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Mr. Seward says he never received Mrs.
Greenhow's letter, or saw it until it appear
ed in a Kichmond paper.
Resolutions bottomed upon Van Wyck's
Investigation, have been introduced by that
Committee, in the U. S. House of Represen
Gen. Scott is now, with bis wife, in Paris,
where Mrs Scott has resided fur some years
Selby Parker, accidentally fell down the
steps of his lodginga in Washington, yes'er
day, and broke his neck.
The Federal troops still occupy Beaufort,
S. C, and are collecting all the cotton that
they can, in that neighborhood.
Mr. Faulkner has been sent down to Rich
mnnd, under a flag of truce. He expects to
be exchanged for Mr. Ely.
The famous Caravajal ha*t made an attack
upon tbe city ot Matamoras, where "a con
siderable fight took place."
The U. S. government has received des
patches from Mr. Adams, minister to Eng
land, weighing, the Washington Star says,
over one hundred pounds.
Financial affaire are so unaettled by the
late increased complications of the national
difficulties that capitalists are more than
ever disposed to hold off and await develop
ments. This state of things is evidenced in
none of the legitimate channels of business
so strongly as in tbe stock market, where
capital is the base of operations.
The St. Louis Republican statea that
among the twelve Confederate prisoners re
cently brought in from North Missouri is
Mr. John K. Lincoln, of Clinton county.
He ia a highly respectable citizen of that
county, and a cousin of President Lincoln.
Garrett Voorhees, an Englishman, who
came to this country in 1791, and settled at
Fort Washington, now the city of Cincinnati,
died near that city on Saturday last.
Gen. J. H. Lane, if Kansas, has been ten
dered tbe position of Brig. Gen. by the
President. He will accept it as soon as he
can lay before the Judiciary Committee of
the Senate additional evidence vindicating
hia right to a seat in that body now contes
ted. His command will embrace all tbe
troops in Kansas. ,
Col. Halstead, of New Jersey, was tried
to-day before the Court Martial, on the
charge of malfeasance, which be denied.
In thirty minutes after the Europa
touched at Halifax the British sloop-of-war
Rinaldo got up steam and started off with
dispatches, most probably for the Admiral
of the North American squadron at Havana.
The story told by the purser of the Trent
regarding the frantic conduct of Miss Slidell,
and the undignified exit of her father
through the cabin window, is unqualifiedly
false, as also is the statement, current in
some of the English papers, that one of the
officers was slapped in the face by the hand
of a female secessionist.
I'is said that the British government, in
the case of Messrs. Slidell and Ma.-on, de
mands reparation in general terms, but not
One account says that Mr. Faulkner does
not expect to be exchanged for Mr. Ely.
lie does not think the Southern Confederacy
will consent to it. lie has agreed upon a
different exchange with Secretary Seward.
A letter from a mercantile firm in Liver
pool, which has made a large shipment of
arms, states that "all the arms have been
taken frum the vessels. Sixty thousaud that
were to be snipped have been retained. No
more will be permitied to be shipped."
it is reported that a Lieutenant and four
privates of the oth Michigan regiment were
on Wednesday night, near Accoiink, while
on picket duty, and that four regiments and
one battery have been ordered to that quar
A strange fatality seems to prevail among
tbe Protestant Episcopal Clergy of Mary
land. Within the past week, death has en
tered the Altar, and removed three of its
brightest lights to auother world. Two
were stricken down whilst clothed in the
robes of their office, and the third had but
just removed his robes, when he was sum
moned to his last account. The third death
to be recorded is that of the Rev Richard
11. Waters, Rector of a church in the lower
part of St. Mary's county, which took place
on Thursday last, just as he had concluded
a marriage ceremony.
Gen. Floyd's Confederate army has been
ordered to Bowling Greeu, Ky., leaving, it
is said, a portion of Western Virginia, ex
posed to the operations of the U. S. troops. J
Peeros that the Jaw officeis of the Bri
rowo have only given an ojinion in
f the various points involved in the
irent U. S. case, and that opinion is unfa
vorable to the construction of international
law. The legal adviaers of the British Cab
inet deny the right of an individual officer
"to assume to himself on the high seas the
functions of an Admiralty Court, and con
d mn a ship or its cargo on his own author
ity." They say that the conduct which
Capt : Wilkes ought to have pursued wbb to
have taken the Trent into port, and have her
guilt or innocence established by a prize'
euurt. While this is the opinion uf the law :
officers of the Crown, the British press go i
much further.
