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"merit vJT!ioi,,r rtn
ts.rruiw.tw .ru.v: s,inu,
for GovnitNon,
CVwj Corn n issian er.
Wilson McCanuluss,
Asa Dimock,
X Oonrao F. Lehman
2 C'liri tiitti Knead
Win. U.Huiith
4 John Hill'(riiil.)
6 Samuel E. Leech
fi Samuel Camp,
7 Jraso Sharpo
8 N. Sa'mplo
U Wnii Ueindenrich
10 Conrad .Miimer
1 Stephen Ualil;'
t" Jonah llrewstet
LI Gforite Sehuablo
1-1 NVthaiiicI 1). Ebbed
15 M. N. Irvine
10 James Woodburn
17 Hush Momgomery
18 Isaac nkeny
19 John Mnthewa
20 Wm. Patterson
'-M Andrew Unrko
'i'i John M'Gili
'i'.l Chiistiati Myers
SI 'lobertOrr
KT-Jiiniosniank KXEOUTIONS am!
SUMMONS just printed and fur sale at
this Uihcu
The Blooinshurg Temporanci Society
will meet on Stlnidny.Junc 8, at eat I3
rantlleli(lil,iii the Piesbyleiiau Chinch.
The 1 tiblic i.1 It nncsted lo attend. An
sddiess mey be expected.
We this vieck place ol llic head of our
paper the names of 10 Lit and DALLAS
the nominees of the Democratic Nationa
Convention for President and 'Vice I'rcsi
dent, with'as much pleasure ts we ever ral
lycd under tho banner of any candidate in a
political controversy, believing that the de
itinerants party, the tvhole patty, will he
united in their support, and sccuro tln.ii
t cotton by a iriumiiliani vote. e are
strengthened in our belief from the univer
sal pleasure that covers the face of every
'democrat with whom we meet, and tho cha
gnu and disappointment that pervades those
of the whigs. The wliigs had built their
hopes of success 0:1 a division in the demo
cratic ranks, confidently expecting that a
man would bo nominated by the National
Convention, who would not unito the part)
in his support; but now, hearing the uni
crsal shout from every quarter, of ' Polk
and Dalian,' and not a dissenting voice to
greet thoir aching car, they are almost ready
to give up the contest in despair and vcxa
Tho nomination has, in fact, completely
jostled tho whigs from the track, and in or
der to again icfit for service, they mus
manufacture new matter for their speeches,
and new songs mum be written; as even the
yellow kiver has becomo almost obsolete'
Hut no matter, now or old, it is all the same
to them. Polk and Dallas will be elected,
and Henry Clay allowed to remain ;it Ash
JC7Vo were presented a few days since
with a stalk of live, from the farm of Jon
athan Stroiip, of Mount Pleasant township.
measuring eight feet three inches in length
This heats all the boasted Kye, of Danville,
not onlv in length, but it has tho quality of
beinir finod Removal Rye; and raised too,
on what the Danvillo people call ' the bar
ten lands of1 Fi shine Crrek.' Wo would
adviso the Danvillo boasters In try again,
and if we cannot again excel them in Rye
wo will this fall show tl.nm, tho growth of
ono season, a larger and belter Furnace es
tablishmcut than any they can produce in
4 their section.
5iI7-It is said that a large amount of n hig
speeches, documents, and elee.ii.inci'riny
pamphlets had been printed alW.vhinglon.
folded, directed I franked, ready to he
sent thronuhniil tho country as tmon as ii
should be announced thai Van ILireu was
nominated Ono man it U said hud expend
cd eight thousand dollars in printing painph
r lets cxpicstdy directed ajpnuat hi" election
These documents am all now laid up e dry
iug at Washington as useless lumber A
new hatch must be manufactured to Miit the
There appeurs 10 no truth in the report
of an insurrectionary movement in Canada,
as neither the Cnpada '. or Bufl'rlo papers
make any meiiliuii of il,
fftcinocvnlic Meeting.
