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Except Sunday
By th6 Alexandria Gazette Coiporatlon
117 Klng^ Street, Alexandria, Va.
IOWARD W. SMITH, President ani
f WILLIAM A. SMOOT ... Vk:e-President
Entered at tbe Fostofflce at Alexan
dria, Virginia, as second class matter
The people ot' Rosemont. now a
part of the city of Alexandria, are
justly indignant at outrages commit
ted in that beautiful section of our
city by persons whose habitations
should he in cattle cars. The neat
station erected at North Rosemont
several years ago is being gradu
ally wrecked. In the meantime it
is being: used in the most filthj
manner. Winter is now : ~j;roach
iViir, and while the bleak winds blow
and snow is falling passengers foi
the electric cars a* ill be forced to re
main out of doors until trains ar
rive. Every sash in the window
has been smashed by vandals?suit
to be boys whose parents allow
them catrifles for playthings?
while the interior is no Ion per in ;
sanitary condition for a waitirw
room, as filth is accumulating: 01
? the floor.
Strangers coming to Alexandri:
on electric trains gaze upon th<
broken windows, and other eviden
ces of vandalism, and naturally ask
Why is it thus?
While Roseniont was part o
Alexandria county a watchman wa
employed to patrol the entire are?
He made the stations at the nort'
and southern ends especial object
of his care, and they were alway
neat and cleaSn. It is not so now
but the small and neat structure a
the north is at present a place t<
be avoided.
Policemcn of this city walk ove*
this locality daily, and dn all the\
can to afford protection to resi
dents of that section, but they can
not remain in one place all the time
being compelled to visit other locali
ties during their respective "tricks'
In their absence the vandals got ii
their work. ,
As stated above, the people oJ
Roseniont are incensed, and it i
said substantial rewards are to b<
offered for the arrest and convictioi
of the perpetrators of the outrage
referred to.
The action uf -Judge Anderson a
Indianapolis yesterday in demandin
the cancellation of the order issue
to about half a million miners U
striKe following the movement o
the United States authorities i
rounding up red terrorists in dif
ferent cities :? being rend with in
expressible satisfaction by all be
lie vers in law and order.
The. drastic action of the govern
mcnt has caused a declaration of it
dustrial war by the American Fed
eration of Labor, ad this may pre
cipitate serious trouble throughout
the land.
The leaders of the miners ma?
rescind the strike order under whiel
work -was discontinued, and wil
r-bey .the command of the Fed era"'
Court, although such a course is b>
no means assured. To assume any
thing els- is tc bcleive that they ar<
willing to challenge the (Jovern
mcnt's war power.
As an exchange says. "Judge An
del sen's decision is based not o;i or
dinar;: principles of law. but o'
particular authority granted to tiv
(Jovtrnmint for the war period.
Th;. saloons of the country havr
been closed under similar enact
ment. If the miners should refus<
to obey the court's order the
would not !?e simply in contempt of
court but in eontempt of the (Jov
ernment. It l> a que-tion not of
their general right to strike, but of
their right to violate the wartime
Food and Fuel Control act, which
is still in force. Such refusal to
obey tht. 'avv would be analogous to
the refusal of saloon keepers to
obey the Wartime Prohibition act.
Ami those who feel that their I
rights have been invaded by wartime j
prohibition are to be counted by 1
millions and not by hundreds' of j
In 1 -these perilous times many
sotf-sty.led prophets -are appearing, i
and causing distress among the ?
excitcabls. In 1SS1 the major plan
er? wars ir perihelion( nearest ap-'
proach to the sun), and some of
the most able astronomers of the
world, among them Doctor Piazzi
Smith. Royal Astronomer of Scot
land, imagined they saw direful con
ditions cyming. The doctor wrote a
book in which his suggestions made
many believe the end of the-age was
imminent. But the year 1881 pas
sed away as had its predecessor,
ntfthing outside the Ordinary having
been recorded.
; Another astronomical scare is now
on. and the words of the Son of Man
jin foretelling his sccohd advent are
being quoted here and there. They
iare: "And there shall be s;?rns in
?the sun. and the moon. and in tht
Istars* and upon the ear*h distress
>f nations, -*ith perplexity: the sea
?anil tne waves roaring."
1 According to forecasts printed
'yesterday. December 17 of the pres
ent year is to be a fateful day.
; For the first time in the historj
?uf astronomy six of the principal
planets of the solar system will be
. iligned on one side of the sun. with
? In 2<J degrees of a straight line, or
? li.it day. The earth, winch is not
? 'n eluded in this group, will be in a
? wsition of almost !>Q degrees from
his base line. ,
Only one planet of the system
vi.'l be situated diametrically oppo
site the others.
What the result of the cont-ontru
ed electro-magnetism of the si>
ilanets will be upon the sun is ;
natter of great speculation among
'.stronomers, but the general opin
on is that there will result a new
uii spot, or in other words, a vol
canic eruption on the fiery sphere.
