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Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
United States and Best Advertis
ing Medium fn Northern Virginia
VOL. CXXXV?No. 265.
Fcr this section?Partly cloudy
tonight, tomorrow rain, warmer
One Hundred and Twenty
Five Canvassers En
gaged in Task
I All Urged to Join This Great Organi
zation of Mercy?Membership Dues
$1.00 a Year.
The Red Cross canvass for metn
Ibership in connection with its annual j
Christmas Roll Call was begun this I
lorning. There are approximately 125 i
canvassers engaged in the task of I
Securing new members and renewing I
the membership of former patrons of j
this organization of mercy. Of the!
foregoing number about 100 are on!
the streets and the remainder in the
aniks, stores, postoffice and other
I All report having met with
uccess as a result of the first day's
The canvass will end Saturday
^jht and it is expected that several
vousand members will be enrolled be
yeen new and that time.
At the local headuarters of the
jled Cross, in t)he rooms of the;
Chamber of Commerce, J. T. Preston,:
lhairman, there was cansideraible ac-'
this morning. Mrs. George R.
till is chairman of the publicity com
mittee. Practically all of'the women
igaged in the task of getting new
emfoers were present ami had their
erritory as-signed to them.
Did you know that:
f There are 80.000 soldiers still in!
(ie hospital's of the country; that the j
ed Cross is serving them?
An appropriation of $2,100,000 has I
st been made by the Red Cress to
rry on its Camp Service?
[Approximately 300.00U soldiers and
jldiers' families are being cared for
^ch~month by the Red Cross?
| $210,000 has just been appropriated
continue Canteen service until the
Id of the year?
jRed Cross commissions are ope rat
Ig. among the-sufferers of 23 coun
|The Government has turned over
the Red Cross more than $10,000.
^0, in food and medicine for distribu
[m'overseas? ' ?;
$1,800,000 has been appo.priat-.* 1 by
e Red Cross to combat the spread
i typhus, which is claiming-thousands
Siberia ?
.. Red Cross aims to provide ev
cornVnunity with Public Health
to forestall such calamities as
ie influenza epidemic?
The Junior Red Cross is undertak-!
, the alleviation of suffering among!
ndreds of thousands of European |
ildren? , , ,
Can you forget that:
There are thousands and thousands
[soldiers still in service overseas?
Red Cross is serving them. Then
v 'about those 40,000 chaps that
. keeping vigil on the Mexican bor
?? The Red Cross isn't forgetting
... eftfhe?.
leally now, does it look as though
Cross work and responsibilities:
over ?
Car oil as a member now!
Annual membership dues are only w
liar a year, join now and wear your
[Tsoopalikns 'Bo Have Prominent
Speakers on Nation Wide
. . Campaign
I Arrangements are being made for
life work conference and supper
be given by the diocesan commit
on recruiting for Christian ser
under the auspices of the . na
. wide campaign committee. Wod
..day .evening November 2f>.
lev. Dr. Berryman Green of the
(iscopal Theoloftical Seminary.
preside. E. L. Stock, of Wash
fcon, will be toastmaster. and
minent speakers will be furnish
|by. the national committee.
addition to a limited number
pm each of the three Episcopal
urches delegates from tht sur
(inding parishes will also attend.
Jon't- forget to read the bargains
the Alexandria Cash Grocery's
(rertis.&ment on Page 4. 265-lp
Anti-Tuberculosis Society's Appeal
The local Anti-Tuberculosis So
ciety gratefully acknowledges the
following contributions thus -far:
Mrs. L). J. Howell, $5; Miss Anne
Herbert, $5; Miss Elizabeth Grif
fith, So; Miss Cera Smoot. $1;
Mrs. Isobel Boswell, $1; Miss Mary
lE. Harriman, $1; Mrs. M. L. Hor
ner, $5; Mrs. Noble Lindsev. $5;
Mrs. R. W. Dodge, So; Ernest I..
Allen, $5; Robert S. Jones. ?50;
Wm. J. Boothe, $25; Frank Michel
bach. $25; W. A. Smoot and Co.,
.$25; Arthur Bryant. $50; H. A.
