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A Nliorl l*al< uI Mention — ev now. jh.
Mv text is somewhere, I believe. in Lord By
ron's “ Hours of Idleness. 1 hose are the words :
Ttis will rrcs!! inch cotith'ul h on*’,
KVa when eitr live- < [>• ■ 11 the v. mic ;
The leave-.- ol love Will -till . •’ UTOCU
\\ fa u Memo i y -t] m . v**l ii., ■ .’ 1
My I harm : a little present, of trifling intrin
sic value—such as a leek ol hair, a bunch of
flowers, or a fragment ot chjttun-wood, supposed
to have l»een a chip from the liewings of Noah's
ark —is looked upon with more tender emotions,
and cherished with gr -liter rare than is the gift
of a goose at Thanksgiving to one with an appe
tite of sufficient dimensions to accomodate an
o\, without disturbance to the internal order ef
things. It is wonderful In \v little matters will
recall youthful scenes, and wake p peculiar as
sociations, not only in the hearts ol those who
stand firm and erect upon the mountain of man
hood, hut also those v\i,o feebly totter down the
declivity that gently slopes to .Jordan.
A slice ot watermelon, my friends, retains for
me the flavor of a country churchyard, where I
once in a frght dropped a noble specimen of the
fruit, which 1 had wickedly purloined from a
neighboring patch at the pokerish hour of mid
night. The taste of a cucumber reminds me of
the home-made bread and cheese that always
accompanied it upon my piscatory excursions to
the mill-pond for bull-heads. Melhiuks 1 now
smell the old cheese-room, and soc the devil's
darning-ueedles that used to light upon my tish
pole. A single grape recalls the autumn-tinted
woods, through which 1 was wont to roam ia
search of the tempting clusters, hanging “care
less and free”—the chipper-squirrel, nibbling his
nut, and scolding, like Xantippe, at the intru
sion—“the crow, the crow, tin* great black
crow,” giving three bobs of the head as he jerks
out a caw from the pine-top, enjoining the chast
ening worm to hear him for his caws, aud be
silent, that he may hear—th? blue-jay profanely
paying a mocking to rummer'» departed chor
“ The Woodpecker tapping th* hollow beach tret.”
1 no sooner stick my tooth into a fall apple than
the old orchard —where I hunted bird's nests,
with blue ami speckled eggs, and arrived at
school just in time for a taste of the birch —the
snagly old orchard, stands before me, in its same
homespun attire. I nee Pomona emptying her
apron there; the trees, partially relieved of
their golden burdens, seem to lift up their heads
to Heaven, and thr.uk the Hirer of all good with
a pensive smile; the tenantless robin's nest is
to be let, and y onder hornet's castle is to be let
alone; the little yvllovv-jackit, with his dagger
sheathed behind, is busy probing the w ound of a
storm-bruised pippin, while the brown wasp—too
lazy to fold up his leg* as ho flies—wheels his
droney flight to his domestic hole in the wall.
Humbling blue daisies, de.'tituta of sweet odor
as beauty w ithout virtue, invite the dalliance of
yellow-winged butterflies, between whom and the
grave there is scarce room enough in which to
issue a good sized prayer. The old orchard now
smells of mortality, aud the eider-mill—the
cider-mill, when, hitched to a hickory sweep, the
venerable bob-tail mare, sporting a pair ofleather
spectacles, “ performs the great circuit, and is
still at home” or wishes she was. Emblem of
human life !—round aud round —ever iu the dark:
still round aud round—and no nearer heaven than
at the outset! A kiss, too, of any sort, sends
mo hack to the time when kis-ts were plenty as
blackberries, ami twice as juicy. 1 never Kiss
the Book at the (and I believe they always make
me do it out ol sheer curiosity—to see if 1 love
the Truth Kufluffer.'Uy well to greet it with a
labial salutation, an.l not make a wry face about
it) —yes, whenever I plant a buss upon the cheek
of Genesis, or the backside of Revelations, as
chance may direct it. away goes Memory back to
the days of apple-parings, quilting bees, and
those honied social parties, when the evening's
entertainments were always opened with “ Put
ton, button —v ho's got the button and closed
will; “ Come, Philander, let’s be « marching:”
when more t vrfeits ware paid with kisses during
I* single evening than a steam w riting machine
could record in a dog's age. It was in such
schools as these that I first learnt the alphabet
of love; and 1 made such progress through the
nbs, i>bs aud tifcs, that I found myself in mm!, or
some other soft monosyllable, almost before my
shirt-collar i.xd strength enough to stand alone.
But my friends, lam now beyond that ; and can
“ road my title, clear” to as big a slice of com
fort as was ever buttoned vv ith single blessedness.
My brethren, it is, nevertheless, pleasant—it
garlands tho heart with fresh blossoms, and
makes one feel young again—to revisit the nur
sery of our youthful loves, and find that every
lender plant—though touched by the frost of
time—is not dead, but retains sufficient sap at
the root to flourish again when Memory waves
her magic wand. Ay, delightful it is to know
and feel that
** The Icmtcs of love vi HI stiil In' .’a.
Wiu’u Memory ..is them Inn! iu; ..
And Memory bid them bud niton and ? ain
till life’s liquor lias run itself to the very lees.
The first development oi the tender passion—O,
Moses and the privp'.iets: what a funny feelihi; !