A very latgo and ctithusiafiic meeting
if the Democratic citizens of the vicinity,
convened at the house of Samuel Harmon,
Lime Ridge, Ulrom tnwnship.on Saturday,
June 1,1811, for the purpnso of responding
iotlic proceedings of ilieU.l in oreDcmoerat
ic National Convention' The meeting was
organised by calling Col. II. WEBB to the
chair; and appointing Stacey Ii. M. Vantz,
John U'orkhtiser, Charles Doebler, Solo
mon Neuihard; Charles Kahler, Vice Pre
sidents; Jacob Garrison and John Swuby,
After tho meeting had been addressed by
Col. Henry Webb, Col. Levi L Tito,
Slaatcs B M Yantz, Esq, and Mr Reuben
Weaver, the following resolutions were a
doptcd with three hearty cheers, that made
iho welkins ring, satisfying the whigs pre
sent that the Dcmocialio party weie united
to u man upon their candidate?, and thus
destroying their fondest hopes of a division
in out ranks, and blasting every prospect of
the el (clion of Henry Clay.
Resolved That we heartily and enthusi
isticallv respond to the .nomination of
JAMES, K POLK, of Tennessee, as the
Democratic candidate for the Presidency ;
tndof GEORGE M DALLAS, of Penn
sylyania, for the Vice Presidency, End thai
we pledge ourselves individually and col
lectively, to give them our hearty support:
mil that we will ratify this pledge at ih
pollit in November nexi, by a majority ii
the Stat of tlio Worth, of at least 1 0Q0
RcsoUcd That this be our mono De
mocrats push on that column I Raise higl
the Democratic Standard 1 and let the Bat
de shout be, 'Poll;, Dallas, duhlenburg and
Resolved That tho proceedings be pub
lished in the Democratic papers 111 the coun
ty and at llarrisburg
Several very appropriate resolutions were
introduced by Mt Yantz, and unanimously
adopted, which we regret to say, have been
been mislaid, which renders it impossiblt-
I'or us to publish them in connection will
the proceedings
KFThe steamship Caledonia atrived ;.l
Boston on Saturday morning last, in tt
remarkable short passage of twelve and a
half tlnys.
The sentence of Daniel O'Counell has
been postponed until the next term. Mean
while he is actively engaged in pushing for
ward his favorite movement.
'j'ho proposed annexation of Texts to the
United Slates attracts the attention of Euro
pcan Governments, The English ministry
havo resolved to oppo3e it, if the;, can
l'hfl Revolution in Italy weats a threat
cning aspect.
The French Covcrnmcnt has recedcil
from its determination to abolish slavery in
its Colonics immediately, and a system ol
instruction ar.d gradual emancipation adopt
cd in its stead
Portugal is still in a troubled and excited
statu, and the weakness of the Govoriimer.t
rendered moro apparent every day
The Baltimore Sun, speaking of the
Convention that nominated Polk, and
in icference to the confusion that occur-
ed at one stage of its proceeding", paid
the following compliments to Col. 1J.
I). Wright .
" It is due hero as a matter of obscr
vtlian. to remark, that to what extent
soever, any of the members of the Con
vention may think proper lo infiing
upon tho order ot the house, it is impo
sible to awaul loo high a degree ot
praise, or In (latter with the most laboreif
eulogy, iie dignity, forbcaiancc, dic-
crelion, urbanity and gentlemanly beai
ing in every tespeel of the piusldinv
olficer of those exciting scenes. Con
slant in his cllurls to preset vc that deco
rum which should invariably character
i;-.c such an assembly, lie' is entitled to
the rtfpecl, the esteem and the confi
deuce of all."
Time lo -flowWtTFavo published
the accounts of tho great Mississippi
flood, which so covered tho Illinois hoi
turn, thai many doubled whether there
was a bottom ot all. ftlanv ol Iho in
habitants had lo move off in boats.
(Joe individual, the St. Louis Revicllt
says, was found between Si. Louis and
(ho moiilh of iho Ohio, lately, standing
on Hie site of 0 depailed woodpile, up
10 his middle in water,& hanging on by
ihe hianch of a tree, " Hollo,' cried he,
Ilowsihu river above i"
" Six feel more straicht on end
coming out of Missouri."' bawled ou
in H'ply lite captain of the steamboat at.
if Mil led past.