Stewart. $5; J. Van Schouwenburg,
S. W. Pitts, $5; E. W. Jenkins, $5;
$5; Aaron S. Grubbs. $5; E. F.
Price, So; Va. Lodge No. 1076
Loyal Order of Moose, $10; Dr.
Hugh McGuire, $10; D. .J. Howell,
$10; C- T. Nicholson, $5; W. A.
Barnett, $5; W. D. Wood, $2; Mrs.
Hubert Snowden. $5; Miss Char
lotte Watson. $1: Miss Alice E.
Thomas, $1; Mrs.'Annie Jackson,
$1; Mrs. (Bristow, $1; Miss Minnie
Henderson, .$1; Miss R. Henly. SI*,'
E. II. Carter and Brother. $:!;
Miss Sara Ruben, $2; Dr. Thomas
B. Cochran, SlO; B. Baer, Jr., $5;
E. R. Elliott. $25; Mr. and Mrs.
J. T. Harrison, $2; friend, $2.50;
Hon. R. Walton Moore. S10; Mrs.
J. T. Stephenson. Mrs. R. vH.
C. Beverly, $1; Miss Margaret E.
Normoyle, $1;* Mrs. T. M. Jones,
$1; M^ss Anne L. Jones, SI; Mr.
amKMYs. J. P. Clark. $1.50; Mrs.
Lee Field. $1; Miss Sadie Field,
$1; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Camp-''
bell, $5; Thomas W. Robinson. $10;
Mrs. Thomas W. Robinson, $5.
Alexandria Community Service at
Southeast Corner of Prince
and Royal Streets
Alexandria Community Service
has made a start by renting the
smaller Elks building on the cor
ner of Prince and Royal streets and j
there quarters are already availa
ble for (hose men who wish to drop
in to ll'st awhile, play a game of
pool or write a letter to home or
Although not yet fully equipped
for the purpose, there is a good
fire going, some chairs to sit down
on: tables and writing materials so
that none need to go away dissat
isfied. Get your buddy, when you
have no better place to go and come
around to the Community Service
Center, pull your chairs up to the
stove and tell over again the sto
ries you like to toll about your ser
vice with Uncle Sam, not only for
your own pleasure but for others
you will find here.
The center will be open from 0
o'clock in the morning until mid
night, so that you will always find
the Community Center latch string
hanging out.
Come in and see our arrange
ments, and perhaps you can offer
a suggestion for their* improve
ment in line with something that
may have, interested you in some
center elsewhere. Not only arc the
men in uniform and the discharged
men free to make this their cen
ter. but the other young men about
town who would enjoy the narra
tives and stories told by the men
of the sen-ice. This is the Alex
andria men's Community Center.
Special attractions have been plan
ned for the amusement of the pat-!
rons of the big bazaar at the Lyceum
Hall tonight. This will mark the third
night of the bazaar's progress. Each
night large crowds have attended and
many valuable articles already have
been di&pcsed of. The committee pro
mises special attractions every night
during the ten evenings of its. prog
ress. An invitation is extended all per
sons to patronize the bazaar.
Music tonight will be furnished
by the Mt. Ida Orchestra. Also
Prof. Henry Bartmann will render
pieces on the viol'mcello.
?Mr. Peter Francis announces to
\ m |
his friends and former patrons that
he has opened an oyster shop at
1121 Prince street, where he will be
glad to serve oysters by the plate,
pint, quart or gallon. 263-5p
The regular convocation of Mount
Vernon R. A. Chapter No. 14, will be
held Friday evening. November 7th,
at 7.00 p. m. Work. R. A. degree.
Chester A. -Gwinn, H. P.
F. W Latham, Secv. 264-3i
! Government Will Not En
tertain Gompers'
Assistant Attorney General Says
There Can be no Abandonment, as
j Strike is Unlawful.
j The government cannot accept the
j proposal of organized labor to'end the
coal strike by vacating the injunction
against the officials of the United
Mine Workers of America^ Assistant
Attorney General Ames, in the ab
sence of Attorney General Palmer, an
nounced yesterday that the govern
ment couid not abandon its position
! because the strike was in violation of
Judge Ames issued the following
"The strike is a violation of law.
