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OlJerft Daily Newspaper in the
Uni ?J States and Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia.
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Fr,r (his sect inn?Faif tonight '
and Thursday; cooJer toriiprht.
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J? AjEJrtrr, ' H'-'"
VOL. CXXXV?No. 252.
Health Officer Suggests
Reasonable Ventilation
For All
It is not Necessary to Turn Living
Rooms Into a Miniature Wind Swept
1 In an recent interview, Health Of
ficer, Dr. L. E. Foulks, in discussing
the value of* public health educational
propaganda, said:
"lit -is very unfortunate that many
people have a tendency, to go to ex
tremes in trying to follow out some
simple rule of health. This is very .
aptly illustrated by the actions of
what we may well call the 'fresh-air
fiend.' It an ay sound a little harsh
to call these people fiends, but some
of their work is so deadly and they
insist upon carrying out their fool
ish ideas without the least considera
tion for the comfort, health or rights
of others, that their actions at times
can only 'be looked upon as fiendish.
When we advise a person as to the
importance of fresh -air, we simply
mean in the first place he should go
ouit in the open as much as possible
and thereby obtain not only pure air
under .-natural and normal conditions,
but the sunlight and exercise also,
that naturally go with iit.
In the second place, we mean that
in his place of business and in his
home, he should see thbt proper and
reasonable ventilation is secured. ou
will note that' Ksay 'reasonable"
ventilation in order to differentiate
it from the foolish ^ind unreasonable. ?
Now right here is where our "fresh
pir-fiend" starts 'in with his fool
stunts. The word 'reasonable', is not ,
in hi? vocabulary. He has no idea what ]
it means, and he would not thank you .
if you toM him', either. \
'He igets this fresh arr desire firm- 1
ly fixed in his not too ample mind, :
and he is fully satisfied that it is ]
the one and oavly panacea-'for all hu- ,
man ills, frcm corns to*consumption. ,
He becomes firmly convinced that if
he can only keep himself filled up to
thje muzzle with fi?sh air, he is di
sease-proof, germ-proof and.doubtless
fool-proof! fAnd what is more, he is
going 19 have fresh air at any cost?
that':is *t any cost to others, for you
must remember that our typical
fresh-air-fiend has absolutely no con
sideratioivfoir any person but himself.
Now that is just where the rub
come iin. He will 'enter a room where
yott-afe quietly, peacefully 'and com
fortably resting, and after sniffing
about like a Bulgarian cheese hound
for a few moments, will say: "My,
my, why- you need some fresh air in
here.".-Then he will go tp the win
now and raise the sash, as far a> ...
will -go, letting in a draft of damp.
cMily air on your unprotected per
son. You soon begin to sneeze.
he don't-notice that and says: Thei
don't vou call that fine? Nothing like
plenty of fresh air!" And then^ you
gr\it your teeth and say: "! ? ? ?
Alt laws and rules are founded on
common sense, hence the fool actio?;
of such r ranks as above described, are
always calculated to do much harm
by turning an otherwise plain, simple
and valuable rule of health, into an
actual menace as well as an absurdity^
In order to get sufficient ventila
tion, it is -not at ?T 1 necessary to
turn our living rooms into miniature
wirid-swept prairie. A room swept
by chilly draft 'of ?ir is a 'hundred
times -more dangerous to health
than a poorly ventilated one.
I might explain Tight here that
many of our old ideas about ven'ti
lation have been sadly upset by re
cent very exhaustive scientific tests
conducted 'by the New ""i ork State
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Howard Lumber Com
pany, Incorporated, will be held aK
its principal office, 111 South Fair
fax street* Alexandria, Virginia, at
11 o'clock A.'-M., October 27th,
1919. By order of the Board of Di
Howard Lumber Company, Incorpo
Josiah Howard, President.
241-15t. Jay P. Felt, Secretary.