"Hy gosh !" said tho fellow, "well,
P II move!"
An immense. rru meeting wa held
n Philadelphia on Saturday evening
(isl,to respond to the nominations made
by tho National Convention. Among
other resolutions iho following were
Resolved That wo cannot hut admire
the magnanimous coml let of iho friend
of ptomincnl candidates in the Convcn
lion, in sacrificing, at the proper mo
ment, 011 tho altar of lltoir county, 1 heir
particular predilections and partialities,
with a view to piomote that unanimity
so essential to success against a wily and
reckless ei omv.
Resolved That in James K. Polk.ol
reunesee,lho Convention has (-ivou us
a candidate who may uafely challenge
the severest bcriltiny of the federal
Pr b into his public and private I1F0.
We know that ho is, and has ever been
j consistent and unwavering democrat
that ho came into political tile mulct
I he auspices of the Sane and liero of
the Heinitage 'hat a close fiienddhip
has evei 'subsisted beiwoen them that
Mr. Poll; was found by the side of Jack
son throughout his snuggle will) thai
monster ol iniquity and corruption, the
United Status JJank and retard these
is jul the qualifications that should re
c immnnd him to democratic fieemeti,
and for whic'i we will, through the ir
resistablc power of the ballot box, ele
vate him to the chair of Slate, which
has been worthily filled by a Jeileisoh, n
Jackson and a Van Huren.
Resolved That the nomination of
Geoige, AI. Dallas for the Vice Piesiden
'y is a meiited tiibute of respect to the
Keystone Stale, by the selection of one
jt her most talented eons a pure elates
man, a sound lawyer, a ripe sclioljr,and
a ripe den corat, of whom wo are justly
proud n I who, we pledge ouiselveK
10 the democracy of the Union, will
po form (0 the letter and spirit of the
Constitution the duties of the stition to
which his countrymen design to elevate
The fir.-t State Election which takes
place is Lonisana. It occurs on tho firs'
Monday of July, about four weeks from
he present lime. It will he followed
by that or North Caroline, on the first
T nirsday in August, Tennessee the
same ti ne; Alabam.i tho fust Monday
of the same month; Kentucky the sinw
imc, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri ai
he same time-, also. Thce election.'
will be anxiou.-ly wa'ched hy the poli
ticianc, and the result will indicati
orettv nearU huw the same Slate will
'o in November, in the PcesTdc7iTfaf
c mlest.
The General Assembly .Adjourned,
The Presbyterian General Assembly
w nch his been holding in session at
Louisville, Ky., adjourned sine die on
ihe29ihu.lt. Previous to the adjoin n
ment, the "older questions," which
have elicited so much discussion in the
Church 1 u r ng the last year or two, were
decided. The resolutions before lb
house went to affirm the decision of the
ast General Assembly, denying the
light of ruling elders lo lay on hands in
the ordination of minister., and declar
ing that, according to the constitution of
ihe Chinch, three ministers were stiff!
cicnt lo ronsiiiule a quorum of a prcsby
tery. The subject was debated for sev
oral day?, and then the resolutions wen
adepted by the following vole: On tht
uidinaiion question, ayes 151, nays 24,
in the quorum question, ayes 131, na
' Dreadful accident al Williamsburg
The New oik papers ol biturdaj
ecord a dreadful accident al Williamc
hurg on Friday evening. Six childrei
were killed and one badly hurt by tin
caving ol a banU ol carin. it appear
that they playing bancatn tho bank,
when it gave way and buried them he
icalh many loos of earth. Vigoiou
men, with spades, wero instantly ol
work, and succeeded in rescuing alivi
the adupled daughter of Mr Clevenger,
ferry mister, named Ida Wiggins, who
is now able to speak, although horribly
bruised and deprived of an ryo. Tin
other six were dead befoic the men ai
work reached them. Ono is the (laugh
tor of Mr. Paul, diugaist, aged 9 years;
three are children of Mr. Lewis Jones,
carpenter, of Grand slrecl, Harriet and
Abigail, aged about IJnnu 0 years, ai d
Mai v Jones, aged about 18 months:
Marthn, daughter of Georne Darlington
lied 4 or 5 years: tho mm is JJelila
Spcnce, 1 i years old, daughter of a la
boring man.