As long as it continues, we are going
to proceed in the courts. The dis
pute between the mine owners and
workers is an entirely different ques
tion that they can settle in their own
way. The government cannot tol
erate continued violation of the law
such as this strike constitutes.'
Labor leaders hero who had taken
a hopeful view of the strike situation
after hearing of Samuel Gompers'
suggestion for a settlement, were
plainly distuHied by news that the
Department of Justice would let the
injunction stand. All agreed that it
would keep the strike going for some
time^ This also was the view of op
Representatives of the mine'work
ers. counting hopefully on the early
end of court proceedings, were fig
uring on actual steps to adjust dif
ferences at scale committee meet
ings. As indicating the desire for
peace, the miners' agents thought it
would be unnecessary for the joint
conference to be held under~~the au
splces of the Department of Labor,
their idea being that the two sides
could meet exactly as they did at
Buffalo and Philadelphia before re
jection of demands led to issuance of
the strike order.
Refusal of the government to va
cate the injunction means a long
fijrht in the coal fields, while its with
drawal would have opened tho way
for a settlement of the strike within
'18 hours, according to Edgar Wal
lace, legislative representative of the
United Mine Workers of America.
''If the injunction were withdrawn
the scale committees representing
miners and operators could get to
gether, in -1 hours and settle their
differences at one rrtting.' \N allace
said. "The strike, however, would not
be called off until a new wage agree
ment was reached "
The miners' committee, with power
to accept the new agreement, could
call off 'he strike without referring
the question to a delegate convention,
Wallace said.
Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street.. 2'27-tf
Alexandria Voted Wet
Call around and let Jester give
ytfli a quart. It is unwise to put
the "White, Ribbon" on your bat
tery. Jester's. King and Patrick
streets. 2<>5-1c
The Dunbarr Floral Company will
open for business in their new store
at 100S King street, next floor to
the Old Dutyh Market. Friday morn
ing. Friends and patrons are cor
dially invited to pay us a visit.
Dunbarr Floral Co.. 100R Kinir St.
M FageLson. 801 Wolfe Street.
Fancy leg of lamb, pound 2~> cts:
fancy chickens, pound. 25 cents. All
kinds of fruit and vegetables on
hand 2<>5-lp
Beginning with matinee this Sat
urday* and continuing thereafter a
continuous performance will be held
at the Ingoniar starting at 2:30
o'clock. 264-2t
The revival services .which have
beeVi in progress for more than a
week past at the First Baptist
Church, being conducted by Rev.
H. I. Stewart, Washington, ended
last night. They were successful,
| there being many professions of
! faith. The pastor. Rev. Dr. E. B.
j Jackson, desires to meet all of
those^vho professed faith at the
service Sunday morning.
Shell Shock Victim at Hampton
Hospital Beats Headj Against
Radiator ;
Hampton Nov. K.?'Lieutenant
j Samuel H. Staples. 32 -years . old,
who served in France for 2 years,
committed suicide in tlje General
Hospital. No. 4:'. here by batting
his head against a radiator. Lieu
tenant Staples was suffering from
shell shock and has been in the
hospital since his return from
France. He was a son of ('. A.
Staples, of Roanoke, and a gradu
ate of the engineering department
of Washington and Lee Univer
Lynchburg. Va.. Nov. (I.?The
number of arrests in Lynchburg in
October, as compared with October
a year ago, show an increase of
(><;. the total for the month just
closed being 1H2. In the number
were 22 intoxicated men, an in- J
crease of -1 over a year ago.
Government Ought Net Take
Stale's Rowers, Says
St. Louis. Mo., Nov. 0.?Unit d
States District Judge John. ('. Pol
lock. of Topeka. yesterday indicated
that he will decide in favor of the
application of St. I.ouis brewers
for an injunction tu resjfwin Fede
ral officials from enforcing the
wartime prohibition measure.
