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! ESTAflLJSHE? 1784 J
Oldest: Daily Nevrsrpapier m the }
Uhited: States and Best Adrertis- {
ing Medium in Northern Virginia !
'UL. CXXXV? No. 298.
!j Ffcr this section?Fair tonight, j
and Wednesday; not much changej
| # I
in temperature. lowest temper-!
ature tonight about 20 degrees j
rir?inia Association For
The Common
is Yet to be Determined Whether j
the Prohibition Constitutional
Amendment can be Made Effective. I
A branch of the Virginia Assoc i-a
bn fci the Common Good was formed
i Alexandria yesterday afternoon
?!1 owing addresses delivered in th?
''?rp5t of an erg-animation her? by
hn K. Branch chairman and V/. 'i
hbr.,2y, secretary, Richmond, V,i.
The addresses weir3 delivered in the
fditonum of the Chamber cf Com
iei'ce and the meeting was presided
er by Cairoi! P.'erce.
The abject and plan cf the or^ani
,ti'on is to promote constructive
enom're governmental policies, na
>nnl and state and to awaken the
ttiple to a deeper interest and parti
oation in the affairs of their coun
.v iby a fair and earnest present 1 Mon
"composite views of men j
rcughiout the state having wide and j
iried experience in directing acti- '
xels upon Which the real prosperity
the country depends..
It is set forth that the association
all have, .no affiliation with any po
ical party but shall direct rts -,-ner-'
2S to advocating or attacking prin
>als and policies proposed in le^-s
;ive bodies.
This association is to act with*
nilar organizations in ?ach Con
?oss ion a 1 dis^t in the State cf W-!
mvtfih ,? j
mm.ttee, to be composed of two
"nibers from each district which ?'
manatee shall act m an advisory
pacity; each- district selecting the'
presentatrves to serve on said com-j
.-ttete. ' I
The membership of the committee j
all consist of these engaged in ag-j
u>ltui!al,- commercial -and profos-1
Mial pursuits, and their employeesi
gi-bilMy for membership requires i
at every applicant be a qualified
ter. When firms or corporations he
me membens the head of such en- j
[?prises cr the one defcgated tc ren-'
sent the concern shall be .qualified
'vote. ; ?
The organisation shall consist of h
airman, vice chairman, secretary-'
fa-surer, a beard of directors of
enfcy-f:'ve ntaiVbers elected to serve
r one year, and an executive com
ittee composed of seven. The chair
Jn cf the beard of directors sha!!
chairman of the executive com
ttee. Every county in each Con
lessror.-al district shall:be represcnt
on rhe board, of directors.
frhe board of directors shall be
cted for one year and the dues fal
se ? engaged in Agricultural pur
Its shall, be a minimum of So a
n' ? '
Phe annual dues for each organiza
n shall be $25. Where the member
fp of any organization exceeds 100
dues shall be $25 for each ad
ional 100 memfbers.
fc)ues for business and financial in
tubions shall be $25 and employers
and professional men $5, and citi
lis otherwise engaged $5 a year.
?Officers are: John Iv. Branch,
fiirrrwn; W. T. Reed, vice chairman:
. T. Dabney. secretary.
Afterward a meeting' of those at
Inding was held and M. B.' Harlow
|is chosen chairman and he named
Je following committees cn organ
lit ion: J. ?\I. Duncan, A. I).
cckett. Julian V. Williams. Judge
E. Xicol. Joseph E. Schwarz
|ann and \\ . A. Moore.
This committee will report at a
lectin? Friday night which will be
Id at S o'clock in the rooms of
e Chamber of Commerce.
Having qualified as cxecutor of
ie estate of Bernard McCann. de
based. all persons indebted to said
ttate are requested to make prompt
bttlement, and all persons having
[aims against said estate are re
ested to present the same, prop
ly certified to th? undersigned for
John D. Normoyle Executor.
A pretty but quiet wedding was
solemnized Monday afternoon, l?c
j ccmbcr 15, at the home of Mr. arfd
! MVs. C. VV. Wood, in South Patrick
street, when their youngest daugh
ter, Miss Susie Mabel Wood, be
came the bride of George W. Al
?lensworth. of this city.
