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Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
Unl.tJ States and Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
??soiSiio 3
j Fcr this section?Rain tonight
, and probably tqmoTTOw; cooler
VOL. CXXXV-No. 251.
Rear Admiral Earle, U, S. N., Says It
Will Be Impossible to Carry on
.Work Unless Action
?' Is Taken.
Maximum Number of Men To Be Employed Is 1500 And
?' Eighty Per Cent Will Be Skilled Mechanics?It Is
Up To Citizens To At Once Erect Houses to Alleviate
Present Shortage.
Unless living conditions can be ameliorated, both by
providing for the men at the present crisis and also to pro
vide comfortable houses which they may buy and rent in
the future, the successful operation of the Naval Torpedo
Plant, now nearing completion in this city, will be serious
ly imperiled.
This statement was made by Rear Admiral Ralph
Earle, U. S. N., chief of the Bureau" of Ordinance, yester
day afternoon to a committee composed of M. B. Harlow
and W. A. Smoot who waited on him to discuss the hous
ing situation here. They were accompanied by Capt. Wil- j
liam S. Miller, U. S. N., in charge of the station here.
Rear Admiral Earle expressed hope that the citizens i
will at once provide accommodations for the men, about j
eighty per cent of whom will be skilled mechanics, and ;
many of whom desire to purchase homes here. He directs \
attention to the fact that unless something is done it will!
be impossible to carry on the work.
The plant he says will be permanent, which dispels i
the idea of some persons that it was just a plant erected
for use during the war. It will give employment to .1,500 i
men when running at full capacity. The minimum number j
of men who will be emploved is estimated at from 500 to 1
Admiral Earle's authorized statement follows:
Regarding the new Naval Torpedo :
Station erected at Alexandria, Rear
Ald'miral' Earle, Chief of the Bureau
of1 Ordinance, states that the hous
ing conditions for employees has be
come acutei'y bad^and unless sopie
thing is done at once to accommo
date! the for;of people ?; emfployed
there, great difficulty wijl be encount
ered and it wilt be impossible to
carry on.the work ^ ?;
Living accorrwnod&tions are requir
ed for men who will be arriving as
additions to the force now employed
at the rate of from thirty to fifty
per month and some of those who
have already come here from other
localities are obtaining temporary
living accommodations with great
difficulty and' discomfort, ami in
some cases at exorbitant charges.
These men* are all men of high
character and skilled at their work
and some of them have been employ
ed in government work for moVe
than fifteen years.
The.Torpedo Station !s a permanent
plant for the manufacture of torpe
does, but unless living condition's can
be ameliorated, both by providing for
the men at the present crisis and also
to provide comfortable houses which
they may buy and rent in the future,
the successful operation of the plant
will be seriously Imperiled.
It is hoped that the citizens of
Alexandria will interest themselves in
providing living accommodations for
these men.
S The minimum number that wilt b'e
inecessary to operate the plant per
manently on a conservative basis is
estimated at from five to eight hun
dred, and when operated at full cap
acity the plant will employ about fif
teen hundred men. About eighty per
cent of these will be-skiHod mechanics
mostly men with families, who must
Bbave good living accommodations and
?who desire to purchase permanent
?homes in the city.
I During the next fix months new
?men will probably be taken on for em
?pToyment at the rate of about thirty
?to fifty per month and they must be
?provided for in order not to lose
?their services. It is estimated that
?eighty pe/ cent of these will be men
if). Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hflampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
Boot of King Street, 227-tfc
with families who will desire to pur- j
chase homes, but-. who also will have (
to be accommodated m their interim,
with temporary- living facilities, and '
it should be borne in mind that the
station being of permanent character,
it will be to the advantage of the en- i
tire community to obtain this desir- j
able addition to their citizens.
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Oct. 21.?The '
s'teel Mtrike was reviewed by the j
National Committee for Oriraniz- i
? ?
mg Iron and Stec'l Workers at an j
extraordinary session which began |
here late yesterday. Chairman ;
John Fitzpatrcik, of Chicago, de
clared that the beginning of the
fifth week of the strike found the
men in better position than ever
His statement did note agree
?with those '.made bv steel compa
nies. The Carnegie Steel Company
'annouriedd that its Pittsburgh dis
trict p1!an<ts were operating fully
f?5 per cent of capacity with the
exception of the Dnquesne Mill,
iwhich was ore full time with a full
force. Independent mills also re
ported Improvement in the number !
cf men t'rriployed and tonnage.
In the Chicago district production,
?was 75 per cent of formal, all
plants being in operation, so-me with
unskilled nien.
