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sSi,.shness Is World's
ed, Says Great Banker
Service cincl Sacrifice More Va!
liable Than Money as Gifts
to Church, Says Oli
ver J. Sands.
? is the president of one of the
r ''ing financial institutions of the
Yet it is not the financial
c^""Tit'on of the country nor the finan
cf::' ^rosprcts for the future that he
stresses as the greatest need of this
country and of the world.
"It is limp that v;e put 'First Things
ovs this fi-i-Hr-r. "and *;h"?w
.. . J. " ?>;;
.. of the . aric.n Nationa
L .)f Richmond. Va.. formerly pr?~
ide.it of the Virginia Cankers Asso
ciation. this year president of the Na
ticr.al Rank Section of the America.i
Bankers' Association Mr. Sands
wr.a state chairman for Virginia of
tbo Victory Liberty Loan campaign.
He speaks of the Nation-Wide Cam
paign of the Episcopal Church spirit
ually to awaken its communicants and
to raise a fund of $12,000.00rt to
strengthen its many activities all over
the world and to start many new un
"There has never been a time when
fi t' need of an advanced movement
like- the Nation-Wide Campaign upon
the part cf the Episcopal Church, and
in fact of all Christian bodies, was so
ncccssary as today," says ?>Jr. Sands.
"Throughout this country and the
w! le world, tho crying need is for a
deeper souse of our responsibilities
and a fuller realization of our duly to
oi;r God and to our neighbor.
"The foundations for the Episcopal
Nation-Wide Campaign have been well
laid by the sacrifices of a small, in
adequately supported hand of noble
men. and women, who have tifen the
v:j;:guard of a really conquering army
which must, follow.
"The Nation-Wide Campaign will, ac
quaint tile whole church with ? the
r--eds? and opportunities in our own j
p.. rials, in our own country,' .and ' to!
our neighbor wherever he nv.y %
When thTf arc under.tood t#erij' will
be no qaosMc:: aa to the responxs upon;
the part ot our people.
"?:t is time that we put First Things i
nd to show eur willingness to
ar Captai wherever he di-'
r-"n unheeded
paying dear
.? u;v r.e;:lcc:. The pen pie cf
the c!;a:eh aiv '"c\v called to ?. .
the.ir faith by their v.;-ik:;. Wo must
av:.! will .-nsv/ei by a mom sin< >%rr
obedience to do our rhnrr in spread
ing the beneficent influence of fiie!
Gospel cf Christ throughout (be
-Ti, ? tr.'iUi. " ? r.v: .If:; vi Christian
jr.? witi ".o ?:< gr- -pyvico to mini
kind than ;.i. tiv: 'i^vh/os oi". nt:xirr?i
warfare eves- iuv..-:;tsd. This more
than a ca'i for money?it calls for ser
vice anil saeri?:cs upon Ike part of
e very member of the church? young
a::d Old. rich ar:I p-j*;?r?and -.Jod viil
: ? ep his promises."
Beaides his banking duties, Mr.
Sands has devoted n:ueh time and en
ergy to the work :.t' the Episcopal
( hurch. II? re pre.-on is ihr Third l'ro
vincial .Synod or. the I'o:>rd of Mis
sions and is Chair: aau of NsUan-Wh. .?
' ampnif.ii Coma.i'.ithe Ijiscesc of
SEEKS TO r-vii) viiE
Kern ir.tcrr".t nn:: l;ecn aro'j..i d
U'.roug". the '**.by ar.nounceme'!
a' the prnpu;."v! vksit to *??5<; sccti .
'a January cf Jti:n?'3 Moore Hieksoi,
!-e Englirh layman. v. ho i.s .looking t
wive spiritual healing ;is ;; pari ir
he E .iacopal Church. Air. slicks ;n
to I'o in V!.: ?.*. Gu.. about t*se
irst of J .. may visit u!k -r
C:'i' M'P- >vill '*<3
;old for ievtr.ro- d ? K>:i.:!r.?tir i?
%y ^jr. Mloltscn. who :r. -:?!:! in bavr I
1 rough pr. yev an. I th- I:;yi.ig o.i f
?:'.n.c!s?. ;
Southern Clergyman Kotra
As Church's"Adding Machine ;
This Man's Ser?r.on in I'l^urer
La v r. c h cs ? piacop?. i i a ns
Upon Greatest Move
ment in lis
,IiS! ? o is o Hov. R. I31and
MlfcI'cH. ar.d *ho r -s composed a s?r
r:011 in statistics t has stirred
050.00 '.re:1, an;: wciucn tu the task of
g:vit:g 5-12.009 O'.' i.
