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Yorvcaert%? Socialist Pf per, Oils
Fornier War Chief 0?>ly ?
New York, Oct. l-~.?Ir? an open
press *eufl between Ludenrtorftf and
the Socialists, VorwaerU makes r.
batter counter-attftck,' says a copy
righted dispatch f^orfc I'trlin to the
Wor.d. "The old Roman , generals
%.r.ftcT their lost battles plunged them
selves on their awards," it says.
"I.vdendorff plunges into :nk, Luden
do rff -continues his extorts."
Vopwaerts clrarges Ludejvdorff with
"Where ,was Ludendorff when the
<jaf a strophe' broke, *'? it" asks," "and j
when Noske, with a determined hand. |
gathered up the few remnants of
$ie disintegrated army to^save Ger
many from a Russia a chaos? Luden
dorff had ram off tc Sweden. Now
that we again have relatively firm
?ronrd under our feet. Ludendorff
Bae :-o higher ambition than to un
dermine the narrow foundation bear
wig the Gerowan state. Hcrr Luden
dorff struts about in Achilles' armor.
On a closer view he js nothing but a
Reed Keeps up Nagging Till Mc
Cumber iti Anger, Advances
; ? Upon Him
: Washington. Oct. 15.?During
What was perhaps the bitterest col
loquy that has taken place in the
Senate since the /treaty debate be
gan, Senator McCumiber, ihe insurg
ing Republican, and Senator Reed,
the insurging Democrat, clashed
and a personal encounter seemed
imminent when the presiding officer
?interfered with a ruling that silen
ced Mr. McCumiber.
The difficulty arose over the Shan
tung settlement, a settlement which
Senator Lodge in a vigorous ad
dress had attacked and which Sena
tor McCumber, while not defending
as satisfactory, supported as the
only solution of the Japanese-Chi
nese issue short of armed interven
tion by the United States.
? Senator McCumber had spoken
for some little 'time, growing more
and more direct in his declarations
?as he went along. Again and again
.Sen'ator Reed .interrupted the speak
er and for a while Mr. McCumber'
?patiently replied to the nagging tac
tics of Mr. Reed. "But Mr. Reed
obviously was bent upon ivrita
ting j|r. IvrcCuhfi^r 'that "ihc- Idiier
finally declined to be interrupted
even for a cjuestnoit. q
Then tunnitg^. to the Ser.ale Mr.
.McCumber'declared that only a lew:
months ago .Senators vere acclaim
ing Japan ao an ally; they v.ere
supporting .. her enthusiastically
and alt, but/embracing the Japanese
as friends and brother inarms, but
it no.' had Come to pass, tie charged,i
? that these same Senators have
turned upon japan arfan eneflvy, ac
cusing her of playing the pare of in
ternational thief and of having and
holding stolen'goodj;.
This statement aroused the indig
nation of Senator Reed. He chal--.
lenged it as a violation of the rules
?of the- Senate ;ii> that it impugned
the motives, the loyalty and the
patriotism of Senators. Just how
this impugning came about was not
easy to understand, inasmuch as it
was Mr. Reed himself who had made
the thieve^- charge* agaisnt Japan,
but he, nevertheless, pressed the
point, and loudly demanded, a rul
ing. Just as loudly Senator Mc
Cumlber thundered across the aisle j
at Mr. Reed that bullying and bluf
fing and bulldozing did not go r.vith
him, or words to that effect.
In a moment the Chamber was in
a state of tenseness. Senator Ball,
of Delaware, the mildest, of men,
was in the chair, and while he
pounded gently for order,.his pound
iffg fnade little-or no-"impression
uipoit'the Senators. Mr. Reed held
his ground, demanding a l-uling,
while Mr. McCumiber advanced
threateningly toward him with
clenched list aloft, shouted a second
time "that he stood squarely upon
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hie liguu; that he defies tie 5H~
sourian to trample upor: the
rights, and that^f Mr. Reed di ' no
like chat sort v? larguagi r,a km
what he could do about
Reed turned upon hi- heel, W!*.
ever, and walking away from hii"
opponent said tnai; lie Wi.uld
draw his point oi order, inn iiiis
did not satisfy Mr. McCumber. flu
hitter himself then dem?mtled thai
ihe official stenographei re.i?i .he
statements which, had been availeij
gred and-"when they were read Mr.
Reed returned to the center o1 the
charnbr and renewed h:r dert.an<: fox
a ruling. Tne chair then ruled Mr.
McCunrber out'of order ; but before
the belligerent Westerner suru-nri
i ered, he served notice upou the
[ Senate th!at he had rot a work to
take back, intimatin / ver. brqadiy
to Mr. Reed that if the latter felt
himself insulted, there were no
rules of the Senate which applied
outside of the chamber. But Mr.
Rpc>rl. triumphant in the ruling' of
the chair,- had no comment to make
at the time.
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wi i.^e
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the busi nuss ?i???ke;- >' 1 ? ?!*??? k-Iwmm
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ui< WC..!V. ? ?>- ii-vrN. ?;?,? ? ? ' i
.??ftsf. ? ?-?'is -??? *> xtft, ??
;? >
?v. . ;
jeips lo Instill rcr.c r/cd g
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