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Prominent Washington Real Estate
trad. lar.nrtthcc Agency With Re
cently Opened li ranch in Alexau
dria F.nds Hn.yinexs Good in City
cad Ontloo!; P,right.
If the people of Alexandria <lo not.
recognize that the city has overcome
to a large extent the business depres
sion with which "the world has been
faced and is now on the upward trend,
there are outside interests who have
been able to see it..
Take for instance the real estate
and insurance house of J. Leo K<;lb,
oT Washington, which five* months ago
established a branch at 724 King St.,
Alexandria with Mr. Thomas M. Bick
ers, a reai estate and insurance ex
po t of many years of experience.
Mr. Bickers, not only has found
business good for his house in Alex
andria but sees a brighter outlook,
having the utmost confidence in the
future of Alexandria* and that it
takes only an agressive attitude ^n
the part of 'l* cr.izsns to roorer::te in
biiilr'injr up the city still further.
The Kolb agency does a general
insurance business, representing the
strongest eompanies in the world, and
ha..'dies city and sub:i:b. r. properly.
Bc-entb. they have had a number of
inquiries of houses t'-.r rent or for
r and this is taken as a splendid
indication of the turn in the financial
and foimr.O'T'ial tide of '.he city.
?,!>?. ?Ji kers is a native and is prom
inently known through the stale,
lie is a wide-awake progressive busi
ness man, and hits oniv recently com
pleted a ?. f !be Stek'.er nroneriy
on linssc 1] Road to Jarr.cs F. Craw
Sric!?',:!//??/?: in Repair of All Make: of
Li fir of A ere::>:oriey ".i<i ^':ii til
Al/rn. ii (iil.ihf.n Slu'ils
Service is a r>r;me consideration in
these days of keen competition, and
the great demand is for efficiency and
When the Southern Auto Service
Companv wa ?? established at A,' 'rod
and Gibbon Streets two years ago,
its owners determined to make ser
vice, efficiency, and satisfaction their
main considt. ation. How well they
have Siifceedrd may best be judged
by the character of tiie business in- y
have gained and !>y their increasing
pal roiia go.
Repairing on all make:; of cars
is their specialty and their prat ti.-a" j
mechanics see that tve-y j.b i>; done
right. They are Ford students and j
specialists and no concern in Alexan- 1
dria is better equiopwl to find the j
trouble with your Ford.
A line of automobile p.:rts. acces
sories, oils. greases, a.vd g?i:-.o1ine are '
carried, and everything is guaran
teed to be right.
They will sell you a second hand
automobile or select a new car for
you, to your certain satisfaction.
The proprietors of the business are
Messrs. ('. W. O'Meara and George
'?V. Byrne; both of whom are exper
ienced automobile men and know ev- !
ery angle of the business. They are
both natives of Virginia, arc members
of the Odd Fellows, and are connected
with religious, charitable, civic, and
and other institutions of like kind.
Mr. Byrne has had seven years of ex- j
perienee in auto repair work and
O'Meara six years from sales v*\ .
to the complete job: which makes i
live wires and masters of their bu !- j
jsess. |
Confectioner, Tobacconist, and Deal
er i;i Magazines, lee Cream, Etc.,
With Modern Sanitary Soita Foun
tain and Refreshment Tahlc Ser,
rice, Han Popular Place
For several years one of the most
popular and most frequently patron
ized business .places in Alexandria has
been, and still is, the store of Mr. .T.
Reece Cafon, confectioner, tobacco
nist and dealer in magazines, sta
tionery and novelties.
Among the reasons for the great
popularity of this store may be men
tioned tiie handsome and well hand
led soda fountain from which the best
purest and most refreshing of bever
ages are served. Counter service also
is given and a splendid and wholly
satisfying luncheonette is available
at a reasonable price.
The stocks of candies and confec
tionery. and (if tobacco, cigars, cigar
ette and smokers articles, at all times
are large and well selected contain
ing all standard goods. Fixtures and
furniture are attractive, and the store
having 1,500 square feet of floor space
is a model one.
All the latest current mazazines
and popular reading matter iri var
ious forms are carried on the- coun
ters of this store.
.\Ir. J. Recce Caton, a native of
Alexandria and possessed of large
civic pride is one of the most popular
: men in local circles. He is a member
of the Chamber of Commerce, the K.
of C\, B. P. O. E.. and Royal Arcanum.
i I.o.i(icts! PUivt iv N-tfllieni Virginia
i 11 .id Refreshment Table Scr
ditr'c in ttl! j.c.rin of State.
