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I havo sworn upon tlio Altar of God, eternal hostility to every form of Tyranny over tlio Mind of Man." Thoims Jeilern
voIiiihc vino
rjVmnfM!r 7o
Oi'i'osrn: fir. Paul's Church, Main-st
The GOr.UAtliM DEMOCRAT will bt
published evert Saturday morning, al
'1WO DOl.plllSper annum payable
half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars
J'iJ'ty Ccnls,ifnol paid within lite, year
A'o subscription mill be. laken for a shorter
period than ar.r months;' nor ami discon
tiiutancc permittcd,until all arrearages
are discharged.
JID VE11T1SEMENS n ot exceeding a
square luill be conspicuously inserted af
One Dollar for the first three-insertions,
and Twenty-five cint.i for every subse
quent nseriion. liberal discount
made to those ivho advertise by the year
LETTERS addressed on bus'incss',mut
be post paid
Go ilown unto ilio sr:i
Whrro tlio whilo winged navifis liilc,
Whose mighty pulses licavo so free
In strong, mysterious tide
Within whoso coral coll,
Where sunless foiests creep,
So many a wandering child of earth
Hath bid him down to sleep.
Go forth unto the tea,
Amrol tlio break of morn,
'J 'each its young waves the winds of prayer
And when tlio night grows dun
Beguile the billows wild
With the holy hush of thine evening hymn
As the mother lulls her child.
Go bow tljoc to sea
When tho booming breakers roar,
And a meek hearted listener be
To all their fearful lore
And learn, where tempests lower,
Their lesson from tho wave
One voice alone can curb our power,
One arm alone can save."
Go homeward, from the sea
When'its trial hour its pjst,
With deeper trust in Uitn who rules
Tho billow and the blast
And when tlio charms of earth
Around the bosom creep,
Forget not, in thy time of mirth,
Tho wisdom of tho deep.
Don't You think Mc Right?
Truo love, for us poor maidens,
Is a lough and crooked path,
A:.d the oak on which wo hang our hopes
Provps often but a lath.
My preface done, now hear my case,
'Twill gricvo ihoso hearts not cold;
A young man I my lover made,
But my father chose sin old;
J could not wed an(nld man
Oh no 1 despite 'uis gold.
My father coax'd and wheedled,
Hut 1 heard him slyly swear
That he'd teach a saucy minx like mo
. His sov'reign will to dare.
The day was namcd-my dress came home
Grief made mo quite a fright;
To morrow would have seen nm wed
So 1 eloped at night.
I could not wed an old man
' And don't you think mu right?
Professor Von Grusfclbach, of Stock
holm, Im very ' lately brought to u
stale of perfection, tho art of producing a
torpcr of the whole system, by tho applica
tion of cold of different degrees of intnnsitj
piocceding from a lesser to a gi enter, so n
to cause the human body to heroine p 'r
feetly torpid without peiinaneul injury ti
any organ or tissue of the frame. In th'u
stale tllcy inn) remain lor a great tin inni'i
f years, and again, nftei a slce.p of ages, be
awakened to existence; as fiesh and bloom
ing as they were rhen they fust sunk into
their trigorific slumber,
The attention of tho learned professor
was firslled to the subject by finding!
load enclosed in a solid fragment of calco
rcous rock ten feet in diameter which whet
taken out, showed unequivocal signs of lift
lint ii was siinnosed that concussion b
blasting the rock occasioned its death, in
few hours alter. Tho opinion of Baroi
Gruithzeii, who is Geologist to the King ol
Sweden, was that it must have been in tha
situation for at least sevrn thousand years
ind his calculations were drawn from th
different layer of strata by which t w:u
MKrouuded. From this hint, the professor
proceeded to make experiments, and after
painful and laborious course of experiment
for the last twenty nine ycais of his life he
has al Inst succeeded in pet feeling his great
liscoverv. No pss than sixty thousand
rrmiilcs. shell fish. &c were experimented
in before he tried the human sulijec. I li
prurc&s I9 not rnt rely laid before the public
a? yoi.hut I had the honorin company With
l friend of vioiiing the professor.
I shall givo a slight description of one of
tho outer rooms containing some of his
preparations. Previous to entering .wf
were furnished with an India rubber bag,
m .l,iil wn ntlnc lied a- mas 1C "Wttli-" f'ln'
eyes This wns put on to prevent th
tcmperaiuro of the room from being varied
the slightest degree by our breathing. l
,vas a circular room l.ghted by the sun rays
from which the heat was entirely discogH
lied by its passage through its class,
colored by the oxide of copper, (a lato dis
covery and very valuable to the professor.)
