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F?;r this section?Fair,
colder tonight. Thursday fair
VOL. CXXXV?No. 270.
H. J. Palmer Urges Appoint
ment of Electrical
Corporation Attorney Gamer Talks of
Case Before State Corporation
Commission to Boost Rates.
The veto of Mayor T. A. Fisher to J
the resolution increasing the salary of j
Fire CWief Kenneth W. Ogden, from j
$25 to $50 a month, passed at the last j
meeting of city council was defeated
in the common council last night.
? In-his letter returning the matter
without his approval the mayor
among other things saiid that the
chlief is now furnished with a car, and
that he does apt have to devote his
entire time to , the work.
Councilman Desmond, Lawler and
Ruben lauded the spflendid work done
by the chief and thought the increas
ed salary only too small and after
ward the vote overiding the veto was
Petition of the trustees of the Aflex
andria Hospital to ? remit taxes
amounting .to $519.58 on square of
ground purchased several years ago
as a site' for the new hospital was
granted. ^The board of aldermen, how
ever, non*coacu'rred.
The sailary^ of W. L. Craven, stew
art of offices, Was increased to $1,
000 a year.1
Resolution authorizing the public
property committee to erect two fish
stalls in the country part of the city'
market to cost $700 or as much there 1
of as may be necessary was adopted
by a vote of;. 9 to 4.
Petition for sewer in alley in rear
of 900 block Duke street, to take care
of twelve houses, was referred to
committee on streets and finance, and
petition of T. J. Fannon for sewer
to connect 1(X13 Duke street was re
ferred to sarnie committee. Petition of
C. W^CMeara.. to erect gasoline
tank fir Southern Au'to Service Co.,
at Gibbon and Alfred streets, was j
r9ferred to steet committee.
; Resolution of CoancUhian McCaf
frey, to-print 400^copies 'of the new
licepeie law referred to the finance
committee. j \
Petition|?to .resurfacej; Cameron
street; between Columbus and Fayette
streets; was referred to the joint com
mittee on streets^ a^d finance.
"^Adverse reiSSrt" was made on peti*.'
tion of Sp.M- Baumgardnen to ??^K)it-.
part of.->?ity license tax and' Report
adopted. Bill of Alexandria ^Gazette,
for election notice#of .$95.75- ordered
paid. , s. j ( ,
-H. J. fahrier,; engineer , for the
Southeastern'Underwriters Associa
tion, ? appeared before council': and ,
mode: a short address on the need of
the appointment of an inspector of
electric wiring in this city.
Mr. Palmer| stated :that conditions
here are ^xtrqmely hazardous, ?nd he
thought it would be^ unwise to defer
action any longer than absolutely
necessary. Mr. Palmer told coun
cil that there is nothing more men
acing than imporepr electrical wir
inS* V .:i i \ .. i J , _ ,
Corporation attorney H.' No^l Gar
ner addressed > council ?on his visit to
Richmond in the city's interest in the
petition of the C. and P. Telephone
Company to increase its ra<tes, now
before the state -corporation commis
sion/The. company's sidejnow, is being
heard, he said, and it probably 'will
be after Thanksgiving before the peo
ple ar e heard. Mr. Gamer stated that
he had prepared a number of ques
tions which he submitted to the at
torneys of the telephone company in
order to have the accessary data when
he presents' the case of Alexandria
before the commission. The company
has a voluminous mass of documen
tary testimony.' he said. '
Attorney Gamer was questioned by
members of council regarding selling
certain property on which city taxes
are owing for a number of years.
;; ; ? ? - .
_ *
^ Contents of Southland Hotel. 110
South Royal' Street, will be sold at
10 o'clock Saturday morning, No
vember 15th, oh the premises.
. 270|-1c. '
' ? ? i
Mass Meeting of patrons of W. and
Va. Ry? to be Held Monday
Night .
A mass meeting of- the Mount
Vernon Commuters' Association Avil!
be held next Monday night in the
rooms of the Chamber of Commerce
to which all patrons cf the Wash
ipgtoii-Virginia Railway are invited
to attend. ,
This was decided upon at a mov
ing of the executive committee of
the association . held last Monday
n i;lu. . , i ?
