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Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
United States and Best Advertis
ing Medium ik Northern Virginia
" VUL. CXXXV? No. 292.
j For thi.
? ,
Permanency of Navaf Tor
1 pedo Station Is
Bi? Government Factory _ Will Em
ploy Highly Skilled >fechanics All
of Whom Will Want Homes
- A number of business, men of the
city who have the city's future at j
heart and who. desire to see Alexan-i
dria go forward have launched a i
building campaign .the puipose ofj
which is to construct houses to ac
commodate the new citizens who will
stfon be here", especially those who will
be employed at the U. S. Naval Tor
pedo Station, this city.
? The need for houses is apparent.
Unless ho'uses are erected to accom
modate these-^ men, many of whom
will soon be here with their families,
they will have to seek quarters else
'All merchants and others who are*
interested in the city's future are
urged to subscribe to the project and
hy so doing they, will not only be help
ing themselves but also helping the
city of Alexandria.
Never before in the history of Alex
andria tos there been more need for
houses /Wan there is at the present
time. Tfioae who believe that ths Na
ijftt! Tytpedo Plant is merely a "war
Jbafcy't are greatly ^mistaken, for it is
a* permanent plant and it is stated
tjjat it will be operated just as long
^"as-there is need for its product and
-means, practicably speaking,
for all time.
The committee named to secure sub
scriptions to the buildirfg project will
begin their work this week and cer
tainly they should hie given liberal
Persons who subscribe for stock,
however, are not giving anything free,
for they will get back their money and
profits that- may accrue. ? ^
As already stated in these columns
the company has already been char
tered under, the name of the. Alexan
dria. Real Eatate .and Mortgage Cor
poration,with a capital stock of $300.
000 and : it is composed entirely of
local business men.;
A representative"' of the Gazette
yesterday afternoon visited the big
Naval United States Torpedo Sta
tion on -.the- river front and discussed
with Capt. W. S? Miller, inspector of
ordinances, the prospects of the plant
and the general housing conditions.
At th? present time there are 160
men working at this plant and for
ordinary work, when the assembling
of torpedoes is, begun, between 700
and 800 will bfe employed and the
maximum number/will be U500.
Ninety per cent of the employes
will be skilled mechanics. First class
skilled mechanics at '.this plant re
ceive an average? 6f-$6:.40 per day and
laborers from $2,154 to $3,158 a day.
Apprentices on starting receive $2.88
and when they become what is known
as first class apprentices they se
cure $3 to $4.82 a day. ^
A majority of .the men who will be
employed at .this plant will be from
other cities, arid will be men who I
have served at* other yards operated
by the government. All are under the
civil service and are of the type of
mechanics all cities are so eager to
obtain, being first class in every re
spect. ~ ^
It is estimated by Capt. Miller that
fully eighty-five per cent of the men
have families.
At the present time the workmen
at the plant are engaged in prelimi
nary work which is to be followed up
by the process of assembling the tor
pedoes, which as stated above, it is
expected will begin within the nex'
thirty days. '
Oapta>in Miller directed attention to
the fact that in the two gildings
comprising the plant there are 900
tons of l^inforcring steel, in the con
crete and lii.OOO cubic yards of con
crete in the structure. He saf8 he.felt
quite certain & nevex; would be used
for anything otfter .than government
Ordetfs for torpedoes now at hanc
Open tcrrlghf; make your selec
tions no^V* Elliott. 292-2t
it was'explained by Capt. Miller will
keep the force employed for the next
684 days and he added that they
expected to ryeive, other orders in
ample time before the present order
is completed which will, keep the
plant running on necessary torpedo
work for several years to come.
The permanency of the plant Capt.'
Miller said is assured, it being ejected
exclusively , for- the manufacture of
torpedoes to supply the vessels of the
fifavy with their allowance and to
provide for the manufacture of tor
pedoes for new ships now being built
and ships which may be built in the
future. Conclading Capt. Miller said:
"It is here to provide for the pre
sent and future." ?
