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'* V
Oldest Daily Newspaper la the
Uniic?i State* and Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
Fcr this section?Clcudy and much
cccler, jjrobably rain tonight
tomorrow. ;;
George H. Evans Chosen
Commander *of Local
. r<! ? Post;
Post Will Have Meeting November 7
:'When State Officers Will Address
- Organization.
\ '
R. E. Lee Post of ^the American
Legion Jast night held an enthusias
tic, meeting in the rooms of the
Chamber of Com'merce, although
only twenty-two members were in
The election of officers resulted as
follows: George H. Evans, comman- j
der; Elliott Y. Hoffman, vice com- j
mander.;: Gil'bert J. Cox. Jr., secre
tary; J. Kenneth Aifche^pn .treas
urer; *0!. Ashiby Reardon, chaplain;
W. Milton Glasgow, sergeant-at
A special committee consisting of
C. Keith Carl in, O. A;. Reardon, and
William B. Champion-was appointed
for the purpose of preparing by
laws for the local post and also
to makfe recommendations for a
change of name for the past which
will be more consistent with the
great war.
The executive committee named
is composed of the commander, vice
commander, secretary, treasurer and
Messrs. - J. S. Douglas, Jr., C. K.
Carlin and L. N. Duffey.
?It was announced that there will
be a called meeting of the post Oc
tober 20 and that the next regular
meeting will be held November 7
and at the last named meeting a
nuruber of the state officers it is ex
pected will be present.
Employers' Group Declare Emphati
cally For The Open Shop
"WTashiirg^ori'} Oct. 11.?There must
be co-cjpe.Eat'iQn^ if produc
tion is it'o increase,* and employer and
emljjJoyee must mkct on common
grouivd, the errtployors giroup declared
yes'teretey in a. resolution submitted
to the Industrial Conference in answer
tq t)he programme whfch' the hib'o-v
g'j'oup htas Advanced. . J t"
; 'Because,, of disagreement in the
Cpmimitiiee ' of Fifteen, stru^lmi?r
over the labor tesolultion. to arbitrate
the steed strike, the In'dustrSal Con
ference:,agam i came to a >de&dlc?ck and
adjourned yntrl Tuesdav with the hope
that by-tlfcit date the,.-difference can
be ironed cut sufficiently' to allow the
ccnfereu'ce to proceed.
The comlmittee:yesxerd!ay considered
t% steel strike question .without be
ing able to. report out the resolution.
The majority of the emipflqyers group
oppose ft, and there are a number in
the public group wMch wlQl vote
a gain sit it. The steel strike, s?ome con
tend is virtually over, and many of
the delegates deplore its introduction
into the conference. Whatever action
may be taken by the committee, it is
ceritadn that the issue will eventually
come to the floor to be fought out in
open session.
The employers group in outKnlrtsr
its posfitioai declared emphatically for
the open sihop, the iss\ie on which
the steel strike binges. There should
be no interference of the open sh'op
and the riig'ht of the employer and his
men to continue their relations on that
principle should not be interferred
with, it was argued.
The sitand of Judge Gary was afain
upheld when the resofuticn of the em
ployers' croup declared that no em
ployer should be required to deal with
men or groups of men who arc n'ot Wis
employees or chosen by and among
them. At the same time the report
emphasizers the fact that the right
to strike should not be denied when
all other means have failed.
We have the opportunity to locate i
a manufacturing plant employing
girls and women on electric sewing
machines. Will start at nine dollars
, per week, after, learning can make
! up to twenty dollars per week. A
' splendid chance for permanent em
ployment. Apply by letter or in per
son to Alexandria Chamber of Com
merce. 241-3c
V ?
Many Sales Recorded During the Past
Week in Alexandria County
Sales of read estate continue un
abated in aill paxes of Alexandria
coun'ty. Deeds to the following: prop
erty were recorded with the clerk of
the count of Alex:andr:a County dur
ing the past few days.
