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Organization of a New County Court.
— The parties chosen Justices of tbe Peace
at the recent election held in this city, assem
bled at the Court House, in this city, at ten
o'clock this morning, and proceeded to orga
nize a County Court, in the form and manner
usual upon such occasions.
Jefferson Tacey, clerk elect of the Court,
called the roll, and the following were found
present: Robert Bell, J. C. McCracken, S.
L. C. Sidebottom, J. C. Clark, Chas. Noland,
Samuel Tucker, R. Crupper, J. T. Taylor,
W. L Perm, Hugh MeGinnis, T. Ware, Lew
is McKenzie.
The usual oaths required were adminis
tered by the cleik elect, and the Court rhus
Robert Crupper was unanimously chosen
Presiding Justice.
Mr. McKenzie handrd an order of General
McLane to the clerk, and it was read for the
information of the Court. The order requests
the Court to grant no further licenses for the
sale of intoxicating drinks.
Mr. McKenzie thought that the Court
should at once declare that no licenses would
be granted. Of course it could not interfere
in cases where licenses had already been
granted by the former Court.
I rapper supposed it was not in the
I this Court to bind the Court watch
it at the January term. Each Oourt
t for itself, and, as theft was now no
ions for license, no action could be 1
. this time,
some lurcher colloquial discussion,
cc" was passed over informally.
'residing Justice then it-ad tbe f-1
--jhij injaiiou, which vv_s adopted by
try Term —Messrs. C-upper. Bell,
nd Tu-jkeiv
lary Term—Mes*fs Crupper, Mar
rk, a:-.id Noland.
li Teroi—dessrs. Crupper. MoCia-dV
bottoui, and McGiunis.
■Cargo—iMejMva, Orim. er, M«K< i z ; e,
I •
, and T' ylor.
Term—Me-S>s. Crupper, Tucker,
id Nda-rid: ;
T- I'm ■- All tbe JuV.ices.
Term—- DUmwn OrSiffftr, C!"-!:, jS$
i, and Noland,
ijcTf'iiii—Meant*. Ci-upn-r, McKen
m, find Manin.
mber Tai m—Meters. Crap* nt. Berkf
futon, and Bell.
ier Term—Mea ire. Crupper. Noland,
lis. and Sid»bitt»'"'.i.
mber Term —Mt- (ai*a. Cn: r ;■'•", P. i,
ttbei Iwoi i&L&ifa. Crupi t, ?.!.*.-
Tuylo?,':" ha M ijiimi...
''?"'. u-c; Mined tb it Mr.
il, r!i"> ii. Shi f'.ft Bit the red _v. tdec
l not Intend tij nullify at thtvtpreaent
i i
Ifexwii t Uggestiijns were raftcre as to
fchod of .in 0U10..' of hi
d itttei im.
li .rd> i ,'.! from the Oodo gf t߀ H
md autuorit- oig t«e '-■ !-•»»' iri. •.:. ~ ~',•_
_ the Court, Ci■in - .'Oteiit _o parfOi li* ail
,rt duties of the Sheriff.
MfcKenzle thereupoh hununated -»
I. I. Kdelin. who was naftnib*o_ I
• some conversation relftttva to th*
m of the Clerk's Office, and the p.-j
--if appointing a committee toexamiue
mrt v: o'i the sani*. .
McKenzie moved "that the C< urt di
e Gj ::k to require ta.ch of the late
t to d jliver up such books in h's p<.s
as belonged to the' County dure,"
i order was adopted.
H_tn of $2,000 was fixed as the secu
be required of the County Constables.
\lcKt":/ie said that it wad important
iQteet that the Court should place, it.
uare. upon the record. He moved
re that all persons asking tho assis
tance of ibis Curt as Attorneys, Plaintiffs,
&c, be required to take first the oaths pre
scribed fop public officers by the Wheeling
Mr. I. L. Kinzer appeared at the bar, and
said that he presumed the Court did not de.
aigu to go further than the law upon the
subject. He read the law of the Wheeling
Convention to show that Attorneys were
not embraced among those who were re
quired te take the new oath of allegiance. —
He had himself, fourteen years since, taken
all the oaths prescribed, and been admitted
to practice in this Court. He did not sup
pose that the CoUrt considered itself a legis
lative body empowered to make tests where
the law created none.