At the hearing on the application
today. Judge Pollock said that I he
Federal government has no right to
step in and determine what is to
be done regarding the manufacture
and sale of intoxicating liquor if
there is any State government
"I assert th;vt the government
has no power to step in and as
"timc prlice power or take it away
from the State." said Judge Pol
lock. "When it is necessary to
wage war. that may be all right,
but unless it is on that ground I
don't see that it is necessary."
At another point in the hearing.
Judge Pollock asked Attorney
Houts for the brewers.
"Why has the State taken no
steps to protect United States prop
erty rights?"
"I don't know," Houts answered.
"The States should wake up." th?
judge declared, "otherwise they will
have everything taken away from
Judge Pollock yesterday obtained
a verbal pledge from District At
torney Henly that no more arrests
will be made and no mo.*e informa
tions filed here for alleged viola
tions of the war time provisions of
the Volstead prohibition enforce
ment measure until he has made a
decision in the application of the
St. Louis brewers - for an injunc
tion against the Federal officials.
Beginning Monday. November 10th.
1910. at 7.110 p. m.. the Scottish Rite
Bodies of Alexandria, Va.. will hol i
meetings and confer degrees accord
ing to ihe following schedule.
Monday evening. Nov. 10, assemb
ling and registration of Class. Tues
day, Nov. 11th., beginning at 7 p.
m., flth. 10th. and 14th. degrees.
Wednesday. November 12th. begin
ning at 7 p. m., loth and 20Ji, de
grees; Thursday. November Kith, be
ginning at 7 p. m., 21st. and 32nd de
grees: Friday. November 14th, be
ginning at 7 p..m.. 31st and 32nd de
grees. A cordial invitation is extend
ed to all Brethren of the Rite to be
present at these meetings.
W. W. Bailenger 32 degree Vener
able Master.
A. M. SL* -I. :;2 : /ise
A. M. S?'??on: :i' om
Wm. Le^ = Hon.
Master of * *
Frank . 'Jsvc-, Hon.
262-6c ~ Sec tary,
j Governor Davis and Attor
ney-General Among
i 1 Number Taken in
First Degree to he Given by Abou
Ben Adhent Lodge on November L7,
Second and Third Degree Later.
Celebrating the one hundredth an-j
niversary of the formation of the In-1
dependent Order of Odd Fellows, ?>H2 j
j new memoirs were given the initia
J torv degree at. a joint meeting of the
i Richmond lodges last night at the Jef
ferson Hotel.
! Governor Westmoreland Davis, At-j
torney-Genera-1 John K. Saunders, Wil-j
liam M. Myers, Director of Public!
Safety; Ordway Puller, cha-irman of I
the Streets Committee of the City ?
Council, and many other prominent j
Richmond men were among the num
ber initiated.
This is said to be the largest num
ber of men ever initiated into any
fraternity in the South at one time.
Since August 15 the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows has been con
ducting: a membership drive, which I
was to end on December 1. Owing to'
large number of applicants it was j
found necessary t?i stop taking appli- j
cations until an initiation meeting
could be held.
After the degree had been confer
red short addresses were made by
Governor Davis, Fast ff*and Master
W. Ross Southard. Grand Master Guy j
T. Horner, of the Grand Lodge of
Virginia; the department gramd sire,
J. Oliver, of Toronto, Canada, and Dr.
John Lee Allison, of Alexandria, who
is grand chaplain of Virginia.
The initiation last night was in
charge of the degree team of Patrick
Henry Lodge of Richmond. No. ll'i.j
and was under the direction of Cap
tain John 11. Dickersun, degree mas
ter from the same lodge.
<?n November 17 the class will be
given the first degree at the Jef- !
ferson Hotel Auditorium. At that timj
the ee remedy will be in charge ?>f j
Abou Ren Ad hem Lodgtf. No. 2 ML !
