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. 1 ? : * '
; j . ESTABLISHED 17&4.
j OIdeut Daily Newspaper in the
} United States and 'Beat Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
VOL. CXXXV?No. 240.
*saiSuo3 jo
DAY. OCTOBER 8,1919.
i For this section?Fair tonight, to- !
morrow cloudy with rising- tem- j
porature. probably followed by j
j shower's.
Potion Prepared By Jesse
.. Cole Fascinating Says
1 Witness
?> Police Exhibit to Court Pharaphernalia
Gathered at Home of Amateur
Brewer of Intoxicants.
A concoction brewed by Jese
Cole, colored, who lives in; Delaney's
Court, made those who partook of
it drunk and was facinating was
tihe testimony given by a witness at
a special session of the police court
List night when Cole was arraign
The accused was held for the ac
tion of the grand jury by Justice
Thorwpson after all of the testimony
had been heard.
Exhibits including denatured al
' 'cahol, kettles, broilers, fruit syrup,
pans and other articles were spread
before the court as,exhibits in the
i case.
t ? There was also one bottle, sup
posed to hold a quart, containing a
fluid substance the color of catsup.
This it was testified was the con
coction in crude form. Another jug
it testified contained orange juice,
flemon, vanilla extract, fruit syrup,
and the police were at a loss to {rive
this concoction a name.
Two witnesses then were called
by the police. They had heard
"something" might be obtained at
Cole's place and went there for that
purpose. Cole, howoever. told them
Jie had nothing, but they hung
around in hopes that they might ob
tain some of the brew which was
then on the stove according to the
police, and which it was testified
Cole sold for fifty cents a half
' A housekeeper for Cole told the
court that Cole had been engaged
in the manufacture of the concoction
for several weeks, and Chief Goods,
Police Sergeant'Wilkinson and Spec
ial Officer and Smith testified about
the raid.
The accused was represented by
Attorney Robinson Moncurc. His
?client made no ? 'statement and the
court held ttye!accused for.the grand
jury on a charge of "manufacturing
intoxicants in the city." A large
throng of spectators were present at
the hearing.
Archie E. Luther, temporary pres
ident of the Trade Union College of
W.Hshinrton, announced today that
the national . headquarters of the
Federal Employes' Union, at. 1123
New York avenue northwest,Wash
ington, would be used as class.rooms
fcr 'couices to be offered members
of' organized labor and their fami*
lies of this city..
Three clas; cs will be started with
in the- next several weeks. Instruct
tion will be given in English, law
is related lo trade unions, the his
tory if unionism, political economy
|and other studies. The instructors.
i*ho will be announced soon, will be
rovernment officials
The c:>st 01 the collepre will be
covered by assessing each local of
the Central Labor Union $10 a year
|aside from which a fee of perhaps
R2.50 a /f:.r will be charged each
Numerous complaints are being
nade to the Postoffice Department
against various negro publications
that are alleged to be inciting race
[hatred, it was learned Joday.
Official* of the department point
ed out that in a measure the de
irtment's hands were tied in forbid
iing the mails to these publica
tions, because of the lack of an ad
nuate law covering the subject.
Several bills bearing on the subject
and looking to an amendment of the
[present law covering news matter of
la revolutionary character are now
[before Congress, but no final action
Ihas yet beer taken on any of them,
?officials of the department said.
I It is the belief of officials that T,
|W. W. funds are being used in the
astro propaganda.
denies his story
?J: : . ..
Butler Who is Accused of Sending
JBohb is Trying to Shield Him
self, Mrs. Wanamker ,
New York. Oct. 8.?Mrs. Rodman
Wanamaker and Mary O'Brien, her
! maid, were summoned yesterday lie
fore the srrand jury to testify in
the case of Ernest Kurth, accused
of sending a bo-nil> thi'ough the
mails to the Wanamker home in
Tuxedo Park. Kurth. who the police
say admits having sent the bomlb, is
quoted as saying that it was meant
for the maid whom ht. blames for
his dismissal as butler from the
Wanamaker household.