1 he railway company already
nas f.pplied ' 'i0 ?'-i* - corporat'on
commission of Virginia to increase
| its rates in the state which will be
heard November 26 in Richmond.
They ask for this so as to have the
1 rates conform to the new rates
' granted them by the Interstate Com
merce Commission.
? _
Tonight WiH Complete Plans for
Fourth Degree
The regular monthly meeting of
Fitzgerald Council No. 459, Knights
of Columlbus, will be held this
evening in fit- reading room o<" the
Lyceum ifi.i. The matter rf t-".'?
local exemplification of the fourth
degree of the order will be consid
ered, and a canvas will be made of
those desiring to receive the degree
Announcement has been made that
Potomac Council of Washington, D.
C., has completed arrangements for
a reception to be tendered the 'lo
cal organization on December 4th
at the former's hall in the' District.
Circuit Court Judge Selects Attor
ney Robert E. Scott to Make
Richmond, Nov. 12. ? Attorney
Robt. E. Scott of the firm of Scott
& Buchanan, was appointed special
commissioner yesterday to investigate
the case of the Commonwealth of Vir
ginia against Eugene Delano and
others commonly known as the West
Virginia debt case, by Judge R. Car
ter Scott, in the City Circuit Court,
after the decree of reference asked
of the court had been granted.
By the decree of the court the com
missioner is to make a report as
?speedily as possible, to incjude the fol
lowing: ?'! -i
First. .^Whether \\i?. Commonwealth
of Vivjrigia 'is entitled ,!r. her ow<>
ripht^to or>y porvt.:* of ;the proceeds
of zbz judgment ng.~ir.st West \ ir
frii,*a rr.d, if .se, to whaf amount.
Second. E^pehses incurred by the
Virginia Debt" Commission, attorneys
fees incurred by both plaintiff and
defer^dajfct.and what is a just and rea
sonable settlement; of each claim.
1 Third. Who are' entitled to share in
the distribution of the funds, consist
ing of the cash and bonds, and how
much 'each should have after all ex
penses have been paid.
'^Fourth. All other facts concerning
final determination of all questions
involved in the case.
Mr. Scott was instructed to adver
tise in Richmond and New York news
papers, as required by law, once a
week for a period of four weeks.
Miss Inez Breckenridge Giles,
daughter of Mrs. Addie L. Giles,
and Mr. St. Clair D. Shelton. were
married at 9 o'clock this morning at
the residence of the bride's mother,
the Fairfax Apartment. The cere
mony was prformed by Rev. Dr. E.
V. Regester. pastor of the M. E.
Church .South. Only the immedi
ate relatives of the families repre
sented attended the wedding. Im
mediately following the ceremony
Mr. and Mrs. Shelton left for a
northern- trip. They will reside
The bridegroom is the popular
?ticket agent at the Union passenger
railway station, and the couple
carry with them the best wishes of
a host of friends.
Country butter, 65 cents a pound,
fresh eggs.' 90 cents a dozen; large
mackerel, 25 cents each. Purcell s
special coffee and one pound of
| sugar, 60 , cents. All groceries
I marked down.. All orders deliver
led. J. E. Purcell, 117 South
Henry street. Phone 567-W.
Norfolk salt water Oysters and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street., 227-tf.
Shot Down, it is Believed, by
Members of The
1 I. W. W.
Service Men Wreck Reds' Hall in Cen
tralia. Wash.. And Seize Arms And
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 12.?"Britt
Smith, secretary of the Centralia lo
cal of the I. W. W., has been lynched.
His body now hangs from the bridge."
The above message, received here
early today, was the last word from
CentraTna, wher? a mob of several
thousand citizens is searching for
members of the I. W. W. It is bent
on avenging the death of four Ameri
cans, ve'terans of the world war, whe
were shot down while marching in
an AOrnristice Day Parade yester
Four other soldiers, wounded when
several men, believed to be members
of the I. W. W., fired a volley at the
marchers, are reported out of dan
ger. The fifth. W. J. Earl, is not ex
pected to survive the day..
