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-X ? rT". , /
Oldest Daily Newspaper in the
United' States and Best Advertis
ing Medium in Northern Virginia
ViOJL. CX'XXV?No. 293.
J For vthls section?'Pair weather
j tonight.-followed-by colder weath
? ; er Thursday Temperature will
i fall to about 10 degrees Thurs
| day morning
Bread Driver Missing Since
Monday After- ?
- noon ' '
Motor Truck "Driven by Man Found at
Four M.ile Run?Relatives Fear Foul
, Play
Every effort to find any trace of
x the whereabouts of Kenneth 'Morri
son F. Springmann, 24 years old, I
driver of a truck for the Dorseh j
Baking Company, Washington, who j
lives at 610 South Lee street, thus
far has proved unavailing.
The Alexandria and Washington
authorities today were engaged in
dragging^ Four mile run in hope of
finding the body. Every available
foot of territory near Four mile run
was gone over by the searchers
without success.
Springmann has been missing
-since Monday afternoon. Yesterday
morning his truck was found stand
ing intact near Four 'mile run.
Springmann at the time was return
ing to Washington? having comple
ted his day's work of delivering
bread, he having gone as far as
Hoadlv, Prince William county, Va.
He arrived; in Alexandria, accord
ing to his wife, between 3 and 4 p.
m., Monday afternoon and went
home and before leaving told his
wife that he would be homf between
6 and 6:30 o'clock that evening
Nothing further was thought of
the matter until he failed to make ,
his appearance at his home yester- ,
(lay morning.
Search was instituted by relatives (
and an investigation resulted' that
his motor truck was standing in
the road off Four mile run.
The truck v&s subsequently taken
in charge by the baking company
by whom Springmann. was employ
ed. It was seen at the same place
at 2 o'clock yesterday morning by
the driver of a truck. - v .
Mrs. Springmann stated this i
morning that when her husband j
left home Monday afternoon he told I
her that he had .three or four stops
tci make at stores, before going to
Washington. He did not mention
their location and the supposition
is that,they were in Alexandria
county just north of this city.
The wife is of the opinion that he
h^d between $100 and $1*^5 in his
possession at'the; time, this beinj:
money he had -collected for bread
delivered on his .trip' to Alexandria
and the neighboring counties.
Springmann formerly was em
ployed by Corby Brothers as driver
of a bread wagon in Alexandria and
for the past month he had been em
ployed, by the Dorsch Baking Com
pany -of Washington, covering
Alexandria and nearby counties.
His home is Lorton.Va., and he
has been living in Alexandria for
some .time pasrt. He has a wife
and little babv and his wife is a
teacher in the public schools in this
city. He is a cousin of Detective
James A.; Springmann. of Washing
ton. ? .. .
tMrs. Springmann is overcome at
" the unexplainwl "disappearance of
her husband and is hoping hourly
to hear some tidings of his where
abouts.- . ' /
Relatives of the missing man fear
that he may have been a victim of }
foul play.
In loving remembrance of our j
tfoar son and brother* Irving Brown. I
who departed this life three years j
ago today, December 10, 1016.
He is waiting by the^iver,'
Jifst across the silent stream..
Where sweet flowers are ever bloom
ing, - "X
And the banks are ever green.
By his devoted mother
293-lp. and sister, Ruth.
Maurice Tourneur presents "The
Broken Butterfly," the story of a
gniat love at the 'Richmond Theatre
tomorrow night*.
By making a small payment, -we
will lay aside : goods for you.- El.
liott. 'v C-v 292-2t
-> - ">? '~f_- A.'-', ... - .
Affair at 3 P._ MIn Richmond The
t atre Led by Professor
The Alexandria Sunday School As
Isoeiation has engaged the Richmond
Theater for Sunday afternoon for z
big: sing: to be conducted by Profes
sor E. B. Chamber!; in. Y. M. C.
A., state song1 leader.
