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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, October 15, 1919, Image 5

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Men Used to Breafh?ng Germs Saad
to he Almcist Immune
St. Louis, Oct. 15.?There is no
indication cf an epidemic of influ
enza this winter, according to
speakers at the convention of the
Association of Military Surgeons of
the United States, in session here
y(j.-<fcerday. v ?.
V'Cel. Victor C. Vaughn, in. an ad
dress, declared the fouler the at
mosphere and the more-bacteria one
breathed the more immune he Vould
be to disease. This was proved, he
sai(| hy statistics compiled during
the J war, which shewed that the
greatest death rate from disease,
was# among men from rural dis
tricts. ?
"The city reared man," he assert
ed, ; '"is accustomed to breathing
filthy air, while the country bred
man; is not, and consequently a foul
atmosphere will affect the latter
sooner than the former."
New} York Leader Says 50,000 Long-,
shoremen Will be Back By Sat- j
New York, Oct. 15.?Six of the larg
est longshoremen's locnl unions voted
fcoda? to return to work, John F. Ri
y, chairman of the Longshoremen's
strike committee, arin'oureed h'st
ghfc. These fccals, h? said, havs a
com Wined membership of 15,000 work
ers. :
Thy.' backbone of the sbilike has been
brokfiu declared R;!ey. Ha predict
that 50,000 men will back at work
by Saturday.
oindcxler Charges Internationa! Re
volutionary .Movement Brewing
A:i. inftei'iiatccnal revolutionary
?vcjrtjent is brewing1 in this country
ml -s immediate measures of
?pre.ssion are taken the government,
the United States will be strangle'!
its grasp. '
This warning was sounded in the'
n'aie yesterday hy Senator
m^exiter, ot" vVashingcon.
"Tile'time has come," Senator I'om
e.vier s*u<(, "wiien- -t iieiiOows il::.
?eminent to suppress anarch,-, a::'!
eiHl rtsolf it a is io iimiiimii. :t
powcrs. I'iie el't'eeis <>i :nt. -
n'al pic(?ai;a:ithi arc already niaari-j
est i.-i iiii'i:ea ami ohe ?
oiiie lc;r tiie go\criviceiu Vo i'? '
: >yys.
? iJL.. fYS. ?.?:?
Ti a kt'i.u ; !i:i if.:, en of I'cS^iinn saw till lliere wnrj-fo see at* Niagara Falls,
ami for t!it* purpose t!:cy donned oilskins, as shown 'u.lhe photograph.
vigorously, else the government
may fail. A government That run"ot
function must always fall.''
Senator Poir.ilexter introduced a re
solution taliir.ir <!'i 'he attorney Gen
eral for a stat'-meot as to his pol
icy in han.llir.jc Polshovists, J. W. W.
agitators a::d unaivhisfcs. \ct''on- upon
it was (IclayL-.:! unr:! today.
"Ti.e purpose. motive-; and. objec ts
of thr* striker.- at Gary, hid.,
u;.e c'v::riy >t\o'lttioiraiy,' M>\ j
i'.\"L. i' sad id nipiro t. of h::>
rc iclut: ifi*.
"It appears l;un evidence ai'Vady
p?'C M" ? (t '?> r'li- ?' ? ni|M ' cl
orati.1. -\11- J'lrL-niM>. th'al the
iv> ;.v t?ur.\ miv 'lot jie'iix
:r }i tu Ota-1' ? ag?'> <>?*
vi n ; i' > ?-> ' a mp*'o vd ? ?>??
? i ? il .r K 'i . if i->< r *. I' a !,.
is* f J ? k.V""4
J'.V., ;,ru i' . ?*? ;<? ?ri? h? iu.'urj
' i iiie a.r . ?? vl u?c
\ .[? '! ll a1 ?' ? Ml1 t'Jrt
Uu aiiiii'. n.> j1 cii?. *'? i-ii'ti f"V t'!
. IJ , . ?( |. o . . ..I t'r.i.m ! \
rrrm emem.
