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City Manager Government
(By James R. Caton.)
In seeking and determining the
question of a new location, whether
l'or residential, commercial or indus
trial purposes?the first and impor
tant inquiry is addressed to the char
acter and efficiency of its municipal
goverment, and the economical and
effective administration of the fiscal
affairs; for, upon these evidences of
thrift, enterprise and progressiveness
in an urban community, the desirabil
ity of a new location for home, com
merce and industrial enterprises,
largely depend. The natural and ar
tificial advantages of location may
be ever so great, but without the
concommitant of a healthy, vigorous
and efficient city government; one
functioning in all its branches, it has
always been, and will always be, a de
terring factor in the economical and
efficient development of either The
natural or artificial advantages of
any urban community. Upon these
conditions depend the rate of taxation,
and all civic institutions and better
ments. Without them a municipality
plunges in the dark with scarcely a
ray of light to illumine its pathway.
For many years past urban commun
ities have been giving more thought
and attention to those, things that
make for their progress and develop
ment, and as well the happiness and
contentment of the people, which has
brought forth reforms in many di
rections, but none more marked, or of
greater value to civic bettement, than
the Manager Plan of Municipal Gov
ernment. The state of Virginia is the
fiir.t to initiate and adopt this form
of City Government, and from this be
ginning, 't has spread from ocean to
ocean, and from'the lakes to the gulf,
and is gaining impetus every day.
The cities in Virginia, large and small,
have adopted it, and now the capital
of the state is seriously considering
its adoption, in fact the campaign is
on. In October last, the City of Alex
andria, by an overwhelming popular
vote, endorsed the new plan; and on
September 1st. next, the new govern
ment becomes effective. The good and
practical common sense of urban com
munities have been awakened to the
great need of change in the structuye
of municipal governments, because of
the waste of t ime, money, and energy,
resulting from the old or bicameral
system, with its ever increasing bur
dens of taxation, and without equiva
lent compensating results. This sys
tem has long since out-lived its use
fulness, if ever it had any. The falla
cy that it is a system of checks and
balances safeguarding the rights of
the peonle, has been exploded. The
practical, enterprising and progres
sive business man has come to realize,
that it is a system of checks to pro
gress, efficient and economical devel
opment. and of disastrous balances to
the detriment and improvishment of
the tax payer. City government under
bicameral system, has become a play
thing of the politician, and its results
have been sadly dissapointing to
business enterprises and to the pro
gressive wide awake and energetic
citizen. A new era has dawned upon
us in this respect, resulting in
a large number of the cities of our
own and other states, casting into
the refuse the bicameral system, and
in erecting in its stead a sane and
common business sense form of gov
ernment. The City Manager Plan, is a
?'overnment built to function in all of
its departments, having a responsible
administrative head, and works effi- I
ciently. progressively and economi
cally. It is, and should be. non-parti
san: it is not intended 1o be. and
should not be. a bandy of political par
ties. Municipal Goverment is strictly
a business enterprise of all the peo
ple. for all the people and by all the
neople in every urban communitv, and
the progress and development of everv
urban communitv, demands the best
that business talent can produce, ir
respective of political affiliations.
The progressive spirit of the peo
ple ot Alexandria, has been demon
strated in the overwhelming adoption
of the City Manager Plan of Cover
ment. It brings to our service a gov
erment. modern and tip to date: waste
and leakage in time, energy and mon
ey. will be checked. The tax paver
will get a dollars worth, for his dollar
paid in taxes. Its revenues will be
intelligently, economically and sys
tematically applied, and placed where
it can be seeij and felt, by every citi
zen. It secures an up-to-date busi
ness goverment. based upon well-di
rected business principles. The nat
ural and artificial advantages of Alex
andria, with such a goverment. will
not be surpassed by any other location
in the United States. It is a stand
ing invitation to those who contem
plate seeking a new home for residen
tial, commercial, or industrial enter
prise. Come see us grow, and what
is better, come and grfiw with us. The
c?o?e pvoxim'tv of Alexandria to the
capital" of th" Nation, makes it in
evoj-v way desirable as a location
either for residence, business or in
dustrial en tern vise. The r-limale is
good,v its health is ^ood. its schools
are good Tt is putting on a modern
aspect. Tt.s live and progressive spirit
and citizenry is giving impetus to its
development. Its new form of C>tv j
Government, not onb* promises but j
assures its future. Tt is an assur
ance. and an ever standing invitation
fn see Alexandria first. hefo*v> con
sidering any other new location
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108 Years Ago
Commercial and Politic*!
