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Wxtip* Snmimr
My the Alexandria Qtaettr Cat iteration
117 Kins Street. Alexandria; Vic..
?OWAU W. SMITH, Presides* ?a?
Wn.LIAI A. SHOOT ... TVce-Preclaent
M1CBABL T. BWYJBIt ... Ulttr
Notwithstanding the many mis
haps caused by automobiles in cities,
this modern vehicle of > transporta
tion has come to stay, and all are
called upon to watch, look and listen
when about to cross thoroughfares.
Washington has long been called
the city of magnificent hstances.
With its 107ii? squares* .m l w de
streets it is becoming r. city )1'
menace to life and freni it.
thousands of automobiles, auto
trucks and motorcycles*.. Operators
of these vehicles are allowed a
speed, of eighteen miles an hour, and
many often exceed this rate.
Several Alexandrian? have during
the past few years been struck by
rapidly; moving cars in Washington,
and" in"" some instances their injuries
have proven fata!. At this season
of the* year many of our people
visit the capital city- for the purpose
of "Inspecting the Christmas dis
plays. The crossing of streets, es
pecially in the congested thorough
fares, is extremely dangerous, and
every precaution should be tsiken tr?
observe'the law of the r"?d.
The harvest of the police cam
paign against traffic la?v violators
as revealed'.in the #Washingt?n po
lice court' yesterday, was 150 ct'ses.
Twenty-eight of the nuntb'-r were
f(^r speeding. - Collateral of $?> was
forfeited in twenty-throe cases: four
defendants forfeited $10, and .'>r.e
Satered at tt>a PottoBee at Alexaa
drla, Virginia, as seeoftd slaaa mattar.
dangers to pedestrians
other fl5.
Those charged with passing: street
t ars stopped to discharge an,; tr;k<j
on passengeis forfeited $20 each.
According to the records of the,
court, the forfeits and fines in th-;j
two ? branches ?f the police court '
Monday totaled 'lore than $0,000.
Alexandria is* a comparatively
snail city, but Junger lurks here
too. While policemen afoot ha"t*
brought in several persons during
the month charged with speedinir.
passing street cars while, passenger?
were leaving and boarding the
same, etc., there has .been a fall
ing off in the receipts of tht Police
Ooyrt during the month of JVcem- ?
ber, due to an accident to the driver
of the city's motorcycle and dam
age ,to the machine. The commit
tee on puNic property yf the City
Council, however, have made ar
rangements for having this neces
sary adjunct to the police depart
ment repaired, am! in a short time
this "red peril" to violators of law
will be again on the job.
Loss to the United State? ->r. ac
count of the recent coal strike
amounted to approximately ?120,
000,000, according to \V. 0. Mr
Kinney. secretary of the Southern
Ohio Coal Exchange. So allowance
for loss to railroads from curtail
ed service and to iTidusf;n-: > forced
shut down is made in the estimate.
The miners lost $00,000,000 in
wages in the country. The loss to
the railroads is- placed at $40,000.
000. while the operators lost $20.
?At the beginning of the strike the
production was already 40 <>00.000
tons short of normal. The !o?s of
production for the entire country,
is placed at 1,000.000 tons daUv.
: .:
; The bun recently placed upon' a
certain book and the arrest and
bailing of the publisher of the same,
brings to mind conditions which
prevailed in Alexandria and vicinity
| during: the war between the states.
| ;At times the Army of the Potomac
jTvas in camp near Alexandria, and
! thousands of peddlers catered to
i the appetites of the soldiers. Ob- i
i scene books were in demand by
i many sons of Mars, and as there
;was comparatively little law against
ithe circulation of such prints in
?those days, persons engaged in the
traffic* made considerable money.
At that time weekly papers, es
j'penally those of a sporting nature
j and such as gave much space to
j. police court trials?abounded in ad
vertisements of lewd books. Those1
which had the largest sale were of
Hie Paul de Kock series, although
this French author had but little
to do with many books bearing his
name. %
Publications still more obscene
had an immense sale. The illus
trations were plagiarisms from pic
tures taken from houses in Pompeii
'tnd Herculaneum. These pictures
'.vcre made at least two thousand
vears a 70 by unknown artists.
While they have long mingled with
''?In. dust their works do follow them,
md are still defiling humanity.
While comparatively few persons
razed upon the pictures in the cit
;'?s which were buried by lava from
:.Vfcunt Vesusvius, their reproduc
tion hy licentious persons of ali
ountries lon?- since irave them tini
?:rsn! circulation.
For over half a century drastic
?\ws against the publication, sale or
istribution of such literature have
?->n in vogue in the United States,
'he person who orders a question
ble hook is made i>(|it;tlly liable
vith him who sells it.
