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j warmer--tonight. Tomornw rain, j
colder. . '
1 ESTABLISHED 1781 ~v;
Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
United States and Best, Advertis
ing. Medium in Northern Virginia
VOL. CXXXV~ No. 281, !'
M TO KEEP will)
Health Officer Foulks Sajs
Most Sickness Due to
Eat Plain Food and Chew Well?
Drink Plenty of Water and Eat
Plenty Only When Hungry
Trying to keep well is far more
important than worrying about how
to be cured" if we should get sick.,
Man is master of his own fate, but i
tie always tries to btame somebody I
else if anything goes wrong with
him! ' ,
Most sickness is due, either di
rectly or indirectly, to our own
carelessness, and the sooner we
jrasp this fact, the better it will be
Tor our personal welfare.
What should I do to keep well?
There are many things you should
10 or should not do in order to keep
lealthy. Remember disease is not
i normal condition, but is the result
>f a cause, either known or un
known. The cause of most dis
'ases is in turn the result of viola
ing one or more of nature's plain ,
ind simple laws.
Now if you persist in such viola
ions, nature will present a bill, for (
he charges you for every one of (
ler laws ydu violate. Some of her
ates are low, while others are
ery high, but when she does pre-- ,
ent her bill, you ar^ going to pay* (
t in full, protest or no protest. So .
lon't deceive yourself on that little ?
?oint* < 1
lere are a few plain, simple rules '
or keeping well, which if honestly
ollowed, will no doubt save you
rom much future trouble. Keep
n the fresh * air and sunlight as
luch as possible. Keep your
ome clean, both inside and out.
ee that your food is pure, fresh,
lean and properly cooked. Always
?ash.your . hands before eating. 1
His is of great importance, vet is 1
ne of the most neglected health
ules I know of and is the direct
Quse of; transmitting various in
actions, particularly in children. ,
iEat only'plain food. Fancy, high;
i spicad dishes will sopner or later
ffect the stomach. 'Chew your food
"ell?don't bolt it as if you were
iking a chunk of raw liver! If
ur teeth are so bad you can't
ew, go'-todentist without delay,
ou, can't, have bad teeth and e.\
..t-to keep, in,good'health.-. It will
mveh cheaper to pay your den
st now, than your doctor later!
Drink plenty of water. Few
pie drink enough", water., Tea.
ffee; or milk do not t^k? the place
?pure water. Drink a <?lass just
?fore going to bed and another 'the
rst thing'after you get up. Make
is a fixed rule. : ??;?.$
Eat ; often ;\vhen. hungry?if yt>u
n get the food?but don't stuff
?urself with r. lot of iur.k; just be-'
use it is mealtime*' Some will tell
u to ahvays eat your meals at the
me hour or minute each day. but
at's!all rot. The human body as
t run by a clock., Common sense
the'best thing to gt* by. When
e system needs food, the stomach
ill let you know in language you
nnot possibly misunderstand.
~ en it 'don't want it, there is a
asom so let it alone until it rings
e bell. Your .stomach is neither
storehouse nor. a garbage can!
A normal adult needs at least
ght hours sleep, out of the 2-1.
e that you get it. Children and
d people require more.
Do everything in moderation and
you don't, you- are sure to get a
11 sooner or later and nature will
llec?.it just as sure as fate. So
n't try to fool yourself about
at little fact.
The regular meeting of Randolph
hapter. No. 3, K. R. C., and Layfa
tte Council, No; 2, K. K., will be
Id Friday evening, November 28.
10, at 7:30 P. M.
Business, Routine.
. M. SHERWOOD, 32nd K. C, C. H.
Wise Master.'and Commander.
. W. Latham, 33d, Hon. Secty. 281-3t
Children's Home Officials Ask That
Little Ones be Remembered ;
Thanksgiving Day
As the Thanksgiving season ap
proaches. we hope that the kind
hearted people of Alexandria who
have so libgrally remembered the
fatherless children of France and all
the other international calls thai
have come to them will not forget
their own little children in the
children's home at Ivakota. There
are sixteen children there off in the
I country shut away from all the
(joys of Thanksgiving except what
is sent to them by those who re-;
member them a - you used to do
when the home was situated at the
corner of Duke and Royal Streets,
Several of these children are ,the
same, as their physical infirmaties
have made it impossible to placed
them in private homes as was the j
intention. 'Pheir ages are front
thirteen to two years old.