The Jourlh Candidate J oc Smith has
sent recently fifty ono missionaries into dif
forent States lo preach ilur monism, and
electioneer for the Prophet as a candidate
lOtjlio presidency
Immigrants. The number- of Immi
grants arrived at Nevt York on FVlday
was 24123. There have arilved at the
Quarantine Ground during the month of
May, 235 vessels from foieign polls,
being an increase of S3 over the corres
ponding month of last year. Tho a-
hove vessels brought S950 passengers,
being an increase of 2140 passengers.
Lakes Huron and Superior. Tin
estimated expense of constructing a ca
nal, 12 feel deep and 100 wide, in .the
most substantial manner, connecting
Likes Huron and Superior,is 454,107
)" Its I n'lh will he about a niilr.O. e
of the bills before Congress contains on
appropriation for this object. The ca
nal is intenucd to be lame cnoiinh to
admit the passage of steamers oi GOO
Rumors. The following arc the
lest lUmors. What degree of credit is
to be aitiched lo them we cannot say
It is riimnicd that Col. Johnson has de
dined running on the ticket with Mi
Tyler, aud that Gov. Shannon is to be
iho substitute. It is also lumoied thai
Mr. llantoul, of Boston, is to be nomi
nated as Secretary of the Treasury.
ouNrnnFEiTijits. A nest ol conn
terfeiters haw been discovered in Massac
1 ml Pulaski counlies in Iho Souther
pari of Illinois. Seveial ai rests have
been made, and one of he fellows tried
mil sent lo the penitentiary. Some fif
teen or twenty have been indicted, and
supposed this is not moto than half ill
number engaged in the villanous busi
ness. The money made was principally
half eagles. A Dr, Wyatl, of Massac
was the head of the gang.
The number of deaths in 1 he city of
New York Iut week was 173.
I3i.oo.MsiiiMto, June 8, 1S11.
Dried Apples,
While -A'eans
G 00
1 20
- -C
1 00
1 00
Elloomsbitr, Colunibin Co.
Til ti subscriber lospee.ifully informs h:
friends, and the public generally ;ihat be ha
takeii that well known stand, in Blooms
burff. formerly kept by William Robisor
and that the House und Stables are under
','oint; a thorough repair As his bar will
ihva) s be furnished with the choicest ol
Liquor.', mil his Larder with the best the
market atlortls, anu having gnnil Kiahlini;
anil atientive hostlers, lie with ennfldenr
invites aW in call anil test Ins nhilnv as a
caterer fur the palato and stninnch, and flat
ters himself that mine will leave uissatiu
cd with their treatment,
I'hc worth of the pudding isjtold 111 thoentins,
'omegivo it a trial, (hero will ho no cheating;
Ueast and .Man shall always go away rejoicing,
Swcaiing by thopowcrs.tliey'llcallon returning.
June 8, 18147. 3m.
SS hereby given to the public, that I havehirei'
to j.ewia Mcasle, a (niall DAY HOlWK.wiil
a wart in tho near eye, for Ihe purpose of boatiiu
during my pleasure, und I forbid any person lalunt
tho aitl horsa from him, cither by purchase or oth
erwise, without my consent.
iuAii . ritual ists.
May 20, 18 tt. 7
Tailoring Business
Sjwanlcd immediately by tho subscriber. A lad
15 or I fi years of age, who can como well ic-
commended, will receive good encouragement.
U. .'tUI'KK I .
Dloomsburg, May 00, I8U. (i
S hereby giicn to all concerned, that I have pur
chas'd at Constable sale, as iho mooctv of
jatiuin v jik, uni viiiuwing propony, anu nave leu
tho name in his possession during my pleasure, and
forbid any person taking it from him, cither bv our.
I t.-ll- ! . 1 1 .
ehase or otherwise without my consent, viz: .