Tho room is shelved all round and contains
marly one thousand specim ens of animal",
ifcc. One was a Swedish girl aged, from
appearance, about nineteon years; she uas
consigned to tlio professor by order of thn
Government to experiment upon having
been found guilty to murder her child.
With the exception of slltilit paleness, she
ippenred as if asleep, although she has been
in a slate of complolo torpor for two years.
Uo intends tin says to resuscitate her in five
morp years and convince the wmld of hie
f . mi. r
woniierini us covery. i nu pruii.-spiu u
ratifv us took a small snake nut of his
abinet into another room althongh it np
pnarcd to us to be perfectly ded and rigid
arble. bv annlication of a mixture of
oayene pepppr and branilv, it showed im
mediate signs of life and was appaiently as
native ns over it was in a few minutes altho,
the professor assured us it hrd Jiecn in n
trtto of torpor for six years. European
A (Solicitor, who was remarkable for th
length and sharpness of his nose, once told
a l,idy, that if she did not immediately settle
n matter in dispute, he would lilo a bill
gainst her.' "Iudeei1, sir," said tho lad
there is no necessity for you to til o your,
bill, foi it is shurp enough already. "
Captain Marryatt relates that there were
two In wyers in partnership in New York.
with the peculiarly happy names of Catch
em and Uholum. PenplehnTing laughed tr
ion ibeao two names in tuxtanosition ovpi
tho door, tho two lawyers thought it advi
ablo to separate thorn by tho insertion ol
their Christian names. Isaao and Uriah
I'ho painter, however, finding the board to
tlinri in admit the Christian ttamo at full
englh, put only tho initials before tho sur
names, which mauc 1110 inaiwr mm huuh
for theio now appeared, 'I. Calchoin, am1
U. Che in in.'
Jl Sew Method of Catching Pals.-
Yankeo editor has just thought of a new
plan to catch rats. IIu says that you musi
locale your bed in a room much infested by
,!,, nimnfi. sifid on relircin2 put the
light out. Then strew over yuur pillov
somo strong smelling cIiccbo, threo or fou
red herrinus.soiiio barlov meal or now mall
and sprinkling of dried codfish. Keep
wako until you find that tho rats arc
work, and then make a grub.'
It uvolnt lunar y Ivccol lections.
In the autumn of 1777, when Lord
Ilowo had possession of Philadelphia.
nu summon 01 incAmcricans who roiuo
tot lollow their beloved comrnar(ltii .
lis tiuly distressing, subject to overy
lav insults of their ciuel and oppressive
foes. Hound to nay obeiliuucc to the
iws predicated on tho inonicntary pow
er of a pioud and vitulielivecomnundei
it can bo better pictured than described.
I o obtain the common necessaries ol
life, pnlicularly flour, they had to go as
lar as Hi islol, a distance ot eighteen 01
twenty miles, and even tins indulgence
was nut granted mem, until a pas was
nocuicd from Lord IIswc, as uuanh
vero placed along Vine sticct, extend-
ug 1 id m the Delaware to thebchuylkili
lorming a complete barrior. beyond
these through the woods, extending us
l.ir as 1 rar.kforil, were stationttl the
lickot cuards thus rendering it in
nanncr imnossiblc to reach the Hrislol
mills unless first obtaining a pass
I lie commandei -in-chief of the Amei
ican foices was then encamped at tht
Valley Forge, siifiering from cold, htin
icr, and the inclemency of the season
The British rolled in plenty, and spent
Uieir days in (casting, their nights in
halls, not am! dissipation, thus resting
in supposed secunty, while the Amcri
can chieftain was planning a moda for
the'n final extirpation. A poor woman
with six small childien, whose lnuband
was al alley Forge, had made frequent
pplications lor a pass. Lngagementi'
rendered it impossible lor her ciuel tor
mentors to givo her one. Kenderei
I irs penile from disappointment, and tin
ci its ol her chitSre)), she started aloix
-i . . - - 1 , I !. .
tviuinui a pass, aim oy eoou iuck, elu
ded the guards and reached Bristol.