Thou to experience the same. or something simi
lar, over again—Minn one's timbers have be
come seasoned and dry. bis head pie-1 aid. and
nearly every drop of sentimental gravy has
leaked from his hear;— ,if anything, a tinnier
feeling still. Tkonji oid folks consider their
first loves as •• tldor lied as soon as shed." ...
look haek to .ho s.-eue of tiseir first 1 ... . ,j. ... |
cooing as
Che -m’tie.t ton M ni. ;y’» v.: ,'
and think
except to dream of yev.-.h’s rosy hours in
HUtUIUU&I twilight of dr. iiaillC i
*• L.n ■ is •
I .eve is «■ •: , ■
Lore i# clisrv .au » 'sn.-x;
But it won .rows . id.
An i waves col I,
And fades my. like ri nomine dew,"
And yet. toy friends, its pristine colors are par
tially restored through the prismatic power of
some trilling memento; but such a one as I
lately received from some unknown she condor.
And what do you think it was .’ A ininature
mUU» w ith the thumb cut off 1 Instead of such
a present causing the leaves of love to be erven,
the mere sight of it brought a blight and mildew
noon the little crop of amorous delights that
Memory has hitherto fed and grown fat upon. 1
despise mittens, of anv sort, in a conutrv like
Cal ; forma.
My d ear friends: Love is a theme upon which
I feel poorly qualified to expatiate. That it is
immortal, and exists among he angels of heaven,
Ido not for a moment doubt: but whether it is
there, as here, swayed by a well-turned ankle, a
■lender w aist and a pretty bonnet. 1 must leave
it to the initiated to say. The question is, can
any little offering there recall the blissful mo
ments spout iu the enjoyment of terrestial love
making ? If so, I shall go into the business,
even at this late hour of the day, with all my
heart, my soul, my pluck, and to the full extent
of my puckered up purse—in order that 1 may
have something worth while to look haek upon,
and beguile the tedious hours of a never-WMUtg
eternity.—6o mote i| be !—GoUm £re;
Si.N on vk Statistics.— The population of the
globe is estimated at 9UO.fkK),OOU. It is also es
timated that a number equal to the entire popu
lation ot tho globe, existed at auv one time passes
away three times in * very century. A* the
present population of the earth has increased
Irom a single pair, created about sixty centuries
ago, and half of the present population might be
taken trom fair estimate v f the average number
who have been carried away during each of the one
hundred aud eighty periods, or thirds of centu
ries, during which the earth may have been in
habited: which would have for the
whole number who have been on earth. Allow
ing an averag • of three square feet for burial of
each person, on the supposition that one-half die
in infancy, aud they would cover 24,300,000,0P0
>enare feet of earth. Divide this by rvl'W,
the number of square mil* s. gives le.-s than eight
hundred and seventy-two square miles, which
w ould afford sufficient room to bury, side by side,
all who have been buried in the dust of the
earth—all of whom would not suffice to cover
the little State ot Rhode Island.
I’ki.tty Womk.n.— A pretty woman is one of
the “ institutions " of the country—an angel iu
dry goods and glory. She makes sunshine, bine
sky, Fourth of duly, and happiness w herever she
goes. Her path is one of delicious roses, per
fume, aid beauty. She is a sweet poem, written
in rare curls and choice calico, and good princi
ples. Men stand up before her as so many
admiration points to melt into cream, and then
butter. Her words float round the ear, like
music, birds of Paradise, or the chimes ol Sal>-
bath bells. 'Without her, society would lose its
truest attraction, the church its firmest reliance,
ami young men the very best of comforts and
company. Her inffuenee ami generosity restrain
the vicious, stregtheu the weak, raise the low ly,
flannelshirt the heathen, and strengthen the faint
hearted. Wherever you find the virtuous wo
man. you also find a pleasant fire-side, boquets,
clean clothe*, order, good living, gentle hearts,
piety, music, light, and model “ institutions ”
generally. She is the flower of humanity, a very
Venus iu dimity, and her inspiration is the breath
of heaven.
How to I)h*ss a Cai.f’s Hear.—An editor of
a fashionable paper give* the following recipe,
doubtless having frequently tried ;
“ Take your head and rub a thick lather all
over the face; then pare off with a sharp instru
ment, wipe well with a clean towel and place
pieces ot starched linen, « la ilamiy, half way up
the cheek: lard the crown with any kind of
grease—a few drops of oil may be an improve
ment—and your calf's head will be dressed up in
the most approved style.
—Mr. Lee, of Oakland Las two bee
hives in successful operation. He informs the
Bau Francisco Evening Journal that he has taken
from them this year over fifty pounds of honey
comb. The bees, ii is said, will make excur
sions into the country over five miles from their
hives to gather honey from flowers in the val
leys and ravins*.
Pardon U (or men,
And not lor reptilr?—vre hnr» none for Stone,
And no resentment ; thiugs like him mutt sling.
Ami higher beings suffer ; ’tie the charter
Of' life. The man who dies > y it.e f-uder's fatur,
M.iy have the rrawler crushed, but fenl no sneer,
’Tviis the worm's nature; ami some men ar' worm*
In soul, more than the living things of tomb;. — Byron.
Man, says the anatomist, chances entirely in seven
years. “Thru, enye |l.d> Logic, my tailor should
not ask mo lor the bill 1 contracted in !r4^—l
a:n not the same person, hence I owe him noth
ing.” An editor out West, glancing at nis dilapi
dated uunien humble says ho agrees w ith Hob to
the very letter.