On leaving the grand jury room
Mrs. Wanamaker said:
''When my former butler says
he intended the bomb he sent me for
my maid. Mary O'Brien, he simply
| is trying to shield himself behind
Mrs. Wanamaker denied bhrtt the I
| butler was discharged because of
complaint made by the maid. She |
said he resigned because she refused J
to raise his wages.
He addressed the package to Mrs.
West Virginia Youtn Engaged Rela
tive in Friendly Scuffle.
Elk ins, W Va., Oct. 8.?In a friend
ly scuffle, Gordon Phiilliipps. aged 20,
of Kurt, Barbour comrry, Sunday af
ternoon struck his uncle. Cleveland
W. Biller, 36 years old. of El-kins, a
blow which broke- his neck. killing him
almost instantly.
Biller, who was a painter, muloaS
with his family and a party of friend,
ro his I'onner home to gather chest
ruts, and while in rlie woods the boui
which iesulted in bis death started.
Phillipps was arrested and senc to
jail at PhiKppi. Biller is survived by
a widow and three children.
Program is Outlined for Expansion
of its'Work
Detroit, Oct. 8.?A program for
the extension of the work of the
Protestant Episcopal Church of
America, both at home and abroad,
financed by means of a nation wide
campaign for a fund of several mil
lions of dollars, will bp recommend
ed to the triennial general conven
tion of the chuivh by the Board of
Missions, which will conclude its
sessions here yesterday. The gene
ral convention will open tomorrow.
The Byard of Missions has rec
ommended increases of nearly a
\ 'f
million and a quarter in the budget
f:>- domestic and foreign mission
ary work and proposes to under
write the entire- appropriation for
the former, which has in the past
been largely supported by public
subscription. The new budget will
include sums for Christian Ameri
canization of immigrants and in
creases for missionary work in
China. Haiti and the Panama Canal
London. Oot. S.?Serious revolution
bas broken out at Moscow, and
Nicholas Lenine, the Bolshevik pre
mier and dictator, has been cast into
prison, according to an Exchange
Telegraph despatch from Helsin'gfors
A reign of terror at Moscow was
reported by the Exchange Telegraph
correspondent at Rcval. Peters, the
chief agent of the Bolshevik chiefs,
who had signed away the lives of
thousands of suspected bourgeois, is
said to have been killed.
Miss Sylvia Pankhurst. British
militant suffragist, has sailed for
the United SStatcs, according: to a
report from Lcndon. Nothing' was
known of Miss Pankhursts intention
until her departure. It is said that
Miss Pankhurst avoided all public
ity in starting: to this country, be
cause in her forthcoming lecture
tour she probably will [have things
to say that will not please the Brit
ish authorities.
Having: qualified as administrator
of the estate of the late (Jus A.
Schenks. 'this is to notify all per
sons having claims agrainst- estate
to present them, statement properly
certified for-settlement. All persons
indebted to deceased will please set
tle promptly.
Robert H. Cox,
23o-10t. Sergeant Administrator.
Potomac Lodge Will Confer
First Degree Friday
Lectures Given At 'Each Degree?
Third Degrees to be Conferred Fri
day. October 31.
Potomac Lodge No. Odd Fel
lows. will Friday night confer the
first degree of Friendship on a
class of candidates.
The lecture on this degree will be
given by Rev. Edgar Carpenter,
noble grand of Potomac Lodge.
On rriiiay. October 17 the second
degree will be conferred. This is
known as the degree of Brotherly
Love. The lecture on this degree
will be delivered by Rev. Dr. John
Lee Allison, grand chaplain of the
grand lodge ir Virginia.
The third degree or the degree
of Truth will be exemplified Friday
October 2-1 and Rev. Edgar Carpen
ter will be the lecturer.
A class initiation of fifty candi
dates is scheduled to take place
Friday October 31.
All visiting Odd Fellows in the
city are invited to attend these
meetings which are held every Fri
day night at 7:'!0 o'clock in Odd Fel-'
lows' Hall.
