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senate defeats veto
Enforcement Bill to Become Law
This Week, Result of Con
< ' ? gress Action . ?
In J accord with predictions made
Monday when the President's veto
of the ? prohibition enforcement
measure was received in Congress,
the Senate yesterday followed the
example of the House and passed
the bill over the veto by more than
the requisite two thirds majority.
The "vote in the Senate was 65 to
20, Die majority having seven more
votes than were needed to override
the veto. The vote in the House,
?by which the veto was overriden
Monday, was 176 to 55.
The bill now will becojne a law
as soon as the clerks of the two
houses certify to the Secretary of
State that the veto has been ren
dered ineffective. This certification
probably will be sent to the State
Department by the end of the week.
The debate on the question of
passing the bill over the veto hinged
principally on the authority of the
President to lift the j^an on war
time prohibition. Radical oppon
ents of the peace treaty insisted
throughout the debate that it is not
necessary for the. President to wait
until the treaty has been ratified,
that the status of peace with Ger
many already exists, and that the
ban could be lifted whenever the
President chose to do it.
. -1
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i\l j wbul sortof a changc
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in tlic grip of
lisc amount of
' r TOr r VVV
of the (.'on.-: if:i u
I*3"Itc*3 i;* ':*:s zzr.zlz. henna oZ delegates concurring. ?'a rnajorit;
oC rto th hoor.e n^rccin;' That the following
; f.:i Cinstl'.uilon CI' . ir;;inia b ?. ?t?.i Ii;<* snwo iu-s ?
. 1 r- . J 13 the rvciier.il rr ? .:n,>'y i<> i;o elio.-fn at the m.:;i - ? . ? . ?!
"z z: Ihi I.e.""? o.' ldgatcs, for i;s concurrence, in eon form:
he r:-: 'I' i.>?3 at r. - .lion nni hundred ar. J ninety-?;ix, of arthie ; . ?
Strike cut from the Constitution ?-f Virginia section one hundred r
whlr.h is ;:i lha i-iiowinff words:
o- i 1'2. 'Io z r may. in its discretion pr^vid ? iT ?
c*mp"Iccr" ciuoaticn o_" children between tit? ? usees of eisrht tv/ei
fiueh a-s n:1 wea!: in body "T mind. or can r. ?? s m
are atteiriins privata schsols, cr are exeuscd lor cause by the district
Ati i innert in lieu thereof the follovin^.
Gection i."3. The jr-neral ;is.?vii:l't|y may. in its discretion, provide for t!
cdr.extien of children of j" !n oi age.
A T.ESOLI'TTOTT propnrin;: amendment to section 117 of irilie S
Constitution of Virginia. and pro\ id in? for publishing said an;< '? ?
crtifyinGT the same to the next general a.^embly.
of flo
: thereto),
? and th<
bo oho - en
? if (I ?!?
i>:ie luinur
? ~:i tcs (a ??????
That the r-.l!'
: : in; : - Lvr
;t til? * li" It.
i-,-\ !'<>r its en
;i ar.d nin. ;y
h u n ?
flit ly.
? mi r
rted v
as hereinafter
n:r at the time ??:
retain the same
[:? ; i! a v rnblj :
?. t-> conform t
? ?t forth in this
pi-.v. iiji"!.
Resolved by the renate and the I
members elected to each house ;i.qrr???? i
mcnt 11 the ' on:-titution <>i Viriri*-.ir
and referred t > ihe ?* ne:al n -y. mbly * .
6* rrnPA.-yts and member? of the ho t
conformity t ? the provisions r>:' sec.iori
fifteen '>f said Constitution nam-dy:
Strike cut from the Constitution o"
ceventeen. which is in the words and li^'ii
Section 117. Cencni! la*vs for tl ? or: .
nrd towns shrill ho enactr:! by the ir- ner-'il a:
be passed in relation thereto, rxoopt mi n
of this Con.Jtitntion. and then only by a row
members elected to o.-ich hotiso; nnd o-c.-r.r -r
more than fifty thous-ind inhabitants
the citiov and towns of th*' State hav
amendment a municipal <-hnrt^r n:a*.
shnil bo repealed or nntone"?l Ivy. tlv
such charter is hereby amended so
restrictions. Hraitatiojij; nnd powers
provided in this Constitution.