Commission on Ventilation It has
been fully demonstrated beyond any
question of doubt that an ordinary
sized family in a. room of reason
able size, caanot possibly, reduce the
oxygen con'tejntMoy increase; the car
bon dioxide to such an extertt as will
have any ibad effects upon the oc
cupants. And this without any 'attempt
at special ventilation. There are only
two factors that are harmful under
such conditions* and these are the
temperature and humidity. Hence in
ventilating the Inning rooms of a
house, it is only necessary to do so
to such as extent as will maintain
the proper temperature and t'he nor
mal per cent of humidity. And right
here is the trouble in many houses
during the winter season. The steam
from the kitchen is often permdtted
to penetrate the living rooms and
thereby raise the humidity almost to
the point of saturation', or 100 per
jcenit. 'A sinVplie [indication of high
humidity is the formation of moisture
upon the windows. This high degree
of moisture is not only injurious to
health, but it 'also ruins your furni
ture by soft?ninig the glue and warp-1
ing the woodwork. So remember that j
.heat combined with mbisture are!
the two (iangfrous fr.ctors in a poorly
ventilated room. In other words if by
simple care and reasonable ventila
tion the temperature and humidity
are properly regulated, you need not
worry about there .being too little
oxygen cr too much carbcto dioxide.
The point I wish to make here is
that ventilation, like anything else,
can be carried to extremes, and when
this is done, it Incomes a danger in
place cf a benefit.
If a man wants to sleep in a roon
with snow drifting1 over his bed, ?vhy
by all means left him do so. If can
stand it, all well nni good, but it
don't prove that others can and
should do likewise! You know that
the medicine that will cure the shoe
maker, may kill the carpenter! You
cant give the same does to every
person and expect all to live through
it! How many of us have suffered
from the fresh-air-fiend who boards
the 'train arid takes the vacant seat
just ahead, and promptly raises the
window, no matter how cold th$. day
tniay be. There are few cars on any
railfroad at the present time which
are not reasonably ventilated, but
that fact don't worry our fresh-air
fiend at all. He personally wants air,
and lots of it. and he don't care a'
hang about anybody else. The strong,
direct and chilling draft passes by him
and hits you square in the face. You
can't change .your place, for no va
cant seat is left. So you, along with
the others in the seats 'back of you,
have 'to sHt- andi shiver. It is through
the fool.actions of just such a weak
minded. shallow brained, poor imita
tion of a human being, (that many
people have been sent to premature
graves. Such a person as that needs
the prompt attention of the fool
killer, .and he needs Trim quick.
Secretary Wilson's Ruling Closes
Conference To Them
Washington, Oct. 22.?Under Secre
tary of Labor Wilson's interpretation
of the treaty, voting in the forthcom
ing International Labor Conference
writ be confined to those delegates
representing only the nations men
tioned in the annex of the League of
Nations covenant, it was declared in
a statement by the Secretary made
public yesterday. This interpretation
would bar Gorman and Austrian dele
gates from voting.
The Secretary's interpretation,
which holds that the United States in
convening and organizing the con
ference has assumed certain obliga
tions which it cannot, permit even the
Supreme Council to abrogate, is in di
rect conflict with the Supreme Coun
cil's own ruling.
As a solution of the difficulty, Sec
retary Wilson suggests that an in
formal conference be called for dis
cussion of subjects by all delegates,
provided final determination was left
to the members proper.
Big Freighter Will Lclajd Conl and
Coke foT Overseas
From the shipyards of the Vir
ginia Shipbuilding Corporation at
Alexandria. Va.. the new steel 8.000
ton deadweight steamier H. F.
Morse arrived yesterday, consigned
to McOall-Dinning Company. She
went into Curtis Bay. Baltimore, to
load (oal and coke for overseas port
The Mo''.?e is the third of a series
of !0 s'eel steamers being built at
AJexandria. Sh^ probably will dock
before taking: in cargo.
j Drive For Membership Will
Be Held November
I 1 2-11
Org-ini T ? t?-< ed T.ast Ninht?
Address JIv C. S. Hark, of Nr. t?0';n*
Headquarters, Washington.
A meeting; of 'the Executive Com
mittee of the Red Cross Roll Call was
held at the Chamber of Commerce
las: night. This meeting was address-j
ed ! y C. 8. Clarke from the Re]
Cross headquarters, Was:- nirten. D
C., who gave a most interesting
J. T. Iieston is secretary of +hc
roll call. Other officers ars Mrs J.