Last Friday night this lodjre con
ferred the initatory degree on ji
class of thirteen candidates.
Attention to duty cost Bicycle
Policeman C. H. Brady, of the Sixth
precinct. Washington, his bicycle
last niirht(.
Brady had left his wheel at the
curb in front- of -lift Third street
northwest, so as to talk to a "speed
maniac." whom he had arrested.
When tht. officer turned to ?ret his
bicycle, it was gone.
A passerby declared lie had .seen
a white man drive up in an automo
bile, steal the vehicle, load it into
his car and drive away. All this
happened behind Brady's back.
Atlanta, Oct. 8.?"Reversing1 his
tory. the nrnvies of the Confederacy
captured Atlanta yesterday, when the
annual reunion of the South's heroes
of the sixties opened here.
The men, approximately lO.ftOft
stronir, were made to foel at homo in
a tented city at Piedmont Park,
christened Camp Joseph E. Johnston
in honor of the famdus Confederate
leader. There they will eat arnL sleep
between festivities.
Luncheons, receptions, balls and
other entertainments have heen ar
ranged for the veterans.
German Troops in Baltic Go Over to
Copenhagen, Oct. S.?General von
der GoUtz, commander of German
forces in the Baltic provinces, whose
activities there have recently led to
sharp exchanges between the Allied
Powers and Germ'any, has. with his
staff, joined tihe Russian Bolshevik
forces, according: to a Berlin dispatch
to the National Tidende. quoting a
report from Petrojrrad Telegraph
Agency. No confirmation of the re
port is obtainable here.
New York. Oct. 8.?The travelinsr
public was ill chuckVitryr today over
the result of an empTbye in the'parcel
room of the Pennsylvania terminal
getting rough with an innocent-look
in? hag:.
The bag showed it? resentment by
exploding all over the place. Inves
tigation showed it contained a hurd
lers handy kit. including a bottle of
soup i. e. nitro glycerine. The
police are anxious to communicate
with the prosperous-lookitvjr gentle
man who checked it two weeks ago.' .
Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street., 227-tf
Richmond, Va.. Oct. 8.?Every per
son, firm or corporation offering for
?sale any fresh meats, fresh- meat
products, fresh fish, poultry, eggs,
milk, butter, cheese, ?rfible fats anil
oils, and lard, which haVe been held
in cold storage for thirty days or over
I ?'* 1
must retain on such articles of food
all markings which they showed when
withdrawn from storage, and
Shall affix to the aitticle or its
container a placard with the words
"Cold Storage Goods" printed there
on in letters at least one inch hiigh: |
Shall stamp or rrsark the outside
of every package of such-articles de
livered to a customer with the wonts
"Cold Storage Goods." ,
Hotels and restaurants serving any
of the above named articles which
have been held in eoM storage for
thirty clays or over shall place on
! their bills of fare cr mdnu cards a
statement that "AM Cold Storage
Foods ?old here are marked thus (*)
and in usch case every cold storage
product appearing on the menu must
be. preceded by the sign of a star.
Dairy and Food Commissioner
Come up From Behind and Turn De
feat Into Victory By Consist
ent Batting.
Redland Field, Cincinnati. Oct. 8.?
The Chicago American? won the sixth
game of the world series here yes
terday. making a ger uthaipilllvfgt
tenla.v making a great uphill fight
and annexing it in a tcnth-inining rally
by a score of n to I. Kernpitched the
full game despite being hit hard, for
his team mates also were in a hitting
Ruether. who wo* the opening
game of the series for Cincinnati,
was knocked out of the box in the
sixth inning, with the score standing
1 to 3 in- the Reds' favor, ;zr? one out
and a man on second.
A timely hit brought in Is man home
ami in the tenth a double right off
the reel and a single shortly after
enabled the American Leaguers t<
put across the winning run.
ir>.000 in Switzerland?A Like Num
ber in Holland and 10.0(H)
in Other Centers
One hundred thousand soldiers
and officers of the Gorman armies
in the field preferred the relative
peace an:l quietness of neutral coun
tries to the glorious dream of a tri
ll nvphar.t. entrance into Paris.
