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The Eleoii. s Yestermav—Official, Ri
turns.—Th i'ommissioLi"s, oJ.m .«, ax\, su
h • election lor municipal and
eonnty officers held in this town yesterday,
met at the chamber of the Common Council,
Market square, this morning at 10 o'clock.
The vote having teen summed up, was offi
cially declared to he as follows :
Total vote cast:
First Ward 26
Second Ward is
Third Ward '"V.V.'.!!'.'.'.'.'..7..'.'.'.'.'.'"'."'."'5a
Fourth Ward ........."!.................:{,
Total l7j
The vote for each candidate was also an
nonooed as follows:
May.tr— Lewis McKenzie—l39.
Auditor—T. A. Stoutenburgh—l39.
Collectors of Taxes-Northern District, G
C. Ilewes—l3B.
Southern District—Gscar C. Whittlesey—
Measurer uf Wood and Bark—William W.
Commissioner of Streets—C. R. Grimes—
Superintendent of Gas—Thomas Dwyer—
Measurer of Lumber— Wm. R. Howard
— 138.
Clerk of the Market—Jnu. P. Whitenmrt
Chief E giueerof tbe Fire Department-
John Btrrell—l3o.
Guager—l. li. Lovejoy—l39.
First Ward—Board of Aldermen—Stephen
Shinn and James Vansant— 26 each.
Board of Common Coune.l—S Baker. 2"),
Garrett Hulst, Jas. F. Carl in and John Eve*
loth— 20 each.
Second ward—Board of Aldermen—Jno.
T. Armstrong an«J Andrew Jamieson—lß
Board of Ci minon Council—-J. L. Dyson 17,
John T. Taylor. Samuel Boynton and Chas.
B. Shirley—lß each.
Third Ward—Board of Aldermen—Allen
C. Harmon, 07, J. Tacey—so. .
Board of Common Council—lienrv S Mar
tin, 8. F. Beach, 8. N. Garwood aud James
A. Stoutenburgh—s7 each.
Fourth Ward—Board of Aldermen—An
drew Wyiicand Robert Bell, Ban.—36 each.
Board of Common Council—Win. J). Mus
sey, 35, Caleb 8. Hallowell, 34, Sam'l Side
bottom, 32, AVm. Arnold, 34.
COUNTY offices.
SherilF—Edward Burchell—l4o.
Commissioner of the ( llevenue—Edward II
Clerk of County Court—Jiifersou Tacey
County Constables—Thomas I. Edelen,
Wm. Bushbv, T. 11. Stilwell— HI each, J
Oolton, 7, J. liodgkins, 2.
First Magisterial District—Lewis McKen
fie, 26, Sam. looker, 20, Chas. Noland, 25,
J. C. McOraoken, 20. ,
Second Magisterial District—John T. Tay
lor, J. T. Armstrongs Sam'l Boynton, is
each ; Hugh McGinnis, 17.
Third Magisterial District—Thos. Niobols,
J. C. Clark, Walter L Perm, Henry S. Mar
tin—sß each.
Fourth Magisterial District—Chas. Ware,
37, Ribtrt Bell, Sen., 37, Wm. N. Berkley, |
37, Samuel Sidebottum, 30.
Fbe returns were theu signed, and the
commissioners adjourned.
Military Court.—The Military Court
held its usual session at the Court House
this morning, Judge Freese presiding. The
military cases wore much fewer than usual
end were soon disposed of. Some civil police
oases of no interest were taken up and dis
posed of.
A grand review of 70,000 Federal tr
took place on yesterday, at Bailey's Cross
Roads. Twenty ihousand spectators are
said (v have been present. The troops w< n
reviewed by Gen MoOlellan ;aid bis st.iff j
It was an imposing military display—.such
as is rarely witnessed any where. The
crowd was so freal that some acoidents oc
aurred to persons in carriage i.
Tue Naw City Ouokciu.—We under
stand tl at it is probable that the new City
Council will convene for organization U* I
morrow morning, at 10 o'clock.
Sworn In —We learn IhatLewis McKen.
lie, Mayor ekct of this city under the recent
•leotion, proceeded to Washington to-day, j
n.,d took the usual oaths of office before a I
jndge of oneof the United States courts. J;
ItCSUMPTIoy of Services.—The congre
gation of tSi Paul's Church, have, among
the other itu i lents of war-, -uffe < d a isprl
vation of tin- usual servit *of tl So- .--uai-y
on the Lot.; - - Day. and, ..ho, . 1 tbv usual
Wednesday evening lecture aud service. It
has been determined to renew that portion
of the worship which consists of the religi
ous exercises on Wednesday evening, and at
the solicitation of a number of families
connected with St. Paul's Church, Rev-
George A. Smith, of this city, has consented
to lake charge of these exercises.
