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John Barleycorn in Alexandria.—
From times, whereof in the solemnity of
legal phrase, the memory of man runneth
not to the contrary, John Barleycorn bas
been utterly uncrushable. He has no peer
in tbe number of his adherents but iv To
6occo, and that humble weed revolves at a
respectful distance a satellite of his most
ancient master. Routed sometimes King
Alcohol has been—taken prisoner by tbe
cold water army—carried to the Lyceum
Hall in triumph, and indicted for divers of
fences—and let off without conviotion—his
body has Been afterwards seized by bis rt
torney for a fee. Bachus royal-minded, and
luxurious went down before the mead—(that
Lager of olden time) drinking hordes of
Germany', but John Barleycorn has survived
all changes— semper etubiqueidem. Robby
Burns who knew him intimately (as excise
man) devotes a poem to honor the Uncon
querable,; spirit of his hero. He tells nf
two both great and high, who ba
sworn a solemn oath John Barleycoi n should
die—how they'buried him, and he rose up:
how they ctflflfwn with sharp weapons, beat
him with frails; threw.him into a vat of w:-
Bind how after "laying him out,"
They wasted o'er a scorching flame
T/.e marrow of his bones,
et how after all his trials
John Barleycorn got up aeain,
nd sore surprised them all."
n this town .for the past few months bis
trials have been as severe and his triumph
as complete as ever. Th«vfirst proclamat'c 1
of Col. Wilcox was issued against Jeff. Da
vis and John Barleycorn—proscribing alike
"the retail of ardent spirits and all conspi
racies and combinations against the Uniied
Not that John Barleycorn is at all a favo
rite in the Confederate States, for General
Bragg who owes bis reputatit n to "a little
more grape," approves of that fruit only
in its solid state, and has proscribed Barley
corn even more fiercely than did Col. Wil
All the successors of Col. Wilcox here
have been almost as severe with John, and
yet "he has surprised them all." They
have fined those who harbored him, sent to
prison his best friends, and rolled him in
tbe gutters, and yet "John Barleycorn gets
up again." For the past two or three days
tbe contest has been especially vigorous, and
on many streets tbe gutters reek with the
newly emptied "crather," yet John Barley'
corn comes into the Mayor's Office every
morning, charged with fighting, stealing—
disorderly oonduct, or something worse.
He goes very obediently to jail or the work"
house, and the next day makes his appear
ance again to undergo the same punishment.
Drive him from public places, and be finds
eecret resorts, where, to make up for extra
trouble, he uses more drugs and demands
additional tribute. When we know tbat
women have carried jugs under tbeir hoops,
and retailed the stuff in side-alleys—when
it is found concealed in flour and salt—or
bid away among old barrels, one-half foil,
put at the bottom of a dozen empty ones;
when even coffins have been used to trans
port it, the difficulty of stopping the traffic
saay be estimated. Magistrates may well
declare that they believe there are morepeo-
S going to the devil from this town than
o any where else in the world, for there
0 other conclusion to be drawn from past |
history and present experience than that
which the Great Bard puts substantially in
Is mouth of the wounded, and drunken
,ssio : 'John Barleycorn you're the devil.'
A large force of laborers are still engaged
relaying the track along tbe line of tbe
asbington and Alexandria railroad. Tim.
ber ooodemned as unfit to remain in \he Long
Bridge, whiob has recently been repaired, is
Ing used as sleepers for a portion of tbe
w road. Although the muddy condition
tbe roads greatly retards the progress of
work of reconstruction, as much dispatch
aa possible is being made to get the road in
running order before the middle of Februa
ry at furthest. '
Tnx Weather.—Yesterday evening and
last night we had spits of snow which mel
ted, and added yet more to tho muddy con
dition of this neighborhood.
j River Movements.—The only river move- |
*ment of interest is the departure of the U.
S. transport City of Richmond with one of
the Pennsylvania Regiments, recently sta
tioned in this vicinity. The regiment, some
eight hundred in number, came down the
L >ud"un and Hampshire Railroad, and em
barked on the steamer en route to Wasbing-
Liquor Seized. —Considerable amounts
of liquor were seized last night from various
establishments, by the P-ovost Guard, and
emptied into the streets.
Mayoe's Office.—The only cases which
came up at the Mayor's Office, this morning,
were watch-house cases of no interest.
j Some applications for licenses were gran
ted, and an application of Wm. Oog'an for
license to sell periodicals or periodical pa
pers, refused. _
Thousands of barrels ot oil have been
swept away by tbe freshet in the Aileghany
river. . .
("treason bill" occupies connderable
v discussion in the Maryland Legisla
s workmen at the Northern navy yards
on a "strike," are all returniug to
3 "advance movement" of the Federal
in Kentucky will take place as soon as
an- weather permits.