V "Ai'.'iams. secretary, Carroll Pierce
treasurer The following were named
chairmen of committees: <
Churches, Capt. Louis N. Duffey;
publicity, Mrs. Geo. R. Hill; posters,
Miss Collins Jones; streets and mov
ing pictures," Mrs Lucy Evans, Miss
Nellte U'liler, Miss Ivatherlne Wal
ler; stoivs, Mrs. R:chard Gibson;
banks, Mrs. Geo. E. Warfield, Miss
Sadlie Field; Miss M. E Young; win
dow dressing. Mrs. O. W. Price;
business offices. ;H. A. Bales, E. F.
Ticer; Mrs. C. E. Yaeger, Miss
Frances Fairfax, Miss Ethel Rem
ington, Miss P.ertha Allison, four
minu'te speakers. Major J. Randall
Gate n, sc hoofs, Miss Eddie Di.-kert. j
The roll call will be held on Thurs
day. Friday and Saturday. November
fi-7-8 and en Sunday, November 0, a
house to house canvass will be made.
A f.o'ir.i ittce composed of a repre
<oniat.ve from each church will be
fovu^d to secur? workers from all
?* .e=.
C. S. Clark, executive secretary of
the Third Red Cross Roll Call at Na
tional Headquarters, Washington, T).
C. delivered in part the fol'-wing
The greatest organization of Mercy
the world has ever known is stand
ing waiting for something to do and
something to do it with. The Ameri
can Red Cross, that during the Nine
teen months of itho war enrolled over
twenty million adult Americans in its
membership, gathered and spent more
than four hundred million- dollars,
created articles of necessity and com
fort valued o- one hundre-J million
more; is standing on the threshold of
its next chapter of activity. With
the coming of the third Red Cross
V. \\ Call, whi-h is ?/? celebrate the
j;i!-irCTsavy of '.he sigi. ing of the
arm.fdice, an* will ck-M T>n Nov
el irr Ht.': ih- lied Cross expects
-e-enroll it* rren.he'*.-.:'; t< enlist
million? mve; in) to sc a
fund of Fifteen Million Dollars with
which to close up its war work and
begin the activities of its recon-truc
tion campaign.
When the armistice was signed
everybody made up "their minds that
the war was over, and after a few
hours of hysterical and' emotional
celebration everybody prepared to get
out and to get down to normal peace
t:m?e activity. It was -.supposed by
thoughtless observers that wartime
machinery would immediately be
trashed-. The peculiar thing was that
when it came to the American Red
Cross it simply refused to be trashed.
In spite of the relaxation that fol
lowed the armistice; tn spite of the
ten-fold more debilitating influence of
an epidemic of influenza that shut
down half the country and made im
possible any propaganda work, ot in
deed any public meetings; in spite
of it all', 19,948,920 adult American5
deliberately walked up and enrolled
themselves as members of the Red
This membership of course is an an
nual one. It must be renewed from
year to year, or the Red Cross as a
going organization would cease to ex
ist. save at the hands of a few hun
dred permanent members made so by
generous gifts in the past. Thcie will
be no tremble about the enrollment.
Not only our present membership,
but hundreds of thousands more are
waiting, eager to be shown wmt
there is to do, and as eager to do it.
Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street., 227-tl,
United .States Steamship, which has
come into prominence through talk of
merging with American Ship and Com
merce, is capitalized at $25,000,000,
having 1,250,000 shares of $10 par
value outstanding. It is a holding
corporation, owning all of the capital
stock of the Virginia/ Shipbuilding
Corporation, the Groton Iron Works
the Steamship Operating Company,
and also fifty-one per 'cent of the
Hudson Navigation Company. Jr. re- j
cently has made a contract whereby
it will become an important ocean j
transportation company. That contract
involves taking over from the United
States Shipping Board of a number
! of steamships which were designed
for-government use during the Avar
period. Eight ships are on the water
and two additional ships will be laun
ched before November 1. Conditions
of transfer are extremely favorable
to the company.
Struck by Nokhbound
Freight Over W.-Va.,
Road at St. Elmo
Voung Woman Was Endeavoring to
Catch Southbound Train?Skull
Is Fractuied. ^
(Miss Julia Deli'a St ruder, nine
teen years old, daughter of Mr. aril
Mrs. J'a.nu-s A. Struder, of Francon
ia. Fairfax county, was struck and
fatally injured about 7 o'clock last
night by noriVtbound freight car
tover the Washington-Virginia Rail- J
'.vay while at St. Elmo, Alexandria
county, several miles of this
The young v< n.nn was picked up
in an unconscious condition and
p Paced aboard a passenger train
?over tl'at 1 iive and brought to the
Alexandria Hospital and treated fur
a fracture at the .base of tfhc skull
by Dr. J.lcwcllyn Powell. Sire died
?at (i o'clock this morning without
i e^aining c-is-.-'ou-ro^s.
