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./idmirsil Strauss Pays Tribute to Me
Wiri; Laid Uarricr
N?w Yo.j-% Oct. 18.?At leash !*>
k-riVuH .submarines wave destroye r
by t-ht it rric-rof 57,000 mines laid if
the N';i"th Sea by the American Navy
'.He ir-Avmiral Joseph Strauss saki
- yesterday ok ins a>wal here on th>
sfcemrsh.'-p Adriatic. Admiral Strauss;
"who had charge of the work at* sweep
big u? j Uie mints*, said Miai. 22,U0e!
of t .om had b^en picked up intact.1
"The highest praise is due to th<
ntf.t of the navy who wei'e engaged ir:
the most hazard'eoss an'.l trying" task o1
p'anting ar. i sweeping these mines/
\-Vdnrira'! Strauss said. "Of tho 80 sTrips>
-ngagt'i in this work owly one mor
i,v"rt-h an accident.
"vVc; know that the mine barragv
was effective in sltoping the subma
rines. We also knew that at least If
i/-boats wor*t destroyed by it. In our
^weeping operations w? discovered
low of the' craft sunk where they
had come into contact with Hie mines'
Trapper on Wjiy From New York to
N:*w Orleans
Elizabeth City, N. C., Oct. 18.
After an ocean trip from New. York
to Capo Chyl?s, Va.,-in an ,.18-fooi
eanoe, a French.- Canadian trappc-r
named Lefevre has arrive j her? frenv
from the Ch as Uptake Bay through the
inland waUrway en route to New
He wil'l make the voyage a kmc: th'.
ccast and possibly across Florida
?through the Lake Okechobee canals
to the wr.j,t coast of Florida and
thence ail'on-r the gulf coast to New
Orleans. IHfis 'canoe has a det'ach
\ able motor capable of propelling the
yioat at 18 miles an hour, but ho
maintains a cruising speed of 12
miles an hour. Lefevre expects to
reach New Orleans by December 1
and return home by rail in time for
the trapping: season.
James Kir wan Was on Way 1o At
tend Wedding: 2 Others Hurt
Cambridge, Md., fh-t. 18.?.James
Kirwan, 10 years old, sen of ?>Jr. and
Mrs. Wv.'Mgr Kirwan, of Cambridge,
was abv.c^r instantly killed Thursday
night on the State road near East
New Market, ten miles from Cam
bridge; Mrs. Coorge H. Keene had an
arm broken' and Miss fcin Marvel
was painfully injure;!, vyhen an au
tomobile Kirwan was driving crashed
into a machine driven1 by Ha mil
Smith. Kinvan's car turned over and
he was crushed and mangled.
Kirwan was going to Eldorado, in
/upper Dorchester, to serve as usher
at the wedding of his uncle, Morris
R obtains. and Miss Evelyn Brins
Truihe Clerk's Office of the Corpora
tion Count of the City of Alexandria,
on the 14 day of October, 1910.
Ruth N. Bruce, complainant vs. Wil
Ham B. Bruce, defendant. In Chancery
The object of this suit is to obtain
a divorce a vinculo matrimonii for
the c'onrplfctinant, Ruth N. Bruce, from
the defendant William B. Bruce, or
the grounds of wilful desertion and
abandonment without just cause or
excuse for more than 'three years
mior To the institution c.f this suit,
and ifor general relief.
li appearing by an affidavit filed
ir. this cause that the defendant Wil
liam B. Bruce is a non-resident of
this State. It is Ordered, That said
defendant appear here within fifteen
days after due publication of this or
der. and da what ;s necessary to pro
tect his interest in this suit.
Charles Henry Smith, P. Q.
A Copy Teste
210-1 w Clerk.
in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit
Court of the City of Alexandria, or
the 18th day of October. 1010.
Lctitia Wright, complainant vs
Johni H. Wright, defendant. In Chan
The object of this suit is to obtain
a decree granting to the complainant
an absolute divorce from the defend
ant on the grounds of wilful deser
tion and abandonment: alimony pend
ents lite, permanent alimony ad couri
costs and counsel fees; the custody of
Dorothy M infant daughter of the
complainant: and the defendant , and
for general relief.
It appearing by an affidavit filer
in this cause that the defendant Johr
H. Wright is a non-resident of this
Sfate, It is Ordered. That said de
fendant appear here within fifteen
days after due publication of this or
der, and do what ;? necessary to pror
tect his interest in this suit.
Thomas M. Watson, P. Q.
A copy Teste.
249-4v Clerk.
: "Sky Pilot"' Masses Lieut Smith, "W>?5t
BounjJ, Ovrr Ohio.
| Chicago, (tfct., 18.?H?'lvin
W. .M'2par'ti a::d Capt. Lowell li.
Smith, leading ccntestonts in the cost
coast to coast air derby, passed each
ether ye&tertfay evening flying across
iihe State of Ohio. ?