The first of the resumed services took
place at the handsome Lecture Room of St.
Paul's Church, yesterday evening.
The congregation comprised a full repre
sentation of the religious portion of this
community, and the exercises were deeply
The service was opened by singing the
29th psalm—
"Through all the changing scenes of life,
In trouble and in jny,
The prosaists of my (Jod shall still
M.v heart and tongue employ."
"Of his ddiveranee I will boast
Till all thtit are disiressed,
From my example coui'ort take,
Ami charm their griefs to rest."
Rev. K. J. Stewart ihen read the Evening
I Service, which was'heartily responded to
y all present.
The Rev. George A. Smith then announ
•d in apprt priats terms tho renewal of the
Wednesday evening lecture on ervices, and
te ooogragation sang the 137 th bymn, be-
Qniog at the verse:
"Rest for ray soul f long to find;
Saviour of all, if mine thou art,
Uivo ma thy ns«* and lowly mind,
Aiul .<tamp thine imago on my heart."
The Rev. gentleman then delivered a brief
and impressive lecture from the text: John
xvii., 20, 21.
"Neither pray I for these alone; but for them el.
so wbieh iifaell betiers on uae through their word:
1 bat they all may bo one ; as thou, Father, art
in me, and J ,„ thee, that, they also nay he on/in
U* : that the world may bulieve that thou hast
sent me.
The exercises were then concluded with a
fervent prayer ly the minister in c'-arge,
and after the Benediction, the assembly sepa
| Death of am Old Citikn.—An obitua
ry notice, iv another column, gives publicity
,to the death of Henry Mansfield. Mr. Maus-
I field has long been a resident of this city,
i and fill* d, during roaoy years, responsible
.positions under the municipal government.
I being at one time chief uf the night watch.
j and aftei wards one of the city assessors. His
de:ith will be regretted by many friends.
Tin: Stcamib Yankee Akl-.at — The U.
S steamer Yankee, which has been aground
on Hunting Creek bar, was gotten off last
ii ght, at 9 o'clock, and proceeded down the!
The Kivicr —An oys er boat arrived up, J
and a few V. S. steam-tugs steaming about,'!
were the only river movements this morning!
The following items from Southern papers
are published in the Northern journals :
The Confederate Congress met in Rich
mond, on the 18ih-hut there was no quo
The South Carolina aud Georgia regi
ments at B eooke Ldund, Pamlico Sound,
have blown up their batteries and retired.
Troops from Georgia and Texas are going \
i through Richmond on their way to the Po- ''
Great excitement exists in Tennessee.
Arms and men are called fur. Skirmishes
between Union men and Confederates, in
different quarters, are reported| Pat-son
Brawolow, ii is said, has left the State.
A (!. Brown ami James Phelan have been
elected by tha Legislature of Mississippi to
represent that State in the Confederate Con
gress. Pettua was almost unanimously eleo-!
ted Governor of Mississippi.
The reported transfer of Zolliooffsr's forces
from Cumberland Gap to Esston, Ky., was'
unfounded. The latest Nashville and Mem.
phis papers show that Zdlicoffer was still at
the Gap withs,ooo troupe,
On the 25th ult:. 1,674 families were sop.
gaged in erecting strong fortifications a
: miles from Hilton lieu.!, in order to pr< vent
and Savannah. All the reports received a'
[Port Royal represent that, the Confederate^
bad determined if possible tv defend tha
point, and that no attempt v . u jj be
Gen. Sherman had not broken up tl, (rail
road communication between Charleston and
Savannah, up to the tailing 0 f t L O Atlantic. I
The steamer United Ku.gd in. from Glas-j
gow on tbaOih, has arrived .fT c.tne Race.
Her musis io important. The Convention
regard i.g the Mexican expedition dots n. t
li\ the i umbel of ships or troops to he used,
nor stipulate lor a march to Mexico.
| The New York Herald says, "it has intel
ligence from Havana, lhat ihe Confederate
war steamer Nashville, which ran tbe btock-
Ie off Charleston, had on board severity na
-1 officers, Tbe last heard of the Nashville
is that she wa* at Bermuda on the Ist of
ivember. The Charleston Mercury, iv
ving an account of the sailing of the The
ora from the same harbor, with Mason
d Slidell on board, stated that they were
ei.mpnnied by Captain Coxettcr, formerly
the Jeff. Davis, and 'other gentlemen whom
v ould he best for the present not to name.'
