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Military Court.—The Military Court
held its usual session at the County Court
House this morning—Judge Freese presid
Judge Freese read the opinion of the Court
in the case of Bowen, Home & Co. and M.
L. Hallowell against Witmer & Co.
The Court says that, in its opinion, it has
jurisdiction in the case. The appointment of
a military governor, was an implied suspen
sion of all courts, and of State and municipal i
laws, and a tacit establishment of martial
law. It was the duty of the Court to exer
cise its power to secure the debts of loyal j
citizens. In this case, the removal of a poi
tion of the goods into the country, affording,
as it did, evidence of a confidence of the de
feat of the Federal Government, was an evi
dence of disloyalty, which, whether amoun- .
ting to treason or not, the Court and Govern- ;
merit could uecide in the future.
The Court accordingly directed the ap ;
pointmeut of a commission to assess the vaiue ,
of the goods, with a view of providing for i
the payment of the debts sued for, in case
the appeal, which the defendants have taken
to the President of the United S-.ates, shall
be dismissed.
To enable the'appeal to be decided, further
proceedings in the case were stayed until
Friday next.
The other business of the C urt was of
little general interest.
Shocking Accident—Cun.n Burnt to
Death—Yesterday a horrible accident oc
curred at a house on the upper portion of
Prince street, resulting m the death of a
child. John Downey resides is a frame noose,
on Prince street, near Alfred, adjoining the
reside cc it'll. Johnson, Esq. Yesterday
afternoon, his wife left tbe room for a lew mo
meats, leaving a little boy there about two
years of age In the absence, of the mother,
the child opened the stove door, and, :t is
supposed, began to play with the lire. • The
flames coon communicated to the clothing oi '
the ootid, who ran to the street door, scream
ing, and enveloped in flames. Two soldiers
passing • ' tbe tini>, quickly rescued tbe lit
tle and rtunate, and extingo shed tbe lire —
It had'boon burned horribly, and evidently
suffered great torture. A physician was
quickly called in, hi d alleviated, a fai as
medical skill could, the pangs oi the littla
sufferer. The ease, however, was beyond
skill, and the child died during last night.—
The less >n in this ease will, we t/us-, nnl be
lost upon familii p. There bus geld mi been
a winter in which we have ii'it bord to.record
similar <M*e.< We trust this may be th" las'
in Alexandria,
The LuxvvDßi.v Cans. —Th* Alexan
dria Canal and Chesapeake A Ohio Caohl are
the only charnels of ibis
city which ure open tbn ughout their > fiti c
extent, Toe Orange and Alexutiiria Rail
roal can be used only to Springfield—'he
Manassa «G ip It riiro i J ha* eea-ed *v be a
tributary to us, except in name—the Alex
andria, Loudoun and Hampshire Rdlroad
reaches only to Vienna—the Accotink road
is blocked Op within ■-■ few miles-r-the Mid
dle Turnpike can be traveled hut a short dis
tanee—the Little River Turnpike terminates
for ordinary travel at (J r.gas's, and even the
broad Potomac opens, now, no communication
with the sea. ljuite a considerable amount
of trade now comes via he van.l routes, —
Coal, a little vooJ and lumber are now a< ri
ving, and we hear that, during the blockade
ol the 1-Vtomac. a considerable amount of
hay and other pr< vender will be received by
tiie Federal forces via that route
Dress Parade — The Cameron Light Guard
regiment, now doing guard tbry in Alexan
dria, were on dress i arad th a morning, with
a line bund of music.
There Is troable in the Creek nation of
Indians. A number of tbe nation refuse to
attach themselves to the cause of the Con
federate Stsates. Fighting amongst them is
expected—and, it is said, stsveral other Io- I
dian nations will join in th* me'ee against
rhe Creeks, who are averse to siding again* t
the Genera] Government,
Richmond papers to the 21st, and Memphis
and Charleston to the 22nd, have been re
ceived in New York. According to the ex
tracts from these papers, as given in the
New York Journals, the main body of the
Confederate forces on the Potomac have fal
len back to Centreville. for stragetic purpo
ses; an Armstrong steel gun brought over in
the Bermuda has passed through Richmond;
a large amount of real property in Albe
marle, belonging to the sons and a daughter
of Mr. Wm. C. Rives, is brought under the
sequestration act —but, it is thought the
property wili be saved to the owners; there
is a run on the Confederate Post Office De
partment for stamps just issued; Messrs.