During this week each school is
being: drilled on a number cf somrs
before the movie show that ti e Y.
M. C. A., is putting on, so that on
Sunday there -.vill be a ?rood enter
tainment fop the people of the city.
Prof. Chamberlain, as stated a
few days ago is now conducting a
church music institute. The young
men and ladies that are attending
are manifesting ?reat interest in
the work. A.ny others that are 'in
terested in -retting some. training
on how to h-ad music and a c ursj
in church music general ?hould at
tend these meetings, which a.'e held
each evening at S o'clock in the S-- j
day School room of the ? Methodist i
Episcopal Church South. It is un
necessary to say that this i-^ a free {
course, but some pe^-ons sscm to I
think there is charge attached.
This evening on accjnnt cf the regu
lar priyer meeting in the Sunday
School room, the insi.ftite will meet
its * he* Westminster Building on the
th;*V floor.
A meeting: of the city basket ball
league han been called for Thurs
day night at Community Center by
Capt. Lcuis Duffey, president of
the circuit, and managers of all
teams desiring to secure franchises
are requested to be present prompt
ly at 8 o'clock.
Plans foi the season, a schedule,
the appointing of official's and the
adoption of a constitution will be
teh order. oi. the meeting. To date. *
five teams have applied for fran
chises, and it" is hoped to have a
sixth team . represented tomorrow j
A junior basket ball league will
probably be in force here in the
near future, as some fifty young
sters are playing basket and volly
ball every afternoon and cvenigg at
Community Center.
Bill Entwisle was elected captain
and coach of the Lyceum basketball
team at a meeting: last nigh4", while
H. L. Wheatley was' chosen mana
ger with Rev. Louis Smet as hono
rary president.. Norris Roland was
elected vice president, Sylvester
Breen treasurer, and Louis Hoy sec-'1
retary. '
The following players will repre
sent the Lyceum on the floor this
winter, both in the league games as
well as exhibition contests; Capt.
Entwisle, Edwin Hayden, Leslie
Williams. Kemp Cockrell, Frank
Cockrell. George Dobson. Theron
Jtfayden, Louis tilc.y, Wilbur Jones.
Norris Roland, and Robert White
An exhibition contest has been
scheduled with the Camp Humph
reys Officers Team for December
19th at Camp Humphreys.
Merchandise prizes will be award
ed" the winners of the Christmas
Day run to be held under the auspi
ces of Community Service. Entries
are being received at Community
Center every day. No regular en
try blank is necessary.
Mrs. Ruth Edelen. of Alexandria,
and Mr. Ed<?ar J. Adams, of De
troit. Michigan, were married Tues
day evening. December 9, 1919. nl
Trinity M. E. Church parsonage,
by the Rev. A. E. Spielman.
Arrangements have been made
for a ceremonial of Acca Temple,
A. A. 0. N. M. S.. at Richmond.
Va.. on December Kith. 1919, those
who desire to take the degree at !
that time, will please notify me.
F. W. Latham.
Representative of the Potentate.
We wish to express our sincere
thanks to. many friends and rela
tives, for (their kindness shown us
during thej illness of our father, and
also for their beautiful flora'] offer
ings. and use of automobiles at the
?funeral of our beloved father.
293-lp Mrs .-'John Robey and family
? l ' :
City Council Discusses Need
of an Aerial
I Board of Aldermen Adjourn for j
| Christmas Holidays Till Jan. 13 j
and Common 'Council Non Concurs j
The need of an aerial truck in this '
city to take the place of the present j
city service truck was informally dis-j
cussed last night by common council (
immediately after that body transact-1
;?d routine business. The subject was j
brought up by Councilman Desmond.;
Several of those present expressed j
themselves as favoring the purchase]
</f such a piece of apparatus.
Councilman Rubeivsaid that several ;
years ago he intertfrewed a number,
of large taxpayers and they signed a j
petition favoring the purchase of an t
serial truck. While there is not need j
for it often, Mr. Ruben said that |
when it is needed it is needed badly, j
The city school board sent a com- j
munication to council that George E. j
Warfield, Harry Hammond and T.