-..ere can be little doubt that these others
were naval officers, and that the wh< le of
them are on their way to Europe to take
Inmand of privateer steamers which were
>c purchased for tin m by Mason and Sli"
1, had these functionaries not been inter
ted by Com. Wilkes."
'bus far it is understood that no one con
ted with tbe British legation ha« express
any views with regard to the arrest of
lell pnd Miuon, though rumor from se
don sources is busy with all manner of
Washington is beginning to "fill up" rapid
ly. Pennsylvania Avenue is now crowded
and gay. People from all quarters of the
North and West ere pouring in daily. 1c is
' remarked that scarcely a man from a South
ern State i an be seen.
The new federal sloop-of-war Osippfl Mas
launched at Portsmouth, N. 11., on Satur
day. She is of the Jargestclass, being 1,500
tons burden.
There were 877 sick and wt.unded soldiers
in and around Washington mi Saturdiy
The reported owner of the slave hark Au
liusui, Appleton Oikes Smith, has been com
mitted to Fort Lafayette, by order of the
Secretary of Srate. The crew are confined
in tbe New York Tombs.
There was a slight fall of «<no'v yesterday
in Baltimore
Secretary Cmeron, on his recent vWit
North, narrowly escaped a serious railroad
accident, an explosion at an arsenal, »nd a
I fatal result from a fall of fifteen feet d wn
an embankment.
The Metropolitan Record (geeej authority
on Irish mattery) says of a threatened fa
mine in Ireland, that the "extent of fuiiure
in the potatoc crop is appalling."
Heavy firing was heard west of this place
yesterday afternoon and this moraing. There
j is a current report uf the capture of several
federal foraging wagons by a Confederate!
force—the truth of which we do not vouch
The weather to-day has been mild, but
with indications that there will soon be a
( will take place to morrow afternoon, at sVchjek '
from hi. lata resident on Royal, between Kins
and Cameron streets. ■ ,
X poinUKltohoManeleotion for offieeri7f ff.
city of Alexandria, in the several wards o the
( city, on the 2e,1, day of November, 1861,' here! T'<
: earttfy hat the following officer, received hehisK
est number ol votes and are duly elected:
Mayor—Lewis MeKeaiie.
Auditor—T A. Btou ten burg,
Collector of Dist., George C.
Mewc;s- ' •"
.Southern District—Oscar C. Whittles v
Measurer ol Wood and Bark—W. \V. \\*hit«.
Superintendent of Gas—Thomas
Mo-surer of Lumber— Wm. R. Howard.
Clerk of the Market-John J> Whiteewre.
UvJjov. :l " IWpeCtor 0f Liquors-Isaac B.
Foe Engineer—John Birreli
! V« n .t n 7' n ~ Pirit *«*-*•»*•■ ihton, James
Common Ooandl— Sam'l Baker, (/arret JJulst !
; -Tas P. Oarlln, John Kveletb, ' i
A B SZ d T Wa , rd ~ AId * m,,n -- Joll » T - Armstrong, !
j Andrew Jamiufion. 6 I
; Common Council-. * nlniJnl Boynton, Charles B. |
1 ' oy i £*" T L^}ioa > Joaa *■ Taylor.
' fers'mTa*''y " n ~ A " en °* Harmon,Jef. '
i Kotr:lir^r Ai ' Wmcn - A " ,i;;;w ' j -^ i^i
.' Common Couaoil—'Wni, jj M**§e» B T r'
■ Bidebottani, Caleb 8. RallnweH, Wm. Arnold. I
nov2l_lt THOMAS DWYBB,
©r BKWAB.D.-LOBT. between Aleiaadria
sf *J and .('. 'j MiaK-oal Sesabiarv, Falrfaa
County, on l,e ~ n ug of Ilturs/lev, the 1 itb ln
staat, a WATKIj V OOF LLO X, or CAPE
perfectly Mk On i,« iisid.', near the hip, was
marked the n ante • ■jiortimkk Tiio.mso.n, Novom-
I ber, 1*«1." Whoever will return ihe said article
to Lieut. CLIFFORD THOMSON, of the Ist
j New York, (late Lincoln) Cavalry, at Ctiinp Kear
ney, near tbe Theological .Seminary, srill be paid
: the above mentioned reward, nov 20 It*
WANTED TO HIRE, a good female HOCSK
SERVANT. Apply at the Gazette Office.
nov 20—St
A must libe.-al reward will be paid to lite
tinder, as the ring is of more worth to the owner
than its actual value. Bring back to 1)6 Ring
I noiß— :u*
bEED, Ac, manufactured at Cameron Mills, of
superior quality, may be left with U. T. PLUM
MER, at Win A Ce.'s Coal office, King str< et. ne tr
the wharf, arid will receive prompt attention.