On November 2X both the second
and third degrees will be given the
candidates. Henderson Lodge, of Rich
mond. known a< No. 1 or>. will offici
ate in the second degree and Fitz
hugR Lodge No. 03. in the third de
Officials declared last night that it
was necessary to keep the meeting
last night a secret until the last mo
ment because of the number of 0 Id
Fellows who would have probably at
tended. There are 3.500 members of
the order in Richmond, it was stated,
and 35.000 members in Virginia.
War Camp Community Will Fer
Present Occupy Old Home
of Elks
Alexandria Lodge No. 758. Be
novelent and Protective Order of
f'lks. today moved back to its for
mer home on the south side of
Prince street just east of Royal
During the war the Elks leased ;
their handsome home to the War j
Camp Community Service Club. |
During the progress of the war
thousands of soldiers were enter
tained in this home by that organi
zation .
The War Camp Community Club
has leased for a period of several
months the old home of the Elks at
the southeast corner of Prince and i
Rovnl streets.
SOU King Street. Under New Man
Oyrters shucked daily. Patrons
are invited to come see us shuck
| them, and get them right out of
j the shell. We handle pnly the best.
50 cents a quart dry. -10 cents wet.
Just phone 723-J and your order,
will b? delivered promptly. We also
make a specialty in shipping any
quantity of gallon lots at a very
low co?4; for you. as our past- ex
perience in same enables us to do
so. Give us a trial and we feel sure
, that you will come again.
,| 264-4p. E. H. Lattin.
Five Deeds of Transfer Jusl Re
corded in Clerk's Office
Deeds of transfer of five pieces
of property have just been placed
on record in the office of the clerk
of court as follows: Howard \V.
Smith to E. Gormai) Ridgely, three
story brick dwelling house 117
North Columbus street; I,. Morgan
Johnson to Mrs .Agnes T. Wilher
house and two lots in section 5,
Rosemont; L. Morgan Johnson to
A. C. Wrey house and lots in sec
tion 5, Rosemont; General Realty
Corporation to Ethelbert Tatspaugh
house and lot 10, block '2, sect: ?n
1. Rosemont: Thomas 1,. and J.
Brooke Carter to Otto Spreeman
house and lot on the west side <?f
Patrick between Wilkes and Gibbon
'Virginia Beaulv Proves To British
Voters That She Won't
Stand "Sass"
Plymouth, England, Nov.fi.? The
Viscountess Astor waxed almost pro
letarian in her campaign speech here
Tuesday night, but in the end Ameri
can "pep" triumphed over attempts
of hecklers to break up the meeting
and the Viscountess, somewhat nif
fled, came through a winner in the
first .clash of her fight f<fr her hus
bands former seat in the House of
Commons. ,
"Don't give me any of your sa.? ."
the candidate snouted vigorously to
rowdies who tried to interrupt her
speech. "If you don't Ill come
fight down to you. I've handled sol
diers for five years and 1 know "now
to handle your kind, too " [
The meeting started peaceably
enough, but before Lady Astor kas;
well int-o her subject a number <>f
rowdies began hurlng questions at
h.'>r, keepbig tip a continuous fire, so
that the former Virginia beauty had
little chance to answer. But it didn't
take long for Lady As tor's American
temper to arise and she quieted tlib
hecklers by literally outtalking them.
The Viscountess declared when she
gi.t into Commons she woudn't "j'.i-t
talk and yapp." but would get things
"1 didn't enter this campaign for a
joy ride," l.ady Astor shouted.
Before her main speech the cairii
dare addressed a meeting of worn n.
There wore numerous interruptions,
but she replied vigorously to all.
Mayor Fisher Today Received the
Following Letter From the
I'nited States Shipping
The Emergency Fleet Corporal' ?:)
is offering surplus material for sh!".
This surplus comprises various com
modities which some of the commer
cial houses of your city may be in the
market for or desirous of pur^husin-r;
and it is our thought that this com
munication may be brought, to their
attention in order to grve them an op
portunity to make bids on any part
they may be interested in.
Any reference you may make of this
letter would be of service bo'h to
your community and the Emergency
Fleet Corporation.
