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' ' 1 1 ?- 't ?
Wholesale (ivd Retail Dealers hi Fish
Oysters, and. Other Produets of
Potomac River and Chespeake Hay
?Pat fee if: and Shippers on fiiy
With a world of seafood at its door,
Alexandria ha.s not made the strides
it should have as a market and ship
ping point for fish, oysters and clams,
but it is retrieving much of its lost
gj-ound since the establishment in
June of last year of the Alexandria
Sea Food Market of which Mr. Step
hen Davis is proprietor and manager. |
The market which is located at 113
North Royal Street is conducted aion?: j
the most modern and sanitary lines,
and it is building up a reoutation for
quality and accommodation which is
not alone confined to Alexandria but
which extends to niur.y section? of the
country to which it makes shipments i
by rail and water. I
Expert shuckers of oysters arp em-1
ploypd, and the market sells nothing 1
but its own shucked oysters, while 1
in the shad season it catches its own i
fish of that tribe. Oysters and fish
arc shipped anywhere in the country
and it supplies a demand which is
In season the market specializes in
virions and last year had as mV>y\as
5,000 on hand at one time.
Mr. Davis has been enrraged in the
seafood business practically all of his
life. He is building up a business
which is of thf> utmost importance to
Alexandria, and which will add to
the advertisrnent of the city all over
the country. He has complete equip
ment including one large oyster boat
and four fishing boats, and in season
his payroll is an important factor on
the waterfront.
Progressive, public spirited and ag
gressive Mr. Davis is a valuable citi
zen for AlexantJ/ifc
Furniture Dealers, Cabinet?Makers,
Operating Repair Department?
Boosters for Alexandria and a Pro
gress! oe Rutin ess House
A firm that is anxious to see Alex- j
andria go forward and which has es
tablished a business which is becom
ing of considerable consequences is.
that of Duborg, furniture dealers
*\nd cabinet makers of 102 Noi-th
rayette Street, Alexandria.
Although established only a year ,
and a half the firm has built up an j
extensive business, buying and selling f
second-hand furniture and house fur- 1
It operates a modern and up-to- :
date repair department which has a ;
large patronage. Expert cabinet j
makers are employed, and it makes J
a specialty of silvering mirrors as
well as all kinds of furniture work,
including varnishings etc.
A complete line of second hand j
furniture is always on hand, and ;
highest cash prices are paid for fur- j
Mr. P. Duburg, the present head I
of the firm, has resided in Alexandria
eight years and is well known in ihe ;
city. He is one of Alexandria's most j
consistent boosters, and is anxious to (
see the community go forward and ;
develop into the commerce it should. j
Food Products of Most Delightful and
Time Saving Character and Prov
ided at This Model Store Where j
Cleanliness and Sanitation Arc
Cow pan ion Virt ues.
Cooked foods of all sorts, pickles,
relishes, dainties, and sweets of all
kinds make the delicatessen store a j
rich source of supply for all sorts of
occasions, and an institution upon
which instant call can be made for
almost any edible.
One of the cleanest and most sani
tary establishments in Alexandria is |
Fleischmann's Delicatessen where all j
varieties of prepared foods, canned >
goods, candies, preserves, sweets, and
in fact a general line for the house-j
wife's needs, are to be found. The i
store is tastefully arranged and most j
inviting and attractive in its every:
appointment, and the stock is lar^o, ,
varied and of the highest quality.
In addition to the food specialties !
handled at Fleischmann's there are |
also cicars, cigarettes, tobaccos and .
all kinds of smokers' articles, showing
that while special attention is given to
women's needs the requirements of j
men have not been overlooked.
Much of the delicatessen that graces j
the attractive counters and clean
glass disolay cases of this shop is i
nuide right in the establishment of
the nurest and frankest ingredients,
the best cuts of meat and with the
finest sauces. All the work is done
under the nersonal direction of either
Mrs. II. M. Fleischmann, owner, or
of Mr. IT. F. Fleischmann, manager
of the place. The business was es
tablished four years ago. Mrs.
Fleischmann has been a resident of
Alexandria 4 years and Mr Fleisch
mann for 25 years. Mr. Fleischmann
was formerly with the Raleigh hotel
in "Washington.
Both are good, progressive busi
ness people and public snirited citi
zens and town boosters. Mr. Fleisch
mann is an Elk and personally is a
popular man.
Exclusive Agents for Reo With Ex
tensive Territory in Northern Vir
ginia?also Sales for Peerless Cars
Handle Complete Line of Accesso
ries and Does Expert Automobile
A man mav sell an automobile but
it is more likelv that most automo
bile sales are due to the character
and standing of the agency that hand
les the car for a nrosoective nur
rhaser is exceedingly interested in
knowing whether or not he can reply
on statements made by a salesmen.
Thus Dick^rson's paraee at, 111-17
South P?tt Street. Alexandria holds
an enviable record for reliability and
'confidence and thai is the reason its
' sales of cars last year broke many
, records in this section.
The garage has the exclusive agen
cy for the Keo cars in the territory
composed of Arlington, Fairfax and
Prince William Counties, and the city
of Alexandria. Last year It sold ap
proximately forty new cars and more
than half a hundred used machines.
In addition to its sales agency,
the garage operates pn up-to-date re
pair department which is perhaps
the best equipped in the city. Expert
mechanics are employed, and work
is done on every make of ear with i
repairs on the Peerless and Reo a
It has a large pavronage and owes !
it to its efforts to give every motorist
a square deal. i
Mr. .J. ?/I. Dicker son. ^-operietor of
the garage, is one of Alexandria's
best known and most prominent citi- j
zens. He is an ardent advocate of
good road?, especially the highway to j
Fairfar Court House and can always
be counted on to boost any prooosi-!
tion for the good of (Tie city. He owns
a large farm on the Little River Turn-,
pike, thi-ee miles from Alexandria.
