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Ry the AIex?5?
117 Klnfpfgtf
*nttr?d ?t.
drift. Virgin!
As will be sec-n by an tH'-cle on j
the first ^ pa^e of the Gazette, ac-j
cording to a Washington correspon- j
dent, the recent unrest in labor cir-1
cles is subsiding, and most of those
who were recently unreasonable and
defiant are now clothed and in their
right minds. .
The American Federation of La
bor, which, objects to being1 looked
upon as unpatriotic, is engaged . in
house-oleanin-jr, and many radicals
who ensccflts^.^fedntgelvey-in^their
nest are feeing; ejected, one hundrvd
having during: the past few days
been told they were in the wrong1
shop. '
A nev spirit is now .being inject- I
ed into the laboring ranks of the J
country, a&d the Federation of La-1
bor wants it understood that they"j
are Americans and ready to stand
by the, laws and institutions of the
United States. The Federation
announces that their organization
is no place for Bolshevists nor an
archists. It has also attacked the
leaders in the recent steel strike.
Years ago it was predicted that
radical labor,headers would get into
the American Federation not for
the purpose of improving the condi
tion of the? workingmen of the coun
try*, but with the, determination to
? secure the.-fa-hip. handle in order tr'
wreck our government and brinr
distress upon the nation. Jt vvilV
afford gratification to ail to" know
that tin* organization is wide awake
and that if is now engaged in clear
i'tg it? ranks of undesirables. Co
lumbia is also awake to the fact
that thugs of other climes have
invaded the United States for the
purpose of sowing discontent among
us and eventually loosening the
foundations of the greatest govern
nent upon the earth. Head, celt
X? ?FOE?
and Weak Lungs
A*k your Jruggist for
BEAR'S. Accap. ao substitute
May jbe ordtted direct from
Elktou, va.
f- '?? ??' if. ' "r-v ? ? .: ? S -
tres- 1 like Berkman and "Emma
Goldman will soon be upon old ocean
On their way vback to the coun
tries whence they came.
' v .i
! A. Mitchell Palmer, who is en
gaged in a war /upon the high ,cost
of living, has Riven out certain
irules which are practical, and which
he belie1'ss will slowly lower the
present high prices of both necssi
ties and luxuries. Among other
things he says: "Stop this nation
wide saturnalia of extravagance."
We do not adopt the philosophy of
Diogenes, who prowled about the
streets of ancient Athens attired in
-a single garment and who sicpt in
a 'tub. His aim was to renounce
everything unnecessary, and upon
seeing a boy drink water from his
hand he threw away a cup he had
previously Carried. On the night
Alexander the Great was dying ' in
Babylon after a debauch I'iogo^eE
was in the pangs of dcalh the -ve
sult of eating too much raw'beef
for his""supper."' ?
We have on a former occiTsjoii
quoted an observation late
Riv-. Dr. John Hall, a: one time
nasto ? of the fifth Avenue New
Yr.rk. Presbyterian Church. .? This
-cod man said he enjoyed walking
Jong the principal streets of New
York during the Christmas season,
;arcing in windows at" displays'" of
loliday <^ooris and thanking God
here were so many things in the
AV-rlrl he could do without."
Wovds of wisdom these.
As has been its custom since the
^ginning of time, the earth todciy
ontinues to travel its beaten path
rnund the sun, in spite of the fact
hat amateur astronomers and
fchers who know less of the habits
*? the tvrrestial bodies which .make
j. the universe, made dive pvedic
'"?ns f<;r yesterday owing to the
act that six of the large planets
\re due by coincidence to line
^ "The Store of Gre iter Service**
? White Goods
j Specials
For Xmas
Remembrances 1 j
? Sheer,- fine quality
ij fabrics that may be used
! for-making any number
: of pretty things.
40-inch lawn of a very
fine sheer grade with an
india linen finish. Reg- j
j ular 50c grade at 38c*.
1 32-inch white madras |
} in stripe effects. For
| women's waists and
j men's shirts. Special 75c
j ?
A large lot of white |
checked dimities and j
1 dimity like white goods
with small, medium and \
large checks. Special at'
80c. Others at 38c, 59c .
and 75c.
; . i
First Floor Lansburgh & Bro. j
the Moose Dance Tonight
at Odd Fellows' Hall
North Columbus Street ?
g; ?
thehrsilyes up and exert a united
jpull on Old Sol.
' Some of the...pro^nosticatoW aver
red that the united efforts ,pf the.
sextette would jerk away a portion
of Sol's face and create,--a .^un spot
j of dimensions -hitherto :^unknowh.