As has been stated in the
~ite. an army transport, is about to
,:1 for Soviet Russia carrying
'inrr.a Goldman. Alexander Berk
"xn ami about 80 radical Reds.
:3 n cotemporary savs, "the Uni
??.1 States will be rid of their activ
i*s. Of what benefit they will be
? the. anarchists of Russia remains
? b.' seen. That is of little mo
"nr. The vital point is thet the
?^tAvard movement of revolution
y aliens is actually beginning. It
is been long in coming, and in
'olume is as yet insignificant. But?
1 must grow. Ellis Ishim! is
v.ffeil with undesirables. The
?.mtry is-overrunning with them.
v:nct fiO.OOO foes of the gov
r'.mcnt' are indexed by Attorney
Vneral Palmer's department. And
u of the sixty thousand, we mc
?tiding but. eighty abroad! Thai is
n astonishing feature ,f the wlole
? ;iness.
On Christmas morning men am!
,'rnicn, with hands manacled and
?caring shoulder bam'.s .icmandii.g
tdense of all political prison
ntend to picket thv ciiurches of
? w York. The sec eiarv of this
"u* riaed gang of ?? :!?*. ?? nuisances
trl menaces explains that the idea
Mrs. Ruth S. Field
Piano Teacher
Class reopens Jan. 5. 1920
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Phone 1049 2M-4c
Cj A travelling .Salesman is
judged by his clothes and hi?
<| Firms are judged by their
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getting Good Printing
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A'luster Pooler ,
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T. - ? - -
is to arouse sympathy for the two !
thousand or so jail birds who will |
spend Christmas day behind iron j
bars. He says they are there be- i
cause they dared to believe too sin- i
crely and to speak toy honestly for
?good will to men.' The appeal in
their behalf is {to kind hearted
I.Christians and 'the Christian workl.'
"'Kind hearted Christians! How
many of these two thousand "mar- ;
fcyrs" would giadly kill, murder,
bomb out of existence these same ,
kindly men and women within their ;
very churches if wholesale slaughi- j
er would overthrow the government j
vj hand the cr.un-rv over 10 their
plundering exploitation It is a
choice lot of throat-cutters for
whom their apologists and sv.pport-*
evs are staging: their demonstration.
"Next week Thursday will be the
second Christmas day following the
armistice; The world should be at
peace. The United States should
be free from every" evil influence.
Instead of that we find radicals plot
ting and scheming to revolutionize
America. Instead of express'ng
sympathy for them, we should bo at
the task of jailing every native"who
sees red and deporting every alien
who is possessed of i\ fiery I rain.
This country must be rad" safe f jr
decent American citizens to live
Buy Him A Bicycle
Of All Kinas
The annual meeting: of the stock
holders of the Alexandria National
Da.il: will be heid in their banking
huust in the city of Alexandria, Va..
on January l.'tth, 1H20, at 11.o'clock
a. m. The purpose of the meeting
is tlv election of directors for the
year 1020. and for the transaction ;
of such other business as may1
properly come before said meeting.
291-."<)t L. H. Dudley, Cashier.
Guard Your
Children's Health j
j Future Physical Ccndilkn Depends |
I in Health During Childhood
Health v Children Ued-Blcoded
Peptr-Mangan Restores Pale, Thin,
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Parents with the best- interests of !
their children's health and happi
ness at heart, watch their children
vmy carefully during the years
wht-n the foundation for future
health is being laid.
Prompt attention should he given,!
the boy or girl who seems listless,
who doesn't laugh, romp and play
like othvr children, wlusc appetite
is poor. ai:! whose bedy is under-;
ifveioped. The condition of such .
children is often caused by thin,!
irr ;>< vt rished blood. Good health \
depends upon go^d blood. If the
blood lacks the necessary richness
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Silvertones, velours, plushes, Jerseys, ;
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large deep pockets thai are a part
of the side panels; semi-belted and
belt all around effects; extreme but
ton trimmed models, etc.
SI 6.50 to $90.00 '
! Christmas Showing- of
Boys suits, blue serge,
i plain Qolor flannels,
? corduroy and fancy mix
I ed cassimeres and home
j; spans. Latest single and
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; seam or regular Nor
! .folk styles. All pants
fuily taped throughout
!;?sizes 7 to IS years?
$18.00 and up ~'
Just the prettiest
line you ever saw. The
season's newest mod
els in georgette, crepe
de chine, satin ? in
fact, every wanted
material. In. Christ
mas boxes, they are
$1.98 to $15.00
Latest fur trimmed
and plain tailored
models, with belts etc.
Dainty, high waisted
models for the little
ones included. Silver
tone, broadcloth, wool,
velour, velvet, kersey,
siik and wool, plus
corduroy, etc. Latest
fall and winter colors.
Sizes 4 to 18 years.
SS.50 and un
Fur Neckpieces
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> 'TIL
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500 King Street

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