Myili'le M. McDonald to Henry P.
Batch, hou'se and1 three lots, in Clare n
ford; Samuel V. Gusack and wife, to
R. H. Bayliss and wife house and two
in St. E"imio; Horace K. Ful'ton and
wife to Robert L. Newton, three lots
Dominion Heights; E. A. Wtifeort and
wife to T. A. SuTJivan lot in WiHscn's
Addition to Clarendon; E. A. Wnteon
amd wife to T. A. Sufflivap lots in Wiil
siofl's Addition to CJarendon; Harold
C. Stonebraker to Anna T. Corga.n,
two fobs in M.t. Id'a; Crandal Mackey
i ami wife t'o Bessie M. Lewis and hus
band lcit iln Wiooctnvcnvt; W. H. Dun
gan, trustee to Richard L. Plummer,
lot in N'auck Pa>nk; Henrietta C. Wet
zel to C. A. Campbell, lot in St. EJimo;
Lindsey & Nicholson and others to
Ella L. Ttitt and huj^bancl,, parcel of
ground in Jefferson District.
Washington and Virginila Real Es
tate Corporation, to Arlfcbur F. Wal
PS-wns, jr., house and lot in Livings
ton Heights. George H. Rucker and
wife and cithers to Carroll H. Bea>u
ehsimp, lot New Arlington District;
Nellie M. Harison to J. DeWitt Stet
man, lot, Harrison's Addition to Do
minion Heights; Lizzie C. Rucker and
otheirs to Thamia's H. Jones two lots
ChetTrydalle; N. A. Rees and wife i?
Joseiph H. Di'lhnger house and tots in
Clarendon; CooirMands Tift-le Co., Inc.,
to Thomas F. Horner, two lots Nak
ailil's A'ddiitlion to Cherrydade; Will W.
Douglass, tnustee and others to Percy
L. Fields, lot of the Albert P. Doug
las estiate; Benoit Baer, jr., to Th'os.
H. Jones, lot in Ch'erryidale; Watkins
inrrd Oamplb^ll, exors., to Edward W.
Kiim'g. two arid a quarter acres ih
Arlington District; Ashiton C. Jbnes
and others to A. T. Stone lot- in
Wilson's addition to Clarendon; J. H.
Bush'ong and wife to J. E. Wu/nder.
two lots Center Ballaton; Robert R.
Dye and' wife to Jennie L. Hamilton,
let in Penrose; Edwin A. Fenry .and
citfh'ers to May C. Laiiham, two lots
Chestnut Hill; A. E. Crook to Benj
E. Bryant two lots in Batfkton; Ha raid |
L). Croaker and wife to Bertha M. j
Kurode an'd huslb'artd, one acre in Wash j
in^ton. District.; Leoni. CTaeys and!
-husb^hkl to Arthur T. "fto-nris two lots !
G'letV Carliyn; _D. E. Wiseman and wife !
to Hezekja'h Dorse.v, 1'ofc ? in. Cottage j
ParkP; ' Fh*a rrklin Dqutermanm to
Katherine Deutermann, 23 acres in
Arlington' Distiict. : ?
Will Doughs and. wife to Jatyn
M. Smitih, three .lots in West B alls
ton. r
Miss Mary B. Moss Bride of Mr.
John T. Stenhenson, This City
The marriage of ZVIiss Margaret
Baldwin Moss, daughter of Mr. John
T. Stepheson, of Alexandria, took
place this afternoon at the residence
of the brides aunt. Miss Mary
Whitehead. Lovingston. Nelson coun
. ty, Va. The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. Frank Mezick. rec
tor of an Episcopal Church in that
The bride was attended by her
council. Miss Catherine Whitehead,
and the bridegroom had for his best
man his brother, Mr. Henry Nevill
Stephenson, this city. The bride is
a daughter of Mr. Frederick II.
Moss, Markham, Va.