Promptly at 2:30 the bridal party
entered the parlor to the strains of
thi' wcddin.tr march from Lohengrin,
which; was rendered by the groom's
The bride was attended by her
sister. Miss Etta Wood, while Mr.
Douglas Merchant acted as best
man. Only the immediate families
witnessed the ceremony, which was |
performed by the Rev. Eugene B. I
Jackscn. of the First Baptist Church j
The bride was attired in a travel- j
int suit of blue, with hat to match, ,
and carried a bouquet of Bride j
roses. After a Southern trip, Mr. j
and Mrs. Allensworth will be at :
home to their friend-; at 212 South !
Patrick street.
The bride has many friends in i
this city who wish her happiness i
and success.
! . "
? Gaston do Prida, Known in New
York and New Orleans, is
! San Antcnio. Texas, Dec. 16.?
J Gaston de Prida, a young sports
man, well known at New York and
New Orleans, who. with a conrpar.
ion. is said to have left New York
several weeks ajro with the inten
tion cf killing or capturing Paneho
Villa, near Chihuahua, and winning
the 850,000 offered by the govern
ment. of Chihuahua State for the
rebel leader dead or alive, was
taken before he accomplished his
mission and executed by Villa with
out ceremony, according to newspa
per dispatches reaching San Anto
nio from Ciudad Juarez.
When and where Pe Prida entered i
Chihutfhua State is not disclosed in .
the Message, nor. is J
"ficat'uln oT^fTTe .statement 'available, |
but the source is considered rrdi- .
a"ble by Mexican newspapers of Sar '
Antonio receiving thr-* ciisnatch^s. i
: &j
New York Radicals Plan Protest Pa
radt? to be Held Christmas Day
New York', Dcc. l(i.?The Unfted
Status army -tiensport Beaufort, new
".cadinj; supplies in Brooklyn, is ;o be
the "ark"- to carry back to Russia j
the Ellis Island radical colony con
sisting cf Emma Goldman. Alexan
der Bet toman and seme eighty other
Rus?:ans awa:itin<r deportation, ac
cording to reports current here las',
nipht. The vessel is. scheduled to leave
this week, with a Norwegian po:-c it?
first call.
Men and women, with hands man
acled'and wearing shoulder bands
bearing appeals for the release of all
"political prisoners," will march up
Fifth Avenue singly cn Christmas
morning in a silent protest demon
stration, according to plans announc
ed day by a New Ycrk radical or
Volunteer groups of sympathizers
will also picket the churches and re
new their appeals for the liberation
:f political prisoners as the congrega
tions leave their places of worship.
Tracy G. Mvgatt, secretary of the
organization, in a statement last
night, declared that 2,000 men and wo
men "political prisoners" will spenrl
Chris.tjm.as day. and perhaps many
ether days behind prison bar?, because
they have been too sincere and spoke
too honestly fcr good will to men.
EX-KAISER'S extradition
London, Dec. Hi.?a persistant
report was circulate.'! in Lorulan
late yesterday that the allies are
drafting a joint ncte to the Dutch
irevernment demanding the extradi
tion of the former kaiser.
Sir Gordon Hewart. British at
torney jrecnral, is said to have com
pleted the plans for the ex em
peror's trial.
The annual meetincr of the stock- '
j holders of this bank will be held at j
j the banking house. Tuesday. Janu- i
ary 13th. 192Q. between the hours 1
'of elfcvi'n o'clock a. m.. and twelve
o'clock noon, for the election of di
rectors for the ensuing year, and
the transaction of such other busi
. r.ess as rnay be props'. !y brcujrht
before the meeting.
George E. \Va-rfield. Cashier.
| 295-30t
N. V. Washington Makes
Identification at Dis
1 trict Morgue
| Deceased Was 37 Years Old and is
Survived by Her Husband?.Missing
Since Friday.
Nelson V. Washington yesurday
afternoon went to Washington an:!
Identified the body found in the river
as ihat of his wife Mrs. Catherine I
Washington, thirty-seven years old.
who disappeared last Friday night.
The body wis brought here today
and. taken to Wheat ley's mci.iiaty
i'h2pel ancl prepared. for 1>urla'l.
Mr. Washington stated that his
wife left him on the streets in Wash
ington Friday night. He thought she
would return home later, but she did
r.ot ar..i the following morning: he re
potted her absence to Chief Go Is.