There are I'i.OOO deserters in
Switzerland, according to a report
of the German Legation at Berne
to the (Ierman Foreign Office. Fully
as-many have trone to Holland and
the Scandinavian countries and the
odd 10.000 have managed ti? find
their way into overseas countries.
The German Government lias
lately proclaimed a general am
nesty for all deserters and extended
to them an invitation to re-enter
the Fatherland, providing, however,
there are no charges of treason
ajrainst them.
Interests of Small Business Men.
I'norjranized l.ater. School
Workers And Others
Wafhinjjton. Oct. S.?The first
resolution submitted to the labor
conference at the afternoon session
yesterday by the croup representing
employers. It declared the need of
the country to be "increased pro
duction. adequate compensation for
services rendered and a just return
nn ''the capital invested."
The resolution further declared
the interests of small business nun.
unorganized labor, school workers
and others not represented directly
in the conference was affirmed as
equal with that of the big organi
zations which have delegates.
King Victor Gives Sanction to Peace
Pacts by Royal Decree
| This official announcement con
I firms the news already received
' from Paris that King Emmanuel
i had' signed the decree ratifying the
J peace treaties.
| ?
FOR RENT?Three unfurnished
rooms with hath. Call for Mrs.
Payne. 537 North Cdlumbus
street. ? ; . 240-2p
Appetite Is Better And He
Is Sleeping Well, Cray
son Says
.Mr. Wilson Will Bo Kept In Bed By
His Physicians Despite His Desire,
To Get To Work.
President Wilson continues to im
prove and he is eating and sleeping
well, said a bulletin at 11:25 a. 111..
yesterday by Rear Admiral Grayson;
,the President's physician; Rear
Admiral Stitt. head of the Naval
Medical School here, and Dr. Ster
ling Ruffin. of this city.
Continued improvement in his
condition was noted during last
night, accord hi jr to unofficial infor-1
mation at the White House today.
However, at the time this state
ment' was made, by Dr. Cary T.
Grayson and the other attending
physicians had not issued their
morning bulletin.
The latest official announcement
from the White House said: '"The
President has had * comfortable
day and is slightly improved."
This was issued at 10 p. 111. Tuesday
President Wilson's keen interest
in the Industrial Conference in
which he had intended to partici
pate. made it diflk-ult today for phy
sicians'to keep his mind off it. JTc
insisted on beinu* informed as to
what was being accomplished.
Charleston CW. Va.j Man Reported
To Have Done Shoolinjr
Charles^03. W. Va.; Oi l. S.-KoHmv
in-g an pl'vra'tiion with his wif<?. Gro
ver Jarre!!, alleged leader of thj radi
cal ek'ir.onl amonw mir.rrs of Dis
'rict 17. I.tiited Mine Workers, riddled
his wife v.'li bufllets from a pistol and
''iirr.vd tli" pun upon himsj 1* <i-,c bul
let jK*n"t:"itinfr his heart. :t is re
ported heiv. Both are sail to have
The occurred M >*j.lay mori
:ng ncai '.Vhitcsville, Boor.e county
?t \\as reported here.. Jarre:1 quar
rel'ii w.lji his wife the morriift ;if
t?r a no- and accused her of beiriL
.familiar with another ma i it b
renf.iited. When she vesejiled the ac
cusation her husband is aliened to
hav<i drawn the pistol a.-ii shot her
five times. Going into another room
Immediately afterward lie -hot him
Store the Ca'.in Creek trr.ihle si\
yi-.rs ago, in which sever'.1 porsoi:.
v?? ~e killed, Jaru-Il is said t.i h*??.*?
payed a consp.cieus part in the af
.* .rs of the rad'ral faction. Durlny
r'cc-nt weeks however, he worked a
? i:orator of an electric mining ma
c.ne. eport s5 he also served as an
eif'icial of the r* tier's unio i. !lc and
>.!s wife are survived by fire child
-?n, the oldest l.?-injr about 17 year
War Minister Tost a Puts Guiterrez
Into Race For Presidency.