"1 was sick in ocd with Kidney
trouble," writes ('. J'. Reynold;.. Kl
mira, T.f "and my back ached so
severely I could net get up. 1 com- j
menced taking Foley iiiney 1'iib> and !
in a few dayj was ou ? of In ri X< eping 1
up the treatment, I .vasable co go to t
work. Since then t have nad no more
backaches ami no other i/o-unio >uth
my kidneys." Foley Kidney Pith: -dop
slee-p-disturbing bladriei ailment.,
lclicre rheu naiij ipaiiv.. C'1-' ?io<r ?
ele? and swollen joint
So!') >V t-!V l iK 1 v.
Xu I It E?New .iiipi'ov client.
going Jii at. Kose.tioiu. fciaci
ceeding Jay you v. ill ioiu
advanc )oln in ::,>cel .or
.building j.-iip .0 .'eoieii<'
desire io ii?'c i i v. iiai ?v<' <
IjL- Alexandria' -'liiii. - -t
stcLion, tall ii o>c and
yOU*. XM 'JI'C ilj iIc Lt.
uocdiie > Cj.iipa'iv, .ill
StlV } >. . Vi'j V *i
.1 0
ll l
j OJ
. li a v .:
?>Oj .C
sel< ct
&- rE'Lir V i'ir e*'on<? lira v r.:' '!?
xAv- ' ~
Us ^ T- " . 1 3
' Au't'j Vvncn ^?dfp*22 ycr*? C2i ae".'!
make c"cr/ mile you cHv e a p*easan'<M\
eu3:er. le35 exponas v e n silo, ?' eu ii kp o w
? .r: f?oi confidsncc rssllv
cerjenda-iis tires brintv
\ ivlijsl rnj per dollar is a simplified
S sl&ternen!. oi Firestone economy.' It
i ? r-ieano u-c greatest return on your in
v':::tmcr:r, ihs biggest value for your
i faithiul service et the Firestone
Gray Sklovvdl T ire has been Che talk oi
c ar owner ? ' -e past year, ii means
fewer Lire troubles, less annoying delays,
less u.Dir.eeo e::eensc.
I hat o. nioro liberal mileage adjustment
h h\ 'i'icv'i is oii'y an additional reason
?.Ca . -.Cli-ie \
A Firestone tire adjusted on a 6,000 mile basis at
the following prices.
30x3 Plain Si 1.60. Tubes $2.75
30x3 yz Non Skid $18.00. Tubes $3.25
32x314 Non Skid S21.00. Tubes $3.70
We ear.ry a complete line of tire accessories ?
**to Sales Co.
.x. (Li
121 North Fairfax Street
Investments. Firsi .Mortgages on Real Eatat?
?, For Cent I'aitl on Savings Deposits
".TV.*. -oWi) h th2 Constitution of Virginia, agreed to at
cesrjcr: rf Central .WcrrMy 1918, and published in pursuance ol
>'.'! 193 c_ th: an'_ act approved February 3, li>U8.
-rr , !r: "t to :???*-?! ion 32 of article 2 of the
Constitution of Virginia, and providing for publishing i^aid aiucndoiviit and
T.l::c,l -1 I'j ",io ti:o h';u::3 e? r?^!c^r.lc3 c incurring (a majority
St t *i tciTn'ii'.'z r.'- i -c. .j uv.'li Iruva ssreeinir), That the i'<? 11<? \visiir aiiifmi
? ?' to Ihj ? institution c? Virginia, b , and the same is hereb'y, prnpoHrd, and
" J .> : i :;.tr-.\il .? .cm. '?> i<> b?* chosr-n at tin- m-xl ?>-m*ral ? ii?? n ??:'
'" ?> I-.c. c " ? if v. ' iron'rum ?!(???. in rnnformily wiiii
Hi. c* t?' i"rt o" ? iri'iviy-i:i.\", el' rrliflc llftv.n "I the
r:-ik- out freni thv ' cT Virginia aoctfen thirty-two, whirh i*
i'\ ' !>-vzr-. 'f-i'M ! tj veto rlinll be f-li^ible to any
? * th "rat"\ or o' cny ??ur.it.", city. uj\v:i ur uiln-r ^niJitin- St..i?\
?" '? .?*'.. s ''sr.. :<? .*? c ;i:-'.*v/i.Tj provided in this I'uiisiiiuituit. and
i 1 :: ? nr-vi: ?? ? ? > u' i ! *!v. i chait nut ap| ly in an.* uifirr ?rli-<-ti\<?