It .will be remembered by many now
iving, that six brothers by tho mmoul
U.kiIc or Howell, about this tune com
nulled many acts of heroic bravery, bo
more in the character of nm amicus thai
oldieis. They wore men full six feel
high, 9tout and active, a fearlejs intrc
pidity cliar.iclcrir.au l lie 1 r deeds, inn
hey always succeeded in making then
-scape. A marked paitiuliiy to the A
mcricans tendeied them obnoxious to
he British, and always welcome to th
loimer, to whom they conveyed whs
nformation they could glean in thei
Our adventurous female, having pro
cuiecl her flour in a pillow caso holding
ibout twenty poundi,was returning witl
i light head to her anxious and louel)
tabus, she .lad passed the piquet guard
it 1 rankfuid, and was just entering th
woods a little this side, when a tall stom
man slopped from behind n r.e, and
putting a letter in, her hand, icqucsled
her to lead it. bhe guipcd with eager
pjy the letter beating the character
her husband's hand writing. Alter
pause, he said, your husband is we
madam, and icquested me to say that in
short time lie would be with you
Money is a scarce article among u
mean among them; but on account
your husband's partiality to the cauic ol
iberty, 1 am willing to ueconie Ins ban
, . . - i t it.
i;er. do saying, ne iianueo nor n purse
if money; 'my means, madam are ade
audio or l wouiu not uo inns lavish,
seeing she was nuoul to reiuse n.
You said, sir, my husband would
ee me shortU ; how do you know thai
which seems so imnotsibk? and Inw do
you know me, who never '
lltisn, madam,wc ate now opproact
ng the Biitish guard; suflice it to say
he American commander has mat
t.is head, which like an earthquake, will
shake the wholo American continent
and cxnuniie these misci cants: but liar
take the road to the It tt tareweii.
So saying he depaited. She gave him
one look, but vacancy filled the spot
where hp stood. With slow and cau
tious steps she approached Vino street.
wreadv hci tiro burned Uenealh Dei
biead, when the awful word hall ! struck
Her to the soiil.snc Biaited cctounti nor
self in the custody of a British sentinel.
'Your pass, wotihin. 'i navo none, sn
mv children are ' '!) n the icbel
crev,why, do you breed enemies to youi
Kint? this Hour is mine oil woman,
.ind die with your babes.' A groan was
her only answer. The tuflian was about
departing when tho former tnesscngei
.ippoared his whole demeanor wt
changed, humble simplicity meiKcd Im
unit he approached the guard with REMOCRATiC
seeming fearfulncsj and asked htm in a VATIOV.4r rnWPVTrnv
.uppliant voice to give tho poor woman ft-HUi A Ij L-U Vlub HOX.
let flour. 'Fool.' idiot!' exclaimed tho! We last week gave a synopsis of the first
ti.ird, 'who arc you? see yonder guard- days pioeecdings of the Democratic Nation
houst If you interfere heic, 0U slia 1 1 j a1 Convention, ami we thi wnnL- .ri dir.
re inaiuder of tho proceedings from the Dal
tiuiote papers.
HAi.TiMnKr, May 23, 1811.
On Tuesday morning, the debate upon
the rule reipiiruig iwo thirds of all the mem
bets present to vote for the nominee of the
vonvuntion was resumed. The vote being
taken was as follows
oon bo its inmate."
" May be so, sir, but won't yon give
the pool woman tho means ol supporl-
ng her 1 1 1 tlo family cue week longm?
Recoiled the distance she has walked,
the wpight of the bag, mid recollect "
" 1M1 and tury, sinah? Why hid
mo recoiled, vou plead in vain begone
r 1 11 seize you as a spy.
" i oti won't give the poor woman her
" Then by mv country's faith and
hopes of freedom, you shall!' and with
i powerful arm, he seized the guard b
(he thioataud hurled him to the ground
ltun midman see the guard-house t
live seize your flour, pjss Vine stree"
tnd you aro sate. Twas done. Ill
uard made an attempt to rise, when the
stranger, drew a pistol and shot him
lead. I he unfortunate man gazed a
round him with a fearless intrepidity.
I here, was but one way of escape, and
mat thiough the wood, beiztnu the
.lyad' man's musket hestsrted like a deer
pursued 4iy the hounds. 'Shoot him
down ! down with him !' was echoed
liom one lino to another. The despe
rado was lost in the wood, and a gener
il search commenced :thn object of thei
pursuit in I lie mean time flew like light
oing, the main guard was left behind
hul the whole piquet line would'soon be
darmed ono course alone presentee1
ilsfclf, and that was to mount his horse,
which was concealed among tho bushes,
nd gallop down to the Delaware; a
boat was already there for him. Tin
thought was no sooner suggested thai.
jut in execution, tie mounted his
horse and eluding tho armed guaids.
had nearly reached the Delaware..