The Paris correspondent of the Oiily
News learns that when Mr. Slidell was tak
ing leave of his wife on board the Trent, he
placed his dispatches in her hand; told her
jto go to the cabin, sit at the port-hole, and
j that if an attempt was made to take the box
jfrom her, to drop it into the sea. Mrs. Sli-
I dell obeyed his orders, was not molested,
! and took tbe dispatches safely to England.
! The British prize ship Cheshire, captured
off the mouth of the Savannah river, has
arrived at New York. She has a cargo of
coffee, salt and army blankets.
The commercial world in Europe has been
startled with another i.f those stupendous
frauds which every now aud then fright the
British isle from its propriety. The Nation
al Insurance and Investment Association
has suddenly wound up under tbe joint
stock companies' act and the bankruptcy
code, disclosing an indebtedness of upwards
of $4,800,000, while its assets amount to
only $275,000.
The U. S. steam gunboat New London has
just come in, baring captured two steamers
and two schooners near Mobile. Lieut. Reed
commands the New London.
Lord Byron said he "woke up one morn
ing, and found himself famous." It is pro
bable tbia wdl be the case with Gen. Phelps.
He has issued one prodamation—his first—
and, it is said, it will be his last.—
A perfect storm of indignation and ridicule
is poured upon him. Even the abolition
ists denounce his "folly."
Kerrigan's court martial is still in ses
The Washington correspondent of the N.
Y. World says that the Federal army on the
Potomac lines is not going into wiuter quar
ters, but that it is waiting the completion and
departure of Gen. Burnaitie's expedition;
the reinforcement of Gen. Wool, whose num
bers at Fortress Monroe are greatly reduced
and of Gen. Rosecranz, who can just now
C-e two more brigades useful; the further
centration of the columns led by Gens.
Buel and Halleck; finally, the effect of ihe
Christmas holidays on the internal condition
of the Southern States." Of the meaning
of the last phrazes the public must judge.
An account of the last "Levee" at the
President's House, in Washington, is given
in the N. Y. Herald. It is said that the Min
isters of England, France, Spain, and Prus
sia did not appear; but the Ministers of Rus
sia, Sweden, Bremen, and Nicaragua were
present, and the Russian Minister was es
pecially cordial in his conversation with the
Gen. McClellan and his lady were tbeub- j
served of all observers at the Reception at the
President's House, in Washington, on Tues
day night. The General was warmly wel
c nieu by Mr. Lincoln.
Go Monday morning, eight men, three
from the Sec md and five from the Fourth
New Jersey Regiments in Gen. Kearney's
brigade, Gen. Franklin's division, left their
respective companies, which were on picket
duty at Edsalfa Hill, and went to a house
| between Burkes Station and Auandaie.—
I While there, a body „f Confederate civairy
I suddenly came upon tbem, and three who
were in the house were taken prisoners.
Ben McGullough, it is said, has been sum
moned to Richmond to answer the charges
which have been preferred against him of
needlessly burning the property of Southern
men, and of refusing to reinforce General
Price when the latter was pursued by the
Federal troops. Mc.ullough's forces were
in winter quarters ir, Benton county, Arkan
sas. Six regiments of Indians were in his
Another Confederate battery has been
discovered ,n the Lower Potomac. This
one ,s situated opposite Rum Point, and is
armed wiih two SXty-feo. poaod guns,
| which threw shells over into the camp of
I the New Jersey regiment on the M |.
At a meeting of the bank presidents at
New Sfork yesterday, Secretary Chase stated
that the balauces now in the vaults of the
banks would be sufficient for the needs of
i the government until about the middle of
[ January, and by that time he was confident
that the Federal arms would meet with de-
I cisive successes. He also expressed the
opinion that the difficulties with the govern
j meut of Great Britain would be amicably
< adju.-ted.
A number of private letters from England,
; represent the public excitement there as
j intense, but the speculations on the subject
; are similar to those indulged in by the press
of thut country.