The Presiding Justice thought that no
one who did not acknowledge the authority
of the Wheeling government had ft right to
claim the process of the court for his ad
Mr. Kinzer responded that the very fact
of seeking the assistance of this court was
a tacit aeknowhdinent of the authority of
the government by which it was commis
Si me further disoii'si'n hsivinj* tnken
place, on the motion of Mr. Bell, it was or
dered that no attorneys be allowed to prac
tice in this oouit without first taking the
oaths prescribed for officials by the Wheel
ing Convention.
Mr. Kinzer inquired if that prevented pri- j
rate persons from appearing.
Mr. McKen_ie. They can only appear by
Mr. Kinzer. Yes they can in iheir own I
Mr. MoKcnzie. Then that ca c will have
to be settled when it conies up.
Mr. T. I. Edelpo was then tdiosen Keep
er of the Court II >ose —tnd' the Court ad- i
Sunday —The* v. -eafhft yesterday wns !
wintry, yet clear nnd bright, .-<nd cmse
quently tho streets appeared quite lively.
Tho Chinches were unusually well fTled i
at dra usual houis. hut little took pl-tee he
yi nd the ordinary services of th a day—*he
service" pf tho thirH Snrolay <<i Advent,!
to >k place at the C ithoiio Chimb and St.
m iry's Lt'caire Room.
—■»_— _
ACCIDENT—The ho.v.. y il.;:;'c!)' l\ to ft U
S. Wagon, at the toot of King ptreef, were
frightened (Bin mi ruing by a locomqtira, mi
the Ot-inge Railroad, nnd .taned to ri;;ia-j
way. A "i)H:-r >vh;i attempted lb stop them
L*a k-v cki'd d ov,"i, runover, ariel lerioqsjv
injured. IJe was <:< :ive »efl to th" U S. Mil
j ■ .-a*. — -
Tu* Mavok's Orvioß. — The Mayor's Of-(
fiee ha.- hojn wi l.oot interest li,r the **■"•*. I
two or clii'cij (Liy.Vhe police oiiws br-in'- ft**r I
—— — .
per ot holders of •!-•>>.er.'d ptoi'k rif -■!.- I .
of Alexandria is our bm.d*-r>d ana'lniit'y-'
ihisi-i exclusive of the holders of eou
.jO.i 'moiirt, uli> are quife numerous.
The Wt:\.'.n.p. —Tbe Weatihei <
to be very for in is sen i ■
jo-.r—etlthnt-gh the. hlghtsand >■
cAd, and Borne ice forms nn shallow water..
We have a-fc-qots, via Old an ;
extensive fire in the City of Charleston, S. C.
The lire broke out on Wednesday ni ;ht and
was said to he <-•'ill binning mi .
aftfernoon— it t!. i utpa ohi j .ke.l in U'uV ;en ;
<_i*_eetions. According to the t . eoienta
nearly hajfot die .-ity iva,. burneil—but the
ixeports are very eoptradlotory, ft '.:■ .nud
thai Institute EfaH, the Catholic Catl:-'Jr.T,
the Mtftla House, and other public build
were destroyed".
The t'ori'i;-n N#«w brought by tht B
ar <l tho City of Washington attract* ■ •
interest .md attention. The syno:-aid fn an
other column will gira the t h
news. It is of a highly important charac-
Ir, is said that on Saturday. M c "-m 0 il?.
Clark, Edwards, and Rollins, of New ll.uap
lire, and Mr. Rico, of MftTßachusetta, to
gether with friends, (including ladies,) went
down the river in the steamer Mount Wash
ngton, to visit Col. Maxston's New II mp
lire regiment. After rounding Stump Point,
ie party proceeded to land in boats, when
ley had two shells tired at them from tlie
utteries, both falling a little short of the
steamer, and tbey then quickly retired.
The steamer Europabrings Liverpool dates
to the 2d inst. According to the London
Observer (a ministerial organ) the British
government has determined to demand both
an apology and the restoration of the two
Confederate ministers, and it further alleges
that a special minister has been ordered to
carry the demand to Lord Lyons. He was,
it is stated, to leave iv a special packet from
Queenstown on tho Ist iust. The London
Star, hovever, declares that the statement of
instruction? having beeu sent to Lord Lyons
to obtain the restitution of Messrs. Slidell
and Mason was premature. Another rumor.
Originating with the Liverpool Courier; is
that the 'hip of war Warrior has been or
dered to sail for Annapolis, to bring over the
ultimatum of the British government. The
London Times expresses the that
'here is no hope that the Federal government
will comply with ihe demands id' England.