Mrs. Smikcs says the reason that children are
so bad this generation is owing to the wearing of
gaiter boots, instead of the old-fashioned slippers.
Mothers find it too much trouble to untie gaiters
to whip children, so they go unpunished—but
when she was a child, the way the old slipper did
use to do its duty was a caution!
Hope writes the poetry of a boy, but memory
that of a man. Man looks forward with smiles,
but backward w ith sighs. Such is the w ise pro
vidence of God. The cup of life is sweetest at
the brim —the flavor is impaired as we drink
deeper, and the dregs are made bitter, that we
may not struggle when it is taken from our lips.
Some wise man, years ago, said: “if you want
to learn human nature, get married to a spunky
girl, move into the house with another family,
and slap one of the young ones, and then you'll
learn it.”
“My love," said 15. to his wife, “why is a
Laplander like a minor ? D’ye give it up ?
'Cause ho derives his support from the rain,
dear, (reindeer.)
“Miss, can 1 have the exquisite pleasure of
rolling the wheel of conversation around the axle
tree of your understanding for a short lime this
evening The lady fainted.
li is not well to set up tor a perpetual moral
ist among persons who love pleasure. You w ill
be like a skelett u at a least—dismal and unwel
The shape of a kiss is said by the editor ot the
Louisville Times to he cliptieal. This must he
derived from the sensation one experiences while
enjoying the luxury, for it is certainly a lip Uchlt.
** Our 1 is in Hell” it the t of new
tlon fr in the pen of 13 r. Kiilea,
f Glasgow, u.i.e. uoimtless i;»o. a .«d lor
summer readiii_.
Misa says .-lie would like very much to do
'•.nothing thai she might have her i :• A
i -.per. We have IvDed her to get ,-ome one U>
Lave his name put In with hers.
Dickens remarks; “I think it mu-, - : a where
written that the virtues of mothers shall occa
sionally be visited on their children, as well a*
the sins of fathers."
A writer on swearing, says that an oath from a
woman is unnatural and discreditable, and he
would as sc-on expect a bullet from a rose-bud.
Austria is about to emancipate her Jew ish sub
jects, preparatory to further internal reforms,
which are much needed.
Kindnesses are stowed away in the heart, like
bags of lavender in a drawer, and sweeten every
object around them.
Iron w ..s first discovered by the burning of
Mount Ida, one thousand four hundred years be
fore Christ.
Misfortunes are troublesome at first, but when
there is no remedy but patience, custom makes
i them easy to us, and necessity gives us courage.
In a late speech Lucy Stone said: “ W e know
there is cotton in the ears of men. Let us lock
for hope in the bosoms of women. ”
Money is defined to be a composition for taking
stains out of a man’s character.
“ John, what is a gentleman ?” “ Stubtoe boots,
long-tail coat, and a high shirt collar, sir.”
Many people are esteemed because they are not
Marriage is the dg retry of heaven.
MMIE nn-ierriited n>pecTfn!l> th-'public that ho
I ; ,1- .r- ct .. -re ... ~ m..e > '*-
Ot rr„ under the -hnvtu :« of Dr. hI.U KRT, caps-' ..' ami
itTveni* :st Russian i«th*. uMver*-.’;y nv -nmcndcd by tho
;r. iu K! lacuiryto Be beneficial. and in tact a panacea in Use
■' —■ ■■
. . . ut. Com . • h, - tv . Cki n N
vi :g* and Pulmonic h SOMA'S. »Vi’.
A person will be lu attcTu::■ :»ee to ' IP.'.- '< r baths. and
p! v-:cuaii Wi ndin’ patient* :.rc re-m- -b .t- -reserr-e the
w mier iu whu dtiiey are to receri s-diiO
- •—' Stock-
K i and’ Jame-town stages pas-ing Iw.-lvo time* a day.
Brio--= ol ps-sagt —From O* : . ; “o cents : trem Jsmes
to\ n To cents.
' j.- 1 Dr. Kiwert can In- found at Ids office, rerun' D
in_', -i ,:id Li no- rg street*, from 8 o’clock a. m.to4 r. m.
Sonora, Se;»t. !. '.Sod.
N. S Y I.VFS T s: K .
Haying . . . hasm
. creased bis st.a k. and will .-< 1!
('igarti.Tobarco, Oil and (’ompht’iic.
n; verv small t .\ a nee on San f ranee o p; ;c.- -.
Four jt re i lidvac in Sot N. ?. to
c< ;»• acquainted with the wants of the public, and UK will
supply thenn
Snrn of the Old Gentleman.
Xcwepnprn, RocU«, .Tiusictil
mralo and Niatienrry. jytM-.'lt
Cnlifornin dlnnufarlarcd Lnial Oil.
Oil is warrant.si to be free from «1! glutinous nwt-
I ter, and is therefore peculiarly suited for Machinery.
For Lani|>s of every description it is recouunen'h d. eiviii" a
light not to be equalled bv unv other Oil.
jv-tj-dt ' ~ N. SYLVESTER.
Niotn—Slot «■*.
Opposite ihr Placer Hotel.
The undersigned takes pleasure in thanking Ids
numerous customers for their lil raj patronage
bereti fore, hoping that they will not ferret that lie
has on hand the larg -t stin kof
in tho Southern Mines, which he will sell as low as any
other establishment.
AIso—JOBBING of all kinds punctually attend to.