Mr. Alitchc'i has just emerge 1 from
a barrage of figures' that "c.anid over"
from '"vory city, town and rural dis
trirt in the United States, Iron? Alas
k '.nil T. :tln America: from the islcnd
K a .3d t>.o Orient.
r ;hct?r. , figures !:o has made
hir. sermon?the survey of the nefti.e
of iltr Episcopal ChuiT.h in I ho period
ot reconstruction. upon v hi?-h has i:e?ui
K sod ;li(? hedgel of ibe Episcopal Na
tion-V.'jde Cr.mprigu.
Mr. Mitchell once prcached ir. word ..
from it pulpit in Mississippi. Not
many months a 50 he was preaching
through the mails. as '?orreaponding
?ek re'".ry of tho Kpi-r < pal Hoard of
??'.i iens iii Now York. And now. seem-,
iugly cot ; nv ."i:./. iit all. h" has
!ii<' e:f?eutivo offieo of * in* Nation
V.*i'e Campai:;u. <ifiivei*ed to Kpisco
pa!inus throughout the country I hi?;
sermon in statistics, which churchmen!
pronounce one ot the aiost inspiring1
ever delivered in the Church.
it ail came about throtsp.li the Na-.
ti-in-V.il> CarMpaiin. P.y it thy
Church was to h:? :nspi:f -I to meet
tl ;* oh'tigitiona >i reconstruction. New j
v.c.i-tevs werv to !??- enlisted ;? :i'i mi!-;
liors raised to in::reas? tht- ?.?fiiriency :
ard extend U:c iattuenvc of the
Church's work.
Th*n .?.ir.r.con'' a;-kc.:i. "Wir>* does
the Church ncvi?"
T?.;tt 'juw*v : 'r.Titdahvl into
Ctutiy, IdarUs. They were s. : f:? r ?.]
hr .-1;''amonu the mis1 ion
j- vifh- ? ..! the nation. !':? !? ,,
in ? I:?_? i < or. or.-; where u,J?- ? ??
V'l'V' w rk.
.vnd white r.were ha; ?.
wV're writing their o:?rt. -i
CimchN stvv-* en these ??Ja:i- -. ?r>\
?:::cl.c?! .vas draftee", from tJ: > rvard
c?' Mission?. mn?3 menace; ' t;-..
{y ?> si.T 3 offi? e t:.i; y:w:> i'.:;. >'j .J
?* i*r r:\ing tho resMj?.?? ij?is- ? r- ?? ,;,.i
u'7v\ r, !'.?.A%:n ;?!! "ciikll
nirciiU them tr^0*''".uv isit:, ,i ciaiprs
ill" pii-lun-, a wr.'.'ilKc romanec in
.Month :if !::ii:ir follow
ed. The "ssiucivsrJijiiis-iiK'.i-i'inc*" of
:lie Church roinnlr'.rd !;? work. An*'
ttint work ii- cr> u!"<.il wi:h having Pell
:l:o nit ire Kpis^ny-J Cli.:ic'a upon v/hs:
i:; relied the stent. ?u r.'.owment in it3
Systematic j;i rural
and mountain ? ? <:\ ? fr:i;h
never 1 "!'?? ?iv"
I.???i*f. will rf ?
V;i{inrs-'Viri'* 1 !y *.v.-j r* ?h'v
r.vvt'i ? ?? !o ^TV'ni!;
n.-^s. in r-Vory rn :up. ? the
I'!"5* ? ? - r r.s .? ;r.
j iiif-i- 01" 1 hi:* :;:t.
Tl?f < " rr- r.s
. rtlachvcii by surveys oC ? h?
.= *a:- '.?? * :ns,l>!i"?
; riv" s. i i- tis -i'.tiji;:j m Ic.iilv;*
'.'??II ;i i
?'! ii
Slvunrtui: ! Si."
Slii'W'nn ysinh ii> ?<
was JUIl in (ii.\live \ ?
ill1 s !;!)? :? .\ :*i.<:i|? ! ;? ? i. Mi'
X. 'i.. ;?:? ' t< ?!; '!: ? \v;u?T. Tiie jr.riil
.!!>? i iI:? ? v.iii- broke*
\ ?. n ? ? -v
iwssm ?? ? ? & ? p ? ? ?? : v :?? ssgss' ?? ^ -.
* *-'v , ' ? '? . ?"''?> ? ? ? ->? ? .. ?"??' ^ ;*? ? ?.< v> "
' ? f ??: , '?* 5-> ??? 3? '? %& ,? .; '?*- ? * ?>
. .7 '.i : *? jtf,. j!
