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Left. .1. I-I. Thomas, secret s'vy of the British It:iil\\ ;i v Men'.'? union
li<v:t| uf the h>.tifm) striking rnihvjiy workers. Kiglit, Sir Hubert Steven>
Home. i>!'i? it'll minister of labor.
F-fW ArA
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bs^'' ' "/'TH''
i I v i , i ^>hd'{yiM^i
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Keitwtiknble action /?!n?fshowing Germans lighting I'oles at the
rniiiU.i(l :?!nt?1 "ii a! .My-brvit/,, tipper Silesia.
Capitalist Reflections.
The pronoun "1" ami the inter
je? :ion "O" are l<e!ter written without
using :i ? :?l?it:iI. Let "U" lie added ami
it signifies ti::it the writer has no
capital at aM.--Ko.ton Transcript.
Mystery Solved.
Her eyes were red. and she explain
I that she had been to a wedding. "1
:iu:iys cry more :it a wedding than 1
!:> at a funeral?it's so tutteii more un*
rriain."- ? Boston Transcript.
I 5 %'-Y
5 ?? V
I <? 4 V v /
An interest .tig } ? ?u;:i j ?] i of Aviator Ma icon passing tinder the bridge of
Var. at Ni' .\ I'lame. Th<* plane has a width of nine meters, while the arch of
the bridge is only a little over I I. and the plane was going at a speed of U2
miles per hour.
Foundation of True Beauty.
The truest beauty arises from a noble
character. A soul which is radiant
with love and truth lights even the
Fich Live in Ice.
During several months of each year J
-nme of the great rivers of Siberia are ;
frozen solid to the bottom, but the j
bomelic .t tace into beauty which is not fishes imprisoned in the ice maintain
transient. 1 u; whirl, grows ever deeper their vitality and resume their act'ivo
uud more abiding as the years pas< on. i !ife v.hen the ice melts in the -pt'ii"
You can almost surely escape the "Flu" and Grippy
Coids this Fall by Taking Chasco- Vin a Most
Palatable Body-Building Tonic.
Don't put if off its, much easier; Vin, a i.ody-buikliirg tunic that does
to I'.t'p the "Flu" uw;;y than it is to;i>uild.
cure it. - j It is the toning up of the system ,
No e would have the awful ex
p ri-.1: ? ? of a
ti ir
? a!: shcu
especially tho
thai counts in keeping tlie "Fi
ir ago repeated {nway.
uike every precau- ; In conjunction with Chasco-Vin we
ose who are weak [advise using1 a good anti-septic so!u- ,
"* - 1 - ' 4-U^Attf ov**J finrl
nc-rvous ? and run-down. They
ltttcly need Chasco-Vin. ^
1 >:<~Intr the last epidemic thousands:
tion for the throat and nose and also
that the bowels be kept open.
Chasco-Vin is sold by Edgar War
w;rv i- < *cgua"ded by taking Chasco- j field, jr.. King and Pitt Streets.
Thousands of mothers say Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound is the best
remedy for croup they .know. It cuts
the thick choking mucus, clears away
the phlegm, opens air passages and
eases hoarseness. The gasping, Strang! j
i ing ffcht for breatn gives way to;
quiet breathing and peaceful sleep. T..
J. McOa.1l, Athens, 0., writes. "We!
have ussd Foley's Honey ami Tar in
cur home fcr years and find it in- j
valuable for coughs and colds?cspec-:
ia-Uy for croup for our children. We
are never without 1: and cannot too
highly recommend it."
Sold- Everywhere.
is completely washed out of the sys
tem by the celebrated Shivar Min
eral Water. Positvely guaranteed by
money back offer. Tastes fine: costs
a trifle. Delivered anywhere by our
Alexandria Agents, F. S. Harper.
Inc. Phone them.
Zar.o the Qcnn, AniiseDtic
Liquid, Gives Prompt Reiki
There is one sal:-. c., ?mcbbh treat
ment that relieves itcliii1;; torture and
that cleanses and soothes the r.kii:.