Clifton Howard. recently ebcted
school trustees, had failed to qualify.
It was decided to elect their succes
sors at the next meeting of council. !
Councilman Rub?n said that in the !
event they could not get men to ?ervc!
he favored getting women on the!
The sum of $150 was appropriated!
to fix up quarters in some city prop-j
ertv -for the use of the health depart- I
?nen-t for its clinic. - 1
Most of the members of council
favored using the old police court \
room, directly over headquarter? for I
that purpose. The clinic will be con-1
tinueri probably until May or June it J
was stated.
Announcement was made by Coun-J
oilman Fletcher that he expect d to,
have the new traffic regulations ready ;
for presentation at the next meeting j
of council.
The sum of $700 was appropriated ?
for the purchase and installation of ?
fire plugs and $">">0 for widening the j
?loors of the Columbia engine house!
and removing the horse stalls therein
in order io make room for the new
motor apparatus. Permission was.
granted the Southern Auto Supply j
Company to place a gasoline tank on j
the north side of Gibbon street just;
west of Alfred street.
The board of aldermen adjourned i
for the Christmas holidays until Jan-1
uary 13, Common Council, however. I
?ion concurred in their action.
Bill of H. L. Peyton for $?" forj
'.waking a drawing of the yardma-t-er's j
office of the Southern Railway to be j
used at a recent "murder trial in the j
corporation court was referred to the j
finance committee.
? !
At the meeiting of the General Com- ,
mittee of the Alexandria Community |
Service last nijxht at Community Cen- i
ter, Princfc and Royal streets, plans j
for the coming holidays were mapped j
out. and several pleasinpr ideas were!
adopted. The first calls for a bin.
Community Christmas, with a tree.,
Christmas carols and all that goes J
to . make up a happy holiday spirit, j
An invitation has been extended to all1
the churches of Vne cit>* to assi^ in!
making this a real Community Christ-1
mas' . c' , J
A community sing every Sunday j
afternoon is also scheduled, and Oi-j
forts are being made to secure ,the j
Opera House for this purpose. The j
i nrcgvam, as outlined by Chairman A. t
' D. .BrockeAt, was approved, and the;
details will be wotked out by the i
executive -committee. ^
Chairman Brockett >ast night ap
pointed the executive committee as
followS?Mrs. T. Marshall Jones. Mrs.
! c. T. Howard. Mrs. Albert Driefus.
I Mr. Carroll Pierce. Mr. J.T. Williams;
j Mr. T. E Dv\<on and Mr. 0. H. Kirk,
l ?
j Maurice Tourneur presents "The
Broker Butterfly," the story of a
great !ove at the P:rmnoiH Thf-atre
tomorrow night.
Open tonight, make your- selec
tions now. .Elliott." 292-2t
y;-. ',. '' " r
Alexandria Business Men, Profes
sional Men and Property Owners
This is ar. investment and an
Urgent Civic Duty.
A numbef of our most progres
sive citizens have agreeu to con
i duct a three day campaign, begin
ning Wednesday, the 10th. solicit
'( ing subscriptions to the stock of
! the Alexandria Real Estate and
j Mortgage Corporation, and it ha*
! been decided to only solicit sub
j scriptions for $1,000.00 and over j
j during these three days.
I It should be borne in mind that j
j although the object of this com- i
! pany is to do all it can to relieve i
j the present housing conditions in
I our city, yet every effort will be
j made to safe guard the money in- j
i vested and to earn a reasonable I
j profit for tho-stock holders. ?
The success of this proposition i
; is squarely up to those ,Alexan
j drians whose business interests or
! property holdings are directly bene
; fitted by the continued prosperity
! of our an'd :f they are not
jj willing to collectively support this j
j: company in a substantial manner
jrthere is very little hope of a few |
jj men being willing: to do so.
