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The Ultra*.e upon_Christianity and pro
priety committed upon the Rev. K. J. Stew
art, was the priucipal theme of conversation
yesterday and to-day. Gen. Montgomery,
the Military Governor of this place, pro
nounced it a disgrace and an outrage, and
there are but few who de not c< nsidcr it an
unjust and unjustifiable act, and condemn it
It is, perhaps, material to add, tbat the
fact of tbe omission, wbieh has been referred
to, was known to Gen. Montgomery a month
ago, and was by him coinmuuicated to the
government at Washington. To ascertain
the truth of rumors brought to bim, he sent
for the ministers having temporary charge
of the church—the Rev. George A. Smith
and tbe Rev. K. J. Stewart, and, in a free
and friendly conversation, was accurately in
formed of every particular in which he could
have any interest. He stated that he had
felt bound to communicate to Washington
the fact of the omission of tbe prayer for
tbe President, and had received no instruc
tions to interfere, and tbat he would not un
less such instructions were received. He t -ok
tbe ground that while, for any seditious lan
guage tending to promote disaffection to tbe
government, he would cause a church to be
closed, he did not think the present case
called for official notice on his part.
Thus supposing the matter to be decided,
and having no intimation of any purpose of
interference from the military authorities, it
was with the greatest surprise and indigna
tion tbat tbe ministers and congregation ex
perienced tbe outrage which has been de
scribed. Whether the individual who is pri
marily responsible for it, bad tbe instructions
from Washington upon which be professed
to act, does not appear.
River Movement*.— A steamer from
Philadelphia, having in tow a barge, both
loaded with hay and provisions, passed the
batteries on the Potomac, arrived here yes
terday, aud afterwards proceeded to Wash- '
The steamer Volunteer, with provisions
for Sickles' brigade, passed down this morn
The mainmast of a schooner beating up
the river yesterday afternoon, broke off at
the deck when she was opposite the Coal
Wharves, and the vessel came into tbe wharf
at the foot of Prince street, where she lower
ed her mast, and proceeded to Washington
for repairs.
"Contraband."—Yesterday morning there
was landed on Vowell's Wharf several
casks marked "B," which it was supposed
of course, contained liquor, and was accord
ingly seized by the military as "contra
band," to bo confiscated. Lo the surprise
of the officer who inspected tbe casks to find
that they contained sour krout.
Military Order.—Headquarters, Alex
andria, Va., Feb. 9, 1802.--Special Order
—No. 26.—The practice of making offensive
remarks and demonstrations to the- guards,
military men, and Union citizens of this city
by females and others of secession proclivi
ties, will no longer be tolerated. All those
offending in such matters will hereafter be
promptly arrested and treated as the circum
stances may require. By command of
J. R. Freese, Ass't. Adj't Gen'l.
Dr. Cheerer, the famous abolitionist,
preached in the Capitol, at Washington, yes
terday. The Washington Republican says
" be took for his theme the story of Herod's
delivery of the head of John the Baptist in
a charger to tbe daughter of Hen dias in ful
fillment of his vow. He first portrayed the
revels of the dissolute king—the circumstan
ces of his incestuous union with Herodias,
her bloodthirsty hate of John the Baptist,
and the position of the magnates who were
companions of the king at his banquet, then
drew a parallel, in which Herod was made
the Federal Union, and Herodias represent
ed as the rebellion; the daughter of Hero
dias was the loyal slave States, dancing so
gracefully before tbe Executive; the oath
that Herod had taken was the false idea tbat
*laverywHS protected and perpetuated by
ths Constitution ; those who urged the king
to keep his oath were the mooey-kinge, and
souservatives of all grades; while the fatal
gift, sworn to be awarded, the head of John
tbe Baptist, called for it once in a charger,
was the liberty of four million of bondmen,
now by natural right, and tbe act of rebel
lion, free, but in dang«r of having their
ebains rirettsd by a reafirmation and per
manent establishment of their continued
The charges which proved fatal to Senator
Bright are now to be used against othere—
Senator Powell, they say for one
The Treasury Note bill as passed by the
U. S. House of Representatives retires tbe
present $50,000,000 of notes and orders new
notes for that amount to be substituted, so
as to have all of the same description and
appearance. It frees from taxation United
States bonds and stocks issued under the
act, allows holders of notes to fund tbem ia
six per ct. twenty .year bonds or seven per ct.
five-year bonds.
