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Perished From Exposure and Ex
haustion in Small Open Boat
Atlantic City, Nov. 12.-Three
days and nights of the search con
ducted for John Ledbetter and Ray
mond Iszard, the Winchester school
boys who set out on a duck hunting
expedition from Margate City last
Friday morning, .came to a grue
some close Monday morning, at 11 ,
o'clock, a mile off Cape May Ci*5,j
when the bodies of the youths were
found in the bottom of their boat,
faces down, by citizens of Cape
May, out on a fishing expedition.
The bodies, divested of clothes, lay
ir. water which had half filled their
craft. Death was due to exposure
and had come probably Friday
night while they battled desperate
ly- to get their frail boat ashore
through the terrific seas which have
bombarded the coast for the ?a$t
few days. .
It is 'believed that the boys lost
first on? oar and then another in
their efforts to reach land. Panic
stricken, they are believed to have
disrobed and plunged into the sea
in '"an effort to- swim ashore .with
their boat. Becoming exhausted
and numb in the icy water of the
Atlantic, they apparently used .the
little strength left them to climb
back into their oraft, where they
fell exhausted to - miserably perish.
Ballot May be had Today on Amend
ment and Reservation
Because,of the length of yester
day's debate. on1 Article X of the
league of nations covenant, the
Senate did not take a vote, and this
move was postponed until todaj*.
'fife 'Walsh amendment was ? the
subject of much cr.iicisin and sup
port. Senator. Johnson, California,
inquired of Senator Walsh whether,
if .the irreconcilableopponents of
the' peace treaty voted for the
amendment, the Democrats would
then support the reservation as
Senator Walsh is said to ha\ e
admitted; that plan of the Demo
crats was to support his amend
ment and then ca?t their votes sol
idly against the reservation.
The Walsh amendment wiM have
'almost all-the irreconcilables op
posed' to it.
Senator McCumber, on behalf of
the mild reservation group, told
Senator Hitchcock that if the Walsh
amendment should be voted into the
reservation, it would remain theie
and that their votes would be cast
for the reservation, even if amend
. lADIES'e tlENS {?%
500. King Street
Department of Justice Agents Have
Coraled 391 Undesirables
The nuirtber of Russian Reds cap
tured irr .the rai/isof the Department
of Justice agents on the Union of Rus
sian Workers now total 391, while
more arrests are imminent.
Ail but two of the 391 Reds are
held in $10,000 bail for deportation ac
tion by the Commissioner of Immi
gration except the two leaders, Adolph
Schnabel, secretary, and Peter Bianki,
former secretary. Their bail has been
raased from $2,500 to $15,000.
The total bail required for the 391
"Reds'' amounts to $3,920',000.
Deportation hearings are held be
fore the immigration inspectors in the
various district where the captures
were made. Hearings began today in
Hartford, Gonn.
Upon-recommendation of the immi
gration inspectors, the Commissioner
of Immigration will order deportation.
The deportation proceedings are being
conducted under the act of October
18, 1918 amending the immigration
Maryland Girl Receives Bullet Un
Cumberland, Md., Nov. 12.?Miss
Clara Stacer, of Meyersdale, is at
Allegany Hospital here with a bul
let wound under each eye. She was
assisting at the home of Joseph
Hammers, iMeyersdale, who was
preparing to leave for Pittsburgh
and had thrown refuse in the stove,
not knowing thcr? were cartridges
in the ho^p.
In the' cxplcsion that followed
bullets st-uek her in the facc under
the eyes. One bullet was located
by X-ray, but the other ha* not yet
been found.
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tells you how to become healthy ?
remain so; what business you are
adapted for when and whom you will
marry settles and eplains love affairs
and family troubles; reunites the sep
arated. Does everything seem to go
wrong and has fortune never smiled
upon you? Has your life been empty?
Do not despair as you can yet learn
the true road to success and happiness
for both await you if you will only
know how when and where to find
them which will be revealed to you.