In. Youngstown no additional
mills started except the works of
the Carnegie Steel Company. At
tempt? *o resume full operations in
Cleveland failed.
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of stockholders of
the Washington Safe Deposit Com
pany Incorporated, will be held at
the office of the company, No. ill
South Fairfax street, Alexandria,
Virginia, on Tuesday, November 4.
1919, at 12 o'clock noon, for the
purpose of electing a board of direc
tors for the ensuing ydar and for
the transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before
said meeting.
J?hn c. Schroder, Assistant Secty.
250-2wfcs." '
- "? '
Local Railroad Men Ea^er to Plea
sure Up During Jls progress
The National Railroad ""Accident
Prevention Drive, which started Oct
ober IS will' end October 31. The rail
road men here are doing everything I
possible! to make < a 100 percent in. this |
drive. E. H. Coapman, Federal man
ager, has sent a telegram' urging- all
to pass through the period without
causing injury and he adds "Only by
keeping this constantly in mind can a
perfect record be made."
The railroad men are deeply in
terested and many have already pre
pared poems and written articles on
how.to.prevent accidents. The follow
ing poem was composed by J. W. Col
lins, a machinist employed at the
Southern shops here.
Southern railroad leader of thom all
Onward through the South at the
Farmers call
United efforts all along: the line j
That is why the trains run on time j
Heavy trains are what we like.
Equipment is good, pull trains with
Rumring safety first is what we are
No more chance work or ycu be
Richmond Woman Arrested After j.
Daughter in Law Receive
Deadly Sweets
Richmond. Oct. 21.?Charter! with '
stnding" poisoned candy to her
daughter in law. Mrs. Lucy Har
wood Marshall. Mrs. Htilen R. Mar
shall was arrested yesterday by
Federal authorities here ~ and
chargcd with a violation of the pos
tal laws and of section 217 of the ,
pdnal code. (Mrs. Marshall is the
wife of William Marshal, of 1Q1
1-2 East Main street, and the ;
daughter in law is the wife (f Wil- 1
liam (Marshall. Jr.. of lG20f Park ,
Mrs. Marshall, Sr.. was in lictc'd ,
by tf\p Federal grand jury, which (
corcvehed at the betrfnning of the ,
present term of the United States
District Court. The indi ??fcment
creatcfl somc;what of a sensation, as
those involved arc* prominent in ;
social circles of Richmond. When
the indictment was returned it wa's
stated that Mrs. Marshall was in
Philadelphia, but that she would re
turn to Richmond.
Upon her rctintn here yesterday
she was taken into custody bv Dep- j
uty Marshal Harrison and Po:<t Of- ?
fice In-spticfrr Di>:<n. Later she was
released on Sl.OCO bail to ;n:pror ,
before the Unite*!1 States District*
Court at a floecial session which (
will be held on December f). (
Federal authorities state tint the ,
candy was mailed on June 11. Mrs.
Marshall. Jr.. is said to have .-re- ?
ceived the box. but. on examining
the choolate coated nvarshmallows,
fo'unid that they contained pr.wder
cid glass and arscinic. Tt is stated
that poison had been pushed i:p in ji
the bottom of each piece of ??andy
and was easily dot1.
Mrs. .Marshall, Sr.. it is stated,
has not been on good terms with
Mrs. Marshall, Jr., fotr some time,
and that the young couple have
been living with the girl's father.
George R. Harwood, lf>20 Park Av
enue. since thc'iir marriage.
When the indicted woman was
placed under a,rre*?t she denied that |
she had sent the poisoned candy,
and declared that the whole case
again'st her was one of "spite
work" She is an out 45 years of
j Charging misconduct on the part
j of his wife while h? was sorvirg in
the world war, Herbert F. Weser yes
! terday filed a suit for absolute di
i vorce in the Supreme Court of the
j District of Columbia against Fern I
: Lena Weser. According to the bill, the i
! Wesers were married in Alexandria, \
i Va.. September 27, 1913. They have j
| one child.
Mr. Weser, in his bill, states that !
his wife left him May 20. lfllfi. Wes- j
i er asks the court to give him the cus- j
j tody of their child.
Persons desiring to secure a
panorama picture of the Sunday
School parade, take'n in Christ
Church yard, call on M. Loeb. pho
tographer. 416 King street. 2nl-lp
' Slightly used coupe and Sedan,
good bargains 'at Remschel's.