All the new clerkships in the U. S. Post
Office Department, both for males and fe
males, have been filled. Applications, how
ever, still continue to pour in. There are
over one hundred applications on file from
ladies in distant States.
In the House of Representatives a clerical
error in the treasury note bill was corrected
so as to allow tbe Secretary of the Treasury
to pay tbe interest on the notes in either
coin or paper, instead of compelling the pay
ment in coin exclusively. Tbe report of tbe
committee on the investigation of govern
ment contracts was then taken up, when
Mr. Van Wyck addressed the House at
length. Both houses adjourned till Mon
In the Maine Legislature, "Mr. Smart's
resolves, slightly amended, in favor of con
fiscating, liberating and also arming the
slaves of Confederates, if it be a military
necessity, have passed the Senate by a vote
24 against 4."
Hon. Alfred Ely, member of U. S. Con
gress, writes favorably of the prdspect of
! the release of Col. Corcoran, of the New
I York Sixty-ninth.
I Prirata Steiker, of Nineteenth New York
volunteers, was convicted on a charge of de
! sertion by a court-martial, January 15, and
| his sentence has just been promulgated.—
He is to be dishonorably discharged from
the service of the United States, and then
committed to the U. S. penitentiary in the
District of Columbia, at bard labor, for tbe
| term of two years and six months.
I The Washington correspondent of tbe
New York Sun says :—"Taxes will be impo
sed upon everything tbat can possibly bear
them. This I bave from the ways and
means committee, or rather from a member
of it.
Harper's Ferry bas Buffered more in the
present war, than any other place in Vir
Newspapers North and South, bsve suf
fered as much in consequence of tbe pre
sent war, as any other branch of business. [
Notwithstanding everybody wants the news
now, there are but few of them left, which
do more than pay expenses. Hardly tbat,
most of them. There were always in this
country four times as many newspapers as
were needed, or could be properly supported. I
It is stated tha* at conference of
the committee on military affairs, it was
agreed to report a bill providing that tbe,
militia or volunteers shall not be mustered !
into service from any State or Territory in
the U. S., confining their service to the limits j
of said State or Territory, beyond tbe nam- '
ber of ten thousand in Missouri, and forty
five Hundred in Maryland. The State of
Kentucky will be included in a separate bill,
to be offered hereafter.
The telegraph dispatches from Washing
ton affirm that neither President Lincoln nor
Secretary Seward anticipate any interfer
ence in American affairs by France or Eng
It is now currently rumored here that
either Gen. lleintzelman or Gen. McDowell
will take command of the new expedition
South which is fitting out in New York,
and which will comprise a division of tbe
army here.
Tbe Association of Chaplains of the U. S.
army have passed the following resolution :
"Tbat we have beard, with deep regret, of
the gross misconduct of a very few persons,
who, from wrong motives, and by improper
means, have been placed in tbe responsible
post of Chaplain; that we disclaim and de
nounce the wicked praotices of these parties.
And while we do not assume to set ac a tribu
nal, ws will do all in our power to aid the
military, naral, civil and ecclesiastical au.
tborities in proceeding offenders,
in a manner becoming the cause of God and
our country."
Gen. Lloyd Tilgbman recently captured in
Tennessee, is a native of Maryland, but bas
for several years pact, resided as a eiril en
gineer, in Tennessee and Kentucky. "
The sword voted to Col. Miles, of Md., for
bis services in the Mexican war, was pre
sented to him at Annapolis yesterday.
It ie now said that tbe letter sent io to
Gen. McClellan, under s flag of truce, bas
nothing to do with tbe bridge burnsrs.
The New York World argues that, in
adopting the Treasury note system, the Con
gress of the U. S. has virtually staked every
thing upon tbe battles to be fought within
the next three months. It says the war ap
proaches its termination one way or the other
—for the expenses are too great for it to be
a long war.
