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. Bxeep* Snaday
By the Alexandria Gazette Cr.j poratlon
S17 King: Street, Alexandria, 7a.
?OWARD W. SMITH, President ?ad
? Treasarer
WILLIAM A. SMOOT .. .TKse-^ealaeat
?ntered at til* Poatofflce at Aleaan
drla, Virginia,, aa aecond elaaa mattsr.
Prospect- for quick settlement of
the coa] strike and resumption of
work under normal conditions at as
early a date as possible is hailed
with deliglit.
As. the Baltimore American says,
"the motive, that appears to have
been strongest in the direction of
peace is the fear felt byvleading.
mine officials that the principle of
collective bar gamin;; that has come
into respectable recognition might
be lost through stubbornness dis
played by the miners.
"Mr. Wilson will credited with
the last word in effecting the close
of the strike. This is as it should
be. The head of the nation is cer
tainly the court of last resort, and
his advices ought to hav^ weight in
great industrial crises. Neverthe
less the miners have made a bad
record. Despite the fact of their
submission to the injunction and
professions of outright Americanism,
the strike whs kept up to the point
at which indictments were brought
against the miners' leaders, both
national and local.
<lIf the strike shall happily close
the result will be a triumph for law
and order. It will he fre*h evi
dence that the American people will
tolerate no coalition that refuses to
abide by the woril of the govern
ment itself. Mr. Wilson branded
the strike as criminal, and it had
many features of criminality, with
a verge toward revolution. This
typo of industrial action is not
likely to find repetition in the neu;r
The truth will out!
Speaking at. a banquet of veteran
officers of the Spanish American and
World wars at ,the Army and Navy
?Club in Washington. November 2U.
General George Harries, chief of
the Allied Commission in Berlin
after th0 signing of the armistice,
declared that the armistice was "lit
tle short of a crime."
The Pt;rshing plan. General Har
ries further explained, was to
force the German armv to surren
X ' S
der in the field; occupation of seven
strategic cities Wy Allied forces:
lifting of the blockade: removal of
all war materials from Germany,
and to impress the German people
with the fact that they had been
The armistice was a compact with
death. The German people were
jiot. then and are not now impressed
? ith the fact that their armies were
defeated. They escaped contact
with invasion. They signe'd the
| armistice ivith hatred in their hearts
and with the lust'for vengeance al
ready burning in^heir heads. They
have made no peace. Theim-eturn
! ing armies have been converted into
emissaries of revolution or have
I ? \ .
| been enlisted in the campaign to
' conquer by guile the markets of the
i Allies. They have merely changed
their methods of attack. Their con
version to republicanism was a de
lusron gnd a snare. They have
stopped at .in oasis for a breathing
space?that is all.
?God {rave the universal enemy in
! to our hands, but we signed away
?the triumph.
| Of all the colossal blunders re
( corded in history the granting frf
I the armistice was the most colos
Jsal. Instead of observing November
ill as an international holiday * of
, thanksgiving, civilization is more
i than likely to look back to it ar
I rayed in sackcloth and ashes.
' Soldiers won the great war and
diplomats tossed the victory flnto
the waste basket. \
It is charity to say that the arm
istice was "little short of a crime."
?{-Manufacturers' Record.
'?'More and more it is realized
that the Bible is the only book in
the world which can he applied to
nl? classes, all conditions and all
times." says, the New York Herald.
'Written and compiled thousands of
years ago, when the world was in
its ipfancy and when humanity was
groping its way out of the darkness
into the light, its wonderful images.
Is inspiring stories and its uplift
ng spirituality make it as valuabe
?m agent of civilization and as pow
erful a factor in the uplift of bu
rn unity as ever it was. In fact, the
B:b)e- is found to bc. the best known
?;nide for social progress, for politi
al construction and for industrial
?iace. Its usefulness does not stop
here. It is now employed to teach
"he lessons of patriotism and to
?lcuieate the spirit of Americanism
"On street corners the story of
he .'Bible and the deeds of its Reari
ng characters are toid in the sim
dest language. Crowds listen to
h.2 tale of David conquering Goliath,
r-diath bein?r the bad Bolshevist
r.'4 David the symbol-of law and
i !er. The story of Ruth gleaning
:i the fields becomes the farmeret'e.
W. T. FARLEY 500 King Street
Mr. Yaughan. Farmer, Tells How He
Lost All His Prize Seed Corn
"Sometime ago sent away for somt
iedigreei seed corn. Put it in a gun
ny sack and hung it on a rope "suk*
?ended from roof. Rats got it ail ? ?
low beats me. but they did because 1
r>t ?") dead whoppers in the mo-rainy
iftcry trying RAT-SNAP." Thre?
?izes. 25c, f-0 $1.0&. Sold and guaran
tied by R. E. Knight and Son, Alex
andria: Mankin's Store Falls Church
["symbriizing the idea-of' service amf;
' thrift. .The result has been to draw
; to community centers and oup^
j.gathermg?- '-oh the street 'cofners
i who unconsciously absorb good citi
zenship and pure-Americanism.
'.'?Thus is demonstrated that the.
j Bible is-the only'book .in existence
I that riever grows out -of date, riever
j.loses its significance .or power,
|nea'?r becomes stale. It is the
| bridge whitfh may carrv the nation/ I
I of the world to safety."
j ? ???? :?*- ?' ' -? '? *'!
A ' ?
