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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, November 22, 1919, Image 4

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In this (Jay of uncertain deliveries, used cars for
sale are novelties. We list below a few cars in first
class condition that will no doubt, go rapidly. Avail
yourself 3f the opportunity, now. . \ jjj * ,
ii'.? >? r"|? ii i
8 cylinder Catiillac, in perfect condition,
Price right to quick buyer.
?J.t t" ? ' Si :
1-191 $ Maxwell Touring Car, in A-l condi
tion, 4 new tires $450.00
1?JP.-fi. Chevrolet, run 7000 miles, right
price to quick buyer. v
One Model 83 Overland cheap
Willy's Knight, 88-4. Newly painted 4 cord
tires $1250.00
South Alfred Street. Telephone 379
is completely washed cut of the sys
im by the celebrated Shivar Min
ora! Water. Positvely guaranteed by
ionoy back offer. Tastes fine; co.-is
trifle. Delivered anywhere by our
?exandrbi Agents, K. S. Harp: r.
-ic. Phone them.
'TO You
Immediate Delivery
Capital City Sales Co.,
526 King Street
' Phone 1089
You'll feci like taking a stroll in the
bracing November air, but you can't
enjoy it unless your shoes are right.
No need to spend a lot of money for
new shoes. Let us repair the old
ones. We nut only rebuild them but
reshape (hem and restore the origi
nal lines of grace and style. And
save you money.
Ideal Shoe Repairing Co.
1201' King Street
r ? > 23 KNIFE WO UNX>S
Ferdinand Hagonez. an Italian Resi
. dent cf C&ir.bcrlaitd,-_KiJled at
' ' Sfecttdalc/ Pa. ;
Cumberland, Md., Nov.. 22.?(Mys
tery surrounds the death of Ferdi
nand Rapror.cz, Italian resident of
"Cumberland, who was found dead at
Scottd'ale', Pa., Wednesday night,
?>vith 23 knife > wounds in his body.
Ragonez received a telegram seve
ral days ago asking him to come to
Pittsburgh at once,and.it is thought
ithc missive 'was part of a trap into
rA\iich Jfcappnez- was
about 28 years of age. He is sur
I vived by a wife??,.
body of child 'rousii
Hammonton, N. J., Nov. 22.?
The body of Billy Dansey, the three
f year old boy whose disappearance
I and -supposed kidnapping started a
country wide seai'ch which has con
tinued for several weeks, was dis
covered late yesterday by a gun
ner in a swamp not far distant
from the Dansey home.
The Terrible Pains in Back and Sides
Cardui Gave Relief
Marksville, La.,?Mrs. Alice John
son of this place writes: "For one
year I suffered with an awful misery
i:t my back and sides. My left side
was hurting me all "Vj Lime. The
m'sery was something ir.vial.
I could not do anything, not even
sleep at night. It kopt me awnkr
most of the night. I t^ok different
mtcfc'nes, but r.c-thing c':d me any
good or reliev'J me until I took Car
I was not able to do any of my
work for one year and I got worse all
ths time, was confined to my bed
oft and on. I got so bad with my back
that when I stooped down I was not
atle to straighten up again. I de
cided I would try Cardui. By time 1
had taken the entire bottle I was
feeling pretty good and could straight
en up and my pains were nearly all
I s'hal 1 always praise Cardoii. I con
tinued taking it until I was strong
ar.d well." If you suffer from pains
due to female complaints. Cardui may
women who once suffered in this way
rnw praise Cardui for their present
bv just what you need. Thousands of
good heal I'll. Give it a trial.
The front doors
venience of the
other passengers
? II i.-; UIIIIKlMllV
unusually iii;;li
Phone 379
Cor. Prince and Alfred Sts
Just Received One Sedan
Immediately after the coroner
had examined the little boy he ex
pressed bleif that death had result
ed from foul play.
Added strength was (riven to the
theory that the child was murdered
by reason of the- fact that the spot
where the body lay was extremely
difficult of access and practically
unapproachable by a child of three
Martinsburg, W. Vy., Nov. :22.
?Tripping on an ovalshaped parti
cle of wood, Judson Montgomery,
aped IS years, employed at a saw
mill on a farm in this county own
ed by former United States Sena
tor Charles J. Faulkner, fell head
first into a fast revolving circular
saw. His head was lacerated its
entire length, sufficiently deep in
the front to penetrate the brain
and cause instant death.
Did a kind Providence wisely de
and Wenk Lungs
Ask your druggist for
BEAR'S. Accept no substitute
May be ordered direct fron
ESfctoa, Va.
cide the horrible death of young
Jim Warren.