It is known as the Tridelphia Farm
ar.d is one of the best in this section.
The River and surrounding- coun
try within reach of Alexandria, arc
indeed a happy hunting ground, for
the lover of outdoor sports. The
magnificent Potomac, provides an1
uneoualed opportunity for the lover
of boating of all kinds. The beauty1
of the river is known the world over.
In its waters there abound the game i
fish of all the world, the black bass, i
the pickerel, the crappie, and the
fresh water trout. It is not uncom
mon for an angler to take the limit of
twenty five bass in on day's fishing
and among- them are some of the
big fellows that we love to tell about
during the long winter months when
the rod and reel are covered with
dust and the boat is hauled up on
When November first rolls around
it is a common sight to see Alexan
drians faring forth with gun and dog
to enjoy the fine sport afforded by
the gamey quail, whose drum beat,
says Grantland Rice, is the call to
every red blooded man to match his
wits and skill. Rabbits are plentiful
and we have in our marshes excel-1
lent Sora shooting during the early
fall months. But men, the best is
yet to come.
When the northwester strikes down
in the fall and the ice begins to form
in the still places, we get out the old
gun and boots and, nowhere on this
great land is the canvas back, red
head and Mallard, to be found in
greater numbers than on the broad
breast of the Potomac and in the
small tributary streams. Within a
half mile of the city these birds are
in sight from early fall to late
spring. It is a sport to thrill the
most wearied nerves and to make the
blood warm even in the face of an icy
blast. I have yet to see the man who
does not get excited when the big
fellows set their wings and roar into
the decoys, with big white breast ex
posed and gracflul wings, dipping
lower and lower as they get within
the range.
The R. F. & P. Railroad skirts the
river for about fifty miles, and
p'aces remote distances within easy
"each for a day's shooting. For the
?n;n who lives in Alexandria and
I'- the desire to get away from the
'/fice or shop and live again, if onlv
for a day, with the great mother of
us all and to feel the free abandon of
a child, for whiA we all long, the Old
Dominion furnishes the best and
most varied opportunity.
W. S. Siwjc
Proprietors of Alexandria's Leading \
Department Stores Hare Model'
./??.<ihiess Place, Fully Equipped
and Completely Stocked; Many
Money Saving Articles Here.
That the people of Alexandria can
save money by doing their purchasing
in Alexandria, rather than going to
Washington or any other city is daily
proved to their satisfaction at the de
partment store of Swan Brothers.
This model business house, at the
corner of King_and Pitt Sts., is one
of the most popular and most largely
patronized of all of Alexandria's
stores, and it well merits the reputa
tion it holds as Alexandria's leadin?
department store.
The business was established by
Swan Brothers 21 years ago, when
they became successors to the late
John R. Chapman, then at 424 King
street. Swan Brothers started busi
ness in a modest way and with small
capital they were possessed of enter
prise, energy and determination to
succeed, together with a business abil
ity that made their success an assured
fact from the start.
The splendid business policy which
j they adopted early in their careers
as merchandisers stood them in good
stead and won many friends and pat
rons for them who have struck by
them through the years. This policy
has meant at all times the mainte
nance of one price to all, first qualitv
merchandise in all departments,
prompt and attentive service in the
j store on the part of all employes, and
courtesy and a willingness to be of as
I sistance in every possible manner to
j customers.
I After about ten years at the old
j Chapman site Swan Brothers moved
(across the street to their present lo
cation which they leased for a lonjr
| time. Assured of long use of the
j building for their business they made
I such expenditures in putting in a
| new front which 'affords handsome
! display windows. These are alwavs
j attractively dressed by the most skill
i ed window artists and a fine index
i to the quality and character of the
| goods in stock is presented to passers
by, who sooner or later become visi
tors and customers.
Since being on the present site Swan
Brothers have greatly enlarged the
store by the addition of a large build
i ing next door, which is now used as
] the men's store on the first floor, and
;for women's suits 2nd coats on the
! second. The guarantee of absolute
satisfaction or a return of money ex
pended makes many friends for this
business and gives them a confidence
in a business that has confidence in
itself and its goods.
Prior to coming to Alexandria Mr.
W. E. Swan, senior member of the
firm war. in the dry goods business
in Washington. Mr C. D. Swan, jun
ior partner, was associated with
Woodward and Lothrop in Washing
ton for nine years and with John
Wanamaker, at the New York store j
for two years.
Today Swan Brothers ?njoy not
only the greater part of the dry good*
business of Alexandria but a profi
table businesr in the surrounding ter
ritory and a mail order business as
Mdssrs. W. E. Swan and C. B.Swan
were born in Waynesboro. Va. They
are sons of an eminent Confederate
veteran, whom like his sons, is well
known and popular The elder Mr.
Swan lives in Washington but is a
frequent visitor in Alexandria and
many there are who enjoy hearing hb
stories of the war.
Swan Brother? are progressive,
public spirited citizens and are advo
cates of all movements that ten.i to
advance the best interests of the city
Where, in a comparatively recent |
geological age, there was a lake that ;
coyered 8,-100 square miles, there now
remains, in no'rthwestern Nevada, n j
small body of water known as Pvra- j
mid Lake.
A water-cooled Diesel engine of ra
dial cylinder type has recently been
designed in Italy.
Alexandria High School
See Us Before Signing Contracts
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
We Sell Nothing But Our Own Shucked Oysters
Shucked at the House Daily
We Own Our Own Boats for
Transporting Melons and
Sea Foods
A Trial Will Convince You
We Ship Anywhere
113 N. Royal St, Alexandria, Va. Phone 198
Prompt Attention Given to all Orders

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