The Plant of the Alexandria Fer
tiliser and Chemical Company, r.ow
operated- by The American Agricul
tural Clicmical Company, is the lar
1 gc?t fertilizer factory in Northern
Virginia. The high grade commer
j 1 fertilizer:; manufactured by this
: Comnaisy are distributed in this and
: neighboring states. The A. F. & C.
?Co. (Alexandria Fertilizer and Chem
i Seal Company) brands have been ex
tsnsivi'ly used and are most favorably
kr.v.vn to the planters prolit'ng by
large crops.
Tin fjjciory, covering a large acre
i age in the northeast section cf the j
: C'ty, i.-: connctod by railroad switch
j Ing facilties that nrovide aceommo
j da'. ion for trains of cars. Its lan/e
J dock is the best (quipped on the Poto
; mac River. With its power-driven
hoi 4s and grab buckets. ocean-going
! ships are discharged :.nd loaded with i
tin same dispatch noticed at large
.* t ai.'orts.
; Hundreds of men are employed in
tli" tory operating the most irn
? piMVt-d machinery used in the manu
jfariurc of high grade fertilizers.
Electrically driven digger*, and
! shovels, overhead trolleys, car.:, con
ve\:;vs. and fleets <>i' electric and gas
I propelled trucks are used n moving
materials and the manufactured
Th.* Plant presents a scene of v/on
(hrf.il equipment, skill and industry,
common to a larg-'* commercial center.
.?u*t north of the fertilizer factory
; ml warehouse is (he Sulphur Acid
P'ant, operated twenty-four hours cv
( ry day and every day in the year.
T:*.:r P'i'nl i<-: oi;e of the most credila
).!?? factory buildings facing the Poto
tna- River.
'!'hr> Sales and Factory Offices are
f.-'ri ;iJ .) 11 North Lee Street, Alex
andria, Va.
R.-aJl'/r-t; fJialrrs i:> City ?! Si'h- j
? 't'ir.i.,1 Hp"I fj>tatr, Ufi.vdHitfj f'rap- j
e>'tn nf fiver if I)?!?", i/iHtm; Muri.ir i
cm'. Fire t ravee; fioy;li,ia ti.nl
Invent incvtu. *
Progress of a community depends
to an extent, much larger than is gen
evaily supposed, upon the activities
of the real estate operators. Without
progressive, enterprising realtors, as
realty men now are popularly known,
the advancement of a community
would be slow, "Indeed. For realtors,
Knowing land values and seeimr pos
sibilities for business and residence
development that the avernge person
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May Start Terrible Salivation j
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may salivate you. It may shock your
liver or start bone necrosis. Calomel
is dangerous. It is mercury, quicksil
ver. It crashes into sour bile like
dynamite, cramping and sickening
you. Calomel attacks the bones and
should never be put into your system.
It* you feel bilious, headachy, consti
pated and ail knocked out, just go to
your druggist and get bottle of Dod
son's Liver Tone for a few cents
which is a harmless vegetable sub
stitute for dangerous calomel. Take i
a spoonful and if it doesn't start your j
liver and straighten you up better
and quicker than nasty calomel and
without making you sick, you just
go back and get your money.
Don't take calomel! It can not be
trusted any more than a leopard or a
wild-cat .Take Dodson's Liver Tone
which straightens you right up and
makes you feel fine. No salts neces
sary. Give it to the children because
it is perfectly harmless and can not
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only " Layer" package which contains proper directions.
H.ii'dv "Haver" burets vi !*2 tablets?Also bottles of 24 ais^l 100- T!rissr?n?ta.
A'j'iriu Sj> ilit- traJc ciarU of Bayer MancfstiLic o: MuiivacciicaciUesicr ikucU
does not see, secure for a community
now life and new resources by bring
ing in from other and less favored
communities those whose coming will
add to the general good and the pros
perity of the- community.
One of the livest and most aggres
sive realty concerns in northern Vir
ginia, composed of enterprising busi
ness men, who ar^ broad-minded and
far-seeing, is that of Graham & Ogden
at r>30 King Street, Alexandria.
This business was established in
September 1913, and during the years
ii ha.- been operating, has done much !
to advance the general welfare of the
All kinds and descriptions of pro
perties, both city and suburban
throughout this section are represent
ed by this company. Sales are made,
buyers being found, proprities are
looked after, rentals and colic lions
are managed; Insurance is written
and, as a matter of fact every detail
of property management is trans
acted by Graham & Ogden.