\ '?/ . ><-?-' V;.>;; ?' -w* i
IP' \" j#;H
?8fet :$MWS -
mi0" iap
I , -V ? ?? ???:::???/ S ? V
M- : ^';:'v';^^ial
I . *" " ...... .-_ ? -I. :.? y. j ipr- "ri.'ii;
? i:-* M . ;?'?? ?' ': : I;?".'! ?? ?? : ;??.???! .'!??!?. (i rmnv
:.i." <i :i :i'i v.:. ' : v, r. : i is i.r ' . r: * i? 1 !:.*.< UfVJW'l
Iw-.CS lug its .! .ii
r r< r \\l 1 A <*?T Hh\f
??/ 5 i*l 5 iX s?V. C? 1-.: i t.:'0 L iri ?- V U>'-i?? i !T -
..'it: .? ? . I . '. '. I :s-! . !? .. ;?> ?ff j;:sJ UJ
fr?::i :i;<* ??si iv.sr;.i:^s ?'?f :i: ? miit >.
\\jvcr disappoints, works as icnir a -
"O.i require, needs 110 special food
pared for her and works frn* a -
j-i-'hiujr! / low wa^i ?. Come and
ci :i: cper.'.iL'n in this headquarters
ail things electrical from .1 hair
a: ,'i'r to a l>i<r motor. Make eloi-tri
?i'.y your servant and you'll have no
b:lp lady" troubles.
82J Km?- Street
''Put us down for a strike7' ?Ches. Field
crackeriack score!
f Wonderful tobaccos,
wonderfully blended by
an exclusive process.
No argument ? Ches
terfields do Satisfy?
^ certainly roll up a
Exceptional Christmas Gifts
Hund-cmbrnuk-reil ' i epe ami -:1k
v.nri'. iy of colors.
,\ "m LIG EH
Silk, u-'urg'ettr. crcpv meteor.
The famous Van Kaalic?the best.
Vests. e::misi.;-.s. teddios, knickers, ir -rl''.
,towns. jamas, ]J: 1!ir.? Burkes,
s:!k. s i? -!. j^eorgeite, Ciepe do chcr.e.
Citation.- from '\r.u* York's a>-' -I
color.y Gieer.wlch Village, m.-.d
e;-'p?c::uly for our clientele by 31:.-;;
Jane Tryon.
Doliar Jliiys 3l?>re Quality Her-'"
"Ruth Roy croft''
lvul!i I'ruflur Ballon^er. Mana; r.
i:/2d kin if Street, Second Floor
? 1 I fi
P JL %J$.
i f ~ i I-!
; j it M k) i t2 fie f?
?&/ J2L 8L
.1004-1006 Kinsr Street
FORK fUGJ>S, selectec; cuis oi' choice yoyn.tr boine-d~essed pork, II). 32c-35c
Pure Pork Sausas - Meat, lb. ...; 38c
Fancy Home-Dressed Steer Beef
Of finest (jualHy at loves! possible prices. What cork be more enjoyable for
Su-nlay's Dinner
Club Steak, 11 35c
Hamburg, lb ? ? 25c
jitanihion C2-t!. lb 27c
prime Ivi!) Roast, lb 27c
c h?!f k (hone out) lb 25c
Sir'oip sieal-:, i:i 38c
Porterhouse, It) ..... H)c
Top round, lb 10c
Bottom round, lb - ? 35c
rrxz.- ^icauuw iksck
Fancy Mild Cu"e
S M O K ED S?10 (I L I / E R S
20c Fo'i-ui
8 to 10 Pouivds WeiirM
Very Choice Quality
;:c- Pound
8 to H) Pounds Weight
Smoke'd Sausage, 11
Pork Pudding, 11)
Head Cheese, lb
Fancy Corned Beef, lb 18c
S?:rappJe, lb. iOc, 3 lbs 25c
Pure Lard, lb 30c
Special Values Friday and Saturday
in Genuine Spring
.Just Note These Prices on Fancy
Home Dressed
Le# o' Lamb, lb 35c
Chops, Shoulder, lb 30c
Chops, rib or loin, lb "*5c
Bresst for stewing lb 20j
Chops, shoulder, lb. 30c
Chops, rib or ioin, lb 35c
Stewing" Veal, lb 20c
Roast. Shoulder, lb 20c
HI PON NO. ONE CANNED CORN, special, can 10c
Without exception, llie very lest nut value we know of. Almonds, Pecans,
English Walnuts and Brazils?with a plentiful proportion of the expensive
Walnuts?large, meaty nuts, full flavored?delicious! We never sold nuts of
finer quality.
Paper*Shell Almonds, lb ?5c Brazil Nuts, lb. 35c
Walnuts, lb 45c Jumbo Pecans, lb 35c
Always the same supreme fjuailty and always freshly roasted when you buy it.
^ :Vi\j y IjO'i.ii. I.: ji). r.-a'Jf ? ? 8!ic
Full Line oi' Sea- ? ;< ANCV .BOX APPLES, 1-1 bk. 25c Finest Fresh Fish
sen a hie Fruits Western 'Grhaes GoMens' and Vir- Splei<did As
sortment at mod
and Vegetables. , gmia Reds erate prices

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