Breckinridge, Humphrey Marshall, and
Wm. B. Preßton had arrived in Richmond,
and had an enthusiastic reception; five hun
dred and twenty prisoners taken at Edward's
Ferry have been brought to Sudley Church;
Col. Alder, a Polish officer, recently attached
to the Wise legion in the Western part of
Virginia, has been arrested in Richmond on
a charge of being a spy—aud attempted tv
commit suicide—but he is now recovering;
at the Southern Commercial Convention at
Macon, the "direct trade resolutions" were
warmly opposed by Duff (Jreen, and finally
kid on the table; quantities of timber aud a
great number of sashes have t>een conveyed
during the past week over the Central road
to Manassas, tor the purpose, probably, of
winter quarters for Confederate troops in
that immediate vicinity; bales of blankets
brought by the Bermuda, from England,
were also dispatched to the same destination;
among reconf captures by Confederate priva
teers is the briir, Grenada, Captain Pettingill,
of Portland, Maine, with a cargo, of sugar,
molasses, mahogany and honey.
The shove are the principal matters <>f in.
tore** mentioned in the Southern papers re- j
ferred to,
The Coal Wharves.— The coal depot, at
the outlet lotdc ut the Alexandria caoai, is
now the busiest place in this vicinity. Here,
although trade has largely fallen off, where is
Btill an appearance of business. A number
Df boat* are arriving, and the few latum rs
yet retained in the employ of the oooipaiues
are quite busy in adding to the large mass
of 'blacK diamond*" which has already ao
cumulated on the wharves. There is a ate idyl
o ty demand for the article, but no other out.
let. Five vessels lie alongside the wharves
with cargoes aboard, having returned from
below, and not desiring to '••ran the battc
li s "
Tho official 1 report of the retreat of the
Confederate.-; from Ship Island, in the Mis
sissippi, and its oeoui anon by t tbe Federal
troops states that cm the evening of the lb h
of September, the Confederates fired the b,u
r«cks*&nd some oi the shanties recently erec
ted these loi the acu mmodatinn of troops,
destroyed lite lighthouse hy burning the in
ter! • !•, nod breaking the of tbe
lantern, and hen took scan lor tbe main
lan 1.
Mr. Gerald Ba'scoii, _ distinguished col
onisation man, has written a letter ■<> Lord
Brougham informing him that "tbe decision
of the Federal Court io the Dred Sou«t CVe
ha* been practically annulled by tbe Genie
ral Govern oh i\~," and that "Mi. Seward
has grunted passports to Henri ii Gameit,
a free black nmo, recognizing hi.o (G ) as _
ci.iz mi oi the United States."
Again, tc is positively asserted in the
Northern {Tapers, that there are nu batteries
at Mathias' Point, rbe steamers Uui v,
Freeborn, Sattelite, and ntbeis, recently be
low tbe Point, have it is said, come up, and
anchored in Wade's Bay.
The (J S. ferces are being sent in large
numbers down the Maryland side ot the
Potomac, and General Iletnzleiiimi is said to
by pushing his pickets farther down on the
Virginia side
It is thought the great Naval Expedition
sailed from Old Point, yesterday morning.
Arab hi shop Hughes recently went on to
Washington, at tbe request of the Secretary
of State, in relation to tbe subject of Roman
Catholic chaplains in the U. S. Army |
A correspondent of the New York Times
says that the U. S. Goveroment is rapidly
preparing for enforcing the confiscation law
passed by the last Congress. On Saturday
attachments were served against a lot of fur
niture belonging to a man named Shields,
who is a captain in the Confederate army, and
who owns a Bomber of houses and lots in
Washington. This is to be a special case,
and if the law is sustained, th<> government
will at once proceed to confiscate the proper
ty of every known Confederate as Inst as it
may come within the jurisdiction of the Fed
eral armi. The same correspondent says :
"An application was made to Provost
Judge Freese, of Alexandria, on Saturday,
to have the government take possession of
the estate of the late John A. Washington,
at Mount Vernon, for the purpose of secur-
I ing the claims of Union men. When John
A. Washington left for the Confederate ar
my, he placed tho care of the estate in the
j hands of one Turner. Turner, however,
' soon caught the Southern lever, and went
| down to Occoquan creek to join the Confede
< rates there. Nearly all tbe slaves were eith
er taken away or ran away.