The wedding was attended by only
the immediate relatives of the couple
and a few of the bridegroom's
friends from Alexandria were pres
ent. ' The bridal party was given a
reception after the ceremony and
the couple then left for a northern
j trip. They will reside here.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Howard Lumber Com
pany, Incorporated, be held at
j its principal office. 111 South Fair
: fax street. Alexandria, Virginia, at
i 11 o'clock A. M.. October 27th.
1919. By order of the Board of Di
Howard Lumber Company. Incorpo
Josiah Howard, President.
241-15t. Jay P. Pelt, Secretary.
The regular meeting of the Relief
Truck and Enigne Company No. 1,
will be held Friday, October 10, at
7:30 p. m. After the meeting a
buffet luncheon will be -served.
242-2c. W. E. Eberhart, Secretary.
HUE sura
This Corporation Has Pur
chased AH Ships It
1 Has Built
Ships Built In Alexandria Rank
Among Best Afloat Says Shipping
Board Officials.
j The average Alexandrian may not
j have appreciated the significance of
j t'he recent ptptch'ase by the Virginia
j Shipbuilding Corporation of aJl the
I shrips which this corporation has
I built, is building and which it con
! tracted to buFld for the United Sta'tes
Shipping Board Emergency Fleet
All other shipyards with Emerg
ency Fleet Corporation contracts :ure
ncaring the completion of their con
tracts and are, therefore, forced to
depend upon contracts wi'th outside
firms in order to keep their yard's
busy. In. the great majority of cases
I such contracts have not been avail
! able. The position of the Virginia
Shi/pbuiMng Corporation, however, is*
different. The new contract with the
United Staites Shipping Board Emer
gency Fleet Corporation provides the
Virginia Shipbuilding Corporation
with the shipfe themselves after they
Wave been built. The corporation may
in other words, "eat its cake ami have
it too."
Its continuance as a going concern
!s therefore, a<ssiured. The uncertain
ty regarding the future of this big
plant l'cr years to come is dispelled).
Officials of the Shipping Board are
authority for the statement that the
ships built at Alexandria rank among
the best afloat. The corporation has
recently been organized on a p:\ice
time basis ami the ycrd fare?, which
new ntnnbera 2000, has been we Wed
iivto a compact, ef.ficicnlt and loyal or
g:a nidation.
Alexandria is to be congratulated
upon having a- corporation headed by
far-sighted executives who have so
quickly stabilized the Virginia Ship:
buMrna: Corporation and assured, itf
Unprecedented labor troubles in
the printing1 and publishing trades
in New York City is delaying; the
publication of a number of promi
nent magazines.
Anions; these is the November
number of Cosmopolitan which or
dinarily would now be on sale in '
Alexandria as well as all over the
United States. The publishers are j
planning1 an edition of 1,230,853 cop
ies?largest in the history of the
: Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Wholesalers in this vicinity, how
I ever, have been informed that the
I next issue of Cosmopolitan may
| reach here anywhere from ten (fays
j to two weeks later than usual?and
J may, indeed, roach here even later
than that. Everything depends upon
the labor situation.
This will naturally be a tfravo dis
appointment to those who are read
ing Cosmopolitan regularly and are
in the habit of getting it about the
tenth of each month.
Among the novels now appearing
serially in Cosmopolitan, publication
of which will be delayed, are ''Kin
dred of the Dust" by Peter B. Kyne;
"The Crimson Tide" by Robert \V.
Chambers and-"Uneasy Street," by
Arthur Somers Roche.
It is hard enough to wait fcr the
short stories we, may expect to find
in the next Cosmopolitan without
being kept in suspense as to the
continuation of the joys and the
sorrows of the characters depicted
by these eminent novelists.
An advertisement in Alexandria
will announce the appearance of the
next issue of Cosmopolitan Maga
zine. Wait for it and watch for it!