Arfv donations for their Thanks
giving may be sent'to Miss Holt,
probation officer. 408 Duke street,:
oV will be called for if message is
phoned to 343-W.
A liberal response ^as made for
the request of school books and
reading material. Any kind of
food or clothing will be most ac
Former Secretary of Treasury Urges
-That Increase to Miners Be
? Granted.
New York, Nov. 25.?Urging the'
government to concede promptly to
the coal miners the proposed wage
increases, regardless of the attitude
of the operators, former Secretary of
the Treanury William G. McAdoo
sent a telegram yesterday to Fuel
Administrator Garfield, in which he
asserted that to his own knowledge
>perators made "Shockng and inde
fensible profits on bituminous coal"
in 1917, running even as high as 2.000
A new wage and working agree
ment was signed late yesterday be
tween the Railroad Ad/ministration
and officials of che brotherhood of
Railroad Shop Laborers. While the
demands of the union.were not.fully
met, the eight-hour basic day was es
tablished for track laborers and oth
ers of that' classification, and time
and' a half pay after that hour was
provided. Most- of the- other em
oloyes included-under the agreement
will receive-time nnH a half overtime
pay after ten hours. : .
Signing of the new contract by Di
rector Central. Hines ended negotia
tions which have oe.en in progress
since February. Approximately 400.
000 . are, effected' Railroad Admin
:stratkm officials estimated. The con
tract" also provides that' it shall be
applicable during the period of Fed
eral control of the roads unless no
tice of 30 days is given of its cancel
A ?r'00 and euchre party will be
sriven at Lyceum Hall Duke street.
Friday. November 28. at S p. uu
Funds for the benefit i;f the Christ
mas tree fund. 28]-3c
? ?
Just received a fresh supply of
salt water oysters. Give us a
trial, we can fill your orders. Oys
ters by the pint, qua it or gallon.
Fried oysters our specialty, 50
cents a dozen in box. J. R. Bryant.
128 South Royal street. 281-It
9 V
Have received turkeys and chic
kens. Plenty for Thanksgiving.
Our price cheap qs any one in town.
F. C. PU'LLIN. corner Queen and
Royal streets. Open until 10 p. m.
Phone 94?-\\C. ' ' 281-2L
Dry picked turkey's and chickens
at F. C. PULLIN'S, corner Queen
and Royal streets. Open until 10
p. m. Phone 948-W. 281-2t.
A called meeting of Mt. Vernon
R. A. Chapter No 14. will he held
Tuesday evenin?, Nov. 25th. at
7.30 p. m., for (the purpose of
conferring the council and M. E.
Master Decrees, ?y order of the
teigh Priest.
280-2c F. W. Latham, Secretary.
Victim Conducts Store in
, Northwestern Part
? of City. '
Unsuspecting Germans Scans \Vi?rd
"Ten" But Fails to See Vignette
of Late Jefferson Davis
Notwithstanding the fact that the
Confederate states of America col
lapsefl over ^fifty-four year? ago.
money bearing the vignette of the
late Jefferson Davis is still being cir
:u lilted, <js was evidenced last. Sun
day night in this city.
A negro named Aubrey Washing-:
ton had a tenMollar note in his po-.
session which had been issued by the
defunct government sometime in the
early sixties, and from its condition
showed it has passed through many
hands in its long history.
?^Having exhausted his exchequer
Washington conceived the idea of
realizing upon the note. Seated in a
pool room with him at the, time were
two colored boys who volunteered to
get the \?ill changed into money of
the realm with "the understanding
that each was to receive a dollar.
The hoys proceeded to a stor:* con
ducted by Mrs. Annie Berba. a Ger
man woman, at the corner of Pen
dleton and St. Asaph Streets. The
light in the store was dim and Mrs.
Berba ? without scrutinizing the note
any more closely than to satisfy her
self that the word "ten"' was upon
it, handed out the change. Washing
ton rewarded the boys with a dollajr
?ach. - ?
The pro lice were later informed of
the frauil and arrested Washington
ind one of the hoys he had utilized
The case will'come up in the Police
Court tonight when the other boy ir.
uhe case and the victim of the game
will be present.