; ij .-ii! ? ?':?'; t.'i '? v ')??(>"! !? ; i if. Men Mint v\om.-t: rKjIilryii
j cJ .*??? 'I 2 ?'? ?'?'? ?? ? <:?':? ? c* notary public, and qualiilrd t<>
'.v.- h 'iJ : r 'i\ i ?J tlr-m i:t It capacity.
Ar i ? i ? I'. '. *?'? - t' ? *??!'. .vIi?k:
. I.. U'. V P ?' -u!i q": "Hi"! 1o Vol f .shall he eliiriblf tu any ullb'f uf
1 .'J <? ;:i.' ? ? . . <ily, t j V!: ?,r utlirr suhtji. i.i.?n ,i: tin* ! -1.11 ?
.'l ?. " :i ? :*? >,l- . sit a otli'-rv. i-0 |>PoVl<leil in this" I'uiMlilul iuli. ;? ? i-J
" ??'; . * : ' " " :i "i ' "? i I l i>'/t uppiv tn any ullirr ?Ti--,tiv?'
tu - ; ???u[?l ? \\ :? ????? IV !a ? '? i nl ? ui Iut vvis>.: aiid ??:?>???}?!. ritPliiiT. thai tin
, u. c '. r ? ?: ? i '? and voting nti:ililir;ili'>n.s jihall
; not apply i': tlio apVointmoat purson# lit fill pr<sitiun.? undf'P a inutiii-ipiil
; ? .."v ??'.?"??.?! : ji . il ihnioal or prui'eRsi.mal training1 and t*xp?fri
ri .vuin n ? ?: i: t - ? 11 ;t-ar.< ' aj/v j<Ii :?I! b?* i-li^ildr I" t i> ? ? i?lli. c
r .tr. ? ' ????' ' ? ?? '*'1 < c:-:*.;ct:t3 li?? hi rvyuirod of Hum in that
A Z\ '.Z'S~ ~'l:2r. ? r'^vnt*. r.cr.t to cect!cn 1^3 of the Ounslitutiun
T1??' ;1 w/ ;j r'~>T..t:\ tli2 !i'.t:r :? of <>1^.1!CDniMirriii'X. t:i majurity
I of tii': ni T.ihi :eiet;! 'i t'J 1 ."ch ls.>iisu a^riviii^'. That tin- fnlluw in:: -
i r.1I I) ,;rj \ . t:si .;;i, 10:1 c-f V .i ;;i:i ho. anil Hi" .<:itiii- is hcri-.hy 1 ? r ??~I.
I r.ncl rcli'r.'r I t?> l.ii& tf-.:nor?;I a : -? 1 s 1.? i>" In b ? chuM-n at tin* n?*xt u?*n?'S*a? ??!??? liu'i
| zC nifi.il; o ' ;ii2 1 onof d- t*4'. fur it.= cnu^urronrf, in ruiifomiiiy u ith
t!io pro . i.:ii>n:: of stnriiuii mi" .1.; a vj iii:u.-ty-six, of arlich: Sirt?-?-n. ijf
tfco sai*'. Ccnr.titutlon, us:ii :
Striki* ni|i from tin' < "? ? 11i ili;i ion <>f \"ir^ini;i section one hundred and
":lrf.v.-h; -h i.i i.i th" fuiio-.. iii,_ vvurds:
r?o< n r: 1.1.'!. 'J'Jio L ? : ? t siihlv may. i:i itr* disiTftion providf fur tin*
compuh* ?ry tductlon oC fiuldri-n In*Iwi-fii tlx* atffM of i*i?lif .'inii ttvi'lvi'
"ears, ?-\r*?*|it .vm-h as are wnil; in hui.'y ur mtinl. nr ran ri-.-ul ami a rit?', <>r
are att-n.'ia^ jivi.ate li< 's. or ore: fxciii-rd ?'? ?r 1:1 use by liif distrh'l ;-chuol
tru:.t?M- .
An I in.-'-rt in lieu thfri'i.if tho full,twin;;:
5>oiiiu? l.'Jj. The j<i.iu :-.ii as-- iuidy m.iy, iti it. discretion, provide fur tho
; conpe' l">"3 0" r'-"?? tsi-huo.