Subscription book for a limited
number of shares to the 13th Series
German Co-Operative Builiing As
sociation, No. 5, is row open at
their offices. 110 South Washington
2-^-Oc. Justus Schneider, Secty.
Namea' In Honor of Edwin
A. Morse, Vice Presi- 1
dent of Co.
I COST ABOUT $1,750,000
Miss Anna E. Morse Sponsor?Will be
Fifth Launching?Keel For Ninth
Ship Soon Keady.
The fifth big freighter to be built
by the Virginia Shipbuilding Corpora
tion will be launched at twelve noon
on Saturday. October 25th.
The s-hip is named for the Vice
President cf the Virginia Shjpbuild- i
ild'ir.g Corporation, Mr. Edwin A.
Morse, son of Mr. C. W. Morse, Chaw- i
man of the Board of Directors of the
corporation, and President of the
limited States Steamship Company
which owns the Virginia Shipbuilding
The sponiscr %vho will christen th<j
ship is Miss Anna E. Morse, the only
daughter of Mr. C. W. Morse.
The "E. A. Morse" has a dead
weight carrying capacity of 9,400 tons
is 402 fee't 0 inches ftv length, and 53
foot bc'am. Her contract speed is 11
knots, but a-s all pre^Tous ships fmni
this yard have exceeded their contract
speed by at least one knot, it is con
templated that the *'E. A. Morse'' wiT
be faster than her calculated speed
She is cf Isherwuod construction, 2.
800 horsepower, has water tube boil
ers, and will carry a crew of 52 men
The "E. A. Morse" has been built
under the supervision of F. T. War
ner, Plant Manager; R. M. Much, As
s'ist-int Plant Manager; G&wrrge
general superintendent; Fred Ander
son, Hull Superintendent; and the fol
lowing foremen; A. J. Sharpe, fnre
mian of the ship: L. Foster, burner.
and welders; F. E. Bullingto-n, arcgle
smilUhs; C. II. Johnson, riveters;
Frank Anderson, steel erectors am)
rilggers'; C. W. White, ship fitters; .1
II. Hewitt, joiners; P. R. Smith, pat
tern makers; W. G. Lamour, mold
loft; II. Bayijje,'^ ship carpenters; A
Clark, blacksmith's; W. Hayes, boiler
makers; C. Lampoh, electrician; K.
Erost. ' mfachinwts; T. .Willing, pilpe
fitters; W. II. Gardner;- sheet metal:
T. Doughty, painters; N. Dillon, labor
ers: A. C. Miller, ship tool shop. ; '?
The technical work at the Virginia
Shipbuilding Corporation is .under the
supervision of G. M. Lagergreir, on
hulls, and S. A. Johnson, on engines.
It is estimated that the cost of the
"E. A. .Morse" is approximately
Immediately following the launch
in? of tht 'E. A. Morse" the keel for
this Yard's ninth ship will be laid. The
sixth ship which has not yet been
named, wilf be launched in December.
? 1?
Virginia .Kiry Fixes Death Penalty
for Attacker of Girl of 14.
Danville, Va.. Oct. 11.?Justice
was swiftly melted out yesterday
in the Henry county circuit court,
when* Paul Ilairston. a negro, not
over 17 years of age, who, on Wed
nesday, criminally assaulted a 14
year old white girl, was sentenced
to die in the electric chair. No fur
ther fight will be made for the free
dom of the defendant. The trial
occupied three hours and the jury
remained out less than fifteen min
utes T|'*rV
A physician who made an exami
nation as to the negro's mentality,
reported to the court that while
the defendant was probably not
normal, he was not so simple as not
to realize the heinousness of the of
Having qualified as administrator
of the estate of the late Gus A.
Schenks, this is to notify all per
sons having claims against estate
to present them, statement properly
certified for settlement. All persons
indebted to deceased will please set
tle promptly.
Robert H. Cox,
235-10t. Sergeant Administrator.
Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street., 227-tf,
Governor Davis Urges AH
Regardless of Race or
1 Creed to Assist
Ministers Here Tomorrow To Appeal
to Parishoners To Help?Allotment
For Alexandria $5,000.
j :
i Governor Westmoreland Davis has
I issued a proclamation in the inter
| est of the Jewish Relief Campaign
| which will begin Tuesday. October
| 14 and end October 24, in which he
i urges on all citizens of Virginia.
! regardless of race or creed, to con
1 tribute as liberally us they can to
this worthy cause.
In the various churches of the
city tcmorow the ministers will
make an appeal urging upon the cit
izens to contribute to this cause.
The local committee will begin its
first work of the drive next Tues
day. There is every indication that
a liberal response will be made by
the citizens it) the. interest- of this
cause and all are asked to give as
much as they can. Alexandria's
allotment is $5000.
The proclamation follows-:
Whereas. The Jewish people of
Europe and Asia who fought with
the Allies for liberty and humanity
have suffered a terrible persecution
and now face death by starvation
and untold privations; and
Whereas, These grievously wrong-1
ed and oppressed people of necessity i
now must look to the United {
States for relief, and a committee
of responsible persons has been or
ganized in Virginia "to assist in rais
ing an equitable portion of the nec
essary funds: now
Therefore I, Westmoreland Davis,
Governor cf Virginia, do hereby des- ;
ignate October 14-24. 1019. as the |
official Jewish Relief Campaign dates I
in the Commonwealth of Virginia,
ami I earnestly urge upon all citi
zens the Commonwealth, irres
pective of?- race or creed, to contrib
ute. as liberally as their respective
mean* will permit tq^ this most
worthy ami deserving t'fiuse.
.Given/under my hand and under
the. Lesser Seal "of the ?' Common
wealth, at. Richmond, this second day
of October, in the year of our Lord
one thousand nine hundred and nine
teen, and in the one hundred and
forty-third year of the Common
(Signed) Westmoreland Davis.
* Governor.
By the Governor:
(Signed) R. O. James,
Secretary of the Commonwealth.
London, Oct. 11?King George i
yesterday completed Great Britain's
ratification of the German peace J
treaty. The document ratified by
him has been dispatched (o Paris.
Several bargains in used FORD
CARS at Remschel's. 2-13-f>:
itEomitEU i:y True act ok con
gress mk a n just 21, i:H2.
Of Alexandria Gazette. published daily
sit Alexandria. V:?.. for six month's
ending September ?!". l!'l!<.
Slate of Virginia
County of Alexandria
Before nie, a notary- public i:i and
! fi?r the State and county aforesaid, per
s sonally appeared M. T. Hwycr. \vln?,
i having been duly sworn according1 to
I law. deposes and says that he is the
I editor of tiie Alexandria Gazette. and
that the following is. to the best of
his knowledge and belief, a true state?
I iiient of the ownership, management
j and eireulation of the aforesaid publi
cation for ttie date shown in the above
j caption, required by the Act of August
>21, lull!, embodied in section I i:t. Postal
Laws and Regulations, to wit:
Publisher. Alexandria Gazette Cor
poration. Alexandria, Va.
Editor. Michael T. Dwyer. Alexan
dria. Va.
j 2. That the owners are Howard W.
Smith, Alexandria, Va.: William A.
Smoot, Alexandria. Va.: Robert S. Bar
rett. Alexandria, Va.
.1. That the known bondholders, mort
gagees. and other security holders own
ing or holding 1 per cent or more of
total amount of bonds, mortgages, or
other securities are: Mrs. Kate Waller
Barrett, Alexandria. Va.
5. That the average number of copies
of each issue of this publication solo
or distributed, through the mails or
otherwise, to paid subscribers during
the six months preceding the date
shown above is 2.750.
t Editor.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this "th day of October. 1919.
Xotary Public.
(Mv commission expires November 17.