This plant occupies a sfcace of two
and, seventeenth acres and has a to
tal floor space of 300.000 square feet.
The cost of construction was $1.
Working:> the usual compliment of
men the factory will turn oUt_ two j
torpedoes a day, the men working,
eight hours daily-and working a ca- j
pacity of twenty-four hours a day j
the factory can turn out eight t<*r- !
pedoes a day.
2,250 PE?0N$PAI
Big Rush at Closing of
Treasurer Robinson's 1
?ers^ns Who Paid Will be Able to
/Participate in Primary in May and
Also Presidential Election.
All previous records in this city for
the payment of capitation taxes were
broken last night when the office of
City Treasurer Thomas W. Robin
son closed, when a total of 2,250 per
sons had qualified to vote- by paying
their capitation ta*e?.
The city treasurer and his deputy
Roger Sullivan were kept busy
throughout the day and up - to the
closing hour at night with persons
who were unable to come earlier, it
being the.last day for the payment
of the. tr.x in .order to qualify in th'e
coming; election.. It is estimated thai
between 300 and -100 persons paid
Clerk of the court Nevoll S. Greena
way also was kept busy^uring the I
day and night receiving the payment!
of back taxes.
Those who paid will be able to tak?,
part in the democratic primary which
will be held next May when a.mayor
and half of the membership of the
city council will be chosen and they
also are qualified to participate in
the frenernl election which will be held
in November when a Pi^sident will be*
chosen. ?
The payment of cavitation taxes on
the part of .citizens was general, both
white and colored paying.
It did not seem to be confined to
-any particular crowd. Recently the
movement of the payment of capita
tion taxes has been strongly ur<?ed by
labor organizations, churches, frater
nal organizations and others. That the
campaign in the interest of register
ing had good effect is apparent from
the large number of persons'who came
forward and paid.
| Baptists'Pass $80,000 Mark in Drive j
Reports Not Vet Complete
The'First Baptist Church of this j
city up to the present time has col- j
lectecl in cash contributions and]
pledges' $36,000 in the aptist 7S ;
million, campaign. This is consider-1
ably'over the top.' The JBaptists of
the "South went over $3fi.000.000 in
the drive. Reports are not yet com
plete from the Potomac Baptist As
sociation. Virginia subscribed thus
far $G.344,64.
With returns still coming -in from
all the eighteen States embraced in
the Southern ' Baptist convention,
reports, from the drive for funds in
the Baptist ?75,000.000 campaign
had passed *80,000',000 today, with
the indications the oversubscriptions
will be< much larger:'
Norfolk salt water; Oysters - and
Hampl6n ? Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of ltmg Sheet., 227-tf
' Shoreland Fannon Address
es Large Audience in
Opera House
Asks Mer.*hants\ to Boost City- and
Organize?-Tells of Wonderful Re
sults of Systematic Advertising.
i Before a large." and representative
j gathering^of business men and women ?
| and others, Shoreland Fannon, Day- '
i ton, Oh;o.. last night delivered aj
j highly interesting and entertaining'
| lecture entitled "The Troubles of a|
I Merchant and How to Stop Them." I
i The affair took place in the opera;
house and was under the auspices of
the Retail Merchants' Bureau of the
Chamber of Commerce.
R. E. Knight, president of the Pje
ta'il Merchants' Bureau, presided and
:n a few well chosen remarks intro
duced Mr. Fannon.
Mr. Fannon made his audience
feel at home with illustrate(Lsongs be
fore the Jecture in which the audience
He opened up by asserting himself
as favoring good citizenship and urged
all to boost the .town in which th:>y
live. "Speaking out and standing up j
for the city should be installed in all
persons," he said.
Publicity today he, said counts more
than anything else. Booting and co
operation he declared to be essential.