San Salvador., Oct.. 8.?Gen. Vicent<
Tosta, former revolutionary leader
and now minister of war in Honduras
has further complicate*! the political
He has nominated Con. Rafael Lo
i)i>7. Gutierrez for the Presidency of
Honduras., according to advices re
ceived today.
General Gutierrez, according to r.
Nicaragua dispatch ?r September 18
hud entered the Hon dura n capital
Considerable opposition to him devel
oped following the charge that ho
Was a tempting the establishment of
:i dictatorship.
Beattv Mentioned as New First Sea
I/ord. Replacing Sir Rosslyn
London, Oct. 8.?Chances are im
minent in- the admiralty, according
to the Times. Admiral Beatty is men
tioned as the new first lord, suc
ceeding Admiral Sir Rosslyn Wemyss
who, it is said, may become governor
of Victoria. ?
Miss Catherine Duggan-, 109 Duke
street entertained at a birthday
party Sunday nijrht.
Those attending included Mrs.
Rebecca Sherwood, Misses Minnie
Gannaway, Sarah Beavers, Bessie
Moore. Gertrude Fletcher, Margaret
Travcrs. Hazel Shane. Mary Walker,
Sophie Loris. Pauline Loris, Helen
Ryani. Dora Butler, Irene Marshall,
Blanche Tavener, Sarah Kessler,
Lillian Tucker, Mrs. Mary Colton.
and Messrs. George Boyd. Enimett
Moore. Walter Davis, Charles Beach.
Everett Taylor and Mr. Fones, this
city; Charles Ratio. A. McCarthy.
New York; Alvin Johnson. M. C.
Brown, Herbert Tucker, William
Ryan. Philip I.oris, Charles Cornell.
Three deeds of transfer today
were placed on record in the office
of the clerk of the court as follows:
Real Estate Investment Corporation:
to Charles W. Kinjr square of
jrround bounded by Pendleton. Pat
rick, Wythe and Alfred streets; M
T. Ihvyer to .John W. Martin ant
wife two houses 521 and 523 Gibbon
street; Benjamin A'bramson to G
I.. an-.l J. A. Pulley house and lot
131 South Fairfax street.
Supervisor of Census Nevis 125 Knu
mer.iinrs For District
Albert I'!ftcher, jr., supervisor o?
he census for the eighth district ?>
Virginia, wh eh includes ih ? cour.tie
?f Alexandria, Fairfax, Faunuier
I .'it.dour-. Prince William. Culpeper.
Orange, King George, Stafford;
I ouis'a ar-1 Alexandria City st:iti ?
'.hat he will need about 125 enur/.cr
o;:'- of (hi.- district.
Applications or requests fo ? appli.-;;
ion forms woul<l be made ser.t to bin
on or before October 15. His addr:*s
is Warenton, Va.
As a ten of their fitness for :h.
vork applicants will be required *
fill out :i sample schedule and v.:.1
l-e notified of the time ar.u place f??"
'.his test. So far as practicable t?r
place selected will tx? one which :
?a si ly acccsstble.
Iii the Circuit Court yesterday ' h
will of Caipt. George Younir
admitted to probate. Testatf*
leaves his estate to his sister, Mrs
Annie Jackson ami his sister quali
fied as executrix.
In the Corporation Court the wii
:>f Mrs. Sarah A. Force was admit
ted to probate and testatrix leave:
Her estate to her sisters and
brothers. The will is dated Octibej
8. 1015. Sherman B. Fowler quali
fied as executor.
Chicago, Oct. 8.?Even the h te'
?lerk schooled to preserve a 'pokei
race." to convey to all visitors that
Chicago has seen everything, gasped
stared and lost his suavity when
looking up from the register he saw
Several women in pink and white
robes, one of whom was wearing a
beautiful diamond in her left noslril.
They were members of the party
?>f Sir Vithaldas T). ? Thackersey
weaFfhy Hindu merchant, sloping ii
Chicago on a worM tour.