Ono grev horse; ono brown mate; ono two homo
wagon; twelve acres of Kye in ihogrouod, and half
of five acres new ground wheat.
My 13, 18111,
"tlZ Copartnership heretofore existing between
. Owen D, Leib it- Gforne Krcdeilck. at the
atUttitfit Foundry Wos iliwolvcd on tlio ISlli ol
March lait by mutual consent. All nersons know
ing thennelvc indebted, will ploaso make pn merit,
mil thoic having claim will present them toUncn
icn win) is (July uutnorlsnl to ncllle. .
okohgi: ritllDKKtClC.
N. II. The liiuincsi will In future bo conJuctci
by Oenrgo I'redttlcJj.who respectfully solicits aeon-
unuancn i patronage.
May 20, 1841 .1.
THE Member of tho Independent Troon, no-).
kcixing Slate arinn or nccouticmcnti of any desciip
11011, are mpmcd to lortliwitn deport tlicm, either
wiin ur. ueorge l.ott, (Jrnngcvlllo, tl iu. Neal
Uloomsljurg.or with Ilnght It. I'axton, Cattawis
May 25, 1014. 0.
Till! Members of (ho Hloomshurfi Artillery, pos
tiesung Slate arm or accoutrements ofanvdecciin
lion, are requeued forthwith lo letum them lo mo,
that new airuiigemcnU may bo niude Willi the lirl
gaue inspector.
11. WHtlB, IJapt.
May 25, 18115.
TO Iho JT.l.M'INf! il'SIMWSis wantedim
mediately at this Office. A anient active lad, 15 or
II) vcarkol a(je will rtteive good encouragement.
ipriiy7, imi.
Estate of George '.err, lute of Cattawissa
tuivnslup, aeccasea.
OTIUK 19 hereby given that letters of admin
istration, on the above mentioned estatc,vcre
thU day granted to tho subscriber residing in thr
town ot Uattawisaa. All petBiius indolitcd to the
said estate nro hereby notified to make immediate
payment, and llioao liaving-clauns arn requested to
present tucm piopcrlv Hulhenticateil to
KZKA n. llAYitUKST, Adm'r.
Cattawissa, May 88, 18 U 5.
TrOTICE h hereby given to tho StocUholJcrs
Jjw in the company for erecting a llridgo over
t lie JNortli Last irancu ot tho river busqueliaiia
liclwccu the town of (Jattavyisa and 1I18 mouth of
r ishuigcieck, that the Manaicra have tins dav de
elaml a divi lend of Scvnit u-llvc Ceuttjicr Slmrr
fur tho last ci v inonllis, (equal to G per cent, per
annum) irhich will ho paid said stockholder or
Ihcir legal reprcsentativej, at the 7 reasurer a Oflice
mi or alter tlio loth inst.
i:ZI!A S. HAYHITRST, Treasurer.
Treasurer's Olilcc, (Jattawissa, April 1, 1811.
rgnllOSE pcrsoos having demands against the
O Ivommoiiwetllh, for uhor performed, or ma
lenals furnished, for ihe repairs of the
prior to tho Dili .day of January, 1811, who have
licit handed to subscriber an account of the bame,
are requested lo do so at tho eailicst possihlo mo
mrntr'liiTli'dcMltat tliey ih'ay-be5 putiirfontrfor set'
llcment, as noon as Ihu fund-t appropriated for the
payment of old debts can be obtained.
Tlc living at a distance arc requeued to for
ward by. mail or otherwise.
W. It. MAFFET, Supervisor.
W'ilkesbarrc, May 3, 184 1.
FgSSff, IS AC $3 &c.
Tlie Sitliiicrlbcr is receiving and for Sale
1 1
&c. itc fur which he will lake GRAIN
LUMBER and PRODUCE generally.
Matthew Mcdowell,
Williamsburg, May 10, 1811.