The earth being directly in the
lath of this possible disturbance,
?tards a chance of experiencing an
lphoaval in weather conditions
vhich will mean rain and electrical
?tonns. followed by intense cold.
The overbalance caused by the
ligament of the six planets. Mer
?iry. Venus, .Mars. Jupiter, Saturr
nd Neptune, is calculated to exert
? powerful magnetic influence upor
lie sun. Some scientists claur
hat the resultant eruptions) in th(
Mill's surface will cause a sun spot
?iifliciently large to be visibile tc
'i(. naked eye.
A professor says the queer leagut
f planets will cause tremendous
?xplosions on the sun and that tin
? lar upheaval will cause storms
.?tuitions and fearful cold on thi
:uth and that normal conditions
ould not follow in less than seve
.:l weeks.
Ihink it over while the miners
re still on a strike!
The country may suffer seriou.
?sses because of this paralysis of
ic soft coal mines, incident to the
?evailing strike, but it. will not :t 1
w itself to be coerced by any body
organized sand-baguers. Other
belies of labor finding themselves
ut of work because of a fuel
inline will resent the insanity of
ie millers as much as will other
ti-.ens. and before tiie strike is
iuvh older, if it lasts that long, tlu
line workers will find a great na
?oii arrayed solidly against them.
Xo strike totally bereft of public
vnipathy ever succeeded and this
:rike is fated to fail first, because
! i- nothing more or less than a
?'?ninal conspiracy to "shake down"
he American people, and, next, be
ta se its victims have both the
lri;iigth and the determination t?>
'? fi-at it.?Richmond Tinies-Dis
plst tip Wedding Fees. !s Testimony
At Cumberland
Cumberland, Md., Nov. 10.?JVIinis
?rs and members of the Cumberland
??lice force were drajnred into th:
? ?aring of the assault charge brought
v George Melberth against William
Twigu'. both taxi drivers, which
vas taken up before Magistrate Hum
r:i Saturday. Owing to the absenr.
" several witnesses the 'case was
'.irinued until next week. Melberth
'\ivged Twicrg with striking him fol
?wlng a quarrel over a wedding
During the taking of the testimony
he attorneys went back several weeks
eft re the assault was made to show
ne rivalry that existed between the
ixi drivers of the city in their ef
"ort> to secure wedding couples com
::ir here, with the result that the star
vitnesses for the plaintiff antl de
? n?e told of receiving part of the
Ves paid ministers for performing
ie ceremony.
J: was established that Melberth
",-J Twigg have understandings with
arious ministers to share in the fee
'lid in th.- event the couple is piloted
bout the city for $1 or less. Twigg
iid he had made arrangements with
ne minister whom he met on Balti
?loro Street;. He said the clergy
nan told him ne did not encourage
uch tactics, but if he brought him
? ny weddinsr couple he would ''treat
:m right."
Twigg also .fold. of;.takios;a.^rip?l?d j.
?oldier to -another minister and.of re-f
ceiving $5 as his shave of the fee. He ?
iaid the soldier hr.dbut $12 when he!
ipiplied for a license, add after paving
U to the Clerk of the Court he had j
>jiit $11 when he went to the minister i
The minister,took $10.. Twigg said he ?
remained on the porch while the cere-,'
aiony was being performed. After it
,vas over the minister called him in
dde after the couple had been shown
uu arid, accord invito Twigg. he said:
'Dim it: he only had $11 and all I *
?oalci get u? $10, and if I were you
i would not charge anyl*:/^ for haul-j
;::g them around. Here Is $5 for
Evidence was given to show that a j
J Tiemher of the police force had look
ed up Melberth and told him of a;
collide at the Terminal- Hotel who.
? 'ed to lie married. Twigg said he
'rad taken the couple there for the!
evening with the understanding that;
'ie was to call for them the next morn-!
ng at 8.30 o'clock to take them to]
i minister. Twigs? said Melberth had
ieen in the habit of taking couples!
p.vay from him and he was tired of it. '?
?cm ? of the captured mash for $50. i
Diner and Chafse Charged With Sel
ling Liquw at Lawrcnoeville
Alter Raid There
I'iohibiticn Commissioner J. Sid
ney Peters has been notified of the
;id ..tintnt if Prohibition Inspectors
J. J. Oliver and Leo Chase at
f.av.rencc ville. Brunswick county, on
i'harges of violations of the State
orrhibition laws.
l'oth of the inspectors, left im
mediately for Lawreneeville. and
will give themselves up to the au
thorities at once. According to in
formation received at prohibition
headquarters. the testimony of two
:nen caused the indictments to be
returned. The pr< hibition in-pec
U;rs destroyed a large still and
?'ifty-one barrels of mash near the'
North Carolina border some time
:r:o, and the testimony made be
fore the grand jury is said to be to
the effect that the iris nee tors sold
A Gazette Classified ad will bring
vnu results.
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B miJiv
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i i tGtb ?" iJ MCii

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