The Toronto Leader says that, in ac
cordance with the desire of tbe people of
tbat city, a demonstration is to be made
in honor of Dr. Russell, the correspondent of
tbe London Times.
A man is now lying at tbe Bremer county,
lowa jail, for throwing bis wife's new born
child into tbe bog-pen and allowing it to be
devoured by the hogs, be denying bis own
paternity of tbe child.
The Nasherille (Term.) papers announce
tbat Gen. George B. Crittenden of tbe Con
federate army, who commanded in conjunc
tion with General Zollicoffeer, at the battle
of Somerset, Ky., has been arrested on rery
serious charges. Gen. C. is a son of the
Hon. John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky, and
his friends allege that the charges against
him are unfounded. The Nashville papers,
however, comment severely upon his con
! duct. He is accused of drunkenness, and of
| intercouse with the Federal officers, giving
tbem information, &c.
| Tbe Washington letter writers to tbe
Northern press says that "a week since the
staff of Gen. McClellan were notified to be
in readiness for a movement across the river.
They made every preparation for so doing,
and Major S. M. Green, of their number,
went to New York for tbe purpose of pur
chasing certain personal supplies for tbeir
use. In consequence of the state of the
roads they have not yet been ordered over,
but they are ready to go, and when they go,
Gen. McClellan will turn over to the tempo
rary change of Mr. Stanton the control of
tbe entire army, with the exception of the
army of the Potomac."
Mr. Susscer, living near tho city of An
napolis, was attacked by two men belonging
to Colonel Piatt's Vermont Cavalry, on Wed
nesday last, and beaten in a brutal manner.
The regiment is encamped on the lands of
Mr. S., and he was badly beaten by one of
tbe man some two weeks since, from tbe
effects of which he is slowly recovering.—
Mr. S. now lies in a oritical condition, very
little hope being entertained of bis recovery.
Tbe parties, who are named Michael Burke
and James Riley, were arrested.
! It is rumored that a letter has been re.
ceived at Albany by a Senator from Thur
low Weed, dated in Paris, January 21, sta
ting tbat the Emperor Nrpoleon would an.
uounce to the Corps J>g'slatif, on the 27th
ult., his intention to interfere with the af
fairs of this country.
Sheriff Bryan, with a posse, on Friday
morning seized, off Annapolis, tbe schooner
I R. 11. Miles, Capt. Pickering, charged with
dredging for oysters contrary to law. She
I was brought to Annapolis, and the case was
examined by Justice 0. M. Taylor, who
o.mdemned the vessel to be sold.
I The officers of the Irish Brigade have ten
dered Brig Gen. Thomas F. Meagher a pub
lie dinner, at the camp of the brigade, to.
morrow. Gen. Shields and other distin.
guished persons will be present.
The will of the late Col. Colt has been
made public. He leaves to his wife a gross
legacy of $30,000,' a life estate in the Man
sion House, with surrounding grouuds and
out building*; a life estate in 1,000 shares of
Colt Manufacturing Company stock, and a
large proportion of tbe residuum of the es
Tbe Baltimore Annual Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Church will convene at
at Baltimore on March 5, under the presi
dency of Rev. Bishop E. S. Janes.
Tht Washington Republican states that
Gen. Stone, U. S. A., has been arrested, and
is now on bis way to Fort Lafayette, having
left Washington in the five o'clock train last
evening. Tbe immediate cause of Stone's
arrest is not yet publicly known.
The notorious Pat Mattb ews, an irrepres
sible New York rowdy, was fatally stabbed
in tbat city a few nights since. He bad
taken his mistress sleighing; returning to
the city, be engaged in a melee, and his mis
tress, who sought to shield him, was severe
ly stabbed in tbe hip. Tbe quantity ot
noses which Mr. Matthews bas bitten off and
tbe number of eyes be bas gouged out in the
course of his erratic career are said to be in
Tbe treasury note and funding bill will
pass the U. S. Senate, but not without some
discussion. Several prominent Senators
have stated tbeir intention to oppose the
legal tendsr provision.