Notwithstanding, ho-.vvr-r. anytbina in this nrt:"le . -?alr.t-I
assemhlv may, by cener il law or l y -po. :.; - in- . ,-j
artii>1e four of this Constitution), dennrt in rtny respoet t'exeept ?
in this section expressly provided) fx the -form of '>rc;,.r
ernment proscribed i-y t5 ? -= articjo <?and '
from time to time, for the various citioc. ,-irid tovrv- ?.f ' ??
such for'i or forms ef n.e.nieip.'I c<-i\-..rr?"-.nt as t;ie - . ' < r !
deem bc.it; hut. no .form or forms of sovrrnti -'?;* an- ?? ? ' ? ! ?
parasrraph of thi:j section s' nll beeome ;i;"-rativo o\ ????.?z a- :?>
towns as may thereafter r>di'r>? the enir.<- by a ma
electors at an election to bo hv'd as may be pre
the limitation? on t!io r> >wers of the councils of - "i' ? "??
this article shall apply in like manner to -ii? pri'i'-'pal !> ??
under any fortn? of grov< rnrrfen* whie}. m .y ::>ilh? ; i::?.d
term "council" as used in . tion-- ni ?? Jumdred r-nd t ?"
hundred and !wenty-sevon o:' this <""on-t?;?':! ion : in!' bo <-"r
the body whiHi. under ?<n>- fori" of iv.'ini":-I .-r'l-ri
with the principal leai-lativo author: ?? of F.urt. n:..:r,r
. The general assembly..f-.>r t:. ? ir. . or I'.js
according to their population, but ?? .? r.um -P ?!? ???t
any class shall exceed th" miuim":?', n'>miIa;:or. '<r '? ? ?
Icast'ten thousand. Tho aene^-.!l ??e;>.h!'-. ;?< t;e roo
viiieh m=rv he prescribed by |;:rf : ???? . -,y ht-vrz a >??:?' >!?
thousand inh'tbitants. may era
Any lav.
shall be subject to
jv.ti'sf.-t and clerk? ?f court.--. :?:?or::-v - (t the Commonwealth
of revenue, city irea.-urer and city sr-rr?*.i:;t.
And insert in lieu thereof the follnwine
Pec. 121. I?>) Ceneral ws ff>r the ar?i nir*? tion covernmer.t e#
cities and town? shall be onrcrcd by the ceneral a-.:e'mbly. i n ? :?
a- t shaM ho pji-yod fn relation tl-.efcto. rxrev-t in the 'mrinnor ? :--d '.n
aTticle !frt'*r of this Const:tut.f-'n. iiii'i then or.lv by a rec-orcC'.* - ?*.' '*' "*v.*o
thirds of the m mber.- cleet- d to c:?,-h h<-.t!?c. Put e?rk < f tin .r?
of t'.e 5-Tate bavirisr tire time cf ^ho id-'^tror, of thi. ?""e- ??;! .?
r::unic'pal charter m*y retain the enxnt so far as st shaP be ' : . ? I - !
r H!n?'pded 'iy the per*.r:il .'i.-.r0't;h]"-' ; provided thst e- erv firh ci "ter i?
icreby amended to conform to all the provisions.' rnstflcuons *1 ? and
po-a ei o set forth :a thi3 aracie, or otherwise provided in tins ConsUtu^oQ.
tlv r
tnts. may gT.ant a special form of pnvernmont.fo,
cJ?t:?"^cr.0 ct ? * fl pur.-'i.- nt f "? T^r^v? >k.?? /?:*
to the provision:- of thi - ("onsti!'ition vci- ':sit*
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expensive and include some of the prctii
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Gift Jewelry c Specialty
306 North Royal Street
properly for electric service.
Once you have enjoyed the
comforts and conveniences
electricity puts at your com
mand yon couldn't be induced
to be without it. We are ex
perts in wiring1 and guaran
tee to do the work with little
inconvenience and at little
expense to you. Shall we call
and give you an estimate?
(b) The general assembly may, ? y, mural hr. OtyssM
the manner provided in article S ?' t'ni> < ? a .. .. av.ii.; t>#r*-tln:
c: misation and jjovernmeni of c :. an ; town ?. : .? i ??? ??: d to. and
by any ?? 1" 111 -* Ijfovi io'i: ?. i:*; art .o.-ctiolis
i y. ? hunurvd tv. . :ui t ? >? l;.r
t!i * rovlMu.'t..> :; > ?,-? J ? ? , . o, ,
riavor and th ? i> ?\ ? - ... ? si : ! *? nd
--lty-i -. oil a:: J ? :
the "i mentioned in subr.iectioft (*i' >}t '. i: i. > Jsciiori. Tbe term \is;.-eii" a:; used
in any <?? raid ?;i??u .. ' !>?!'. i ? ? .'Mv
for the city or town, and il or?li;iMV ; enucicd anfl adoptcdf by
such body shall have t;. ? satri" ivv??? i ? tor . i . ! ? .1 ? 1 1
cr Adopted in accordance with tiw ; rovisions of one hundred and
apply oiilj to ? r ,o-.\ns may ? !:- rentier .1 . :>?. 1 . ? >by a
majority vote of tlio.-v uuaiif'ed volt : ?? oi any .?t;ch > ?" towruling in an
c!jv'i'jn to b? is !-| f ? * r t? ?>" ? ; ' ?? !?; ? ?