The correspondence between Gov. An
drews, of Mass., and Gen. Butler, is very
"spicy," especially the charge*, pro and coo,
as to the appointment of improper efficers.
kt the lastdatea. Archbishop Hughes was
in Paris. j
London letter in the N. V Expreosays
that meetings will be held in England soon
on the subject of " Recognition of the South
em States"—and that the matter wiU be
taken up early in Parliament.
The Prince of Wales will soon proceed to
visit Corfu and lonian Islands, as arranged
before the death of his father.
There is to be another "Greek-fire explo
sion experiment," in Washington, to-night
Mr. Lane, of Indiana, in the U. S. Senate,
yesterday, advocatecTtbe expulsion from that
body of his colleague, Mr. Bright, on the
charge of "treasonable correspondence."—
Mr. L. supported all the measures of tbe
government so far in the present war.
Tb« Martinsburg Republican of tbe 17tb
appeals to the Governor "to arm ihe ne
groes." It says that, at tbe late battle nejr
Bath, the Confederate forces were met by
700 negroes on the Union side, who killed
three of the officers, two privates, and wouo- j
ded fifty others belonging to a Southern Ger
man regiment.
A man named Wright, formerly of Balti- j
more, has been detected in endeavoring to
procure the transportation of several sacks j
of salt into Virginia, at Dam No 4, oo spec
ulation. He is now in custody.
Tbe latest intelligence from Western Vir- j
ginia is to the effect that Jackson is near j
Romney, and partially occupies the town« i
while Lander has fallen back a few miles to
wards Cumberland. There has been no ac
tion. Gen. Williams' brigade remains at \
Lieut. Dulaney A. Forrest, of Virginia .1
Messrs. Ruggles, of Virginia, Claiborne, of J
Louisiaoa, and Wharton, of Tenuessee, all i
late of the U. S. navy, were released from
Warren yesterday. They will probably go
to Noriolk under a flag of truce.
The practice of "salting" the slippery j
streets in New York, has been prohibited by
the Board of Health there. j
The Philadelphia News has a severe arti- j
cle upon the Banks and Bankers of New
It is said in some of the English papers i
that the Prince ot Wales has not much
"turn" or taste for scientific or literary sub
jects—differing in that respect entirely from
his late father.
The New York Herald says : — "From the
indications that reach us from every point,
it is certain that the operations just impend
ing will render the campaign one ot the
bloodiest and most terrible on record." I
j A letter from Troy, N. V., published in the ,
|N. Y. Herald, gravely announces that " the
long anticipated cock fight—the Athenian
amusement, the boasted pleasure of China,
India and the Phillippine Island, and the fa
vorite subject of Aristophanes, the Greek —
between Albany and Troy cocks, came off in
Troy, on the 21st inst, io the cock loft of
Paul Kavanaugh's saloon, io Congress street
The elite ot American sportsmen, from John
Morrissey down, were present, and the whole
scene was mostly characteristic of liberal
American life, unrestrained by the police.—
The contest engaged the attention of Albany
J aud Tr\>y cocks exclusively, and up to half-
I past twelve that morning the Albany birds'
were in the ascendant, hope:* turning cvi-
I dently upou tho final victory of the Troy
j Important changes, it is said, are about to
be made in the disposition of the New York
regiments in the U. S. army enlisted for only
two years. There are thirty-eight of these
regiments in the field, and they comprise the
only ones not enlisted* for the war. It is
proposed to have them allotted t3 brigades
from which their removal at the end of their
term of enlistment will be attended with m.
such results us iv July last attended the
P'ttwal from active service of the three
s' regiments.
Washington Star says:—" Last Sun
day, a man professing to be Captain A. C.
Ward, of the Indiana volunteers, met with a
Mr. Mathews, a soldier in one of the New
York reg'tneots, at Br wn's Hotel, und they
two want together the entire day, visiting
numerous places and enjoying themselves in
any way they pleased. They visiuti the Sev
i enih Ward, ana the captain led his compan
ion into a very muddy place ou Four-and-a- j
bait street, and he became carelesj of going
further on that route. Coming W a paling
fence, Captain Ward took a strip of it on
pretence that'a dog generally troubled him
in that neighborhood. Mathews; at last dc
[dined to go further with him, and Ward
struck him with the strip on the head, stag
_#rW him. .Mathews defended himself but
feebly, and Ward repeated bis blows till he
knocked him down, and then robbed him of
about $280. The officers have been on his
The ice io the Delaware river moved off
towards she ocean on the 19tb inst.
j The Washington correspondent of the
i New York papers give details of a "oowhid
' ing affair" on the Avenue in Washington—
and a serious "domestic difficulty"— he par
ties in one case from New York—in the other
from Massachusetts. !
IWthree batteries of artillery which were
originally intended for British North Ameri-
Kid landed by the Arabia at Halifax, j
>ering nearly four hundred will be des
ed to Bermuda, in th? West Indies, as
as the necessary means of transporta
tion can be arranged.