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 12.?
Three men were killed outright and
a fourth was hanged by nn angry
mob when Industrial Workers of the
Wu>M fired into a parad ? given by
i'.*e people of this citv yesterday in
ccuin.emoration of Armistice Day.
Warren Grimm, lawyer; Ben Cas
sagranda, real estate -dealer, and
Arthur McElfresh were instantly
killed. Dala Hubbard, one of the 6
men wounded, was reported last
night as dying. The other wound
ed will recover. All the killed and
wounded were overseas veterans.*
Immediately after the shooting, a
?crowd of spectators and marchers
seized a man they believed to be the
ringleader of the I. W. W. They
put a rope around his neck threw
the rope over the cross ami of a
telephone pole and started to haul
him up. He was in the air only a
brief period before the chief of po
lice prevailed upon the crowd to let
him down. Last nij;ht the man
was in jail here nearly dead.
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 12.?Two
former soldiers were killed and a num
ber injured yesterday by snipers, said
to have been Industrial Workers of
the World, who fired on an armistice
day parade marching proudly through
the streets of the city.
The whole city was thrown into con
sternation, and the parade of veterans
of the world war broke up quickly;
while the uniformed marchers made a
dash to raid the I. W. W. ball and
round up all suspicious characters.
Writh the dash shown in going over
the top in Europe, the service men
soon stripped the hall of all furni
ture and documents and arrested six
men. These, thrown in jaii, were
guaided by the former soldiers to
prevent their escape and at the same
time to protect them from lynching
until their guilt could be established.
A mob seeking vengeance on the
prisoners was fought back by the
overseas men, who stood guard at the
jail to see that officials made no ef
fort to take the suspects away.
A quantify of arms and ammunition
was seized when the mob ransacked
the I. W. W. headquarters, near which
the shooting occurred, tramp?ed down
the building front and threw into the
street and burned all of the organi
zation's literature and property which
could be found. Posses scoured the
timber camps and searched feverishly!
among the town's 8,000 inhabitants
for other radicals.
The spirit of lynching filled the
air and one man was taken from the
police and preparations made to hang
him, but he was rescued by officers
before the rope could be applied.
Shots poured from the roofs of
buildings as the parade neared Tower
avenue, Centralia's main street. and
Second ovenue. Arthur E. McElfresh
fell dead and Warren 0. Grimm, at
torney and former University cf
Washington football star, suffered
wounds of which he later died. Ben
Cassagranda was severely wour.de-1.
A]! three were residents of Centralia.
Four others who sustained less se
vere wounds were George Stevens and
Dale Hubbard, of Centralia, and two
Men at Naval Torpedo Station
Want Such Places.
The Housing Committee of the
Naval Torpedo Station have had
listed with them a number of very
desirable room? and wish to thank
the people of Alexandria for their
response in this respe<h, but, as a
good number of our men are mar
ried, we are very desirous of ob
taining: more accommodations for
lig-ht house-keeping and room with
board for married couples.
This is very important, as we
must have places for these men
until spring, when we hope tq be
able to house them and their fami
lies permanently.
We also desire to hear from 1
parties who can furnish board only.
'Phone No. 152 or drop postal to
Housing: commfittee, care Cham
ber of Commerce.
men from ChehaHs, Wash., whose :.;st ?
names were given ?s Friscus and j
As the column swung around the
corner of Tower avenue ami second
I avenue the band struck up a patriovc
I march. Then bullets came'into the
ranks from an unseen enemy. Men
fell to the pavement and tiny rivulet
of blood showed the spectators what
had taken place, the crack of the rifl .'?
of {he assassins having been drowned
by the blare of the band.
Tiny puffs of smoke from the ro)f
of a nearby building indicated whe.ice
the bullets had come and the near
ness of the I. W. W. hall led to t:ie
quick decision that the heroes who
had weathered the sanguinary battle
fields of Europe had been slain from
ambush by radicals who opposed
the American system of Govern
The marching soldiers did not linger
to wait the order to fall out, but with
seeming intention rushed into the
nearby structure and sought their way
to the roofs. The snipers had disap
peared, but the service men sought
highways and byways for all suspici
ous persons and then sent nut pio
neers into the timbered country
around the city.