! Tli.SOI.l i ION ;.r >;to lanmondmntit '?> U' n It? of arli-l* S uf lh??
Con.*-' 1:,u 1 ii?i: <??" Viri;iai:i. and 1?fur otibli. iiing' said anifiidiai-iit and
ceriit'.-inj; tli-- : ?-n-j Id the ???.:; .'jfu-ral a -? inbly.
T^sojvoj by the r"n:i' ; r.rul t!io huii: f of ?!? I ?k"-; fa in:ijurit> of !b
rrfl'i -r: rb < t- '.J .1 f i ?!> liuiis,- a^rv?-ili'4 1 h?? t"? That tIn- f<diuvViiiK aiiu-ni!
:nfnt ;?> till* Cull ? lltul inn \iai In-, and llu- .-?nil'- i? llfP'-by. IM'upu
and r. d to lb- Ui-lu-i.il ? ??lv" <>? In- *i,.nf:i at tin- lu-\t |,'.-ii.-l il ?dfi-rnili
of S' .:al..r.i mil ni* nibi-r uf 1 ti ?"* lion.-.- uf ?I ? ? I ? ; lui- it.- ~ tt**?? in tn
in ;jt\ |i. t|?,- j?ru\ i Mnii uiif Inindicd and niiuly-six uf art if u!
llftffU "f fa id i"'unstiriilinii. rriiindy: '
.'?'tr:1.1 cut from thf ' "oust it :ilion ?<( \ !;? is 11.'i s^ftion 1A10 humiri*d and
sevep'i i ti. \\!ii'ii i- in Mi" wi'Pii ami lijiiirfs iidluwimr, tu-\\it:
^?iticn "IT. 1 U> m-ral laws 1. >r ii ,i:i..:Uiuii and gnvfrunu-nt ?f
nnd t 'VVii : shall ><r> ena. lid by till u. n. ral a ? nib!;., and im >p- iai ri. t .shall
h(> p.1 1:1 rni iliori lh'-i","'i'. <?*.?? ?;?t in tlu* ui inin r i.ruv id.-d in aiiu'lf uon
01* this for,-! itn! ion. :m. I Ihfii o?|;. In a r- ?rd. .1 ' I v/,.-i b ltd ? of tin'
Tni-mh-r;. ?? 1.!.-d ??:.<-?? buii^" and fXfpt al.-> in tin ul iilii-s ba'.ili^
r.i irf I'i'in lii'tv tlnoisind inhabii ? 111 .? , as ii ?:?";:?!1 ? r |ir.!>'id.-.l, Itut ?????!? '??
fb" fit ami "t.nvi!.- tin- St 11?? b'l inr. al lb" lilitr of ISf a,I |?l i.-n ul' thvs
nii!o:id!ii.?nt a laiinii il' i! i ' ai ;.-r i:i:i> r.da " !h?* ann-. ???.. fill ? o l:ir as it
sir Ii r?.p-a ii-d or a tin : 1 d * ? ? 1 l>\ !!i,- :: .m-ia i a ??inhly .?I--d. tii.if rl'.v
rii";i charter is liercbv annrmlfd so as in conform to all tin- provisions.
r?-. Irfftions. liiriita I inns a ad 1 s.-t f.-lb in this article, '??? uih.-rwis.i
provided in this Constitution.
Xotv.-itlisi.iiulinjj, iio\\">. r. anyJhinrr in * 's artii'h* rontaiiifd tin- :r"in-ra!