. Yours very truly, . i
Franklin Brooks. j
DisinVt Supply and Sales Manager.j
Tokyo. Nov. i?.?Two persons
were injured when a bomb was ex
ploded near the foriegn office t ?
day. This was the second bomb
outrage in the vicinity of .the for
eign office in a week. The poli-e
are making a vigorous investiga
tion .
j white perch, medium w'.iite perch.
Boston mackerel, salt water tailors,
red salmon; rock fish, blue fish,
large butter fish,, steak pollock. Jer
sey trout. Norfolk and Potomac
River oysters, shrimp. Sanitary
Fish Market. City Market. Phone
735. Open until <5 p. m. J. H.
Robinson. Proprietor. 205-1 p
j The Annual Stockholders Meeting
I of 'the University Club Building
Company will be held at. the office
of Leo P. Harlow, 110 South Fair
fax Street, Alexandria, Virginia,
on November 17th, at 10:00 a. m.
262-12t. Ralph P. Barnard, Secty,
I ?
I In the circuit court for this city
Attorney Charles Henry Smith has
been appointed commissioner in chan
The regular weekly prayer meet
ing will be held in the Anne Lee
Memorial Home for the Aged at 3
o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
The Mount \iernon Circle of
King's Daughters will serve a New
England supper tomorrow evening
at Sherwood Hall. Fairfax county.
Fire of undetermined origin at
midnight last night badly damage*!
the interior of the residence occupied
by Mrs. Alice Welch, 40!> Queen
street. The fire originated in the base
ment. The house is. owned by Mrs.
H. Murphy.
Expect a visit from a Red Cross
roll call canvasser between now and
Saturday and be ready to give a
dollar rtad secure your pin and win
dow cross, as it is the desire of the
committee to have one in every
house in the city by Sunday.
The meetings at the Southern
Methodist Church are growing in
interest and power. The congrega
tion last night filled the room. A
spirited and spiritual song service
precedes the preaching. The pastor.
Rev. Dr. K. V. Regester. is preach
ing tlu> old truth, and calling on
men to repent and believe.
If you like an old fashioned re
vival you will find it here. The
song service begins at 7:45, preach
ing at 8 o'clock.
British Economic Pressure to Con
tinue Until Democracy Wins
London, Nov. <!.?A headquar
ters bulletin from (ien. Denikine,
received by wireless, claims that
Don cossack troops captured .'15,000
bolsheviki between October 17 and
27. The troops of Gen. Dunikine's
volunteer army in the meantime
took 20,000 more. The communi
<.|U<- asserts that entire divisions of
bolsheviki troops are being put out
of action daily.
The official report from bolshevik
military headquarters at Moscow,
received here by wireless, admits
that the artillery of General Deni
kine has destroyed the town of Der-.
The present measures of econo
mic pressure on Russia will continue,
until a democratic government in
established in Russia which can l>e
recognized by the allies, according
to a statement made in the house
of commons today by undersecre
tary for foriegn affair* Harms-;
Senator Elect I'aul and W. C. Hill
to Address Meeting Tomor
row Night
State Senator Elect John Paul,
Harrisonburg, Va.. and Wilburn C.
Hill, Leesburg, Va., will deliver ad
dresses before the members of the
Amoriean Legion at the meeting of
that organization scheduled to be
held at 7::><> o'clock tomorrow night
in the rooms of the Chamber of
'have on sale tomorrow and balance
of week; fresh trout. Jersey butter
fish, Potomac bass, catfish, white
and yellow perch, carp, rock fish,'
flounders, steak cod. Home shucked
oysters fresh every day. and best
fried oysters at all time. Phone
198. C. H. ZIMMERMAN. Pro
prietor, 11!) North Royal Street.
; 2?J5-lp.
Dressed and drawn chickens for
Saturday at F. C. PULLIN'S, cor
ner Queen and Royal Str?ets 2ft4-3p
Dressed and drawn chickens; 45
{ cents, a pound; young dressed chick
ens 50 cents a pound: live chickens,
40 cents a pound; old hens. 35 cents
a pound :at* F. C. PULLfN'S, cor
ner Queen and Royal Streets.
26Uip. _ ;

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