Salvation Army-, Sunday School at
J 2:30 p. m., and Salvation meeting
! at 8 p. m.
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Rev.
Louis Smet rector, masses at 7. 9
and 11 a. m., and K. of C.. vesper
service at S p. m.
Second Baptist Church. Rev. 0. P.
Lloyd will preach at 11 a. m, and
at S p m., Sunday School, 9:30 a.
m. B. Y. P. U, 7 p. m.
? St. Paul's P. E. Church, Rev. Dr.
P. P. Phillips, rector, services;
Sunday School, 0:30 a m.; Men's
?Bible Class, 0:45 a. m.; services at
U a. m., and evening service, 7:30
p. m.
Immanuel Chapel, Braddock Height,s
at 8 p. m. The Rev. Rev. Wm, J.
Morton, D. 1)., will preach and ad
minister the Holy Communion in
Immanuel Chape1.
First Baptist Church,- Rev. ])>?. E
B. Jackson, pastor, II a. m.. subject"
"An tjnseen Power." 7.45 p. m..
"The Faith of Abraham" Sunday
Sckool, 9.30 a. m., and B. Y. P. U..
7 p. m.
Grace P. E. Church, Rev. Edgar.
Carpenter, rector, order of service*
tomorrow; Holy Communion, 7:30 a. ?
m., Sunday School, 9:30 a. m., morn
ing service. 11 a. m.; evening ser
vice, S p. m.
Services at Trinity M. E. Church
Rev. A. E. Speilman pastor, will b:- a
follows, 9.45 a. m., Sunday Schooi
and Bible Class; 11 a. m., communion !
with and -address by the pastor and '
sermon at 8 p. m.. by the pastor.
Methodist Protestant Church, Rov.
(I. J. Hill, pastor, Sunday School ai'd
Bible class 9.30 a. m., preaching a
11 a. m., "Finding One's Self" 7.4r
p. m., "Does It Pay to lie a Christ
ian." Christian Endeavor, 7:15
p. m.
Alfred Street Baptist Church, color
ed, Rev. W. II. Rowell, pastor, ser
vice at 11a. m., and 8 p. m., an 1 re
vival services conducted by Rev. Kir.'
beginning tomorrow and eontiruir.
two weeks every night. Prayer se?:
vices daily at 10 a. m.
Free Method-ist Church, R.n*. I.. I
Kelly, pastor. Bishop William Piercc
will hold the quarterly mee'ir.g v
!he Freen Methodist Church. Thei.
wiill be preaching tonight at 7 .'li
o'clock. Sunday at 11 a. in., m-i 1 Ml
p. m.. and Txn'e Feast at 2.30.
Immanuel Luaheran Church, at. 11
o'clock tomorrow morning Rev. J
Freedrick Wenchel. of Christ Luth
eran Church. Washington, wil!
preach on "The Unity of Faith,'
and Sunday School will lie held ai
!>:.'50 o'clock.
Second Presbyterian Church. Rev.
Dr. John Lee Allison, pastor subject
at morn in,g service "The Suprsn c
i Duty of the IFour." Evening' sub j del
I the fourth of a series of sermons or
"Prophecies" Sunday School, 9.-j0 a
m.. aid Men's Bible Class 1" a. :r.
and Christian Endeavor, 7.45 p. ir..
Methodist Episcopal South, west
side of Washington near King
street, Rev. Dr. E. V. Regester, pas
tor, will preach at 11 a. m? and 8 p
m. He will also teach the Henry
K. Field Bible Class to men at J):30
a. m.. tomorrow morning. Come, yov
will find a hearty handshake an I
warm welcome.
Christ P. E. Church services
will be as follows: 9:30 a. m., Suq
1 day School in the Parish Hall, and
' the Emmanuel Men's Bible Class in
the church; 11 a. m.. service and
sermon by the rector, Rev. Wm. J.