Miners’ PUMPS made and repaurd on the shortest
nunc. (jyS>B| M. DYER.
The Mtitgc for Ban Vrci .-<»■* and t'oiilleravillo
tw-iv—Leaves Coultersville anil Sonora on alter-
Jr nate tnornlc ;s, at 7 o'clock —viz :
Leaves Suiuiru on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Leaves Coultersville oti Tuesdays, Thursday* and Satur
days—coins; through the .-"ini'day.
Passenger* from Stockton lor Coultersvilie can take
this stare by coming to Mound Springs the day previous to
its lea vine tsonora. [ jygd-tl | F. B. CLAL K «Sr. CO.
Tl »Ll .T!i\K BOOi: STOBF.
HE undersigned has purchased the intern t ofM uYae.oy
I- in the Book Store known as Vtvni Roseet *. .. i
has removed nearly opposite the Placer Hotel, where h ■ "
always be louud ready to serve hi* friends r. cl the pub'.ie
with all articles pertaining to his trade, ts cheap ;u file
market will afford—consisting hi part of
Stationery, School Books-,
Blank Haul, i, Poetry by roriov.f author'.
Histories, Morels.
Ckihlren’s Toy Books. S;r. Sfc.
Also, CIGARS and TOBACCO. fs'Snl- » ■■ cv for tb •
“GOLDEN ERA.”—.VI, ANTIC *l’-MUIRS ■ , ;:ic la; - »t
dates nlwav* on hand. Give me a call.
nov 11 -tf J. ROBERT.
Clongh Jk Burer’N litil.'r, 1’- ;s'r A IV.ctr.jjc
TO and from from alt parts of ti e County, an ‘ veefr/y.—
This new arrangement enables the proprietor* to de
liver all Letters, Phjhts, Famines, . ■ any ether r.i.t-ter
arriving at the Sonora Post Old . , v-.d.i pi'ot.e ' o -•»
dispatch. All those wishing I) r i red to
them immediately after the arrival oftl ! from I
ATLANTIC STATES and EUROPE. e-- m-slated
by leaving their names at the toll o . . nan ed plac"s:
Sonora Bookstore—ROßE ,i’i Ag.-.it.
Shaw’s Flat John A. Lnn . Agent.
Springfield , ..Thomas Whitman, Ag' iit.
Tuttletown Wei. rir-r r, Agent.
Mormon Creek
Jackass IJ ill-. . ..i.’iti Orr, A
Algerine Palmer & Allen. Agents.
Poverty Hill
Moufezmt .i E. Conway, Agent.
K .
Saw Mill Flat
Brown's Flat Haynes & Chapin, Agents.
Sonora, Nov. li. 18.74.
V. KM.S, I’ABOO A rO‘l E.TPRE; ;«
Daily Expresses to and from San Francisco, Stockton,
Sacramento. Marysville, am! all tne prominent places iu the
Northern and Southern Mines.
A semi monthly Express to the Atlantic States anil Oregon.
Bills of exchange drawn on dew York, Cleveland. Boston,
Detroit. I’hilad.-.pint. Chicago St. Louis, Galena, Cincinnati.
Milwaukee, and most ol the towns iu the -Ulantic Status and
A special messenger is sent to and from San Francisco and
Stockton, leaving Sonota on Mondays and Thursdays, and
Sen Francisco on Tuesdays and Fridavs.
dec S-tf W. It. SIMMON'S. Agent.
Valuable KancU foe Sale.
riAHE proprietor of kite Green Nprlus H Knneh,
I being d> sirons -f returning with his family to the Atlan
tic Stab s. will ijispo.-" of the same at a great sacrifice. To
old residents of the county n-.leserijitiou of the jdaee is un
neo'-sarr. The.,- miacq. if.nfed are informed that rim tract
consists of 380 acres of tb -• .(utility of land, with a suf
ficiency of timber for ail « niinary pvrpt.x's. Alton: eighty
ncro* tire itnder goo-1 and permanent enclosure, and eight or
ten acres in a high state of cultivntioit. The springs upon
the place are i.nfmmg. and *'..pply s.l'icient wafer form ,n
-rioa. an 1 tie i hrape Vines and Fruit Trees are the me •
ishingof any in the county.
T! is a 1 - • .uui sul i.-.ntial Dwelling 15 v-v c ; the
protiii* s. rdl the neei-ssry outhouses, and every couvcni
ence for a conitiirtab'e boo"'.
Fur term*. an.l i rherp: rtkulars, apply at this Ou,cc, or to
hepn pri, lorou the proud*,--.
ags.:; m .1. D. TABOR.
Dr. MOOR lb, Dentist,
1 in general for the vety Uiieral j»at rma ge rccelvod during
t? • pa“l three month.-, r -pectfut'y so ioits a contiim ,nc. ol
the -.-. mo.
A-:.) Ids skill and ..' iiity in the DENTAL ART. the lol
lowing test..ru will:.; ur i td’.y sh-iw ;
Lancaster, Nov. I.7th,
Dr. M. M. Moore, having p--.- -i through a regular course
■ f instruction in both Medical and Df ntal science, we re
c.-tuinend ;..:c. ns well rpudiited ior the pra •tie -of D-. ntal
S cry. A. ThoXAS, M. D.. D. S.
We recommend Dr. Moore as a gentleman qualified (being
eminent,) to pi nctice in the Dent d Art.
Wash. L. Atlke. M. D.. Prof, of Ch- mistry
in the Pennsylvania College.