Tkkms—Cash on Dklivkky.
n„ls_l w * EDMUND HUNT.
DURING the suspension of my rejrular School
Exercises, I am willing, for the sake of con
genial esßpioytnen', to receive a few students, to
j whom I will give thorough daily instruction in ail
j the solid English branches, together with Compo
sition, Rook Keeping, Mathematics, and thePtav.
' siea! Sciences.
This will afford a rare opportunity tor improve.
moot, to such young men and youths, as desire
j tbe i|uit-t, ordor, and reiint uiei'.t ol a SELECT
SO OOL, together with the personal instruction
of an experienced Teacher.
TERMS $12.50 per quarter—'Drawing $2 60.
No extra charges whatever. Jl. irsof Instruction
trom 9A. M.. to 1, I>. M. Exercises to be ,, UI .
meneed on tho 2nd of December.
WILL visit Alexandria on Wednesdays and Sa
tor lays, professiorallv, each week.
'■Vy. OFFI Ce -Corner of King- and Washing
ton streets, next door to the office of Judge O.
Neale, lately occupied by Douglas F. Forrest
dovß— 2w
STiBLBB's Oi,i> StasD, E.sTAiti.isiiKii 17Jt2,
No*, fi and 7, South tfairfax Street,
AI.EX AMtltIA, VliaaMA,
HAVE in st ,re a fair steak uf Dran, chemical,,
Pamts, Oils. Acids, Genuine Patent M.,1
--oiuei, pye Stuffs, Surgical Instrument., Perfu
mery, Soaps, Sponges, Congrass Water, M»dioina
> 1 ' 0U U »l* •""- Chimney*,
1 ocket Medicine Cases, , n ,l at] other good, usual
ly .ouiid in a well ooiideotedDrug establishment,
10 SBO 911—eolui
4-00 <i ;V' L0 I XSo ,' i k «»«H,r.,»biebUuniva,.
+ WI/ sally acknowledged tube equal, it not sa
g', to any otter, received and for sale at a re-
Parepta Hall, King street
I ABpoiL,j l(wh , Beo || ( y ll#B . Ji hinh niWiU|d
LA boiled. BtiteresJ Oil, pare Ne.tsfoot Coal Oil
rrolnand Tanners' Oil, received tad fortateh*
HENRY COOK A CO., Sarepu Ball.
No. 74 King street, Alexandria,
KEEPS on hand, arid is prepared to inarm-
aii),-:;;: v
BOOTS or SHOES made at
the shortest notice, and of the best mat- rial
in wani of a good article in hie
line, wil do well t.i pire him B call. ,„., -
nov 15—lm* \i.'\\ PLUMM , ER 8 , tr Agent
A Stock ol 9 iAmf^s\&s\^^ l i^&
•c sohlon teims to suit the imn.s.
n |!1!i ;;V ,w ' "ranbbrribs, and raT
< /SONS, for sale by JOHN T. COOK*
POTU <>'< Post Offict Corner.
A • D °* l " r * Belp< * th * ;, »*lowl-»g 4 »» ~
Black FwncbCio.h.^dOiw.iaer,
\ civet and Silk Veetii its
Casainette.Woollen Shirt, and Drawers
k a Ti' n '' i if,n,il<, ' r<> '' ,t,S
While and colored Fiennels
Oauton Flannels, llr„ w „ Drilling
Brown and Bleached Cottons
«•-. lbioes. Bleached Jean,, P;n> . nud N n
1 it and Engliah Marine
' , ' t "'* s, Atertno Sha wis
Carpets iind ftgs FI tor Oi] Cloth
Alpacas, Carpet Chain
Black Muslin .White and Cold Casnlsrfe
Cloth and hiik .Mai,tics
8 * Palled Cloths, Linseys Ac Ac
Also ..n hand a 10.0 l Silk, which will be sold
very low, ""
oct 7—tf
I) hi AN A ADAMS, A girt*,
U -Vo. ?#, Kin, strict. oct f

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