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Latest Arrival from the Lower Po
tomac. —The Potomac trade schooner Con
stitution arrived here last night, from Matta.
woman, in Charles county, Md.
When nearing the Confederate batteries,
she was .hailed and boarded by the Confede
rate Steamer George Page. An officer came
on board, examined her papers, and learning
that she was -from Charles county bound to
Alexandria, permitted her to proceed.
■At the-;time-the Constitution passed the
batteries, all was quiet in the neighborhood.
The vessel brings Wood, Furniture, and
Potatoos,»ratrd is discharging her cargo at
Fpfrle's Wharf, '.
A Large Sued.—Workmen die busily en
gaged at the American Coal Company's
Wharf, foot of Oronoco street, in erecting a
commodious shod, covering about half an
acre. The wharf is now used by "the (J. S.
Government, and tho shed is intended for
the storage of provisions, <_c. ,'
Election—An election for a member of i
the U. S. House ot Representatives, ,frojnJ
this district, was held on Tlunsday/ The polls j
were opened at the Court II on so in this-plana, i
We understand the vote stood as follows:—.
For S. F. Beach, 130; for C. B. Shirley 10. J
Change in Railroad.—Workmen in the
employ of the United States are now at work
changing the grade of the switch connecting j
the Orange and Alexandria 11-ijlroad on j
Union street, with the Alexandria, Loudoun j
and Hampshire Railroad on Water street.
Dress Parade.—There' w.;s a dress pa
rade of a portion of the U. S. troops, in this !
place, and its vicinity, on Thursday after
Bridge Repaired.—Hunting Creek Bridge j
is being repaired, and fitted up for travel. .
Cool Nights.—Frosty nights and cool!
days, ought to, according to popular belief'
kill the ague and fever.
Cahp Fires.—From any emenence, or tall |
building, in town, every night, the camp
fires of the U. S. forces occupying all the!
heights in the neighborhood of this place,
both in Maryland and Virginia, can be seen
burning brightly.
Thanks.—We are continually indebted to
George £. French, King street, for Northern
papers in advance of the mail.
Military Court.—The oivil cases before
the Military Court, to-day, were of no gene
ral interest.
Flag Raising.—The United States flag, j
the presentation of which to the Union Club, I
we noticed yesterday, was raised on the pole i
at the Market Square, this morning, at 10 I
After the Star Spangled Banner by the
Band of the Cameron Light Guard, S. F.
Beach addressed the assemblage in a
short speech, the flag was then hoisted, ana
the Band having played Hail Columbia and
Yankee Doodle, the assemblage separated.
Provisions.—Families needing fresh Pro
visions are invited to notice the advertise
ment of Johnson & Co., in to-day's "Local
News." Mr. Johnson is a native of this
city, and those wishing articles in bis line,
will do well to give him a call.
The steamer City of Baltimore has arrived
with Liverpool dates to the 16th. Bread*
stuffs and provisions are buoyant. Earl
Russell had made a speech at New Castle,
and deplored the state of affairs in America.
He said that England had no reason to in
terfere, but should watch the course of af
fairs, and if able, interfere in the cause of
freedom and humanity. He said he could
B ee no harmony either by the surrender or
subjugation of the South.
In pursuance of a court-martial sentence,
Captain Wm. F. Tully, of the Thirteenth
New York Volunteers, has been dismissed
from the military service of the United States.
A wagon tiain has been established be
tween Baltimore and Washington. Fifty j
wagon 3 will be employed in the service.
The United States Marshal of New York ,1
has received sealed orders from the Depart
ment of State, for the release of more pris- '-
oners from Fort Lafayette- The names of
the parties had not been returned. _
The Commissioner of Patents has refused
to grant a patent to a citizen of Richmond, c
Va., who remains there and seeks a patent s '
in Washington through his attorney. i;
The Confederate steamer George Page a
harboro in Quantico Creek. She occasion- c
ally rthf out into the Potomac, but keeps j
undercover of. the. batteries. Their gun
ners occasionally throw a few shells on the
Maryland side.