From what could be learned <f
thv.' affair the young woman wus
endeavoring to catch a southbound
trair. for I'el Kay when she m'rt
.with the fatal accident, evidently
(flailing to see the approaching
freight as she crossed the tr'ack.
Miss Struder lived with her sis
ter, Mv?.. John West, at Del Ray.
and was employed in Washington.
The iliceased in addibioh to her
?parents is survived by three broth
ers and two sisters.
A coroner's jury summoned by
Dr. T. M. Jones met this afternoon
?at 2 o'clock at Wheatley's mortu
ary chapel and viewed the body,
and was adjourned subject to thn
call o,f the corowr. The jury is
composed of Jerome Kaufmann,
Walter T. Cline, R.'T,ee Field. Geo.
Jknder. /C'hUrles G. Welch and An
drew Decton.
We have opened an oyster shop
at the southeast corner of Alfre l
and Gibbon streets, for the sale of
oysters, both wholesale and retail.
Chesapeake Ray standard select
?oysters. Give us a trial and be
convined. H. M. Struder and Co.
I 252-?,p.
Persons desiring to secure a
panorama picture of the Sunday
School parade, take'n in Christ
Church yard, call on M, I.oeb. pho
tographer, 41fi King street. 251-.tj
Slightly used coupe and Sedan,
good bargains at Remschel's.
Is your car running -good? If
not, see Mr. Woodbury at Rem
schel's. 250-fic.
A called meeting of Mount Ver
non Chapter. No. 14, R. A. M., will
be held in the Masonic Temple
Wednesday evening. October 22nd.
1919. at 7:30. Work, .S. R. and M.
E. By order of thfc High Priest.
251-2c.- F. W. Latham, Secretary.
Interstate Commerce Com
mission Grants W.-Va,
Rwy. Co., Fare Boost
Ten Per Cent Increase On All Com
mutation Tickets Between Here
ami Waf-hinpon (J'ante.':.
The Interstate 'Commerce Com-1
iriissicn has granted an increase in J
rates between this city and Wash
ington to the Washington-Virginia
Railway Company. On commutation
tickets the increase is ten per cent
and cn single tickets passengers
will pay at ti.e rate of two and one
half cents per mile.
'Jt'nis means that as soon as the
new sehedjle becomes operative
Alexandrians and Washingtonians
as well will .pay thirty-five cents
for a round trip between this city
and Washington. This ticket for
merly sold for twenty-five . cents.
A single tri;p will cost eighteen
ccnts, which is an increase of three
cents as hhe nresent [price ^ :l
single trip is fifteen cents.
Mtfnlhly ccm mutations tickets
will cost the nurchaser $-1.4") cents
which new sell for S4.05, this ticket
as well us all other commutation
tickets being increased. The twen
ty-five trip ticket or familv ticket
will cost $2.75 which now costs
Notice of the new rtites has just
been received l>y IL R. Stansbury.
president of -the Mount Vernon
Commuters' Association and Attor
ney (fVaries Henry Smith, who
represented the commuters. (
First unofficial information re
ceivc'd here was to the effect that
there vould !.e no ineraeso on this,
The foregoing increase also ef
fects these on 'the Mount Vernon
line in the same proportion.
It is >ct :'erJ; by the commis
sion in p&ra.gt:ip*h (b) One way
fares on 'a basis not to exceed 2 1-2
edits'per mile, minimum fare ">
cents; children under five years of
age when accompanied by parent
or guaroian holding proper trans
I ? rlatior. to l-o carried free; child
ren five years of age and under
twelve ydars of age to be charged
one half adult fare; minimum child
ren's fare five cents: fractions of
a cent to be considered as a full,
"Round it'rijp fares not to exceed
double the one-way fare authorized
fn paragrah (b)
"The existing tariff fares for
fifty-two trip monthly, twenty-five
trip family and forty-eirfit trip
sehcol commutation tickets may be.
increased by net to exceed ten per
-Rates on milk: Five gallon cans
or less 12 1-2 cents: over five but
not over 7 1-2 gallons 10 cents; over
7 1-2 but not over 10 gallons. 2">
It is set forth that the approval
for increases given is void if the
srche'dule issued is not filed with the
commission on or before December
31. 1010.
