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More than pasing attention should
be given to the following quotations
from a series of articles from Wash
ington which have been written by
H. Parker Willis who is an authority
on economics and banking, is assoc
iated in the work of the Federal Re
serve Board and is editor of the New
York Journal of Commerce: The tree
crd.it and soft money propaganda is
not only a political issue of the early
future, but affords a present prob
lem of first class importance.
Mr. Willis notes a growing lack of
interest in any district program of
any legislation not only because of
the approaching elecition but because
the members of Congress now recog
nize the appearance of some danger
ous new issues. Of these probably
the most outstanding is rural credit
and banking in general. The Demo
cratic party iiTgradually falling un
der the control of the "soft" or un
sound money fanatics once more. Ac
cording to some of those in the inner
most councils of the organization the
situation has advanced to the point
at which the adoption of some unsound
money and banking programme has j
practically become an article of faith
with the so-called "left wing" of the I
Mr. Bryan is advocating various
radical notions in money and banking
and attacking the Federal Reserve
system, According to these same
Democrats already referred to it is
expected that he will endeavor to con
trol party conventions in favor of
new "soft money" plans. Extreme
ideas on the money and banking ques
tion have 9'pread over the country and
seem likely to play an important part
in the election.
This in a certain way would help
the Republicans ordinarly were it
not that they themselves are so great
ly divided on this question. They
have accepted a s?iare in the soft
money propaganda in many instances,
and include among their number some
of the mo3t severe critics of the Fed
eral Reserve system. They are thus
in no position to attack the Demo
crats on the ground of their "un
soundness." The money question is
likely for this year at least to be a
local issue, figuring largely in South
ern and Western districts and leading
to the election of new members on
"greenback" or "people's banking"
The effect of these conditions on J
pending legislation is of immediate |
importance. Already Congress has j
taken steps in connoction with farm
crcdit, which arc certainly to be re
gretted, including the "dirt farmer"
bill, passed by the upper chamber and
the War Finance Corporation legis
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constipation poison, sour bile and
waste out of the bowels, and you
have a well, playful child again.
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know a, teaspoonful today saves a
sick child tomorrow. Ask your brug
gist for genuine "California Fig
Syrup" which has directions for ba
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on the bottle- Mother! You must say
"California" or you may get an im
itation fig syrup.
I lation which on the whole has not been
.'productive of much benefit certainly
'none in proportion to the cost of the
j operations-under it.
]Vfr. Willis point3 to the latest bonus
proposal with its disregard of the
danger of reinflation as an example of
the character of the suggestions which j
are constantly coming forward for ;
the use of the banking system in a j
way to/subsidize or help some element, j
in the community which it is desired j
to placate."
Styles generally accompany eye
strain or poor general health. The
cause should be found and treated, and
especial attention shpuld be given to
correcting eyestrain, indigestion and
constipation. Hot application may be
used but if pus gathers the eye should
be treated by physician.
Foreign bodies in the eye may some
times be removed by blowing the nose
violently, by yawning several times, or
by drawing the upper lip down over
the lower. The eye should not be rub
bed. Tf is proves impossible to dis
lodge the object by these methods the
patient's eyelid should be turned back
in the following manner: Let the pa
tient sit with his head back in a low
chair placed in a good light and stand
I behind him holding his head between
| your side and upper arm. In this po
sition the patient's head is held firmly
while both the operator's hands are
free. Next draw down the lower lid,
and remove the object, if visible, on j
the corner of a clean handkerchief. ;
To turn back the upper lid, grasp the
eyelashes firmly, draw the lid down,
out and then up over a match or a pen- j
cil placed across the middle of the
lid and held in your other hand. Then
wipe the object carefully away if it
is visible.
Irritation that persists after the
foreign body has been removed may
be relieved by a cold compress contin
ued for an hour or more, or by a drop
or two of castor .oil placed under the i
lid. If attempts to remove a foreign
body are unsuccessful, if the injury
is severe or if irritation continues af
ter several hours, apply a cold com
press, bandage it firmly so that the
eyeball is kept at rest and seek the
aid of a physician.
Permanent deafness may result j
from neglecting disorders of ears, j
Ear-ache, discharge from the ear, !
swelling in or about it, pain or ten- j
derness behind it, all require medical j
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I attention and no time should be lost
; in securing it. To relieve pain the
j patient may lie with his ear on an ice
jbag, but nothing whatever-.should be
i put into the ear before the doctor
i comes, except when an insect has en
tered the ear and causes acute dis
! tres by the noise of its beating wings.
