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The Super-Six is Its Own Creation and No Other Maker Can Use It. Adds 72 per rent to
Power and Accounts for Huoson Endurance
)ws the Hudson Super-six and j with top and windshield up, 100 miles at 70.74
le in winning all worth while ! miles per hour, also making a new official vec
Everyone know
what it has done
records for speed, acceleration, mountain ; ord.
climbing and endurance.
But many have overlooked the fact that
those records were made possible because of
. the Super-six motor, invented and patented
by Hudson.
- ?-?Th first Super-Six quality to attract atten
tion was its power, a 72 per cent increase with
out added weight or cylinders.
But rivals when they saw that, said it could
not be relied upon to give long service.
The makers did not know the full endurance
limit of the Super-Six motor. For that mat
ter they don't even now. know its limit, al
though it has been put to longer, harder tests
than is ever asked "of an automobile, even in
the most famous long distance races.
This was shown in the 500 mile Indianapolis
race last May, for while faster cars were en
tered,- the privately owned and raced Super
Sixes showed a continuous performance of un
rivaled endurance.
The first Super-Six endurance run was
made when a stock touring car carrying driver
and passenger was driven at top speed for
one hour and officially established the record.
Then that same car was pushed to greater
tests by driving it with five passengers and
j | That failing to reveal its endurance, a stock
j Super-Six chassis was driven by one man 1819
| miles in 24 hours. The best previous record,
! made by a specially built racer, was 327 miles
i short of the distance covered by tiie Hudson,
j Then the run from San Francisco to New
! York was made. It lowered the best previous
; time by more than 14 hours. And to give fur
; ther evidence of its endurance, the car \vr
; turned back and reached San Francisco 10
; days and 21 hours after leaving .there on 7,000
I miles of the hardest driving ever made to es
tablish motor car endurance. The return trip,
too, was made in shorter time than any other
car has ever done it.
That is the number of Super-Sixes in use at
the time the present model was announced.
Every test and every report of owners served
as a help in making a better Hudson.
The patented Super-Six motor called for a
car that in every detail matched its quality.
New standards were made necessary. Each
year has seen a nearer approach to the ideal.
Mechanical perfection was not all that Hud
son engineers aimed at. They sought to make
the Hudson complete in every detail of con
venience, beauty and comfort.
Sure Way to Enow That This Light Weight Car Performs Like
And Has The Endurance of Larger Costly Cars. Everyone Says So.
This is to urge a severe test of Essex per
formance. If you haven't had a ride that re
veals its power, speed, acceleration, and com
\ fort, come let us take you for such a demon
Regard the Essex in the light of its perform
ance. It isn't iair to think of it merely as a
light weight car, when you consider the qual
ity of its materials or what it does.
Every owner compares his Essex to the per
formance of large costly cars.
Haven't you noticed how everyone sneak?
of Essex performance?
And now they include praise of Essex reli
ability. They tell you how their car calls for
no tinkering. Anyone who can handle a wrench
can keep the Essex in sweet running condition.
Its reliability comes from the sturdiness of
its construction. Particular motorists abhor
squeaks and rattles. An unusually strong and
stiff frame minimizes such possibilities in the
Its motor is not like the motor used in any
other car. The Essex is not made up of stock
parts available to any assembler. Every item
was designed and is built exclusively for Essex
in the plant and by the same type of workmen
- i
who produce the largest,selling fine cars in
the world.
The Essex was not developed by a sub
stitution of new units for an old model as a
house is enlarged and remodeled. Every de
tail was designed with relation to its use in the
Essex in connection with the type and char
actor of every other detail in the car. Con
sequently it is properly balanced.
Americans have willingly paid the cost for
performance and riding luxury?for fineness
and distinction, as found only in larger cars.
They accepted the high cost for operation and
maintenance. Cars which cost little to operate
did not meet their requirements in perform
ance and endurance. They lacked the stamp
i of refinement and quality they demanded. So
j they had but two choices?the large costly
American car or the small and very high
priced imported automobile.
How well the Essex meets that need is seen
by the type of Essex users. Thousands never
before operated so small a car, and abroad
where the Essex has also made such headway,
i owners accept it because it matches in quality
and economy of operation the European cars
they had previously used.
The Essex is appreciated greater in those
countries where gasoline, oil and tires cost the
! most.
Corner Cameron and North Pitt Streets
muu9rx?u rr^ rr a
I r_rr ?aacxy/xwacavrw
T\ /jTILEAGE is what you
j-Vi. want?good, clean;
trouble-free mileage. That's
what you pay out your Tire
and Tube money for. The
more mileage you get, the
more you get for your money.
Gillette Tires and Tubes
give you the longest run for
vour cash. They out-distance
them all in wear ?and by
muny miles.
The new Gillette Chilled
Rubber Process toughens
them as iron is toughened
by conversion into steel.
Strengthens them; gives them
vitality and come-b^ck power
unparalleled in the history of
Tire and Tube manufacture.
They .give you miles of wear
?after others are worn out
One Gillette will prove up
our claims?and more?and
sell vou a set.
The Gillette Tire of to-day is without a rival. It
contains the nearest approach to wear-proof rubber
that the tire industry has ever produced. No other tire
is made in the same way. No other rubber manufact
urers can duplicate the "Chilled Rubber Process."
The Gillette "Chilled Rubber Process," developed
and perfected by our Chemists, is a method of treating
crude rubber. It- toughens and "tempers" the rubber in
a manner similar to the heat treating of the higher
grades of steel, it does not harden the rubber in the
sense of making it brittle. On the contrary, it actually
adds to the resilience and tensile strength of tires and
tubes. .
These tires are practically wear-proof, and well
nigh indestructible under ordinary usage. The Gillette
Safety is outwearing all other fabric tires, and the Gil
lette Cord Tire unquestionably the long distance
102 South Washington Street
Phone 690
Permalife Longer Service Battery
The buyer of a Permalife Storage .Battery receives
at the time of its purchase a definite guarantee, be
hind which the Permalife Storage Battery Company,
Inc., of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., stands with the greatest
confidence. This guarantee means that a Permalife
Storage Battery must stand up and be usable for
twenty months. This is a simple statement of our gua
Even though this guarantee of twenty months is
for a greater period than any other battery on the
market, we feel that it is a conservative estimate of
the effective life of the Permalife Battery. If, however,
any battery fails to live up to this guarantee, the buyer
can secure from the Permalife Storage Battery Com
pany, Inc., a new battery of the same type upon pay
ment of the consumer price minus the allowance made
him ' portion to the length of time the battery
'/Ah.. Jve twenty months life.
Yr u ieel that Permalife is [the best battery that has
ever made its appearance on the market and believe
that buyers of these batteries will seldom find it noces
sarv to claim an adjustment. Our sole aim is to protect
the buyer against any possibility of loss.

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