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Taxexandria,va. I
Two English sailing vessels entered the
port of Charleston, S. C, a few weeks ago,
I icing t the time no blockading ships
that port. Lord Lyons now demands
Secretary of State that these vessels
>wed to leave Charleston unmolested,
ground that at the time of their going
•c the blockade was not effective.—
answer the Secretary will return we
he Boston Boot and Shoe market the
:er says:—Trade continues as noticed
sek, with but little variation. There
7 or no buyers in the market, the bu
at present being with the Provinces,
England and from the West. v The
t is fairly suppled with most kinds of
and these are generally held at firm
Prince de Joinville goes daily to the
ts, with reconnoiter ng parties, and is
as well known as their
y have evening auction sales of books
v York, at which volumes published
old for two dollars each, sell for two
;ain Poore, who was the commander
steamer Brooklyn, off Charleston har
the time the Sumter escaped from that
aving asked a court of inquiry, bis
t was granted, and tbe court is now in
nel Marshall, of the Seventh Maine,
t Baltimore last Friday, of typhoid
His regiment started for Wasbing
tt morning. .
Cambridge is at Old Po'nt from the
Ie Off Beaufort. The Albatross lost
n drowned in a fruitless attempt to
few men south ot Beaufort,
stant Secretary Fox, from Fortress
s, reports that there are no guns what
battery at Mathias' Point. Those
re recently there were evidently field
in transitu.
Secretary of War has directed the
on of twenty sergeants tor meritori
ices, to the positions' of second lieu-
Aming them was Wm. Griffin, a
t, who served twenty years under
'resident has appi in ted a commission
og of Hon. David Davis, 111.; Hon.
Holt, Ky.; and Hdgh Campbell, St.
o investigate all claims against the
States government in the Department
prior to the appointment of Gen.
ecruiting office at Bridgeport, Conn,
been open a month without enlisting
uit, has been closed, and the party
rned to Governor's Island, but will
am shortly for some other place.
C. Rives, who has published the Con
al Globe for many years, has paid
ly of each soldier from his district
its for each month, and intends to
i his gifts,
sar that Joseph Segar, esq., has been
o the United States Congress from
g the past week lake freights have
i at Chicago ten cents per bushel on
Qd railroad freights ten cents per
i flour,
was a slight fall of snow at Troy,
rk, on the 23d inst.
legraphic cable across the Ohio river
ville, Ind., has been broken.
V. Bacon Stevens, of £t. Andrew's
las been elected Assistant Bishop of
'ania, by the Episcopal Convention
pply of forage now in store in Wash
r government use is quite'limited,
rnment is paying $22 per ton for
_„ere has been no arrivals for several
days. Cargoes'are being landed at Locust
Point, Baltimore, and at Annapolis, to be
forwarded to Washington by railroad.
It appears from official data that the State I
of Pennsylvania has seventy thousand men
in the field, and that thirty additional regi
ments are organizing.
Information from Camp Wildcat says that
Gen. Zollicoffer has retreated beyond Loudon,
and is supposed to be falling back to Cain-.
Reliable information has been received at
the State Department that Messrs Mason and
Slidell, the Confederate LVjnniissioners to
Europe, made their exit in m America via '
Mexico, and nut by the route »riginally mdi-!
The mayor of Mayence, France ht.s issued I
tin order prohibiting the baker of the town
from making bread of American flour, not
withstanding the opinion of the chemists
that the flour wap pure and of good quality.
The Courier, published at Bowling Green,
contains a card from Breckinridge, avowing
his intention to resign his seat in the United
States Seriate.
In expectation of a Federal advance to
Leesburg, Gen Evans had been largely rein-
Trains of fifty cars each have commenced
running on the road between Washington
and Baltimore.
The arrival of a number of Northern and
Western Senators in Washington, gives to-
Ibat the session of Congress is at hand.