Capt. Smith, westbound, reached
Chicago at 5.22.40 this c-veniirg, and
vas the guest of the Hamilton dub
overr.i.yh't. A s'lvc-r plate, dedicated to
Capt. Smith as thte first man to J'ly
frc-m San Francisco to Chicago, was
presenli&d to the intrepid flyer by a
^caroiittee repre=enter, g the Hamilton
Capt. Smith arrived in the machine
thai carried Maj. Spat/- from the Pa
jcific Coast to Mineola and back to
Buffalo. His own machine was de
stroyed by fire. Asked how it came
? hat Maj. Spatz turned over his ina
.hi.ne to him, Capt. Snrith said:
"I talked him cut of it."
Maj. Spatz is returnin.fr to the coast
by train. Lieut. Mayrsard, eastbouml
?cached Chicago at 1.59.57. ami left
r:r Unyain, Ohio, deteiimined to push
.a from that place to Cleveland.
Pa-rC a, Oct. 18.?A vast secret so
ciety ramifying through all classes
?f the population and gaining tremehd
'-?as power is working in Hungary for
the restoration of the Ilapsburgs, ac
('oivling to advices from Budapest.
\nd Sour Stomach Caused This Lady
.Much Suffering. Black-lJraught
Meadorsville, Ky.,?Mrs. Pearl Pat
of this place, writes: "I was
jrv constipated. I had sour stomach
:d was so uncomfortable. I went to
he doctor. H*. gave me some pills,
"hey weakened me and seemed to
? ir up my digestion. They would
.rripe me and afterwards it seemed
was more constipated than before.
I heard of Iilack-Draught and de
cided to try it. I found it just what J
'.eeded. It was an easy laxative, and
lot bad to swallow. My digestion soon
mproved. I-got well of the sour stom
?eh, my bowels soon seemed normal,
io more griping, and I would take a
ioso now and then, and was in good !
T cannot say too much for Black
Oraughl for it is the finest laxative
ne can use."
Thedford's Black-Draught has for
?mny years been found of great value I
a the treatment of stomach, liver ann
owed troubles. Easy to take, gentle
rid reliable in its action leaving no
.ad after-efects, it has won the praise
if thousands of people who have used
In the Clerk's Office of the Cor
poration Court of the-City of Alloxan-'
Iria. on> the lGth day of October, 1910.
Eugenia LaForge H'anria, compjain
mt vs. Charles W. Ha'nna, defendant.
In Chancery. . ?<
The object of this suit is to obtain
in absolute divorce on the ground
T wilful desertion and abandonment
vithouit just cause or excuse for more !
!mn three years prior to the institu-!
.'on of this suit and for general re-'
It appearing by an affidavit filed ]
n this cause that the defendant j
Charles W. Hanna is a non-resident j
of this State. It is Ordered, That j
said defendant appear here within
fifteen days after due publication of;
.his order, and do what is necessary !
o protect his interest in this suit. !
Leo P. Harlow. P. Q.
A CopyTeste.
249-4w Clerk.
In the Clerk's Office of the Cor
poration Court of the City of Alexan
dria. on the 15th day of October, 1911).
Cleone Virginia Buticr, complaiii
tnt vs. William Henry Butler, de
fendant. In Chancery.
The object of this suit is to obtain
a divorce a vinculo matrimonii for
the .complainant. Cleone Virginia But
ler from the defendant. William Henry
Butler, on the ground of wilful de
sertion and abandonment for more
than three yeai*s; that the complain
mt be granted the care and custody of !
Harvey Butler, Harold Butler and I
Marion Butler, the three infant ch.il
Iren and for such other, further and
general relief as the case require or.
"o equity may seem best.
It appearing by an affidavit filed ;
n this cause that the defendant Wil
'iam Henry Butler. ?s a non-residenti
of this State, It^ is Ordered. That de
fendant appear here within fifteen
Jays after due publication of this or- j
-ier. and .do what is necessary to pro
tect his interest in this suitX
Louis N. Duffey, P. Q.
VA Copy Teste. ,
??19-Uw. ' Clerk;
F ATF- of turkey
K?.f?t-5 ith United Stales
(_.!<?* H lm'
London, ?1? -In 'tis speech at
Sheffield Thursday ni?rr.i, Prime
Minister Lloyd George* attributed the
delay in the coirelusTcm of the Peace
Treaty with Turkey to the uncertain
ty as to tlie atM-tutfe 01 the United
States. It ijr:i>o<-*Tblo, no said, to
settle the destiny (.???' lurkev bot'ure '
knowing whether the Unite*' States j
was going 'x> s'li.iiX' the burdenls of;
civilization '.-ui.-idc ->t the 1 United
During his reference to Turkey Mr. ,
Lloyd George turned to American
.^mivassndcr Davis, who was present
and said. '
"I am glad that you are brought
face to face villi tin1 America.'* 4nn
bassadur. VV?? aiv underta-kiitg a i^n-ac
civilizing duty at great cost to our
country. Providence hay sent this
mission to our race. \Vo beg our
kith and kin ir? America to join us
in this task. Unless they db so I do
net know what will happen to parts
of the Turkish Empire."
The Prime Minister in a further
reference to Turkey said.