The man who fails to cooperate soon
fails. The only way to develop the
city he said is by getting together, j
God he said Jias blessed Alexandria |
with a wonderful waterfront. Thej
speaker expressed hope that all won id j
learn the value of the Chamber of |
Commerce and if they rallied around i
it they would be surprised of Flu* re- |
suits obtained.
Ninety seven per cent of the rail- j
ures said have been neglect of j
?'the little things'' which he sai l are
the most important. j ?:
Mr. Fannon told of the wonder- j
fill results obtained from newspaper |
advertising and gave hints as to how
advertising could be made moi'L* at
tractive. He urged merchants r.ot to
try and crowd the Friday paper, but
to carry advertisement regular v and .
have a xiertalp space.
Tl:e value of. window* display ad- j
vertising was ajso shown by the I
Mr. Fannon concluded his lecture j
with scenes-from a store in wh.ch a_j
merchant Had i\o system and showed,
that by using a cash register under j
! proper conditions all of his trouble.- i
were eliminated and he became sue-"
St. Paul's Episcopal Church has
issued an appeal for a call to the
colors-in the nation wide drive of
the Episcopal Church.
In the interest of this movement a
meeting of thp members of the con
gregation of this church has been
called for tdmornnv evening :it ? S
o'clock in Norton Memorial Hall.
The individual and the world are
laboring under the burden of unrest.
There is but one remedy for the in
dividual and the world?to obey the
call. "Come unto me. all ye that
labor. ami I will give ye rest."
It is to make plain the way in
which you and St. Paul's Church
may do your part to more effectu
ally convince the world thftt the call
is true.
Alexandria Council No.
627 Royal Arcanum
The members of Alexandria Coun
cil* No/627 Royal Arcanum are her'by
notified to be present at the annual
election for officers, to be^ held in
Pythian Temple. Cameron street, at
_the stated meeting. Tuesday evening.
December 0. 1910 at 7.30 o'clock.
It "is the.imperative duty and should
be the pleasurable privilege of every
member to be present'. Let's go.
By-brd?r of the Council.
? * - ' ? J. E. .Alexander. Secretary.
"By makinc: a small payment, we
wfll lay aside goods for'you. El
lidttV ? * 292-2t
^VS.-V-v.. , ?
; v-?v|
, Alexandria Business Men. Profes
sional Men and Property Owners
This is an Investment and an
Urgent Civic Duty.
* A number of our most progres
sive citizens have agreed to eon
duct a three day campaign, begin
ning Wednesday, the;10th, solicit
ing subscriptions to the stock of
the Alexandria Real -Estate and
Mortgage Corporation, and it has
been decided tc only solicit^ sul>-1
scriptions for .SI.000.00 and over j
during these .three days.
It should be borne in mind that !
although the object of this com- !
pany is to do all it win to relieve {
the present housing conditions in J
our city, yet every effort wiJl be j
?made to safe guard the -money in- '
vested and to earn a reasonable
profit for the stock holders.
The success of this proposition
is squarely up?to thos^ Alexan
drians whose business, interests or
property holdings are directly bene-; j
fitted by the continued prosperity ijj
of our City, and if they yre not j] j
willinc to collectively support thisjjj
company in ,a substantial manner :
there is very little hope of a few j
men being willing to do so. )
W. A. Smoot.
Frank T. King.
; Taylor "Burke, * ,
M. B. Harlow.
Carroll T'ierec.
B. Weil,
qv ? L. H.. Dudks
Organization Committee.
red cross seals
TJie Virginja Tuberculosis Associ?
tion hopes to raise in the next I wo
years a sum sufficient for annual
expenses of a campaign, the object
of which is to be held during the j
years of 1020-1921 a tuberculosis
clinic, -in eyerj^ county >f the state.
One method of r.ecVring this amount
is through the sale of the Red Cross j
stamps, and every dollar collected
for tht'.se seals in Virginia, will be
spent for the cure, xcan or instruc
tion of Virginians. If the neces
sary money is secured, every person j
in Virginia will have in tin* j
next two years, an opportunity to j
be examined, and those in whom tu- {
berculcsis may have developed, will j
receive all necessary instruction :
and advice.