A large insurance business also is j
done?fire and marine insurance be- !
ing the company's r.pecialtius. Big
insurance contract.-, and big realty
deals are given particular attention
and seme of the largest activities of
b-itli rr-.T-ty dealing and insurance
writing have been handled by this
? ? I
castor ia;
For Infants and Children
vise For Over 30 Years <
Always bears
Signa'Lre of
The firm of Graham & Ogden is af
filiated with Chamber of Commerce
as also are the firm members, Messrs,
John G. Graham and Kenneth W. Og
flcn. They ni?.? members also of the
Virginia R?al Estate Association,
Alexandria Real Estate Hoard and
Alexandria Underwriters Association.
Colonel K. W. Ogden is a member of
the rtair of Governor Trinkle or* Vir
ginia and is one of the most popular
citizens of thjusection. He is a direct
or of the Chamber of Commerce and
chairman of the Chapter's civic bu
reau, and a member of the Board of
Alderman in which for the last two
year;; he has been chairman of the
streets committee. Colonel Ogden is
a Mason, and Elk, and member of the
Kiwanss club and of the Bachelors'
Colonel Ogden is active in all civic
and municipal enterprises of value,
and for seventeen years was a mem
ber of the city's volunteer fire depart
ment. From December ?!. !917 until
May 1. 1021 he was chief of the fire
department, during which period he
saw that the department was com
pletely motorized and its efficiency
great!;.' increased. Colonel Ogden is
one of the foremost advocates and
hackers of the White Way proposal
and is a consistent booster of the
Gazette's "1-1 points.'
. Mr. John G. Graham, too, is for
the White Wnv and for all other
things that will betterthe city's wel
fare generally. He is a member of
the Chamber of Commerce and Ki
wanis Club, and of the Racket Club,
Washington, and of the Masons, Odd
Fellows, and Imnroved Order of Red
Men. Personally, fraternally and in
a business way, he is widely known
Dr. It. P. CLARK
Osteopathic Physician
Apt 1, 'The Henly' Hrs. I! to 9 p. m.
by Appointment
719 Kir.g Street Phone 27
wUvnilbl 0
For Constipated Bowels?Bilious Liver
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physic your bowels when you have Plotely hy morning and you will feci
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Headache Li.iousness sleep." Cascarets never stir you up
Colds Indigestion 0I. gripe like Salts, Pills, Calomel,
Dizziness Sour Stomach or Oil and they cost only ton cents
is candy-like Cascarets. One or two a box. Children love Cascarets too.
and popular.
Mr. Graham is vice-president of
the Virginia Real Estate Association,
in which he is one of the most active
estedness of the rarest kind and an
To enormous energy Washington.!
as president, added the cool brain of
the man of business, an inflexible
sense 01 justice, a personal disinter
John McCuen's Little Store
1121 King Street
Goods ;>re handled at little expense and sold at little profit
Domestic Voile, good at, yard 25c
imported Voile, best quality, at yard 60c
Domestic Voile, best quality, at yard 35c
Imported Gingham, best quality, at yard 50c
COME?See what we can do for you on the
1100 Block
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco
127 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, Va.
Are You
Mr. Merchant and Mr. Consumer,
Interested In The Future of Alexandria
If so, buy your goods at home when you can do so
at the same price as elsewhere. We have the
goods to deliver?anything you want in CIGARS
HENRIETTA?10c, 2 for 25c and 15c CINCO?8c, 2 for 15c
GARCIA GRANDE?10c, 2 for 25c and 15c CUSTOM HOUSE?5c
If your dealer does not carry the above brands,
get him to call us and stock them
Wholesale Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes
and Snuff?flan Extensive Tinsir
ness in Northern and Western Vir
ginia Southern Maryland.
Within the last year the availabili
ty of Alexandria as a distributing
point has been further recognized by
the development of the business of
J. S. BlatTcwell & Son, wholesale deal
ers in tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and
Although this firm has be?n estab
lished only since May 17, 1921, it
has developed an extensive business
in a territory which extends as far
south and west as Staunton, Ya., and
includes a large part of Southern
, Maryland.
The exceptional shipping facilities
of Alexandria offers the firm the ad
vantage of prompt deliveries, and
j this fact has appealed to its _ trade
throughout Northern and Western
Virginia as other sections.
Anything in the tobacco line is the
firm's motto and it also handles chew
ing gums.
Mr. J S. Blackwell has had twenty
five years of experience in the tobacco
business. He was for fifteen years
district manager for Liggett & Myers,
and has a wide acquaintance in this
territory. He is a member of the Ellcs
and Chamber of Commerce, and is a
live-wire. He is in faror of the King
Street White Way, and other move
ment that will benefit Alexandria and
further it? interests. His firm is hero
to stay and its business is growing
consequently he feels a deep interest
in the city and is always found ready
and willing to give of his time and
means in support of any cause de
signed to build up the community and
promote its moral and materia! wel

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