A. Bitxkk, M. D., Prut ol Anatomy and
Midwifery, in the Phila. College of Med.
Philadelphia, April 9th, 18AO.
The following is from the Hon. Jas. Euchanan, (formerly
Secretary of State of the V. S.) now Minister to England;
Dr. Moore, being a highly respectable citizen of Lancaster,
and eminent in hi* profession, which is that at a Surgeon
Dentist, 1 commend hint to the favorable notice and kind
regards of all those in California with whom my opinion
my to of any value—trusting he may he as highly esteemed
among strangers as he is by Ins fellow citizens.
Lancaster. Pa.. April 4. 1850. James Buchanan.
Z~y P- — —Dr M. having just received a fresh supply
of TEETH and GOLD FOIL of superior quality, will be
happy to accommodate Dentists on reasonable term*.
Ivv AA cases Cam - id * Yeast Powders;
Bkk) Imjxcs Hi'lV No. 1 Soap;
iiXXI ivixi*= Y\';:;.e English Sc.ap;
7.'"t iHtxes Chemical Olive Soap;
ItX) boxes Judd's Patent Sperm Candles;
boxes Adamantine Candles;
3tX) casks Engii-h Ale and Porter;
lOOtins R. W. Matches.
For sale by ,R. E. BREWSTER & CO..
selA-lm corner Front and Clay streets.
Between California and Sacramento gtreefs,
Sa> Fbanctsco.
>sWdD P. B. PROVOST, Aymt-
In Kxchsnge for Lumber
20.000 s»
10.000 do. PARLEY.
Aj’j'v at the Tuolumne County M..'. ortho officeol Han
1 ivlor A, Co.. Souorn.
cock. 'lravlor A. Co.. E. uom.
OHrr I'ariiir t onipnin,
Son h i. A .. '
o X an. i after t*us date we will forward lefo to points
in C v\ i'vnts
.■N\ 1 N ■
. ' - - GINS,
»u IS Agent Pa* it!.- Fxpre-- Company
Flour— I' lour.
l Countv Mills.
sept 30-tf HESI.EP A BELL.
> afire.
person* who wi'h to conb.’un' T -- r i o:i
call on their agents and register thoir mart »io.oli i* r •
: . ■ ■ ■i' ns. MS. P CI.OI GH,
Sonora, M.iv 5. 1 no. I. J. BOY ER.
- \ Cl
For Male.
\ TUBULAR STKAM BOlLER—fifteen horse p. w. r—
. v,itfa fixtures in good order. For terms apply
to IIKSI.EP A TRAYLOR, or at the Tm-Uinme C iits:v
Sonora. Juno 1 •*. 1855.—(>t
CHANGe <)F DAYS (>F s lll.rmf.
—}» ter, the SteuuthijM ol Use I'aeifio Mail
■ U’ ‘i*V~ii annship Company will leave San Fine-eo
lor Now York and Now Orleans, nil Paimina. on the 3th
and 2bth of every moutli, instead ot the 1,-t and Itkh, a*
an 25-1 m FORBKB A BABCOCK. A cents.
(lardrn lor Male.
ja-i That vid bl eGARD F. N. i •
11 the road to Prowt - Pint, know n - Cl. ugh'.- 1 ,“1
I Garden containing about 2lH> FBI IT TiSKI'S. i.oiH)
i a >ci st frees. a i.- -:■ . t ri i r barb. n
PIE PLANT—«verythi
torodfor sale. It is one ot the nio-t desirable pieces ol pro
perty in the count ry, and will l>e disposed of at a great
gain. For any infomiatuu iu re tard to it apply at this
office. iedO
3 louse amt S.ol ter Male.
The subscriber "ill dispose of his late re
deuce on Brown's Flat, to a cash customer, for
considerably less than Us value The House is large
and substantially built, and well adapted for kot ping board
ers. There is a large Garden spot enclosed, which <mii be
irrigated during the dry season with ease. For parlieulars,
inquire at tins office, or at Miller's Store, near Hah Way
House, between Shaw's Flat and Si riii:;fn Id.
jet!') ' P. A MILLER.
For Malt .
y SUPERIOR THEODOLlTE—warranted to be in pet
it'-*, feet order. Enquire at this office. jeft-tf
nxc. res r;y k»s* ::sn.
tjtlllS Express, after Monday, Jut e ’ -rh. will innk.
* regular trips a we. !, to and from Jackson?ille, th
make four
ipsa wc. :. to amt Horn Jacksonville, through
the intermediate can ps—leavin ; Sonora every Monday, at
10 A. M,, and every Wednesday, Thun and fi
f v ■(. Ueturiiing, will lea. J.u ksonv ille every Tuesday,
e bicsday, Thursday nod S; turdav, at 5 r. M.
As business !.o-.v r'■ -t. lew aeon necessary on the
t '-itc. the i.bscribi ;■ mv, iro.i to a.-commodate half a
dozen pa ;senaers at ■sio \ rate-as pc. -iblo.