assembly may. by urenoral law .ir by si iai act (passed asTpr.'si'ribed in
article 1 ?ur ri* this Constilution^. depart in any rfsprot (oxffin n.- ntlifr,wise
in t Ii i -s s.-ftion i,\pn-s-?r.' nl'"*. id.-in l'r nn 'In- !'? f 11 uf ? >r" 1-i i'/.-i! 1. m and
r-rnnierit or" - rib.-d by lb m ' :.-|.? i"*'!- ?'iti? a ml tow n?. and iua\ prov id",
from l!:;i? <0 limo. f ir ?,. ? various ,? i:;? ari l t?'.? ii.j uf tin- f'uniiii.mw.-:iltIi
1:' f iri.i ? ? i" tonus- -if :: ? ?: 1 ? ? il ??..?v, ra:i!<ii! as tin- !*i ? 1 n ? r:i I as.-nrld> nny
deem l:r-!: hut no form nr nns of |:m ??rruoi-nt aiuhfo i/.-d by tin- .?=? ???umf
tvnri^iapb <?;' tin; : m 1 'II !?? . -mi.- urn-: a? iv.- a>tn su.-ll ?? i I i ? <.r
towns a.s may tlmrraftor ail. a; the sasne !???' a majurity v.ot?? of its <iu:ifllie.|
fIfrtor.-* at an oh-ftiun to in* l:,-i i as miy ?>?? pi'1 -? i-iii.-d IIhti-:'.b . I < \.. All
thi: limi'a t :.>ns on lln* pu.V'T. or tin .r.nnn'ils "f and t ? ? 'a : 1impnsril b\
this ai ii il- >lnll apply .1 li': ? mari-n-f to 'In- prim inal b u. lar i\f nithoi-ily
tind'T any furm of i..i\ 1 : ana-i.t v hi- 1 iimv i?f aufhori/.f?i in ia.nitid.-r. Tli-:
term ' .??nirn il" ns u.-i-d in ?? :ons m ? ba-.ir I and tvra-rit; and
liundrfi an-*' t\vo:i!\ s.-v. ?? ' i:i - ?*<??.-! iiu?i"ii ? 11 i hf <?????.-* > ?i'*d to iin-bid"
the body r ur ?? ?< r?>v?-: .? ?.-???*?t. .-. .!. bo Vfsteil
r.-ith the prineinal leci dati*. ?? authority <>f sii h mun ? ? i:> ? iii ..
r,'it ? :'t : a- in- t'.i. ... ' n . 11: if y .-?( i.-i
AfCorOins t ? their ponuiation. hut the 'maximum population jirwcribed for
flhy class shall exceed the mlnimnfti population for the i-? :sf-- clas? by at
loa.it t; > thmi n .|. T . ? n- - ' ? .-v>Hly. *'?-? re.| n -* made ;r. manner
v i ii may ?" ...-,-i I h; ? .. ? --ir-. In '. : a pop' ' ??*" over f?r?v*
thousand inhabitants, jr.- ? ?' a a-- .! /..rm r'* .-Kfr; . n h fit;*.
' -? ,. ? ; ! i,u,'.-:iant 10 ?>??? urovi.i.m- -- ti--1
-T1 -?!! he .- t,-> t;, . ? ? . >:? . r.t' tni.s titutain r. ia'i::^ oxprfsslv-to
i ai d ' i : 1 v o'' ??oar! : ? it'?.'- fir t ? Cc.r.vj i.. .'.i.ni, coinin!;?.?ioners
of revenu*-. oity 'r''.-?.- .r< r and city forseani.-. %
.'rid 'n-er: .n ,.>it thereof the follow in r:
Sc-e. 1 IT. 11 <0 -'C-rni i -.v? for tin4 orranir.Ation ->rd yovernment of
:<--d ' ? shall he hv the serfr:?I assemnlv. a'.d no special
" ' - ?:n!I he pi:,?scd in r.'-biiion ta.-refo. e.\ ent tn the manner provided :n
.-in-: r f this- Cor.-* tit'; -n. and tiiet; only by a record??r| vnto ,-.f r-ro
;-.!?.u of ';,f m 1 ? ^ - -Ti to o-A ?'h hoti.f. But each of the cities and towns
?" the <;;.:??? > viur at '.h- 'i?:;e ef the a-ioptmr. of- thi? fenititutior. a
tmie.paj charter may retain :h>; ?Xfept ?o fsr a.~ it shall he repeal^rj
?T- 1 !< r!:^r <;,.?./?r.'i! a = .-.mb!v: provided, that every such charter is
? amended to conform to alt the provisions, restrictions. I:m:tat*ons and
?-p., ,-r forth :ij tli"-3 crt;cij. cr p:*5v:d;i 1^ tits Constitution.
.M Brilliant New Jewelry
THE Striking Designs and snappy
appearance prevailing in our new
jewelry 'lines is a matter of favorable
^ We have just added a new lot of trie
popular lavaliieres set with small diamonds
and pearls. These are comparatively in
expensive and include some of the pretti
est patterns ever shown.