I J ere ht-'fou u d htms"ij-f"ltctnwtftrfrrtTji
it least litiy exasperated soldiers' Urn
prang trom behind a tree and demand
id immediate gun under.' " 'Tis uselos)
o prevaricate you are now. surpiison
-.r, and your boat which heloro exciter
jiir suspicion, is now in our possession.
Son ot a slave ! slave to a Iving ! how
lare you toaddrei a freeman? Surrci
ler yourself a Doale never suirendei
n himself to any man,far less a bliuilei
laltronn away or die,' and heaUomp
id to pass. Tho guard levelled his gu
nit was himself levelled to the dust -
1 ho ballot Doale's pistol had beei
niieuer than his own. ins case wa-
iow truly desperate; behind him wa
he wholo line of guards on the north
of him the Frankford pinuets,and on th
lull ol mm the city ol Fliiludelphia Inled
with uriiish troops.
One way and only one presented
self, and lliat was to cross the liver
He knew his hoise; he plunged in.shnu'
'ticcceded, and ero he leached hall th
lisiance, twenty ai mcd boats wero in
swift pursuit. His' noble horse dashed
ihrough the HeUw.ire, his master spurr
ed him on with double interest while
the balls wh istled around him. The tidr
was running down and when ho leached
the Jersey shoie, he fuiiod himself im
mediately upposite the old slip al Mar
ket street. On reaching the shore lu
'timed round took out a pistol, and with
j steady aim, fired al the first boat
Statei. Vtau Nayi.
Maine, o
New Hampshire, 0
Massachusetts, ft 7
Vermont, 3 3
Ithotle Island, 2 2
Conncciicct, 3 3.
New York, 30
Now Jersey, 7
Pennsylvania, 12 13
Delaware, 3
Maryland, ft 2
Virginia, 17
North Carolina, f, 5
Georgia, 10
Alabama, 9
Mississippi, C
Louisiana, C
TcRiiesieo, 13
Kentucky, 12
Ohio. . 23
Indiana, 12
Illinois, 9
Michigan, 0
Missouri, 7
Arkansas, 3
- 148 110
The- Convention then adjourned at hall
"past 1 o'clock, to meet'Sigaln'afhnif'past 3,
vhen it was resolved to proceed with flic
diluting. .
In the Rfiemnon the Convention re-ss
lembled,- and procevded to ballot for n can-
hdato for the Presidency. The result was
s follows :
. J-
Van Buron,
2d 3d
127 121
tngs, it was stated that the Chan had deci
ded that it required two thirds to tescind
the rule. This was a misrepresentation, and
ilaceu his colleague who had tatu'n the ap
peal, and those who sustained him, in n
false position.
The Presidonl here slated that ho know
not what the reports wcic, but he wou d
stale that his decision was that it required
two thirds to tescind or suspend the lule.
Mr. Hartley went on to express his opin
ion that there ought lo be harmony in tho
Convention, and he did not wish to produce
any contrary feeling, nor would he have
intruded upon the time of lh& Convention,
had not an attempt been made, as he thought
to interfere with the rights of a member of
the Convention.
Mr. Hopkins, of Va., followed in a few
remarks setting forth the necessity of spec-
ly action on the part of the Convention, Mia
sPEiiion of whijh had already been too imic'i
prolonged, and, as the longer the discussion
went on, the longer some degree of iriiu
lion woulr. be kept up, he moved that ihu
appeal be laid on the tablo.
This was subsequently withdrawn, how
ever, at tho request of Mr. McNulty, of
Ohio, who then asked and obtained leave to
withdraw the appeal.
A proposition was then made and carried
to proceed to the cighih.ballut fur a candi
date for the Presidency, when
Mr. Tibatts, of Kentucky, rose and .rTd
that the whig party Ii3tl nominated as their'
candidate a citizen of his own slate. Tho
Kentucky delegation, ho sa'd, had been in
elrticled to vote for Col. Johiwon, another
distinguished cit z en of Kentucky. They
had dona so through several, successive:!)
lutings, and had, he believed, fulfilled iheir
instructions to the letter. 1 hp result Had
uonvintcd him that it was impossible tu
get a s-ufiicicul, votu to nomiuate.tlie gebe"
man. Ile'jsajd thaj Col. Johnson had aJ
ways been the first-man to give way for thn
purpose of conciliation; and , he therefom
rose titiuer me untimmoua iiij inicuous 01
the delegation', and asked leave, to withdraw
his name as a candidate.