It is ex-petted that the company
seen .will put tht' inereas-, Hate's in
An increase ialso is granted on
tT.e Falls Church and Rosslyn
Mrs. Jean M. Hyde gave an in
teresting and instructive lecture
last night at the residence of Mrs.
?George T. Klipstein. Her subject
was "The League of Nations.*' A
Jarge nunlber of norsens attended.
The Speaker handled her subject in
an able manner.
At the conclusion of her talk
there was informal discussion dur
ing which Mrs. Hyde answered
many Questions propounded to Tier
regarding the league.
The Mount Vernon Ice Cream
Parlors will shortly open at 1102
King street, where they will served
not only ice cream ibut also a fine
line of candies and cigars.
251-6c. * ? James Prio'volos.
Capt. and Mrst He'll wege Appeal for
Clothing for Indigent
Cajrt. 'and Mrs. .1. D. Hellwege, :n
change of the local branch of the
Salvation Army, lia,ve returned from
NV\v York Citv where they attend
ed the Eastern Congress of the
Salvation Army. They state that
about 2.000 Salvation Army officers
were pre-wt and nxiny things of
interest to t'hat organization dis
Commander Eva Boothe decided
that the army should increase its
efficiency 100 per cent during the
coming: year.
' 22n Salvation Aimv workers wire
decorated Sunday afternoon by
Commhnder F!r,r,(ho for work with
the A. E. F.. in France, and Miss
Rcol'ne was piesmted with a medal
by (?en. Genrg'e Shanks which
? mjetlkl was tendered here iby Con
Announcement is made by Cant. j
and Mrs. Hcllwegt, says the army
here is in nt'e-d of eld clothes, shoe?
or anytfeii'ff that will be of help for
the comfort of the worthy poor dur
'in'g the coming winter, especially
children's clothes are needed. ll is
stated otha?t live officers have de
mands daily for such things from
fhrse in need.
Muscovite Drew Monoy From Ba^i
t'l Return to Russh
Chester. !"a.. Oct. 22.?Accord in*;
to th? story of John Jilorich t i<l
the police yesterday 'morning, he
drew SJJTiO cut of the postal snvir.jrs
fund, and with an "additional $150
tucked into his vest pocket walked |
down the street in the direct'to of
his ihome. die hail taken out the
money with the intention cf r turn
ing to his home in Russia. While
on >h .< way heme -Jilorich was stop
ped by a ckmple of men who ask d '
him tr> direct them to ?':>n addivss
in t?l;e Fifth Ward.
-T(/hit grave the nv'cessmry jnfonna
ton. a<ntl one of the men effer-d
him 'a five dollar bill as a r vVai'd
for his courtesy. "Rut I don't nrr'd
your money." Jilorjeh resoonded. "1
have plenty of my ow?0 arl b?
fished out. the .S'-'OO as proof ar.ti
handled ever th,. amount for t'
stranger to' count.
When .lilorieh rdiehed Imrne lie
found 'a bundle of paper in h'
pocket, v.fln re th(. motte-y was s:;ii
po.'"'id to h". atwl his geld watih a; i
ch'ain whiflh 'he says is wo'th .?
hundiVd more were jfone
In -/.ad but loving1 remennbrance ; f I
our dear daughter au'd sister, Ver1 a
VioHi Carter, who departed, t! {
lifL. one year ago.
An angel took this lovely plant
T'his ple-'asing human flower
A|way from frosts of winter
To bloom in God's own b wtr.
Then w'hy shed Wars of pit'y
Wlvcn there is c'aus,. lor mirth?
For little Verna is God's own fiower
Even more i'han when on earth.
We shall meet fter sfome bright
Restinjr by the water fair.
She i.s plaiting for our coming
In the upper itfirilen there.
2.r?2-lp. By the family.
A tribute of love and menvorv t" I
our little boy. Richard J. Rinker.
who left us throe months ajfo t ?
kjene but not forgotten.
In h"s youthful days.
Sought -and loved by 'all who knov:
ill: m.
Loved and dearly loved.