Tom Mix's new play. '"The Speed 1
Maniac,' which is action from start' |
to finish and abounds in daredevil |
feats by this clever William Fox
?:?tar, ends its run at the Richmond
Theatre tonight.; The auto race 1
jn which the fearless hero is up
set gives.an unusual thrill, and the
boxing match into which he reaps
Tn the- cause of humanity to battle
with a, champion pugilist show; Mix
ss clever with# his hands as he is
with "his famous guns. Those who
love action and romance can't af
ford to miss this picture.
Wallace Reid will be the attrac
tion at the IngomaV Theatre to
night in "Roarin' Road."
Shannon Fife, widely known as
writer of film scenarios, signalizes
his return from army service by
writing e/peciallv for Corinne
Griffith' the picture "Thin Ice,''
which will be seen in the' Grand
Theatre tonight..
This story of a young woman's
fight for love and.honor ag-unst
tremendous odds gives the talented
and beautiful VitHgraph star one of
her best roles. The human inter
est is strong, with a mystery ele
ment well sustained, and there are
many scenes of great dramatic in
Tom Mills directed the "picture,
and in# thtf supporting cast are
Charles Kent. I.. Rogers. Lytton.
Eulalie Jensen and Alice Terry.
Also Neal'Hart in "A Knight in
Western Land.".
Thanksgiving specials "galore are to
be found at the
Don't fail to visit this big produce
store tomorrow. <
Store closed all day Thursday
The big weekly remnant sale will
be held Friday of this week?-the
last until after Christmas.
WANTED?Linotype operator. Ap
ply at once to Gazette, Office.
* ' /
^ ~ \ ' f - . ' " 3
Chinese Lawyer .Represents One a!
His Countrymen in Police Court
At-a special session the Police
Court last night a Chinaman who
conducts a laundry in this city was
arraigned on the charge of failing
to deliver a satchel belongirtg to
one of his customers. It was al
leged by the complainant that it is
his wont to carry his collars, etc.-,
to the celestial in this receptacle;
and that heretofore his business
relations with the Chinaman had
been satisfactory. ?A few days ago; j
however, when he applied ior his
garments they were handed to him
minus the satchel.
Claiitis. against Chinese laundry-'
men are the most tantalizing issues
iupon which the Police Court is cal
led upon to pass judgr#?nt from
the fact that'the defendant is gen
erally unable' to understand Ewglish."
Hence it is the custom generally to
induce (he accused to pay the costs
of lost articles without declaring
them guilty of larceny.
Last night the defendant appear
ed with two lawyers, one an Alex
andrian and the other from the land
of Confucius. The latter, under
standing the Chinese dialect as well
as .English. aided the court mater
ially in getting at I he case from the
viewpoint of the defendant. The
laundry man alleged that his custo
mer had been in the habit of bring
ing his garments to the laundry in
the satchel and kiter. before the
garments ^1!U' been washed and
ironed, he would return and carry
away the empty receplacle. This,
it w^s alleged, must have been done
on tln\ occasion of his last visit. As
the case stood it was one man's
word against another, hi nee no. de
cision could Ik- rendered. The* com
plainant said he could furnish a
witness in his behalf, and tht. case
was continued until tonight.
The barrister from.the celestial
kingdom is of the educated and
modern das*. He* wears glasses
and is lacking of the aggressive
ness of most of our native lawyers.
^l?Jd-rnsnne?:cyJ and nvHiHie at the
same time.made it evident that he
is posted in law.
In the present polvglott popula
tion of Alexandria the Mongolian is
represented, and a Chinese lawyer
would prove ;i great desideratum in
certain issres in which their coun
trymen become involved.
.Mrs. 'Mattie 1 lavies. wife of H .;
B.Pavies. died yestitday morning
?.it her residence. li?17 lhikc street.
Her husband and several children
ire living. Her funeral will be hel l
at 2 o'clock tomorrow - -afternoon- ?
from her late residence and s:irvi
?*i'S will l?c conducted by Re.v. Dr.
E. P.. Jacksoit, pastor of the First
Baptist Church. Burial will be in
Bethel cemetery.
Willard \V. C. T. I'. (Jives Musical
The Willard W.'C. T. U.. ob
served Virginia. State Red Letter
(br; its last meeting. The musi
cal and literary program prepared
by the state W. C. T. U.. was car
ried out.
