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By the Alexandria Gazette Cr-iporatlon
117 King Street. Alexandria, Va.
?OWiRD W. SMITH, Prealdeat mut
WILLIAM A. SMOOT ... Vke-Presloem
ftoterad at the -?oatotnc? at' Alexan
dria, Virginia, aa second clasa matter
Many people ill normal time.
while house-bound by blizzards en
sconce themselves before glowing
stoves and watch the blue flames
dance from thd coals. Thoughtful
ones* often fall into soliloquies con
cerning the labor and dangei in
unearthing the combustible ami
bringing it to the suytace. 1 iooab.\
some mine disaster may at such
times be still fresh in their minds,
and they have not begrudged the
wages paid men who work "down m
the 'coal mines far beneath the
ground." _ .
But under present conditions the}
are receiving as much pay as loco
?motive engineers and others w u
risk their lives in ytder to procure
a living for themselves and then ?
Striking figures wore, yesterdaj
submitted by officials of two coa
companies of Cumberland. Md.. n
sworn statements to combat claims
of officials and miners' unions thai!
miners have not been making r
living wage. They show that ii
one month one miner drew $71(5.40
John Ij. Maust. secretary of tb
Knob Coal Company. Morgantowr
submitted a sworn list showing th<
average miner's pay for Octobei
1910. The lowest check was $11)4. o(
the highest $:J44.C?4. Others wer<
for $2X4.41. *283.08. $:{19.1<5 am
The amount* given were made b>
miners working 13G hours a month
based on 27 working days: average
working time for each day, five
hours. The rest of the time wa<
lost on account of poor car sup
ply ? . ,
Thomas Taylor, secretary ol th<
Hautmap. Run CVal Company. Mor
gantown, submitted the figures o
the smi-monthly pay roll for thic
months in 191S, appertaining t
Mine No. 7. as follows:
?September, first half. $338.40
second half. $378; total. $71(5.40
October, first half. $287: secom
half. $370.2o; toal. $(5(5:5.25. No
vember. first hair. $337.75; seconc
half, $370.25; 'total. $003.25. No
earnings of one man for tine
months aggregating SJ1.0S0.91. lay
lor makes oath as to the corieittH'
of tliese figures before Harry San
dors, notary public.
Viewed through the spectacles o
prohibitionists, the result of lues
?day's tlection was a tidal wave i:
the interests of the drys. Ohio, i
was supposed, had given 75.000 ma
jority for the dry ticket. Latei
returns however, show that prohibi
tion. lost out in that state. K;>n
tucky snowed under the dry ticket
and the (lovernor-elect of New
Jersey announces that he will d?
everything legal to bring to naught
the efforts of the dry faction ir
that state.
About this time three years age
Hughes. the republican candidate
for President against Woodrow
Wilson, supposed he was the choice
of a majority of the voters. Whib
he was receiving the congratula
tions of his family and friends and
dreaming of his policies news % was
flashed over the country that Mr.
Wilson had been chosen to succeed
himself. ?
Some cocks are prone to c.ro'v too
soon. Twenty years ago the late
Admiral Dewey after the battle of
Manila Kav took it for granted that
he would be the choice of the coun
try for President at the next elec
tion. ' He was a good naval officer
and a man' of nerve, but he lacked
apprenticeship in the school of pol
itics. He made an unfortunate ut
terance while the Presidential bet
was buzzing in his net. thereby
easting all the fat into the fire.
His candidacy soon evaporated, and
he was barely mentioned in the
nominating convention. "Puck, a
comic periodical of that day. in a
cartoon represented the late admi
ral in the shape of a pugnacious
rooster. One line under the picture
told the story?"The Cock that
Crowed Too Soon. '
While a large section of our coun
try is convulsed by strikes and
atber issues, it has been a subject of
pride to Virginians to know that
the Old Dominion has been immune.
On last Tuesday the state voted to
continue in its place in the demo
cratic column. We had not been
inflicted by labor's^discontent. and
apart from certain close contests
for loral positions here and there in
?the state, nothing had occurred to
trouble the waters. Hence we re
setted to read today that a guard
surrounds the court house in Cum
berland county to prevent rival
factions from carrying out alleged
threats. The guard was sent from
Richmond when Judge Hundley ap
pealedytotvthe Richmond police de
partment. Police officers. plain
clothes men and a number of dep
?* " I
'ily sheriffs were rushed to the
According to information from
Cumberland, rival factions in Tues
day's election have been on the J
verge of participating a riot ever
-sin.-e a few days before the elec
tion* took place. R. (). Garrett,
formerly of Kinir William county,
tnd C. W. Dickinson. Jr.. were
'.andndates for clerk of court. The
'attqjc is a resident of Cartersville.
The-'court is'said to have shown
Garrett the winner by twenty
/otes. Threats are alleged to have
Ven made and the court- learned
*:h:Vt citizens were arming them
It. is earnestly hoped this cloud
will soon blow' over.