! The result, according'id :a'otfie of the
j prediction's, would -be that the eiartH
; \yould cease to gyrate;'' tW oceans
! would dry/up, and that voof5 "would
j be torn from houses -and the. parlor
j fuiniture. and kitchen . subjected. ?to a
down pcuv which would make the
riliblical delude appear .like the. spray
'.firm an. astmati? atom.izer. But
^nothing- of the. kind happened. . .. ?
j A large part of London's- popuia
j tior. stayed awake all,Tuesday night,
j irtd midnight prayers were said , in
j iiiouscin Vof homes, (in 2 to ! he \ -ide
! spread publicity given to the alleged
j oropjhesy of Professor Porta, of ,.r,he
j University of Michigan, that the
j peculiar planetary constellation yos
J ber'day would bring about the end of
1 r.lia'v/orjd. ' . . ... . v.?
: There were a few anxious people
in Alexandria too.
JlVJsyifiSaffe . oi, -the. LGvoA
Book, '^jyhere is ,the promise of aU
this? for' since the fathers fell
asleep .all things continue, .as. they
were /rem the '^beginning of the
creation. y'
7 - ?' ?
v: A* fleet of, transatlantic passenger
steamships, as well a?, freight , ves
stl^;is ^overdue .at New York because
of '>the severe December gales that
have been , sweeping- the , Atlantic
^during -the. past, fortnight.?? More
Jjian a .dozen passenger vessels car
rying a,total of s.ome like 2,000 pas:
singers bound for >.rv?w York and
1 more than lOO^frei^l^ craft carry
j.ing. besides their qua*:?;* of. a mil
lion tons of valuabje car.^o, nearly
!^000 hunian beings in t'aejr, crews
.a'';- overdue all the }'?}:? fry in three
to.ten days from foreign ports.
I, All the passenger steamships
1 have been accounted for and . are
moving slowly westward, but there '
are many,anxious .hearts r.n 11,is side
Of .the'. Atlantic waiting for word
from the cargo earners, v. lose
radio radius .is not of. su-n a wide
extent as to .permit them to com
municate readily with the shore
from mid-Atlantic. .
Petersburg, Va., .Dec. 18.?The
Southern Oil Company has secured
a considei'able portion of the ' Du
Pont, holdings at Hopewell and ex
pects shortly to begin the manufac
ture , of paper from cotton fibre
there as a experiment. The puri
fication equipment" of the ' former
Du Pont munition plant, it is said,
has .been taken over by the oil
company and will be used in its
The proximity of Hopewell to the
cotton, producing and ginning sec
tions, "together with its excellent
shipment facilities, make it a desir
able location.
wiuvtvv* vvvi* www v* - ^ ? - -7 ? ? 7 ?
CAKES, and all the other goodies. All you have to do is to call on
Phone 235-.J *
Successor to W. H. PRIEST
Zalkind is the leader 0^low prices for Alexandria. He will please and sur
;;prise you with his" complete variety of everything edible for your table and
also at the wonderful bargains he has to offer you. He will furnish you with
reliable, wholesome and fresh goods and he will
make your dollar put more goods in your market
basket than anv other store. Ask his large and
Special Demonstration
tOwing to ^fe^^re^e-i^ar^'i of isugar the
Karo Syrup Peo'ple"are placing iii various cities?
Lid'Sd c'3 fli an educational demonstration of the many uses to
which their product pan-.be used^as-.a- substitute
sugar. For ^his'-oecassi&n they-have ^elected
icni tccat'.sc: tgc.cr.fo I
far?canIssued over '
and over again ?to
.the very. I|}St ^*SR*
? w- ~ ? ?- ?>
ytft&bcctf&g ErlNl r tl^is store and Saturday as the day on which1 a lady
Coc^'Eobk?' * |$j||j?l" representative of the Karo people will be glad to
coi<n- ^ROBucTst meet every lady in Alexandria at Zalkind and as
sist them in the art of substituting their high
grade syrups for sugar.
J-*; A. I i
having5 BJ^dEivfib'-A-Shipment of hogs will make special
'i' ' *
Fresh bams .Y.Yfv 30c
Fresh shoulders .. .?? 28c
. 26c
. 30c
. 35c
i: y jr
L- !? r
Side pork' >
Good pork chops .. > v.
Y'rime chops" . <?. ;.jY.
Pure pork sausage' 38c
Fresh sausage meat .. v 28c
Spare.ribs; neck' bones-/ kidneys and
heads at reduced' prices.