H HE subscriber informs iho public that he hat
B taken Iho blorelonnerly occupied by Ueora
Weaver, on Main-street, Jioomsburg, and lias
opened an iixtcunitc ash&oitmcnt ot
Dry Goods, Groceries
Quccnsware and
ompnsuig almost every article usually kept h
a com.tiy Store, which ho olTeru for hjIo on lb
miMt reasiinahlo terms, for CAISH or COUN
Dloomiburg, May 11, 1811. Jif.
IIV, subseribei respectfully informs liis frieml..
and old customers, that in has lemovt-d 1.
Viiliainshurg, near M, ArDowcll s store, w hero In
oiiiiuiics the
111 all its various branches, ami pledge himtelf t.
10 worn entrusted to him, 111 tho best and' i.e.mv
manner, at moderate prices. IIu hopes for a :har.
ot jmblic paironagOj
.llli-Hl'll V., FKUDKKICK.S.
May .1, 1811-2.
N. . All kind of trade, such as lumber, grain
c., taken in payment for work.
TrattOl'OSALS will ho immediately received bv
rl tho eubscr'ber at the wtorc ol ihe UlnninOuin
nan jiuau nun 1. unii,iny, ror ininins Irom
i 1 , . t . . c
Ions of Iron O10, on the property ownoj by Fishe
& Morgan, hto a part ol t bo Molick I'aim, and de
liverinc tho siuiu at Ksiivlown.
Htoomsburtr, April 11, I'n-t.
To Authorise the Removal of the teal of
..uoiuc in me county oj Uolmiioiu, and
or ot er vurnosen.
sVHKItKAS, a largo tnajorily.of iho taxable in.
habitants of iho County uf UoluiSbia have, by.thcir
,,,..,., rti ,nu 1011m ticneral ANclnWy ot
ihu Commonwealth, the great hardships and irkou-
Duller 111 cuiisiupjeiire ol tho sedl ot
luslice lor said county being Incited t 'Danville,
Alncb they Hate to bo situated on the veige of tliu
county, and praying the samu may he renfoved to
tlie town of Hloomsliurg. For remeily wheteof,
011"1-1 "c it enacted by the Semite am'
ilMiiff Representatives nf the Vommvuvtu'tU r'
. w..,.. ,,u.,,u w. ucitcrfu stmeemtiif met, r.na it J
i. ivy ttumu Uy me rMimruy vj the tuine, '1 hot
it any time wiihin three eiirs fruit 1 tht waimrtdp nf1
ihia dct.it shall be lawful furtlm ritm n fit lllnnrittt
iiurn. In the county of Columbia, to erect, or couna
10 iy8 ermeu, el 1I1I21K OWN I'ltOPISIl
H.VriJNsU, in the town of llloomsburg suitable
liuildiiigi,of brick or stoJic, of not loss size and di,
mcnsions man me county buildings now at tlfji
villc, for a Court House, piUon, ami dtiTerent olli.
ccs for the keeping of tho public lecords, under tho
direction of iho county Commissioners, who are
authorised to receive a conveyance for such lot or
101s 01 giounus, tur the mo oUuch comity buiW
bigi, not cjcceding one acre, in Tec simple, clear of
all incumbrances, for the use of the county of Co
lumbia. The aaid buildings to be etotled on such
lot or lob) of ground thus conveyed. Aml-tiio said
county Commissionem nro hrr, !, ujiUwuru" to.
.ell at public auction, orolimrwi-, nil Hie right, t -tlo
and interest nbih tho said lounly may havo
in the real eUalo situate in the town of -Danville,
and to execute a 'onveyance to the purchnwr or
purchasers, and tho .VUNKY AI!lSh(l FUOM
vim sami; 'I'D hi: paid into thr
Sic. :. Thatns soon aHho pul.lio builJingj nro
completed according to the pio'isions of-tbe fust
section of this act, tho Commissioners nforciaid
...inn ihu a ii-pori oi uic same in the Court of Com
mon l'lcaiors'aid county, und thereupon tire coih
iiiissioneM am1 5hcriiro( f.aid county, RlmU'cuue
ihu prisoners, if any theie confined in llie'i I j -jtrisi a
10 00 ruiciy removcu 10 me new, and the pulun- pa
pers and lecords there rcmainum in tlm nuliliciilh.