Mr.-. Ruth >? '< (1;-. Mr* ?" umv.g.
Miss Gretta Ludwig, Miss Mildred
Scott and Mrs. Amy C. Weech par
ticipated in the program. Mrs.
Weech was elected secretary. A
collection was lifted-for state work.
Imapintd He Shot at Two Men Tak
ing Away His Litle Son.^*"
Newark. N. J. Nov. 25.?James
Sapienza. concrete block manufac
turer. of Irvingion, shot and killed
his wife i?i bed early yesterday.? but
the murder charge against him may
be dropped. , He told the police he
had Mieen dreaming of threatening
letters he actually had received and
had shct at two men he dreamed he
had seen .crapping through the win
dow. - '
' Owing .to the trouble in the Ga
zettes " mechanical department the
"Thanksgiving Special" advertise
ment of Bendheim's was forced out
today. The store is brimming with
special Thanksgiving bargains ami
you are invited to visit there tomor
l ' ?
Norfolk salt * water Oysters and
I Hampton - Bar clam3 Jacob Brill;
i foot of King Street*, 227-tt
\ ;
r -??J/ ? ? . a
Dreadnoughts and Virgin
ians to Meet Strong
1 Teams.
Sod. I'. S. Infantry and Seminole
Athletic Club Elevens fo Perform
Here in Turkey Day Contests
There is 110 need for Alexandrians
to go to Washington for their Thanks
giving Ifoot ball contest, for
there \vill be two real games right
jiere in Alexandria. Manager Carl
Mueller of the Dreadnoughts and
Secretary Jack #Tulloch of the Vir
ginians have both booked hard teams
md as both games will lie played at
;he Shipyards field in the afternoon,
lovers of the grjdiorn game are as
sured an afternoon of exciting sport.
The Dreadnoughts hook up with
:he Md il. S. Infantry aggregation,
which has been greatly strengthened
lui ?ing the past two weeks by the ad-1
lition of several former overseas'men
who have just returned from a hard
?season in the A- E. F. league, (apt.
Rodfield. the former West Point end
who i>' coaching the Doughboys, says
his club will ^how a real brand of
football here on Turkey I>flV.
- T.'iose fighYing lads wearing the
big "V" oT the - Virginia Athletic
Club have selected a worthy oppo
nent for their big struggle in the
5 em mole Athletic Club.' This aggre
gation has also been strengthened
considerable since showing here eai .y
:n the season, and promise to reverse
'.lie decision of their first meeting be
tween the clubs? The first game
will start promptly at 1::'?0 o'clock.
The Dreadnoughts have challenged
'loth the Rex A. C. and the X;ivy
Yard Team of Washington. Efforts
?re being made to stage the games in
Alexandria, so "as to give the home
fans a rhar.ee to- see the contests
in their own field, but it looks as if ;
he games will have to Ik- staged :r.
Washington on account of the larger
field and -bigger population to draw
Srom. Football games in Washington
"iriiw from two to five thousand,
vbile a thousand is a big crowd in
Coach Frank Ceckrell of .the Vir-_
rinia Athletic Club has been work
ing hard .with h:s lads since -taking
jver the team some.ten days ago. ami
talked improvement, was -shown ;n
lie Sundav games. Coach CockreM
will .probablv hamfl? all athletic
teams put in the field by the Virginia
Ait hie tic Club.
' Miss Mary Aelena I*.ntwi?le.
Slaughter of. Mrs. C .K. Entwisle.
land Mr. James C. McFadden. both
->f this city, were married this af
ternoon ' at the residence of the
bride's mother, 71* Oronoco street
The ceremony was performed b\ i
|Rev. Edgar -Carpenter.- rector of j
'Grace Episcopal Church.
The britle was attended by her
.sister. Mrs. C. E. Erumert and
Ithe bridegroom had for his best
.man Mr. Samuel W. Pitts.
A reception followed after which
*Mr. and Mrs. McFadden left, for a
northern bridal trip. \
Owing to a shortage of linotype
operators thr Gazette during the
past few days has been compelled
to omit two pages daily of adver
tising. Advertisers, however, are
assured that it is through no fault
of ours and everything possible is
being done to secure t'ne services of
an expert machine operator who
can handle the ads and we hope to
he able soon to remedy conditions.