Morten. D. 1).. :}::{() p. m., public
Baptism service in the church; m p.
m., sendee and sermon by . Mr.
i Mortimer W. Clover, a member of
| the senior class in the Theological
I Seminary of Virginia.,
1a. t First Presbyterian Church.
South Fairfax street, by'undencmi
j national workers. '4f . you don't
i know .Jesus, come and get acquaint
j ed with Him; if you do. come and
i learn niure about Him. Salvation in
the good, old Bible way. Sunday.
Tuesday and Thursday S p. m. 243-lp
Mr. Woodbury is an' expert on
FORDS. Have you seen him ai
Remschel's. 243-6c
'? '
The quarterly term of the corpo
ration court Judge L. L'. Barley pre
siding ,will convene at 11 o'clock
Monday morning.
Miss Thomas Barnett and daugh
ter Miss Jessie, of Phoenixville, Pa.,
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
The board of directors of the
Cham'ber cf Commerce will hold a
meeting Monday night at 8 o'clock
in the rooms of that organization.
Many of the Alexandrians who
have been attending the annual re
union of the United Confederate
Veterans in Atlanta, returned home
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barnett and
their son and daughter-in-law, have
returned from a trip to Niagara
Falls, Buffalo, Philadelphia and
The Alexandria High School foot
ball team yesterday played the Bus
iness High School eleven of Wash
ington on the grounds of the local
team, the score being 0 to 0.
Mrs. Mollie. V. Shuman has sold to
Mi*s. Katie M. Finnell and Miss
Mary E. Hellmuth two houses and
lots on the south side of Fairfax
between Wilkes and Gibbon streets.
Beginning Monday a jitney ser
vice will be established between this
city and North Rosemont by W. S.
Smith, manager. It will be operated
under the name of the People's Ser
vice Line. Watch for advertisement
in Monday's Gazette.
Evangelist L. A. Bennett, of the
M. P. Conference will conduct evan
gelistic services at the Methodist
Prctestan/t Church beginning October
2*5. Rev. Mr. Bennett is a most suc
cessful evangelistic. The public is in
vited to attend these services.
All arrangements have been com
pleted for the vesper services at 8
o'clock tomorrow night at St. Mary's
Catholic Church .under the auspices
of Fitzgerald Council No. 459,
Knights of Columbus. As heretofore
stated in the Gazette the choir from
St. Patrick's Church will sing the
service and a sermon will be preach
ed by Rev. M. J. Roirdon, of Wash
Miss Eleanor Skagjrs and Mr.
Barrett Young: Williams, both of
Washington, were married at noon
today in Christ P. E. Church by
Rev. Dr. W. J. Morton, rector, The
bride was {riven in marriage by her
father. Mr. Richard Skaggs, Mr.
Harry C. Rollins was best man.
Otehr attendants included Mr. S.
Warren Skaggs, brother of the
bride, and Mrs. A. Williams, both of
i To the vofters of Jefferson Dis
trict Alexandria County:
'? A false ru'nior is being circulated
'.throughout Alexandria county by
i-'omc of my opponents to the effect
j 'that I have with drawn from the
{trace for supervisor of Jefferson
i (District. I brand this as a direct
('falsehood, as I am in the race to
I |it'ay, and have every assurance
j Hrcm the voters of my district tha't
?I will be elected (by a large major
, rty?regardless of the false reports,
?and dealings of those who are op->
j jposing me.
Jacob Carl,
''Candidate for Supervisor for Jef
liferson District. 238-fit.
j Having qualified as administrator
i of the estate of the late Elizabeth
1 Taylor, this is to notify all persons
j having claims against estate to
i present them, statement properly
i certified for settlement. All persons"
' indebted to deceased will please set
tit* promptly.
Robert H. Cox,
235-10t. Sergeant Administrator.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Alexandria Water
Company will be held at the office
of the comipanyv Monday, Novem
ber 3rd, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.
2&9-23t. ' George Uhler, Secretary.

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