Wives, daughters and sweethearts
of the paraders. after a momentary
pause from the sudden terror of the
situation. rushed to trie aid of the
That the firing was intended for
soldiers was shown by the fact that ,il'
the killed and injured were in the
military section of the parade, which
w;:s made up partly of residents of
*Senator Martin's condition was
slightly improved yesterday. He had
a very good night, sleeping for 7
hours and ate a light breakfast. He
rested veryq comfortably during the
morning hours.
Deeds of Transfer For Five Pieces of
Property Recorded
Property sales just recorded follow:
Max Rosenfeld has sold to Mrs. Mar
tha R. Herfurth two two-story brivk
houses and lots on the south side of
King between Patrick and Henry
streets. William M. Green and others
to Hugo Herfurth, jr., half a square
of ground bounded by Madison. Pitt.
Portner Brewery and St. Asaph
streets; William Desmond to John R.
Hamniersley, jr., house and lot 505
Queen street; James W. Ward to
George W. H. Goods and wife house
and lot 316 North Columbus street;
Dr. George T. Klipstein to Frank
Johnson house and lot 70S Franklin
auction sale
Contents of the Southland Hotel,
formerly Hotel Fleischmann. 110
South Royal Street. Saturday. No
vember 15th, at 10 o'clock sharp.
Private sale. Friday. November 14.
Now open to inspection. *270-10
Having qualified as executor of
the estate of the late Elizabeth
Peck, deceased, all persons indebt
ed are requested to make prompt
settlement and all persons to whom
the estate may be indebted are re
quested to present their claims
properly authenticated for settle
262-10p. e. o-. d. R. I. Peck.
Judge Anderson Calls it an
1 Act of Good Faith
Telegrams Sent to Representatives of
Miners and Operators Inviting
Them to .Meet Hini in Washington.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 12.?United
States District -Judge A. B. Andersen
' at 10 o'clock yesterday morning ap
proved the order of the officials of
the United Mine-workers of America,
rescinding the strike order of Octo
ber 15. Attorneys for the miners pro
mised to try to have it in the mails
by H o'clock yesterday evening. This
action was taken following a session
of the general committee of the mi
ners. which decided early yesterday
to comply with the mandate of the
court issued last Saturday.
Judge Anderson characterized the
order as a "good faith effort" to com
ply with his mandate.
Thomas T. Brewester. chairman of
the Operators' Association of the
central competitive fields asked Act
ing .President Lewis of the United
Mine Workers to get the scale com
mittees together Monday to negotiate
a new wage agreement. The request
was sent Lewis before Secretary Wil
son invited the miners and operators
to meet him Friday.
Labor leaders, who got their first
word from Indianapolis through press
dispatches, were distinctly surprised
by the turn of events?the first b:g
happening on Armistice Day. Frank
Morrison, secretary of the American
Federation of Labor, when told of the
announcement by Acting President i
Lewis, of the miners' organization, re
fused to say anything.
Edgar Wallace, legislative repre
sentative of the miners, who had been
waiting for hours to hear what hap
pened, likewise was silent, and othei
officials at Federation headquarters
declined to comment on the settlement,
Film Argue* for Better Highways
One of the most impressive argu
ments for interest in the Good
Roads movement ever presented to
the public will be introduced in this
city soon under the auspices of Mr.
Steele of the Richmond Theatre.
This is a motion picture campaign,
in which "The Open Road to a
Greater America." a one reel de
mand on the public for a greater
interest in this important move
"The Open Road." is the first
motion picture ever dedicated t.<>
this movement. It was conceived by
Windsor T. White, of Cleveland,
head of the White Company, and
was produced by the educational
department of the Universal Film
Manufacturing Co.. under the per
sonal supervision of Mr. Harry
The picture will be shown tonight
at the Richmond Theater and. to
morrow night at the Ingomar The
ater because both Mr. Steele and
the Chamber of Commerce a re
keenly interested in the Good Road
Movement and feel that residents
:f '.h:s community should be arousad
to their need. This picture will be
ir addition to the regular plays to
?.<0 ihown.
