by users of
these tires and batteries" there are no
better on the market.
According to the present plans of
Mr. Jester, the shop now in use will
be enlarged in tho near future and
Jester's will be handling a couple of
the best known cars on the market
today. The agency has not yet been
definitely established, but if pending
negotiations .^o through, thc public
(if Alexandria and vicinity will be
given the opportunity to get more
thoroughly acquainted with Jester's
ia'th? future.
N. Lindsey and Company
For the^past several years, one o*
the largest and best known whole
sale houses in the city, N. Lindsey
nd Co., Inc.. needs no introduction
to Alexandria residents. For years
t h:;s been one of the and
?est of til?.' wholesale establishments I
f the city and its business is in- j
?ret;:-ir.g rapidly.
N. Lindsey and Co. is the whole
sale distributor for Diamond Squee
gee Tread Tires, perhaps the best
known tire in the country. The lo
cal distrbutor is very well pleased
with the gross sale of those tires in
Aexandria and the vicinity and has
predicted a big increase in sale
during the coming season.
Mt. Vernon Garage
Operating a repair shop on a large
scale and giving service that is far
and away above the ordinary is the
reputation which has been built up
during the past few years by the
Mt. Vernon Garage located on North
St. Asaph street.
Handling tires and all kinds of na
tionally advertised accessories has
made the volume of business enjoyed
by the Mt. Vernon an eviable one.
and it is growing by leaps and
bounds as the prosperity of the city
increases daily. The company does
all kinds of repair work with but
few exceptions and is headquarter
for tires and accessories of the best
known makes.
Did Dominion Tire Company
Star tires, the tire that is proving
of the utmost satisfaction in every
part of the country and Champion
Spark Plugs, besides doing a great
volume of repair work and vulcaniz
ing, occupies the time of the force of
workmen employed at the Old Do
minion Tire Co., located on North
Fayette St. This company is one of
the newest additions to the quota of
tire and repair shops in the city .and
has already become well known
through the qualityv of the work it
turns out. The Old Dominion is
cne of the most progressive shops
in the city and. this fact is ev
idenced by the ever increasing num
ber of auto owners favoring this
shop with their repair work.
Alexandria Auto SuppJy
Starting in business a few months
ago the Alexandria Auto supply, lo
cated at 101 South Washington
street has rapidly advanced in pres
tige until it is now well established
among tho most up to date and pro
gressive tire repair shops in the
city. The work room of this com
pany is filled at all times with re
pair work and besides this the com
pany is doing a large business in ac
cessories and tires.
The Alexandria Auto Supply is the
Alexandria agency for Gillette Safe
ty Tread tires and Permalife batter
ies and the success that has attended
the sale of these motoring necessities
has been great. This company also
has considerable trade in the sale of
rascline and motor oils and ranks as
one of the firat class repair shops of
the city.
J. Kent White
Although not numbered with the tire
repair shops, the store of J. Kent
White, located at 502 King street is
one of the most popular accessory,
tire ami battery shops in the city.
This store handles the famous Dread
naught battery, which was adopted
by Uncle Sam for the big army
trucks and the submarine motors
and which has been heralded from
one end of the country to the other
as one of the most serviceable bat
teries on the market. Mr. White also
handles the Amcricuft tire and a full
line of accessories of all descrip
tions. He is prepared to do any
electric?! repair work which may be
neeeseary to a car and promises the
customer a square deal in every res
The advent of cord construction in
automobile tires has mads possible
?lie manufacture of tire's which give
"istcumlirg mileages, ye: there are
'nany automobile owners who have
found so great a degree of satisfac
tion in seme favcrite brand of fab
ric tire, that they are loath to
change to the new type.
The United tates Tire Company re
ports sales of its fabric brands that
show these tires are continually gain
ing favor among motorists who want
good tii'es at a moderate initial cost.
President J. Newton Gunn, of the
United States Tire Company has re
ceived this letter from a New Haven
?n ere hunt, telling why he remains
farm in his allegiance to the "Chain"'
"I think 20,4(5 miles up to date is a
remarkable record for three out rf
a se: of five of your 35x1 1-2 'chain'
'read tires. They are still on my seven
naser.ger car in serviceable condition,
and the car is used every day.
"The full set of five tires was put
on my new car the first week it:
March, ll>15. The first of the set v. -
out of commission April 2, JM13, ut
ter running Hi,103 miles. The
ond blew ou: beyond repair the mor.lh
following, but the remaining three
have been running ever since. I haw
had few punctures or blow-out?, ow
ing to the elasticity and durability
of the tires."'
The Popularity of
Has been proven by the large number of owners of these makes of cars and
'the universal satisfaction they have given.
The fine appearance and comfort cf the
Overland could not alone, have won it the deep
public appreciation 11 enjoys.
It is the CHARACTER of this car that
lies beneath all of its popularity'?character as
demonstrated by consistent, efficient perform
.... **'T, CT* '
ance. . iK\'
The pride of more than 150,000 owners
is built upon the daily service their cars tender
under ail conditions.
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Chevrolet automobiles represent the reali
zation of a conscientious effort to combine in
as nearly ideal measures as possible the highest
degree of mechanical efficiency, beauty and
comfort in low-priced cars.
Whether you want an automobile for
business or professional purposes, for country
or recreative uses, for two or for five passen
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