/Ask any druggist for a ?.3c orS! br.f'o
cf Zci. o end apply it a:; dirc_ted. Soon
you wiJi find that irritations, pi triple::,
blackheads, eczema. b^tchcs, rrn^orri
and sir.: ikr skin troubles will disappear.
ZcrrLO, the pe'.".et:??i:?:,.?;. satisfyin:*
liquid, is all that iz needed, tor
banishes most skin eruption;?,
the ckin colt, smooth and health/.
The E. W. Rcro Co., Clavc'.zr.r, Q.
ff-5 \v
the success ESIfflra
or failure of
any day ds
pends upon whether
the bowels functional:::
properly or not
Yea Need
c? M
M %
11 s
The digestion of r:<
entails the prodix-;;
of poisons that r
be eliminated rc^v
and thoroughly.
L^.-Kcst Su!c of Any
Mcdicino in (tie Wor! !
Sold every wlwr^. In bf>r.ci, J Or..,
The ideal stomach and
iiver tonic. Gives you a
new lease on life,
Makes everything you
eat taste good.
Takes away that dull
stupid listless "all in" feel
ing, and enables you to en
joy life to the fullest ex
tent. ,
Vigor and vim are the
results of a few closes.
Get a bottle today.
Gibson's Drug Store
Is'the Sole Distributing Agent in
'REG?One choice $500.00 lot in
Roscmunt. Register today if possi
ble. Books close Monday, Octo
ber 20th, at 2 p. m. F. C. fiood
now* Company. (52-1 King street.;
.'?5.0(1 Bags $2.05
Silk chiffon velvet Handbags
w ith miner tops an i attached
purse* Bea.utiful1y iined. Finish
ed with largo silk tassel.
$3.01) Bags, $1.31)
Slwtrlax lea'ther hand'bagb jj
fitted with pui'st' :rid ribbon.
Bh'.ck only. '.Nicely lined.
$3.00 Hags. $3.98
Silk bags in beaded effects,
)| iitcjly lined ami finished wibh
large tassel. Blade an ! colons.
First Floor l.;:r.-:burgh & Bio.
$1.50 Dresses, $1.00
Infants' Lor.;," and Short
Dresses, made of fine (juality
nainsook with sinockcd y dees;
r.nd.s ami sleeves trimmed with
i.i-e edges. Sizes up to - year;.
$?>.50 Coats at $7.!J5
Children's Coats, made of
jji ly chinchilia in the attrac
tive box styles w'hich at e so
much irr demi'nfl this yt ar. I'il)
ishe.l with belt. Six s to G
Tiih'd FJoc.r Lansburgh it Bro.
You Can't Care Rheumatism
Wiia Liniments and Lotions
If j'Oij arc afflicted with Rheu
matism, why waste time with liiii
mciits, lotions and other local ap
plications that never did ct;rc
Rheumatism, and ntvr will?
Do not try to rt:!? the pain awny,
for you never will Miceced Trv
of tiic ~? tlint crime the dis
ease. S. S. F *i'i" : equal as a
i)lood clean c:', core-; of sttl; :rcr->
say til.*'t it ! 1; cl-Mii .cd their
blood of Rheumatism. and remov
ed all trace of the di. cm from
th.:ir system.
Get a bottle of S. 'S. S. at vour
the sensible plan cf finding the i drug store and rjc: o:: the right
cause of the pain. Remove the i treatment to-lay. If you want
cause, and there cat) be no pain, j special mcdical advice, address
Vou will never be rid r fRheuma- ! Mcdical Director, A'J Swift LaLora.
tism until you clcaiue your blood j tory. Atlanta, Ga.
Notary Public Underwriters Insurance
I want to buy several small farms near the city.
Several inquiries for same are now on my files. (
(531 S." Lee St.
531 S. Lee St.
?127 S. Fairfax
Camp Humphreys Road 3, 7 room
houses, cach ?2500
Dei Hay 1 lots
15 acre farm and 5 room house
r, ar Linconia and Lunt t:'.!:!
tipn $2300
222 S. A>frcd St $3500
308 X. Columbus St. ...... $5000
<12(5-128 S. Washington .. $0001)
31!) S. Pitt $52-",0
112 S. Pitt $5,000
101 X. Pitt, lots 120-22-2! $(550
102 1-2 S. Royal St $1200
2'is X. Royal $<5500
?110 S. Lee St. ..." $1400
117 X. Henrv St .>0000
7';') X. Patrick Si.