The Richmond market reports of the sth
inst. say:—"Heavy shipping tobacco still
commands good prices, and h is, within the
past two weeks, shown rather an upward
tendency. This we think is mainly due to
the vast quantity of money in the market
seeking secure investment."
* The Nashville Patriot says :—" We have
already intimated the probability of Beaure.
gard being assigned the chief command at
Columbus, and we are now enabled to state
authoritatively that -ouch is tbe fact."
Tbe Nashville Patriot contains along card
from Ben. McCullougb, addressed to tbe
Richmond Whig, in which he abuses Gen.
Price, accusing him of robbing the Louisi
an a and Arkansas soldiers of tbeir share of
the glory won in the battle of Springfield, in
which the Louisiana regiment took Sigel's
battery at tho point of the bayonet.
The Confederate steamer Merrimac, at
Norfolk, as altered, it is said, will not be
likely to fulfil the expectations formed con
cerning her. She is too heavily plated, and
draws too much water. They are, h iwever,
again altering her at the Norfolk navy yard,
and expect to make her more efficient.
The railroad line from Mobile along the
Mobile and Ohio Railroad is finished. This
completes the line between Mobile and New
Orleans, via Jackson and Meridian.
Gen. McClellan has issuad an order thank
ing Lieut. Col. Burke and the men under
his cmmand, for their servicas at Lee's
House, near Occoquan bay, in the recent
night attack there.
On the 4th instant, at the Female Orphan Asy
lum, in this citj, EMILY LYLES, in the ISth
jem of her age. The deceased was recei red into
the *' n'um when but 18 months old, and at once
becuio a special object of the Matron's care and
sympathies which her subsequent life in great
measure requited by modest deportment, cheerful
obedience, and affectionate watchfulness over the
younger Orphans.
Location— First Building South of Post Offic.
quarters will hereafter be from 10, A. M., to
I,P. M. All persons having business with Brig.
Gen. Montgomery, or Assistant Adjutant General
Freese, will call between the hours named. Writ*
ten communications only will receive attention
before 10, A. M., and after 1, P. M. jan 10 tf
MUFF was takea by mistake in tha excite
ment at St. Paul's Church, on Sunday morning.
The owner will get it by applying at this office,
feb 10—-3t
MR. JOHN W. RYAN begs leave to inform
his friends and acquaintances, that he will
be happy to see them at his new establishment.
No. 85 Cameron street, next to the Theater, where
they will always find him ready to wait upon fhem
with all kinds of REFRESHMENTS, first-rale
ALE, LAGBR BEER, Ac. feb s—tf
[Second Floor — Entrance on Henry Street.)
THE PROPRIETORS hare leased the commo
dious part ef the building in the above local
ity, and have spared neither money nor time in
; making it one of the best, if not the best,
! The SALOON will be opened to :he public in
; general on Saturday, February Ist, at 4 o'clock,
jp. m., and the public aro cordially invited to call.
i T II E B A R
will be supplied, at all times, with the choicest
| The proprietors will make it their duty to see
! that strict order is preserved, and visitors prompt
| ly waited upon.
: From the celebrated Band of the SSth Regiment.
I Pennsylvania Volunteers.
@£f~ Come one; come all. Admittance, free.
I . J an _!___■ Proprietors.
I" HAVE removed my Law Office over the stors
j A. of Bryan A Adams, Agents, King street,
jan 31—2w I. LOUIS KINZER.
No. 19 Fairfax Street,
_ _- Constantly on hand an assortment *f the
best GROCERIES for the us* of families,
jan 17
Between Washington and Columbus Street*
_ Keep on band and for sale the best au*l.
j ties of FAMILY GROCERIES. jan Is
HAS CONSTANTLY on hand a large assort
mont of FAMILY GROCERIES, consisttaa
|of BACON, of all kinds; FLOUR br the barrel
or smaller packages; BUCKWHEAT, CUR
: DINES, Ac, Ac, to which he invite- the attea-
I tion of customers. j aa
ThiTthird term in~tiie preseh*
session of Miss ELLEN MARK'S SCHOOL.
j will commence on the oth of February, when sert
' ral pupils in addition to the present number can
ba reetired. The School Room is pleasaatlr sit
uated at her residence, 214 King street.

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