Dollars given to this fund should j
be viewed as an investment in
health and strength of the state.
Compensation Has Been Doubled?
Number of Vacancies Exist,
for Alexandria v
Albeit Fletcher, Jr.. of Wai ron
ton. Va.. supervisor of census for
Eight Virginia District, will lipid a
public examination at the city post j
office (Federal Building in Alexan- '
dria, Yji.. at 10:00 a., in.. Saturday.
December 13th, 191!), for the posi
tions of enumerators to be used in
taking.the U. S. census <>f Alexan
dria City, beginning January 2. 1020.
Seven vacancies exist as follows:
One. in Ward 1; two in Ward 2:
three in Ward and one in Ward
' The rate of compensation estab
lished for this work is double that
paid *n 1910. now being -1 cents per
inhabitant, etc. Upon this basis an
energetic enumerator can earn $50
or more per week.
This examination, or test, is com
paratively simple, consisting of fill
ing out a population schedule simi
lar to. th? form used in actually
taking the census, and can be com
pleted in an hour. Men and women
between the ages of 17 and -70-are
Stropping Days
Till Christmas
I ?
! ^ ? - ?
iSergt. E. 0. Lyman Gives
Facts To Coroner's
Scrjrt. Lyman Says ft is Car Was
Croin?r IS .Miles an Hour When Motor
cycle Struck. <?
That the accident or. the Camp
Humphreys road, Fairfax county,
Sunday afternoon which resulted in j
the killing of Lloyd A. Cost and
Edward C. Stubhlefield, two young
WVishingtonians. was an unavoid
able one and that Sergt. Edward
0. Lyman, supply division, Fort
Myer. was driver of the car that
struck the men, was in no way re
sponsible fur -the* accident was the
substance of a verdict Riven by a
coroner's jury from Fairfax county
which assembled jit 10 o'clock this
morning at Domaine's mortuary
The jury was presided over by
Justice of the Peace 1* rank W.
Troth and this verdict was reached
after Sergt. Lyman and five other
witnesses had testified in the case.
The testimony of Sergt. Lyman
was to the effect that at the time
of the accident his machine was go
ing at the rate of about 18 miles
an hour and that before arriving at
the place where the accident occur
red he tyiticed his speedometer and
it 'indicted the above, speed. Just
before the accident he noticed a
Dodge truck standing nearby and a
motorcycle :dsr> was standing by the
side the truck. The motorcycie
on which the two voting men
killed were on came from behind
and their motorcycle struck his car
before it went down.
Witness testified that he "stopped
within fifteen yards ? of the place
where the accident occurred a1id got j
out of his machine and ran back j
and took one of the men in his ma- j
chine, a roadster and speeded on to >
the base hospital at Camp Humph- j
revs. '
The second man was brought
along in another car he said. Ik
said he remained at the hospital un
til 4 o'clock that afternoon and
gave his name and upon returning
to Fort Myer reported the occurj
fence to his superior officer at. Fort
Myer, it being the custom to make
reports of all accident cases.*
The next day he came to police
headquarters ami told Chief of Po
lice Goods his name and added he
had no desire to shirk any responsi
bility for the affair. Witness also
declared that he was not summoned ;
to appear before the coroner's jury ;
but that upon learning it w;i? to
be held today decided to come and
give what information he could.
In the opinion of witness the ac
cident would have happened no
matter who/was driving the car.
Tlis testimony was corroborated
by five other witnesses among whom
were A. IT. Dion. II. E. Dion. Or
rie Andrew?. V. C. Andrews and
E. Wells".
The .;ury was composed of the fol
lowir-g: W. F. F. Reid. foreman;
A. R. Harrison. Harry Shepherd.
W. F. Hall. George W. Dovf and
Warrington Dove.