"The people of Turkey havt? been
living in the shadow of a gieat ty
ranny for centuries. They are appeal
ing to America for help. 1 hope that
the appeal will not be in vain. Su>:h.
a remark might sound impertinent
from a British Minister but we are
undertaking similar ves^jonsibpicies!
ourselves arrrl f in<d that aro ruin- j r>ral h<Iv!!c?vi ?tc.in:ii' the 1 :<?!' '?1
iircr- to the T.in'it of *>?j' si.eenjjrit and! Petro'entd. ?*u>: ni>'? ,nf :>?; <yt
thut it is UllviV'.e For us in fll' - | fioia'. Asri-SKMU^' ?>1
' I 'qimh't't.--*'! -i'l
jreceipt cf disp&'en i.Kvfi'!jih Xive;iiMh
SOVIET RULE NEUt KAU, j channels reporting the capture of
? bcSh Pe.trcirrud and Krcn'stadl.
Petrojjrad Reported Taken and '?ms- (, h?- K it' -.?-?! ? .???t' 'V>;r in tfi. ,'nj
sian Bolshevism Maker- Fiu*l {another '??:twrr. t'r>m Finnish .~ou''cOi
Sfaii'i. . ? i'?ftivirtv thai an' 1 !inlsii\-\ ik< j<i!\ v
Washington, Oct. 18.?The general had i.ake? 'laisehma, r
situation i:i Russia, as far us llvr- a'- .live m:!v fn^m K-t>-it
lied nations are concerned, fwj] main line ?t> Me?*in. Hus n. i;, ? u also
to be belie'1 yesxevday thnn ui- an> sa:d iht- fall ?:?.! iu.ini
other time pei'hajjs In iiie jj.tai: yitir. neat
year. Confronted on all sides I? > tios- [
tile +\>?vjs, -t.tif Bulslieviki >"eqiiue ? 11< > nn. (?Ai'irvl^li
faces a sei'i?>n> perind and ru-.-i' i. '
eo'.'laijyc. j Pniia'ielphia, Oct. IS. .-WW a ,>ar i
The State DOpnrfmeni'ieieived scv- iuf iieariun yestei'duy at'ieraoun, J
. J.uiijro .)t" '.Joh.m < i|?v4<v,.>r.
f T'i>A:i< Si. .tit ? ihiii;': i:>'. ^ '?
Vt'fii'V-XM. tf. Jl-lf ?? n 0| ; ,
iimih.ivv* i?i ji.it' !?????? ???;?.
i i ll (it A^.-.UciutO'l ' !'<!(. f<' 0'
| Philadelphia ii)?i n< i'>i' an.'
' at; I nii-rjifcf r.s m' . >r^?<
ar.:i their agents.
Thr- ?v?> ? if?i
a .trains: rsmfoininjr or ??ii!,s|ii>*i?i> ?'
ar.y Way pu? jhist <>f '-uiiijii-Hjiiji
or cotircins" -ihe ?.?ompluinuni i<>.
eharvre >io;5-umo?i i; 1 ;
cr from committing any aits in iu;.y
Way t ?]? u!at?'?' h>?m ??!'' ? '?"> ? 1
sans or cotpcialivii. n<> v uml<"" ? nn
t j*:ict Will' I'fit 'M-.'i.t
of his ^allure f<> ?:iui 1. "'.vit' v>^ '?
ma nils ut '.'it ? Jctuc.
V- /
.'1 V
*. ???::;? d
\-\? ???--^ 5 y .
?Si:'i; 'HI:
?\k %m
>?^ 'XS -Cf^' ?; ' Vv .
/ ?'< T>-'ir I- M! \
I *? '?? If,
Vj5.:; * ? VJv^ ? .?-?<.."*) . ' -' ? ' -?- . ' .-l
JF ?? ^A' ????':??.? S: .
' <T~ O o
'i <f~^Q
never springs
T^Ti <r
w -3 r*?
.<: lOjVF.RLAND 4 has been put through the greater comfort.under
>: : ? ?' ^ most thorough and severe test possible. They cio away alrnost entirely with side
250,000 miles of mountain5 trails,. desert sway and rebound which1 twist mid rack die
sand, heat, cold, mud and' dttst,; dernoq^^.\vAc*art^
st rated the <j uali iy of every part, of TJ.iagonal attachment of the Three-Point
long before we began manufacturing: ^ Springs at both ends of a 130-inch Spring
? This remarkable test showed conclusively-'base gives the steadiness and smooth riding
that Three-Point Cantilever Springs, exclu- of the heavy car of long wheclbase.
sive with Overland, are the greatest iinprav.e- . Equipment is complete from Auto-Lite
?ment in ruling comfort since the i'ntroduc-?vj; Starting and Lighting System to Miirshail
_. i ^ a. \ ? . * y * ; . ;r> ? ft? 1
Dan GPpnrumatic tires.
fi ? '
They protect the car from road .shgfd^.;''
and prolong the life of every part.1 - v"
They enable the wheels to h<
better to the road
Divan Spring Upholstery.
Come in and see
Booklet. Overland 4 Touring.
Sedan, -$1375;
1101 King Street. Phone 820
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