Body of Ida Carter Colored
Found Today Near
Believed Woman Was Attacked and
Shot as She Endeavored to Run
Away?Search For Stranger
Tda Carter, colored, about 25
ye'ars old, wife of Howard Carter, j
who lives at Riverside, Fairfax j
county, was mysteriously shot and
killed yesterday afternoon at War-1
wick, Fairfax county, about three 1
?miles south of Alexandria.
The body of the woman was |
found lying face downward in the
woods a short distance from the
?station at 1 o'clock this morning by
her father, Nathan Webb, who
wc'nt out in s(larch of his daughter.
The Carter woman had gone to visit
her father.
'Search was instituted By her
father which resulted in finding the
body. Her father afterward recal
led that shortly after 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon he was attracted:
by the firing o'f a shot but gave the
matter no farther attention and he
belioves that his daughter was kil
led at that time.
A colored man wearing soldiers'
trousers, a black coat and slouch hat
was later seen by neighbors walk
ing rapidly away and it is believed
by them that this man, now sought
by the Fairfax authorities, may
Khe'd some light on the r..urder..
Justice Kiibv is investigating the
case. The Fairfax authorities are
of the opinion that a man endeav
ored to attack the wtfman and she
resisted and broke away from him
and she was shot as she ran.
The woman in addition to her hus
band leaves several children.
\ddross Delivered Following Cere
mony Last Night
A class of fifty candidates were
initiated last night by the Order of
Moose. Following the initiation E. A.
Mifka, district supervisor and repre
sentative of the Supreme Lodge of
Mooseheart. delivered a stirring ad
lre.--? in which lie thoroughly review
ed the principals of the order and
told of the wonderful work being ac
complished for the little children at
lAddrc'sses also were made by
Herman Chichester and MY. Merrow
and Bert O'Brien.
The open charter of this campaign
las been in progress f^r the past three
weeks and the total number cf ap
plications at Bert O'Brien'-s office to
day is 140.
The slogan of the Moose is 1,000
members and Mr. O'Brien says 'that
with the co-operation he is now reeeiv
ing he feels confident that the desired
goal will be attained before the close
of the big drive in the interest, of
Daughter of Arkansas Farmer Shct
to Death hv Black Sdeking
iMarianna. Ark.. Oct. 21.?Alex
Wilson, negro, who shot and killed
Ruth Murrah. a 10 year r/Id wealthy
white girl, yesterday, while she and
Miss Estelle Clifton we're riding
near the scene of the crime last
night by a posse of citizens, after
he had been captured by another
posse and was being captured by
another posse and was being
brought to Marianna. according to
word received here.
It is reported here that Mr. Clif
ton and the negro Saturday had a
disagreement over a settlement
over some cotton on which the ne
gro had worked.
Is your car running, good? If
not, see% Mr. Woodbury at Rem
schcl's. 250-3c.
A called meeting of Mount Ver
non Chapter. No. 14. R. A. M., will
be held in the Masonic Temple
Wednesday evenings October 22nd.
?1919. at 7:30. Work. S. R. and M.
E. By order of the High Priest.
j American Legmen Will Greet Stale
Officers Here November Ji.
An enthusiastic meeting of Alex
I andria pcfet No. 24. A'meric'an Leg
I ion was held 1'ast night in the rooms
j cf the Chaniber of Commerce. The
most important busings was the
reading of the constitution and by
laws as drafted by special commit
tee. which were adapted. -
The next regular meeting is
H-hcdukd to be held November 7. at
which time Comrades Wilbur Hall,
of Lec^burg, and John Paul, of
Harrisonburg, both state delegates
of the National Convention at Min
neapolis will ,hc present to tell of
the? activities and progress of the
Legion throughout, the State. The
meeting will end with an informal
Social with refreshments and
smokes. 'It is hoped that all mem
bers and those desirous of joining
will make special effort to be pres
ent. as it is desired to make this a
success as well as to greet the
State officials.
?Sunday. November i>. has been
designate?! by the National Head
quarters as "A.meriean Legion Sun
day," oil which day preachers
throughout the whole country are to
be asked to devote their sermons or
?at least a part to the ideals of the
Legion. The Alexandria ministers
are to be asked to participate.
Action Taken at Meeting Last Night !
Alexandria Lodge of EMis at its
meeting held List night decided to!
return to its former home by Novem
ber 1 or as soon thereafter as pos
During the war period the Elks
leased their handsome home to thp
War Camp Community Service and
up to the signing of the armistice
1(5,000 men in uniform enjoyed the
hospitality of the War Camp Com
munity Service,
The Elks in the meantime occupied
their former home, (firectly adjoining
its new home, which is located at
Prince and Royal streets.