::i ! S. Patrick St. .
:;!7 S. Patrick St. .
32-. S. Patrick St. .
331 S. Patrick St. .
222 X. Alfred St.
J ilO Duke St
$ i 's5u
$ 1250
?i 12 Duke St,
Jill? anri I 121 Duke, each >550
l.'Ji5 Duke S*. $7500
1301-11 Duke street. corner
hou.se $2500. re.;t each.. $2000
X. W. cor. Gibbon and St. Asaph.
Street $3250
?110 Prince Street $12000
3018 Pendleton St $J350
( r. of Princess and i'itt S lots.
1018 Queen St $2100
1017 Queen St $2000
Garrt'fon St. (Xext to Armour
and Co.> $1200
1212 King St $4500
1002 rince Street $4,500
ii & Co,
113 South Fairfax Street
Overland 4 After Two Years of Actual
Demonstration Is Officially Announced
nusual Public Interest fla< L?een
Centered in This Lai est Mode'
I'hrce-Poinl Suspension Design is
Introduced for First lime j
Willys-Overland Asserts Springs Are
Greatest Improvement in Motor
Cars Since Pneumatic Tires
Ovisnki?;.! I. the new car of hg'it.
weight construction 1 " which .:!?*
public hn ? been waiting since its ni
tre ductirn wa's firstt run.omi at t.ie
.;*.r'?t b i!o she v:.> unnut l wc? yovs
;i*/i. Wns .1 on exhibition in
n*s of 1 ho Aoro Auto * o.,
1101 King Sirsi t. this week.
The men a.n.l women who ins;>ect
. i the Overland -1 today were re! ?*
x-j-entative of the visiters to Ovcr
i jitiii'f-rr.nms in a thousand ?
inwnfc, and ban*.Jets of the United
? * <tc ?. '1 h / <_?;? ? j"1 it si t* *. s dealer-*. fi u
M-.lino to p ?I:i. r."nd from vV;.
*i? ? t ]* ?!'! !:> II.: W lalVC (>11 I .* ?
Va.v i y or mere of the new n" -' -'s
io- ev/i'r.l as rir.1' ! lying "the grs u
,.;'c in r'.ling coroto'L
s:.:-... ?})?;? introduction of pneumMi:
New Type of Springs
This Im.TovMner! t; the use
^ti'urr-i n
t:-yal.'y ? racef'::: in body des:-n
'vcrlr.:i?I 4 maker} \ ??plerxlid inip'-es
? ??!! the v!? ' I- w..s this new
? f i_[?? nf ?; ;;. hoWJ'.VCr, WiVi'h
?!???::r'.ic I n: itori^t attention at ih"
. .. n>-.. I>. is a combination >'?
?wo s.rir. iplos ?? have been used
*.*r.a'v.-'t advantage in ant? :ii
* r.1:;n"!ii;n: !? i:st. that of cani.; 1 *ei
I second the flexible th?ee
t mint (rn-tTtur^on.
T!" hit-turious rling comfort these
? r/r r vs furn i the <" r wes im-it.opi
ate! v un !' ;*>? t?' <? ar..! nppivciatcd. I
ii this feature which ghv< fco the
: ?? ? ,1 r r..!,f
? ?v.' Ovi r. '.r.d ' ?r. ? . ?'!
w :gh'. that degree e: r; .nig e'-nitcn.
i-d h th t!? ;:?> 'lie only
fcig.h-r?i"" '? h?avicr cars.
liut this? is only one of many feat
' ; OvCli.:"'! I \\ "iieh bafk fcM ?'
Wiv-'Ov-v!: ?? : i': ir.|tar:y*? eV :m
.... .i tt: ..iving the pU'hlie "a new
j*':i: d::! ! of rMire' ccmfert."