THURS., MARCH 31, 1814.
The following message was on
Thursday transmitted by the
Persident of the U. S. to both
Houses of Congress:
To the Senate and House of
Representatives of the U.
Taking into view the mutual
interest which the U. States and
the foreign nations in amity
with them have in a liberal
commercial intercourse and the
extensive changes favorable
thereto which have recently
taken place: taking into view
also the important advantages
which may otherwise result from
adapting the state of our com
mercial laws to the circum
stances now existing:
I recommend to the considera
tion of Congress the expediency
of authorizing after a certain
day, exportations, specie except
ed, from the United States, in
vessels of the United States
and in vessels owned and navi
gated by the subjects of powers
at peace with them; and a re
peal of so much of our laws as
prohibits the importation of j
articles not the property of .
enemies, but. produced or manu
factured only within their do- ;
1 recommend also, as a more
effectual safeguard and en- ;
couragement to our growing j
manufactures, that the addi- ;
tional duties on imports, which j
are to expire at the end of one |
year after a peace with G. j
Britain be prolonged to thi> end j
of two years after that event.
March 31, 1811.
Edgar Warfield, Sr.
(By C. M. Shepperson.)
Wc have in our midst!
A man who has a remarkable re
cord in many ways. A druggist par ex
cellence, as it were. He is the only
surviving member of the original |
Hoard of Pharmacy, appointed by j
Fitzhugh Lee when the latter was
Governor of Virginia, lie is one of j
three surviving members of the ori- J
ginal Pharmaceutical Association of i
Virginia. He is the odest man in the i
retail drug business in Virginia. He
has tilled prescriptions for sixty-two
years. He opens his store early in the
morning and closes it late at night,
as all successful druggists must do.
lie is the father and the grandfather
of his firm, for the store in which he
serves the public has the record of
being the only one in the State of Vir
ginia in which three generations of
registered druggists are on duty at i
the same time?father, son and grand- j
son, all registered druggists and all
members of the Virginia Pharmaceu
tical Association.
Mr. Warfield has fur years been the
Adjutant of Robert E. Lee Camp,
United Confederate Veterans of Alex
andria, and his record in the war be
tween the States is also unique.
When war was declared, Mr. War
field, a mere boy, being fired with the
spirit of patriotism as all boys are in
times of war, conspired with Frank
Wise to raise a military company.
Each of the two, in ways more or less
devious, managed to raise the sum of
twenty-five cents, and with the fifty
cents in this community fund, they in
serted an advertisement in the Alex
andria Gazette, calling on all who
wished to become members of their
company to meet in a hall on Kinjr
street. The net result of their appeal
was an at tendance of about four boys.
Xot at all daunted by this lirst fail
ure, they inserted another advertise
ment, which bore fruit to the extent
that the company known as the Old
Dominion Rifles was formed, with M. i
D. Corse as captain.
After the company had been formed j
a major inspector was sent here from I
Richmond to muster it into the Con-1
federate service. As the major made
his rounds, the men being drawn up in
formation, he beckoned some five or
six to step out from the ranks, Mr. |
Warfield being one of these. Mr. War- i
field asked Captain Corse the reason j
for his being taken from the ranks, j
and the captain, not being able to!
answer the question, asked tie major
inspector, who replied that iftese men
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were being: rejected.
Mr. Warfic-ld protested against his
rejection, and told the major that he
was one of the organizers of the com
pany and should on that account re
ceive some consideration, and asked
why he was to he rejected, to which
the major replied that it was on ac
count of his size. ''I am as tail as
the captain," replied Mr. Warfield,
and the major, much amused, told the
boy to "back up" against Captain
Corse, who was short and rather stout.