The old home will lie rented by the
trustees of the lodge just as soon as
the Elks vacate ami the upper floor
it is expected will be rented out to
different lodges.
Representative Aswell Declares Re
publicans Are Frittering Away
Time and Money to the
Disgust of Country
Charging the Republican majority
in the House with squandering great
sums of money in "noisy investiga
tions to find campaign thunder for,
11(20." Representative Aswell, Demo
crat., of Louisiana yesterday intro
duced a serie*s of eight resolutions
proposing an investigation of the in
While the people demand real con
structive legislation, Mr. Aswell de
clared. the Republicans refuse to mct
and fritter away the time with irrele
vant political matters, "to the dis
couragement and disgust of the coun
One glaring instance of the major
ity's inactivity, the Louisiana mem
ber saiil, is the undisturbed slumber
of soldiers' relief measures, on which
they "can secure action any day they
have the courage to tackle them."
Berlin. Oct. 21.?Count Jobann Hein
rich von Berns'torff, former German
ambassador to (the United States, has
arrived here from Munich in answer
to a summons of the national assem
bly committee investigating the re
sponsibility of individual member? of
the o:d regime in bringing about ar.d
prolonging the war. as well as for tho
failures to take advantage of the op
portunities to make peace.
Dr. Von Bethmann Hollwcg form
er imperial chancellor; Dr. Gottlieb
von Jagcw, former foreign minister:
Dr. Alfred Zimmermann. who sue-ceed '
od him; Dr. Karl Ilelfferich, former
finance minister; Adimiral von Capel
?le, who was minister of marine, an-1
Ceti. Erich Ludcndorff. all have
been "invited" to attend and give>
These men will be confronted by
Count von Bemstorff, who alleges
'that his efforts for peace through
President Wilson and Cel. E. M.
House in December, 1010, and Janu
ary. 1017, were making good headway
when Berlin ruined all by a renewal
of the ruthless U-boat warfare, and
that the government. ignored his re
peated warnings that such a measure
would bring America into the war on
the side.of-the allies.
Several Arrests Grow Out of Meat
Workers Walkout in
Baltimore. Oct. 21.?With th?
mc-at nackers firm on their declara
tion that they will never subm'it to
the closed shop principle, an I tlis
I strike agftators equally firm in,
I t'reir resolution to fight for it. the
I strike in the meat packing industry
yeiserda.v was virtually at a dead
lock. The day brought forth the
most serious disorders since l ist
Thursday, when the strike began.
The* men stood about the plants in
angry .groups. but, according to the
packers their tactics failed to k.-.-p
the plants from running as usual.
A representative of the employer
state'd last night that each day fin'
'them in a better position to do
without the men who walked out.
Most of the latter held laboring
positions, the duties of which m w
men are learning rapidly.
The strikers are reported to he
ed backed by the radical wing.
The- union agitators are' stii! hop-|
ing that the betef butchers v ill
join tTie pork butchers in the strike,
although two separate calls have
failed to induce* more than a h'a:"l
ful to walk out.
Virginia Trwn Looks Forward fr
Industrial Bo: in
Petersburg. Va., Oct. 21.? Hope
well is again' forging to the fr< r.t,
and it is predicted by the busin -ss
men tf the former Magic City that,
?in the very nc'ar fuhvre it will i>e
cf the busiest industrial centers in
the Soul"n. Already machinerv for
the' plant of the Hopewell Trunk
ami Fug fVnvpar.y has arrive I and
is 'being i/.stalleel. The Dupont
Hotel and the Dupont Club are to
be rc'cpcncd. and it is stated that
800 men ar* r oKv at work in dele
th Dupcnt plant getting it re.vly
for the coming of manufacturers.
Another lame industry to hi' es
tablished at Hopewell is said t?? be
'a rubber tire factory. A large ad
vertising conern of Philadelphia has
closx-'d a co'ntract with the Dupont
Chemical Company for ?<>0.0000 to
he used in advertising the P.-tevs
burg-Ho'pwell district, guaranteeing
that there will lie 1(5.000 inoiiir' s
about Hopewell and Pctersbu: g.
E.\-Milfcna;re and Swindler Applies
at Danville. N. V.. IVrrhe.u^e
Rochester, X. V.. .Oct. 21.? Alon
so' ?!. White-num. aged (51. former! ??
one of the most notorious swind
lers in the United States, has
pliid to- the authorities of his home
town, DansviHe, near here, for :?
mission to the county noorhor* ?
there. A graduate of Har.iilt- ;i
College, he went in his early m. i1
hocd t<? Minnesota to look aft- r bis
fathers lumber interests there.