The body was found floating in th :?
Georgetown channel about 200 feet
south cf the .Highway br-iilgs about
11 o'clock yesterday morning by
Charles Biireh, 71 i Kentucky Avenue,
southeast, Washington, and afte: war.!
conveyed to the District morgu
As previously told in the Gazette,
fches weddinjr ring found on the finger
cf the dead woman convinced the au
thorities rhe body was that cf Mrs.
Washington. Positive identification,"
however, was net made until the ar
rival of iter husband shortly after ?'>,
o'clock yesterday evening.
The deceased was a Miss Deeton'
and. was married fifteen years ago. (
mtt.- W*?2>ii\3r*CR has a -U* ?alj
relatives in this city.
gfraiid to be candidate
Former Ambassador to Germany
Signs a .Minority Nomi
nating Petition
Pierre, S. D., Dec. 1(>.?James
W. Gtrard. of New York, has sign-;
ed a minority nominating petition a? !
a candidate fcr President, of the
United States at the State primar
ies in March, it was announced here
today. The petition also was sign
ed by six delegates to the recent
State proposal meeting held here.
Principles accompanying the pe
tition are summarized as beiny:
'?'To make and keep tjie country
safe for democracy."
Under the State law Gerard's |
name would go on the ballot in- ,
dependent Democratic candidate, in- ;
as much as the State Republican pro- ;
posal meeting indorsed Major Gene- j
ral Leonard Wood as their candidate '
and the Democratic moetine fav
orcd Woodrow Wilson. i
American Citizen on Mexican Ranch
Released?Hope for Friend
Frederick Hugo, one of the two
American citiz is. who was cap
tured by Villista troops when they
took the town of Muzquiz. in Coa
huila. has been released, the State
Department announced last night.
The hope was expressed that an
other American of the name of
Phillips, had likewise been released.
Experts Figure Revenue fcr Ad
mission Would Greatly Aid
Country's Finances
Paris. Dec. 1(>.?The French gov
ernment is considering charging ad
mission fees to tourists desiring to
visit the various battle fields in
France, it was stated today. Fi
nancial experts are said to have
figured out that the revenue from
this source for one year would prac
tically equalize the loss incurred by
the fall of the franc on the exchange
This is but one of many curious
money raising schemes being con
sidered in the efforts to bolster up
France's badly crippled finances.
We have the best ring in town
for your 30 by 3 1-2 rim.
It's a jevell and mus-t be seen to
be appreciated.
29S-lc King and Patrick Street
! Christmas shopping's such a joy,
Joy without a measure.
I Hunting, search in? all around,
j To give others pleasure.
j Thinking, planning?guessing, too
What they may require.
Scheming then to satisfy
Each one's heart's desire.
Christmas shepping sure is fun.
If you don't mind iabor, and
Your disposition's sunny,
Now's th" time to fight your way
In the hurly-burly.
Make it easy as you can!
Do your shopping early.
?Somerville Journal.
| still DEPENDING ON U\ s.
Allies* Negotiations forking to Co
Paris, Dec. 1(5.?A version of the
results of the conferences at Lon- !
don between Premier Lloyd- George, j
Premier Clemenceau, Foreign Min- j
ister Seialois, of Italy, and others,
obtained from an authoritative
source, is that the Turkish, Russian
and Adriatic questions were ad
justed ? with the view of obtaining
the co-operaiton of the United
States, required in their settlement,
w.ith confidence on the part of the
conferees that events would so turn
out as to make such co-operation
So far as the relations of France
and Great Britain are concerned it
is considered that pending final ac
tion by the United Stat;s on the
Franco-American pact, the old En
tente Cordinle will be revived, the
Entente taking the place of the
treaty at London of September 4.
1014, in which the combatants en
gaged not to make a separate peace i
The inter-Allied Mission agreed i
upon is limited in scope to control !
of the military missions charged
with supervision and execution of
the terms of the armistice and the
treaty at .Versailles.