Gift Jawclry a Specialty
?Ml ?:-#!
Bia^agaa^s^iKK^g^'S!Uaa^^2u?at:3r.M3.:^u :t.4Bua;i?ar-aB!a
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J. Kent White
(b) T4i? general as.-cinbly may/by ? ?.. |.?. .;ct, <liassttfi
1?' tin; nutnii?r provided in arlick:'JV,uf -of, >l( ?. < : . : . ' jv n'u;.. iVu- th'w
urga nidation and government of citie.- :;:. i ?, f ? \ .. . ' ' r^ard'/tO,i arid
ui.iiiVected by ?sinjv' of the pro visiWnr..??';:tins r.l?. v.! f :.f;t .*>? '?>' if?;otiona
?.0>' lityidled. ;alci Mtjopty'ftc.ir', <?!??? JtUti<Ii'-w <?<. . t'.ii. .. . .? u cpt o i;?r ,a8
tin; provision's t>!" si-' liuii uin- I. u nil rod ??i .I t\v. r . : . . ?? ?!o . "i'j-.'i, ,<>*
11..-1 .aiui' the .power. "i veto) nut-; iii:n>|i < <1 add tv jij)v .:';n dvejl ti'riil
* w.?-u cy veil ami < ? 11 <"? hundred ami rv. ??ut.y cm,lit ?>?1$ ? | j'.e&erjji
m?|l|ioticil id,t of .thrit i.frijii A
' i>f snUI setji'foii.v*li:i I. incMi'de'111<- Kbit/ v- ? m:v. ;,'Vv-'! Yr I ? IhAflty
l'.ir the city or town, ?n? I nil ordimt.pccr. ''Xi.-i'-'-tV-l :?>??? ;lr..?"<??!by
such body .-hall have In.- ratio- force nhd fo? ,r. 'V..i tViJ* ?*!-.- I r." ?ctt.'/rte.i
or adopted in ;i<?<-ci-jJ:in -.* with tin- ;ir<*vi.-s n. ..i 'ction uik hundred and
twenty-lhree of 111i.> article. Hut such hi-,; ar.izatior. ami government shall
apply only to such cities or iowtis a ; niaj ti??-mmf>r adopt 111same by a
majority vote of those fiualUled voter* of any re !i ??it;.- ? town voting in an
election to IIiHd ii>r tin* ??ui j?<.sas m:.\ be by lav..
(C) 'I'll.- ;;eticra I a:irtbly. a I the* fe.i;; ? -h ': y t?\Vt: made in
manner provided by l.uv, may grant to i' ai ?-!>* < i ' form 'oi orgri nidation
and guvi-rntiii'iii aitth^ri'/.cd by -ui- se? t-io;; < b; <>f 'bis tioii. and i-ubjeot
to all of tlir provisions of that sub . ee; m;,. i ? <-j?{ 11?.<? ? ual! not hi' neevs
sary for .sn-ii ?*iiy or i<?wij to 11:?-r"t? r tio .-ati'if.
fd> Any laws or i-liarl?*rs mailed pui -iiani t?? ? provisions 'if this
section sli:|ll In- subject to the provision; ? ihis <: ititt.ion T< latins' ex
pressly to -judges and Herk* of eourts, a!-v> for 'he Conimouwealth,
coinniissionfr." of re\enu<\ ?-ily triMsor-'i's i? I city .-i rr'i'ants.
(e) An) form of organization and ' ? ? ??rnim-ui ??ii:!iorixo(i by any pro
vision v<"'f 11 ? is Neetioii which ntav ha-.f li.-i , aiioiili-d lu ' -toioii- h" any city
or town pursuant to an> a. t of ilie- sci.eral ? .-miily ? aa> ted Iwi'orc .'Mich
provision heraine efi'e.-ti v ??, and wlii- li if now in opontion, i^ ht-rcoy declnred
legal and valid tib initio, and sIihJI have t!i<- atin- force and effect aa if it
hd'i bt"?n au*..'torivied i>y thij (.'oiistitiitiim .it tin- time of its adoption.
A TiKS:I0\T proposing aniemltiunf to M tion 3"H of articlo 0 of tha
Constitution of \'irgiriia.