(<?) ^ Tin- Cell. ???> i a : ?? ' ? '?'? ' 'V'*''. 1:1
nar.r. ? pro id. by ? . . ? ;.i :.:????? 1 ' ??? ' nidation
tsd povurnnient authorised by juib" ? etjon (b) ??; thi/ ? ? tion, arid subject
to all of ti:?r provisions of thai s-:!; ? except that it not be ncces
cary for such city or town ;?> th - adopt 1 i:?? same.
(d) Any laws ?.;? charters eu.a : pursuant 10 the provisions of this
scstlon shall h. 1 i- . -i.- ' .';-n r? :-tt:ns ex
pre; ly to jmig-cs and tit-::.: <? j.-.m.-; for tin d'omntonivoal th,
ccsjmissioners of .-revenue, c'ty trc^>: rcrr, u.if! <;i VMxer.nU?.
(c) Any f.-.nr. of oi rrr.r.i/.nt inn s zovevntw .? ?. ? ? ?. i/ .-J by any pro
~;~'cn c'' th;- ?. ! : ? ?ny eily
or tar.*c pursuant to, any acc oi' ^vnora! ??? >:utnbly enacted bre ttuch
7?~c*. :'on b- ? "it ? ? ? - ? .-t- ? i >? :.?. j,. n ?'?.?...!? in.r<-'"-** dcelnred
Icrr.".* and valid and . . ti> e and effort as tt it
hz'l !>?"'* av.'.hariitjd by th -. Con:-; :i at ? tin.e ??l ;t- adoption.
A RESOLUTION proposing anicr.ri rent to* section '.'3 of article 9 o' tho
C2aat;tutf:>n of Vir.-rtti ..
KsjoSved bv iiou^o "i' 1!. ! ?. the ser.a'e concurring (tin: ma
Jority of the members c-lueted to ?a*h hou .? si> eins thereto). Ti.at the
fiUowing nunMidr.^eiii (?> . ? . t:->f 1 >,u ? r..! jm:i1 art;-in nine,
ci lit? Constitution of Virginia, be ird is IktuIiv, piopopi^i and referred to
the rroncr.il ;> iitHIx ? ? 1} ? . ? ? ?? ? a ? . r. '.t genera!
election of members of the house ?>;' dolc-srafes for its concurrence in con
formity with tiic provisions of sc-.tb-n hundred and ninety-six, of article
s:s?- y.t of ; ?: i I ( ' r
Ktri'h" ci: r>. : . r ? .tn. >? Vi: ?.????? . no hundred and
tl;ir:y *:?.*-??.- ???' art m, v.? r- ? ?. ? r<I
Section 111.'!. Ka< li ?aa. i^toriaJ . !m!! <.oii.-titu".>- yo->arat^ school
district, in;!:-- otherwise provided law., in ?r. .-<.!i?--J ?i riot tio>re
abal! be thr<- ? tr-?:r? . ' in - t. ::-?r a; 1 for 11 ? ii.-riti of ullic#
prescribed b. ! ??>.
-\:ul ia. in ! it- 1 t ? 1 <-t?..????' .? f :
?.?? '.Ion 1. !. !?;? ?it isr 1. ' . ? 1 ? 1 m'i : i: 1; ?a yo*.-: rat? school
district, unitrS3 otherwise pro\ ded ? law. in each school district th?r?
shall be not ir.'-rc i!,.-- 1 t' - ? ti ? t . ? ? ??' <! .:!u- nainur arid for the
term of office n -nl h lav. fc
Men and women ? as ! trt:s' said d...:ricto, and in
cities ?.r.d in to v. ns foi-niin . te- > >1 a
A r.ESOLt:TK>N ..:
cf Virginia.
lte.?oiv?-d by ti .* hm;" ?.f <!? : ?'. ?
of the members elected to ?>arh
merit to the ?'onslit. ' -m <?!' \ it
and r??ferr?-d to t'.-? t
tion of jiie.nibern ?>! t ?? ? ?? 1
with the provisions ?>r section one I; 1
of tii^ said ?"?'??-'!> .' ? a. 1 mi iv
Strike onr fr<>m *l. <'? i.-' ,iti. n
eighty-four, which is in th'* follovvin?
Section No delit shall bo <
casual deficits in the r?ven . r
to suppress insurrection, repel invnsb
No scrip. < vtili. i' ..r otio r ? ::
except for ii!<' ir ti ' -r ???:i>'i?-.
debts as are expresslv autii rizcl ir
And insert In lieu thereof the foil
Section 181. .Vn <i- l r .-ball "o>#
struct, or rectus;met, |>-.M r.. :-t.
to redeem a prwiou-; ! :iity < l!
ir.vaj.icri, or ti Stj.t t i 1
evidence of iad<' ie.-dto--..,
redemption of stock previously issu
autiiorirted in tbis t.'on&fifution.