She tells you what you have done and
what you are doing now and what you
are going to flo. All told without ask
ing a single question. She has helped
others, why not y.ou? ..
No matter what may be your am
bition, hope or fears, she guarantees
to help you. Are you in trouble? Di
you find the one you have bestowed
your trust and affection upon actir,'
cool and indifferent toward you? Sha
wil remove all obstacles and toil
how to win and hold the one you >'
sire. She guarantees satisfaction or nc
Reading $1.00
j Located 605 King Street
der Each Eye
She does not tell
things to please
you, but reads your
hand just as it in
dicates, from the
cradle to the grave;
tells every person
what steps in lift
to take to better
themselves; what
part of the coun
try is best for them
Yes; S. S.S. Is Purely Vegetable
/ . Nature's Safe Blood Treatment
On the Market Half a Century.
When you are in perfect health,
and arc enjoying a strong ami
vigorous vitality* it is > then that
your blood is free from'all impuri
ties: ...
/You should he very careful and
give'-hebd to the slightest indica
tion of impure blood, A sluggish
circulation is often indicated by
an impaired appetite, a feeling of
lassitude and a general weakening
of the system. It is then that you
should promptly take a few bottle?
of S. S. S. It will aid in cleans
ing the blood and build up and
strengthen the whole system.
S. S. S. is sold by all druggists.
Valuable information about the
blood supply can Ik* had free by:
writing to the Swift Specific Co.,
SO Swaft Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Floating Specks
before the eyes, dizzy spells,
palpitation of the heart, less
appetite or craving for sweet
or sour kinds of food?are
V signs of self-poisoning by products of poorly
digested or imperfectly eliminated food waste
which have entered the blood.
Beecham's Pills assist to restore normal action
of liver, stomach and kidneys.
Beecham's Pills
Sold by druggist* throughout
tt? world. In boxea, 10c., 25c.
Cost to you $3.25 a Gallon when made ready to use
Obtain COLOR CARD from onr Agents or
LONGMAN A MARTINEZ Manufacturers New York
Philadelphia, Nov. 12.?Four
men were killed, three others in
jured, and several persons thrown
into the Delaware river yesterday
when the Reading Railway ferry
Atlantic City was rammed by the
railway tug Caspian.
The ferry was carrying workers
from the Jersey, side to their jobs
in Philadelphia.
President Wilson left his- sick
room yesterday for the first time
since his return from Ins league of
nations tour on which he fell ill.
The President's ror.finement was
broken when he was shifted from
his bed to a wheel chair and wheel
ed around the house for a short
time. The President may be per
mitted to attend the White Mouse
tea for the Prince of Wales Thurs
day afternoon.
i For Infants and Children.
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signa'ure of
.Richmond, Va., iXov. 12.?Re- I
cent charges by Frank Dunning, j
who came here from Washington j
to investigate charges that prison- I
ers at the State prison were cruelly j
treated, did not result in any I
changes being made at .the election 1
held yesterday, when Major James j
B. Wood was re-elected superin- j
You who tire
easiiy; are
pale, hfcggard
and worn;
nervous or ir
ritiule; who
arei>!ibjcct to
fits of melan
choly, or the
"blues, ?' get
ycur'oU.od ex
amined for
iron defici
ency. Koxatid
Iron taken ,.
three times a day after mcalc will increase
your strength and endurance in two weeks)!
time in many cases.-Ferdinand King,M.D ?
V /
^ Mar.Mfaciurm' Soft:Nuxtted Iron, recom* M A
?vv mcmicv! s'jove by Dr King, can be obtained MM
Vl^ from any good ilru/tfir.t on on absolute M A
yVH^gucrcntcc of succiax or money rr- W M- ?
vk \ funtltti. Doctors u*ually prescribe M W
At |v,o fWc*grain tablet* tobetatern M W.
* * ?wr *frer meali. J W/
'The Friendly Light
.The companionable Rayo lamp!