The London Post, .(official organ) says an
acknowledgement of the error of the Amer
ican authorities and a surrender of the pris
oners will be received with great joy ; but if
the Federal government fails to do so, no man
in England will blind his eyes to the alter
native that England must do her duty. The
TinJes contends that Mr, Seward's policy is
to fotoe a quarrel with England, and calls
for military preparations in Canada.
T t\% Times predicts three things to imine
d'ntely follow the outbreak, namely: the
destruction of the Sourherrt blockade; the
complete blockade of the Northern ports,
and the recognition of the Southern Confed
eracy by France ami England.
15 j me arrival ofthe steamer City of Wash
ington*, <fF Cape Race, we have thre? days
I :■ V ; ~ lllfgefaoe than brought by the Euro.
pi—be fatestftatleS being me sth. The ex
cite- '.■•-! ir, icfV-rcnr-e to the Trent affair eon
'tinu'"d (Jri PI .-'ted. A letter fj'"ui Gen. Suott,
urg'r*'- fne maintenance" of friendly relations
betvrft&n E'-.bnd axbl the Coked Stares, at
•fiioted rhfioh Attention. The Paris Temps
•hiatal ift&W-rten't that the Emperor f&poieoa
has whaei \ bis services as mediator Tbe
Patrie ! i an editorial which, it is sfe-ted,,
fore b'.;.•••'v.v tne diopo-it'ion of France to i -.
rogn '-■* ■'■■ o alVTierii Cilnleaei'aey if England
Iftitl ibs p*?." m pic. '" )
\'h n P «r ; o ;i.--i.c-t that France will side
•wi'h JSragftrnrJ and feoogus„6 the Southern
JWnf>_tMrVfey aha tatte ii decided stand ou the
i • ;, 'c/-il quc.,t ; '*>i. The Mouiteur cpn
sd ; rs that a'pWceftl M.'utioti of tne qoes-'
II i i.* n.i'u impossible, nnd the Journal De.
bats i'V'f.'cved tlie. 'vtoniteur's article, and
,', \.i lh,u ihe French, government is in m
iuv -j r jjr ■••.: >i>;ii,/.i. ibo S "iiiei'i.l 04ofe_der%'6y < .
j •iij>. tatj.ii nf ;,mi.i, _*nt»tt_dtiot. fcrtia
1 id ftf| pioliiL' ; '-.!d in En.*! uid A 1. •-••</«
nu.niijii.' oi nuvai vessels, hnd b'vn ivdn-'d >o
ba.made ready for immediate oommisftftinl
J > iiO'i Mid stsaa of a'tddi Mid ov.her
ai ili i ,•• io wtr hid t>t.e-i shifp-. I for
C a_l •
' :.l, the funds fed .} tur <.t. Cocoo
was ...'iv-> hi<t tin prioa htd declined.
li . ... .:, . ...;._ i'lOU' had adv viced.
V .. i. ■■{■ '■ unthvt the fits pct 1 r
il '-i ■ to apy sirloin reduction of his bind
ors i i d .'ecL-res. that hemu t i.ay*
. ,0 -u'-ii iwnier ftrfqa fir all oon
:' . . Th; iioi.'o biutoring diStriots in
F; - u_i'. ■:■...& :'ev-rely from tbe de-
Btaj iof trade The statement chat
G had been ppqioted commander of
the 1 |v: ■ • ie incorrect, as General
Si *rihi ■■ a -ip,j tinted ; but in the event
o! w r ■, ki ■ not in Italy, Sistori would
[berepln I by Garibajdi The federal coun
' eil ef Swi zerland dpnaanded satisfaction
.. i fur a fir li violation of the Swiss
i len i toi y by French gen d''amies near Geneva.
' the nerrs from Turkey is nf interest. Da-v
--; h i\'idri. with eii-,li. battalions, had encoun.
I tcrcd 6,000 Insurgents in Bosnia, slaying 800
' and n v.in : them. The European consuls
! propose an -Armistice.
The English journals continue to treat the
Trent affair as nn intolerable insult.
Lord Lyons' ins'ruetions, on which the
Cabinet an laid to be unanimous, are expli
cit and determined.
At. the last accounts everything was. quiet
11 D " 1
rhe Confederate Congress has passed a
admitting Kentucky into the Southern
Confederacy. Commissioners were aypoint
ed at Russellville, and empowered to act in
behalf of Kentucky.
The report of superseding Gen. Price by
Gen. Heath is denied.