IS! of the Constitution
T'*S, for Us '
iii ii and nil
to r
'ii r* ,
- ioi
(a majority
'nir ainend
ral t.b?
r conformity
*. Ie fifteen.
one hundred and
atrarted by 'be Plate except to meet
... a previous liability of the State.
. .j ?, <?r d ? ?: ? ? -I .- ! * ? t . in time of war.
of ad ioerin'r. shall be issued,
of stock previously issued, or for sucb
t;i;. t.'on.-titutioii.
?\ inc::
? ? :< 1 hv fh" State except to eon
: I ca - il d< iieifs in tlie revenue.
State, to suppress insurrection, repel
.v ?!'. No ????ri: icate, or other
? . ? ii- t:ie transfer <r
or . r i, debts as are t:vpre.i.;!y
n h
tbs Cons! itut i.ir of V.t i: ? a.
and certifying t!;e ?????. . 1
Tiesolv.-d bv the 1. ??
of the n;eii;ber e:- ? ? ?i t ,
ment to t, f'o:,.- it;;:: rt ?
a lid refcrr? 1 '<? ti-.f ?:
tion of members of t ?
witli the or ion- ? f ? '
of t he : a id 1 "o: i t; ? n
?StrinO out fro:a
thir i y-si.v. v. liich i 1 : .
Seetion I'I.
district. :*ad s
one y ..r. t
of said count i-.-. < . - . t ? - a.- 1 di.-orl
such school. .* tt1 r i-'i ' P'i
-.ti'ict. :?. 1 d s / ! <i
prop'-: 1 y. ? t?" a ? "
e v t ? :??? : i
>ji ;.rct ..n i"". of irticle 9 of
. :i. 1! amendment
? e 'i tli- "??le ru! a- embly.
? .. - <;i majority
Th a: ti" foilotving a mend
a: I : i- i hereby, proposed,
e lie ? 1 at t e next srenerai elec
?? i!i ? n-? r ? -ii? ? >?. n conformity
i .in.i ninety-six, of article fifteen,
Virginia section one hundred and
he '1 m-t rate school
'?> ?? additional sums by a tact
':? .. !' op, 1 J!?? ? in any
: : ? e 1. 1; 1 b? 1, authorities
in -'ahi. ' !r_ a? d maintaining
require; provided.
that such primary schools as may w
be maintained a'. i< -r four :roi?: a
of trie fuii'i a. ? ' a::d ? ? ' o
school? of higher trra.d ?. The boards
And the eonnciis o: '? ? 'if.
. IjIi-!.' I .i' -i y ' ool year, shall
tr; 1 10I y r. '< re any part
he devot -d to tiie establishment of
> up.-rv ? of *>i s ? ? v e r a I counties,
and tow n If the same be separate
school dii'triets. shall : : ' 1! ? levy and i < ction oi such local school
taxes. " , , , ,
\d insert ir' 1: 1 t: ? r' f ?.!?? fo i'iv/:n~:
L:, r; 1 1:.' Ki -i, < !-.??. if ' -.n-c b- - separate school
district, and school district is authorized to raise Additional sums by. a tax
on property, not to oi ?' ' ? , ; te b any one year a rate of levy
to be f ?...?! hv ' w, f apr-f-tioje d ' I ti e local sehooi au
thorities of said counties, cities, tev.-.is ar.ri districts in esthblishing and
r;'.,.. s:: -li ? ? ' ' 'f. ?he:r j to TP: t; je.oi. we};, -e may re
ouire* provided!that such primary schools ?? ? ? " be established in any
school ve;.r . hall he >'i at i ? f< ' ;t-'' n" that ??"?hool year,
v,.V,?? ativ 'i>::? t ? ' * " ? e. . l ' ? " '?!??? V be devoted to the
establishment of schools of higher grade. Tie- '?'?arri.-- of supervisors of the
several counties. an?V t >un< of the several cities, s-nd towns if the
s',me he - school districts, shall provide for the levy and coiicctioa
" Jtaxea
of such locai school Jtaxes.
[ hcrpbv certify that tho forepoinr 1 true copy of amendments pt>
pcfcd to the Coripfitution and aprrced r- hy the General Assembly of Vir
ginia, sescien ]f'iS. and the same is r-ul?!i*hed in pursuance of section 195
of the Constitution ar.d act of tnc Gc.icral Assembly, approved February Sg
C-3rlz 5cuz3 c5 !D2lB>*e2.'^33

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