The body of Cost this afternoon
was shipped to Hagerstown," Md.,
for burial and the body of Stubble
field was sent to Pampa^Va., for
Relatives of the dead men were
present at^the inquest and made ar
rangements for the shipment of the
Washington. Dec. 0.?A peace
?time regular army of 300,000 men
and lS.00f> officers was decided yes
terday by the House Military Sub
committee. headed by Representa
tive Anthony. Republican. Kansas.
! framing the Army ^Reorganization
? bill. The n umber of c'ombat troops
| was fixed at 250,000. The stibcom
i mitte.e's proposal would' leave it to
| th?> President to divide the forces in
| to infantry, cavalry and artillery
units at his discretion. .
Open tonight. Elliott. 292-2t
! . ? ? ? ? -
j Revenue Stamps Being Printed?
Court Fails to Render Decision !
Another ray of hope l'or those
\v'io are looking forward to a "wef
The* Internal Revenue Depait*
ment is having 4.000.000 \revenu<?
! stamps, used in taking liquor out of
bond, printed at the Government'!
Printing ' Office. It is understood
that this ''preparedness" policy was
adopted ir anticipation of >i decision
by the Supreme Court of the Uni
ted Statfs lifting the war time
prohibition ban. . ,
The stamps are now being run off
?the presses, the ordei having been
given about a month ago, it was
Contrary to expectation, the Su
preme Court yesterday failed to
hand down its decision in the case
attacking the eoTtetitutiunality of
the war time "dry" law and the
Volstead enforcement act.
Deaf. Ife Failed to Hear Engine as
he Crossed Tracks
Onancock. Y;\., Dec. 9.- John
Russell, of Exmore, aired 02 >'ears,
was killed Saturday while attempt
ing to cross the tracks of the New
York. Potomac and Norfolk Rail
road. His mutilated body wa?
found on the front of tho-engine of
a northbound express. The mule
he was driving was crushed be
neath the wheels.
Russell was deaf and did not hear
the whistle si,una! sounded for the
crossing. Had lie lived two days
longer 'lie would have celebrated the
sixty second anniversary of -lis
marriage. j
Sentence of Three Years Imposed
And Suspended by Judge
In the Corporation Court yester
day afternoon J'Vge -Barley sen
tenced .Mrs. Hat tie V. Kleinlein
alias Mrs. Hattie V. Wareheim t"
three years in the penitentiary and
immediately suspended senU-hce
with the consent of Commonwealth's
Attorney Howard W. Smith. The
caus,. of it all \\i>: that the woman
married the second time without
having gone through the formally
of obtaining a divorce.
Her first husband wirs Peter
Kleinlein whom she married nine
teen years ago and livwd in Balti
more. Husband No. 2 was Abned
H. H'areheim ,\hom she marri: '
May 7. I9M. in Alexandria.
Husband No. T and the accuse I
had been separated for several
years prior to her marriage it :?*
stated and he wis responsible' ft r
the case being brought to an issue.
Both husbands were in court.
The woman wa? brought here last
Friday by Policeman T>(M1> from Bal
timore. Attorney Robinson Mon
eure appeared fo" the woman.
In sad but lo.ing rem e nib ranee
of our dear mother and wife. Mary
Penn. who departed this life one
year ago today. December 0, 101S.
At the bedside of our dear mother.
Night by night, and day by day.
We watched her loving hands grxow
thinner. -*
And saw her slowly fade away.
We tried so hard to keep you with
us. ' *
But (iod willed that you should go.
So we yielded, mother., to the part
Though it filled our hearts with
woe .
You are waiting by the river.
".Just across the silent stream, t J
Where sweet flowers are ever
And the banks are ever green.
We should not call you badk dear
To a world of care and pain.
But our hearts will cheer while
lingering here,
j With the hope we'll meet.,again.
| 202-1 p. By the family.