Vienna, Dec. 1<>.?The Tyrol DL
has unanimously adcjvted a note ask
n^- th? Entente for specific assuranc: s
thai the Province'will be provisioned
and supplied with raw materials and
stating that if this assurance is n-1
forthcoming a Joint Customs. Cuv
renry an*] Provisioning Treaty with
Germany will he affected immedia
Ih the course -of th" debate in th
diet the declaration was made th^l
while the present act contemplate'
only an economic union with CI:
many it was useless to try and hid.
the fact that a political union W8<
the eventual object. All the speaker*
emphasized the statement"' that th<
Province'had been driven t> t!\::
hrnii-'h sheei: necessity and eco'r}onv"
Reports received from Salzburg say
that the Provincial Diet there ccr*
templates, similar action whvn it re
assembles, and that the movement als
is making itself felt in Carinthia. *
Lure of Holiday Too Much for Short
termer to Resist
Pottsville, Pa., Dec. 1<>.?John Hol
land, nf A lien town, determined t:i
spsn l Christmas with his wife and six
children, made a daring escape fron:
the courxy jail yesterday morning
scaling a thirty-foot stone wall with
the aid <vf ropes and a gas pipe.
Holland served four months out c'
a six-month sentence and would hav<
been released on parole if he had ha*
patience, hut he declared he must help
his family fight the high cost of liv
ing. Ho- said he was foreman of th;
Haddon, X. J.. B'ridge Works when hi
came here and- was imprisoned fo:
stealing a gold watch from Dr. .J. T.
Shopping Days
Till Christmas
I Supreme Court Dashes An
other Hope of The
? 1 Wets
Object is to Promote Economic and
Govern mental Policies National
and Slate?Dues a Year
By unanimous decision the United
States Supreme Court yesterday up
held the constitutionality of the War
rime Prohibition act.
Only a proclamation by the Presi
:!;nt declaring the war at an end and
."femcbilization complete offers any
;hance for thebaic of distilled spirits
between new and the. time consti
tutional prohibition jroes into effect on
January 1(1.
Whether beer can be sold during
this interim is still to be determined
>y the court. Yesterday's decision did
not pass on the question as to
whither two and three quarters per
:cv.t. bec-r can be sold under the war
:im; prohibition against "iivtoxicat
nu" liquors. The court will mcs! j
.\.sT:;'in next Monday for its last cpin-1
ion day before the Christmas hc-li
lays. ,
Nor did the court pass yesterday or
!:he question as to whither the Vnl
<t?ad net. which sets up the machinery
for enforcing: statutory or constitu
tional prohibition, is constitutional.
Pra.-pect that the President will it*
iieve the present situation by a prcr- j
Ismoiticn declaring the war at an end. j
and thus automatically repealing th* j
Wartime Prohibition act. is extreme- j
!y remote. His attitude jn thi>..resnrc: I
ins net been influenced, it ;s stated |
by the |>t?nilin?r question before Su
preme Court, but by the fact that tin
Senate, having failed to ratify the
trc.ity of peace, is prolonging tht
Kate of war.
J Justice Brande>is. reading the court V
, opinion, demolished every constfitu
j ticnnl abjection set up by the wet
j in the hope of invalidating the War
i :ime .Prohibition act.
Th'c opinion denied that there w.i
iny confiscation of property wit he u I
j lue process of law involved, takin?
j :he ground that dealers have bevn
j ?riven'full warning and full oppirluni
! ;y to dispose of their waros.
To the contention of the ''wet.-'
,hr.t the war actually Tiad ended and
'hat the wartime act therefore was in
rpcrs'ive. the court gave answer thv
:he only grounds for such a ccnt?n
.?'on were newspaper reports and thr
v^ual references of the Presid.T.; a v'j
>'.her officials in state papers. Ti' 1
u*.t, hrwi'ver. the court maintained :
Tinkc? k clearly incumbent upon fi i
President to declare hostilities at
;-!\l by formal proclamation; that such
prcclama-tion has not been issued and
;h?.t. as a matter of fact, the war still
??xists technically by reason of tin
fact that a treaty of peace has r '
?;een ra.ti.fied. Furthermore, the cou;
;ited the fact that the report of t!i<
Secretary of War. recently publishc.'
shews that as late as a month n^-o de
ucbilization was still in pr^grc ? j
The cpirron ad?Ls that the railroad
are still held by the Government un
der emergency war powers and th'i:
for similar reasons the Governmer
?til! is exercising its powers t'> re
-tret the distribution and consumpt:.r
of fuel.
