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Except Scmday
By the Alexandria Gazette Corporation
117 King Street, Alexandria, Va.
? y
IOWARD W. SMITH, President and
WILLIAM A. SHOOT ... Vlee-President
MICHAEL t.DWYER ... ..... Editor
> V
Entered at the Postofflce at Alexan
dria, Virginia, aa second class matter.
.1 .... . .
iScenes at the special session of
the" Police Court last nijrht were of
'a nature calculated to set those
thinking whose duty it was to be
present. While a number of ne
groes, male and female, were ar
raigned oi\ charges of lascivious
conduct, or 6f beinj? menaces to the
health of the community, and who
were no means disconcerted, seve
ral white women, including: some
still in their teens, with downcast
eyes, "foamed out their own shame"
Some may be ruined for life by rea
son of their present condition, su
perinduced bv waywardness. ^Al
though they were, reaping what
they had sown, they excited the
sympathy of those whose duty it is
to .arrest'"such in their downward
course. iTwo of the cf&ored delin
quents carried infants in their arms
One of the delinquents, fourteen
years old, acknowledged to the court
that she had taken the wrong , step
in life and was still on the broad
road to destruction. Others, whose
sensibilities, have lonjr been blunt
ed, passed- through the ordeal with
?but little concern. , . .
Some of the details"Vm:connection
with the investigation were n^ot of
a naturo to be printed or alluded to,
'and the authorities, preferring to
'save those who inadvertently have
made false steps in life, took proper
measures lookinir to the rescue of
the unfortunates. Some sobbed pitc
ously when it was announced thai
heroic measures were necessary in
their cases, and one. after havine
passed throuuh the ordeal of facing
her accusers, swooned and the
services of a physician were neces
sary to brin?r her back to her nor
mal condition.
The services of the Salvation
Army were tendered the court in
the work of reclaiming the way
Ward. and several white girls, still
minors under the law. will be placed
under the care and espionage of
this organization.
A large uatherinjr. including'
numbers! <?f boys, had gathered in
front of the station house to wit
ness the proceedings in the Police
Court, it ,was deemed proper to
exclude all from the room save
those directly interested, which is
in Accordance with the spirit of the
present laws. Most of the would
be Spectators had been attarcted
by ?curiosity, and the words spoken
lone: ai:o?"Let hint who is without
sin; cast the first stone" were in
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a daily newspaper.
The extremely mild weather of
? the past few days has caused many
to believe that frigid conditions will
sooji follow the "May" days we ai;e
experiencing. y
Those who recall past history and
?an go back sixty-six years from
October 24 have beeh reminded of
the 'big snow which fell in- certain
' places in Virginia on that date.
It came following a warm spell and
while the trees were still jioldinir
their leaves, because there had been
to frosts, and was very wet. As a
?esult, the cracking of breaking
im'bers is said to have resembled
:h? firing of artillery.
Never was so great damage, done
o the forest in Southwest Virginia
hail by this snow. There were ev
ihn.TS of the damasre to the wood
'ands for a quarter of a century.
Present warm conditions renders
L. unnecessary to disturb vour coal
:ii:s, and there are hopes, well
'ounded, that the threatened strike
f miners will not materialize. Bui
n the face of this optimism snow.
;->( :u-r or later, will be flying.
anti-strike law
if Congress has a spark of the
independence or a tithe of the moral
backbone and sense of responsibil
ity displayed by t'he President in
his statement calling upon the trai
torous mine workers to annual their
trike order and remain or. the job.
will at once pass an antistriko
i!! that will make strikes in indus
tries that bear up.on^the. basjqtrighfg,
of livelihood for the people a crime
against the nation. What right
^nnvi.-.tht- rap road workers ^tcj strike?..
What right hnve the stevedores to
strike? They .say it is an ancient
right and belongs to them as such.
In this they say what is false. It
is no right at all, it is an assertion.
Thr-re is no right of prdtesf that
sanetfons lawT&ss' san'T' 'v.devastAting
mteiference wit h { thK Vi grk^.cf fi.ve
!iho-;.'h- >2?he .tpv.^mehtlJp&-'tlyi?
! basis viir-lit;. vf? ,t;kv<^ j^ou^s?
the right- ? w j^nflj|?4t.' The
nz ?ple"s rijht of living is attacked
in order that the wage hogs may
got their snouts further down into
tin*-trough. Th?J*hogs need to be
?trqatijd ;as jS^'h. {"Bhev bccan*? sh\v
; *p!./ swfll; gobbljeri-a. with Api' fdeu
above fheir wallowing in thfti muck
of their own infamous demands.
Any tlenifinds- that destroy tfye ba
3it /rights of multitudes of prions
? mad,. to suffer innocently .are infa
nrcns. ? ? ? ' ? ? 1 ' ' J >' '
President Wilson has said that
he miners in striking will be act
ing unlawfully, an:1 * that the power
if the nation will be brought to
;b(iar to insure* contimiq^u-aj of the
Activities they h;f^e' (fcejde# to lay
asWc Novembeu ],>< sj.
Potential labor outlaws say that
if a .strike law ?shall lie enacted
? !u-i'se 'will v be .resolution. Yes, there
will* be revolution, and the Shea?
Jin] the Lewises and the coterie of
inlaws and traitors to the country
r.-.l the rights of the masses of the
will be the first to know the
fact. There will be a revolution
igaiast the autocracy of-thje labor
nr'nVis and brotherhoods. j \
The strike has groiS'n\uj& to its
'oimidablo proportions because pol
ti; i;u.s have been bootlicking labor
*pr its votes.?-(Baltimore Aemrican.
Milwaukee. Wis. Oct. "J8.?So
?ialisl- of .Milwaukee today plan
led to unominate Victor Bergcr
?.s candidate for Congress :f he is
ancated for his conviction under
ll:e Kspionage act.
'!' Berger is ousted as recom
;u::!.d by the House Elections
C'< mmittee, a special election will
cm'led to fill his place. Social
's! . t.irtcd theii campaign tt? re
;no;*i:!:ate and re-elect Berger mi
ni liately after the Elections C'om
?nitte ? report was made public.
Aitluir Barry. Republican county
!. .irman, yesterday declared that
: I' i! rgi r is renominated a protest
wi'l !>o filed yr.til the Secretary oT
>'i . (>? placing his' name on
tlie ballot.
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Dire Consequences. it is Alleged,
'WouH'FoHc^' Strike'
Between now and the meeting; of
the international executive board of
the United Mine Workers of Amer
ica in Indianapolis Wednesday, ad
ministration leaders will use all of
their ; powers i of persuasion to in
duce the.mhifr workers tq? rescind
the wrier rfor all coal joiners to
strike November 1. . ,
Appeals to the miners' will be
based on their own interests as well
as the public welfare. It will be
..made perfectly clear to tbem that
,they_ have put (themselves in ?' a
^sitfopi ami ? iff'they: <insist
,brin? upon
themselves dire consequneces.
Both at the White House and at
piie 4)f-j>artjmqr,t 'Labor yester
day 'it'was'made clear that the atti
.t^i.ale pi j the . administration towards
'the mine workers was conciliatory
and will remain so as lonfr as
ti:c.-re was any chance left of per
?uadiii^ them from taking the false
>hp upoii,:Xvhjch their leaders ap
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T J (V 't"! "&1
w AJig M llllfe
O* Vr
524 King Street - Alexandria, Va.
i ?!????
*?- . ? -. ? V. .
Phone 193

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