IJesolvod tiv ^lie lo.nse of delijgii'??.?. Piie ? eoiwnrriii^ (too ma
jority of the members f I? ?? ? t ??<! to each hoi;; a: !??? [? io). That the
folJowinj? ain--iidme:it to sci-tion one hit!n!i<-.! ? nd ta.rty thr?:e. a.rtiele tunc..
of the Constitution ,,f Virginia, he un.l i- h -roP;. pro|?o t-.| .-iiiii referred t'>
the Keacral assemhly .-it ilo- lir.-t resiul.ir >??.- em h--ld r?l"i? r cho io-m gcncrnl
election f>f menili.Ts of tin- houso of <I?-1;it.? for ;t . .n<-'irr>-nee
forinity with llic urovisions of sn-ii./n one ittitidd and tiinety-siv, of articla
tlfteen of :iaid ('otisl il u t,ion, nalio'lyr
Strike out from Ihe i'oust it til ion of Virujnia :-**etion one hundred and
thirty-three of article nine, wliii-h is in tin- foliowitrr v. ords:
Seel ton 1"". j'lach may ist>-rial <J i> I f i > -1 > it ;? 11 eoiistitu: '? a si n;irat>- r-^hool
district, unli-s- otherwise provided h\ law. In >vi h :<<-hoo| di.^friet Cnero
ahull he (href trustees selected, hi the fnnnncr r.nd f-.T the term of otDci
prescribed by law.
And insert in lieu thereof the followm -:
Set tion I':". Mach nviglsterial tli.-lrici >-hall cenditute *i separate .--hool
district, unless otSierwise prm id.-?l I<v la'... In ? a< ii .-fhool dislrici '.hero
ahull !)?? not more than tlir.-.- trustee- etl. in the manner and for tho
term of ollice pre.-rrihed h> law.
Men ami women may serve as tru-'<>*?>s in : dtrir'ts, cr.d la
cities oni in tov.'^is formin;; ; e|>aralti M-hoel dis!ri.-.t :.
A I{KSOIiX'Tli>\ proposing amendment to ..k'h'o.i 15! o." the f'nnstitutlon
of Virginia.
Uesolved by the house of delegates, the senate concurring Ca m'ajority
of the members ele?'ted ro each house aureetnjr) Thai the folirV ins amend
ment to the < "oust it lit ion of Virginia be. and the same is ii'ercby proposed,
and referred to the general as.-emhly to I>. ehoseii at the next gener-al elec
tion of members of the house ..f ibdevi.it..s, for us concurrence, in conformity
wilh the provisions of section one lium.'rt-d and nim.iy-six. of uvticlc llfteen,
of the said < N?nsl il ulion, namely:
Strike out from the Con>iitutlon -of Virginia section one hundred and
?djchty - ft Mir, which is in ilo I'ollowsns words; *?
Section 181. No debt shall be contracted by the State except 'o meet
casual delbdts in the ruvtmtie, to redeem a previous liability of the" State,
to suppress insurrection, repel invasion or diT**nd the State in time of war.
No s crip, cei'liileat??. or olh< r e\ idetice of Slate indcbteijne.ss. shall be Isr.ued,"
except i'or 'the' transfer or redemption of riot k j?r"Vioucly is fated, or for reels
debts as are e\ores;.lv authori/.eii in t|iij t'oustnation.
And insert in lieu thereof llo* lullitu Intr:
Section 1SI. No d.-bf shall he cuttl riefp;1. by lite State ercrrpt t*> ro?.
struct, or reeonslriift, public road.*. i<> meet casuai deliciis in the revenue,
J to redeem a previous liability oi the State, to .ruppress in-'urrection, repel
ir.vaaion. <>r ilef^nd th- Slate :? i tint'- oi war. \*o . rriii, certificate, fir f(hcr
evidence of Slate iii'!-bict|n,-sr, shall b" i r .:? i except for the transfer or
! redemption "f stock previously issued, or for r" !i dv'.'L'j t'j
s.ufhi>ri-'j?i i:i 'his Constitution. s
~P} "J.wjr^gisrrgTSJS
A HKSOI.T.'TI<)N pre-posinir an mm ndm"n< to seeilon 1-1 of ft?tr 5 o'
the Constitution of Virsinm. ami providing for ptiblteliincr *aid nmcndintst
and cert il ? inir the same i<> ihe next sc-.-ion of the1 Sctieral rnl>r..