As an opposition U'' has I e.» tied (though he cherishes
noil! will, hot the kin.’es: of 'eelin ;s townies Ids opponent:
yet. .u erdartlint I i may'.' .i, ■p i • r:. -■ 1 iu a business that he
all ue h-s b-’i'.t t.n, '.Lrov.Ji u.no ei: enerpy, persevi ranee,
and :i! rt.< to pin ■ ti . v. ids -\; :v; -of the mo-t
: . coon it y, at I tin ;h the ei ■ iragcmeut ol liu
Ire he f. !•> al to • e sj r.ipathies of a
w . .. . d their appro
hatio . ot his course ami of the enterprise ;:i which he i - ci -
c; ,ed, by i oiib'i ring npo.in a geucrous and inert ;.- . :
T. - to IV Oak Fl,i‘. the fl irob s. c . will bet nt. 1
:- • , -fore. Ml orders le*t at \V, il-, F: r;o A «• .'
be prempth ;.rtende 1 to. A. J. SNOW,
sen :a. Ju.l !>>, I AA.
can sat'sly the most fastidious. Call and see f< r you. -cl>,
Ail opt ration* guarantied, and at reducctl {trices. F.va;;
nations and tnlvice free.
[*y Office—Express Building, corner of Montgomery hi d
California streets. No. 3 second floor, over Wells, Fa i A
Co's Banking House. Sun Francisco sr;- 2
It'-YSMS, 02 5, R, WINDOW KI.AXM, die
rjAHE subscribers have just received in store.fr ni v
I Charmer, Saracen. Tornado, Water Witch. N
Car. Boston Light, Westward Ho, and rw S. Jlisln .
nihlitions to their stock, making it. as heretofore, !uc mo,
extensive in this city. We have now in store :
PI UK LEAD—IO tons Atlantic and Engb-h;
Al-0—25 tons Pure, Extra, and No. 1:
/INC PAINT—IO tons Trenam’s and r now wl-.b ';
PAINTS—3OO cans English, red, yell w ■ -1,,,-h;
10,000 lbs red, yellow and I
TRKN AM'S CI)LOKS—3O «-,-es, a - .
B lIP LEAP and LmtAnnE—st n \i •
LINSEED t H1,—2000 gallons, i oil. u ui. .
POLAR L AMP OH—4OOO gallons ; '
\ YRNISH—I2O ' .
coach, lunutii' o, C.m.-
WHITE W A till d 0.—200 dozen >
GLUE —200 cases China and Cooper's:
WINDOW (,LAS>—Mdaio.- • ■
PUTTY —3O barrels, in bulk ami bladders.
VI so
Whiting. Red and While Chalk, ground :-id lnmn B “sr,
Purii. iSr -. Emery. Sandpaper. P.lack la a ; . !*.;• 1,
PAINT MILLS, and »nr usual a-sortment of A
4 iTERIALSvaA TOOLS. For sale, at the 1 iwe ...
Imports rs and Jobbers,
> rtul l(ir> Front strert. San Fnnifisco,
Next to the corner of Washington st.
ith remittances, attended to. niav 12-3 m
o. •;
-s, r. rraar, Ac;
rates, by
roc. 10:
(I.afe I-iHFII(I VRT'M.) cpr,
iCotner M ~r_ im ry > . i W )-WjJ
•oust ref-, under the Bank E\- 11
ciiange, San Fm:.; isco.
r |AilE nmlcrsigneil would bog 1 ~ve resiieet'ully to :,n
I notmee to their friends and the pu he that they b;c. e
gnrehasod the a'novo spacious estublishui. nt. which they
have r- ,i:t,xi at eon-iderahle expense, it being their intention
to establish what has long been wanting.
A FirslCln** Krstaiirnul ami Oyster Saloon.
There is attached to the establishment a number ef Pri
vate Rooms, to which there is a private entranceon Wash
ington street, where parties, or Ladies and Gcntlemencan
have SupjH'rs, Air., served at all HOURS, in a manner to
please the most fastidious.
N .B.—The BAR has been stocked with the choicest Wines,
Liquors and Cigars in the city. J W. A. GILMOR,
jy~ “ ’ C. J. BROWN.
E. Justh. (late V. S. Mint. S. F.) ts. Hillen Hunter
1 - s Montgomery street, second door south of Jackson st.
r E GUARANTEE OUR AS'A YE, and hind ourselves
to pay nil diflerenccs arising from the s me u . ii any
le F. S. Mints. ’ g?' Reruns made in twenty-tour Lours.
,‘e refer to the annexed certificate.
‘e hereby certify that Mr. E. JUSTH was • --- nt A--
r in tike U. S. Branch Mint, fi - 834, I
. during which time hr performed bis i.utii s, most . ~;L-and
and intelligently: and we take pleasure in recommend
nm to the public as a competent and faithful Assayer.
m Francisco, May 10tb. 1855.
A. HAKABZTHY. U. 8. Assaycr.
ay 13-3 m SupcminT U. 8. Bnuich Mint.
Lons JThorf San Francisco, Cal.
DOKB and STATIONERY at the cheapest rate*. The
“ CNCLE SAM" issued everv Saturday,
a 90 CUAS, P. KLMBAI.-U Ptww«o<*
■* i h« ri<l N Knlr
I*' of-n . n unl - ■ , f ;h«> County Court
!l ' r ’ county o; T ~x)nm«e >■ j State o! t'ahtornia,
V> 11 1” "" ! --'l ‘etc. '..'sure ot hou. <■ tann-xi by JH.
“ ' : gainst \ KantMvortSi A Co,. wherein lam com
man.nsi to v, ; .iosoni-jNi property. to wit:
' '• ' a envied,
•o.i Tiwivn too Av-.oru--,n Hotel premises on the luxrtli.