???At v 6u r eI bow?steadfast ? s h e d -
"ding a steady glow upon work or
'fhe Rayo is a solid brass lamp
nickel plated, made to burn a
lifetime. It is lighted without
removing shade or chimney?is
easily filled, re-wicked and
cleaned. Scientifically built, it
diffuses the most economical light
most efficiently.
AUuldin Security Oil l/cs! result;:.
. (New Jurscy) . >
Winliintfron. I). C. 11A !.T I \K>!<I-, Chjrii.rte. N. C.
Norfolk,'Va. -Ml), (.!iurlrsnni. W. Va.
KichiaonJ, Va. Charleston, S.
these days, Electric b*1V,
fans, stoves', heaters, suction
sweepers, irons, washing ma
chines and all the rest of the
great electric family of help
ers are wonderful time, labor
and money savers. Let us
show you through our large
stock of supplies. We do elec
tric wiring and installations
of all kinds. Get our estimate.
J, Kent White
The Cleaning of
Lace Curtains and
Has been added to our ever increasing business in
cleaning rugs and carpets. And our service is prompt
and careful. May we demonstrate it to you?
Alexandria Laundry, Inc.
Curtain scrim, very pretty flower
ed borders, worth 39c, special .. 25c
Linen crash, the finest quality,
worth 59c, special j. 39c
Cretonnes, wonderful patterns in
dark floral patterns so much in de
mand worth up to 98c a yard, spe
cial : 69c
Brocade velvets,'yard wide, in navy
brown and black, splendid for chil
dren's coats, worth $2.50, special 9Ne
White Irish flannel, ve?\y he;iv\
quality, worth up to 59c, special 39c
Percales, full 3G-inches wide, \ery
fine count, light or dark patterns,
worth 50c, special ..... 35<
branch of corsetry and will render you a
skilled service that assures your satisfaction.
Our stock of the world-famed
The best way we know to get your confidence
is to oiler a corset scrvice that deserves it.
Our corscticres have specialized in every
The Original- Unequalled Front Lccing Corsets
is compietc. From it you may select many only res.-Ic from a faultlessly lilting corset.,
charming models, especially designed for
the needs of your figure type, that will We. guarantee list: !ir, comfort, style and
give you that unconscious grace that can wearing service oi ?-vvry (lossard.
? 1 . - "r':? --* ? i.~ ??: ->
New Alexandria,
Del Ray, St. Elmo,
Braddock, Suburbs 1
o ?
We have a large list of properties for sale in the
above sections and before buying* it will be worth
your time to look them over. Some of these can be
purchased on a small cash payment the balance same '
as rent, ? ?>, ?'
ELMO PROPERTIES some of which have very j
large lots, garages, chicken houses, etc., and are i
cheap. ?? - ;
Carver & Callahan
Adjoining Chamber of Commerce. Phone V.i2
Table Silverware
Is thoroughly dependable. It
is guaranteed to last for
years of constant service.
Our assortment is varied and
compir-te. We can furnish an
entire service of every ie
quisite of a refined table or
single pieces which may be
added to kiter. You will find
our prices very moderate
considering the quality of
oov merchandise.
Real Estate, Loans
and Insurance
Phone 1091
For Sale?New six room
bungalow with bath and all
modern conveniences, Del'
j j Ray.
For Sale?Frame dwell
ing, seven rooms and bath,
! electric lights, g a r a g e i
; Queen street.
For Sale?Dwelling, six
rooms and bath, electric
lights. A good" investment,
jj Queen street.
For Sale ? New frame
j! dwelling, nine rooms and
j bath, electric* lights. Queen
! street.
j For Sale?Dwelling, five
j rooms, sewer connections,
electric lights. North Pat
rick street.
For Sale?Brick dwelling,
six rooms and bath, newly
papered and painted. Easy
;:erms. North Pitt Street.
For Sale ? That home
; you've been looking for in
! Alexandria, Rosemont or
| Del Kay. \
( ?
(Real Estate, Loans ana' Ins.
' Cor. Royal and Prince Sts.

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