I'??solved bv lb.- hou-o' hi deb-catos, lit.. rei?:t te concurring u rr;.~'orit7
of tht- members el,?. icil to col, hoti ? lu'iviniu. Thai th? following :.tr.enci
inent. Io the t'onstitution (.! \'ir^inia be. and tnc sanie is Itercb;*. ' r. i:rr<e<T.,
ami referr?*ti 11? the ueneral a -??mhl> it. In- ehoren at the next uen?*ral ele<.'
tit>n of member.: of Ho- in.ti , of deleuaic.-. for it.- concurrence, in coniormit^
with ilo: proviNioiis of ;. ? i ioii t.titj bundr d and ninety-six, of avtirt*? fi< iossi,
Of llo' sai<l i'onsl it ill i'tti, liam-i-:
Strike c.ui fi ttai ihe ?.'on tituMon o" "'irrr.c.'i s^-rtion on-2 !""Jr.?rji
thirl v-six. which t- i't th- following U . r?i. :
Section l-'b't. Kac't eouni ejty, tuv. ii, if ?| c same be a s?na*a"? s-hool
district, and school district i authorised ro r.u ?? atlditionr.j siiuia by a ta"
on properly, not to exceed iti the ?tssi'ei;-ite mill.- on tiis dollar in ?.ny
?uie year, to he apportioned and expanded by the !?cal school r iilhrrit.io^
of said counti-s. cities, town" and district ;n c'iabli.-itiiis and maintr.inin?;
such school as in their iudaiifnt the public m-I are tiric reo-.ijr.i: r.'*virlec,
that such primary school j as may !>e t ? rini.-.-o 1 >a .-ii. ; '-hi oi year, rhak
he maintained at U-a.^i four months ?. thai sclio-d year, before any pari
of the fund :essei] qiid. cntIt cied ma ? li ? tj. in tlo* est ahlisiimrnt o *
schools of higher grade. "The Ut?ard<: o." suo. rvi-or.- of tlie several counties,
and 'he councils of tho several cities, ami tofrns if ti'.- same ho separata
scliool districts, riiall provide tho levy ;.n : : '??? :.rr. r.: cucli izzzl rshc^l
! taxes.
t Ami insert in li'-'i thereof lac fc,i|o-.-;:j,-:
Section ?::??. K.'ifh fiiptv. ???z.v. town. r. .i<? r r-r: irn^-? .tsh69i
i distro-t and ? ci.ool district is stiin-f. i/. t t . ;?:? ;.<i.?iii.-,nai rum-? by a 'a::
: or. property, riot to in nasresate in .n. one year a rate of levy
t.: !)!?? fixed hv ia.tr. i.o ho app-rlfon ' ' no -? ' mteii >,/ the :<i -,chool au
? thoritie>- of sa d counties, ' intri, iown. . . it-t.-i is in ?st .hlisnim? an?
Tna'ntnitiinsr sin h school? a- n their :::-.ni trie puhuc welfaro mi7 re
i attire:''provided that such primary ^cri-w.r '?J may c; e.-.tabl'she3 iu r.~7
1 soho-V] year, shnll b?.* tnaint?!tied ac i* * ? itvi;r iii.-mns o, that s. hool year,
before "jinv part of *h- furd ...??jesse'i >n 2 coil-? tea 'nay be o^votei to tho
e-tahlishrncnt of ,ctb?ol- of hiahcr prrade 'j'n hoard-- of supervisors ot tho
several counties, and the ^conn 'lis f>t t.t - . ev?i-r,: .itie;:,^ and towni^lf tho
3 -
I hereby certify that the forejroinjr iq a troo copy o2 -;r.?oo7r1.:r,ij pre
po?r<i to the Constitution and agreed to by the General Ancc-r.-.biy oi "7\r>
j ^inia, session n.nd the same is pahiishen in of f-eccitiva
oMji. vW-u? ? ~T~. J |4'
oOkii\ w. V
* r- C.erj cf "7!^rtib, 1

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