W. A. Smoot. I'
Frank T. King.
Taylor F>urke,
M. B. Harlow.
Carroll Pierce,
B. Weil.
L. H. Dudhv,
Drganidation Committee.
On Thursday night. December 11.
at S o'clock, in the Norton Memo
rial cf St. Paul's Church there will
lie shown a moving picture of the
war in France, entitled "The Pic
torial History of the War,*' This
film, kindly loaned by the Y. M.
C". A., of Washington. i>. C.. was
taken by the U. S. Signal Corps,
and is o i ? of the finest in "xist
All m? .!:???? - if '-it I'.-.rish.
Sunday School, church organiza
tions, and Good S'ncpnern Mission
are especially in\ited to attend.
Others who are interested in c'"'rch I
welfare work wiil be welcomed. J
No charge f<>v admission or offer- i
ing asked.
?Norfolk, Va.. Dec. 10.?One
man was Killed and another wound
ed in a fitrhl between detectives
and gunmen here yesterday. The
yeggmen attempted to hold up the
oflices of the Virginia Railway and
Power Company as officials were
counting the cash turned in by con
ductors. Three of the bandit?, were
Frank West, said to In: the leader
of the'gang, was lcrHcd; while J. J.
Murphy, of Pennsylvania; J. J.
Opland, of New York, alias "Jimmy
ihe Wop." rnd B. E. Decker arc
under :irrest
The police had been given ad
vance information of the intention
of the bandits and arrived at the
barns shortly after the four men.
One of the robbers was wounded in
a leg when lie attempted to jump
from a windnv.
In the bel'ef that Virginia might
not get her due allotment of coal
during the period of shortage. ."50
men representing business and coal
interests in different sections of
the State .out 'Monday in Richmond
at the call o* Governor Davis. Af
ter discussing the problem from all
angles a committee of seven was
appointed to take charge of the sit
uation and present the needs of the
State to Fuel Administrator Car
Shopping Days
Till Christmas
I (
I ?
Labor Officials Believe 11
I Per Cent Increase Will
Be Accepted
"Left Wing" of .Miners' Organization^
Would Oust John L. Lewis Should
They Fail to Secure Increase.
Indianapolis, Ind., Dec. 10.?Their
battle lines strengthened by a well j
defined plan of attack, formulated at
numerous conferences during the j
night, the conservative element of the i
representatives of the United Minej
Workers of America were ready to!
force acceptance of President Wil-j
son's prapo.-a! for settlement of the |
>ituminous coal miners' strike on a j
oasis of a fourteen per cent wage in
?rer.se when they reconvened today.
As the delegates entered, the con
ference Moom today, several of the
men looked upon as loaders, and
ic.'Kwn to wield a powerful influerce
mjor.g the delegates, appeared coi
fidi nr. While refusing to be quo::.I oi
rcctly t!".ev indicated that the "Prosi- j
cent's proposition will be accepted."
The delegates guarded closely their
plan of action, and none offered to
predict how long the conference
would continue.
The conservatives are not counting
t n an easy fight. Those delegates op
posing acceptance of the President's |
plan are prepared to wage a bitter !
little against acceptance of the ll|
per cent wage increase as a bisis of j
Internal politics has a great deal j
:o do with :he fb'bt, that the radicals I
arc making. If the Government cor.:-'
mission plan o*f settlement, sponsored
by John !. Lewis, fails in the end to
grant the miners an adequate adjust
ment. it is recognized here that the
whole organization of the United
.Mine. Workers would be thrown info
?.he hand.- of the Farrington element,!
and conservatives would be ousted. (
it is expected, however, that the j
warring factions will get together
this morning, and making formal an-1
nouncement of their acceptance of j
iv Government's offer.
Port Arthur, Texas. Dec. 10.?
Word was received here, of the sud
den death at Galveston recently of
Major It .S. Smead, assistant Uni
ted States engineer. A. ('. Rcieh'.e.