The convention was hereupon addressed
y Mtsfrs Brewster; Hickman, and Judgj
Urcdin of Pennsylvania explanatory of tlid
nurse, of the Pennsylvania delegation dur-
cth 7tli
101 90
116 12a i"g the different ballottings
23 21 The eighth ballot was then, announced
25 2S an d resulted as follows;
Thero are 200 Delegates in tho Conven
lion, without South Cuiolina, ukich Stale
is not represented. Two thirds of this num
ber ate 178, which vole must be obtained
by any candidate who gains the nomination.
. lilGHTH 15 ALLOT.
VanBiTcn, 10 1
Casa, Hi
Polk, 4t
Calhoun, -A
motion was here made that the conven
tion proceed lo the ninth ballol, when
Mr. Frazer. of Pennsylvanh obtained
man fell over the Bide and sunk lo
no more. He then disappeared in
wool. Tho angry, harrassed and
.ippnintcd pursiieis gave one look,
ctiise, and returned lo tho Pennsj Ivani,
ahoie, fully believing, that if he was noi
the devil he was at least one of his prin
cipal agents.
1 he exnloits ol these men were so
frequently of a like nature, that the ex
ptct-sioiis mado nsu ol Ly the disappotu
ted pursuers towards this one aic by no
means censured dread ol personal dan
gcr appeared to be unknown to '.hem-
plunder, but only from the Hritish.secm
ed their sole aim, with nn ambilion,how
ever futile, of'cieatinc in tho mindo of
iheir enemies this belief. Atone time
ihey were in Philadelphia, dressed in
British costume, at another they were
iclieviug tlio distresses of their friends
at tin? Valley I'nree.
"How long," exclaimed a tradesman
as lie applied the lush lo an tncoirigibly
had appienlice, "how long will you
continue lo servo the devil?'
"Nottnoio than three months, sir
my imU'iilutc will be tullhcit."
At six o'clock an Slh billot was called, ,t. finn, tie commenced )v statins' that
when Mr. Miller uf Ohio, moved tho fol- ,,e was onc 0r tiie delegation from Pcunsyl
lowing : vania who had voted ler .lames K. Polk,
nexolucd, That Martin Van nuren, hav. j hc wouj yolQ for him to the last- Ilo
ing received the vole of a majority of tbc considered the instructions the delegation
delegates in this convention, on tho first na(j rccrivcd as fully carried out in voting
ballut, is elected as the nominee for the mrco times for Martin VauButen, If the
oflico uf President of the United States. ,irtirin of instruction was to be carried to
The Chair decided the motion not lo be ,)0 en,, u.,jc, 80mQ 0f his colleagues
in imlor. ..nuinndi'd far thero never would be a nomi
From this decision Mr. Miller 3ppeale'J.aljon Uate,
Pending which question, the Conten
tion rdjourned until 0 o'clock on iVedncs.
The Convention assembled agnin yesler
day morning, and was called to order" 51 0
o'clock, by the, Prosident.
'J'he first business in order being the ap
peal from the decision of tho Chair, u-lnch
was under discussion when the Convention
adjoume'd on Tuesday evening
Gov. Hartley, of Ohio, rose and address
od tho Convention. The resolution offi-rei!
Col. Young, of New York, next obtain
ed ihe floor to define the position of New
York. Much had been said of a disposi
tion, to concilia! and tho necessity of gaeri
ftlig porsonil presences, and it had been
moie than inlimateil that New York had
been loo tenacious in her adherence to Mar
tin Van Bumui. Ho would explain her p.
iton in reference to that point. After thu
.lefe&tof 1810. in 1811 and in 1812, ilia
.lomocraev of New Yoik wero perfectly
silent on the subject of tho nnininution of
by his colleague yesterday ' was not offered lho candidate of that parly fur the next run.
after consultation with him; nor had horn lesi, h was not until After sixteen States
tended to speak 00 il; but when he founi' ,,aj Sp0irin uut, declaring Mariin Van Bit
that the riglTls of thai colleague as a mem fBll t10ir choice, that New Yotk lilted her
bor of the Convention, wero about lo be 0ieo. and she vas censured bv tho Domo
abridged, he fell himself bound to speuk. craljc of otherSiates for her apparent
Ilia colleague Had ollerod a resolution ;iav U,)aihy upon the subject. Col. Young con
ing effect lo rescind lho two thirds rulo. eluded by offering a resolution to. rescind
I hat resolution Ihe Chair had decided to (10 wo thirds nils,
be out of order, and from that decision his Tho President declared the resolution out
colleague hud appealed, Ho found now Lf order, as (hero was a motion already
'hat, in Ihe reports made tf tin proceed pending to proceed to another ballot;.

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