There will be a joint communica
tion of Alexandria-Washington
Lodge and Andrew Jackson Lodge
held at Masonic Temple. Thursday
evening. November 1.1th, at 7:-10 i
o'clock to receive the Grand Master )
of Masons in Virginia, and the j
other officers of the Grand Lodge. j
All Master Masons in good stand- ;
ing are invited to bo present on
tnis occasion.
Immediately after the forma! re
ception to the grand officers, the
meeting-will adjourn to the Opera
House for an evening's entertain- j
ment-to which all Master Masons I
and their lady friends are invited.
Let us have a large gathering of
ladies on this occasion.- 268-4c
Try a Gazette classified ad.
Heir to British Throne Given Hearty
Reception Upon His Arrival
-Edward, Prince of Wales, and heir
to' the British throne, arrived in
Washington yesterday at noon. Des
pite a drizzling: rain, scattered, rain
soaked crowds stood patiently wait
in# to cheer him as he left Union
Slat-ion and was driven to the Bel
mont house. From the time of his ar
rival until late last night the prince
had spent a day crowded with acti
The prince was entertained at a
formal dinner given in his honor by
Vice-President Marshall yesterday
evening: at the Belmont House. This
was the fivst formal event for the
prince's entertainment in Washing
ton. About 10 o'clock the prince ap
peared at the Press Cluh.
Russia, which is larger thi.r? all1
the remanil ?r of Europe combined,
and which has a population thr:-e
fourths as large again as that of th^
United States, composed <>f people
of twenty-five different national
ities and languages, will lie entered
in an intensive fashion by the,]
Southern Baptists as a res"lt of the
Baptist 75 Million Campaign, it is
announced at the campaign head
Already there are J00.000 B.:0
tists in Russia ready fo co-operate
with the plans of the 75 Million
Campaign, and it is the hope of the
commission representing the cam
paign in a study of the neediest,
mission fields <>f Europe to have a
conference with some of the Rus
sian leaders before returning to
A mericji.
The opportunity is at hand for
doingva large Baptist work in Si
beria. also, it is announced. th;-re
being a goodly number of Baptists
there already.
The campaign in Alexandria is
p root ed i ng v i go ro usly.
The Empire Social Club will g've
their regular Friday night dance at
the Elks' Hall. Special attrr.ctirns
There will be a prize waltz. M:;.;ic
furnished by Nlicklanis'' Jazz Band.
Admission gentlemen, 75 cents;
ladies free. 270-3p
Rehearsal for the minstrel per
formance will be held in Alexandria
Opera House tonight at 8 n. !??.
All members are requested to be
270-lc. H. H. Newton. Chairman.
In sad but loving remembrance of
our dear father. Richard Drowns,
who departed this life six months
ago today, November 12, 1019.
We are parting, one by one.
But God's will must be don i, -
It is sweet to know we will meet
Wher,. parting and sorrow cannot
One year has .passed, our hearts
still sore.
As times* goes on, we miss you
Your memory is as fresh today,
As in the hour you passed away.
Though you're gone, you're nut for
And your place.can never be filled
Still I tried so hard to save you,
But you went, it was God's will.
270-jp. By his children.
In loving memory of my beloved
husband and son, Linwood Kidwell, j
who departed this life one year ago
today. November 12, 1018. ;
Our home was. oh so happy.
Our children were our pride,
How happy we would be
Were you only at our side.
I loved you dearly in life.
I love you in the grave.
God took you from me, Linwood
But it was He who gave.
By his devoted wife ami children,
270-lp Mother and father.
In memory of my dear brother-in
law. Linwood Kidwell. who died one
year ago today. November 12. J018..
We never knew the palin he.bore,...
We. did not see him I'ie.
We only knew he passed away.
And conld.not say .iro.id. by .
? * ' ? . <* :
By hr, si.itprr;R-l?i%y
270-lp. .-Mrs. Nettie MoMx-hae],
Ait the prize box party at the skat
ing rink at the armory last night
Miss Edith Dove and John Edmonds
were awarded the prize.