! Senators are all on a friendly footing
the President, and represent the feel
»f the republican party of their several
>tain H. L. Shields, of Troy, N. V.,
rrested at his country residence, in
ington, Vt.,' on Thursday, by order of
ivcrnment, on a charge of treasonable
ipondence. Capt. Shields graduated at
Point in 1814. He was in the Mexi
ar, and was breveted for his bravery."
is relatives in Virginia,
letatchmeot from Gen. McClernand's
and proceeded from Cairo to Colum
_y., on Wednesday last, for the pur"
of exchanging sixteen prisoners.—
als Poljc and Pillow received the party
illy, and the exchange was effected,
it. Francis G. Young, of New York,
srmaster of Baker's brigade, in his -jfaj
I count of the late battle at Edward's Ferjtfyj
says:—"When the general retreat commen
ced it was native gui pout! I got the Colo
nel's body to the island before the worst of
the rout, and then, looking to the Virginia
shore, saw such a spectacle as no tongue can
describe. Oar entire«forees were retreating,
tumbling, ruling, leaping down the steep
heights; the Confederates following them,
murder ng, and taking prisoners. Colonel
Devan left his command, and swam the riv
er on horseback. Col. Coggswell, after un
availing bravery, had ordered the retreat
himself, hut, beiug wounded, was taken.—
The one boat in the Virginia qhannel was
speedily tilled and sunk. A thousand risfen
thronged the further bank. Muskets, coats,
and everything were thrown aside, and ail
were desperately trying to escape. Hun-
I plunged into the rapid current; and
ricks of the drowning added to the
of sounds and sights. The Confcde
:ept up their fire from tbe cliff above,
s terror, confusion, and dismay. A
i of the Fifteenth Massachusetts at
>ment charged gallantly up the hill,
a; two companies, who still had their
arms, against the pursuing foe. A moment
later and the same officer, perceiving tha
hopelessness of the situation, waved a white
handkerchief, and surrendered the main
body of his regiment. Other portions of the
column surrendered; but the Confederates
kept op their fire upon those who tried to
cross, and many not drowned in the river
were shot in the act of swimming."
» Official dispatches announce that General
eliey, of the U. S. army, attacked the Con
icderates at Komney, on Saturday nerving,
] and after a severe battle or nearly two hours
! succeeded in routing them, capturing -all
their cannon and a large number of priao
i ners. The dispatches say that toe Federal
! loss was small.
A dispatch from Gen. Fremunt, datel on
| Saturday evening, announces that Major
| Seagoni, at the heal of a small force, drove J
two thousand Ooniederaies from Springfield, j
and took possessi >n of the town, raising ibe I
Union flag over the Court House. •
Further reports from the different coun
ties in Western Virginia, sjiow th it the
ticket for a division of the State has curried
almost uniinini.iusly. The vote is noc full,
owing to tin? prevalent disturbances.
The weather fa now m< st delightful. A!-1
together, [iris iu:s b ;erj one uf V.it Baesl >■-.-!
The Duke D'Aumale, in a letter, rejoices
that his nephews have joined the Federal ar
my. Mr. Russell's last letter suys he heard
expressions of discontent, arrd even secession
sentiments, uttered in the West. The Lon
don Star denounces the existence of a party
in England that seeks to emhrcil England
with the United States. The King «f Hol
land was on a visit to the Emperor Napol:on.
The Paris bourse was flat. Breadstuff's in
Paris were declining.
According to their wonj; at this season of
the year, lords and commoners of England
are paying their .respects to their constitu
ents; and delivering themselves on public af.
fairs generally. Of course the war in Amer
ica comes in for a good share of notice by
almost every speaker.
An exhibition of 250 dogs was held in Lin
den in September. They were divided into
44 classes. The bloodhounds were greatly
admired, and a pair was bought by the Earl
of Derby for 150 guineas.
The claims of France against the Mexican
government amount to nearly $8,000,000,
while those of England are $14,300,000. The
Debats, like the English official organs, pre
tends that the only objects of the expedition
are tbe protection of Foreign residents and
the securing of the gradual paymentof their
claims. '
At the agricultural exhibition at Tavistock,
Sir. L. Lawrence said he wished ne could
I congratulate them upon the approaching win-
I ter. He looked forward to it with some dread.