The v'b;n'! erea*.:on of Overland '1
lu-gm iv ve th: *i f.vo year- ago. The
f t?v- veavs Iv.ive been <! v >1..! to
<? \U :c and perfedWWsr each part of
the cars. its development
t ;; yc-.V:- of siu-t-( ? >fu! nrini!
f-.'iM'ii:^ and i'~grooving .?vperiene'
. ,?)?(. |>ii 1:!it* g'ood motor c trs.
v-;? i}).- Intniei' a' - de^'ehipnu ' ' ?
production of Overland I. Johr. X
WrV.v.s has "-..r.trTfd the vast re- j
f ti: . Wiilys-Overlait I C.-m- J
-ary. P"..'.iueuio.n will be on a .???:! j
?A-'reh wr! assure the greatest econo
riiies in n^a^'ifa "ariiig.
Ideal Guide Design.
i:rig the dcvelojjnv.of this
veii' i'-kal if new car was MWii'.j*- .
' I aJ of a mir.tor c-.r which woulf
ertafcene with th:- eemtotnfr. of iitrh'
v.iV;-.-". r! y& thci mi'ortahle ndintr
s at" ! the .?Taniir. i < f ? -'
heavy :.rd exper^ive aut^nvbi:-.-'.
Hl pr p:'.scd a -':-.r of i>u.!t-:n iu..!.n>
whjeh would free the owner from all
?.'t^iible i:i?-ii op t-Mpenx*-. I :
r:t ircs-'bi-. the company claims, un
?" the \Y:lly.--Ovei :u: i ( n:omy de
v-sr-l this' irittresting three-point;
aprffag sojsipejtsiion, a spring seating
nbd?ca% d:ffcirent; from the c <n\~n
" Diiiil n s'gn of f t:r -p: ntg.- ??
Itlir.g the chassis frame. New as
thlis spring s'jsptr".?n is, i> ?s inter
pst/ng to note thait the design has
hson' approval by the Sockty of
A " :v. ivs ' Ergtv. ecrs.
B&fore the final a<5option_ of th:
nsiw spring?, special breaking * and
buntpir^: ntachir.s were rigged up a.t
?the factor}-, : r.! the cars, after that
guppcstf'By dcsferutltwe test, wsire
-:nt out on t"tI trips which carried
them 5rr> eveiry section of the cousi
'? v in a.! lis ? f weather c~r.
titoc?: The cars were driven over the
Reeky Mountains, through the desert
reads and boulder stndtchss of th?
^outhw st. over *'i ? sag.' '"J-n a"
??.v\ of Tibcas. an 1 through the mad
and ci.iv of. the Mtss-c-uui Va'.-ley.^ A
tv*~j year*' tc-k. c- verirg
nt'!.'?* of travel! The car satrsf - i 'iv
corrp^tys or.g'ttft-rs tr.-tt>?- v.?
rt-ht. The war perjed wbxh he.
?".) r.; ! ' titir w s ?Tevo-" i an e.-.
h 13?' rve perfection of ear details, r'
sir:nr the qu:!:ty ar/i '? n;y ' '-t
?V:thr :- em^bas'Zing s"en i ?
r.r> n.nasiiai'y a* ?'*?(*> tVi* :l '*
ance, the all-steel boo" with an ???'
! .i!<l L enamel ftvish nr. I other in
to ? rg (ici'aila may be said fchfat
ti t interest renters in f ? r
r. 'V a.tv! distinctive fca'tur.'.s Ovi r
! 1. The ye features. each w;: h
l : r.*-: rist's st-udy, are:
Springhase, Not tVhct'-base.
i fFOvt. c." c urse. the 1-r:i ec-p :
j c .tr.t.'icv: r spriirt? suspension-. \The
j- ?? on Otresfcuid -1 ext :. i fifteen
ir iu - frcm a pi 'rt or; the chassis
| rid iihe axles at- front ami roar,
j _' - a v/'. - diagonal shape to the
| ???????: .:s. The. ''in- hi:- thus an actual
. s p:'?.irhaa6 of JJU) inches, n';th'ougrh
| the cr.r v.;;::r!ba-*e iifcscif is 100 inchs1?