Annapolis. Md., Oct. 8.?WeH-au
thenticate dreponts state that antfihei
midshipman of the fourth class ha '
taken pokon.. His name is reported t<- j
be Weatherste^n, but nis first nanu j
and home could not be ascertained. |
TKis makes the Second case of it
?tort in the last three days. P. II
Seltzer, of Lebanon, Pa., on Sun lay
drank a mixture of ink and iodin<
an l stabbed himself over the heart j
Weatherstein-. it is said, drank ar |
ounce vial of iodine.
London, Oct. 8.?Thp Cork Devel
opment Association has received a
cablegram from Henry Ford, stat:n?
that he is considering running a lire
of steamers to Ireland.
Subscription book for a limited
number of shares to the 13th Series
German, Co-Operative Building As
sociation, No. 5, is now open at
their offices, 110 South Washington
239-6c. Justus Schneider, Secty.
Mrs. J. It. Eddington and daugh
ters, Miss Sara and little Margaret,
left today to attend the State Fair
at Richmond, Va.
Mt. Vernon Council Daughters of
America wiil meet Thursday even
ing at 7:-'!0 at their hall in North
Pitt street. There will lie a class
for initiation. All members are
urged to attend.
The newly elected officers of Fitz
| gerald Council No. 459, Knights of
| Colum!bus, will he installed tonight
it the Lyceum Hall. The work will
:>e conducted by District Deputy
William P. Woolls.
Charles J. Columbus, secretary of
the Merchants' and Manufacturers'
Association. Washington, tonight
will address the Retail Merchants'
Bureau of the Chamber of Com
merce. Afterward there will be a
smoker. It is expected that there
will be a large attendance at this
?Councilman William J. McCaffrey
ind Mrs. McCaffrey last night gave
t house warming at their home re
?ently constructed on the west side
if Royal street, between Duke and
Wolfe. A number of their friends
and acquaintances gathered and
?pent a delightful evening, during
which refreshments were served. At
a late hour the guests departed after
expressing the wisih that host and
hostess would long enjoy their neat
and commodious home.
About one o'clock this morning
'wo young negro men were seen
rushing an automobile through the
itreets of this city at a dangerous
?.peed. The police endeavored to in
tercept them, but were forced to
lunvp aside to avoid being struck
by the machine. One of the offi
cers threw his stick at the speeders
v/hich brought them to a halt, and
they were placed under arrest. The
negroes were brought before the
Police Court at nine o'clock this
?norning and fined $15 each. They
said they were from Washington
and came here to attend a dance.
In sad but loving rememlbrance of
"iy dear cousin. William H. Javins,
who departed this life one year ago
V.'day. October X, 1918.
One year has gone niv heart still
As timL. goes on I miss you more
?Vour memory is as fresh today
As it was the day you passed
I'rom this world of grief and trouble
To the land of peace and rest,
God has taken my dear cousin
Where he will find eternal rest.
210-1 p. By his cousin. Katie Bond.
GRIMES'?A tribute of love ami
memory to my beloved husband,
Arthur D. Grimes, who died on<^
year ago. October 8, 1918."
240-1 p. By his devoted wife, Ethel.
To the voftcrs of Jefferson Dis
. rift Alexandria County:
; A false rumor is being circulated
ifhrcuyhout Alexandria county by
j cme of my opponents to the. effect
? hat 1 have with drawn from the
jiace for supervisor of .Jefferson
{District. I brand this as a direct
j .f alsehood, as I am in the race to
! ptay, and have every assurance
I'frcm the voters of my district that
j ?! will be elected 'by a large major
! -ity?regardless of the false Teports
j :'and dealings of those who are op
j iposing me.
Jacob Carl,
Candidate for Supervisor for Jef
Jferson District. 228-6t.
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of the late Elizabeth
taylor, this is to notify all persons
having claims against estate to
present them, statement properly "
| certified for settlement. All persons "
i indebted to deceased will please set
I tie promptly.
Robert H. ,Cox,
j 235-iOt. Sergeant Administrator.
yj j

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