The joint committee of the U. S. Congress
jto inquire into the conduct of the war con
sists ol Senators Wade, Chandler, and John
son, of Term., and Representatives Qoooh,
Covode, Julian and Odell.
Twenty-seven insubordinate members of
i the New York 13ch regiment, who for two
| mouths past have been confined in the cen
tral guard house, have been released aud
returned to their regiment iv Virginia.
The executive messages scut into the U.
S. Senate yesterday, and which caused an
intenuption of the public sitting in order to
go into secret or executive session, it is un
derstood were in reference to our relations
with England.
The B.ston Herald states that the lack uf
rain is felt with cunsideratde severity in that
vicinity, and many old wells never dry be
fore have given out. In one case, a well in
use uninterruptedly for 60 years, fs now per
fectly dry.
The people of other countries must be ra
ther astonished at the number of false state
ments, unauthorized reports, incorrect ac
counts and unfounded rumors, which are
continually circulated in the newspapers on
this side of the Atlantic. A mendacious
preas is a public nuisance; nor does the sit
nation of affairs excuse, in the slightest de
gree, the want of candor and truth which
too often prevails in the public journals. On
the contrary, that very situation demands
more caution, and a stricter adherence to ve
racity by all of those who profess either from
their coi respondents, their telegraphic dis
patches or their own knowledge, to furnish
the current news. In an especial manner
ought they to guard against false narratives
of army movements and military operations.
We believe that in war, as in peace, the truth
is best in tbe end for all. The public may
be deceixed for a day—or elation excited or
depression created—to suit a temporary pur
ptae. But a reaction is always brought about
and no permanent advantage is gained on
either bide.
U. S. Congress —In the Senate yesterday, !
pc itions were presented for appointing Gen. j
Fremont Lieutenant General of the United
States, and tor abolishing slavery, and Mr
Willey made a speech on tbe war, and offer
ed resolutions to the effect that the war was
forced on the United States. &c. In the
House of Representatives, a committee was
f-ppointed to inquire into the conduct of the
resent war. A bill fur building twenty iron
ad steamships whs under discussion.
An artillery duel was fought yesterday
across the Potomac river, near Point of
Rocks, between a Confederate battery of three
guns and a battery attached to Col. Geary's
Pennsylvania Regiment. After a short con
flict the guns of the Confederates were si
lenced and the men driven from their posi
tion. The despatch by telegraph says a
number of Confederates were killed and
Reports from Missouri indicate that Gen.
Pope has met with some success in his effort
t» prevent, the arms of Gen. Price joining
Je Confederate f-iroes at Lexington. Are
nnoissance in fo cc approached within fif
en miles of Osceola, wnere Gen. Price was
encamped, and succeeded in capturing some
K three hundred prisoners and a large quanti
of army stores.
From Southern accounts we learn that
m. Humphrey J arshall, at the head of a
Confederal force, was advancing on Lexing
ton, Ky. Gen. Crittenden was at Cumber
land Gap, Term., on Saturday last, in com
mand of five Thousand men, and expecting
| reinforcements, with which he intended to
invade Kentucky from that point.
Senator Sinimous's schemer Charity, with I
a cargo of notions, whiskey included, arrived i
at Ilatterus, with irregular papers, and was j
seized by a U. S. steamer, ar:d sent back to j
New York as a prigs] The parties are v.;ry
The Petroleum oil business at Alleghany
City, Pa., is said to be immense. The
wharves are crowded with it, and flat boats
are constant y taking it away. Numbers of
refineries have been erected, but they cannot
supply the demand.
The New York Tribune of yesterday says
—"Mr. Cisco has called for $3,500,000 on
the fifty million G per cent stock loan made
by the banks, which is about 12 per cent on
the portion taken by our banks."
Letters from Bwrliu state that the situation
of affairs in America is beginning to pro
duce its effects in Prussia. Independently
of an advance in the price of cotton goods,
the large manufactory at Gladbach has just
announced that in a short time a considera
ble reduction will be made in its time of
A percon from Boston is now in Wash
ington, engaged in making arrangements
for the establishment, in that city, of a
large hotel to be conducted on the European
The National Intelligencer thinks that
Gen. Phelp's prodaniotion to the Southwest
will not pruve to be a very effective produc
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