State Lab?r Commissioner Tele
graphs and Says That A irginia
* Strike is Called off x
In a telegram to Governor Davis
from St; Charles. Lee County, Sun
:1 ay," Commissioner of Labor Hirsch
berg stateii that William T. Cox.
Baldwin-Felt detective, shot himself
accidentally early Friday morning
aiirl was not killed from ambush, as
was first "reported. Virginia was
free of coal\strikes. Mr. Hirsch
berg also wired. . Both mines at
St. Charles, at which there had been
alleged firing on loyal miners by
radicals, were now working, he said.:
His telegram follows:
"Strike called off. This '/leans
up Virginia as fat as coal strikes.
Shooting at Bcndurant mine was
found to be boys shooting fire crack
ers. Shooting at Virginia-Lee mine
amounted to nothing, most of it
done bv ? officers and detectives.
If A travelling Salesman is
judged by his clothes and his
Cj Firms are judged by their
t /low about you : arc you
gelling Good Printing
for your money ?
<?Our prices, like ou: work, arc not
cheap : |U.M reasonable.
Mailer Printer
313 Kiny Street Phone 60
Ask your Jrusgist (09
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May be ordered direct from
Elktoa, Vs.
Your Special Attention Is Called to
the Following Properties
201 South Lee Stivet, 9 room
brick with bath. This house could
not be built today for Jess than
seven or eight thousand dollars
without considering1 the value of
the lot. We can offer it. if closed
at once, at a very interesting
oiO and Sl'J. Wolfe street, (>
rooms and bath bricks, very at
tractive homes, and in first-class
condition. As comfortable homes
as you will find in Alexandria.
The price we can offer these at,
makes them an unusual bargain.
Do not fail to inspect these
In Del Hal, (> rooms and bath,
house in prime condition, large
loty and in every way an att'-ac
tive home. If purchased at once,
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These homes can be purchased
on reasonable terms, and will not
remain on the market more than
a few days. Let us show you
these homes.
Heal Estate Sales Exclusively, Room 3. 624 King St.
BotH* mines -workifrgv From best
investigation. Cox shot himself ac
cidentally and bled to tdeafch.# I, will
fe:!ve here 'Monday ' ~
Receivers' Sale of Valuable Property
In Rossi vn. Alexandria County
< . ' \ ? ' t,: 'v; . . ' ? ?
Pursuant .to a decree of the Circuit
Court:of Alexandria County, Virginia,
at the December term, 1919/ in the
chancery cause of Katnerinj; C. Cur
tin ys. Arlington Brewing Co. et als
the undersigned receivers therein ap
pointed for the purpose will offer for
sale to the highest bidder at "public
auction upon the premises in the Town
of Rosslyn, Alexandria County Vir
ginia on SATURDAY. JANUARY 10.
li>20. at 11 o'clock a. m., that cer
tain .parcel or tract of land located at
Rosslyn, in Arlington Magisterial Dis
trict. Alexandria County. Va., describ
ed as containing two acres of solid
ground more or less, together with all
singular, the riparian rights, and
,:ther easements and also the ac i
tions^that belong or may belong To
the said tract of land, together with
? i *
all buildings, .structures and improve
ments orf said land, and all fixtures,
machinery, implements and tools in
said building, except the Ice Plant
machinery and fixtures, the said
property Being the same whereon the
Arlington Brewing Company former
ly conducted a Brewing business.
There are two large brick build
ings on the said land. The larger of
these buildings is fire proof, is four
stories in height, being constructed of
ste^l. brick and concrete. The prop
erty is within One Hundred yards of
three railroads and lies along the
banks of the Potomac River. The wa
ter is deep and ships can approach
the plant. Harbor facilities are ex
cellent. Washington City lies directly
across the river. The property is sit
uaied ideally for manufacturing puf
; poses and ice and cold storage plant,
f Terms of sale. Cash.. A deposit of
: So,GOO will be required of successful
j bidder or. day of sale. Sale to lie con -
i auiinated within fifteen days, from
' date of sak- or property to. be resold
tat the cos: of the defaulting-purchaser.
William C. Gloth. Rosslyn, Virginia.
!? F. S. Mc Candlish, Fairfax, Virginia
1 hereby certify that William C.
I Gloth and" F. S. McGandlish. receivers
j in the cause of Katherine C. Curtin
| vs Arlington Brewing Co..et ais
? have executed bond in the sum of One
For Infants and Children
Use for Over 30 Years
Always bears
Si^na'ure of
Hundred Thousand Dollars'as required
by a decree in the above entitled cause
conditioned as the few directs.
Alan B. Prosise,
Cie-,k of Circuit Court Ale.c. Co., Va.
II. B. Fields. Auctioneer.
292-Tties and Thurs. 5wc.
AsR for
Standard cold remely for 20 years
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opiates'?breaks up a cold in 24
w hours?relieves grip in 3 days.
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countable plain and fur trim
med models, so neat and warm
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at even the vigors of Alaska.'
Silvertone, velours, plushes,
kersey, etc. Fur-trimmed or .
plain. Some have large deep
pockets that are a part of the
side panels, semi-belted and
belted all around, effects, ex
treme button-trimmed affairs,
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did showing in all the wanted
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J3' i
COATS $8.50 and up
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i: cred models, with belts, etg. Dainty '
| high waisted models for the little ones !
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line you ever saw.
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| simeres and homespun, latest single am
double breasted waist seam and regu
|l lar Norfolk models. All pants fully liner
jl and seams taped throughout. Size 8 t<
! IS years.
Open 'Til
9 P. M.
Til After
500 King Street
Phone 574

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