Armour .and Cudahy cured hams 30c
Siigav ? cured .shoulders v.;:; 23c
Shaffer's cured bacon, sliced .. 40c
I in piece ... . 38c
| ? Balogne &'nd" ]ihk: sausage 24c
Rabbits, fowls and turkeys in stock at
i market .pricev
[ Hirsch can pumpkin", while it lasts 10::
| Also some- special brands of the best
coffee ahlb. .... . SSII.... 28c
Eggs, good . n 58c
VEAL?Milk Fed, Home Killed
Cutlets, 15c
Loin and rib chops 38c
Shoulder chops 30c
Shoulder roast 28c
\7eal breast 20c
Choice Steaks
Round, sirloin and porterhouse 27c
Chuck steaks 22c
Chuck roast 20c
Bouillon roast 24c
Shoulder clod 24c
Prime rib 25c
Boiling beef 12c
Inspect the grade before buying
Leg lamb ? ? 32c
Shoulder 28c
Shoulder Chops 28c
Loin and rib chops 38c
Breast 20c
We Have Recommended Highly the Famous
Betsy Ross Flour
Matle from selected best' gratje Vil'ginja mountain wheat; Because we knew
the millers of this product we guaranteed every, sack -to be white, wholesome
and nutritious or money refunded. It has no superior in the flour world. We
are making-you.a special.pric^'^O V t<~. 1
' -? * 1 fv
?- < > t !?;
Tin's is'below-the market'price and we advise ;;ou to stock up 011 this high
grade flour. The price is just for Christmas and will be higher after the holi
- /J,-.,53nc
.fx: ? ' .*?? v ? *i ? ? "if
"Alexandria's Largest Department:Store?#*|i
? ? ? - ;
a J0SB6 _ : imi'Jwigsiff f
i t ? i?<- * t*. <??: * i -j );?<?! <'?
That is, the practical, sensible love tokens that I
friends and relatives love to receive, because of their j
usefulness. This store is filled with these sensible j
gifts; We hope we'll have enough to go around, but I
to avoid, disappointment we urge you 10'do your
Christmas shopping at once.
. ... .....
For Men 7
'' Neckties 50c to $5.01);!
Scarfa $1.50 to 85:00 jj
Umbrellas $2:50 to $10.00 H I
Shirts $2.00 to ?15.00 jj j
Hosiery J:' ? 25c to S2.50 \\
Handkerchiefs 15c? to ||
i Suspenders. 50c to $l.o0 j'
j Sweaters $2.50 to $15.0(!
Underwear . '....' $1.25 ;to ?
j Garters .. 25cUq IliOO
! Pajamas ... . $2.00- to S5i00 ; |
'j Night -Robes $1.50 to $2^50 j |
1 Dress gloves.;... >J, .\j .... K , $2:50 to J>5.0O I 'A
j Auto gauntlet^. . $2.50' to $LOiOO j^-j
! Wool gloves . 50c-.to $2.00 |; [
j Hefmets j., p. .;. $L50 to 33.09 |j J
!| Golf &ps .; .........' 75c to ?2>50 |j !
... 75c to tSl.OO
....... $10.00 to $50.00 l!:
cases $3.50 to $30.00 jj".
|iTravelirip; bai?s .v. .> $3.50 to $35.00 jj:
Pock-et boots- ? .->$1.00 to $10.00 If
rr-T-TT-^- ' . =jj
i^or; Women
J>re.ss'gloves $2,50 to $?.C'0
Silk hose ; . .?????? '*$2.00 to $5.00
Lisle hose tm."> *? 50c to $1.00 |f.
Umbrellas . $2.50 to $10.00 J.
Fancv collars I50c to $4.00
Handkerchiefs' f/' 15c to $2,00
| Leather hand bags ? $1.25 to $6.50
Sweaters- .- .-.'.v..... . ?. t? $5.00 to $15.00
Knit skirts :?.v. $1.00 to $3.50
..Fur scarts $10.00 to $75.00,
Fur muffs'............... $10.00 to. $75.00
White aprons : . 50c to $1.98
Fancy scarfs ...' 98c to $5.00 ;
Face towels 25c to $2.00 )
Bath towels 50c to $2.00 .
Japanese china ... 98c to $10.00
Pocket books, ; f......... $1.25 to $10.00
Outing robes '. $1.98 to S2.50 .
Boudoir caps ^ 9Sc to $5.00 ;
Silk Waists ?. S7.50 to $18.00 ;
Corsets $1.50 to $8.00
|! Ui niiiuicd
|i Sweaters $3.50 to $7.50
i! Handkerchiefs ' '. :.. 25c to 50c
?; Hosiery . , >...t 25c to 75c
| Hand'bags : ? ? /' 69c to $1.98
I; Gloves 50c to $2.00
ji Golf caps .. .V j..... 50c. to $2.50
! Bath robes .... .v...$2.50 to $3.50
: Coats $5.98 to 819.50
j Fur sets . 85.98 to $25.00 h
^Dresses $7.50 to $15.00 !i
Store Open Evenings
Until Xmas
?. ? i
ROLONG The Life of Your Wardrobe?
This is'a !u y you owe yciii'seif if ybu are anx
! . j-y: iv: vy dcibr's worth cf AY-ar cut of
/*"!' ?" 1 % your cj-rjies.
I Ava Out lriethinl cf pressing: clothcs dec's not twist,
?? j,u;j ii i i? them cut of nhaps hut instead we
iWllllllft' i'f\ j ',u; thi body shape i.ito the most rnii
; T Y lis ^ better creases and a uniform
J finish.
f Cleaners and Dyers
712 Kin^" Street Phone 1067
? - ?" ?

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