” O' - - , -
m o o: Mm-.ii -tn -t, in too town of Columbia.
Notioo '. hen- x giver-. -hat ! will expose tho alxove
•u-M-n od rrvpor-x ;,t ru * ... to tho highest bidder,
■ ' ■■■!■ c.vol H -, t; O-V o! Sonora,
'■ >Ait tIDAY.t ■ OM of IK'l. ‘'IT. If.VS, between
tho hours presetit-cd I V law
M SOI OMON. Shci -V.
Randall, 1>
('cintaDie* Halo,
I?' ' ' . : • < \ ' ■ . . .■ . ;ho court of
J ' •
N ■■* ■' o. ■ t ■ .... :!: ■ xn Jv ot
: r. v tv ! V .'V : .-on-T hurt ■' B-.vhaot joh! Jean
■- on • ■ ti.l in tro or of Jo-.-pl, K .mo r- iC. Itohaul. 1
It . 03 n, tho follow my
o i’roi •Tty. To wtr : \ -on House, containing a
lx-.ix.ot ■ Uvou. mv : stun . pertain.ng ti-on to, tegctbei w itli
w MhJKtfll
oil tho M .1 II tiro ■ \.- I. : ~! i-ipo.-ito to tho 01. l
Fli b ti so, oil n.. oa tho traL to tlu- lu-v.o ,-|
Will. lx. J ’ V M X „■ Xl'll that oil S ATE 15-
DA V. the ',V:li liav . . x. i>. 1 *vVx, at S o'clock,
r. x„ on tho premia* . I w '.I .-tier the above desorilied pro
petty for Milo at public allotiou, to tho highest hi.UU-r, for
cash, R. H. KOBlS!»UN.
sotlft-lTf Constable.
Htntoof C'lililnrnin, Tuolumne Comity, «».
| ( STICK S COERT. —I in' Tooix’o of tho State of (; •>
• ' lorn. . to tho S .-r.tfet C.>ti«»;.!>h- of tho uforowii*
C. u ty —Hi i'tin_- : Wo com-i.-md xou that you sunmioi
V. J. WAI,I, S. sothat hi I ". to li, f
Sulim untie of our Ju».:>' - of t o IV.ioo in and tor th*
Just too of tho I’onoo. Township No. I.
Statu or California, Coi ntt of Tvolvmnic.—ln
Su van's Court—J. 11 iLLEM .v C.. . PR, A. J.
W M.I.S— ction to roooxor SHo !, r luilihi-i.—Sept.‘Jl st.
Ir-T. \ii.l noxx I rtniit s tho ]-I.out. its i.s a orosai.l, by their
attorney. IK V 15. -,t ,ors, i.nd Ido- '..i- utli.hix it ; ami it appear -
iu to t. Court t r I notion exist, ami that after
iluo ililigou. o, .i ... : ti,hint oatim lho fount)—lt is onieml
ll- t - ’ix lot- of ■ uoi in. I o nia.lo y {Mil'll, at ion thoroot one
wook. in tho " I i Doinoornt,” a uowsjinpor printial atul
puMi-f.ial in ti .-. ..t So nai oaso si t tor trial on tbo
tith of t>.-.ofi r. lso.l. at 10. VI. , s. A. xt.
Tho I. -. ;,;ii. i* n true co \. mv Docket, thip Sfttli
r„ v. sru.iv \n, j. r..
s C 1 It Township No. 1.
Mliiti- ni ('niiforniu. ’t iioliiiinio Coiinly, •>,
IN tho District Court of the Fifth Jiniicial ilistriot of tai.l
State. Tin proplo of tho State ot California to 1.. 11.
SAN -UlxN nn.i K. \\ . IiHOWN. grooling ; You are hereby
suiiuiiojirvi to appear ami answer, in Saul Court, unto tins
o.miplaivt of Coo. \V. Monk an.l floury fihlo. Jr., wherein
thsy pray :moat against yon for three hutaltoil ami ninety
ilolinr. i; j o chty-six oou!», with interest thereon at the rate
of two per rent, per month Irom M irrh a. t>: ItWi, on
yin.r ('m :- in promissory note mat nmrtaago l onrine ilato
Marcii vKU. a d. IS,V>, togethai with a decree of foneelosuro
its I li;.go. oniorinit the sale of said mortgaged proin
; - , i ,1 c. is of this action, filed in our faid Court within ten
dr x - ■ ■r t’ s x.. fof this writ, if nerved in said county,
w i I t .ity days if served in said di-triot, and. without
s„ . .unit ~ a i within forty d ivs if nerved in any other
o, .. .goiii v .ii .milt w ill he taken against you,
\v ii ,S ’• ■:i CitAH. M. < vgANKB. Judge of the Fifth
J Diet tof mid S lift ilny of Jut* .a. »
. a . H F. VANS, Clerk.
r. J.xo. t\ Williams, Dty.rty.
Tv order ef the Court,
v .J Jj . : 3ui
IVotirs of rtlseliTncr.