I . h f flexii>iy responds to it
jl; k of keep?nnr the body and pas*
t'tiinar "!i a c T.>ta: :ly i \\ r
kc li ! :?1 H.r?vay. a?l hireh
i: r :itta-tf-nialiy li-ssi ?: Ai. The w
j ~u?t is a roomy, easy-ridimr car cn :
? ????x ?;.-?> ? of spring^ so do-'ui ? ; a
to ;ibsci b road Shocks from the
\"ii:'.'ys Ovt ? "an ! ?.r.j?i neons n.ak ? ? h
? li a) f Jiav.in,yr :
'??ir thai rides 'w . tm any cyan.
S. ? ??!? -K:*v a Th n:w .-;.i '";v
o i ?: the car from r?.s! <h ck
; n tk i? - Lbie much light r
: ? ?! h a great sa-V'ftg ?'
a- i t'.'. >. I- h* r:r na, the ca;
? ? pi: ? . ?: a eves*: bl 3 th:-1 ?
u.|". : ar i rsp'Rirs must be great
y : . I. Y? t the parts hav
tor in upkeep. Tte car is assembled
from five uniits ortly. The chassis is
of all im"ulv(d mechani a:. Tin
?r :ro assembly rcqukes or !y 50 bolts
Ti:: . en.tr: t-e is a remarkably hiarh
: thoroughly up-'t:o-thc-m:Tiui<1
r pi. compact ar. i :n.ji ?. Th?
? a' ?! c ? -T tesigr
??peak the rea<iy aciresssbility to a:'
! A t
T vl C,ji; i'ky. Spfcijstia::ons ir
f rhcit th.- Hvcrlar. i > ha- '? ol*
'"id r' each part >f the finest ijualr
.ty stovN and ,*el alloys. Th * car'v
par^s have br-.T. rr.acivLacd v.:thin th
?i - -t p -.-ittic liiri: s pcnr.if.ir.jr :
:l:ty f e sr.? timet ion e"i thai
a har. i-ma i ? M'-vhir'.. I: -].
' - at th?? - ? ? i rr.il1'.' whs p.- th
c.im'pany has stationed expert metal
? re 'sis to t ?..??? < yery h? . ?- f - ?
:d th/ ihaj>?ct:cr ends only v.:"'?
:h ? ovrait 's dlr'vir.? the car av.-iy
Th;- ?rr;k rcaebino: the factory
' L'r a!I f ! v*f ffr-J.ir f h V.Mi IV :?V," *!J- j
r.s. Tir- itself is a v. -w f ?> .
ti'v in au?.?!??h:ie corstrueti n. Tht j
dy s ;.il? :t-?l with an fivn-bal: ''j
er.amel.fir.ish. The vons^rnetfon V
? ' rfie ?!r?'I tl.balamse ? f }j:irt ? .
part is unusual'*.* fine. Th;- car has
been designed weijrht.
! niisually (,'omplele Kqaipmcnt
' . i th Bountiful a:.d t??p' v j
i.t. In every df tiil fi >m i i
. :: ri.n < to AutZ-i/te .?' wU "?
i:;'::;s and hoi?*:?. the eqisi'prrient of
Ovei'lar.l -1 apr.:ars to ha\ 1) . j
r!anned with a sin.trie view if cam-!
A". ? hinrs. v.r i: h a1 .? : ?. '
?? ! "i: ? these ir a nul'man, .-??? ' '
. i "with t.iv Jtixu^r"- u- A * -1 ?
-j i l>*Vin .-j '"inxs. The vr.\ i.-ha-.
. 'an' a: rain v' Th< ? r. -r ir
top. ?"-is and : an
Tbo hern button is in the cente--]
of the steering- wheel. Thi.* control- j
. ? a" n. ":*:m .?: on a k .-y'.oa-.i on
CVV! in ir?tant an: ren-ly rc-r. h.
A" iii aHj Ovrlat-.i i . t.pr
**. ;t' ?t^ -j'::;* ??? nioi* ' ? ;i -? 1 -
,, v J J. .. . ... .. :
? ' ;
.? X".''. ww'awWw *;
,\.y distinctive comfort, economy,
an I convenience. It will be
? .,!: ted in f.;ur bcdy .--tylcs: A
-' ??1. a* >!; euupC at $1,325; tour
I g car ami roadster at :>K 15, f. o. b.