This is the question that will con
front. those who attend the showing }
of "Her Kingdom of Dreams,"
starring Anita Stc-wart and which
will bo seen tcnight at the Rich
mond Theatre.
As the youngest and most be- |
loved son of the wealthy -'J-amosi.
Warren, prominent Wall Street !
banker, the youth meets his death* j
in time to save his reputation. A
forged check an&^a seini-disrepu- :
table wonfjfn are-^the incidents that 1
point an almost accusing finger of
shame at him even at his death.
This leads Fred Warren, oldest son.
to proclaim that he forged the
How Judith Rutledge, played by
Anita Stewart, private secretary to
the older Warren, marries Fred at
the. request .0^ her dying employer
is but the beginning of fa series of
moSt unusual incidents which com
bine to make-"Her Kingdom of
Dreams" probably the most appeal
ing photoplay seen at the Rich
mond Theatre in many clays. "
"They should be in every traveling
man's grip," writes Geo. Jenner, 416
Labor St., San Antonio, Texas of
Foley Cartartic Tablets. "They are
the best laxative I have taken and- I
cheerfully recommend them to anyone
suffering with constipation or bilious
ness," They thoroughly cleanse the
bowels, sweeten the stomach and bene
fit the liver. They con-ect indigestion,
Dad breath bloating, gas, coated
tongue and other results of sluggish
bowels. No griping; no nausea.
Hoed Prices, being based absolutely on actual
costs of highest quality materials and labor, are
consistent with Hood Quality and Road Service
The Hood ideal oi: tire value and service ? greatest average mileage
actually delivered at lowest cost per mile ? remains unshaken by
unsettled conditions which are arising to confront and confu^c
both tire dealers and tire u^ers.
With costs of materials rjitl labor at a High point. with the cost of cotton showing
increase, with labor constantly increasing in cost, with rubber only slightiy weak
ening, and with overhead reduced to a point of efficiency seldom equalsd in the
tire business. Hood will maintain present prices and quality.
Any reduction tinder the above conditions would nece.*sitate a reduction 01 quality
or quantity of materials or of both. H e isill not pu!l down our standard?it haa
made Hood Tires famous the country over as the Quality Tires of America.
The quality of Hood Tires will be maintained.
Hood priccs will continue>to be ? as in the past ? THE
standard by which real tire values car. be safely judged, ;or
to-day the price of a tire is the only true representation of
comparative value ? guarantees have come to mean nothing.
/tsJ{ us lo show t'ou records of Hood average mileage of test
year. Let us prove to yen WHY price, divided by miles cclurlly
delivered, maizes the Hood the n:oit economical lire you ccn
Can you afford to be without He di ?
1J3-J5 North Washington Street
! Phone 777
?- if ^
7 J^Vi'
Al' t
<&???; \
WMMf*** <?0Z
lp> T*~> r ? ,r>
"*>. &?'? '\
ojp 5i> -')
P^?5i p ILiOl Q1 ?
w c:#4y
^ oo ^
4 ?U'^rid
^ ^ S:
_, l?
C ?*-'-'?
:) a
? f-"' ?">
rr~ r s rrr, T>
/-'}? ,
yi- x) 5?
/"Oasscnscr J.ourr.v;
J SHK trend of automobile engineering
?a. points to the 8-c.yUnder ear. And good
buying judgment points to Oldsmobile.
We aimed higher than simply pioneering the
"eight." We aimed to produce one of
moderate price and low maintenance costs,
?that had the flexibility, smoothness
and abundance of power inherent in
the 8-cylinder car.
?that cost as little to buy and operate
as the majority of ' sixes" and many
?that would ; ?e tpp"' * o-s' inctivc, yet
charactcristicaJly O1, smobilc.
Our aim is retained. ir. \ 'I*1TC5n.<)I>]UCf>"??
the only popular prior'.1 "eight" in which
mechanical excellence i; 'ombincd wilh rare
riding comfort and up-t >-the-mini: to body
lines, 01 dsrnobiI:; J?z v : bcen rhc b i.o?ry
makcrs or motordom:, t : : '-THOROBRKD'' is
well worthy to perpctv:':. the i:ar.:'\
Descriptive bter^tur% will be upon
request, or a demonstration gladly ar^ang^d.
11 i 5 North Washington Street
Phone 777
Jtisl Received Two Carloads Keadv For Immediate Delivery.'
4'passenger Touring C??

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