The New York longshoremen, af
' *r a strike of four weeks, have de
eded to return to work at the ' old
111- of pay, Mayor Hvlan's
promise that he will try to get tin
National Adjustment Commission tc
???rant a rehearing in their case,
'"he- commission, before the strike
illowed them TO cents an hour am"
<1.!0 for overtime, but' they us?
"used to accept it. aud have beer,
'rawing no pay at all for a moriw,
?>ast. Now they will get (55 cents
:i hour and $1 for overtime, unless
he commissio i reverses itself; and
rants the rate for which they
truck. *. I L
In the four we,-ks they have been
jIf they have lost far more than
hey will get back in a long tinu
rom a higher schedule, if that
should be granted, which is prob
lematical. They have inflicted*' a-i
positive financial loss 011 themselves
besides their loss cf standing be
fore, the public.? The loss to trade;
and business is estimated at1' front
twenty-fhe million to forty million.
Altogether,. the lonjf.shorfitien have
furnished a convincing illustration
of the unprofitableness of strik
ing ffrist, a{|d ?j*bi|ra$jntf afterward.
?(Baltimore Sun'.* -
U i % i> \ I 'V, x
vt .1 I '
, Is
' :{7i'*r >?? fv- 5 ;? f-j. >y. */ >
The curse of our American polit
ical system in bossism. The< reti
ciiTly we have government by the
people. Practically we have i;ov
ciniiK'Ut" by a few. nowerfui indi
viduals. This is especially fcr.ue in
oiir bwn coaiduc^pf city!affairs. .-^1
is ijue:,to /our oWn ' nejjtect. \f e
jjav?f a Constitution and.;law*aimlec
which we can all participate in
government. We neglect our
ri-riit? to do this. We negrlect tht-.iui-'
tiative to a few men who make
? business of politics. Tiny pick
Tur candidates. They do our think
:iv.'. They make our laws. We do
'h: iy j bidding'. And in bad jfovej'n
meSt we suffer the eonseoueiice.s.j
? ?. '
Union laltor is-$ufferinu from tin
- Mite-ailment that afflicts our polit
ical system, 'IJhe.a vera ire union
man is patriotic. II" bus no "Red"
!e miners. He has no desire to brinjr
about a political revolution. Ho
wants a just wa.ee and fair work
ing conditions. To j;et these hi
joined the union. By so doiny he
acipiired pi wer to take an act in
part ir. sahpinic itH ?polic i< s. But Ik
iK'pi jet.-- to exorcise ,thi.-> power. fl<
! !< rates it to others, lie does Am!
?.lte::d the union meetings. lf<
?raves cvervthinu: to the leaders*.
They are to the union- what bosse
?ire in politics. They do the ? think
intr for supine followers. Theii
W r\ O 3
For Infants and Children
Pr? Use Fer Over 30 Years
Alw.avs bears
t: v
ofrna'ure of J-ttsCC/Z&lt
Painting and Papering
b MK' bj the day or job at mo !"fate
111 North Fayette St.
We Aim To Hive
The Best of Bank Service]
Our success is shown by the ever increasing vol
ume of business in our Deposit Account.
Deposits, Dec. 31, 1917 $378,117.16
Deposits, June 30, 1919 ........ .7;$,231.88
3 per cent Interest Paid on Saving; Deposits
If you are not a patron of this bank, we invite you
to become one.
Alexandria National Bank
Alexandria, Virginia. \ I
F^irst Natior&a! BarsJk
The Largest and Strongest Bank in the City
The Service Rendered by this Bank is Evidenced by !!
its Phenomenal Growth. ?
Oct. 1? 1917 $1,893,439.44
Oct. 1, 1918 $2,420,709.36
Oct. 1, 1919 S3,199.461.23
bidding1 is unquestionably obeyed.
The results 'of tolerating bossism
are as disastrous in labor circles as
in politics.?(Philadelphia Record.
5 reality <;(' Election for City Man
ager Government in Lynch
SKi ' burj; Questioned
\vLy*mjhbui'?, Va.. Nov. 7.?Belief
expressed thVit. thfe elettioti here
1 ' ? .1 "J t ?
| Tuesday.4 by. which the city :niana
(rjjer fornV ,cf> ^overninent, with a
{ JJuxic il uj mlfruv.s, fas adopt
ed by a plurality of 340 in a vote of
1,208. will be contested when the
Circuit Court comes to make an or
' der directing steps to be taken
looking to the change.
; It is held that the constitution of
; the State, which provides for this
; form of government, is susceptible
of two constructions, as to whether
! the change should be made at :in
j election by a majority of the cjuali
ifed voters, or whether it must be'
j done by a majority of those partic
ipating. Leaders who worked fcr
( the change will be glad to see the*
question decided by the" Supreme
Court of the State, as it has never
been before that tribunal.
It is pointed out that in case the
Supreme Court held a majority of
the electorate was required to be
I east for the change that the munic
i ipal "'overnment of a number of
cities of the State would be in
volved, because they are working
under governments which were
'provided fcr at election* :it which a
'majority of lj.!! voters did not favor
I the char ire.
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mg Street
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m ?
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