M. Fagelson. 801 Wolfe Street.
kome dressed turkeys, 50 cents a
Home dressed chi'-kens. t!9 cents
a pound.'
I,arge supply of live poultry and
| plenty of rabbits on hand. Phone
321-J. - 2*1-2c
| Buy Wednesday, we close Thurs
day. (Thanksgiving, Day). ? Shu
j man's. 280-0p
: ( .
Anti-Tuberculosis Society Acknow
ledges $ 1 ()."> . Add i t ion a I
The local Anti-Tuberculosis ar.d
Visiting Nurse Society acknowv
ledges with thanks thy following
additional- contributions, amounting
to $10"), of which was received
from the officers and a' number of
employees of the Virginia Ship
building Corporation:
Wm. P. Woolls, S?">; Old Domin
ion Commandery No. -11. Knights
Templar, S2S; Dr. Charles E.'Out
calt, S;">; Mrs. Julian T. Burjco, Sr.,
S">; Mrs. James E. Alexander. $1:'
ft 7
Alexandria Camp No. 1M" 1
ern Woodmen of America, So; Mrs.
Alexandf. :? ' Kauffmann. S2; Miss
Amelia Geiyilterger, .>2; From . the
officers alid employees of the^ Vir^
ginia Shipbuilding Corporation as
follows: C. H. Livingstone, S">:
E. A. Morse. S5; F. T. Warner,!
$:!; R. M. Much. ?1; George Cain.
$1; Fred Anderson. ?1; George J.tj
Strong, $2; F. P. Ilall, $1; W. W.'
Scott. ^2: L. D. Christie, $1: If..
Loring, $1: S. A. Johnson. .y; 0.*
M. Lagergren. $1; C. G. Prouty.
SI; J. B. Wynne. $1;'C. W. Smith,
$1; dairies W. Harris. $1: W. B.
McCuen, SI; Carl Wiorsdorfer. SI;
Elizabeth Gregory. $1; H. A. Wal
lerstedt, SI: Waller Smith., SJ; J.
M. Faulconcr. SI: James F. Hums,!
SI: Donald G. StVvcns. SI: J. Tow"r,
SI; G. Stanley, SI: H. 1'. Devere
?iux. SI; Ruth Ballentrer, SI: Gen.
H. Davis, SI; ( William Dineen,
Si; Florence Hampton, SI: R. C. ]
Doyle. SI; Norman D. Begfin, SI;
H. K. Kopp, SI: W. I,. Hamut n,
SI; George Cravrn, $1;.K. 1-1 Nich
ols, SI; Eli Smith. SI: E IWnrd
Livingstone. Si; C. W. Scheffer,
Si: J. M.' Tucker, SI; H. ?. TCus
selh SI. ?
Correction:,.In acknowledging the
contribution of the Ladies' Auxil
iary to tlu? Order of Railway Con
ductors no division name should
have been given.
Steamer Sink> on Lake Superior
During Severe Sfornt
Sault Ste. , Marie. Mich.. Nov.
?*>.- -The Lage steamer Mvron,' with
n crew of eighteen men. sank in a
terrific storm that rured over Like
Superior Saturday J igiit and early
Sunday. Other ' vessels caught
in the storm reached p?cl Mond v .
night, some of them badly damage i.
The storm came out of the north
east and the Myron. lumber laden
frt^n Crisp Point to Vermillion,
was driven on the shoals off White
fish Point. She sank in'four fath
oms of water. Eighteen, men per
CARR? Tn loving remediJirar. ?
of our dear baby Melvin M. Cair,
who died one year ago today. No
vember 2"), 101N.
In a little snow white casket
Resting all among the flowers./
Lies i'Vif r'-jrUng little AIelvin
Wh.r such a ..little w b !e was ours.
Your little clothes are laid away,
. Your little toys are still.
Your I'ttie cradle rocks no more.
And .? vacant -chair'thi? world can
' never fill. * \
His loving mother, father.
2Sl-lp, sisters and brothers.
PETERKIN?Sacred to the memory j
of Rev. .J. E. Peterk.'n.' who de-1
parted this life so suddenly one j
year ago. November 25. 10 iS.
Gone but not forgotten
Just a passing from our sight.
Out of darkness into light.
To the land all pure-and bright,
Just gom? home.
.Just a crossing of the tide.
To the other better side.