The Ice Boat, Union and Satellite, which a
were between shipping' Poijit and Mathias' o
Point in the early part of this week, receiv- t
ed orders, as soon as the additiooa.l batteries, V
at tiie fatter point opeued, to retire beiow a
Aquia Creek. . .' ' <;
Mr v John Colson. of Oneida-county, New.]*'
York, says that dealers in butter are reaping j d
a rich harvest by selling it'to shippers for I
Germany and England. He says that farm
ers, owing to the fact that the Southern j
market is closed "gains' their manufacture, v
are disposing of it at an extremely low price, v
while shipper are. realizing a profit of from
40 to 50, per cent..'
The trial of„the privateersmen captured
early in June by the brig Perry, on board a I
Charleston pilor-t.oat, commenced on Wed-1 g
nesday in New York, in the United States j
■• I o
Circuit C'»urt, before Judges Nek on and
I a
Shipman. [■
The Treasury Depar'ment has allowed, an | .
old claim ot the National Intelligencer, ,
amounting to $40,000. i,'
General Halleck is now on bis way fb H
Washington from California aud it is report- j '.'
ed that he will be assigned to a high com-1 1
marnl in the army immediately after hi.- ar- j
' r.
The Secretary of War, in order to relieve j \
the prevalent anxiety, has sent a special '
messenger to Edwards's Ferry for a com- I
plete list of the killed and wounded.
There are now do government vessels be- _
tween Mathias' Point and Shipping Point.
There are below the former Point the Ice I
Boat, Union, Satellite and Rescue; above the a
latter point, the Harriet Lane, Yankee, Res
olute, Reliance, Wyandank, and others.
From Missouri we learn that the Confed
erate army under Gen. Price was still re
treating to the South, and the United States
forces were rapidly following him. tSiegel '
j was as far South as Price, and aiming to cut ;
| him off at Springfield. Lane was also with* i
in two days march of him, and Fremont with J
I the main body of the army was rapidly fol- <
J lowing. The St. Louis Democrat gives some "
oredence to a despatch that Lane and Mont- \
gomery with the Kansas brigade had inter- <
cepted and defeated McCullough's force. A ,
detachment of United States Cavalry had ]
broken up a Confederate camp, killing a •
number and taking ninety prisoner. Col.
Morgan, with a detachment of the Eigh- J
teenth Missouri regiment, had* defeated four _
hundred Confederates. ]
From Fortress Monroe we learn that the
great expedition was expected to sail on 1
Thursday night last. All the vessels attach- ,
ed to it, over one hundred in number, had <
arrived there.
The Atlantic and the Pacific are at length i
united by telegraph communication. The .
! Mayor of New York has received a dis
i patch from the Mayor of San Francisco an
j noUncing the event.
The Port Tobacco (Md.) Times says: "We <
I learn that on Tuesday last, whilst some of '
! the soldiers attached to the regiment station- ,
ed at Budd's Ferry were examining a bomb
i shell which had been thrown across the river
Iby the Confederate battery on the opposite j
i side, an explosion took place, caused by ef-1
i forts to get out the powder. The damage was I'■
! considerable, some nine or ten men were j.
j wounded, one of whom has since died, and i j
'• two others likely to die. The tents and sur- ! i
. roundings, it is said, were pretty much de- j ]
I molished." ;
By request, and for the general in forma- |
tion of our readers, we publish below an or- j >
der, just issued, forbidding the circulation of
Confederate money in this city:
October 26, 1861. J
Special Orders, No. 40.
The General commanding this post having learn
ed that bills purporting to have been issued by the
so-aalled Southern Confederacy have been circu
lated in this city, hereby gives notice, that, from
this time forth, either the paying or receiving of,
any such ally citizen or soldier of this
city/"will be regarded as a misdemeanor, and pun
ished accordingly.
By order of Brig. Gen. Montgomery,
R. FREESE, Ass't. Adj. Gen.
Th? Northern papers, the N. York World,
anjl Tribune, the Philadelphia Journal, and
others, publish statements of the recent bat
tle at Edward's Ferry, representing; that it
was a most'disastrous,one. and thelopsol lie
among the Federal troops very groat, and tbe
Carnage dreadful, in attempting to get back •
from the Virginia ghor_. They give many
details. AH tbe cannon brought over by the
Federal troops .were taken but one.