Ti led'o.
Ink-resting Details Feature
The motor of the Overland '1 is
. : en br:fc;c with a removable head.
! has generous valve epeni:rti.
The Itfirlca-tin-i? ami oiHng system
?rmirc -no panics. The ell is circu
it: 'i by pressure auitoiv.a tjeally
crea:e.d and the water is circulate I
y the Th< nno-Syphnn s\ -tem or
. n!a?R3l c< olitog nM$tho<!. Nu power
'? required of the mett to cpci'atc
these systems.
Tile st oiting. apparatus i- of the
(<1::?!?.: li'y type with the gear.
at the botitom of the steering1 ?-< lumn
fly this ana!;gemer.''..s all the train i
?iken at three points Ir.-ictd of at
The ' cit ;< ? f tUe single plate
: vpe now iisctl by 7J per cci-t of th
f:r ira n ufaoftirreiv:. The selective
v ti: -m?: ha ?: t.hri ? pet i
mvaI ' ai. : rever> . 1'. opc-iates in
Th? car i-v equipped with ' wo
: s f ;>t and hand. The.-" v
" :i::h 'hums on each wh t '! ar
a.'-";ro safety are brgwr th
o; Ity demawi'ii
Keyboard Control
Up; r; the iii-truwier.'t board, or
key-niai d" ju; i. I- Cat: i on the
? vflaR;! i, Is ?ntra;;/.: i the lia-nd
It. ? tie, -park a:: i choke : ? .?? troi.
:: i the iXV:r. and clcetri'c buttons,
?ogtther with the -:p i >m; ter dial
:? eu i: ? i ind lector.
I:. a:! lien to the handle throttle:
h': a f ' ao-i "erator I1..0 l iy
1 ft-- ??'?.itch and l-.ake ped'tlu
>?.: adjustable t<^ rc-aurh.
T ? deep -<at,s (,r the Over?
! i su'pp:em :vt the Thn I'olnt
:r Hvr'nes and <--<mf'? r: ?l? ;'
?? .;rm five pa -< _ 1-. Ti.'
ashi>. ns avi equipped w: >. -VI:? ? - h?i;
'vgi: q>i ing.s. The u|.i.ol 1 ry
: "alvut the ca ' rs !-?r:grain
r.utlatex. All cushions, including th?
ick ;'.r i ?' . ? a? re- ? vjiM". The
Cflt-ma:. top is F Durat ?.
Body !s Ail Steel
' . the chief of the bui-ld
h - r. '-'1 ma :n the hi' nc
-1::i of quahty throughout the
r iCth t ? ? it"!ar:d man 1
This ha.- b? n carried to the
1 finl-.'n, th ? i. .y dcia:
'the c:.r r,???; a sterila'i'.e t?ody
! ? ;y eonsfcitocUd -if
:th ;r.tir..jr wi? ;.-h";? Id. The fu . -
cv.t-m fer.-iers are of heavy .sheet
? Tin- ifutmlne: !>?ar!.; :.:e cov
. th iinoieum, aiumiiiiitti 'nri.
i'.i ? 1 y i cha- - : are f : 'sh? d . 1
htrd .'Ki.:!:ed enamel. The fitting are
;k I a" . polfiffhcd ... ;Tn:na:in
. .. ? ? . = .equipp - i with a . A at'
T.lte iwo-;i.nit starting a;: i lighti.i^
?v --om. heau'l^hts ? v/'th a d:m;nt,;i*,
!:i-h ar ! tall-light;, a iragn t ??
-peedci:r.C'ter, elrctrie horn, spare tiro
? ? ? "Xt rn rm. trcri ;?!< ' ? ' cf
I , ':" i' ii.-.ir . I v: ar i m.p;
Ti.t tires are mounted on demount*
?!a rims.
Because of the unprecedented de
rr. . fe?? :? c ' >?. ?. land J. !? ?
f !? thi ' . r
'lens l'ir dc! very t i puiehu.- -r
the order in which requests arc r

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