He became a millionaire ir. tiie
Gopher State and was elected stat o
senator. He then operated a or:"
of the boldest confidence' men in,
the country, and as a result s-rveil
several terms in prison. Once,
while in custody of an officer, he
leaped from a fast moving train
and escaped.
Hamilton. O.. Oct. 21.?Following
his experience early Sunday of l?eir.-i
chloroformed, taken *o a wood north
of the city and there treated to a
coat of tar and feathers, John E. Ser/- j
er. lccal Socialist leader, yesterday
received a letter advising him to lea'-.-*
the city in ten days on pain of :-e:r
more severely treated.
Steiger did not indicate whether or
not he would comply. lie was suffer
ing yesterday from severe nervou1
Distribution of circulars, signe I by
Steiger and another Socialist, wet
said to have led to Sunday's attack.
The circulars, it is said, attacked the
The Mount Vernon Ice Cream.
Parlors will shortly open at 1102
King street, where they will serve!
not only ice cream ibut also a fine
line cf candies and cigars.
251-6c. James Priovolos.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Alexandria Water
Company will be held at the office
,of the companyv Monday, Novem
ber 3rd, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m.
"239-23t. ..George Uhler, Secreta*
'Dr. Len (5. B'roughton, D. D., was.
the re'cent guest of Mr. and Mrs.
James A. Hulfish. in North Wash
ington street.
Martha Washington Chapter No.
42, Order Eastern Star, wilt hold its
eighth birthday p-artv tonight at
'Masonic Temple at 8 o'clock.
?Purcdll S. Wade, three ye'ars old,
son of Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Wade,
I died last night at his parents' resi
dence. 515 South Alfred stree't.
The Misses Margaret, Arn<Vta
and Evelyn Howard left today for
New York and from there' will go to
Chicago, /Grand Rapids and Indi
Dr. I.ueian C. Smith, a former
resident of Alexandria, who for
some time past has been located in
Thela, British Honduras, is visiting
in Washington.
Miss Caroline Bartlett, daughter
of Rev. and Mrs. R. II. Bartlett,
Doub, Md., has returned after vis
iting her grandmother, Mrs. Peter
Hov, in I'rince street.
Dr. M. D. Delaney is attending
the annual session of the Clinical
Congress of Surgeons being held;
'in New York City. The congress!
end it-= sessions October 25.
A big truck from Washington
shortly after JO o'clock this morning
collided with a Ford driven by a
man from" New Jersey. The man
?.T.d his wife were sdated in the. car
and both escaped injury. The Ford1
was slightly damaged.
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the M. E. Church South, will
inli-H Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock in the Sunday School room.
The ladies will be glad to welcome
nt'w members at this time and to
have visitors from other societies.
The mass meeting held last night
in the First Baptist.Church was
largely attended Rev. Dr. I.en 0.
Brcug litem, a noted evangelist, de
livered an abb* and eloquent address
Rev. Dr. E. B. Jackson, pastor,
presided. Among those present were
ma ivy cf the ministers of the city.
Mr. Carroll Pierce, dr.. who served
reverse as since last yc^ar in the Ord-;
nance Department, has tbeen mus
tered out. of service and returned?
home and has accepted a position
in tlie foreign discount department
of the National City Bank of New
The funeral of Mrs. Lottie May
Jones, wife cf Russell Jones, who
died Sunday nght at her home, 22?
Massachusetts avenue, northwest,
Washington, will take place at. 2
o'clock tomorrow afternoon from
Wheat ley's mortuary chapel, this
city. Burial will be in Bethel ceme
In loving rcmdnTbrance of our
dear sen arid 'husband, Edgar F.
Hr>:cliffe. who departed this life one
year ago today. October 21st. 1918.
Dear Edgar how we loved and miss
In words we cannot tell.
But engraved eHep within^ our
Your image will always dwell.
Peaceful be thy rest dear Edgar
ft is sweet to breiathe your name
fn life we1 loved you dearly
In death we do the same.
A loving one from us has gone
A voicei we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our home1
Which never can be filled.
251-1 p. By sister Lena.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Howard Lumber Com
pany, Incorporated, will be held at
its principal office. 111 South Fair
fax street, Alexandria, Virginia, at -
11 o'clock A. M\. October 27th,"'
1010. By order of the Board of Di-'
Howard Lumber Company, Incorpo

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