LThere could be no doubt that the failure of
cotton, caused by the state of things in Auoer
i ica, was arriving at a very serious pass. m
f A proclamation was published ih Warsaw
j-ou the 14th, declaring Po.and in a state of
! siege. The military again occupied the pub
lic squares of Warsaw. A national demon -
I strati on had been fixed for the 15th.
The cotton factories of Spain, were closing
ion account of tbe want of the raw material.
— —■•_——> „
Nothing of interest has occurred in Cali.
forma since the last express. Gen. Fre
mont's movements in Missouri form tbe
principal topic of conversation and riewspa
per discu-sion. Old Califoruians, the press,
knd welbinformed men, generally concur in
reuresepting Fremont as totally incompetent
to creditably discharge the duties of his pre"
sent position. '
Mr. Packard, a native of Maine, and a
fugitive from Florida, has arrived at New
York in tbe steamer McClellan. He says
that Col. Brown, in command at Fort Pick.
ens, made all of his arrangements to open
his batteries upon Pensacola, on the lGth
inst., but he was prevented by affairs at the
mouth of the Mistissippi, wbiob rendered it
necessary for two of the chips, which were to
have taken a part in the action, to go and aid
the fleet there.

In tbe trial of Wm. Smith at Pbiladel
pbia, for piracy tbe case was given to the
jury on Friday morning under the charges
of Judges Grier and Cadwalader. The ju
ry, after an absence of half an hour, render
ed a verdict of "guilty."
Prince Napoleon has arrived in Paris,
from Lis recent visit to this country. He
made the voyage from Boston in nine days-
The Londotfcjjfimes unites with the London
Post, in jt°Mnning the Orleans princes for
joining in to>e war in this country—anc
thinks Prince Napoleon's course contrasts
well with their conduct.
The Kentucky, correspondent of the New
York Tribune says, that the city of "Louis
ville is now under a mild form of martial
law, and that to go beyoud its limits south
ward is hardly possible."
T AM PREPARED to furnish WOOD, Pine and
JL Oak, sawed and split, or unsawed, hy the
cord, half, or third, from C. F. Suttle A Co.'s
Steam Mill, corner of Union and Gibbon streets, j
or by applying at my dwelling, No, 45, Dake I
street, corner of Water.
~ QBOCEKI--8," AoT~
he cheap Provision Store, No. S Fair
et, (opposite Leadbeater's Drug Store)
>ply for family use.
0c26 3t* & CO.
HENRY COOK & CO., 89 King st., Alexandria,
TT EEP a constant supply of Drugs, Chemicals,
IV Patent, Medicines, SpbrM, Per'umery. Pan
ty Articles, Coal Oil, Ethereal Oil, Lnino Oil, Lard
HI, aleobol, !>>•• Stuffy Paint* and Paint Oil of
II kinds. Window (ilnss and Putty, C<»»1 Oil
iSapi .-'love Palish, P:'.inf Brushes; :<n.l every
.rtiele usually found in a well regulstyd _»rug ;
THIS is to give notice that we have this day sold
out our STOCK OP GOODS and entire busi
ness in Alexandria to M. Treuiuan * Co. Thank
ful to our friends and customer- (or past favois,
we will be phased to hear that the same Las been
bestowed upon our successors, who will eudeavor
Rbe best with the best of facilities to please
uaerous friends and customers.
andria, October 24, 1861—3t*
UNDERSIGNED, having purchased of.
sssrs Schoolherr * Bro., their entire stock;
if goods, earnestly solicited a continuance of the
tronage so liberally bestowed upon them, having
."determined to do all in our power to merit the
same. M. TREUMAN A CO.