The Scottish Kite Masons tonight
will confer the fifteenth and twentieth
degrees on a large class of candidates.
The work will begin at 7 o'clock at
the Masonic Temple.
It is expected that a large crowd
will attend the turkey dinner which
will be given from <? until S o'clock
tomorrow evening in the parish hall
of St. Paul's P. E. Church.
The revival services in Del Ray
Methodist Church begun Sunday even
ing, conducted by the Rev. John C.
Copenhaven, of Washington, assisted
by the pastor of t'he church, the Rev.
W. W. Pippin. The attendance each
night has been large and a cordial in
vitation is extended to all to come
and hear an excellent sermon and
good singing.
A meeting of American Womcns'
hegion was hekl recently at the
home of Mrs. Kate Waller Barrett,
when Captain Betts. of the French
Artillery Corps, made a most interest
ing speech. Mrs. Barrett also made a
short address. The members of the
families of all soldiers are eligible for
membership, and are urged to join
the organization.
Ant i-Tuhcrculosis Secures $240 Ad
The Anti-Tuberculosis Society
gratefully acknowledges the follow
ing additional contributions amount
ing to $240: Mrs. L. L. Spofford,,
$o; Miss Entwisle, $4; Mrs. R. L.
Garrett. SI; Miss Ada Garrett, $1;
Dr. Stewart Jamieson. $5: Mr.
and Mrs. C. B". Swan. $5; Mrs. A.
D. Brockett. $">: Beaudric L. Ho
well. $5; Rev. Wm. J. Morton, $1;
Mrs. Wm. J. Morton, $1; F. R.
Howell. $5; Mrs. Dabncy Hemdon,
$1; J. W. Herndon, $1;- Miss Mar
ion Hoove. SI; Alexandria Council
No. 5, Order Fraternal Americans,
$5; Andrew Jackson Lodge. No. 120,
A. F. and A. M.. $50; Mt. Ver
non Royal Arch Chapter. No. 14,
$25; Miss Fanny S. Herbert. $T>;
Mrs. Harry Hammond. $5: Mrs.
Thomas Perry, $1; T. Calvert
Perry. $5; Friend, $?; 'Mrs. E. J.
Evans. $2: Miss Evans. SI; Miss
Clarence Snowden. $1; Mrs. Ham-,
son Kirk. $10; F. L. Daingerficl^,
$">; D. R. Stapsbury. $">; Harr^"
Hammond. $20; .Tudito*4 L. C. Har
lev, $">; S. F. Dyson and Bro.,
$?'{; Mr. and Mrs. Julian T. Burke,
$5; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Herbert,
$10; Taylor Burke. $25; Miss Edith
A. Snowden, $1.00.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 12.?Com
plete official returns from all coun
ties of the State yesterday showed
the wets defeated Ohio's ratification
of the national^ prohibition amend
ment.,by ">35 votes. Official can
vass of the returns will be made in
the Secretary of State's office.
Drys were hopeful that errors in
their favor may be uncovered. They
have already filed petitions for a
| Newport News, Va.. Nov. 12.?
A representative attendance of
t Virginia .editors and publishers . is
expected at a special meeting here
Thursday and Friday of the Virginia
Press Associations. The new print
paper situation and other -questions
in the conduct of dai'v and weekly
newspapers will occupy the atten
tion of the delegates.
' A general meeting .of the stock
I holders of the. Union Building Co..
i will be held at its office. 119 South
. Fairfax street. Alexandria. Va.. on
November 20, 1919. at .11 o'clock
a. nil _ ?
Mvron M, Parker. President,
| 270-12t. Louis Hover, Jr., Secty.
i ?
. AUCTION HALE v;1 ,h,
Of all contents of the Southland
Hotel. 110 South RoyaL- Street, Sat-,
urday, Novennber 10 a. ?; m..,
. shfcxp. Private sale-Friday,-. ; No
,ve mber? "14. Now op#sn - for i psp ebr.
,-tion. ?'? >\ ? 270-lc

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