If such an accident has occured the
patient should lie on the affected side,
and warm sWeet oil should be dropped
very gently into the affected ear by
means of a medicine dropper. The in
sect generally drowns in the oil and
floats to the opening of the ear canal.
After it has been removed, the patient
should lie on the affected side so that
the oil may drain out of the ear.
j No attempts should be made to re
move foreign bodies from the ear or
j nose unless they can be easily reach
j ed with the fingers. Hair pins crochet j
| hooks and similar instruments should I
j never be used for this purpose. It is
j better for a doctor to remove foreign
'objects because unskilled attempts
! are likely to move them further in.
Nose bleed usually stops of itself,
j but if it is obstinate the patient should
I sit erect with the head back and cold
compresses should be placed on the
nose and the back of the neck. Pres
sure should be made on the upper lip
by means of the fingers, or by a firm
! roll of paper or cotton placed under
the upper lip. Salt or vinegar in wat
er, a teaspoonful or either, one to a
cup of water, may be snuffed up the
nose. The treatment should be con
tinued for ten or fifteen minutes or
until the bleeding stops. If the "bleed
ing persists after this, a doctor is
! needed.
By Thomas L Carter, Auctioneer
AUCTION SALE:?Sale of a de
sirable two story frame dwelling and
lots upon which it is built, located
in Arlington County. Va.
By virtue of and pursuant to the
Usual Added Attractions
and Orchestra Music Each
terms of a deed of trust dated De
cember 29, 1920, executed by E. J.
Comeau, unmarried, to Courtland H.
Davis, a s trustee, and of record in
Deed Book 173 page 126 of the land
records of Arlington County, Vir
ginia, at the written requost and
direction of the party thereby se- j
cured, default having been made in i
the payment of the indebtedness se-1
cured by said deed of trust, the un- I
dersigned Trustee will offer for
sale at public auction, in front of the i
Royal Street entrance to the market
house, in Alexandria City, Virginia,
on WEDNESDAY, April 12th, 1922,
| at 12 o'clock M., that parcel of
ground with the improvements there
on and the appurtenances thereto
belonging, located in the County of
Arlington, Virginia, and known as
All those two lots or parcels of
Aground with the buildings and im
provements thereon and the appur
tenances thereunto belonging, being
known and designated as LOTS No.
SIX and SEVEN (6 & 7) in BLOCK
SEVEN (7) of a certain plan of lots
known as PARK ADDITION to
Alexandria, according to plat record
ed in Deed Book No. 4, page 231, of
said County land records, and being
the same property which was con
veyed to the said E. J. Comeau by
M." B. Harlow, widower, by deed
dated July 10, 1920, and recorded
among the land records of said
County in Deed Book 170 page 409.
Above property will be sold sub
ject to a first Trust for $2,500.00,
which comes due December 10th,
1923, and interest from June 10,
1921. Interest will be adjusted tc
date of sale.
TERMS OF SALE:?Conveyan- j
cing at the cost of purchaser or pur
chasers, including revenue stamps.
Balance over first trust to be paid
cash by purchaser.
Courtland H Davis,
70-9c. e. o. d. Trustee.
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ASHTON?On F-riday, March 31st,
1922, at 11 3. m., the body of the
late Alex. L. Ashton will be re
moved from the vault and buried
in Union cemetery, Alexandrai,
Va. 76-lp.
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BY VIRTUE of a deed of trust'
executed by Adolph F. Koch and
wife, to the undersigned Trustee, re
corded in Deed Book 72, page 4G2,
of the land records of the City of
Alexandria, Virginia, default having:
been made in the payment of certain
installments .of a note thereby se
cured, the undersigned trustee will,
at the request of the holder of said
note, offer for sale at public auction,
before the Royal Street entrance to
he Market Building, in the City of
Alexandria, Virginia, on Tuesday,
the 4th day of April, 1022, at twelve
o'clock noon, the property, with the
buildings and improvements thereon,
mentioned and described in said deed
of trust, as follows, to wit:
with the buildings and improvments
thereon, in the City of Alexandria,
Virginia, known and designated as
all of Lot numbered Twelve (12),
in Section numbered Five (5), of
the Subdivision of Rosemont, as the
same is shown on a plat thereof,
duly recorded in Deed Eook 68, page
509, together with the right of way
over the alley ten feet wide, on the
rear portion of Lots numbered
Eight (8) to Twelve (12) inclusive,
running north to the Street north of
said premises, in common with
others entitled to the use thereof.
THIS SALE will be subject to
the lien of a deed of trust of $5Q00.
00, recorded in Deed Book 70, page
Terms of sale CASH, conveyam
cing and revenue stamps at the
cost of purchaser.
72-Sc Howard W. Smith, Trustee.
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