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Exceit Sanday
By the Alexandria Gazette Corporation
SIT King Street, Alexandria,-Va.
HOWARD TV. SMITH, President and
WILLIAM A. SMOOT ... Yfce-Preilacm
MICHAEL T. DWYBB ........ Editor
Entered at the Poatofflce at Alexarr
drla. Virginia, as aecond class matter
Ten or twelve years ago a cer
tain ; neighborhood' in Alexandria
?was convulsed by the excitement in
dent to an alleged attempt to kid
nap a little child by an erratic man
who resided in Alexandria county.
The case was investigated by the
authorities, (but it amounted tro
not hirer. Women in the section of
the city referred tor were wrought
to the highest pitch of excitement,
and while it was on with all its
force some signified their intention
to use carving knives, others boiliitg
water, rolling pins, etc., should any
parson have. the temerity to ap
pto^eh one of their offspring. At
this-time a citizen chaneM to walk
one 'evening in the neighborhood in
an excited condition, when a small
child, to young to talk, walked up
to fi5m and took his hand in a con
fiding mapner. The little one \*e
fused' to let go his hand, and the
man. realizing he was in a neigh
borhood where excitement prevailed
ccndemirg alleged' kidnapping be
came apprehensive, and stopped end
forcibly, removed the child's hand
not knowing .what might follow
should a try "kidnapper in the
neighborhood'' be raised.
!An incident in Philadelphia last
Sunday brought the above to mind
? John F. Tully, 21 years old, war
roughly treated by an angry crowd
at his home when it w-as reported
in the neighborhood that he had as
saulted a nine year girl. Tully was
arrested and yesteday the charge
was; dismissed .by the Police Court,
which believed Tully had been un
justly accused.
T?ie child often visited the Tully
home and ran errands .for members
of Che family. Sunday she was sent
for :a bottle of milk and returned
without any. She than ran honu
cryihg and an unjust charge was
preferred against Tully, which wa.c
disproved in every detail.
A preacher in a Presbyterian pul
pit of Baltimore last Sunday sealer'
the fate of editors. They were placed
by the minister in the irreligiou;
lht.with 'politicians..
'Rev. Dr. Harris E. Kirk in a ser
mon which he. V preached Sunday
night at Frank]1? Street {Presbyter
ian.ChviU'h, made this .startling an
The subject of the sermon was
not political, but the sneaker made
reference' to the chaotic jndustria
^condition and the "every of spencl
in-'tr*~ which have seized unon the
people of the country.
<lThe country" he remarked, "ir7
being governed' by the journalist?
and the politicians, neither of whom
know anything nor care anything
about the Christian religion."
The above will be read with con
cern by the many whose lot has
?placed {him in s/uictums. Some
?knights cf the quill make the words
c?f one'of the apostles?"Let pa
tience have her perfect work*'?
their slogan in trying moments.
"He often entets h'~ den with a va
cant nv'nd II is imagination is run
ning: law. there have been no oc:*ur
rcnces during the night, rem c.drh
is normal and he is informed early
that much copy will be required dur
ing the day. ,iSub>cribers expect
?something original or startling
while the man who has .no vacation
but is kept upou the treadmill every
!dav and in many cases with Sunday
not excepted, scratches his herul in
apprchensicn-. And now when he
hoars; that, like Simon Magus, he
has neither lot nor part, in the
?Christian rcligicVi. his depression
becomes acute.
It is not given to every politician
to achieve the distinction of being
twice repudiated .by his own party
within three days, but Senator
Lodge- has made that record * and*
seomjs'proud of it says the Philadel
phia {Record. "The Senate Commit
tee oft foreign -Relations, of -which?
he is ch'airmlan, "had made through !
him a favorable report on S6 amend-: |
ments to the peace..treaty ^proposed
by Seantor Fall. /Senator Lod\?fe
made a long speedh in support of
the&e amendpients, of which he ex
pressed his strong approval. By
majorities ranging fruiri 15 to 28
the Senate on Thursday last con
? teirptucusly tcssecl the \vhol-e bunch
into the waste .basket
"Smarting undei cms reverse, the
! Massachusetts Senator hurried.
;a|vvay to his home State, whose Re
publicans held their convention > on
Saturday. There, after making a
.bitter fight to secure a complete
'indorsement of his course, he hud
the mortification of having to lis
tAi to the- reading a platform
favoring "prompt ratification of the
treaty of peace without amendment,
but with.such equivocal and effec
tive 'reservations," etc. To save,
his face the great Henry had to
insist fchat he would continue his
policy unchanged, and such in his
obstinacy hat he will probably do
so. He*now knows, however, what
a' vcr'y large majority of his Sena
torial colleagues and of the people
of his own State think of his brand
cf partisan s<hip." .