JS •’ - tmiVr i ti p ’ . r/i! A SMITH i.r the
- iei.. ;ft of li, ! ' i. txvs < I ' Sf ’ - of C iller i
T'. -petit;..-i of l.i S-: ; i ii alxonf debtor. ing
r., v p. 0,! • r v - luiocf hippt petty
j-; . : r.ti-i Ih ; cit, t ’niimr haw,
i; is 1 . ,v... K . ■ i..vo;: to ti.e creditora of
t i i;. ’. -at In l'i- null ii t ■ iiefo.,-mo. ~i .nora, 'lNiol
,, in . . -i ,i i , . f TT‘oi'*l',- , v
. -y I . 1 • H. U to > low cause, if
a. !c. y have, v i-y .- n'voir shim,.i tan: . o pennlltc.l
t ■ !.'■ ' li-.l 1. -0.01 ; 1 , . I - ;,.- : -,i ;,.i--Ti:irgi'd ,t ni'
■■ ■ ■ Is. i. h )i ,in nch eat o ■
i• i' i,;;.l pm-, i. I, i< ' ’.or <ni rod. that the notice
to • p’: •' ,i 1,. • -ix I'nion Deiuncmt for the
* 'if; ovs p ..ms r. ..' d.-,y appointcil for the
t :. ; . i cro .in s, .-,...1 a at ay ot all proceeding!
li insolvent i 1 until sakl pi tiu.m is
# rd and dovidc-il. CH AS. M. CRKANER.
*oS Jo i-.-e of the Fiflii Judicial District.
\<liui*ii*lrntor*w i\oli«'e,
A I T, persons having cl ams against the estate of J. Hrr
» ratcK, di oc:.‘ , a- ' hn ohy mlitieil and rratiml to
« \' l1 ’i;t the svue, with the nei-e my vouchers, within leu
in--ni! s ; r. in tl.o date hereof, to t! - undersigned, at Ids pine*
of it- ■ ne . in I’l-or.a ; or the said clniins will he for ever
hr.rt - . : —mj.l all l ersons indi hied to —ad estati*, are hereby
noii.iod to stlilc the same, without dolav.
At-?. So, IKSS. sn'J.d—<t Ailiniiiisimtor.
A i>iiiini«trntt'r'« T. ot ice.
» LT, p.---=OI|S j . e of Saxvfl.
df- (1. MoC: ELLAS. :i'. i i ■ y In. ;ll nrd re
• it- - ‘ : • • . v.T hSi> i, • vi ■ hers,
-. ..*• t.
i • fl ... 1,.-, dll i-M ir.'T f; to .raid
. ~x lie. -V, r iv-.-r , ■—. di d ] : . - i-,f. .edto
. \x itheut
. ...Nil B. la, MCE,
T. 25.1?i15, a; nuuistrstor.
( {>.
.1.7 Diirrses <j' t . ; ( mi . :‘.!i Unfailing
( V rtci n!:i.
T>r. TV. A. S y V, Ornll.t.
|AH, W. A es of •! e
a-s . - ■ mrooalr par*
1 ! v . 1. ■ iifine «y«
i. ■ .- ; i ■ ’ pjatf.
oft! will •pi >ed in refott tea
lifted; and,
i-y in.: t: ■ -irot ’ . oi. r- o.i vdi- j i -*rruotion, and re
i - . ■ 1 :-. ‘.:h .' :i> iii-::t. t!;i> eyes may be
ponn-it.i L.ly i r,n i\x: • t th-- ih- ol < rmstio, or miy of the
irritating application- i-i gi niT:-! u-e. Dr. S. would my to
those who h. veoxliaustod tin- -kill of all others without re
lief. not to tiesii-i r of a cur,- without giving him a trial, for
in all i- *i s w here vision is not . i,t : rely !■ -t, or the eye not
completely di.-organ'/i-d, there j.still hop«‘.
Otih-e. corner of S .i,-..me mid lh:-h street. —«>itratiee ou
H i- , -ti. - . oyjM-ite to ' lias-'-, tte 11. use. S m F anc;-00.
I •ext- :g fr m Clay to Coinn,. ...i, San Francisco.
Main entrance on S.ansoDie.
The alxove Hotel li -atig been thoroughly o-.a rhaulial,
rotitred. and hiiinisoiiK-ly l'is.il«he<i, is now open lor lh<*
aecomii’ixlation ol tie- pul.lie. in point of comfort and
eonvonionoe it is surpassed by no Hotel in ti; is city, while
its hx- tion is the most central. Tie- mamiger of tins Hotel
is haj py to ho able to announce to he old friends throughout
the State, that he has at la-t found a house hinge enough to
accommodate them, and they need have no tears of being
turned sway for w ant of accommodation lor all, as has been
the case, to his regret, in seme former I louses
Gentlemen with inmilie.* xx i-i ing to lawn), win find thi*
House airv and pleasant. Prompt attention paid to tho
rooms, and charges moderate.
Transient custom, per day #2 .*>o
Buani, per week 7 00
lionrti and Ltxlging, acconling to room, per week.
from -SlOto^'liO
Dinner 1 JJ®
Breakfast and Supper 75
- v?=Tli;s Hofei is under ti e nianncrment of David
Jones, the well known proprietor of the original Jocea*
Smi Francisco July ftth 1 jySl-Im
•Of* i. This popular and extenwvely known Hotel, which
git; f irthe last lew weeks has boon under the management
of W W. ESTAHROOK, has been painted throughout—
now furniture has boon addixl. and the house is now in com*
pjete order for the reception of the public,
Njr. E-fahrm k has fonmai a connection in tmstness with
Mr. P. T. JAMES, who nns U-on favorably kuown in the
above hotel, ami recently at the Internationa).
F.very possible exertion will he made by the present pro
prietors to render the above eftablishineut the most popular
n the State. jclft-tkn

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