Paris. Dec. 1 <>.?Drs. Tuffier. ar. 1
Laubry made another X-ray examina
tion of Premier Clemenceau yester
day evening, after which they Issue!
the following bulletin:
"The X-ray examination shows a
fracture of the eighth rib on the left
side, with a little displacement. There
are no complications."
M. Clemenceau remained at h<?mv.
but received President. Poincare an 1
Pr. Renner, the Austrian Chancellor.
2 a. m.. Blanch ;..r: ? r Pa
vis. beloved wife Uer.r VV
?Davis. Funeral iJr
cember 18. 19lt>, ? -'30 ?> ? ,
from her late . i<Ti W)
South St. Asaph ft. p
Has Even Chance of Recovery. I'liy*
sicians Say?Bandit, to Face *
Coroner's Jury Today
Washington, Dee. 1H.?Physi
cians at Providence Hospital this
morning announced that Detectivq
James E. Armstrong1 had an even
chance for recovery and that his
condition showed a slight improve
ment during the night. The crisis
will be reached this evening, it is
said. '
John Mcllenry 10 years ohi. slay
er of Wallace W. Mulcare, an auto
repair store proprietor all 12*22
Fourteenth street, northwest, and'
who shot Detective. Armstrong early1
Sunday evening, will he arraigned1
before a coroner's jury at an in
quest over the body of the slain man
at the District morgue this after-1
noim at :? o'clock.
Detective Lieutenant Guy Burlin
game, after questioning McHenry'
last night, when the lad reiterated"
what he had said before remark-'
ed: i '
''If McHenry had asked Mulcare;
for money to buy food with, or hud
asked Mulcare to buy the gun, Mul
care would have helped him. Thi
man he killed was known as one of
the kindest hearted nu-n in Wash
ington. Every tramp in the city
knew him as an easy mark."
Henry K. Field Bible Class Holds So
cial Evening and Supper
The Hentsy K. Field Bible Class > f
the Methodist Episcopal Church
South, held one of its social evenings
In their spacious rooms in the Young
People's Building last evening. The
ittenelanc? was large and very eu
:husrastic. The occasion was alto
gether informal.
Thv* hours wers spent in singing by
the class, general conversation and
general jollification The pleasure- <<f
he evening was greatly enhanced l>;
nandclin solos by Robert H. Mont
romery, <f t.he class; baritone solos
?y Mr. Snyder, of Washington: sh e'
iddresses by Jam s R. Ca-tort. Jo'hr
H. Trimvcr, II. B. Catcn. N. S.
'I a: n a way, J. Frank Myers, siipern
?icndent of the Sunday school; R-v. I"
V. Itegester, the pastor and teach.'?
of the class, and a reading by Dav',:
E. Robey.
The feature of the evening \vv
the delightful half-hour enr.-! Ja'v
nent by Mr. Prci'it, of Washirgt r
with hi? ace'ompaniest arid V::Iin?st
.vho greatly pleased the audience wit'
heir instrumentivl and vocal sole
Mens; their inimitably -rend ere'I r
?:tat':''i!< and impersonations. .*
After the completion of thi? p-j
gram an invitation to supper *.vjJ
'rvaldily responded to. and frv- .}'
;ext half-ho.ir the: splendid ? ivpj:
irepared by the committee of ! id'
\*as fully enjoyed.
The. evening closed with a few h ipp
?Mil ark* by the pastor, and the ccr
victim that all had spent a right
-oyal time.
The class meets every Simla*
norning in the Young People's Build
r.g, at 1T? o'ekek; the men ct" ti
:ity. who are not affiliated else
where, aiv invited to identify them
'selves w::h this das':.
: Ten Members of Crew of 12 Men on
Hoard the Libentelo Are Saved
From Wreck
Basle, Din.*. 1(5.?'Advices receive
hire yesterday from Stettin repor,
that the steamer KriomJiild met :
-hip having on board ten person
<aved frcin a wreck. The advices sa;
:hese persons declared they wer? c
; 'he American si earner Ijiiben'.slo, 10.