.-on in law of the decedent, and Mrs.
Smead. his widow, left at once for
Galveston to attend to preparation
of the body for shipment to Port
Arthur, where it will We interred.
The time of the funeral has not yet
been announced.
Major Smead will be remembered
by many old residents of Alexan
dria, where lie spent his boyhood
and where he marrierKMiss Anna
M. Gergory, daughter of the late
Douglas T. Gregory, of this plarr.
Unless an additional supply of coai
is received by tomorrow afternoon the
OH Dominion Glass Company will be
compelled to suspend operations. An
nouncement to this effect was made
this afternoon by officials of that
The closing down of this plant will j
throw out of employment 450 per-'
sons. The coal.supply of a number of
other Alexandria manufacturing con
cerns also is reported to be very low. i
although representatives of these con- j
cerns expect an additional supply of;
coal anv da v.
i "
Maurice Toumeur presents "The
Broken Butterfly." the story of a
great love, at the Richmond Theatre
tomorrow night.
have on sale tomorrow ai.d balance
of week; while lake tr-u;r. haddock,
b^t'. Spanish mackerel, flounders,
yellow perch, catfish, st':r.k pollock,
Norfolk and river oyste^ Best
fried oysters. Phone 108, C. H.
ZHM.MJERMAX. 100 North Royal
"street. 293-2p
' Open tonight. Elliott. 292-2t
Com m one in g on Tuesday evening.
December lb'th. one of the most in
teresting mitiur holidays in the Jew
ish catfndar. will be celebrated for
a period < f eight .It is known
as Chanukah. the Feast of Dedication,
and being a joyous home festival,
it is looked forward to with anti
cipation by all. especially by t!ie
children, since, to a great extirt. it
has become a children's festival.
The festival commemorates the
stirring: events of the period from l'JSl
to Km B.'C. AntiocHus Epiphanes,
the king of Syria wishing to unite all
the provinces tinner his dominion into
one nation, issued a decree that only
the Greek religion was to be practiced
thenceforth. He thereupon tried to
suppress Judaism, burned the Saerv i
j Scrolis 'of the law and set up idols in
I she Holy Temple at Jerusalem. Hut,
; the Jews did not submit to his decrc.
Instead, they resisted, and after
long protracted warfare, Judas Mac
cabeus, the son of Mattathias thv
priest, supported hi* four heroic
brothers, defeated the Syrians, and <?:i
the twenty-fifth day of the month of
Kislev in the year 1(55 B. C.. re
moved the idols from the Temple
and dedicated it to -tl.?s service ?? f
Committee Today Begun
Canvassing For Stock
1 Subscriptions
Subscribers fo Earn a Fair I/ividend
On StocK?Homes to be Erected for
New Citizens
A committee of busi'iies:*- mc?. t
lay started on a systematic canvas
for stock subscriptions for the
Alexandria Real Estate and Mort
gage Corporation. The work wil,
be continued for ;i period of tbret
days. Subscriptions for Sl.OiiQ r,i
more of the stock are being taken
by those engaged in task. -
Every merchant in . the city win"
:'rve.ry person who can is urui'd "h
subscribe to this proposition.
As already told in tl -? coiunvri
of the Gazette the purpose,of t1'
newly organized corporation is i
ercet suitable homes for the r.tv.
population that will come to A!???>:
andria and be employed at the L .
S. Naval Torpedo Station which :
a permanent institution. Eveiy
merchant in the city shoul i sub
scribe at least for Sl.fMH) of tlio
The new industry will be <>f
great benefit to the merchants <>f
the city. The more peonle who lo
cate in Alexandria the more busi
ness for the merchant. Were it not
for the increased population al
ready brought here by other indus
tries the merchants who are today
enjoying prosperity probably wool-1
not be doing so.