Mr. WarfieJd denies that he stretched
even a fraction of an inch, but says
that the result showed that, while he
weighed perhaps half as much as the
captain, he was exactly three-tenths
of an inch taller.
As a result of this test ho wa:: ac
cepted as a member of the company,
and served the entire four years, be
ing one of three members of the same
family?father and two sons, who
served it: the Seventeenth Virginia In
I The Gazette has asked Mr. War
field to give a story of his life, which
he has consented to do, and which
follows He has a fund of Civil War
anectodes which we hope to be per
mitted to publish at some later date,
and which, if published, will adil
greatly to the record of that con
I was born in the city of Wash in.t?
' ton then iri the I). C., June 7, IS 12.
My family moved to Alexandria, Va.,
when I was <i months old, where we
have resided ever since.
I spent the last ^.'5 years of my
school life at the Mechanic Hall In
stitute, Alexandria, Ya., iiev. .las. S.
Kirk, principal. I quit school at the
age of fourteen years and entered as
a clerk in the retail drug store of
Messrs. Peel, Stevens and Co., south
east corner of Kin# and Alfred
streets, where I remained nearly five
years, leaving to enter the Confede
rate army, where I served the entire
four years of the war between the
states. Returning home I immediately
obtained employment in the retail
| drug- business and after clerking for
seven months, quit and started in
business for myself. 1 am now nearly
I eighty years old, still actively en
1 gaged, with my son Edgar Warfield,
|Jr., in the drug business in this city.
There has not been a day in all these
years that ! have not been continu
ously in business, thanks to the Su
preme Being.
I am able to be and am present at
the opening of business every morn
ing and at my post every other night
until the closing hour. In the year
38SG the first Board of Pharmacy for
the State of Virginia was organized
consisting of five members, ami by the
then governor, Fitzhugh Lee, was ap
pointed a member of it on March ?r?,
J8SG. We held our first session in
Richmond, i am the only surviving
member of that board. 1 understand
that there are only three charter mem
bers of the Virginia Pharmaucial
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immediate stomach relief and shortly
the stomach is corrected so you can
'?at favorite foods without fear.
Large case cost oniy a few ccnts ;.t
drug store. Millions helped annually.
Association surviving. I believe I am
the oldest pharmacist in the State of
Virginia, actively engaged in retail
drug business.
1 will this May have been in busi
ness sixty-two years. There are now
three generations of Warfields mem
bers of the State Association, Edgar i
Warfield, .Jr., Edgar Ashby Warfield,
(Grandson) and myself.
In the year 18!?7 I was again ap
pointed a member of the board of
Pharmacy by Governor Chas T.
O'Ferraii and retired at the end of
my five year term.
At the closing session of the Board
of Pharmacy of Virginia, hold March
2, 1902 on my retiring from the board,
the following resolutions were adopt
"WHEREAS, Edgar Warfield, esq.,
of the City of Alexandria, is about to
retire from this board after an active
land useful membership of many years,
' now therefore, be it
1 RESOLVED, That this board place
on record its appreciation of his long
DYSOX?On Thursday, March .?,0.
1922, at her residence, 1004 Prince
LEY, wife of J Frank Dyson.
Funeral from her late residence,
Saturday, April 1, 1022, at 3
o'clock p. m. 7'!-2c.
General Contractor
l Cement Work a Specialty
, j 278-tf. {
and valuable services and its sincere
regret at the severance of the cordial
and pleasant relations which have so
Ion? existed.
RESOLVED, That Mr. Warfield in
his retirement carries with him the
personal regards and esteem of each
member of this board and their best
wishes for his future welfare ami pros
RESOLVED, further, that a copy
of the resolutions be transmitted to
Mr. Warfield by the secretary and
that copies be furnished the press of
Richmond and Alexandria.
Jas. L. Avis, President.
< "has. R. L:nk,
C. P. Kearfoot.
T. A. Miller, Secretary.
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