? "00 tons, bound from New York t
Kmden, which struck a mine and sml'
i No trace of the rest of the crew c'
42 men could be found, it was said .
Winsted. Conn.. Dec. lfi.?The
I cider supply in many communities
j in the state, is at low t.bb and profi
teering in "applejack" is reported,
j In Manchester the price of cider ha<*
; risen to $1 a gallon. Farmers are
! reported holding their cider in the
?? hope of getting a higher price for
; piire cider vinegar next summer.
r> farmers have already received
!' - offers for next fall's sour
crop. Abandoned farms with
i apple trees in them are be
1 to have a bright future.
irfolk salt water Oysters and
plon Bar clam3 Jacob Brill.
I of King Street., 227-tf
Miss Ola 0. I'll 11 in is spending:
the winter in Woodstock, Y'a.
A final decree for divorce has
been granted'- in the Corporation
Court to Joseph Whevler from Rosie
B. Wheeler.
The Ijox party to have l?*?t*n given
tonight at the skating rink at ar
mory hall has been postponed until
tomorrow night.
Dr. Berry man Green, of New
?York, is the guest of his parents,
che Rev. I)i. Kerry man Green and'
Mrs. Green, at t.he Episcopal Theo
logical Seminary, near Alexandria.
Although eight days have gone
by since Kenneth M. F. Springman
disappeared, no trace of the jnissjng
bread driver has yet been obtained.
The wife of the missing man stated
this morning that she has no furth
er clew, and neither have the* police.
.Mrs. Sarah ('.? Applen, formerly
if this city, now residing in Wash
ington. D. C., announces the en
gagement of her daughter, Miss
Edna M. Applen, to Mr. Edwin L.
Windsor, of Chevy Chase, Mel. The
wedding will occur during the lat
her part of January, 1020.
The first dance of the Virginia
Athletic Club will be given at S::J0
o'clock tonight in the auditorium of
the Elks' Home. Music will be*
furnished by a jazz band from
Washington. It is expected that a
large number ??f members of the
;lub and their friends will attend.
The funeral- of George Leonard
Baumgardner, the 4 year old son of
Mr. :inl Mrs. Edward L. Baum
rardner. was held at 10 o'clock this
?norning, at the home near Braddock
Heights. Services were conducted
ly the Rev. Dr. W. J. Morton,
?ector of Christ P. E. Church.
The dance committee of Fitzger
iid Council. Xo. 150, Knights of
Columbus has arranged for a Christ
Has dance to be held Friday even
ng, Pecembi r 2<>, in the Elks' audi
ori im. Tho Council members and
heir friends are contemplating huv
ng a vt'vy enjoyable time on the oc
Th<? Aeolian Dancing Studio last
lijrht jfsivo it* opening dance of the
-.eason in Odd Fellows' Hall. A fea
ture was an exhibition dance hv
Professor Herbert Jellin. of Now
Turk. An exhibition ^anee will be
riven tomorrow night by Jack Clif
"ord. Instructions are triven every
: Monday. Wednesday and Saturday.
\ children's class will start Satur
lav and the mothers are invited/
Washington, Defc. 1<!.?Bonded
;iquor held with the expectation
'hat the war time ban- , would dx>
; lifted now is "eating its head/off"
"n warehouses at the rate of- three
. ind one-third million dollars month
'y in carrying charges, it was con
; <ervatively estimated here today.
; Owners of the liquor today flood.
! 'd government officials with tele
grams demanding what they should
lo to "sot out from under."
Atlantic City, N. J., Deo .16. ? -
!MVy. Esther Blake, accused of sac
i rificing her little dumb son, "Bud
lie." in an insane belief she could
briny: hack her husband's love, to
lay admitted the boy was not kid
napped. as she first declared, ac
?ordinjr to Dr. Louis Souder, county
United States Railroad Adminis
-.ratiorf. Director General of Rail
roads announces effective 12.01 a. m.,
Monday. December 15th. All passen
ger trains -servxy-r Southern K. R.
/"lines discontinued December 10, 1910,
including Pullman car lines will lx?
restore. This includes trains 1ST and
138. between Washington and At
lanta. Trains-23 and 24, between
Washington and Memphis. Wash
ington-Roanoke. Sleeping car line
j trains 2~> and 26. 207-2t

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