Every thing is reported quiet alon<: the ;
Potomac lines. Gen. Hancock il at Vienna, i
with a large force, reeonnoitering, and re
ports no Confederate forces to bo seen.
It is asserted by the friends.of the late Col. •
Baker, that he acted in strict conformity wiih I
orders, which hejjehowed to several persons, j
and which were found in his hat. It is also
:-tated that Col. Baker was, till the moment I
of his death, perfectly confident of victory)
aud had expressed great sati- fAotion with the i
position and duty assigned him.
„ ™'
Since the war commenced 175 prisoners
have bopri taken to Fort Lafayette, and of
these G7 have be<*n released; leaving there
108 on ihe 19th inst. A. R. Carter,
of Baltimore, reunited the Fort on the 12th
Idm.. and Dr. Muogill, of Hagerstown, on
the f>ih inst.
The difficulties between the French Com- l
rnisstoner and tbe Hawaiian government
hava been referred to Napoleon for settle
ment, and the French man-of-war Galathea,
not being any longer wanted to menace j
Honolulu, had sailed for San Francisco.
CALL at the cheap Provision Store, No. 8 Fair- I
fax street, (opposite Leadbeater's Drug Store)
and get a supply for family use.
' oc_6 3t* JOHNSON A CO.
&0.~ ~ j
JOHN T. CREIGHTON, at his old stand, No. '
88, King street, has on hand the best assortment
of GOODS in the above line to be found in the
market. To suit the present demand he has added
many things to his usual variety, such as—
Imported and Domestic Segars, of various brands
Chewing Tobacco in bars, tin foil and paper
Imported and Domestic Smoking Tobacco
Fancy Pipe" and Pipe Stems, in great variety
Tobacco Boxes, Pouches and Wallets
Tooth and other Brushes, fine Tooth and Pocket I
Pens, Pen Holders, Blue and Black Ink
Ink Stands, Lead Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners '
Pocket Mirrors, Shaving Soaps and Cream i
Razors, Razor Strops, Emory Paper, Sweet Oil
Chamois Skins, Leading Lines, Ac, Ac.
Special attention is asked to a variety of ARMY I
TELESCOPES,.of extra quality. !
The above GOODS were purchased for cash, I
and will be sold wholesale and retail, at a small
Any article of TINWARE furnished at short \
notice. For sale, a second hand CYLINDER I
STOVE for coal—a first rate Stove for a store.
Call at 88, King street. oct 14—-4w
_____ _ wood j !
I AM PREPARED to furnish WOOD, Pino and {
Oak, sawed and split, or unsawed, by the I
cord, half, or third, from C. F. Suttle A Co.'s j
Steam Mill, corner of Union and Gibbon streets, j
or by applying at ray dwelling, No. 45, Duke
street, corner of Water.
net 14—2w JOHN CRAVEN.
| HENRY COOK & CO., 89 King st., Alexandria,
KEEP a constant supply of Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines, Spice?, Perfumery, Fa,n-
Icy Articles, Coal Oil, Ethereal Oil, Lamp Oil, Lard
! Oil, Alcohol, Dyo Stuffs, Paints and Paint Oil of
all kinds, Window Glass and Putty, Coal Oil
! Lamps, Btove Polish, Paint Brushes, and every
1 article usually found in a well regulated Drug
Store. . oct 11—tf
THIS is to give notice that we have this day sold
out our STOCK OF GOODS aud entire bnsi
ness in Alexandria to M. Treuman A Co. Thank
ful to our friends and customers for past favors,
wo will be pleased to hear that the same has beer
bestowed upon our successors, who will endeavor
to do the best with the best of facilities to ploa.se
our numerous friends and customers.
Alexandria, October 24, 1861—ot*
rptrE UNDERSIGNED, having purchase.l of
JL Messrs. Schi.olherr * Bro., their entire stock
sf goods, earnestly solicited a continuance of th*.
tronage so liberally bestowed upon them, having
sdeterniincd to do all in our power to merit -he
same. . M. TREUMAN -A CO.
oc2ft at* ___... J
WILL tfe sold, at tho U. S. Subsistence Sir*;.'