The industrial conference is now
n session in Washington, and the
t yes of the nation are directed to
wards its deliberations.
Exactly how Mr. Gompers, who
believes in unionizing police de
partments and permitting the rail
roads of the country to be tied up
by strikes, can reach easy agree
ment with those who believe that
course spells anarchy is not dis
cernible says the Baltimore News.
Only <a few days ajio Mr. Gompers,
testifying before the Senate Labor
'Vnlmittee on the anti-strike pro
?i.4-i< n in the Cummins bill, said: ?
,{It s not necessary but repug
nant to the spirit of the Consritu
Mm nnd antagonistic to the spirit
f the. Republic. American wc-rk
"n.:n will not surrender the right
v. stop work. The section would
imply create lawbreakers. If this
et-tion is passed I would have no
,yi^re hesitancy in participating in
i strike than I would now."
As our cc'temporary says, ''no
av^u-meint is going to convince
Gc?v.(pers that he is wronjr. If Ci;n
rrcss believes that, having the
pewtr fo control interstate com
merce, it has the power to see that
its course is not interfered with by
?a strike that halts it, there is
ncthirg for it to do but accept Mr.
r]( p-ners' challenge. All that the
pnuxrtnce can do is to discuss the
hesis, hear all that is to be' said
tout it and then make public its
t'relusions in the hope that they
viH influence public opinion."
Like many other intelligent ob
11vers '-who have recently returned
rem Germany, Captain Coningsby
)mvson pretests against the belief
i at Germany is a .orushed nation,
t is a belief which the Germans
;r cbvbus reasons are endeavoring
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? <r < T' "i : J ? i : i ll
ning of the armistice icries of dis
tress have gone up from them. The
tei'ms of the Pc-ace Treaty have
been denounced as ruin ions to fu
ture prosperity. Pitiful tales of
destitution am'or.g the pscple have
?been sprieadibrpadcasfc. Y|t .Captaiq.
iDawscn assents?and "there is any
amount of others ^evidenceiXo? ? the
sa.n:e ,effect?'tliat[: {2ormany "has
?remained absolutely-' unbolt3physic
The Germans .started the war as
?. business enterprise they prepared
to make a huge profit out of it;
an1 J though then.* ambitions largely
failed of realization, they left two
of their chief competitors. France
and Belgium, in such a crippled con
dition that Germany can re-enter
v/'orld trade with many advantages
in her .favor, Theire is no trick in
the , whole 'bag that the Germans
do not' have at their fingers' ends.
Captain 'Dawson says that they
have already put*out huge quanti
ties of goods disguised as Dutch.
Spanish or Scandinavian. They
must sell their wares, of course,
if they are to help in repairing the
vast damage they have wrought.
Br.t sympathy with them as a dis
heartened and. impoverished people
is misplaced.
Mere alarming then anything
elfj. perhaps, is the persistence of
the old arrongant spirit which fos
tered the earlier German dreams
cf world dominion. Captain Daw
sen found it in full efflorescence.
"There is not a German," he says,
''who believes the country has
bcir. bea'ten in the war." However
desirable it may have been 'to errant
an armistice when the German mil
itary machine first began to go to
nit cis, there are many who still feel
that it iwas a pity the Allied armies
?on?:] not have marched through
:,he streets ef Berlin.?Philadelphia
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Penalties Relurnjcd Agatfnst 3 Other
Hazels ui Viyjriinia Poly
technic Case
Cihristian'sburg, ,Va., Oct. 7.?
Benjamin Siegel, Newport News,
member of last'gear's sophomore
,-;<?lass?' l?t the Virginia Polytechnic
InsJtitirbe.; Hazers last night, was
found i^ilgy- fcrf Jisault in connec
'-frim1 \the^.'alleged hazing 'last
V ' ; . . : i 'fi.-'
spring of John Fox, Roanoke, ' a
former freshman,- and his penalty
fixed at one year in the peniten
tiary. The following, penalties were
returned against three former
Ecphcmcrcs at the school, who were
Irieti jointly'; with: Sijegel' 'on the'
same charge, _ i| ;
?^Rebeyt W.: Ware,. Dunnevillc, Va.,
six months in jail.
"Georgcf W. Botts, Jr., Richmond, |
Va., 30 days in jail.
Albert G. ?opc-land, Wyanoke, |
Va., $50 fine.
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