•'The army captured all tbe horses and |
cows, and only one able bodied man, a slave, |
named Gabriel Johnson, was left on the j
| place, with a few superannuated contia
bands Gabriel was, however, true to his !
trust, and worked tbe farm as best he could i
—tiring hilp, selling grain, piy ng claims, I
ahd acting as general a„ent. There is row ]
standing on the farm one hundred and four- !
teen acres of corn, of which Galniel has soul
One hundred acres, at ten dollais per acre,
to be cot. measured, husked and carried off
at the expense of 'he purchaser Judge
Freese complimented Gabriel on bis faithful
uess, arid promised to see him taken care of."
The question as to who was responsible
t r biingiog on the engagement at Bail's
15 off, is now much discussed. The Philn*
v ; .jbia American's Washington correspon
dent says the following orders were found in
i Gwl. Baker's- bat afte* his demit, deeply
sr .ined with bl xtd. 'Vhe first was delivered
t.. him on Sunday night. Upon reading it,
*he:uid, 'Til do it, 'out it's my death wmr*
H. Q. Corps, of there r word wis evidently
carried iff with the corner of the shi or. I,y
•i bullet,
Epwaros' Ferry, Oct. 21,180 L.
C«l. E. D. Baker, Commander >.i Brigade:
Colonel—[n case oi heavy firing in iro.it
of Harrison's Island, you will advance tin;
Calif< rnia regiment, of your brigade, or re
tiro the regiments under Cols. Leu aoo Dc
v us at your discretion, assuming u-uiumod
o.i arrival. V«»ry respectful y, Colonel, )our
most oliedieni servant,
Cba*. P. St'Ne. Brig, Cen. Coht'g
•The mend order was delivered on the .
battle field by Col. Coggswell, who peroeiv- j
ing that it hud hi bearing upon the then
condition of affairs, told 0< I. Baki-r s-. who
put it in h*H bat. without, reading. 1 will
be observed that i.t bo dated M"ndny no< n,
two hours Ie ioie tbe battle commenced.
if,'.ad,pi t./ers C< rpsuf.iH,s,'iLtiii"ii. |
ii i • .-a ■■■■ !•' i '-V, Oc 1:" ' \ m. j
{'■;' /•;. I). '■■____ i__iJ Uri.htib'.
. - iflil jjjy-
I lUi' > '
a. -'Mm '__■*> : '
*;i__\ WnTo
i w5 ■£' ■•
tfiey Hp" -d ,! !ia-sa-,
lleptr {'< i{Omß\jjrjo flint, v. h '■ 111■ ■'.
pushed, (« up >at tlior 11 ink. !
Yours, reaped fully and truly.
Unas. P. Stone, Brig. Gen. C«m.
No Arrivals —There have been n«i arri- |
vaUatthis p«>rt to-day from below the Con- i
federate hattsrie*. A small sloOp passed up
la Washington.
An attempt yak made by one of tbe polit- i
ical prisoners at F »rt Lafayette, to escape :
on Sunday night*, lie was detected and put
in irons. Some vessels hovering about the I
fortification were brought to under i begun*
of a level:ue cutter.
We continue to have frosty nights, and de- j
ligbtful Oit«»tMjr days—thus far, ibe present l
fall having beeu, as far as the weather is
concerned, one of the must delightful ones
ever experienced.
The New York Herald deulares that Efng
; a id is now pursoing **a disgraceful, mom,
and ii:i_:m''fo! prlicj o.virds the Doited
I .States.''' j
Stablkr's Old Stano, Established 17D2,
No*. 5 and 7, South Fairfax Street,
Ai.EXANnrrrA, Virginia,
HAVE in store a full stock of Drugs, Chemical*,
Paints, Oils, Acids, Oenuiue Patent .Medi
cines, Dye Stuffs, Surgical Instruments. Perfu
mery, Soaps, Sponges, Congress Water, Medicine
Chests, Spices, Coal Oil Lamps and Chimneys,
Pocket Medicine Cases, and all other goods usual
ly found in a well conducted Drug establishment.