House, in Alexandria, Va., afe3 o'clock, i.
jr., on Tucuday :i lot of condemned SUBSIS
TENCE STORES, consisting of Sail BSff/Har*
Bread, Bacon, Beaus, Pork, Cheese. Ac, Ac.
Alexandria;. Va., Ootpber 26th, IWl—gt*
"XTOTICE.—T . subscriber has betn appointed
±S Adtuiui-i "krix of the estate of George W,
M_xw«uTo ■■ ...«■?J. -All persons Indebted to snir_,
•'•.■•-"■• ue.-ted ,H> make immediate paymei.\
aad tV'.-. baying accounts against rhe said est.iro
to present the game duly authenticated.
j oct, 24—4t ' > Administratrix.
N.OTICE-— A meeting <>t the Stockholdtrs/ot
rhe Fire Insurance Company of Alexandra,;
'■ will be "field at the offloe of fhc Company, on M"o
--| d_y, the 4th day bf November next, for tbe pur
. pose of holding an election for twelve. Directors.
[to servo the ensuing year. Hours from 10, A.M.
-t012,M. -By order:- T. M M.CORMICK,
oct tS—td Secretary pro tun.
No. 111, King Street,
Ori'o.srTK tub Marshall Housk.
oct 17 —-w*
Alexandria, Va.
WILL ATTEND to the prosecution of Claims
for damnges sustained by citizens of Alex
andria and vicinity, by the use mA ocoupotiou >r
destruction of their property by the U. S. troops,
oct 15—4w*
No. 5)5, Kino Street,
HAVE ON HAND and offer for sale at low
prices, for cash, Rosewood and Mahogan \
Writing Desks, Leather Writing Cases
Portfolios, of all sizes and prices
' Pocket Knives, Pocket Ink Stands
! Pocket Combs, do. Locking Glasses
Pocket Penholders, do. Memorandum Books
Black, Blue, Red and Carmine Ink
Steel Pens, Gold Pens with and withouteases
Pen Wipers, Lead Pencils, Sealing Wax
Wafers, Mucilage, Red Tape, Rulers
India Ink, India Rubber, Rubber Bands
Letter Clips, Paper Weights
Paper Cutters and Folders, Porte Monaies
Buckskin and Leather Purses'
Backgammon Boards, Chess and Cbess Boards
' Dominoes, Dice, Dice Cups
j Checker Men, Ac, Ac.
Also, a large stock of ENVELOPES, LETTER,
| NOTE PAPERS. oet U— 3w
MENTS generally, and MUSIC for the same;
I GOODS, No. 166, King street, Alexandria, Va.
I oct 7 '' _
.~~ ; JEWELRY, Ac.
J All kinds of WATCHES and CLOCKS re
I JZ&r Store No. 78, King street. oct 11—tf ..
I ~DET _ ¥o'obs.
ARE now in receipt ef the following goods,
l Black French Cloths and Cassimeres
Velvet and Silk Vestings
Cassinetts, Woollen Shirts and Drawers
Silk and Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs
j Stocks and Neck-Ties, Suspenders
White and colored Flannels
Canton Flannels, Brown Drillings
I Brown and Bleached Cottons
I Calicoes, Bleached Jeans, Pins and Needles
French and English Merino
Mouslaines, Corsetts. Merino Shawls
; Carpets and Rgs, Floor Oi} Cloth
Alpacas, Carpet Chain
Blue Domestic, Irish Linen
Black Muslin, White and Cold Cambric
Cloth and Silk Mantles
6-4 Fulled Cloths, Linseys, Ac, Ac.
Also on hand a lotof Silks which will be sold
very low.
oct 7—tf
BRYAN A ADAMS, Annum, have on hand—
Brown and Bleached Cottons
Brown and Bleached Canton Flannels
Cassimeres; Cnssinets; Linseys
White and Red Flannels
Grey Sack Flannels; Calicoes; Bel Tickings
Nett Undershirts and Drawers
Gloves, Hosiery, <te. oct 11—itw

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