Country butter, Ho ? cents per lb.
fre.'h egges, 00 cents per dozen,
sugar corn. 2 cans for 2o . cents.
Kilter's beans. 2 cans, 2o cents, car
loatl White Marvel Flour, 5l2..j0 per
barrel, delivered at your depot or
home, v Best groceries at lowest
prices. Country tradje. solicited.
J. E. PURCELL,*117 Sputh Henry
street! Phone 5H7-W. 201-2p.
} ' i
?Mi*. J. W. -?ofiin i/ seriously ill
at his home, 120i> Duke jstreet. ?
Box party at Armory Skating;
rink tonight. Prize for lady and
gentleman. 292-1 p
A rummage sale is being conduct
ed all this week for the* benefit of
Trinity church, at the corner of Queen
and Pitt streets.
A meeting of liberty Rebekah
Lodge, 1. 0. 0. F., will be held in
Odd Fellows' Hall,. North ^olum
bus street, at 7:30 o'cloi-if tonight.
The semi-monthly meeting of the
City Council will be held" tonight
when a number of matters of im7
portanee will coine up for considera
tion. v
Rev. Dr. Eugene B. Jackson will
matte an address ^tonight at a ban
quet given by the members of the
First Baptist Church, of Claren lon,
The Master Mastons Club of tns
;ity will hold the first of a series <<f
dances in Elks Hallon Wednesday at
?ight o'clock. Special music has been
secured and a pleasant evening is an
"Around the World in Ninety Min
utes'' is the title of a motion pic
'.ure which twill be shown tonight in
he Lyceum Hall. It will show the life,
habits, pleasures and pastimes of all
lations. There are many handsome
:olored views of travel, science, in
tost ry. history, costumes and art.
Ale:nndr,ia Lodge No. 758, Benevor
"enl and Protective Order of Elks, to
jitrht will have a big social session.
Members of the order and tfceir wives
md sweethearts will attend, there will
'je dancing, music and buffet luncheon
'yill be served.It is expected that
.here will be a large gathering pre
sent. ? ' ?
Orlando Deavers. seventy-two years
.Id a well known resident died early
his morning at h:s home 110 Norln
Patrick street. Ills funeral will take
dace at 11 o'clock Thursday, morning
Y<-m his late residence and services
viM he corlducted by Rev. Dr. W.
Vfonton. rector of Christ P. E. Church
3ur?al will be in Ivy JJ11 cemetery.
As a result ?of the coal shortage
nine trains on the Richmond, Fretl
?jricfcwburg and Potomac Railroad
md two trains on the Southern
Railway have been discontinued.
These trains effect passenger traffic
o awl from /Alexandria. Travelers
ire requested to obtain information,
regarding arrival and departure of.
"?rains from the local ticket agent
il Union station. v
President Notifies Senate That He
Will Handle Relation* With
(arranza Government
The projected action by Congress
looking toward a severance of rela
tions with th<- ('arranza government
was brought to an abrupt stand
still yesterday by President Wilson.
The President notified the. Sen
ate. in efiVet. that he purposed to
leal with the Mexican situation
without any assistance or advice
from either branch of Congress.
I Accenting this view of ; the case,
J Jie Senate Foreign Relations Com
mittee decided to postpone action
>11 the Fall resolution directing the
President to break relations with
Carran/.a, and to take no further
action at this time toward bringing:
about a settlement for the alleged
indignities which Americans have
suffered at the hands of Carranza's
j The President's objections io ac
| tion by Congress were statecj in a
! letter to Senator Fall, of New Mex
j ico, author of the ^resolution. Al
i though politely phrased, the lett<?r
hft no doubt in the minds of the
committee that .-the President resent
ed the offer of' assistant which was
embodied rft the resolution and pre-'
ferred to handfe the .situation"
> ? ? j. . ?. /;
Optrn eveoiogs Trorn . now until.
Christmas. Elliott. 292-tt

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