The Gr nd Lodge of Masons in Virginia
mot in Richmond on Monday, and elected
Lewis B. Williams, of Orange, Grand Mas-
Bfor the ensuing year. t
'he Richmond Dispatch of the 4th inst.,
proclaims that the intimation that Mason and
Slidell will be hung in retaliation for the
Hinging of Cols. Cogswell and Corcoran, in
se any privateersmen are hung by the U.
authorities, will have no weight whatever.
Gen. Stuart, who commands the advanced
orces at Manassas, and who is only twenty
(btyears of age, is the son-in-law of Col.
now Brigadier General) St. George Cooke
the regular Federal army. Gen. Cooke
us another son-in-law, who was a surgeon
ihe Confederate army, and a son in com
and of one of the heavy batteries on the
Gen. J P. Chase, of South Carolina or Ten
s-ec, " leaving several sons in the Confede
te army," is publisftud as having died at
is residence in Warren tun,
Tureo 1. comotives from the Baltimore and
hiy r.;;i!i .-ad have been added to the motive
lower of the Virginia Central Railroad.
In the Virginia convention, an ordinance
ving tho Governor power to seize tall in
.rivate ban 4& win laid ou the table—ayes
The now hospital building at Manass&i is
>\v couip'uto, and every thing, in readiness
r the ;..u'o of the sink nnd wounded.
A snleet comnmi.se of the* Virginia House
Doieguns have be mi appointed to " in
qu ie -a lull legislation is necessary in view
of ; ir fttt ji'tionate prioftS ehargt.d for arri-
L'he Mew oj Virginia.—
T i Pillowing i; a brief synopsis of, the
ly' nfSde by tho cnnvcna-.n at rtiohroqUa' :
Members of 'ha A .- • 1- efec ed annual
ly, in-:t-'.?l of MeWfifally, ah'fl to meet annu
al y rf.%t« t of hie \nially.
Th* prewflt fcrowd of pantifc wdt-ks fo be
ab »li-.hed, :r ! 'd ft nrv.v (tot. to bo fl'stal lisherj.
I d be j'-.i 1 (SS of ti» >\prifi'ire and circuit
con M are to be elected by thaGenecrtl A'ssett.*
I*bfy, itjpteadb ■'•' by tbl qtl'i'di'vl voters, a,'i at' '
i pfreseiltt Tbe aid ju Igtii ure to bold office
tiering go I ;><->.'' ; o,' asd uA'it they ".ttadu
<! '■.!■■.■.■ . • I' 'J' thq Scato are to
! to -.'|-o ' j : '. the courts, and uot ejected
Lb* in' 1 r p\\ Fife tit '■■y general to be
jappovmosd by bkw Oenertal lA - mhly. ft-stood
of elect.d !>y Ui.'- penplfl, as,;, I ', present 1 ., for a
Only trie mayor, il lertni n and members of
•■ i! i l ' - i ■ ahH tovrbs—*tib be elected
Com.nis-do ed QJBoere, BitU«Jiere, seamen or
Hiarines in tbp r saqlaij . I ppy (instead off"ser-
V',- in i'. •■ Co l ■'. leral ■") to he exciu
■•i he ri£ht f 6ff age. The object
of i ! , lm at : , ■ i rft the right bt
v- li gj to v.duo. .'o"s in tbe service. It also ex
•oi : i the provisii a eq'ui ipg >. mosety of the
o,\ • tii, i tai upin Wbite pei nons to be ap
plied to the perfuses o. eddcation in prima-
HV7-,.'JWEMffraor pii i—■ i m eeest m I —.j .I. i —__
On the evening of the 15th Instant, THOMP
! j'V: TYfjßlt, in ul 1 olti#en of Alexandria, af-od
57 yii'ir.'. IHe Imwss a large family to mourn
lt_ rloaa. funeral will take place on
!i" '".v ■;' :•.••, at 2 o'clock. Kis friends and
I acquaintances of tho family are invited to attend
I his funeral on Fayette street
10 CONST. 2LE:t3 OF GAS.
following order.* have been passed by the
A Oommittee on ::d an published for
general inform.-! ion .
At a meeting of the Committee on Liyht, tho
| fellowing orders were passed :
1. That the Snporin ten dent Collect all gas hilla
in apsoisor its equivalent.
2. sales of coke or other materials be
nude for i-'pecio fund,".
S. That, all new consumers be required to depos
it a, suitable sum «f money bufore tho gas is turned
on, said deposit to remain until such consumers
become pomiatient residents.
•4. That, all bills of transient customers be col
lectedmonthly. THOMAS DWYER,^

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