Where we some- day shall abide, j
And never roam.
Hannah V. Caldwell
2-^1-1 p. and daughters!"
Fancy dressed turkeys and chic
kens at F. C. PULLIN'S, corner.
Queen and -Rqyal Streets. Open un
til 1(1 p. m. Phone 0,48-W. 281-2t
The regular semi-monthly meet?
i ing and smokl-r of Alexandria
! Council No. H2!t. Royal. Arcanum,
j will be held in Pythian HalJ, .'521
'Cameron street, on Tuesday. No
vember 2-">, 1010. at 7:.'!0 p. m. All
members are urged to bp present.
280-2t. Jas. E. Alexander. Secty.
The city market will be open
Thanksgiving until 10 o'clock.
The senii-monthly meeting of
city council will be held tonight..
Buy Wednesday, we close Thurs
day (Thanksgiving Day). Shuman's.
280-^p. j
? 1
A,box party will bp given to
night at Armory Hall. Prizes will
be given ladies and- gentlemen.
A meeting of Liberty Rebekah
Lodge of Odd Fellows will be held
:it odd Felloes, Hall at S o'clock
Miss .Mary E. Carlin and Miss
Nina Baker Fulton, left this week
to spend the winter in Los Angeles,
I . Mr. and Mrs. Bernard (J. Cline,
' of Braddock Heights, have announ
? \ -
I jed the arrival on Sunday morning
of a ^1'ine son. -
i j The third degree of the order will
??e conferred on a class of candi
lates tonight by Sarepta Lodge No.
III. Odd Fellows. 9
A marriage license was issued to
da^to Miss Ollie K. Burns and Mr.
-William F. Harrison. They will
be married Thursday.
An important meeting of Martha
Washington Chapter No. 42. Order
rsf the Eastern Star, will be held to
night at the Masonic- Temple.
i.Mrs. Elsie Duffey has returned
to her home in Duke street, after a
v*isit to Niagara Falls. Buffalo,
N?w York. and Salem. New Jersey.
The Dreadnoughts, Junior, foot
-ball team will play the Hilton
School team, Washington, at 11:30
Thanksgiving morning ^>n the
Washington V. M. C. A. grounds.
Tomorrow will be donation day at
Anne Lee Memorial Home\for the
Aged. The home will be open all
/lay and the citizens are urged to
ioii'l in their Thanksgiving offer
ings. ' j
The Woman's Missionary Society,
if the M. E. Church South . will
meet tomorrow aftertfoon at 2
1 f.
/dock in the Sunday School room
-if that church. All strangers are
?ordially invited to attend.
Benjamin A. Mankin and wife
have sold to E. K. Payne and wife
house and lot 402 South Lee street.
Mrs. ' Li I lie C. Reid has sold to
John Sisson and wife house and lot
?it the southeast corner of Wilkes
unl Gibbon streets.
A wagon belonging to S. M. Pul
nan. in charge of Thomas A.
Lyles, was struck by an electric
train at the1 intersection of Oib
iion and Royal streets between 8
?uid 1? o'clock this morning. Lvle?
??scaped with slight injury, as did
uNo flu? horse.,but the wagon was
I considerably f!.n?aged.
?; ' %
The revival services in the Del
Ray Methodist Church that have
been conducted for the past > ; two
weeks by the Rev. J. C. Copen
haver. of Washington, and the Rev.
W. W. Pipy in, pastor of the
church, closed Sunday night. There
wore ninn conversions and twelve
i acceptances by letter.
The Colored Department of Com
munity Sen-ice extends a cordial
invitation to the colored citizens of
Alexandria to take part in all the
activities at their Center, 5 17 Gib
bon' street. A very interesting
program of activities has been pre
pared. J. B. Hopkins is the Ex
I ?cutive Secretary in charge nf eol
| ored work.
Evangelistic services were begun
last night in the Second Baptist
Church, with the Rev. Edward Ta
bor. of Washington, preaching. The
| church was well filled and a great
j deal of interest manifested. Mr.
I-Tabor preached from - th(. following
j text?'-Is Not This' Jbseph?s * Son."
j The- sermon was able and- crtnvin
| cing. The services will-.be. -hsU}'
jagafn tonight and each night .tjiii ,
; week, at 7.:30 p. ,m-. .All are cordi
i ally invited-to attend.

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