0c26 3t*
WILL be sold, at, the U. S. Subsistence Store
House, in Alexandria, Va., at 3 o'clock, p.
m., on Tuesday next, a lot of condemned SUBSIS
TENCE STORES, consisting of Salt Beef, Hard
Bread, Bacon, Beans, Pork, Cheese, Ac, Ac.
Alexandria, Va., October 26th, 18«1—3t*
NOTICE.— The subscriber has been appointed
Administratrix of the estate of George W.
Maxwell, deceased. All persons indebted to said
estate, are requested to make immediate paymenr,
I ing accounts against the said estate
same duly authenticated.
-A meeting of the Stockholders of
Insurance Company of Alexandria,
t the office of the Company, on Mon
ay of November next, for the pur
ig an election for twelve Directors,
suing year. Hours from 10, A. M.
order: T. M- McCORMICK,
• Secretary pro tern.
ffo. 111, King Street,
it_ th- Marshall House.
Alexandria, Va.
TEND to tbe prosecution of Claims
ages sustained by citizens of Alex
dnity, by the use and occupation or
their property by the U. 8. troops.
_M ENTWISLE A 8011, :
No. 1)5, King Strekt,
HAND and offer for sale at low
r cash, Rosewood and Mahogany
i, Leather Writing r a8 es
, of all sizes and prices
aivos, Pocket Ink Stand* .
■nibs, do. Locking Glasses
siiholders, do. Memorandum Books
ac, Red and Carmine Ink
i, Gold Pens with and without cases
rs, Lead Pencils, Sealing Wax
uoilage, Red Tape, Rulers
, India Rubber, Rubber Bands
ps, Paper Weights
ters and Folders, Porte Monaies
and Leather Purses
tion Boards, Chess and Chess Boards
Dice, Dice Cups
den, Ac, Ac.
*S. oct H—{w
All kinds of. WATCHES and CLOCKS re
jEP- Store King street. oct 11—tf
-1™ A £ D BM OKING TOBACCO. Jo./ 4* -
JOHB T. CBEIOHTOIT, at his old stand* No.
J aftn»Sfl r - 0e i b "_ 0n bw,d the bMt «""ortmeat
of GOODS in the above lion to be found in the
market. To suit the present demand or has added
many things to his usual variety, such as-
Imported and Domestic Sogars, of various brands
Chewing Tobacco in bars, tin foil and paper
Imported and Domestic Smoking Tobacco
Fancy Pipe- and Pipe Stems, in great variety
Tobacco Boxes, Pouches and Wallets -
Tooth and other Brushes, line Tooth and Pocket
Pens. Pen Holders, Blue and Black Ink * ,
Ink Stands, Lead Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners
Pocket Mirrors, Sbavrftg Soaps and Cream
Razors, Razor Strops, Emory Paper. Sweet Oil
Chamois Skins, Leading Lines, Ac., Ac.
Special attention is asked toa uarietv of ARMY
TELESCOPES, of extra quality. * RMY
The above GOODS were purchased for cash
and will be sold wholesale and retail, at a small
advance. »ui»u
Any urtiele of TINWARE furnished at short
2" «w"r. , Bale ' a Becond hand CYLINDER
jSiOVE for coal—a first rate Stove for a stor«
Call at 88, Xin k street. ♦ oct 14—4 W
__ BOOTS AM9tU*ms. "
iso. J8 Amy street, opposite SareptaHall
Alexandria, Virginia.
good HANDS wanted imme
___ l _ t oct ll—], m
No. 74 Kiag street, Alexandria,
|7'EEPS on hand, and i« prepared to manu-
AY. faeture BOOTS and SHOES of all kind,
BOOTS or SHOES mad 'at
thos-ortesc nothw, and of the best material.
,/__r*Per ß onß .in want of a good article in his '
l<pe, will do well (o pivo him a cnll.- oct "
A -> T r»'R ARTICLE OF, FLOUR, eipwSsb
£Ao.r Family use, ran be had at C. 9 SIT
ILE A. CO % No. 20, Unbn street. Call early"

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