The bloAv was 'hard, th0 shock se -
To pa j t with rne we loved so dear
God love'd him. too. lantl tbought it
best, <
So tool: him to his Shonve to rest.
2."2-!p. Fly hi.s nfemnin and dr.ddy
Notice is hereby givt.-n that the
annual mectinir of stockholders of
t.he Washington Safe Deposit Com
pany Incorporated, will be held al
the office of the company. No. 111
South Fairfax street. Alexandria.
Virginia, on Tuesday, November 1,
1019. at 12 o'clock noon, for the
purpose of electing a board of direc
tors for the ensuing year and for
the transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before
said meeting
John C'. Schroder. Assistant Secty.
The sum of ?2,fiOO has been Col
lected thus far for tire Jewish Re
lief Chmfcaign.
Meade Episcopal Chapel, colored,
will havp a" guild meeting after the
S o'cliock services tonight.
Mr. M. P. iGrevne has returned
from the mountains of Vermont,
where he' spent the summer.
'flhere will <be a preparatory ser
vice at five First Batist '.Church to
night to the revival service which
will begin Sifnrflay night at that
'Mis. John G. Cc.ckey, acconvpa
n ied by 'Mrs. vV. B. .Smithejs. went
to Warriinton, Va, 'TuesVfay, where
i Mrs. Ccckey re-organ ize'd the" Wo
man's Missionary Society, of the
Methodist Church 'of that place.
At a meeting1 of the Old Dominion
Boat Club held last night, J. T.. Pres
ton was elected SeeretaryTreasurer
cau:ed by the resignation of C. A.
Callahan. R. Owens and Lt. M F Tal
bot t were elected to 'membership in
the club.
The bir:h'lav party given last night
by Martha Washington Chapter No.
42, Order of Eastern Star, was attend
s<i by a large gathering of members
ar.il a most enjoyable time hal by all
present. A special program of exer
cises was given.
This is prayer meeting night.
Your pastor will be glad t'O see you
rthere. A 'helpfull service -and a
vV:nm wclcorie a wait's you at the
Southern M'.thodist Church. Come
tonight at S o'clock. If you have ivo
piayir meeting in your church we
will be glad to have you at ours.
A meeting of a number of citi
zur.s interested in the organization
> f a country-clulb is seated to be
h-. l'i Frictay ninht in the rooms of
the Chancer of Commerce. It is
j.'Kpixil to organize an up to date
?oiMitry club for golf te*nnis and
ether outdoor sports to be located
mar city.
Saicpf.a l.o'dge. Xo. 4(5. Odd Fel
lows. will confer the third degree
on ia class of nine candidates to
niiiht. Arrangement* 'are being,
nvat'-e by G. F. Dudes, drill master
?of th<? degree team, for a class ini
tiate ri on a large number of can'di-. ..
dates the first Wednesday in No
vember at OHM Fellows' Hal1!. All
Odd Fellows in the city are invited.
At a special session of Fitzgerald
Council X?. 45!?. Knights of Colum
bus. to be held this evening in the
Lyceum Hall,the honors of the first
degree will be conferred uuon a
class rf newly elcctod candidates*
Following the exemplification of
the deirrce the entertainment com
mittee 'has arrang'd for a lij-'ht buf
fet luncheon. All of the members
are urged to attend the meeting.
Pittsburgh. Oct. 22.?Riotfing,
which broke out in the Rraddock
-itet I mill dlsftriet yesterday, was
renewed last night when a crowd of
.ibout ">() strikers and their sympa
thize!- clashed with several work
men who had just left one of the
plants shortly before. One man
was shot during the melee and
many others were injured.
Sta'-te troopers, attracted by the
noise of the fight, rushed to the
scene on their mounts, and rode
?jut( t'he mob, using' riot clubs free
ly. When t.he troopers put in an
appearance, the crowd greeted them
with 'a shower of stones, clubs an<t
bottles, and an unidentified man
drew a revolver and fired five?
shafts, one of which struck Joseph
Dinnock. in the vicinity of whose
heme the disorder occurred. He
,-was not seriously hurt.
The troopers finally dispersed the*
The annual meetfng of the stock
holders of the Alexandria Water
Company will be held at the office
of the companyv Monday, Novem
ber 3rd, 1019. at 10 o'clock a. m.
239-23t. George Uhler. Secretary.

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