ces at Danville, to be safely deposited in tho new
i)Uildliig3so u aloreiaiil limit and prepared for tha
reception theieof.nnd from thencef.iiih the seal of
luslieo in and for tho county of Columbia1 shall
cease to bo at Danville, anJ the Mmn shall I'm
removed and fixed at the lown of Ulnomsbui". in
tho said county, and tho public ollices hcrelofom
kejit, and tlie courts of justieo heretofore lieiii at
Ujiivpio, (ii and ror baul county of Columbia, shall
l-e keptand held ot DIoomsburg, in tho buildings
erected for their accommodation as- iiforesaid.
ir.c. J. It shall be hful for the citizens of
llloomsburg to obtain sub-criplions from any trea
son or persons willing to subscribe any money or
materials for the election of such public hnildingr.
as art provided for in the first section of (hid ail,
and in default of the payment of the same.thu coijtfc,
ly commL ioners are hereby tmpowerul trt V1H
suits to be Irou -hl in the name of Ihe county to
enforce die collection of the same, and when collect
ed to be applied towards defraying tho cAprnses of
such building.
Br.c.4. So much of the existing laws nf this
Commomveailb as ore altered by this act be and
the tame axe hereby repralid.
COI2TbT w,r wiiirh tliu hiL'hei pric
.vill be paid in CASH or GOODS.
E. II. 15IG0S.
Fibruary 17.
A' New Kind.
THIS is one of the be.t eonslriiited Dec Hives
ever invented. It is so arranged, that you rim
Iraw from the bees, honey at any season of thn
year, without any injury to them. It also pri'tciil
he bees being injured by the worms. Tho subscri
ber is now prepared to dispose of township or
nnglo lights ii tho following townthii b, on tho
most reasonable term-i. Ulooin, lleiulook, Liberty
(efl'ersou, Mt. Pleasant, Greenwood, Orange,
Fishing creek, yugarloafJml Jackson.
lie also keep? them on hand, ready made, which
he will sell cheap.
He has in his Dec house, several swarms of bees
in operation in hives of tlie obovo dcsciiplionq
which ho would invite iho public (0 call and ex
imitie, for ho bc!ieeslhat all who do so, will at
once acknouledgo that they aio thobesa hhesncv
in use.
DIoomsburg, April 13, IsPM.
On Tucsbay, the 1 llh iust., upon the tocpalh.le.
tween the Lock kept by me, und ihe Lock kept by
.ur. lUHK, u
containing a TWO JOM.Alt aipj a ONE il'Jl,.
IjAU. u.itv Jltljl,; a Uuc UiII against C-umuet
uarmautor liileen dollar; ilso, I think, a Nuto
igainst Wm Mclfelly &. Co. foi sixtt -dine dollars,
uid sovcral othcr'pai'crs of no consonueneo In anv
0110 but die owner. (J. A.;D. is wriltcn inside tlio
pocket book with a lead pencil. If the finder wiJI
letiini il tn Iho subscriber, or leave it at tho nrlico.
at Ihe Uolumala.Uemociat, he shall bo liberally re.
warded. JOSEPH ML LEV.
May 17, 18U. 4
nTPpjFe. ; -
"IIE co-partnership ot Furry Urowii haviinj
Lcpii dissolied by miilu il coiisenti it brrnmu
uuee(jary that Ihe accounts of tiic concern kliould
no cIoihI iuimcdialely. As the subscriber Inn tl a
woks o l!ie hrm in lira. prsscs,inn ami it aulbou.'4
ml to collect tho debts, lie requesls all pcrsum in-
lenieu 10 ran aim pay tlio demands against them
Ailhnut delay,
IIIoomliur, May 1, IBM
?TnHE tubscribcrhisat all times on iund.S Vctt
Ji Stuff to soli such ?R VND.HHORl s
ind SHIP6Tta'F, at moderate priros
"ill also have a full biippiy of NOVASCOTIA
tnd LAKE PLASTEli the comimr Fiuine on
Hand ground.
m. Mcdowell.
McDowell's Mills, Janurrv 20, 1814.

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