It is said that Archbishop Hugh s bad a
"very cordial" reception at the hands of
Napoleon tbe Third, and that the Prince Im-1
lis brought forth in order to receive j
ing of his Grace of New York.
biladelphia News says:—"A Court
• being held in Gen. Casey's Divi
de last case before the Court engag
teotion is that of a volunteer cap
> is charged with enlisting a female
purpose of having her as a mistress.
) years old, and rather pretty. She
las a soldier for two months, and
the name of Frederick Wood. Her
Harriet Howard, and she belongs to
eport that the privateer Sumter was
z— and subsequently another report
was sunk there —are now both said
ty of the twenty-five young men re
rrested in Baltimore, charged with
upon refusing to take the oath re
have been sent to Fortress Mollenry.
ALE.—A substantial business WAGON
covered top, made by the best New York
aas) bas been but little used, and will be
a sacrifice. Also, a fine large BAY
suitable for the above wagon, and SETT
IN ESS. The HORSE is perfectly gentle,
anted sound and kind in every respect.
t 37, King street, where they can be seen.
A. ing that they will give (one, only,) (if their
Hundreds of their old friends are here iv ibe
city and in the Camps, whom tbey will be glud
•to meet on this occasion
TICKETS 25 Cents. ian 21-^.2t
E STRAY.—A live HOG, weighing about 160
lbs., black spotted in the loins, was taken up
estray in the streets by Provost Guard on Satur
day last. The owner can-have (he h«tr by-provi
ng property and Paying expenses. Apply at tbe
office of tbo Provost Marshal. jan 81— St*
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by like
undersigned, until 12 o'clock Saturday, the
25th instant, for the renting during the ensu
ing Fishing Season, cuminencing on the first
day of March, and ending on the first dny. of
June, 1862, tbe property known as the FISH
WHARF, and bounded by Union street \m the
West, the north line of Oronoco street on. the
North, the River Potomac on tbe East, and the
line of Andrew J. Fleming, eed\:, on the Soiitb;
excepting the three lots teased to J. T.
James McLean, and Samuel Bench, csqs., front
ing pa Union street.
This property will be rented as it now is, and •
the rent«r will be required to furnish the lumber
for platforms sufficient to accommodate the trade.
In renting this property, it must be dis'inctly '
understood, that n-o privilege respecting the saJ»
of- Liquors thereon will be granted, inconsistent
wiih the laws on' that subject,' and that the usual
passage ways on the property must be kept free
and open. Rent to be paid—one-third on the I*t
of May; one third'On the Ist of June, and one
third on the Ist of July.
Security for the prompt payment of the rent at
maturity of the obligation, to'be given; a deposit
of collaterals satisfactory to the Committee, in
in character and amount; and the obligation of
the lessees to provide for a sale of such securities,
upon ten days' notice after failure to pay the said
rent. 0. B. SHIRLEY,
j__ 17—dtf Ctiair'n Com. on Public Properly.
No. 15 North Royal Street, *
Alexandria, Va.
TING in all its branches. Stores, Dwellings,
Churches, Machine Ships and Public Buildings
filled up on the most improved plans, and at rea'
sorable terms.
He is also prepared to furnish Steam Pipe, Steam
Guages, Steam Cocks, ke., Ac. Contracts will
be made for work, and fixtures of any kind sup
, plied at tbe lowest rules.
I work warranted. jan 15—2w
Headquarters Kirst Riot Eastern Va. Brigade.')
Alexandria, Va.. Jan. 1.1862. >
171 Kingstreet.)
I T> EFUGEES, men of Virginia, and others, wh*
Xti wish to enlist in tbe First Regiment of tha
Virginia Brigade, for tht defence of the Union
can now do so by coming to the headquarters, New;
171 King street, and they will be mustered in im
mediately. Clothes and rations will be given at
once, pay also commencing on same day.
'%■&, A Bounty o» $100 paid on discbarge.
W. WALL, Colonel Commanding.
Ist Lieutenant and Recruiting Officer, jan I—t
rTIEA LEAD, ZINC, and all other old METAL
X at 17 King street, Alexandria, Va
or sale.
20 Gross TIN PLATES, also 500 bushels OATS,
which will be sold very low.
dec 31—lm* JOSHUA HORNER.
, BaU- IWI ;. «
No. 19 Fairfax Street,
fell- Constantly on hand an assortment of the
best GBOCEBIES for the use of families.
Between Washington and Columbus Streets,
I IT* Keep on band and for sale the best qual
AR CONSTANTLY on hand a large assort.
men t of FAMILY OBOCEBIES, consisting
ACON, of all kinds; FLOUR by the barrel
mailer packages; BUCKWHEAT, CUR
ES. Ac, ko., to which he invites the altea
of customers. jan If
No. 74 King street, Alexandria,
KEEPS on hand, and is prepared to man «.
facture BOOTS and SHOES of all kinds.
BOOTS or SHOES made at
the shortest notice, and of tbe best mutt rial.
;(£#•" I'er.son.s in want of a good article in his
line, will do well to give him a call.
QBYAN k ADAMS, Agents,
IXJ No. 76, King street.

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