10 mo 2»—eolm
N. E. corner op King and Washington Strut/is.
Call and get everything in their line.
oct 29—3t
HENRY COOK & CO., 89 King St., Alexandria,
KEEP a constant supply of Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines, Spices, Perfumery. Fan
cy Articles. Coal Oil, Ethereal Oil, Lamp Oil, Lard
Oil, Alcohol. Dye Stuffs, Paints and Paint Oil of
all kinds. Window Glass and Putty, Coal Oil
Lamps. Stove Polish, Paint Brushes, and every
article usually found in a well regulated l'Mug
Store. oct 1 1 — f
THIS is to give notice that we have this da v sold
out our STOCK OF GOODS and entire busi
ness in Alexandria to M. Treuman * Co. Thank
ful to our friends and customers for past favors,
we will be pleased to hear that the same has been
bestowed upon nur successors, who will endeavor
jto do trie best with the nest of facilities to please
I our numerous friends and customers.
Alexandria, October 24, 1861— H*
THE UNDERSIGNED, hnvinr purchased nl
Messrs Schooiherr * Bro., their entire stock
of goods, earnestly solicit a continuance of the
patronage so liberally bestowed upon thorn, having
determined to do all in r>ur power to merit the
same. M. TREUMAN A CO.
oc2R Bt*
NOTICE— A meeting of tbe Stockholders of
•heFire Insurance Company of Alexandria,
will be held at the office of the Company, m#M*»n
day, the 4th day of November next, lor the pur
pose of holding an election tor twelve Directors,
to serve the ensning year.' Hour.- from 10, A. M.
t > 12. M. By order: T. M- McCORMICK,
oot D q —td Secretary pro tern,
Am-:xaxi>ria, Va.
WILL ATTEND to the prosecution of Claims
for damages sustained by eitizei s of Alex,
andria and -iolnity, by the are and occupation or
destrnetion of their property by the U. :••'. troops
oot 16--4w»
• All binds of WATCHES and CLOCKS -c .
Store No. iS, Kb g street oct H—-tf
No. to, Kino Street,
HAVE ON M \<b and oiler for sale at low
pn -es for ca.«h, V- g wood and Mahogany
Writing Le it her Writing
Eortfoiioa, of _ I ;■</.' h nn'd priei s
Pocket Knives, Pocket lik Standi
Puekei I vi . s, do. Lo kiiij Gh sses
Pocket p i holders, In. M« mo andnin Booki
black. Bluo, Hi tl and Carmine Ink
Steel Pens, Gold Pens with and withoutcasei
Pen Wljm :■■:. Lead I*. n< ils, Sealing W:;x
Wafers, Uubilage; Red Tape, Rulers
I" li : ink, [udia Rul her, Huh her bands
Letter Ciij ■. P.ij cr IVi igbr*
Paper Cutters and Polders Porte Monnie:
Buckskin and L* bier Parses
Backgamuii o lioa ds, Chess und Chess Boards
1' inocs, Dice, Die • Cups
I ! i ek< r Ml n, A a,, _ c.
I h lar*o stock »l ENVELOPES, LETTER,
NO '"■' P Si'KiiS. ,„t I t_3w
i /^ALL at the cheap Provision Store, No. 8 Fair-
J fax street, (opposite Leadbeat«r's Drug S »re)
; and get asupptv for family use.
sweet potatoes, ' potatoes.
■Mi2o Bt* lOHNSfty * CO.
X. rOs "-:htiial,
B 0 o T S <n,d Slfn/; n.
No. US Kin if s'r-i. opposite. S iri/i'j, Hall,
|E_r* Several good :i I NO j wanted imme
; diatoly. oot It -lm
No. 74 Stag street, Alexandria,
KEEP.S on hand, and is prepared to nana
faoture 3'j'»lS nnd SHOEI of all kinds,
£_r»MtL[TAKY ItouT- or BUOBS mad. at
the shortesi notice, and of the best material.
HV'Peraons in want ■ f a article in his
line, will do well to fire Uitn a call, ocl 7

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