It. therefore, behooves all mer
chants and others* having th<- fu- j
hire prosperity of the ci'y at h"ar*
to subscribe to stock for tiii:- prop
A subscription in the stock :> r.ol
a gift, as the promoters or' tu
project hope to be able to see '.bar
?each stofkholder in the concern yse
curcs a reasonable return on his :n
The men engaged in the task are
| taking the'r own time n tbi- wovk
for the benefit of t.be '-ifv and r.one
should shirk in giving :hem the
support in this splendid projef.
which so richly deserves unstinted
support of every business and pro
fess ional man in the city.
In memory of our dear' busb-ind |
J and father. Noble Smith, who ,J:oH '
i three years ago today, December
JOth. 101?. . 1
.Gone b?i< not forgotten. ?'
293-lp; Bv- nis an*] children,
? * *
Norfolk salt water Oysters - and
Hampton Bar clams Jacob Brill,
foot of King Street., 227-fcf
'Mrs. Stewart M. Jones, has re
turned from Fredericksburg. whi>re
she spent the t v< i k.
The. Mary Custis Lee. 17th Va.,
Regiment Chapter, will hold a meet
ing Thursday. December 11. at 3 p.
m., at Lee Camp Hall.
Misses Rulh and May Jones who
have been visitin.tr their uncle and
aunt, Mr .-and Mrs. Stewart Jones,
has returned to their-home in Kir.g
George County.
The local board of civil seniee
examiners announce ihn; an exam
ination will be held in* this city Jan
uary 17 for the position of railway
mail clerk. The entrance salary is
$1,300 a yea r-.
The funeral of 'Mrs. Abbie S.
Burrows, a former resident, who
Heil in Washington Sunday night,
took place this afternoon front
Wheatlcy's mortuary chane!. Rev.
Edgar Carpenter. Vector of (irnce
K. Church officiating.
.Members of the '"Revue of 1919"
the show to be produced under the
auspices of Community Servlcc here
Christmas week, are requested to
?f- 1 - ?1?1 f*viight at Com
nce and Royal
:30 o'clock. At
2 young ladies
ie production.
neede<J. There
learsal Friday
for the folio w
erty have just
e office- of the
M;*s ?i.:ry El
lohert Wil
lot 702 NVrth
rs. Florence E.
?,v.'-'r John X. I.aw
wife hous^ and
e of Gibbon be
Asaph streets;
nistralor of the
I. "heat, to Prank
e lot 1-1. block
; ont.
(eflection of Light Causes Investiga
tion at Cemetery
(/host hunting is getting to be a
lopu'ar pastime just now in Alexan
Iria. Last night u number of Well
en own citizens armed to the teeth
tnrted out to Buthe! cemetery at a
?jtf hour in search of a ghost sup
>osed to he hovering in that city of
he dead. A queer light hovering
ivc-r the cemetery was responsible
'or th?- investigation. The hunters,
towever. found only a reflection and ?
lothing more and so reported to
?ther? looking for the ghost.
Railroad men, many of whom are,
retains in the service, stated today
hat such a light canibe discerned in
ha/t vicinity any rainy night. A good
rhost- story, therefore, has been spoil
ed by the statement given out by men
employed in the Southern Railway
A housewarming was given Iast
inght by Alexandria Lodge No. 758.
benevolent and Protective Order of
3Iks in honor of the return of that
odge to its handsome home wh:rh
luring the war was used as the War
"amp Community Center.
More than 200 men and women,
members of the order and their friends
attended. During the evening there
was dancing and luncheon afterward
was served in the rathskeller. Th?
tables were prettily decorated. All at
tending greatly enjoyed the affair.
Let Jester treat your Flattery to
la box of Electrical Currents. You
j will find them very-juicy, without
them your battery will die.
203-1c King an J Patrick Sts._
iVaurice Tourneur presents
Broken Butterfly.'" the. story of. .a
great love at the Richmond Theatre
tomorrow nigbt.
Open evenings from . now- until
Christmas. Elliott. 292-2t

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